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by Drona's son, battled with Vijaya (Arjuna).*! All those

Farva.] Calya pauva, 4-5

combatants, O king, had firmly resolved to win victory and
had cast off fear with life itself.* Indeed, O king, thy warriors
penetrated into the midst of the Pandava army like swans into
a large lake." A fierce battle then took place between the
Kurus and the Pandavas, the combatants being actuated with
the desire of slaughtering one another and deriving great
pleasure from giving and receiving blows. 88 During the pro-
gress, O king, of that battle which was destructive of great
heroes, an earthy dust, terrible to behold, was raised by the
wind. 89 From only the names we heard (of the Pandava
warriors) that were uttered in course of that battle and from
those (of the Kuril warriors) that were uttered by the Panda-
vas, we knew the combatants that fought with one another
fearlessly. 40 That dust, however, O tiger among men, was soon
dispelled by the blood that was shed, and all the points of the
compass became once more clear when that dusty darkness was
driven away. 41 Indeed, during the progress of that terrible
and awful battle, no one among either thy warriors or those of
the foe, turned his back. 44 Desirous of attaining to the regions
of Brahman and longing for victory by fair fight, the com-
batants displayed their prowess, inspired with the hope of
heaven. 48 For paying off the debt they owed to their mas-
ters on account of the sustenance granted by the latter, or
firmly resolved to accomplish the objects of their friends and
allies, the warriors, with hearts fixed on heaven, fought with
one another on that occasion. 44 Shooting and hurling weapons
of diverse kinds, groat car- warriors roared at or smote one
another. 4 ' — Slay, pierce, seize, strike, cut ojf\ — these were the
words that were heard in that battle, uttered by thy warriors
and those of the foe. 48 Then Calya, O monarch, desirous of
slaying him, pierced king Yudhishthira the just, that mighty
car-warrior, with many sharp arrows. 47 Conversant with what
are the vital limbs of the bodv, the son of Pritha, however,
O monarch, with the greatest ease, struck the ruler of the
Madras with four and ten cloth-yard shafts, aiming at the
latter's vital limbs. 48 Resisting the son of Pandu with his

* A mode of expression signifying that they had cabt off fear and
were readv to lay down their lives. — T.

46 MahaBHARATa, [palya-badha

shafts, Calya of great fame, filled with rage and desirous of
slaying his adversary, pierced him in that battle with innumer-
able arrows equipt with Kanka feathers. 49 Once more, O
monarch, he struck Yudhishthira with a straight shaft in the
very sight of all the troops. 50 King Yudhishthira the just,
possessed of great fame and filled with rage, pierced the ruler
of the Madras with many keen arrows equipt with feathers
of Kanhas and peacocks.' 1 That mighty car-warrior then
pierced Chandrasena with seventy arrows, and Calya's driver
with nine, and Drumasena with four and sixty. 52 When the
two protectors of his car-wheels were (thus) slain by the high-
souled son of Pandu, Calya, king, slew five and twenty
warriors among the Chedis. 53 And he pierced Siityaki with
five and twenty keen arrows, and Bhimasena with seven, and
the two sons of Madri with a hundred, in that battle. 54 While
Calya was thus careering in that battle, that best of kings,
viz., the son of Prithii, sped at him many shafts that resem-
bled snakes of virulent poison." With a broad-headed arrow,
Yudhishththira the son of Kunti then cut off from his ear
the standard-top of his adversary as the latter stood in his
front. 58 We saw the standard of Calya, which was thus cut
off by the son of Pandu in that great battle, fall down like a
riven mountain summit.* 7 Seeing his standard fallen and
observing the son of Pandu standing before him, the ruler of
the Madras became filled with rage and shot showers of shafts. 88
That bull amongst Kshatriyas, viz., Calya of immeasurable
soul, poured over the Kshatriyas in that battle dense showers
of arrows like the deity of the clouds pouring torrents of rain. 53
Piercing Siityaki and Bhimasena and the twin sons of Madri
by Panda, each with five arrows, he afflicted Yudhishthira
greatly. 60 We then, O monarch, beheld a net of arrows spread
before the chest of Panda's son like a mass of risen clouds. 61
The mighty car-warrior Calya, in that battle, filled with rage,
shrouded Yudhishthira with straight shafts. 62 At this, king
Yndhishthira, afflicted with those showers of shafts, felt him-
self deprived of his prowess, even as the Asura Jambha had
become before the slayer of Vritra.' " 63


Section XIII.

"Sanjaya said, — 'When king Yudhishthira the just was
thus afflicted by the ruler of the Madras, Satyaki and Bhima-
sena and the- two sons of Miidri by Pandu, encompassing
Calya with their cars, began to afflict him in that battle. 1
Beholding the unsupported Calya thus afflicted by those great
car-warriors (and seeing him successfully repel those attacks),
loud sounds of applause were heard, and the Siddhas (who
witnessed the encounter) became filled with delight. The
ascetics, assembled together (for witnessing the battle), declared
it to be wonderful. 2 Then Bhimasena in that encounter, hav-
ing pierced Calya who had become (as his name implied) an
iresistiblc dart in prowess, with one arrow, next pierced him
with seven. 3 Satyaki, desirous of rescuing the son of Dharma,
pierced Calya with a hundred arrows and uttered a loud leonine
roar.* Nakula pierced him with five aruows, and Sahadeva with
seven ; the latter then once more pierced him with as many. 6
The heroic ruler of the Madras, struggling carefully in that
battle, thus afflicted by those mighty car-warriors, drew a
formidable bow capable of bearing a great strain and of im-
parting great force to the shafts sped from it, 6 and pierced Sii-
tyaki, O sire, with five and twenty shafts and Bhima with thrco
and seventy and Nakula with seven. 7 Then cutting off with
a broad- headed arrow the bow, with shaft fixed on the string,
of Sahadeva, he pierced Sahadeva himself, in that battle,
with three and seventy shafts. 8 Sahadeva then, stringing an-
other bow, pierced his maternal uncle of great splendour with
five shafts that resembled snakes of virulent poison or blazing
fire. 9 Filled with great rage, he then struck his adversary's
driver with a straight shaft in that battle and then Calya him-
self once more with three. 10 Then Bhimasena pierced the -ruler
of the Madras with seventy arrows, and Satyaki pierced him
with nine, and king Yudhishthira with sixty." Thus pierced,
O monarch, by those mighty car-warriors, blood began to flow
from Calya's body, like crimson streams running adown the
breast of a mountain of red chalk," Calya, however, quickly

45 • mahabharata, [galya-badha

pierced in return each of those great bowmen with five arrows,
O king, which feat seemed exceedingly wonderful. 13 With an-
other broad-headed arrow, that mighty car-warrior then, O sire,
cut off the stringed bow of Dharma's son in that encounter. 1 *
Taking up another bow, that great car-warrior, viz., the son
of Dharma, covered Calya, his steeds, and driver, and stand-
ard, and car, with many arrows." Thus shrouded in that
battle by the son of Dharma with his shafts, Calya struck the
former with ten keen arrows. 16 Then Satyaki, filled with rage
upon beholding the son of Dharma thus afflicted with shafts,
checked the heroic ruler of the Madras with clouds of arrows. 17
At this, Calya cut off with a razor-faced arrow the formidable
bow of Satyaki, and pierced each of the other Pandava warriors
with three arrows. 18 Filled with rage, O monarch, Satyaki of
unbaffled prowess then hurled at Calya a lance equipt with a
golden staff and decked with many jewels and gems. 19 Bhima-
sena sped at him a clothyard shaft that looked like a blazing
snake ; Nakula hurled at him a dart, Sahadeva an excellent
mace, and the son of Dharma a gataghni, impelled by the
desire of despatching him. 80 The ruler of the Madras, how-
ever, quickly baffled in that battle all those weapons, hurled
from the arms of those five warriors at him, as these coursed
towards his car. 81 With a number of broad-headed arrows
Calya cut off the lance hurled by Satyaki. Possessed of
valour and great lightness of hand, ho cut off into two frag-
ments the gold-decked shaft sped at him by Bhima. 88 He then
resisted with clouds of shafts the terrible dart, equipt with
a golden handle, that Nakula sped at him and the mace also
that Sahadeva had thrown. 28 With a couple of other arrows,
O Bharata, he cut off the Qataghni sped at him by the king, in
the very sight of the sons of Pandu, and uttered a loud leonine
roar. The grandson of Cini, however, could not endure the
defeat of his weapon in that battle. 8 * Insensate with rage,
Satyaki took up another bow, and pierced the ruler of the
Madras with two shafts and his driver with three. 85 At this,
Calya, O monarch, excited with rage, deeply pierced all of
them with ten arrows, like persons piercing mighty elephants
with sharp-pointed lances, 85 Thus checked in that battle by

Parva.] ^YA v\\w\. &

fche ruler of the Riadras, BViiirtita, those slayers of fo
became unable to stay in front of Calya.* 7 King Duryo-
dhana, beholding the prowess of Calya, regarded the Pandavas,
the Panchalas, and the Srinjayas as already slain. 88 Then, O
king, the mighty-armed Bhimasena, p ed of great prowess

and mentally resolved to cast off his life-breaths, encountered
the ruler of the Madras." Nakala and Sahadeva and Satyaki
oi great'might, encompassing Calya, shot their arrows at him
fr im every side. 80 Though encompassed by those four great
bowmen and mighty car-warriors among the Pandavas, the vali-
ant ruler of the Madras still fought with them. 31 Then, king,
the royal son of Dharma, in that dreadful battle, quickly cut off
with a raz >r-h3aded arrow one of the protectors of Calya's car-
wheels. 32 When that brave and mighty car warrior, viz., that;
protector of Calya's car-wheel, was thus slain, Calya of greats
ingth c ivered the Pandava troops with showers of arrows/ 3
B h >iding his troop3 shrouded with arrows, O monarch, in thafj
battle, king Yudhishthira the just began to reflect in this
strain, 84 — Verily, how shall those grave words of Madhava be-
C one true ! I hope, the ruler of the Madras, excited with rage,
will not annihilate my army in battle '. ss — Then the Pandavas,
elder brother of Pandu, with cars and elephants and steeds,
approached the ruler of the Madras and began to afflict him
fr on every side. 36 Like the wind dispersing mighty massea
of clouds, the king of the Madras, in that battle, dispersed
that risen shower of arrows and diverse other kinds of weapons
in profusion/ 7 We then beheld the downpour of gold-winged
arrows sh >t by Calya, coursing through the welkin like a
flight of locusts. 38 Iudood, those arrows shot by tho ruler of
the M ilr.ia from the van of baUio were seen to fall like swarms
of b'.rds. 3J With tho gold-decked shafts that issued from tho
b>w of fche Midra king, the welkin, O monarch, became i
ti' led tint there was not an inch of empty space. 40 When
a thick gloom appeared, caused by tho arrows shot by tho
mighty ruler of the Madras owing to his extreme lightness of
hands in that dreadful battle, 41 and when they beheld the vast
host of the Pandavas thus agitated by that hero, the gods and
tho dandharvas became filled with great wonder," Afflictint;

with vigor all the Paadvva warriors with his shafts from every
Bide, sire, Calya shrouded king Yudhishthiva tho just and
roared repeatedly like a Iion. 4S The mighty car-warriors of the
Pandavas, thus shrouded by Cilya in that battle, became
unable to proceed against that great hero for fighting with
him.** Those, however, amongst the Pandavas, that had
Bhimasena at their head and that were led by king Yudhish-
trhira the just, did not fly away from that ornament of battle,
viz the brave Calva.' "**

Section XIV.

"Sanjaya said,— 'Meanwhile Arjuna, in that battle, pierced
with many arrows by the son of Drona as also by the latter's
followers, viz., the heroic and mighty car-warriors among the
Trigarbas, 1 pierced Drona's son in return with three shafts,
and each of the other warriors with two. Once again, the
raighty-armed Dhanaujaya covered his enemies with showers
of shifts.* Though struck with keen arrows and though they
looked like porcupines in consequence of those arrows sticking
to their limbs, still thy troop3, O bull of Bharata's race, fled not.
from Partha in that battle.* With Drona's son at their head,
T.hey encompassed that mighty car-warrior and fought with him,
shooting showers of shafts.* The gold-decked arrows, king,
shot by them, speedily filled the terrace of Arjuna's car. 8
Beholding those two great bowmen, those two foremost of all
warriors, viz., the two Krishnas, covered with arrows, those
invincible (Kaurava) combatants became filled with delight. 4
Indeed, at that time, the Kuvara, the wheels, the shaft, the
traces, the yoke, and the Anukarska, lord, of Arjuna's car,
became entirely onveloped with arrows. 7 The like of what thy
warriors than did unto Partha had never before, O king, been
either seen or heard 4 That car looked resplendent with those
keen arrows of beautiful wings like a celestial vehicle blazing
with hundreds of torches dropped on the Earth. 9 Then Arjuna,
monarch, covered that hostile division with showers of
straight shafts like a cloud pouring torrents of rain on a
mountain, 10 Struck iu that battle with arrows insciibed yriik

Paria.] Calya parva. Si

Partha's name, these warriors, behblding that stato of things;

regarded the field of battle to be full of Partha. 11 Then tho
Partha-fire, having arrows for its w >nderful flames and the loud
twang of Qdndiva for the wind that fanned it, began to con-
sume the fuel constituted by thy troops." Then, Bharata,
heap3 of fallen wheels and yokes, of quiver?, of banners and
standards, with the vehicles themselves that bore them, of
shafts and Anukarshas and Trivenits, of axle3 and traces and
goads, of heads of warriors decked with earrings und head-
gears, of arm3, monarch, and thighs in thousands, of um-
brellas along with fans, and of diadems and crowns, wero seen
along the tracks of Partha's car. 18 " 1 * Indeed, along the track
of tho angry Partha's car, monarch, tho ground, miry with
blood, became impassable, chief of the Bharatas, like tho
sporting ground of Rudra. The scene inspired the- timid with
fear and the brave with delight."" 14 Having destroyed two
thousand cars with their fences, that scorcher of foes, viz,,
Partha, looked like a smokeless fire with blazing flames. 19 In-
deed, even as tho illustrious Agni when he blazes forth (at tho
end of the Yuga) for destroying the mobile and the immobily
universe, even so looked, king, the mighty car-warrior
Partha. 8 " Beholding the prowess of Pandu's son in that battle,
the son of Drona, on hi3 car equipt with many banners,
endeavoured to check him. 81 Those two tigers among men,
b^th having white steeds yoked unto their vehicles and both
regarded as the foremost of car-warrior3, quickly encountered
each other, each desirous of slaying the other." The arrowy
showers shot by both became exceedingly terrible and were as
dense, O bull of Bharata's race, as the torrents of ruin poured by
two masses of clouds at the close of summer.* 8 Each challeng-
ing other, those two warriors mangled each other with straight
shafts in that battle, like a couple of bulls tearing each other
with their horns. 8 * The battle between them, king, was
fought equally for a long while. The clash of weapons becamo
terrific 88 The son of Drona then, O Bharata, pierced Arjuna
with a dozen gold- winged arrows of great energy and Vasudeva
with ten." Having shown for a short whilo some regard for
the preceptor's son in tha f great b:, .... .: sailing

52 mahabharata, [£ aly&-badk%

the while, stretched his bow Gdndiva with force. 27 Soon, how-
ever, the mighty car- warrior Savyasachin made his adversary
steedless and driverless and earless, and without putting forth
much strength pierced him with three arrows. 83 Staying on
that steedless car, Droua's son, smiling the while, hurled at
the son of Pandu a heavy mallet that looked like a dreadful
m ice with iron spikes. 23 Beholding that weapon, which was
flecked with cloth of gold, course towards him, the heroic
Partha, that slayer of foes, cut it off into seven fragments. 8 "
Seeing his mallet cut off, Drona's son of great wrath took up
a terrible mace equipt with iron spikes and looking like a
mountain summit. Accomplished in battle, the son of Drona
hurled it then at Partha. 31 Beholding that spiked mace
coursing towards him like the Destroyer himself in rage, Pan-
du's son Arjuna quickly cut it off with five excellent shafts. 83
Cut off with Partha's shafts in that great battle, that weapon
fell down on the Earth, riving the hearts, as it were, O
Bharata, of the (hostile) kings. 33 The son of Pandu then
pierced Drona's son with three other shafts. Though deeply
pierced by the mighty Partha, Drona's son, however, of great
mi^ht, relying upon his own manliness, showed no sign of fear
or agitation. 34 That great car-warrior, viz., the son of Drona,
then, O king, shrouded Suratha with showers of shafts before
the eyes of all the Kshatriyas. 35 At this, Suratha, that great
oar-warrior among the Panchalas, in that battle, riding upon
his car whose rattle was as deep as the roar of the clouds,
rushed against the son of Drona 36 Drawing his foremost of
bows, firm and capable of bearing a great strain, the Panehala
hero covered Acwatthamah with arrows that resembled flames
of fire or snakes of virulent poison. 37 Seeing the great car-
warrior Suratha. rushing -towards, him in wrath, the son of
Drona became filled with rage like a snake struck with a
stick. 33 Furrowing his brow into three lines, and licking - the
garners of his mouth with his tongue., he looked at Suratha in
rage and then rubbed his bowstring and sped - a keen cloth-
yard shaft that resembled the fatal rod of Death. 33 Endued
with great speed, that shaft pierced tho heart of Suratha and
pacing out entered the Earth ; riving hor through, like- the

rarva] BALYA iwkva. 53

thunder-bolt of Cakra hurled from the sky. 40 .Struck with that
shaft, Suratha fell down on the Earth like a mountain summit
riven with thunder.* 1 After the fall of that hero, the valiant
son of Drona, that foremost of car warriors, speedily mounted
upon the vehicle of his slain foe. 4a Then, O monarch, that
warrior, invincible in battle, viz., the son of Drona, well equipt
With armour and weapons, and supported by the Sannsaptukas,
fought with Arjuna. 43 That battle, at the hour of noon, be*
tween one and the many, enhancing the population of Yama's
domains, became exceedingly tierce. 44 Wonderful was the
sight that we then beheld, for, noticing the prowess of all those
combatants, Arjuna, alone and unsupported, fought with all
his foes at the same time. 4 * The encounter was exceedingly
fierce that thus took place between Arjuna and his enemies,
resembling that between Indra, in days of yore, and the vast
host of the Asuras.' V46

Section XV.

Sanjaya said, — 'Duryodhana, O king, and Dhrishtadyumna
the son of Prishata, fought a fierce battle, using arrows and
darts in profusion. 1 Both of them, O monarch, shot showers
of arrows like showers of rain poured by the clouds in the
rainy season. 9 The (Kuril) king, having pierced with live
arrows the slayer of Drona. viz., Prishata's son of fierce shafts,
once more pierced him with seven arrows. 8 Endued with great
might and steady prowess, Dhrishtadyumna. in that battle,
afflicted Duryodhana with seventy arrows. 4 Beholding the
king thus atiiicted, bull of Bharata's race, his uterine
brothers, accompanied by a large force, encompassed the son of
Prishata. 5 Surrounded by those Atirathas on every side, the
Panchala hero, king, careered in that battle, displaying his
quickness in the use of weapons. 6 Cikhandin, supported by
t-he Prabhadrakas, fought with two Knru bowmen, viz.. Kriia-
varinan and the great car-warrior Kripa. 7 Then also, O mon-
arch, that battle became fierce and awful since tin 1 warriors,
were all resolved to lay down their lives and since all of
them fought, making life the stake,* -Calyx shooting showi

54 Mauabiiaiuta. [£alya-badke6

of shafts on all sides, afflicted the Pandavas with Satyaki
and Vrikodara amongst them.' With patience and great
Btrength, O monarch, the king of the Madras at the same time
fought with the twins (Nakula and Sahadeva), each of whom
resembled the Destroyer himself in prowess. 10 The great car-
warriors among the Pandavas who were mangled in that great
battle with the shafts of Calya, failed to find a protector."
Then the heroic Nakula, the son of Madri, seeing king Yudhish-
thira the just greatly afflicted, rushed with speed against his
maternal uncle. 1 " Shrouding Calya in that battle (with many
arrows), Nakula, that slayer of hostile heroes smiling the while,
pierced him in the centre of the chest with ten other arrows, 18
made entirely of iron, polished by the hands of the smith,
equipt with wings of gold, whetted on stone, and propelled from
his bow with great force. 14 Afflicted by his illustrious nephew,
Cilya afflicted his nephew in return with many straight
arrows." Then king Yudhishthira, and Bhimasena, and Sa-
tyaki, and Sahadeva the son of Madri, all rushed against
the ruler of the Madras. 1 * That vanquisher of foes, viz., tho
generalissimo of the Kuril army, received in that battle all
those heroes that rushed towards him quickly, filling the car-
dinal and the subsidary points of the compass with the rattle
of their cars and causing the Earth to tremble therewith. 17
Piercing Yudhishthira with three arrows and Bhima with
seven, Calya pierced Satyaki with a hundred arrows in that
battle and Sahadeva with three." Then the ruler of the
Madras, sire, cut off, with a razor-headed arrow, the bow
with arrow fixed on it of the high-souled Nakula. Struck
with Calya's shafts, that bow broke into pieces.' 9 Taking
up another bow, Madri's son, that great car-warrior, quickly
covered the ruler of the Madras with winged arrows. 40 Then
Yudhishthira and Sahadeva, sire, each pierced the ruler of
the Madras with ten arrows in the chest. 81 Bhimasena and
Satyaki, rushing at the ruler of the Madras, both struck him
with arrows winged with Kanka feathers, the former with
sixty, and the latter with nine." Filled with rage at this, the
ruler of the Madras pierced Satyaki with nine arrows and once
again with seventv straight shafts. 5 J Then, sire., he cut off

JParva.] alva i'akva,

at the handle die bow, with arrow fixed on it, of Satyaki and
then despatched the four steeds of the latter to Yama's abode. 1 *
Having made Satyaki earless, that mighty car-warrior,- viz.,
the ruler uf the Madras, struck him with a hundred arrows
from every side.** He next pierced the two angry sons of
Madri, and Bhimasena the son of Pandu, and Yudhishthira,
thou of Kuru's race, with ten arrows each." The prowess
that we then beheld of the ruler of the Madras was exceedingly
wonderful, since the Parthas, even unitedly, could not approach
him in that battle. 87 Riding then upon another car, the mighty
Satyaki, of prowess incapable of being baffled, beholding the
Pandavaa afflicted and succumbing to the ruler of the Madras,
rushed with speed against him." That ornament of assemblies,
viz. Calya, on his car, rushed against the car of Satyaki,
like one infuriate elephant against another.* 8 The collision
that then took place between Satyaki and the heroic ruler of
the Madras, became fierce and wonderful to behold, even like
that which had taken place in days of yoro between the Asura
Camvara and the chief of the celestials. 50 Beholding the ruler
of the Madras staying before him in that battle, Satyaki pierc-
ed him with ten arrows and said, — Wait, Wait ! Bl — Deeply
pierced by that high-soulcd warrior, the ruler of the Madras
pierced Satyaki in return with sharp shafts equipt with beauti-
ful feathers." Those great bowmen then, viz., the Parthas,
beholding the king of the Madras assailed by Satyaki, quickly
rushed towards him from desire of slaying that maternal uncle
of theirs." The encounter then that took place between those
struggling heroes, marked by a groat How of blood, became

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