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slayer of foes, viz., Durvishaha, 4 and he called Durvimochana,
and Dushpradharsha, and the mighty-armed Crutarvan. All of
them were accomplished in battle. 8 These sons of thine,
uniting together, rushed against Bhimasena and shut him up
on all sides. 8 Then Bhima, monarch, once more mounting
on his own car, began to shoot keen shafts at the vital limbs
of thy sons. 7 Those sons of thine, covered with arrows by
Bhimasena in that dreadful battle, began to drag that warrior.

Tavva.J calya parva. $&

like men dragging an elephant from off a cross- way. 8 Excited'
with rage, Bhimascna, quickly cutting off the head of Durmar-
shatia with a razor-headed arrow, felled it on the Earth. 3 Wit-h
another broad-headed arrow capable of penetrating every armour,
Bhima next slew that mighty car-warrior, viz., thy son Cru-
tanta. 1 * Then with the greatest ease, piercing Jay at sen a with
a cloth-yarcT shaft, that chastiser of foes, viz., the son of Pandu;
felled that scion of Kuril's race from his car. The prince, O
king, fell down and immediately expired.* 1 At this thy son
Crutarvan, excited with rage, pierced Bhima with a hundred
straight arrows winged with vulturinc feathers. 1 * Then Bhima,
inflamed with rage, pierced Jaitra and Ravi and Bhurivala,
those three, with three shafts resembling poison or fire. 11
Those mighty car-warriors, thus struck, fell down from their
cars, like Kincwkas variegated with flowers in the season of
spring cut down ( by the axeman ). 14 Then that scorcher
of foes, with another broad : headed arrow of great keenness
struck Durvimochana and despatched him to Yama's abode."''
Thus struck, that foremost of car-warriors fell down on the
ground from his car, like a tree growing on the summit of a
mountain when broken by the wind.'* The son of Pandu next
struck thy other two sons at the head of their forces, viz.,
Dushpradharsha and Sujata, each with a couple of arrows in
that battle. Those two foremost of car-warriors, pierced with-
those shafts, fell down. 17 Beholding next another son of thine,
viz., Durvishaha, rushing at him, Bhima pierced him with a
broad-headed arrow in that battle. That prince fell down from
his car in the very sight of all the bowmen. 1 * Beholding so
many of his brothers slain by the single-handed Bhima ill
that battle, Crutarvan, under the influence of rage, rushed at
Bhima, 19 stretching his formidable bow decked with gold and
shooting a large number of arrows that resembled poison or
fire in energy. 20 Cutting off the bow of Pandu's son in that
dreadful battle, the Kuru prince pierced the bowlegs Bhima
with twenty arrows. 91 Then Bhimasena, that mighty car war-
rior, taking up another bow, sHrouded thy son with arrows
and addressing him, said,— Wait, Wait !"— The battle that took
place between the two was beautiful and fierce, like that which

100 maiiabharata. [galya-badha

had occurred in days of yore between Vasava and the Asurct,
Jambha, O lord !* s "With the keen shafts, resembling the fatal
rods of Yama, sped by those two warriors, the Earth, the sky,
and all the points of the compass, became shrouded.* 4 Then
Crutarvan, filled with rage, took up his bow and struck Bhima-
sena in that battle, king, with many arrows on his arms and
chest. 38 Deeply pierced, monarch, by thy son armed with
the bow, Bhima became exceedingly agitated like the ocean at
the full or the new moon. 36 Filled with wrath, Bhima then,
O sire, despatched with his arrows the driver and the four
steeds of thy son to Yama's abode. 37 Beholding him earless,
Pandu's son of immeasurable soul, displaying the lightness of
his hands, covered him with winged arrows. 38 The earless Cru-
tarvan then.O king, took up a sword and shield. As the prince,
however, careered with his sword and bright shield decked with
a hundred moons, the son of Pandu struck off his head from
his trunk with a razor-headed arrow and felled it on the
Earth. 39 The trunk of that illustrious warrior, rendered head-
less by means of that razor-headed arrow, fell down from his
car, filling the Earth with a loud noise. 50 Upon the fall of
that hero, thy troops, though terrified, rushed in that battle
against Bhimasena from desire of fighting with him. 31 The
valiant Bhimasena, clad in mail, received those warriors rush-
ing quickly at him from among the unslain remnant of that
ocean of troops. Approaching him, those warriors encompassed
that hero on all sides. 53 Thus surrounded by those warriors of
thine, Bhima began to afflict them all with keen shafts like
him of a thousand eyes afflicting the A suras.* 3 Having des-
troyed five hundred great cars with their fences, he once more
slew seven hundred elephants in that battle. 34 Slaying next
ten thousand foot-soldiers with his mighty shafts, as also eight
hundred steeds, the son of Pandu looked resplendent. 3 * In-
deed, Bhimasena the son of Kunti, having slain thy sons in
battle, regarded his object achieved, lord, and the purpose of
his birth accomplished. 35 Thy troops, at that time, O Bharata,
ventured not to even gaze at that warrior who was battling in
that fashion and slaying thy men in that way. 37 Routing all
the Kurus and slaying those followers of theirs, Bhima then

Parva.] CAlya parva, lOl

slapped his arm-pits, terrifying the huge elephants with the
noise he produced." 8 Then thy army, O monarch, which had
lost a very large number of men, and which then consisted of
a very few soldiers, became exceedingly cheerless, king.' " i3

Section XXVII.

"Sanjaya said, — 'Duryodhana, king, and thy son Sudar<;a,
the only two of thy children yet unslain, were at that time
in the midst of the (Kaurava) cavalry. 1 Beholding Duryodhana
staying in the midst of the cavalry, Devaki's son (Krishna)
said unto Dhananjaya the son of Kunti,"— A large number of
our foes, — kinsmen that had received our protection, — have
been slain. There, that bull of Cini's race is returning, hav-
ing taken Sanjaya captive ! s Both Nakula and Sahadeva, O
Bharata, are fatigued, having fought with the wretched Dhar-
tarashtras and their followers !* Those three, viz., Kripa and
Kritavarman and the mighty car-warrior Aewatthaman, have
left Duryodhana's side and taken up their position elsewhere ! 8
Having slain Duryodhana's troops, the Panchala prince stayeth
yonder, endued with great beauty, in the midst of the Prabha-
drakas. 5 There, O Partha, Duryodhana stayeth in the midst of
his cavalry, with the umbrella held over his head and himself
flinging his glances all around '. T Having rcarrayed the (remnant
of his) army, he stayeth in the midst of his forces. Slaying
this one with thy keen shafts, thou mayst achieve all thy
objects ! 8 As long as these troops do not fly away beholding
thee, in their midst and witnessing also the destruction of their
elephant force, do thou, O ehastiser of foes, endeavour to slay
Duryodhana !' Let somebody go to the Panchala prince and
ask him to come hither. The (Kaurava) troops are all tired,
O sire ! The sinful Duryodhana will never succeed in escap-
ing ! 10 Having slain a large number of thy troops in battle
the son of Dhritarashtra wears a proud aspect as if he be-
lieves that the Pandavaa have boon vanquished ! u Beholding
his own troops afflicted and slain by the Pandavas, the Kuru
king will certainly come to battle fur his own destruction ! —
Thus addressed by Kribhna ; rha'guna replied unto him, suy-

10$ Mahabharata. [galya-badha

ing, 11 — Almost all the sons of Dhritafashtra, giver of
honors, have been s^lain by Bhima ! Only these two are yet
alive ! They, however, O Krishna, shall also meet with des-
truction today ! 18 Bhishma hath been slain, Drona hath been
slain, Kama, otherwise called Vaikartana, hath been slain !
Calya the king of the Madras hath been slain, and Jayadratha
also, O Krishna, hath been slain ! 14 Only five hundred horse
form the remnant of the troops of Cakuni the son of Suvala !"
Of cars, only two hundred still remain, O Janarddana ! Of
elephants there remain only a hundred that are formidable, and
of foot only three thousand ! 1S There remain also Acwattha-
man and Kripa and the ruler of the Trigartas and Uiuka and 1
Cakuni and Kritavarman of the Satwata race ! 16 These, O
Madhava, form the remnant of Duryodhana's force ! Truly,
there is no escape from death for anybody on Earth ! 17
Although such a tremendous carnage has taken place, behold,
Duryodhana is still alive ! Today king Yudhishthira, however,.
will be freed from all his foes ! None amongst the enemy will
escape me, I ween ! 18 Even if they be more than men, O
Krishna, I shall yet slay all those warriors today, however
furious in battle, if only they do not fly away from the field !"
Filled with wrath in today's battle, I shall, by slaying the prince
of Gandhara with my keen shafts, dispel that sleeplessness
which the king has suffered for a long time! 110 I shall win
back all those valuable possessions which Suvala's son of wick-
ed conduct won from us at the gambling match in the assem-
bly !" Hearing of the slaughter of their husbands and sons-
at the hands of the Pandavas in battle, all the ladies of the
city called after the elephant will utter loud wails !"* Today,
O Krishna, our task will be ended ! Today Duryodhana shall
abandon all his blazing prosperity as also his life-breaths ! 2 *
Thou may>st take the foolish son of Dhritarashtra to be dead,
O thou of Vrishni's race, if, Krishna, he does not today fly
away from the battle to be waged by me ! 34 Those steeds are
incapable of enduring the twang of my bow and the slaps of
my palms ! Proceed thither, Krishna, for I will slay them ! 2 *

* The true reading is Rotsyanti aui! uot VeUyanli— T.

Farva.] galya parva. 103

— Thus addressed by Panda's son of great force of mind, he of
Dacarha's race urged his steeds, O king, towards the division
of Duryodhana." Beholding that force (within which Dur-
yodhana was), three mighty ear-warriors prepared themselves
for assailing it, for Bhimasena and Arjuna and Sahadeva, O
sire, together proceeded against it with loud leonine roars
from desire of slaying Duroydhana. 17 Beholding those three
warriors rushing quickly together with uplifted bows, Suvala's
son proceeded towards that spot against those Panda va foes. 9 *
Thy son Sudarcana rushed against Bhimasena. Sucarman and
Cakuni encountered Kiritin. Thy son Duryodhana on horse-
back proceeded against Sahadeva. 93 Then thy son, ruler of
men, with great speed and care, forcibly struck Sahadeva's head
with a lance. 80 Thus assailed by thy son, Sahadeva sat down
on the terrace of his car, all his limbs bathed in blood and
himself sighing like a snake. 81 Regaining his senses then,
O king, Sahadeva, filled with rago, covered Duryodhana with
keen arrows. 82 Kunti's son Dhananjaya, otherwise called Par-
tha, putting forth his prowess, cut off the heads of many brave
combatants on horse-back.* 3 Indeed, Partha, with many
arrows, destroyed that (cavalry) division. Having felled all
the steeds, he then proceeded against the cars of the Trigar-
tas. 3 * At this, the great car-warriors of the Trigartas r uniting
together, covered Arjuna and Yasudeva with showers of
shafts** Assailing Satyakarman with a razor-headed arrow,
the son of Panda, possessed of great fame, cut off his adver-
sary's car-shafts. 36 With another razor-headed arrow, lord,
whetted on stone, that celebrated hero, smiling the while,
cut off his antagonist's head adorned with bright gold. 87 He
next attacked Satyeshu in the sight of all the warriors, liko
a hungry lion, king, in the forest, attacking a deer. 38 Hav-
ing slain him, Partha pierced Sucarman with three arrows
and then slew all those car-warriors adorned with ornaments of
gold." 9 He then proceeded against Sucarman the ruler of
Prashthala with great speed, vomiting the virulent poison of
his wrath cherished for many long years. 40 Covering him first,
O bull of Bharata's race, with a hundred arrows, Arjuna then
slew all the steeds of that bowman, 41 Fixing then on his bow-

104 mahabharata. [galya-badha

string a mighty arrow that resembled the rod of Yama, Partha,
smiling the while, quickly sped it at Sucarman, aiming it at
him. 42 Sped by that bowman blazing with wrath, that arrow,
reaching Sucarman, pierced through his heart in that battle. 43
Deprived of life, O monarch, Sucarman fell down on the Earth,
gladdening all the Pandavas and paining all thy warriors. 4 *
Having slain Sucarman in that battle, Partha then, with hi3
shafts, despatched the five and thirty sons of that king, all of
whom were great car-warriors, to Yama's abode. 45 Slaying
next all the followers of Sucarman with his keen arrows, the
mighty car-warrior Arjuna proceeded against the remnant of
the Bharata host. 46 Bhima, in that battle, filled with rage,
O ruler of men, made thy son Sudarc,ana invisible with his
arrows, smiling the while. 47 Filled with rage, the son of
Pandu, smiling the while, cut off from his antagonist's trunk
his head with a razor-headed arrow of great sharpness. De-
prived of life, the prince fell down on the Earth. 48 Upon
the fall of that (Kuru) hero, his followers encompassed Bhima
in that battle, shooting showers of whetted arrows at him. 49
Vrikodara, however, with his keen arrows, whose touch resem-
bled that of Indra's thunder, covered that force around him.
Within a very short time, Bhima slew them all, bull
of Bharata's race ! s0 Whilst they were being thus extermi-
nated, many Kaurava leaders of great might, Bharata, ap-
proached Bhima and began to fight with him.* 1 The son of
Pandu, king, covered all of them with his. arrows. Simi-
larly, thy warriors, monarch, covered the great car-warrior3
of the Pandavas with dense showers of arrows from every
side. 82 All the warriors then, of both sides, thus engaged in
battle with one another, became exceedingly agitated.* 8 Struck
by one another, the combatants of both armies, O king, began
to fall down, wailing aloud for their (deceased) kinsmen.' "**

Section XXVIII.

"Sanjaya said, — 'During the progress of that battle which
was so destructive of men and steeds and elephants, Suvala's son
Cakuni, king, rushed against Sahadeva, 1 The valiant Sana-

Parva.] vi va pakva. 165

deva, as Cakuni rushed quickly towards him, sped showers of
swift; arrows at that warrior as numerous as a Sight of insects.
At that time Uluka also encountered Bhima and pierced
him with ten arrows.' Oakuni meanwhile, O monarch, hav-
ing pierced Bhima with three arrows, covered Sahadeva with
ninety. 8 Indeed, those heroes, king, encountering one an-
other in that battle, pierced one another with many keen arrows
equipt with Ranka and peacock feather?, winged with gold,
whetted on stono, and sped from bowstrings drawn to their
ears.* Those showers of arrows sped from their bows and
arms, monarch, shrouded all the points of the compass like
a thick shower of rain poured from the clouds. 5 Then Bhima,
filled with rage, and Sahadeva of great valor, both endued with
great might, careered in that battle, making an immense car-
nage. 6 That army, O Bharata, was covered with hundreds of
arrows by those two warriors. In consequence thereof, the
welkin, on many parts of the field, became shrouded with
darkness. 7 In consequence, monarch, of steeds, covered
with arrows, dragging after them, as they ran, a large number
of slain combatants, the tracks on many parts of the field be-
came entirely blocked up. 8 Covered with steeds slain with
their riders, with broken shields and lances, monarch, and
with swords and darts and spoars all around, the Earth looked
variegated as if strewn with flowers. 9 The combatants, O king,
encountering one another, careered in battle, filled with wratli
and taking one another's life.' Soon the field became strewn
with heads, beautiful as the filaments of the lotus, adorned
with ear-riiurs and graced with faces set with eves upturned
in wrath and lips bit in rage. 11 Covered also, O monarch,
with the severed arms of warriors that resembled the trunks of
huge elephants, that were adorned with Angadaa and cased
in leathern fences, and that still held swords and lances and
battle-axes," and with headless bodies risen on their feet and
bleeding and dancing on the field, and swarming with carnivor-
ous creatures of diverse kinds, the Earth, O lord, presented a
frightful aspect ! 13 After the Bharata army had been reduced
to a small remnant, the Pandavas, filled with delight in that
dreadful battle, begau to despatch the Kauravas to Yama's

\§Z 3IAHABHARATA. [pahja-badha

abode. 14 Meanwhile the heroic and valiant son of Suvala's son
very forcibly struck Sahadeva in the head Avith a lance. 18
Exceedingly agitated, O monarch, in consequence of that blow,
Sahadeva sat down on the terrace of his car. 16 Beholding
Sahadeva in that plight, the valiant Bhima, filled with rage,
O Bharata, hold the whole Kuru army in check. 17 With his
cloth-yard shafts he pierced hundreds and thousands of hostile
warriors, and having pierced them so, that chastiser of foes
uttered a leonine roar. 18 Frightened at that roar, all the fol-
lowers of Cakuni, with their steeds and elephants, precipitately
fled away in fear. 19 Beholding them broken, king Duryodhana
said unto them : — Stop, ye Kshatriyas unacquainted with
morality ! Fight ! What is the use of flight ? M That hero
"who without showing his back casteth away his life-breaths in
battle, achieveth fame here and enjoy eth regions of bliss here-
after ! ai — Thus exhorted by the king, the followers of Suvala's
son once more advanced against the Pandavas, making death
their goal. 82 Awful, O monarch, was the noise made by those
rushing warriors, resembling that of the agitated ocean. At
this, -the field of battle became agitated all around. 23 Behold-
ing those followers of Suvala's son thus advancing to battle, the
victorious Pandavas, O monarch, proceeded against them. 2 *
Comforted a little, the invincible Sahadeva, O monarch, pierced
Cakuni with ten arrows and his steeds with three. With the
greatest ease he then cut off the bow of Suvala's son with a
■number of other arrows. 25 Invincible in battle, Cakuni, however,
took up another bow and pierced Nakula with sixty arrows
and then Bhimasena with seven." Uluka also, O king, desirous
v,6f rescuing his sire in that engagement, pierced Bhima with
seven arrows and Sahadeva with seventy. 27 Bhimasena in that
encounter pierced Uluka with many keen arrows and Cakuni
with four and sixty, and each of the other warriors who fought
■around them, with three arrows. 28 Struck by Bhimasena with
shafts steeped iyi oil, the Kauravas, filled with rage in that
"battle, covered Sahadeva with showers of arrows like lightning-
charged clouds pouring rain on a mountain breast. 20 The
heroic and valiant Sahadeva then, monarch, cut off, with a
'broatf-headed arrow, the head of Uluka as the latter advanced,


against him. 80 Slain by Sahadeva, Uluka, gladdening the.
Pandavas in that battle, fell down on the Earth from his car,
all his limbs bathed in blood. 81 Beholding his son slain, Caku-
ni, O Bharata, with voice choked in tears and drawing deep
breaths, recollected the words of Vidura." Having reflected
for a moment with tearful eyes. Cakuni, breathing heavily,
approached Sahadeva and pierced him with three arrows."
Baffling those arrows sped by Suvala's son with showers of
shafts, tho valiant Sahadeva, monarch, cut off his antagonist's
bow in that battle. 8 * Seeing his bow cut off, king, Cakuni
the son of Suvala took up a formidable scimitar and hurled
it at Sahadeva. 3 * The latter, however, with the greatest ease,
O monarch, cut off in twain that terrible scimitar of Suvala's
son as it coursed towards him in that encounter. 86 Beholding
his sword cut in twain, Cakuni took up a formidable mace and
hurled it at Sahadeva. That mace also, unable to achieve its
object, fell down on the Earth. 37 After this, Suvala's som
rilled with rage, hurled at the son of Pandu an awful dart that
resembled an impending death-night. 88 With the greatest ease
Sahadeva, in that encounter, cut off, with his gold decked shafts*
into three fragments, that dart as it coursed swiftly towards
him. 89 Cut off into fragments, that dart adorned with gold
fell down on the Earth like a blazing thunder-bolt from Mm
firmament, diverging into many flashes.* Beholding that darb
baffled- and Suvala's son afflicted with fear, all thy troops fled
away in fright. Suvala's son himself joined them.*' The Panda-
vas then, eager for victory, uttered loud shouts. As regards
tho Dhartarashtras, almost all of them turned away from the
fight.*' Seeing them so cheerless, tho valiant son of Madrij
with many thousand shafts, checked them in that battle.* 3
Then Sahadeva came upon Suvala's son as the latter, who
was still expectant of victory, was flying away, protected by
the excellent cavalry of the Gandharas.** Recollecting, <)
king, that Cakuni, who had fallen to his share, was still alive
Sahadeva, on his car adorned with gold, pursued that warrior.*'
Stringing his formidable bow and drawing it with great force,
Sahadeva, filled with rage, pursued tho son of Suvala and
.vigorously struck him with many shafts etjuipt with vulburjcj

103 MAHABHARATA. l^allfOr bctdhd

feathers and whetted on stone, even like a person striking a
mighty elephant with pointed lances. 48 Endued with great
energy of mind, Sahadeva, having afflicted his foe thus, ad-
dressed him, as if for calling back to his mind (his past mis-
deeds), in these words : — Adhering to the duties of a Kshat-
riya, fight (with me) and be a man ! 47 — Thou hadst, fool,
rejoiced greatly in the midst of the assembly, while gambling
with dice ! Receive now, thou of wicked understanding,
the fruit of that act ! 13 All those wicked-souled ones that
had ridiculed us then have perished I Only that wretch of
his race, viz., Duryodhana, is still alive, and thyself, his
maternal uncle ! 49 Today I shall slay thee, striking off thy
head with a razor-headed arrow like a person plucking a fruit
from a tree with a stick ! 50 — Saying these words, O monarch,
Sahadeva of great strength, that tiger among men, filled with
rage, rushed impetuously against Cakuni. 81 Approaching his
enemy, the invincible Sahadeva, that foremost of warriors,
forcibly drawing his bow and as if burning his foe with wrath, 8 "'
pierced Cakuni with ten arrows and his steeds with four. Then
cutting off his umbrella and standard and bow, he roared like
a lion. 53 His standard and bow and umbrella thus cut off by
Sahadeva, Suvala's son was pierced with many arrows in all
his vital limbs. 54 Once again, O monarch, the valiant Saha-
deva sped at Cakuni an irresistible shower of arrows. 5 * Filled
■with rage, the son of Suvala then, single-handed, rushed with
speed against Sahadeva in that encounter, desirous of slaying
the latter with a lance adorned with gold. 58 The son of Madri,
however, with three broad-headed arrows, simultaneously cut
off, without losing a moment, that uplifted lance as also the
two well rounded arms of his enemy at the van of battle,
and then uttered a loud roar. 87 Endued with great activity,
the heroic Sihadeva then, with a broad-headed arrow made of
hard iron, equipt with wings of gold, capable of penetrating
every armour, and sped with great force and care, cut off from
his trunk his enemy's head. 83 Deprived of his head by the
son of Pandu with that gold-decked arrow of great sharpness
and splendour like the Sun's, Suvala's son fell down on the
Earth in that battle,' 8 Indeed, the son of Pandu, filled with

Parva.] CALYA PART*. 100

rage, struck off that, head which was the root of the evil
p >liey of the lvurus, with that impetuous shaft winged with
gold and whetted on stone. 60 Beholding Cakuni lying head-
less on the ground and all his limbs drenched with gore,
thy warriors, rendered powerless with fear, fled away on all sides
with weapons in their hands. 61 At that time thy sons, with
cars, elephants, horse, and foot, entirely broken, heard the
twang of Gandiva and fled away with colorless faces, afflicted
with fear and deprived of their senses. 63 Having thrown down
Cakuni from his car. the Pandavas, O Bharafea, became filled
with delight. Rejoicing with Kecava among them, they blew
their conchs in that battle, gladdening their troops. 63 All of
them, with glad hearts, worshipped Sahadeva. and said, — By
good luck, O hero, Cakuni of wicked soul, that man of evil
courses, hath, with his son, been slain by thee ! — '" 6 *

Section XXIX.

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