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of gold '*' I think there is none to be my match in an
encounter with the mace ! With my mace I shall slay all
of you one after another ! 69 Amongst all of you there is no
one who is competent to fight fairly with me ! It is not proper
for me to speak such words of pride with respect to my own
self! I shall, however, make these words of mine true in your
presence ! 70 Within this very hour, those words will become
either true or false ! Let him amongst you take up tke naaca
that will fight with me !— ' " 7 *

Section XXXIII.

"Sanjaya said, — 'Whilst Duryodhana, O king, was repeated-
ly roaring in this strain, Vasudeva, filled with wrath, said
these words unto Yudhishthira. 1 — What rash words hast thou
spoken, O king, to the effect that Slaying one amongst us be
thou king amongst the Karus. — If, indeed, O Yudhishthira,
Duryodhana select thee for battle, or Arjuna, or Nakula, or
Sahadeva, (what will be the consequence) ? 2 " s From desire of
slaying Bhimasena, O king, for these thirteen years hath
Duryodhana practised with the mace upon a statue of iron ! 4
How then, O bull of Bharata's race, will our purpose be
achieved ? From compassion, O best of kings, thou hast acted
with great rashness !* I do not at this moment behold a match
(for Duryodhana) except Prith&'s son Vrikodara ! His practice
agairc, with the mace, is not so great!* Thou hast, therefore, once
more allowed a wretched game of chance to commence as that
one in former days between thyself and Cakuni, O monarch ! 7
Bhima is possessed of might and prowess. King Suyodhana,
however, is possessed of skill ! In a contest between might
and skill, he that is possessed of skill, king, always pre-
vails !■ Such a foe, king, thou hast, by thy words, pluced in
a position of ease and comfort ! Thou hast placed thy ownself,
however, in a position of difficulty. Wc have, in consequence
of this, been placed in great danger .- 9 Who is there that
would abandon sovereignty within g rasp, after having van-
quished all his foes and when he hath only one foe to dispose

132 mahabhakata. [Gaddyudha

off and that one plunged in difficulties ? 10 I do not see
that man in the world today, be he a god, who is competent
to vanquish the mace-armed Duryodhana in battle I 11 Neither
thou, nor Bhima, nor Nakula, nor Sahadeva, nor Phalguna,
is capable of vanquishing Duryodhana in fair fight! King
Duryodhana is possessed of great skill !" How then, O Bha-
rata, canst thou say unto such a foe words such as these, viz., —
Fight, selecting the mace as the weapon, and if thou canst
slay one amogst us, thou shqlt then be king? 1 * If Duryo-
dhana encounters Vrikodara amongst us wishing to fight fairly
with him, even then our victory would be doubtful. Duryo-
dhana is possessed of great might and great skill. 14 How
couldst thou say unto him,— Slaying only one amongst us
be thou king ?— Without doubt, the offspring of Pandu and
Kunti are not destined to enjoy sovereignty ! They have been
born for passing their lives in continued exile in the woods or
in mendicancy ! 15 —

"'Bhimasena said, — O slayer of Madhu, do not, O delighter
of the Yadus, give way to sorrow ! However difficult of
reaching it, I shall today reach the end of these hostilities! 1 *
Without doubt, I shall slay Suyodhana in battle ! It ap-
pears, O Krishna, that the victory of Yudhishthira the just is
certain ! 17 This mace of mine is heavier than Duryodhana's
by one and a half times ! Do not, Madhava, give way to
grief! 13 I dare fight him, selecting the mace as the wea-
pon ! Let all of you, Janarddana, stand as spectators of the
encounter! 19 What do you say of Suyodhana, I would fight
with the three worlds including the very gods, even if they be
armed with every kind of weapon !'° — '

"Sanjaya continued, — 'After Vrikodara had said these words,
Vasudeva, filled wifch joy, applauded him highly and said unto
him, 81 — Relying on thee, O thou of mighty arms, king
Yudhishthira the just will, without doubt, get back his own
blazing prosperity after the slaughter of all his foes!" Thou
hast slain all the sons of Dhritarashtra in battle ! At thy hands
many kings and princes and elephants have met with then-
fate !"' The Kalingas, the Magadha's, the Kuravas, the West-
irners, and the Gandharas, have all been slain in dreadful


Tarva.] Calta paiiva. 132

battle, O son of' Paifdll ! 24 Slaying Duryodhana then, O son **t
Kunti, bestow the Earih with her oceans upon Yndhishthira
the just, like Vishnu (ionfering the sovereignty of the thr«e
worlds) upon the lor^ of Cachi ! 26 The wretched sun uf Dhrita-
rashtra, obtaining thee for a foe in battle, will, without doubt,
meet with his fate ! 'Thou wilt certainly accomplish thy vow
by breaking his bones ! 26 Thou shouldst, however. O son of
Pritha, always fight with care with the son of Dhritarashtra •
He is possessed of both skill and strength and always takes
delight in battle! 27 — Then Satyaki, king, applauded the son
of Pandu. 28 The Panehalas and the Pfmdavas, also, headed
by king Yndhishthira the just, all applauded those words of
Bhimasena. 29 Then Bhima of terrible might addressed Yu-
dhishthira who was staying amid the Srinjayas like the blazing
Sun himself, saying. 50 — Encountering this one in battle, I
venture to fight with him ! This wretch among men is not
competent to vanquish me in fight ! SI Today I shall vomit
that wrath which hath been nursed in my bosom upon Suyo-
dhana the son of Dhritariishtra like Arjuna throwing fire on
the forest of Khandava ! 38 I shall today pluck out the dart,
O son of Pandu, that lay so long sticking to thy heart I Be
happy, king, after I shall have laid low this wretch with ray
mace ! ss Tuday I shall recover, O sinless one, thy wreath of
glory ! Tuday Suyodhana shall abandon his life-breaths, his
prosperity, and his kingdom '. s * Today king Dhritarashtra also,
hearing of his son's slaughter, will remember all those wrongs
(that he did unto us) arising from the suggestions of Cakuni !*'
—Having said these words, that prince of Bharata's race,
possessed of great energy, stood up for battle, like Cakra sum-
moning Vritra (to an encounter). 8 ' Unable to endure that
summons, thy son, of great energy, prooeeded to the encounter,
like one infuriate elepl>ant proceeding to assail another."
The Pfmdavas beheld thy son, as he came armod with mace,
look like the crested mountain of Kailasa. 58 Indeed, seeing
that mighty son of thine standing alone like a prince of
elephants separated fr»m the herd, the Pfmdavas became filled
with delight. 83 Standing in battle like a very lion, Dury*-
dhana had no fear, no alarm, no pain, no anxiety. 40 Behold-


ing him stand there with uplifted mace like the crested
mountain of Kailasa, Bhimasena, O monarch, addressed him,
saying,* 1 — Call to thy mind all those wrongs that king Dhri-
tarashtra and thyself have done unto us ! Recollect what
happened at Varanavata !*" Recollect how Draupadi, while in
her season, was maltreated in the midst of the assembly and
how king Yudhishthira was defeated at dice through Cakuni's
suggestion !* 8 See now, O thou of wicked soul, the terrible
consequence of those acts as also of the other wrongs that
thou didst unto the innocent Parthas !** It is for thee
that that illustrious chief of the Bharatas, the son of Ganga,
the grandsire of us all, lieth now on a bed of arrows, struck
down (by us) !* 5 Drona also hath been slain ! Kama hath
been slain ! Calya of great valour hath been slain ! Yonder
Cakuni also, the root of these hostilities, hath been slain in
battle !** Thy heroic brothers, as also thy sons, with all
thy troops, have been slain ! Other kings also, possessed of
heroism, and never retreating from battle, have been slain.* 7
These and many other bulls among Kshatriyas, as also the
Prdtikamin, that wretch who had seized the tresses of Drau-
padi,. have been slain !* 8 Thou alone art still alive, thou ex-
terminater of thy race, thou wretch among men ! Thee also
I shall today slay with my mace ! Of this there is no doubt !* 9
Today, O king, I shall, in battle, quell all thy pride ! I shall
destroy also thy hope of sovereignty, O king, and pay off all
thy misdeeds unto the sons of Pandu ! 80 —

" 'Duryodhana said,— What use is there of many words ?
Fight now with me ! Today, O Vrikodara, I shall beat out of
thee thy desire for battle !* 1 Why dost thou not behold me, O
wretch, standing here for an encounter with the mace ? Am I
not armed with a formidable mace that looks like a cliff of
Himavat ?** What foe is there, wretch, that would venture
to vanquish me armed with this weapon ? If it be a fair fight,
Purandara himself, amongst the gods, is not competent for
that end! 83 Fur all those wicked deeds of mine to which thou
hast referred, thou eouldst not (hitherto) do me the slightest
injury I 8 * By exereising my might, I caused ye to dwell in the
woods, to serve in another's dwelling; to conceal youselves in

Parva.] talya parva, 1 35

disguises !" Your friends and allies also have been slain. Our
loss has been equal ! If, then, my fall take place in this battle,
that would be highly praiseworthy. Or, perhaps, Time will be
the cause !*' Up to this day I have never been vanquished in
fair fight on the field of battle ! If ye vanquish me by deceit,
your infamy will certainly last fur ever ! That act of yours
will, without doubt, be unrighteous and infamous !" Do not,
O son of Kunti, roar fruitlessly in this way like autumnal
clouds uncharged with water! Show all the strength thou
hast in battle now ! 88 — Hearing these words of his, the Pan-
davas with the Srinjayas, all inspired with desire of victory,
applauded them highly. 8 ' Like men exciting an infuriate ele-
phant with clapping of hands, all of them then gladdened king
Duryodhana (with those praises and cheers). 60 The elephants
that were there began to grunt and the steeds to neigh re-
peatedly. The weapons of the Pandavas who were inspired
witjh desire of victory blazed forth of their own accord.' ""

Section XXXIV.

"Sanjaya said, — 'When that fierce battle, monarch, was
about to commence, and when all the high-souled Pandavas
had taken their seats,' indeed, having heard that that battle
between those two heroes, both of whom were his disciples, was
about to begin, Rama, whose banner bore the device of tho
palmyra palm, and who owns the plough for his weapon, came
to that spot.' Beholding him, the Pfvndavas, with Ke^ava,
filled with joy, advanced towards him, and receiving him,
worshiped him with due rites. 3 Their worship over, they then,

king, said unto him these words, — Witness, O Rama, the
skill, in battle, of thy two disciples !* — Rama then, casting his
eyes on Krishna and the Pandavas, and looking at Duryo-
dhana also of Kuru's race who was standing; there armed with
mace, said, 8 — Two and forty days have passed since I left home.

1 had set out under the constellation Pusliy<i and havu come
back under £ravana. I am desirous, O Madhava, o( behold-
ing this encounter with the mace between these two disciples
of mine !* — At that time the t>vo heroes, viz., Duryjdhana

136 mahabhakata. [Gadayiulhya

and Vrikodara, looked resplendent as they stood on the field,
both armed with maces. 7 King Yudhishthira, embracing him
owning the plough for his weapon, duly enquired about hia
welfare and bade him welcome. 8 Those two great bowmen,
viz., the two illustrious Krishnas, filled with joy, cheerfully
saluted the hero having the plough for his weapon and
embraced h-im. 9 Similarly the two sons of Madri and the five
sons of Draupadi saluted Rohini's son of great strength and
stood (at a respectful distance). 10 Bhimasen of great strength
and thy son, O monarch, both with uplifted maces (in their
arms), worshipped Valadeva. 11 The other kings honored him
by bidding him welcome, and then all of them said unto
Rama, — Witness this encounter, thou of mighty arms !—
Even thus those mighty car-warriors said unto the high-
souled son of R )hiui." Endued with immeasurable energy
Rama, having embraced the Pandavas and the Srinjayas, en-
quired after the welfare of all the (other) kings. Similarly,
all of them, approaching, enquired after his welfare. 1 B The
hero of the plough, having in return saluted all th,e high-souled
Kshatriyas, and having made courteous enquiries about each
according to their respective years, 14 affectionately embraoed
Janarddana and Satyaki. Smelling their heads, he enquired
after their welfare." Those two, in return, king, duly wor-
shipped him, thuir superior, joyfully, like Indra and Upendra
worshipping Brahman the Lord of the celestials. 16 Then Dhar-
rna's son, O Bharata, said these words unto that chastiser of
foes, viz., the son of Rohini, — Behold, O Riima, this formidable
encounter between the two brothers ! 17 — Thus worshipped by
those great car-warriors, the elder brother of Kecava, of mighty
arms and great beauty, took his seafc amongst them. 18 Clad
in blue robes and possessed of a fair complexion, Rama, as he
sat amidst those kings, looked resplendent like the Moon in
the firmament, encompassed by multitudes of stars. 13 Then
that dreadful encounter, making the very hair to stand on end,
took place between those two sons of thine, king, for ter-
minating the quarrel (that had raged for many years."'"


Section XX\V\

Janamejaya said, — 'On the eve of tho great battle (be-
tween the Kurus and the P&ndus), tho lord Rama, with Keca-
va's leave, had gone away (from Dwaraka) accompanied by
many of the Vrishnis. 1 He had said unto Kecava, — 'I will
render aid neither unto the sun of Dhritarashtra nor unto the
sons of Panda, but will go whithersoever I like!'* — Having
said these words, Rama, that resister of foes, had gono away.
It behoveth thee, O Brahmana. to tell me everything about
his return !" Tell me in detail how Rama came to that spot,
and how he witnessed the battle. In my opinion thou art
well-skilled in narration !"•

Vau;ampayana said, — "After the high-souled Pandavas had
takon up their post at Upaplavya, they despatched the slayer
of Madhu to Dhritarashtra's presence, for the object of peace,
O mighty armed one, and for the good of all creatures.*
Having gone to Hastinapura and met Dhritarashtra, Kccava
spoke words of true and especially beneficial import. 8 The
king, however, as I have told thee before, listened not to those
counsels. 7 Unable to obtain peace, the mighty-armed Krishna,
that foremost of men, came back, O monarch, to Upaplavya.*
Dismissed by Dhritarashtra's son, Krishna returned (to the
Pandava camp), and upon the failure of his mission, tiger
among kings, said these words unto tho Pandavas: 9 — 'Urged
by fate, the Kauravas are for disregarding my words! Come,
ye sons of Pandu, with me, (to the fluid of battle), setting
out under the constellation Pushya!' 10 — After this, while tho
troops (of both sides) were being mustered and arrayed, the
high-souled son of Rohini, that foremost of all persons en-
dued with might, addressed his brother Krishna, saying, " — O
mighty-armed one, O slayer of Madhu, let us render assistance
to tho Kurus !' — Krishna, however, did not listen to thoso
words of his. 13 With heart filled with rage (at this), that
illustrious son of Yadu's race, viz., the wieluer of the plough,
then set out on a pilgrimage to the Saraswati. 18 Acci mjanied
by all the Yadavas, he set out ui.dcr tho conjunction of the


138 maharharata. [Gaddyiuldim

asterism called Maitra. The Bhoja chief (Kritavarman),
however, ad >pted the side of Duryodhana. Accompanied by
Yuyudhana, Vasudeva adopted that of the Pandavas. 14 After
the heroic son of Rohini had set out under the constellation
Pashya, the slayer of Madhu, placing the Pandavas in his
van, proceeded against the Kurus. 15 While proceeding, Rama
ordered his servants on the way, saying, — 'Bring all things
that are necessary for a pilgrimage, that is, every article of
use ! Bring the (sacred) fire that is at Dwaraka, and our
priests. 15 Bring gold, silver, kine, robes, steeds, elephants,
cars, mules, camels, and other draft cattle ! 17 Bring all these
necessaries for a sojourn to the sacred waters, and proceed with
great speed towards the Saraswati ! 18 Bring also some priests
to be especially employed, and hundreds upon hundreds of fore-
most Brahmanas !' — Having given these orders to the servants,
the mighty Valadeva 19 set out on a pilgrimage at that time of
great calamity to the Kurus. Setting out towards the Sara-
swati, he visited all the sacred places along her course, 20 accom-
panied by priests, friends, and many foremost of Brahmanas,
as also with cars and elephants and steeds and servants, O bull
(if Bharafca's race, and with many vehicles drawn by kine and
mules and etmels. 81 Diverse kinds of necessaries of life were
given away, in large measures and in diverse countries unto
the weary and worn, children and the old, in response, O
king, to solicitations. 8 ' Everywhere, king, Brahmanas were
promptly gratified with whatever viands they desired.* 3 At the
command of Rohini's son, men, at different stages of the
journey, stored food and drink in large quantities. 84 Costly
garments and bedsteads and coverlets were given away for the
gratification of Brahmanas desirous of ease and comfort. 8 ' What-
ever Brahmana or Kshatriya solicited whatever thing, that, O
Bhai-ata, was seen to be ungrudgingly given to him. 86 All who
formed the party proceeded with great happiness and lived
happily. The people (of Valarama's train) gave away vehicles
to persons desirous of making journeys, drinks to them that
•were thirsty, and savoury viands to them that were hungry, as
also robes and ornaments, O bull of Bharata's race, to many I 87 "" 88
Xiic mi, Q king, along which the party, proceeded, looked res^

Parva.] ?alya r.vuvA. 139

plendenfc, O hero, and was highly comfortable for all, and re-
sembled heaven itself.* 5 There were rejoicings everywhere upon
it, and savoury viands wore procurable everywhere. There were
shops and stalls and diverse objects exposed for sale. The
whole way was, besides, crowded with human beings. And vb
was adorned with various kinds of trees and creatures, and
various kinds of gems. 30 The high-souled Valadeva, observant;
of rigid vows, gave away unto the Brahmanas much wealth
and plentiful sacrificial presents, O king, in diverse sacred
spots. 81 That chief of Yadu's race also gave away thousands
of milch kine covered with excellent cloths and having their
horns cased in gold, sa many steeds belonging to different
countries, many vehicles, and many beautiful slaves/ 3 Even
thus did the high-souled llama give away wealth in diverse
excellent tirlhas on the Saraswati. In course of his wander-
ings, that hero of unrivalled power and magnanimous conduct
at last came to Kurukshetra.' s *

Janamejaya said, — "Tell me, foremost of men, the fea-
tures, the origin, and the merits of the several tirlhas on the
Saraswati and the ordinances to be observed while sojourning
there ! 3i Tell mo these, in their order, illustrious ono ! My
curiosity is irrepressible, foremost of all persons acquainted
with Brahma f M

Vaicampayana said, — "The subject of the features and
origin of all these tirthas, O king, is very large. J shall, how-
ever, describe them to thee. Listen to that sacred account in
its entirety, O king !" Accompanied by his priests and friends,
Valadeva first proceeded to the tirtha called Prabhasa. Thnv,
the Lord of the constellations (viz., Soma), who had been
affected with phthisis, became freed from his curse. Regaining
energy there, O king, he now illuminates the universe. And
because that foremost of tirthas on Earth had formerly contri-
buted to invest Soma with splendour (after he had lost it),
it is, therefore, called Prabhasa."**'* 3

Janamejaya said, — "For what reason was the adorable Si ma
afflicted with phthisis ? How also did he bathe in that tirtha " ,0
How did he, having bathed in that sacred water, regain hi.s
energy '. Toll mo all thic in. detail O /"*'

140 mahabharata. [Gadayuddhz

Vaic"ampayana said, — "Daksha had seven and twenty
daughters. king ! These he bestowed (in marriage) upon
Soma. 41 Connected with the several constellations, those wives,
O king, of Soma of auspicious deeds, served to help men
in calculating time. 48 Possessed of large eyes, all of them
were unrivalled in beauty in the world. In wealth of beauty,
however, Rohini was the foremost of them all.** The adorable
Soma took great delight in her. She became very agree-
able to him, and, therefore, he enjoyed the pleasures of her
company (exclusively). 48 In those days of yore, monarch,
Soma lived long with Rohini (exclusively). For this, those
other wives of his, viz., they that were called the constella-
tions, became displeased with that high-souled one. 48 Repair-
in<* speedily to their sire (Daksha), that Lord of creation,
they said unto him, — 'Soma doth not live with us ! He always
payeth court to Rohini only ! 47 All of us, therefore, O Lord of
creatures, shall dwell by thy side, on regulated diet and obser-
vant of austere penances !' 48 Hearing these words of thciis,
Daksha (saw Soma and) said unto him, — 'Behave equally to-
wards all thy wives ! Let not a great sin stain thee I' 4 * And
Daksha then said unto those daughters of his, — 'Go, all of ye,
to the presence of Cacin. At my command, he, (otherwise
called) Chandramas, will behave equally towards all of ye ft*
Dismissed by him. they then proceeded to the abode of him
having cool rays. Still the adorable Soma, O lord of Earth,
continued to act as before, for pleased with Rohini alone, ho
continued to live with her exclusively. 51 His other wives then
once more came together to their sire and said unto him, —
'Employed in serving thee, we will dwell in thy asylum ! Soma
does not live with us and is unmindful of thy commands'' 1 '*
Hearing these words of theirs, Daksha once more said unto
Soma, — 'Behave equally towards all thy wives ! Let mo not,
O Virojhana, course thce!' ,s Disregarding, however, these
words of Daksha, the adorable Soma continued to live with
Rohini alone. At this, his other wives became once more
angry. 1 * Repairing to their sire, they bowed unto him by
lowering their heads, and s.aid,— Suma doth not live with ua !
Give us thy protection ! M The adorable Chandramas always


lives with Rohini exclusively ! Ho sots no importance to thy
words, and does not wish to show us any affection ! Therefore,
s:ivo U3 so S una may accept us all!' 56 Hearing these
words, the adorable Daksha, O king, became angry and in
consequence thereof hurled the curse of phthisis upon Soma.
Thus did that disease overtake the L»rd of the stars. 87 Afflict-
ed with phthisis, Cacin began to waste away day by day. He
made many endeavours for freeing himself from that disease 5 '
by performing diverse sacrifices, O monarch ! The maker of
night, however, could not free himself from that curse. Ou
tho other hand, lie continued to endure waste and emacia-
tion.* 8 In consequence, however, of the wasting of Soma, the
deciduous herbs failed to grow. Their juices dried up and
thoy became tasteless, and all of them became deprived of
their virtues. 60 And in consequence of this decadence of tho
deciduous herbs, living creatures also began to decay. Indeed,
owing to the wasting of Soma, all creatures began to be
emaciated. 61 Then all the celestials, coming to Soma, O
king, asked him, saying, — 'Why is it that thy form is not
so beautiful and resplendent (as before) ? Tell us the reason
whence hath proceeded this great calamity !•■ Hearing thy
answer, we shall do what is needed for dispelling thy fear!'
Thus addressed, the god having the hare for his mark, replied
unto them and informed them of the cause of the curse and of
the phthisis with which he was afflicted. 63 The gods then, hav-
ing heard those words, repaired to Daksha and said, — 'Be grati-
fied, O adorable one, with Soma ! Let this curse of thine be
withdrawn ! e * Chandrainas is very emaciated ! Only a small
portion of his may be seen ! In consequence of his wasting,
O Lord of the celestials, all creatures also are wasting ! Cree-
pers and herbs of diverse kinds are also wasting ! 6 * In their
waste we ourselves also arc suffering emaciation ! Without
us, what will this universe be? Knowing this, O master of
the universe, it behoveth thee to be gratified (with Soma) *'"

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