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fiorce hostilities, Vrikodara once more laughingly said these
words slowly unto Yudhishthira and Kecava and the Srinjayas
and Dhananjaya and the two sons of Madri. 9 — They that had
dragged Draupadi, while ill, into the assembly, and had dis-
robed her there, behold those Dhartarashtras slain in battle by
the Pandavas through the ascetic penances of Yajnasena's
daughter l 10 Those wicked- hearted sons of king Dhritarashtra
who had called us Sessame seech without kernel, have all
been slain by us with their relatives and followers ! It matters
little whether (as a consequence of those deeds) we go to
heaven or fall into hell ! u — Once more, uplifting the mace
that lay on his shoulders, he struck with his left foot the
head of the monarch who was prostrate on the Earth, and ad-
dressing the deceitful Duryodhana, said theso words.'* Many
of the foremost warriors among the Somakas, who were all of
righteous souls, beholding the foot of the rejoicing Bhimasena
of narrow heart placed upon the head of that foremost one of
Kuru's race, did not at all approve of it. 18 While Vrikcdara,
after having struck down thy son, was thus bragging and danc-
ing madly, king Yudhishthira addressed him, saying, 14 — Thou
hast paid off thy hostility (towards Duryodhana) and acc( m-
plished thy vow by a fair or an unfair act ! Cease now,
Bhima!" Do not crush his head with thy foot ! Do not act
sinfully ! Duryodhana is a king ! He is, again, thy kinsman '.
He is fallen ! This conduct of thine, O sinless one, is not
proper 1" Duryodhana Tras th« lord of eleven Akthauhinu




of troops Ha was the king of the Kurus ! Do not, Bhima,
touch a king and a kinsman with thy foot ! 17 His kinsmen
are slain ! His friends and counsellors are gone ! His trocps
have been exterminated ! He has been struck down in battle !
He is to be pitied in every respect f He deserves not to be in-
sulted, for remember that he is a king ! 18 He is ruined ! His
friends and kinsmen have been slain ! His brothers have been
killed! His sons too have been slain \ His funeral cake hath
been taken away ! He is our brother ! This that thou doest
unto him is not proper ! 19 Bhimasena is a man of righteous
behaviour ! People used to say this before of thee ! Why then,
O Bhimasena, dost thou insult the king in this way ?*° — Hav-
ing said these words unto Bhimasena, Yudhishthira, with
voice choked in tears, and afflicted with grief, approached
Duryodhana, that chastiser of foes, and said unto him, 81 —
O sire, thou shouldst not give way to anger nor grieve for
thyself! Without doubt, thou bearest the dreadful consequences
of thy own former acts !" Without doubt, this sad and woful
result had been ordained by the Creator himself, viz., that we
should injure thee and thou shouldst injure us, foremost one
of Kuru's race ! a * Through thy own fault this great calamity
has come upon thee, due to avarice and pride and folly, O Bha-
rata !** Having caused thy companions and brothers and sires
and sons and grandsons and others to be all slain, thou comest
now by thy -own death !" In consequence of thy fault thy
brothers, mighty car-warriors all, and thy kinsmen, have
been slain by us ! I think all this to be the work of irresist-
ble Destiny !*• Thou art not to be pitied! On the other hand,
thy death, sinless one, is enviable ! It is we that deserve
to be pitied in every respect, Kaurava ! We shall have to
<3rag on a miserable existence, reft of all our dear friends and
kinsmen !" Alas, how shall I behoid the widows, overwhelm-
ed with grief and deprived of their senses by sorrow, of my
brothers and sons and grandsons !** Thou, king, departest
from this world ! . Thou art sure to have thy residence in
heaven ! We, on the other hand, shall be reckoned as creatures
of hell, and shall continue to suffer the most poignant grief! 8 '
The griefrafflicted wives of Dhribarashtra's sons and grand-

farva.] calta part*, 231

80113, those widows crushed with sorrow, will, without doubt,
curse us all : 80 — Having said these words, Dharma's royal son
Yudhishthira, deeply afflicted with grief, began to breathe
hard and indulge in lamentations.' ""

Section LX.

"Dhritarashtra said, — 'Beholding the (Kuru) king struck
down unfairly, what, Suta, did the mighty Valadeva, that
foremost one of Madhu's race, say ?* Tell me, Sanjaya,
what Rohini's son, well-skilled in encounters with the mace
and well acquainted with all its rules, did on that occasion !'*

"Sanjaya said, — Beholding thy son struck at the thighs,
the mighty Rama, that foremost of smiters, became exceeding-
ly angry.* Raising his arms aloft, the hero having the plough
for his weapon, in a voice of deep sorrow, said in the midst of
those kings, — Oh, fie on Bhima, fie on Bhima !* Oh, fie, that
in such a fair fi>ht a blow hath been struck below the navel !
Never before hath such an act as Vrikodara hath done been
witnessed in an encounter with the mace !' No limb below
the navel should be struck. This is the precept laid down in
treatises ! This Bhima, however, is an ignorant wretch, un-
acquainted with the truths of treatises! He, therefore, acteth
as he likes ! 6 — While uttering these words, Rama gave way to
great wrath. The mighty Valadeva then, uplifting his plough,
rushed towards Bhimasena ! 7 The form of that high-souled
warrior of uplifted arms then became like that of the gigantic
mountains of Ivailasa variegated with diverse kinds of metals.*
The mighty Kec,ava, however, ever bending with humility,
seized the rushing Rama, encircling him with his massive and
and well-rounded arms. 9 Those two foremost heroes of Yadu's
race, the one dark in complexion and the other fair, looked
exceedingly beautiful at that moment, like the Sun and the
Moon, O king, on the evening sky '. ,0 For pacifying the angry
Rama, Kec,ava addressed him, saying, — There are six kinds
of advancement that a person may have, viz., one's own ad-
vancement, the advancement of. one's friends, the advance-
ment of. one's friends' friends, the deegty of . oue'-s. enemy- th.s

232 mahabiurata, [Gaddyuddha

dec;!)' of one's enemy's friends, and the decay of one's enemy's
friends' friends." When reverses happen to one's own self or
to one's friends, one should then understand that one's fall is
at hand and, therefore, one should at such times look for the
means of applying a remedy. ,a The Pandavas of unsullied
prowess are our natural friends. They are the children of our
own sire's sister ! They had been greatly afflicted by their
foes !' 9 The accomplishment of one's vow is one's duty.
Formerly Bhima had vowed in the midst of the assembly that
he would in great battle break with his mace the thighs of
Duryodhana. 1 * The great Rishi Maitreya also, O scorcher of
foes, had formerly cursed Duryodhana, saying,— Bhima will,
with his mace, break thy thighs! 1 * — In consequence of all
this, I do not see any fault in Bhima ! Do not give way to
wrath, slayer of Pralamva ! Our relationship with the
Pandavas is founded upon birth and blood as also upon an
attraction of hearts." In their growth is our growth. Do
not, therefore, give way to wrath, bull among men ! — Hear-
ing these words of Vasudeva. the wielder of the plough, who
was conversant with rales of morality, said,' 7 — Morality is
well practised by the good. Morality, however, is always
afflicted by two things, viz., the desire for Profit entertained
by those that covet it, and the desire fur Pleasure cherished
by those that are wedded to it.' 4 Whoever without afflicting
Morality and Profit, or Morality and Pleasure, or Pleasure
and Profit, followeth all three, viz., Morality, Profit, and
Pleasure, always succeeds in obtaining great happiness. 19 In
consequence, however, of morality being afflicted by Bhima-
sena, this harmony of which I have spoken hath been disturb-
ed, whatever, Govinda, thou maj st tell me '."—Krishna
replied, saying, — Thou art always described as bereft of wrath,
and rightoous-souled and devoted to righteousness! Calm
thyself, therefore, and do not give way to wrath! 21 Know
that the Kali age is at hand. Remember also the vow made
by the son of Pandu ! Let, therefore, the son of Pandu be
regarded to have paid off the debt he owed to his hostility
and to have fulfilled his vow ! — '"

•' Sanjaya continued,— 'Hearing this fallacious discourse

Parva.] 3ALYA parya. 233

from Keeava, O king, Rama failed to dispel hia wrath and
become cheerful. He then said in that assembly,"— Having
unfairly slain king Suyodhana of righteous soul, the son of
Pandu shall be reputed in the world as a crooked warrior !'*
The righteous-souled Duryodhana, on the other hand, shall
obtain eternal blessedness ! Dhri tar a antra's royal son, thati
ruler of men, who hath been struck down, is a fair warrior!"
Having made every arrangement for the Sacrifice of battle
and having undergone the initiatory ceremonies on the field*,
and, lastly, having poured his life as a libation upon the fira
represented by his foes, Duryodhana has fairly completed hia
Sacrifice by the final ablutions represented by the attainment!
of glory '."—Having said these words, the valiant son of
Rohini, looking like the crest of a white cloud, ascended hia
car and proceeded towards Dwaraka.* 7 The Panchalas with
the Vrishnis, as also the Pandavas, O monarch, became rather
cheerless after Kama had set out for Dwaravati."' Then,
Vasudeva, approaching Yudhishthira who was exceedingly
melancholy and filled with anxiety, and who hung down hia
head and knew not what to do in consequence of his deep
affliction, said unto him these words. 49

M -Vasudeva said, — Yudhishthira the just, why dost thou
sanction this unrighteous act, since thou permittest the head
of the insensible and fallen Duryodhana whose kinsmen and
friends have all been slain to be thus struck by Bhima
with his foot? Conversant as thou art with the ways of
morality, why dost thou, king, witness this act with in-
difference?— so - 3i

"'Yudhishthira answered, — This act, Krishna, done from
wrath, of Vrikodara's touching the head of the king with hia
foot, is not agreeable to me, nor am I glad at this extermina-
tion of my race! 3 * By guile were we always deceived by tho
sons of Dhritarashtra ! Many were the cruel words they
spoke to us. We were again exiled into the woods by them. 88
Great is the grief on account of all those acts that is in Bhima-
sena's heart! Reflecting on all this, thou of Vrishni's race,
I looked on with indifference ! s * Having slain the covetous
Duryodhana bereft of wisdom and enslaved by his passion?,


234 makabhaiuta. [Gadayuddfm

let the son of Pandu gratify his desire, be it by righteousness
or unrighteousness ! — '**

"Sanjaya continued, — 'After Yadhishthira had said this,
Vasudeva, that perpetuator of Yadu's race, said with difficulty,
— Let it be so ! !$ — Indeed, after Yasudeva had been addressed
in thoso words by Yudhishthira, the former, who, always
wished what was agreeable to and beneficial for Bhima,
approved all those acts that Bhima had done in battle. ST
Having struck down thy son in battle, the wrathful Bhima-
sena, his heart filled with joy, stood with joined hands befor«
Yudhishthira and saluted him in proper form. 33 With eyes
expanded in delight and proud of the victory he had won,
Vrikodara of great energy, king, addressed his eldest brother,
saying," — The Earth is today thine, king, without brawls
to disturb her and with all her thorns removed ! Rule over
ker, O monarch, and observe the duties of thy order I 40 He
who was the cause of these hostilities and who fomented them
by means of his guile, that wretched wight fond of deception,
lieth, struck down, on the bare ground, O lord of Earth ! 41
All those wretches headed by Dusc;asana, who used to utter
cruel words, as also those other foes of thine, viz., the son of
Radha, and Cakuni, have been slain ! 43 Teeming with all
kinds of gems, the Earth, with her forests and mountains, O
monarch, once more cometh to thee that hast no foes alive ! 4! —
•"Yudhishthira said, — Hostilities have come to an end!
King Suyodhana hath been struck down ! The Earth hath
been conquered (by us), ourselves having acted according to
the counsels of Krishna ! 44 By good luck, thou hast paid off
thy debt to thy mother and to thy wrath ! By good luck,
fehou hast been victorious, O invincible hero, and by good luck,
thy foe hath been slain f " — 4 *

Section LXI.

"Dhritarashtra said, — 'Beholding Duryodhana struck down
in battle by Bhimasena, what, Sanjaya, did the Pandavas
and the Srinjayas do V 1

"Sanjaya said, — 'Beholding Duryodhana slain by Bhima-
seaa iu battle, king, like a wild elephant shun by a lion, 8

pdrva.'] CAL7A PACTA. 83$

the Pandavas with Krishna became filled with delight. Th«
Panchalas and the Srinjayas also, upon the fall of the Kuru
king, 8 waved their upper garments (in the air) and uttered
leonine roars. The very Earth seemed to be unable to bear
those rejoicing warriors.* Some stretched their bows ; others
drew their bowstrings. Some blew their huge conchsi others
beat their drums* Some sported and jumped about, while
some amongst thy foes laughed aloud. Many heroes repeated-
ly said those words unto Bhimasena: 6 — Exceedingly difficult
and great hath been the feat that thou hast achieved today in
battle, by having struck down the Kuru king, himself a
great warrior, with thy mace! 7 All these men regard this
slaughter of the foe by thee to be like that of Vritra by
Indra himself ! 3 Who else, save thyself, O Vrikodara, could
slay the heroic Duryodhana while careering in diverse kinds
of motion and performing all the wheeling manoevres (charac-
teristic of such encounters) ? 9 Thou hast now reached the
other shore of these hostilities, that other shore which none
else could reach ! This feat that thou hast achieved is in-
capable of being achieved by any other warrior ! 10 By good
luck, thou hast, O hero, like an infuriate elephant, crushed
with thy foot the head of Duryodhana on the field of battle !"
Having fought a wonderful battle, by good luck, O sinless
one, thou hast quaffed the blood of Duscasana, like a lion
quaffing the blood of a buffalo ! l " By good luck, thou hast,
by thy own energy, placed thy foot on the head of all those
that had injured the rightcous-souled king Yudhishthira '"
In consequence of having vanquished thy foes and of thy
having slain Duryodhana, by good luck, O Bhima, thy fame
hath spread over the whole world !'* Bards and eulogists
applauded Cakra after the fall of Vritra even as we are now
applauding thee, O Bharata, after the fall of thy foes!"
Know, O Bharata, that the joy we felt upon the fall of
Duryodhana hath not yet abated in the least ! — Even thos<>
were tha words addressed to Bhimasena by the assembled
eulogists on that occasion !' € Whilst those tigers among men,
viz., the Panchalas and the Pandavas, all filled with d Lights
were indulging in sucJi language, the slayer of Mad: u ai-

236 Mahabharata. [Gadayuddha

dressed them, saying, 17 — Ye rulers of men, it is not proper to
slay a slain foe with such cruel speeches repeatedly uttered 1
This wight of wicked understanding hath already been slain !' 8
This sinful, shameless, and covetous wretch, surrounded by sin-
ful counsellers and ever regardless of the advice of wise friends,
met with his death even then' 9 when he refused, though
repeatedly urged to the contrary by Vidura and Drona and
Kripa and Sanjaya, to give unto the sons of Pandu their
paternal share in the kingdom which they had solicited at his
hand I" This wretch is not now fit to be regarded either as a
friend or a foe ! What use in spending bitter breath upon one
ivho hath now become a piece of wood ! ai Mount your cars
quickly, ye kings, for we should leave this place ! By good
luck, this sinful wretch hath been slain with his counsellers
and kinsmen and friends !" — Hearing these rebukes from
Krishna, king Duryodhana, monarch, gave way to wrath
and endeavoured to rise. 88 Sitting on his haunches and sup-
porting himself on his two arms, he contracted his eye-brows
and cast angry glances at Vasudeva.* 4 The form then of
Duryodhana whose body was half raised, looked like that of a
poisonous snake, O Bharata, shorn of its tail. 25 Disregarding
his poignant and unbearable pains, Duryodhana began to
afflict Vasudeva with keen and bitter words. 26 — son of
Kansas slave, thou hast, it seems, no shame, for hast thou
forgotten that I have been struck down most unfairly, judged
by the rules that prevail in encounters with the mace ? It
was thou who unfairly caused this act by reminding Bhima
with a hint about the breaking of my thighs ! Dost thou
think I did not mark it when Arjuna (acting under thy advice)
hinted it to Bhima ? 27 " 28 Having caused thousands of kings,
who always fought fairly, to be slain through diverse kinds of
unfair means, feelst thou no shame or no ab here nee for those
acts ? 2S Day after day having caused a great carnage of heroic
warriors, thou causedst the grandsire to be slain by plaicing
Cikhandin to the fore ! !0 Having again caused an elephant of
the name of Acwatthaman to be slain, O thou of wicked under-
standing, thou causedst the preceptor to lay aside his weapons
Thiukest thou thai this is u'ot known to me 7 . n "While again

Parva.] oalya parva. 237

that valiant hero was about to bo slain by this cruel Dhrishta-
dyumna, thou didst not dissuade the latter !" The dart that
had been begged (of Cakra as a boon) by Kama for the
slaughter of Arjuna, was baffled by thee through Ghatotkacha !
Who is there that is more sinful than thou ?" 8 Similarly, the
mighty Bhuricravas, with one of his arms lopped off and
while observant of the Prctya vow, was caused to be slain by
thco through the agency of the high-souled Satyaki. 84 Kama
had done a great feat for vanquishing Pfirtha. Thou, however,
causedst Aewasena, the son of that prince of snakes (viz.,
Takshaka.) to be baffled in achieving his purpose !"' When
again the wheel of Kama's car sank in mire and Kama was
afflicted with calamity and almost vanquished on that account,
— when, indeed, that foremost of men became anxious to
liberate his wheel, — thou causedst that Kama to be then slain ! E$
If ye had fought me and Kama and Bhishma and Drona by
fair means, victory then, without doubt, would never have
been yours ! 87 By adopting the most crooked and unrighteous
of means thou hast caused many kings observant of the
ditties of their order and ourselves also to be slain ! — u

" 'Vasudeva said, — Thou, son of Gandhari, hast been
slain with thy brothers, sons, kinsmen, friends, and followers,
only in consequence of the sinful path in which thou hast
trod ! 89 Through thy evil acts those two heroes, viz., Bhish-
ma and Drona, have been slain ! Kama too hath been slain
for having imitated thy behaviour ! 40 Solicited by me, O fool,
thou didst not, from avarice, give the Pandavas their paternal
share, acting according to the counsels of Cakuni ! 41 Thou
gavest poison to Bhimasena ! Thou hadst also, thou of wick-
ed understanding, endeavoured to burn all the Fandavas with
their mother at the palace of lac !*" On the occasion also of
the gambling, thou hadst persecuted the daughter of Yajna-
sena, while in her season, in the midst of the assembly !
Shameless as thou art, even then thou becamest worthy of
being slain ! 48 Thou hadst, through Suvala's son well-versed
in dice, unfairly vanquished the virtuous Yudhishthira who
was unskilled in gambling ! For that art thou slain : 44
Through the sinful Javadratha again, Krishna was en another

238 mahabharata, [GaddyxiddUad

occasion persecuted when the Pandavas, her lords, had gone
out ahunting tawards the hermitage of Trinavindu ! 48 Causing
Abhimanyu, who was a child and alone, to be surrounded by
many, thou didst slay that hero. It is in consequence of that
fault, sinful wretch, that thou art slain !*' All those un-
righteous acts that thou sayest have been perpetrated by us,
have in reality been perpetrated by thee in consequence of
thy sinful nature ! 47 Thou hadst never listened to the counsels
of Vrihaspati and Ucjanas ! Thou hadst never waited upon the
old ! Thou hadst never heard beneficial words ! 48 Enslaved
by ungovernable covetousness and thirst of gain, thou didst
perpetrate many unrighteous acts ! Beat now the consequences
of those acts of thine ! — 49

" 'Duryodhana said, — I have studied, made presents accord-
ing to the ordinance, governed the wide Earth with her seas,
and staid over the heads of my foes ! Who is there so for-
tunate as myself! 80 That end again which is courted by
Kshatriyas observant of the duties of their own order, viz.,
death in battle, hath become mine ! Who, therefore, is so
fortunate as myself? 81 Human enjoyments such as were
worthy of the very gods and such as could with difficulty be
obtained by other kings, had been mine. Prosperity of the
very highest kind had been attained by me ! Who then is so
fortunate as myself?" With all my well-wishers, and my
younger brothers, I am going to heaven, thou of unfading
glory ! As regards yourselves, with your purposes unachieved
and torn by grief, live ye in this unhappy world ! — '"

"Sanjaya continued, — "Upon the conclusion of these words
of the intelligent king of the Kurus, a thick shower of frag-
rant flowers fell from the sky." The Gandharvas beat many
charming musical instruments. The Apsavas in a chorus sar.g
the glory of king Duryodhana." The Siddhas uttered loud
sounds to the effect, — Praise to kkig Duryodhana ! — Frag-
rant and delicious breezes mildly blew on every side. All the
quarters became clear and the firmament looked blue as the
lapis lazuli. 66 Beholding these exceedingly wonderful things
and this worship offered to Duryodhana, the Pandavas headed
by Vasudeva became ashamed. 57 Hearing (invisible beings

parva.] oalya parva. 239

cry out) that Bhishma and Drona ami Kama ami Bhuricravaa
ware slain unrighteously, they became afllicted with grief ami
wept in sorrow. 88 Beholding the Pandavas filled with anxiety
and grief, Krishna addressed them in a voice deep as that of
the clouds or the drum, saying,— 89 A11 of them wero great
car-warriors and exceedingly quick in the use of weapons !
If ye had put forth all your prowess, even then ye could never
have slain them in battle by fighting fairly! 10 King Duryo-
dhana also could never be slain in a fair encounter ! The
same is the case with all those mighty car- warriors headed by
Bhishma ! 51 From desire of doing good to yon, I repeatedly
applied my powers of illusion and caused them to be slain by
diverse means in battle." If I had not adopted such deceitful
ways in battle, victory would never have been yours, nor
kingdom, nor wealth ! 6S Those four were very high-souled
warriors and regarded as Atirathas in the world. The very
Regents of the Earth could not slay them in fair fight ! £4
Similarly, the son of Dhritarashtra, above fatigue as he was,
when armed with the mace, could not be slain in fair fight by
Yama himself armed with his bludgeon !'■ Ye should not
take it to heart that this foe of yours hath been slain deceit-
fully ! When the number of one's foes becomes great, then
destruction should be effected by contrivances and means !•■
The gods themselves, in slaying the Asuras, have trod in the
same way! That way, therefore, that hath been trod by the
g .)d.s, may be trod by all ! 67 We have been crowned with
success. It is evening. We had better retire to our tents.
Let us all, ye kings, take rest, with our steeds and elephants
and cars ' — '"Hearing these words of Vasudeva, the Pandavas
and the Panchalas, filled with delight, roared like a multitude
of lions. 69 All of them blew their conchs and Madhava him-
self blew Panchajanya, filled with joy, bull among men,
at the sight of Duryodhana struck down in battle.'


Section LXII.

"Sanjaya said,— 'All those king?, possessed of arms that
resembled spiked bludgeons, then proceeded toward* their

24Q mahabharata. [Gadayuddka

tents, filled with joy and blowing their concha on their way. 1
The Pandavas also, monarch, proceeded towards our encamp-
ment. The great bowman Yuyutsu followed them, as also
Satyaki, 2 and Dhrishtadyumna, and Cikhandin, and the five
sons of Draupadi. The other great bowmen also proceeded
towards our tents. 8 The Parthas then entered the tent of
Duryodhana, shorn of its splendours and reft of its lord and

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