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mobile and immobile creatures, began to tremble violent/y,
and produce a loud noise. All the points of the compass
became murky, 4I The messengers, repairing to Drona's soa,

Parva.] calya parva, 251

represented to him all that had happened regarding tho
conduct of the mace-encountcr and the fall of the king. 4 *
Having represented everything unto Dmna's son, O Bharata,
all of them remained in a thoughtful mood for a long
while and then went away, grief stricken, to the places they
came from.' "*•

Section LXV.

"Sanjaya said, — "Having heard of Duryodhana's fall from
the messengers, those mighty car-warriors, viz., the unslain
remnant of tho Kaurava army, 1 exceedingly wounded with
keen shafts, and maces and lances and darts, — those three,
viz., Aawatthaman and Kripa and Kritavarman of the Sat-
wata race,* came quickly on their fleet steeds to the field of
battle. They beheld there the high-souled son of Dhritarash-
tra prostrate on the ground 8 like a gigantic £dla tree laid
low in the forest by a tempest. They beheld him writhing on
the bare ground and covered with bloood* even like a mighty
elephant in the forest laid low by a hunter. They saw him
weltering in agony and bathed in profuse streams of blood.*
Indeed, they saw him lying on the ground like the Sun
dropped on the Earth or like the Ocean dried by a mighty
wind,* or like the full Moon in the firmament with his disc
shrouded by a fog. Equal to an elephant in prowess and
possessed of long arms, the king lay on the Earth, covered
with dust. 7 Around him were many terrible creatures and
carnivorous animals, like wealth-coveting dependents around
a monarch in state.* His forehead was contracted into fur-
rows of rage and his eyes were rolling in wrath. They beheld
the king, that tiger among men, full of rage, like a tiger
struck down (by hunters). 9 Those great bow-men, viz., Kripa
and others, beholding the monarch laid low on the Earth,
became stupified. 10 Alighting from their cars, they ran to-
wards the king. Seeing Duryodhana, all of them sat on the
Earth around him. 11 Then Drona's son, monarch, with
tearful eyes and breathing like a snake, said these words unto
that chief of Bharata's race, that foremost of all the kings

252 mahabharata, [Qaddyuddh*

on Earth : 18 — Truly, there is nothing stable in the world of
men, since thou, tiger among men, liest on the bare Earth,
stained with dust !" Thou wert a king who had laid thy
commands on the whole Earth! Why tlnn, foremost of
monarchs, dost thou lie alone on the bare ground in such a
lonely wilderness ? 14 I do not see Duscasana beside thee,
nor the great car-warrior Kama, nor those friends of thine
numbering in hundreds ! What is this, bull among men ? !i
Without doubt, it is difficult to learn the ways of Yama,
since thou, O lord of all the worlds, thus liest on the bare
ground, stained with dust ! 1S Alas, this scorcher of foes used
to walk at the head of all Kshatriyas that had their locks
sprinkled with holy water at ceremonies of coronation ! Ala3,
he now eateth the dust ! Behold the reverses that Time
bringeth on its course ! 17 Where is that pure white umbrella
of thine ? Where is that fanning yak-tail also, O king !
Where hath that vast army of thine now gone, O best of
monarchs ? 18 The course of events is certainly a mystery
when causes other than those relied upon are at book, since
even thou that wert the master of the world hast been
reduced to this plight ! 19 Without doubt, the prosperity of
all mortals is very unstable, since thou that wert equal unto
Cakra himself hast now been reduced to such a sorry plight ! 20
— Hearing these words of the sorrowing Acwatthaman, thy
son answered him in these words that were suited to the
occasion. 81 He wiped his eyes with his hands and shed tears
of grief anew. The king then addressed all those heroes head-
ed by Kripa and said, 22 — This liability to death (of all living
creatures) is said to have been ordained by the Creator himself.
Death comes to all beings in course of Time ! 2S That death
hath now come to me, before the eyes of ye all ! I who reigned
over the whole Earth have now been reduced to this plight ! a *
By good luck, I never turned back from battle whatever
calamities overtook me ! By good luck, I have been slain by
those sinful men, by the aid particularly of deception ! 28 By
good luck, while engaged in hostilities, I always displayed
courage and perseverance ! By good luck, I am slain in battle,
along with all »v kinsmen and friends ! 8 * By good luck, I

parva.] cilya parva. 25S

behold you escaped with life from this great slaughter, and
safe and sound ! This is highly agreeable to me ! JT Do not,
from affection, grieve for my death ! If the Vedas are any
authority, I have certainly acquired many eternal regions!" I
am not ignorant of the glory of Krishna of immeasurable energy.
He hath not caused me to fall off from the proper observance
of Kshatriya duties!" I have obtained him ! On no account
should any body grieve for me ! Ye have done what persons
like ye should do ! Ye have always striven for my success.
Destiny, however, is incapable of being frustrated ! 10 — Hav-
ing said this much, the king, with eyes laved with tears,
became silent, O monarch, agitated a3 he was with agony.* 1
Beholding the king in tears and grief, Drona's son flamed up
in angrer like the fire that is seen at the universal destruc-
tion." Overwhelmed with rage, he squeezed his hands,
and addressing the king in a voice hoarse with tears, he
said these words :*■ — My sire was slain by those wretchea
with a cruel contrivance ! That act, however, doth not
burn me so keenly as this plight to which thou hast been
reduced, O king! 8 * Listen to these words of mine that I
utter, swearing by Truth itself, lord, and by all my acts of
piety, all my gifts, my religion, and the religious merits I
have won ! s * I shall today, in the very presence of Vasu-
deva, despatch all the Panchalas, by all means in my power,
to the abode of Yama ! It behoveth thee, monarch, to
grant me permission ! BI — Hearing these words of Drona's son,
that were highly agreeable to his heart, the Kuru king ad-
dressed Kripa, saying,— preceptor, bring me without delay
a pot full of water! 87 — At these words of the king, that
foremost of Brahmanas soon brought a vessel full of water
and approached the king. 8 * Thy son then, monarch, said
unto Kripa,— Lot the son of Drona, O foremost of Brah-
manas, blessed be thou, if thou wishest to do mo good, be at
my command installed as generalissimo ! 89 At the command
of the king, even a Brahmana may fight, especially one that
has adopted Kshatriya practices ! Those learned in the scrip-
tures say this !*° — Hearing these words of the king, Kripa.
the 3on of Caradwat. installed Drona's son as generalissimo

•254 M1HABHARATA. [GadSyuddh*

at the king's command! 41 The installation over, monarch,
A.cwatthaman embraced that best of kings and left the spot,
having caused the ten points to resound with his leonine
riara.*' That foremost of kings, viz., Duryodhana, -profusely
covered with blood, began to pass there that night so fright-
ful to all creatures.* 3 Wending away quickly from the field
of battle, king, those heroes, with hearts agitated by grief,
began to reflect anxiously and earnestly.' "**





Janamejaya enquires what the Kauravas did after the

fall of Kama ... ... ... 1

Suyodhana's sorrow at Kama's slaughter ... ib

Ditto resolves on continuing the battle ... ib

Calya made commander of the Kuru army ... ib

Calya slain at midday by Yudhishthira ... 2

The flight of Duryodhana from the field ... ib

Duryodhana slain by Bhimasena ... ... ib

Ac watthaman and Kripa and Kritavarman exterminate

the Panda va army during the night ... ib

Sanjaya returns to the Kuru city ... ... ib

The grief of the citizens upon hearing of Duryo-

dhana's fall ... ... ... ... ib

Sanjaya presents himself before Dhritarashtra and in-
forms him of the universal destruction ... 3
Dhritarashtra's grief ... ... ... 4

Dhritarashtra orders the ladies to retire ... ib

Vidura comforts Dhritarashtra ... ... 5

Dhritarashtra's lament ... ... ... ib

Ditto enquires of Sanjaya about the details of the battle 9

Sanjaya begins his narration ... ••• *b

The fear of the Kurus upon the fall of Kama ... ib

The state of the Kuru army after Kama's fall ... 10

Duryodhana's resolution about withstanding the vietors ib

Bhima and Dhrishtadyumna cause a great carnage 11
Dhunanjaya and the other Pandava heroes attack

the Kurus ... ... ... ••• *b

The Kuru army breaks and flies away ... ••• 12

J&iryodhaoa's spirited address to his flying troops ... 13

The Kurus rally and rush to battle ... • • ib
Kripa addresses Duryodhana and urges him to make

peace with the Paudsvas ... «■•• **



Duryodhana rejects Kripa's counsels, ... ... 19

The Kara warriors pass the night on the table land of

the Himalayas ... ... ... 21

They urge Duryodhana to continue the battle ... ib

Sanjaya describes the merits of Acwatthaman ... 22
Duryodhana asks Acwatthaman's advice as to who

should be made th3 commander of the Kuru forces 23

Ac/vatthaman indicates Calya ... ... ib

Duryodhana asks Calya to take the lead of the army ib

Calya accepts the command ... ... ... ib

Duryodhana asks Calya to slay his foes... ... ib

Calya promises to slay the Pandavas and the Somakas 24

The Kuru army inspired with cheerfulness ... ib

Calya resolves to slay or be slain ... ... 25

Yudhishfchira asks Krishna his advice ... ... ib

Krishna thinks Yudhishthira only to be a match

for Calya ... ... ... ... 26

Krishna urges Yudhishthira to himself proceed against

Calya and slay him ... ... ... ib

The Kuru army prepares for batile ... ... 27

The Kuru leaders resolve to fight unitedly ... ib

Dhritara3htra asks Sanjaya the details of Calya's fall 28

Sanjaya begins his narrative ... ... ib

The order in which the Kuru army proceeds to battle ib
Dhritarashtra enquires after the relative strength of

the two armies ... ... ... 29

Sanjaya's answer ... ... ... ib

The commencement of the battle ... ... SO

The fierce slaughter on both sides ... ... 32

The Kuru army breaks and flies away ... ... S3

The Kuru leaders endeavour to rally their troops ... ib

Calya proceeds against the Pandava3 ... ... ib

Nakula encounters Chitrasena the son of Kama and

slays him ... ... ... ... 34»

Nakula encountered by Chitrasona's brothers Satyaseno

and Sushena ... ... ... -35

Nakula slavs Satvsena ... ,., ... . . 36



Ditto slays Sushena ... ••• ••• 2t5

Rallied by Calya the Ivuru tinny fighta tho Pandavaa

bravely ... ... ... ••■ ■*■

A great slaughter takes place on both siJc3 ... lb

Calya fights his foes with great heroism ... 38

The portents on Earth and in the welkin ... 39

Calya encounters all the Pandava loaders ... ib

Calya attacks Yudhishthira ... •■. 40

Calya encountered in return by the Pandava leaders ib

Diverse encounters between diverse leaders ... ib

Kritavarman flies away before Bhima ... ... 42

Bhima, armed with his mace, proceeds against Calya ib

Bhima and Calya assail each other with their maces ib

Bhima and Calya both become insensible ... 44i

Kripa takes up Calya on his car ... ... ib

Bhima, recovering his senses, challenges Calya ... ib
Duryodhana slays Chekitana ... ••• ib
Diverse encounters between diverse heroes ... ib
The dust raised by the combatants conceals every-
thing from the view ... ... ... 45

Calya assails Yudhishthira ... ... ib

Yudhishthira repels Calya ... ... ••• ib

Yudhishthira worsted by Calya ... ... 4G

The Pandava leaders unitedly Calya ... 47

Calya's extraordinary heroism ... ... 43

Calya agitates the whole Pandava army ... 49
The gods and the Gandkarvaa are filled with wonder

at Calya's energy ... ... ••• ib

Arjuna encountered by Ac watthaman and tho Trigartas 50

The fierce battle between Arjuna and A9 watthaman 51
Ac,watthaman encounters the Panchala hero Suratha

and slays him ... ••• ••• ^2

Arj una's heroism ... • - ••• "»

Duryodhana worsted by Dhrishtadyumna ... ib

Cikhandin fights Kripa and Kritavarman ... ib

Cal^a encounters Satyaki ... ■•• ••• 54

The Pandavas afflicted by the Kurus ... ••• : S 'J




Dhananjaya covers I$ripa and Kritavarman with shafts 56

Yudhishthira withstands Calya ... ... ib

The Pandavas fly away before Calya ... ... 57

Yudhishthira's address to his brothers and Krishna

about his resolution to slay Calya ... ... ib

Yudhishthira, properly supported, encounters Calya 58

The extraordinary feats of Yudhishthira in battle... 59

Calya worsted in the fight ... ... ... CO

Acwatthaman bears Calya away on his car ... ib

Calya, riding on another car, comes again to battle Gl

The Pandava leaders assail him ... ... ib

Yudhishthira fights Calya ... ... ... ib

Calya slays Yudhishthira's steeds ... ... 63

Bhimasena cuts off Calya's mail ... ... ib

Yudhishthira slays Calya with a celestial dart ... 65
Yudhishthira encountered by the younger brother

of Calya ... ... ... • -• 66

The younger brother of Calya slain by Yudhishthira ib

The Kauravas fly away before Yudhishthira ... ib

Satyaki pursues the flying Kauravas ... ... 67

Kritavarman encounters Satyaki ... ... ib

Kritavarman worsted by SSiyaki ... ... ib

Kripa rescues Kritavarman... ... ... ib

Duryodhana withstands the Pandava leaders ... ib

The heroism of Duryodhana ... ... 68

Kritavarman returns to the fight on another car ... ib

Yudhishthira makes Kritavarman earless ... ib

Ac^vatthaman rescues Kritavarman ... ... ib

Kripa encounters Yudhishthira ... ... ib

The Pandavas blow their conchs in joy ... ib
The followers of Calya resolve to avenge the slaughter

of their master ... ... ... ib

Duryodhana commands them not to proceed to battle ib
Disregarding the commands of Duryodhana they attack

The Pa-idava leaders assail the Madrakas and slaughter
them furiously ... •«■ »<*

CON'li *


Cakuni urges Duryodhana to proceed to the rescue of

the Madrakas ... ... ... G!)

The Kaurava heroes proceed to the rescue of the Madrakas 70
The remnant of the Madrakas exterminated by the

Pandavas ... ... ... ... 71

Duryodhana turns away from the field... ... ib

The Kuru army flies away from the field after Calya s fall ib

The Pandavas and the Panchalas congratulate one another ib
Duryodhana's spirited address to his driver upon seeing

his troops fly away ... ... ... 73

The remnant of the Kuru army rallies for the fight ib

They are slaughtered by Dhrishtadyumna ... 74

Duryodhana withstands the Pandavas ... ... ib

Duryodhana rallies a small force ... ... 75

The Pandavas rush against that small force ... ib

The Mleccha ruler Calwa proceeds against the Pandavas 7G

Calwa's heroism ... ... ... ib'

The Pandavas fly away before Calwa ... ... ib

Calwa rushes on his elephant against Dhrishtadyumna 77

Calwa's elephant breaks Dhrishtadyumna's car ... ib

Bhima and Satyaki check the animal ... ... ib

Dhrishtadyumna attacks Calwa's beast with his mace ib

Calwa's elephant slain by Dhrishtadyumna ... ib

Satyaki cuts off Calwa's head ... ... 78

Kritavarman, rallying a portion of the Kuru army,

withstands the Pandavas ... ... ib

Satyaki slays Kshemakirti ,.. ... ib

Encounter between Satyaki and Kritavarman ... ib
Kritavarman made steedless and driverless and car-
less by Satyaki *.. ... ... 78

Kripa bears Kritavarman away upon his car ... 80

The entire Kuru army once more breaks and flies away ib

Duryodhana alone resists the Pandavas ... ib

The extraordinary heroism of Duryodhana ... ib

Seeing Duryodhana's feats, Uhe Kuru army once more

rallies and returns to the fight ... ... 81

Cakuni makua Yudhishthira earless


Sahadeva rescues Yadhishthira

Yudhishthira returns to battle on another car

Diverse encounters between diverse leaders

The Kuril warriors suddenly return to battle

Kritavarman worsted by Yudhishthira

Acwatthaman rescues Kritavarman

Yudhishthira encountered by seven hundred (Kuril)

car- warriors
The Pandava leaders proceed to Yudhishthira's rescue
The seven hundred Kuru warriors slain by the Pandavas
The Panchalas and the Pandavas encounter the entire

Kuru array ...
Fierce portents in Nature ...
Cakuni fights with great heroism
Yudhishthira urges Sahadeva to slay Cakuni
The Pandava horse assail Cakuni with great vigor
Cakuni at the head of six thousand horse moves

away from the spot
Cakuni attacks Dhrishtadyumna's division
The fierce battle that ensues upon this...
Cakuni enquires after Duryodhana
Duryodhana urged by Cakuni to attack the Pandavas
The remnant of the Kuru army attacks the Pandavas
Arjuna desires to exterminate the Kurus
Arjuna's address to Krishna recounting the loss sus-
tained by the Kurus
Arjuna proceeds against the remnant of the Kuru army
The arrows of Arjuna fall like dense clouds
The great slaughter caused by Arjuna ...
Dhrishtadyumna makes Duryodhana earless
Duryodhana escapes on horse-back
Three thousand (Kaurava) elephants encompass the

Pandava brothers
Bhima slays those elephants with his mace
Dhrishtadyumna also proceods against those. elephants
Acwatthaman and Kripa and Kritawman enquire after
t'U9 whereabouts of Duryodhana















Ac,watthaman and Kripa and Kritavarman rush

against, the Panchalas ... ... ... 97

Those three Kuru leaders then repair in search of

Duryodhana ... ... ... ib

The Panchalas fiercely assail the Kurus ... ib
Sanjaya, having escaped from Dhrishtadyumna, is

made captive by Satyaki ... ... 98

The Pandavas exterminate tho Kaurava elephants ib
Bhimasona slays eleven of the remaining sons of

Dhritarashtra ... ... ... 99

Bhimasena next slays five hundred car warriors, ten

thousand foot, seven hundred elephants, and

eight hundred horse ... ... ... 100

Krishna urges Arjuna to destroy the remnant of

Duryodhana's troops for forcing Duryodhana to

come to battle ... ... ... 101

Arj una's reply to Krishna about his resolution to

exterminate the Kauravas ... ... 102

Arjuna destroys the remnant of the Kaurava horse 103

Ditto proceeds against the Trigarta cars ... ib

Ditto slays Satyeshu ... ... ... ib

Ditto slaye Susarman ... ... ... 104

Bhima completes the destruction of the Kaurava army ib

Cakuni rushes against Sahadeva ... ... ib

Struck by Cakuni, Sahadeva sits down on his car 106
Bhima and Sahadeva rush furiously against Cakuni's men ib

Cakuni's followers fly away from the field ... ib
The followers of Cakuni, rallied by Duryodhana, como

back to battle ... ... ... ib

Uluka aids his sire Cakuni ... ... ib

Sahadeva slays Uluka ... ... ... ib

Cakuni assails Sahadeva with great vigor ... 107

Cakuni's division flies away ... ... ib

Cakuni himself flies away ... ... ... ib

Sahadeva pursues Cakuni ... ... ... ib

Cakuni slain by Sahadeva ... ... ... 108

TiiQ foHowers of Oftkuai attack Sahadeva with fury ](K»

Ilrada-p mvega Parvd.


Arj una slays them speedily... ... ... 109

The last remnant of Kaurava troops slain by the

Pandavas ... ... ... ... 110

Dhritarashtra asks Sanjaya about the strength of the

Pandava army after the Kaurava army had been

exterminated ... ... ... ib

Sanjaya recounts the numbers ... ... Ill

Having witnessed the extermination of his army, Duryo-

dhana abandons his slain steed, and flies away from

the field without a companion ... ... ib

Dhrishtadyumna urges Satyaki to slay Sanjaya ... ib

Sanjaya set free by Satyaki at the command of Vyasa 112

Sanjaya meets with Duryodhana ... ... ib

Duryodhana's message, through Sanjaya, to his old sire ib
Sanjaya meets with Acwatthaman and Kripa and

Kritavarman ... ... ... 113

The grief of the women in the Kuru camp ... ib

The women and the servants fly to Hastinapura ... 114

Yuyutsu's reflections upon what he should do in view of

the total destruction that had overtaken the Kauravas ib
Yuyutsu solicits Yudhishthira's permission to go to

Hastinapura ... ••• ••• ib

Yuyutsu supervises the removal of the royal ladies

to the city ... ... ••• ••• H«>

Yuyutsu goes to Hastinapura and sees Vidura ... ib

Vidura asks Yuyutsu to stay that night at Hastinapura ib
Yuyutsu passes the night in his own abode in great sorrow 116
Dhritarashtra asks Sanjaya as to what Acwatthaman and

Kripa and Kritavarman did after the flight of

Duryodhana ... ••• •••• J b

The Pandavas wander over the field in search of

Duryodhana ... ... ••• ib

Tired, they take rest in their camp, with all their troops 117
The three survivors of the Kuru army proceed to the

shores of the lake within which Duryodhana lies

-concealed for taking rest ... -.., ib



They ask Duryodhana to come out and fight ... 117

Duryodhana answers them, saying that he would rest

for that night and fight on the next morning ... ib

Acwatthaman vows to slay all the Pandavas and the

Panchalas ... ... ... ... ib

Certain hunters overhear the conversation between

Duryodhana and the three Kuru leaders ... 118

These carry the news of Duryodhana's whereabouts

to Bhimasena ... ... ... ib

The Pandavas all start for the side of the lake ... ib

At sight of the Pandavas coming towards that direction,

the three Kuru heroes leave the side of the lake 120

The Pandavas arrive at the shores of the lake and find

its waters stupified by illusion ... ... 121

Vasudeva counsels Yudhishthira to slay Duryodhana

by putting forth his powers of illusion ... ib

Yudhishthira tauntingly addresses Duryodhana for

having fled from battle ... ... ... 122

Duryodhana answers that his having entered the depths
of the lake was due not to fear but to the
desire of taking rest ... ... ... 123

Yudhishthira asks Duryodhana to come out immedi-
ately and fight his foes ... ... ... 124

Duryodhana answers that his kingdom might be taken
by his foes, his own desire being to enter the
woods and retire from the world ... ... ib

Yudhishthira taunts him for such an answer, refus-
ing to take the kingdom in gift from one who was
unable to retain it by might ... ... 125

Gadayuddha Parva.

Duryodhana agrees to fight his foes one at a time 12G
Yudhishthira grants Duryodhana's request, adding if
he could slay even one among the five Pandavas,

he would continue king... ... ••• 127

Duryodhana rises from the lake ... ... 128

Ditto challenges the Pandavas ... ... 120


Ditto proposes to fight fairly with one of the five Panda-

vas at a timo, in the presence of all the Kshutriyas 129
Yudhishthira taunts Duryodhana for his unfair

conduct in slaying Abhimanyu ... ... 130

Duyodhana, armed with mace, stands ready for battle 131
Krishna reproves Yudhishthira for his rashness in
staking everything on the result of such a

single combat with Duryudhana ... ... ib

Bhimasena assures Krishna that Duryodhana would be no

match for him even in an encounter with the mace 132
Krishna applauds Bhima and urges him to slay

Duryodhana ... ... ... ib

Bhima's boastful address ... ... ... 133

Duryjdhana's dignified reply ... ... 134

Valarama makes his appearance on the field when

Bhima and Duryodhana are about to fight ... 135

Rama desires to witness the fight ... ... 136

Janamejaya enquires of Vaic,ainpayana how Rama

came there ... ... ... ... 137

Vaicampayana begins the narrative of Rama's pil-
grimage to various tirthas on the Saras wati ... ib
Origin and history of Prabhcisa ... ... 139

Daksha's curse on Soma ... ... ... 141

Soma regains his solcndour after bathing in Pvabh'isM, 142

The history uf Udapana ... ... ... 14i>

The history of Vinacana ... ... ... 147

Ditto of Subhumika ... ... ... ib

Ditto of Garga^rotu ... ... ... 14S

Ditto of Cakha ... ... ... ib

Ditto uf Saptasaraswat ... ... ... 152

Ditto of Ucanas ... ... ... 15(5

The origin of the name Kapalamochana ... ib
How Arshtisena, Sindhudwipa, Devapi, and Vic^vamitra

acquired the status of Brahmanas ... ... 159

The story uf Dalvya vaka ... ... ... 161

The story of the tirtha called Yayata ... ... 163

Ditto of ditto called Ya'c/isfchapaYaha ... ,.. 164

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