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of wisdom, the understanding becomes different at different
times. That understanding which at one time is acceptable be-
comes the reverse of that at another time.' 8 Having resolved,
however, according to one's wisdom, that resolution which
is excellent shoul'd be endeavoured to be accomplished. Such
resolution, therefore, should force him to put forth exertion. 1 *
All persons, O chief of the Bhojas, joyfully begin to act,
even in respect of enterprises that lead to death, in tho
belief that those enterprises are achievable by them. 11 All
men, relying on their own judgments and wisdom, endeavour
to accomplish diverse purposes, knowing them to be bene-



ftcial." The resolnfcion that has possessed my mind today
i« consequence of our great calamity, as something that is
capable of despelling my grief, I will now disclose unto both of
you. 17 The Creator, having formed his creatures, assigned
unto each his occupation. As regards the different orders, he
gave unto each a portion of excellence. 18 Unto Brahmanas
he assigned that foremost of all things, viz., the Veda. Unto
the Kshatriya he assigned superior energy. Unto the Vaicya
he gave skill, and unto the Cudra he gave the duty of serving
the three other classes. 19 Hence, a Brahmana without self-
restraint is censurable * A Kshatriya without energy is base.
A Vaicya without skill is worthy of dispraise, as also a
Cudra who is bereft of humility (to the other orders). 80 I am
born in an adorable and high family of Brahmanas. Through
ill-luck, however, I am wedded to Kshatriya practices.* 1 If,
Conversant as I am with Kshatriya duties, I adopt now the
duties of a Brahmana and achieve a high object (viz., the
pacification of self under such injuries), that course would not
be consistent with nobleness. 22 I hold an excellent bow and
excellent weapons in battle. If I do not avenge the slaughter
of my sire, how shall I open my mouth in the midst of
men? 28 Paying regard to Kshatriya duties, therefore, without
hesitation, I shall today walk in the steps of my high-souled
sire and the king ! 74 The Panchaias, elated with victory, will
trustfully sleep tonight, having put off their armour and in
great glee, and filled with happiness at the thought of the
victory they have won, and spent with toil and exertion.* 6
Y/hile sleeping at their ease duing the night within their
own camp, I shall make a great and terrible assault upon
their camp. 86 Like Maghavat slaying the Danavas, I shall,
attacking them while senseless and dead in sleep in their
camp, slay them all, puting forth my prowess! 27 Like a
blazing fire consuming a heap of dry grass, I shall slay all of
them assembled in one place with their leader Dhrishta-
dyumna ! Having slain the Panchaias, I shall obtain peace of
mind, best of men ! 88 While engaged in the act of slaughter,


- * For the highest end of the Ved%s is to inculcate self-restraint. — T,


I shall career in their midst like tho wieldcr of Pinaka,
▼iz., Rudra himself, in rage among living creatures ! 28 Having
cut off and Blain all the Panchalas today, I shall then, in joy,
afflict the sons of Pandu in battle ! 10 Taking their lives one
after another and causing the Earfch to be strewn with the
bodies of all the Panchalas, I shall pay oft' the debt I owe to
my sire ! 81 I shall today make tho Panchalas follow in tho
wake, hard to tread, of Duryodhana and Kama and Bhishma
and the ruler of the Sindhus ! 3a Putting forth my might, I
shall tonight grind the head, like that of any animal, of
Dhrishtadyumna the king of the Panchalas ! 88 I shall tonight,
O son of Gotama, cut off with my sharp sword, in battle, the
sleeping sons of the Panchiilas and the Pandavas ! E * Having
exterminated the Panchala army tonight while sunk in sleep, I
shall, O thou of great intelligence, obtain great happiness
and regard myself to have done my duty ! — ' " M

Section IV.

" 'Kripa said,— By good luck, O thou of unfading glory,
thy heart is set today on vengeance ! The wielder of thx;
thunder himself will not succeed in dissuading thee today 1 . 1
Both of us, however, shall accompany thee in the morning.
Putting off thy armour and taking down thy standard, taks
rest for this night !• I shall accompany thee, as also Krita-
varman of the Satwata race, clad in mail and riding on our
cars, while thou shalt proceed against the foe! 1 United
with ourselves, thou shalt slay the foe, viz., the Panchalas
with all their followers, tomorrow in press of battle, putting
forth thy prowess, foremost of car-warriors ! 4 If thou pat-
test forth thy prowess, thou art quite competent to achieve
that feat ! Take rest, therefore, for this night. Thou hast kept
thyself awake for many a night.* Having rested and slept,
and having become quite refreshed, giver of honors, on-
counter the foe in battle ! Thou shalt then slay the enemy,
without doubt!* No one, not even Vasava amongst the gods,
would venture to vanquish thee armed with for-imost of weap
ons, O first of car-warriors ! 7 Who is there that would, even
if he be the chief of the gods himself, fight Dr-ma's son when


the latter proceeds, accompanied by Kripa and protected by
Kritavarman ? 8 Therefore, having rested and slept this night,
and shaken off fatigue, we shall slay the foe tomorrow morn-
ing ! 9 Thou art a master of celestial weapons. I also am
so, without doubt. This hero of Satwata's race is a mighty
bowman, always skilled in battle. 10 All of us, uniting to-
gether, son, shall succeed in slaying our assembled foes in
battle by putting forth our might. Great shall be our happi-
ness then ! Dispelling thy anxieties, rest for this night and
sleep happily ! u Myself and Kritavarman, both armed with
bows and capable of scorching our enemies, will, clad in mail,
follow thee, O best of men, while thou shalt proceed on thy
car against the enemy !'* Proceeding to their camp, an
proclaiming thy name in battle, thou shalt then make a grea
slaughter of the foe ! 1S Tomorrow morning, in broad day
li^ht, having caused a great slaughter among them thou shalt
sport like Cakra after the slaughter of great Asuras ! l * Thou
art quite competent to vanquish the army of the Panchalas in
battle, like the slayer of the Danavas in vanquishing in rage
the Ddnava host ! 18 United with myself in battle and pro-
tected by Kritavarman, thou art incapable of being withstood
by the the wielder of the thunder-bolt himself !" Neither I,
O son, nor Kritavarman, will ever retreat from battle without
having vanquished the Pandus ! 17 Having slain the angry
Panchalas along with the Pandavas, we shall come away, or
slain by them, we shall proceed to heaven ! 18 By every means
in our power, we two shall render thee assistance in battle
tomorrow morning ! O thou of mighty-arms, I tell thee the
truth, O sinless one ! 19 — Addressed in these beneficial words by
his maternal uncle, the son of Drona, with eyes red in rage,
answered his uncle, king, saying,* — Where can a person
that is afflicted, or one that is under the influence of rage, or
one whose heart is always engaged in revolving projects for
the acquisition of wealth, or one that is under the power of
lust, obtain sleep ? 21 Behold, all these four causes are present
in my case ! Any one of these, singly would destroy sleep ! iS
How great is the grief of that person whose heart is always
thinking of the slaughter of his sire ! My heart is now burn-

Sauftika parva, 13

ing day and night ! I fail to obtain peace ! iB The way in which
my sire in particular was slain by those sinfui wretches hath
been witnesed by you all. The thought of that slaughter is
cutting all my vitals !** How could a person like me live for
even a moment after hearing the rfmchalas say that they have
slain my father ?" I cannot bear the thought of supporting life
without having slain Dhrishtadyumna in battle ! In conse-
quence of the slaughter of my father, he hath become slayable
by me, as also all with whom he is united! 2 * Who is there
so hard-hearted that would not burn after having heard the
lamentations that I have heard of the king lying with broken
thighs ?" Who is there so destitute of compassion whose eyes
would not be filled with tears after hearing such words uttered
by the king with broken thighs 98 ? They whose side was
adopted by me have been vanquished. The thought of this
enhances my sorrow as a rush of waters enhances the sea."
Protected as they are by Vasudeva and Arjuna, I regard them,
uncle, to be irresistible by the great Indra himself? 80 I
am unable to restrain this rising wrath in my heart. I do
not behold the man in this world that can assuage this wrath
of mine ! S1 The messengers informed me of the defeat of my
friends and the victory of the Pandavas. That is burning my
heart ! 88 Having, however, caused a slaughter of my enemies
during their sleep, I shall then take rest and shall then sleep
without anxiety ! — ' ""

Section V.

" 'Kripa said, — A person who is bereft of intelligence and
who hath not his passions under control, cannot, even if he waits
dutifully upon his superiors, understand all the considerations
of morality. This is my opinion. 1 Similarly, an intelligent
person, who does not practice humility, fails to understand the
settled conclusions of morality.* A brave man, if bereft of
understanding, by waiting all his life upon a learned person,
fails to know his duties like a wooden laddie unable to taste
the juicy soup (in which it may lie immersed). 8 The wise man.
however, by waiting upon a learned person for oven a moment.


succeeds in knowing his duties like the tongue tasting the-
juicy soup (as soon as it comes into contact with the latter).*
That person who is endued with intelligence, who waits upon
his superiors, and who has his passions under control, suc-
ceeds in knowing all the rules of morality and never disputes
with what is accepted by all.' An ungovernable, irreverent,
and sinful person of wicked soul, perpetrates sin in seeking
his welbeing by disregarding destiny. 6 Well-wishers seek
to restrain a friend from sin. He who suffers himself to
be dissuaded, succeeds in winning prosperity. He that doe3
otherwise, reaps misery. 7 As a person of disordered brains is
restrained by soothing words, even so should a friend be res-
trained by well-wishers. He that suffers himself to be so res-
trained, never becomes a prey to misery. 8 When a wise friend
is about to perpetrate a wicked act, well-wishers possessed of
wisdom repeatedly and according to the extent of their power
endeavour to restrain him. 9 Setting thy heart on what is
truly beneficial, and restraining thyself by thy own self, do my
bidding, son, so that thou mayst not have to repent after-
wards! 10 In this world, the slaughter of sleeping persons is
not applauded, agreeably to the dictates of religion. The same
is the case with persons that have laid down their arms and
come down from cars and steeds. 11 They also are unslayable
who say — we are thine \ — and they that surrender themselves-,
and they whose locks are dishevelled, and they whose animate
have been killed under them or whose cars have been broken !'*
All the Panchalas will sleep tonight, O lord, divesting them-
selves of armour. Trustfully sunk in sleep, they will be like
dead men." That crooked-minded man who would wage hosti-
lity with them then, it is evident, would sink in deep and
limitless hell without a raft to save himself.'* In this world
thou art celebrated as the foremost of all persons conversant
with weapons. Thou hast not as yet committed even a minute
tresspass. 1 ' When the sun rises next morning and light shall
discover all things, thyself, like a second sun in effulgence,
wilt conquer the foe in battle ! 16 This censurable deed, so
impossible in one like thee, will look like a red spot on a white
sheet. Even this is my opinion. — ,r ■ •■


" 'Acwatthaman said, — Without doubt, it is even so, O
maternal uncle, as thou sayest ' The Piindavas, however, have
before this, broken the bridge of righteousness into a hundred
fragments ! 18 In the very sight of all the kings, before thy
eyes also, my sire, after he had laid down his weapons, was
slain by Dhrishtadyumna ! 19 Kama also, that foremost of
car-warriors, after the wheel of his car had sunk and he had
been plunged into great distress, was slain by the wielder of
Gdndiva ! a0 Similarly Cantanu's son Bhishma, after he had
laid aside his weapons and become disarmed, was slain by
Arjuna with Cikhandin placed in his van ! 81 So also, the
mighty bowman Bhuricravas, while observant of the Prdya
vow on the fiold of battle, was slain by Yuyudhana in total
disregard of the cries of all the kings !" Duryodhana too,
having encountered Bhima in battle with the mace, hath been
slain unrighteously by the former in the very sight of all the
lords of Earth ! 88 The king was all alone in the midst of a
large number of mighty car-warriors standing around him.
Under such circumstances was that tiger among men slain by
Bhimasena ! 24 Those lamentations that I have heard, of the
king lying prostrate on the Earth with his thighs broken,
from the messengers circulating the news, are cutting the
very core of my heart !* 8 The unrighteous and sinful Fan-
chalas, who have broken d >\vu the barrier of virtue, are even
such ! Why do you not censure them who have transgressed
all considerations ? ,s Having slain the Panchalas, those
slayers of my sire, in the night when they are buried in sleep,
I care not if I am born a worm or a winged insect in my
next life ! " That which I have resolved is hurrying me to-
wards its accomplishment. Hurried as I am by it, how can I
have sleep and happiness ? a8 That man is not yet born in the
world, nor will be, who will succeed in baffling this resolultion
that I have formed for their destruction ! — M

"Sanjaya continued, — 'Having said these words, O mon-
arch, the valiant son of Drona yoked his steeds to his car
at a corner and set out towards the direction of his enemies.'*
Then Bhoja and Oaradwat's son, those high-souled persons, ad-
dressed hiqa sayingj — Why d »st thou yoke the ste^d^ to thy


car? Upon what business art thou bent? 8 ' We are deter*
rained to accompany thee tomorrow, bull among men ! We
sympathise with thee in weal and woe ! It behoveth thee not
to mistrust us ! — " Remembering the slaughter of his sire,
Ac^vatthaman in rage told them truly about the feat that he
had resolved to accomplish. 88 When my sire, having slain
hundreds and thousands of warriors with keen shafts, had
laid aside his weapons, he was then slain by Dhrishtadyumna ! 8 *
I shall slay that slayer today in a similar condition, that is,
when he will have laid aside his armour ! The sinful son of
the king of the Panchalas I shall today slay by a sinful
ajt! 8s It is my resolve to slay like an animal that sinful
prince of the Panchalas in such a way that he may not
attain to regions earned by persons slain with weapons ! 86
Put on your coats of mail without delay and take your bows
and swords, and wait for me here, ye foremost of car-warriors
and scorchers of fues ! 87 — Having said these words, A9wattha-
inan got upon his car and set out towards the direction of
the enemy. Then Kripa, O king, and Kritavarman of the
Satwata race, both followed him. 88 While the three proceeded
against the enemy, they shone like three blazing fires in a
sacrifice, fed with libations of clarified butter. 89 They pro-
ceeded, lord, towards the camp of the Panchalas within
which everybody was asleep. Having approached the gate,
Drona's son, that mighty car-warrior, stopped.'"*

Section VI.

"Dhritarashtra said. — 'Seeing Drona's son stop at the gate of
the encampment, what, Sanjaya, did those two mighty car-
warriors, viz., Kripa and Kritavarman, do ? Tell me this I' 1

"Sanjaya said, — 'Inviting Kritavarman as also the mighty
car- warrior Kripa, Drona's son, filled with rage, approached
the gate of the camp.* He there beheld a being of gigantic
frame, capable of miking the very hair to stand on end, and
possessed of the effulgence of the Sun or the Moon, guarding
the entrance. 8 Rjuud his loins was a tiger-skin dripping with
bb.>d, and he hai a black deer for his upper garment, He ha<4


for his .sacred thread a large snake. 4 His arms were long and
massive and held many kinds of uplifted weapons. He had
for his Angadas a large snake wound round his upper arm.
His mouth seemed to blaze with flames of fire. 5 His teeth
made his face terrible to behold. His mouth was open and dread-
ful. His face was adorned with thousands of beautiful eyes. 8
His body was incapable of being described, as also his attire.
The very mountains, upon beholding him, would split into
a thousand fragments. 7 Blazing llames of fire seemed to issue
from his mouth and nose and ears and all those thousands
of eyes. 8 From those blazing flames hundreds and thousands
of Hrishikeea^ issued armed with conchs and disci and maces. 9
Beholding that extraordinary being capable of inspiring the
whole world with terror, Drona's son, without feeling any
agitation, covered him with showers of celestial weapons
That being, however, devoured all those shafts shot by Drona's.
son. 10 Like the Vadav~i fire devouring the waters of the
ocean, that being devoured the shafts sped by the son of
Drona." Beholding his arrowy showers prove fruitless, Acwat-
thaman hurled at him a long dart blazing like a flame of
fire. 18 That dart of blazing point, striking against that being,
broke into pieces like a huge meteor at the end of the yuga
breaking and falling down from the firmament after striking
against the Sun. 18 Acwatthaman then, without losing a
moment, drew from its sheath an excellent scimitar of tho
color of the sky and endued with a gulden hilt. The scimitar
came out like a blazing snake from its hole. 1 * The intelligent
son of Drona then hurled that excellent scimitar at that being.
The weapon, approaching that being, disappeared within his
body like a mungoose disappearing in its hole. 15 Filled with
rage, the son of Drona then hurled a blazing mace of the pro-
portions of a pole set up in honor <>f Indra. The being devour-
ed that mace als >. 1S At last, when all his weapons were ex-
hausted, Acwatthaman, casting his eyes around, beheld the
whole firmament densely crowded with images of Janarddana. 17
Drona's son, divested of weapons, beholding that wonderful
sight, recollected the words of Kripa, and turning with grief,
said/ 8 — He that listens not to the beneficial words of advising



friends, is obliged to repent, being overwhelmed with calamity,
even as my foolish self for having disregarded ray two well-
wishers ! 19 That fool who, disregarding the way pointed oufe
by the scriptures, seeketh to slay his enemies, falleth off fron
the path of righteousness and is lost in the trackless wilderness
of sin. 80 One should not cast weapons upon kine, Brahmanas,
kings, women, friends, one's own mother, one's own preceptor,
a weak man, an idiot, a blind man, a sleeping man, a terrified
man, one just risen from sleep, an intoxicated person, a lunatic,
and one that is heedless. The preceptors of old always inculcat-
ed this truth to men."*" I have, however, by disregarding the
eternal way pointed out by the scriptures, and by essaying to
tread in a wrong path, fallen into terrible distress ! 28 The
wise have called that to be a terrible calamity when one falls
back, through fear, from a great feat after having essayed to
achieve it. 24 I am unable, by putting forth only my skill and
might, to achieve that which I have vowed ! Human exertion
is never regarded more efficacious than destiny. 3 ' If any
human action that is commenced does not succeed through
destiny, the actor becomes like one who, falling off from the
path of righteousness, is lost in the wilderness of sin/* The
sages speak of defeat as foolishness when one having commenc-
ed an act swerves from it through fear. 87 In consequence of
the wickedness of my essay, this great calamity has come upon
me, otherwise Drona's son would never had been forced to hold
back from battle. 28 This being, again, whom I see before me,
is most wonderful ! He stands there like the uplifted rod of
divine chastisement. Reflecting even deeply, I cannot recog-
nise who this being is ! 89 Without doubt, that being is the
terrible fruit of this sinful determination of mine that I
had essayed to achieve unrighteously. He standeth there for
baffling that determination ! s0 It seems, therefore, that in my
case this falling off from fight had been ordained by destiny,
lb is not for me to exert for the accomplishment of this my
purpose unless destiny becomes favorable ! 81 I shall, therefore,
at this hour, seek the protection of the puissant Mahadeva !
He will dispel this dreadful rod of divine chastisement uplifted
before me l 38 I will take the shelter of that god,, that source of


everything beneficial, viz., the lord of Uina, otherwise called
Kaparddin, decked with a garland of human skulls, thatplucker
of Bhaga's eyes, called also Rudra and Hara ! 88 In ascetic austeri-
ties and prowess, he far surpassos all the gods ! I shall, there-
fore, seek the protection of Giric,a armed with trident ! — ' '

Section VII.

"Sanjaya said, — "The son of Drona, O monarch, having
reflected thus, descended from the terrace of his car and stood,
bending his head unto that supreme god. 1 And he said, —
I seek the protection of Him called fierce, Sthanu, Civa,
Rudra, Sarva, Ieana. Icwara, Girica, of that boon-giving god
who is the Creator and Lord of the universe ;' of Him whose
throat is blue, who is without birth, who is called Cakra, Avho
destroyed the sacrifice of Daksha, and who is called Hara ;
of Him whose form is the universe, who hath three eyes, who
is possessed of multifarious forms, and who is the lord of Uma; 8
of Him who resides in crematoriums, who swells with energy,
who is the lord of diverse tribes of ghostly beings, and who is
the possessor of undecaying prosperity and power ; of Him
who wields the skull-topped club, who is called Rudra, who
bears matted locks on his head, and who is a Srakmachdrin !*
Purifying my soul that is so difficult to purify, and possess-
ed as I am of small energy, I adore the Destroyer of the
triple city, and offer myself as the victim! 5 Hymned thou
hast been, deserving art thou of hymns, and I hymn to thy
glory ! Thy purposes are never baffled ! Thou art robed in
skins ; thou hast red hair on thy head ; thou art bluc-thrmtnl ,
thou art unbearable ; thou art irresistible! 6 Thou art pure;
thou art the Creator of Brahman ; thou art Bra mult ; thou art
a Brahmaeharin ; thou art an observer of vows ; thou art d
voted to ascetic austerities; thou art infinite; thou art tl
refuge of all ascetics : 7 thou art multiform : thou art the l< ad< r
of diverse tribes of ghostly beings ; thou art thr< e-eyed ; thou
art fond of those beings called i ompaniona ; thou art always
seen by the. Lord of treasure i art d , 8

... juaru the sire of Kumara hou art L .lor


thy excellent bearer a bovine bull ; thou art robed in a subtile
attire; thou art most fierce ; thou art eager to adorn Uma ; 3
thou art higher than all that is high ; thou art higher than
everything ; there is nothing higher than thou ; thou art the
wielder of weapons ; thou art immeasurable, and thou art the
protector of all quarters ; 10 thou art cased in golden armour ;
thou art divine thou hast the moon as an ornament on thy
brow ! With concentrated attention, I seek thy protection,
god! 11 For success in getting over this dreadful distress that
is so difficult to get over, I sacrifice unto thee, the purest of
the pure, offering for thy acceptance the (five) elements of
■which my body is composed l li — Knowing this to be his resolu-
tion in consequence of his desire to accomplish his object, a
golden altar appeared before the high-souled son of Drona. 13
Upon that altar, O king, appeared a blazing fire, filling all
the points of the compass, cardinal and subsidiary, with its
splendour. 14 Many mighty beings also, of blazing mouths and
eyes, of many feet, heads, and arms, adorned with Angadas
set with gems, and with uplifted arms, and looking like ele-
phants and mountains, appeared there. Their faces resembled
those of hares and boars and camels and horses and jackals and

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