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live again and have a long life ! 8 As regards thyself, all wise
men know thee for a coward and a sinful wretch! Always
engaged in sinful acts, thou art the slayer of children ! For
this reason, thou must have to bear the fruit of these thy
sins ! 9 For three thousand years thou thalt wander over this
Earth, without a companion and without being able to talk
with any one ! 10 Alone and without anybody by thy side,
thou shalt wander through diverse countries ! O wretch,
thou shalt have no place in the midst of men I" The stench of
puss and blood shall emanate from thee, and inaccessible for-
ests and dreary moors shall be thy abode ! Thou shalt wander
over the Earth, thou of sinful soul, with the weight of all
diseases on thee ! li The heroic Parikshit, attaining to age
and a knowledge of the Vedas and the practice of pious vows,
shall obtain all weapons from the son Caradwat !" Having
obtained a knowledge of all high weapons, and observant of
all Kshatriya duties, that righteous-soulcd king shall rule the
Earth for sixty years! 14 More than this, that boy shall become
the mighty-armed king of the Kurus, known by the name of
Parikshit, before thy very eyes, O thou of wicked soul !'•
Though burnt by the energy of thy weapon's fire, I shall
revive him ! O lowest of men, behold the energy of my aus-
terities and my truth !''*

"Vyasa said, — 'Since, disregarding us, thou hast perpetrated
lis exceedingly cruel act, and since tby behaviour i? such


although thou art a good Brahmana (by birth), 17 therefore;
those excellent words that Devaki's son has said, will, without
doubt, be realised in thy case, an adopter as thou hast been
of Kshatriya usages ! 18

"Aq watthaman said, — 'With thyself among all men, holy
one, I shall live ! Let the wojds of this illustrious and fore-
most of men become true ! xt

Vaic,ampayana continued, — "Drona's son then, having mado
over his gem to the high-souled Pandavas, cheerlessly pro-
ceeded, before their eyes, to the forest. 80 The Pandavas, who
had killed and chastised all their foes, placed Govinda and tjia
island-born Krishna and the great ascetic Narada at their
head, and taking the gem that was born with Acwatthaman,
quickly came back to the intelligent Draupadi who was sitting
in observance of the Praya vow.' 1 ""

Vaic.ampayana continued, — "Those tigers among men, borna
by their excellent steeds resembling the wind in fleetnessy
came back, with him of Dac,arha's race, fro their encamp*
ment. 88 Speedily alighting from their cars, those great car-
warriors, themselves much more afflicted, beheld, Drupada's
daughter Krishna afflicted with woe. 1 * Approaching the
cheerless princess stricken with sorrow and grief, the Pandava3
with Kec,ava, sat round her. 88 Then the mighty Bhimasena,
desired by the king, gave that celestial gem unto her and said
these words :*• — 'This gem, O amiable lady, is thine ! The
slayer of thy sons hath been vanquished ! Rise, casting off
thy sorrow, and recollect the duties of a Kshatriya lady ! 8T
O thou of black eyes, when Vasudeva was about to set out
(from Upaplavya) on his mission of peace, thou hadst, O timid
lady, said even these words unto the slayer of Madhu : 88 — I
have no husbands ! I have no sons, nor brothers ! Nor art
thou alive, O Govinda, since ^he king desires for peace! 88 —
Those bitter words were addressed by thee to Krishna, that
foremost of persons ! It behoveth thee to recollect those words
of thine that were so consistent with Kshatriya usages! 10
The wretched Duryodhana, that obstacle on the way of our
sovereignty, has been slain. I have quaffed the blood of the
living Duscasana. ! 81 We have paid off the de^t we owed to


our enemy ! People, while talking, will not be able to cen-
sure us any longer ! Having vanquished Drona's son, we
have set him free for the sake of his being a Brahmaua and
of the respect that should be shown to our deceased pre-
ceptor !" His fame hath bbv destroyed, goddess, only his
body remains ! He has been divested of his gem and on Earth
he has been reft of his weapons !'"

"Draupadi said, — 'I desired to only pay off our debt for the
injury we have sustained. The preceptor's son is worthy of
my reverence as the preceptor himself !•* Let tho king bind
this gem on his head, O Bharata !' — The king then, taking
that gem, placed it on his head, at the desire of Draupadi
and regarding it as a gift from the preceptor." Holding on
his head that excellent and celestial gem, the puissant king
looked beautiful like a mountain with the moon above it."
Though stricken with grief on account of the death of her
sons, the princess Draupadi, possessed of great mental strength,
gave up her vow. Then king Yudhishthira enquired of the
mighty-armed Krishna, saying the following words."' 7

Section XVII.

Vaicampiiyana said, — "After all- the troops had been ^lain
during the hour of sleep by those three car-warriors, king
Yudhishthira in great grief said these words unto him of
of Dacarha's race :' — How, O Krishna, could my sons, all of
whom were mighty car-warfiors, be slaughtered by the sinful
and wretched Aowatthaman of no great skill in battle? 8 How
alse could Drona's son slay the children of Drupada, all of
whom were accomplished in weapons, possessed of great pro-
wess, and capable of battling with hundreds of thousands of
foe3 ? s H)w could he slay that foremost of car-warriors, viz.,
Dhrishtadyumna, before whom the great bowman Drona him-
self could not appear ?* What act was done by the precep-
tor's son, O bull among men, in consequence of which he suc-
ceeded in slaying, single-handed, all our men in battle ?'•

"The holy one said, — 'Verily, Drona's son had sought tho
aid of that high»*t of all the god?, viz... the eternal Maha lera



ing in the gratification derived by man from his enjoyment
-of the five elemental substances and their compounds. It is
irom these four kinds of Sacrifice that the universe has
sprung. 1 * Kaparddin constructed that bow using as materials
the first and the fourth kinds of Sacrifices. The length of
that bow was five cubits. 1 The sacred (mantra) Vashat, O
JBharata, was made its string. The four parts, of which a
Sacrifice consists, became the adornments o p that bow. 7 Then
Mahadeva, filled with rage, and taking up that bow, proceeded
to that spot where the celestials were engaged in their Sacrifice.'
JBeholding the unfading Rudra arrive there attired as a Brah-'
•macharin and armed with that bow, the goddess Earth shrank
.with fear and the very mountains began to tremble.' The very
wind ceased to move, and fire itself, though fed, did not blaze
forth. The stars in the firmament, in anxiety, began to wander
■in irregular courses. 1 * The Sun's splendour decreased. The
disc of the Moon lost its beauty. The entire welkin became
enveloped in a thick gloom. 11 The celestials, overwhelmed,
knew not what to do. Their Sacrifice ceased to blaze forth.
The gods were all terrified. 18 Rudra then pierced the em-
bodiment of Sacrifice with a fierce shaft in the heart. The
embodied form of Sacrifice, assuming the shape of a deer,
fled away, with the god of fire. 18 Approaching heaven in
that form, he blazed forth in beauty. Rudra, however,
T) Yudhishthira, pursued him through the skies. 14 After
Sacrifice had fled away, the gods lost their splendours. Hav-
ing lost their senses, the gods were stupified. 14 Then the

* Nilak.mtha explains the four kinds of sacrifice mentioned here as
follows : — £o£a-sacrifice means the desire cherished by everybody for be-
ing regarded as good ; A>iy<l-sricrifice means the especial rites per-
formed on esDecial occasions ; <?riAa-sacrifice is the daily performance of
tho«e religions rites that are enjoined in the scriptures, such as the
Agni-hotra^ &c, &c. Lastly, iVrt-sacrifice is the enjoyment by man of
the things amidst which his life is cast and the happiness he derives
from that enjoyment. How the universe can be said to depend upon or
r» have sprnner from these four kinds of sacrifice is more than what I
can understand,— T,

iitTIKJl PARVA, hi

three-eyed Mahadeva, with his bow, broke in rago iho arms of
Savitri, and plucked out the eyes of Bhaga and the teeth of
Pushna. 18 The gods then fled away, as also all the several
parts of Sacrifice. Some amongst them, reeling as they
sought to fly away, fell down sensoless. 17 The blue-throated
Rudra, having agitated them thus, laughed aloud and whirl-
ing ihe horn of his bow, paralysed them. 11 The celestials
then uttered a cry. At their command, the string of the bow
broke. The string having broken, the bow became stretched
into a line. 1 ' The gods then approached the bowless god of
gods and, with the embodied form of Sacrifice, sought the
protection of the puissant Mahadeva and endeavoured to gratify
him.* Gratified, the great god threw his wrath into the water.
O king, that wrath, assuming the form of fire, is always
employed in consuming that liquid element.*' He then gave
unto Savitri his arms, Bhaga his eyes, and Pushna his teeth.
And he also restored the Sacrifices themselves, O Pandava!**
The world once more became safe and sound. The gods as-
signed unto Mahadeva all the libations of clarified butter as
the share of great deity.' 3 monarch, when Mahadeva had
become angry, the whole world had thus become agitated ;
when he bocame gratified, everything became safe. Possessed
of great energy, the god Mahadova was gratified with A^wat-
thaman.* 4 It was for this that thy sons, those mighty car-
warriors, could be slain by that warrior. It was for this that
many other heroes, viz., the Panchalas, with all their fol-
lowers, could be slain by him.'* Thou shouldst not suffer thy
mind to dwell on it. It was not Drona's son that accomplished
that act. It was done through the grace of Mahadeva. Do
now what should next be done.' "'*





The three survivors of the Kuru army proceed to-
wards the south ... ... ... 1

At the hour of sunset they reach a spot not far from

the field of battle ... ... ... ib

Hearing the shouts in the Pandava camp they pro-
ceed further and reach a dense forest ... ib
Dhritarashtra interrupts Sanjaya by expressing his
grief for Duryodhana and then enquires about the
acts of the three survivors ... ... 2

The survivors, having entered a forest, see a huge banian ib
All the three lay themselves down for rest and sleep 3

Kripa and Kritavarman fall asleep ... ... ib

Acwatfchaman kept awake by wrath and the desire of

vengeance ... ... ... ... ib

Acwatthiiman sees a fierce owl come to that banian and

slay a large number of crows roosting on its branches ib
Aewatthaman, at this sight, forms the wicked resolution

of destroying the Pandava army whilo buried in sleep 4
Aewatthaman awakes Kripa and Kritavarman, unfolds

his project before them, and asks for their advice 6

Kripa dissuades him from the execution of his wicked

design ... ... ... ... G

Aowatthaman tries to refute Kripa's arguments ... 9

Kripn's rejoinder, promising to aid Aowatthaman if the
latter would fight the foe the next morning during
daylight ... ... ... ... 11

A<;.watthaman's answer ... ... ... 12

Kripa earnestly remonstrates with Acwatthiiman ... 13

Aowatthaman declares his resolution to be unalterable 15

Aewatthaman yokes his steeds to his car and proceeds

alone ... ... ... ... ib

Kripa and Kritavarman follow him ... ... 10

Approaching the Pandava camp, Aewatthaman stops

at the gate ,,. ... ,., ,., ih



He beholds a being of gigantic form read)' to resist him 10

Ac,watthaman fearlessly fights this being ... 17

The gigantic being devours all the weapons of A9 watthaman ib

Ac watthaman's repentance for his rash deed ... 18

Ajewatthaman resolves to seek the protection of Mahadeva ib

His hymn to Mahadeva ... ... ... 19

A golden altar appears before him, with a blazing fire on it 20
Many mighty beings of extraordinary appearance come

there ... ... ... ... ib

The peculiarities of their features ... ... ib

AQwatthaman feels no fear at the sight ... ... 23

He offers himself as a libation, unto Mahadeva, on the fire ib
Mahadeva appears before AQwatthaman ... ib
The great god declares that the period of life of every-
body within the camp has run out ... ... 24

He gives a sword unto A^watthaman and fills him with

his own energy ... ... ... ib

A<;watthaman proceeds towards the Pandava camp,
accompanied by many invisible spirits and ghosts

and llakvhasas ... ... ... ib

Beholding Kripa and Kritavarman at the gate, Ac, wat-
thaman asks them to stand there and slay all that

would seek to escape before their eyes ... ib

He enters the Pandava camp like a thief ... ib

He proceeds, guided by signs, to Dhrishtadyumna's tent 25
Finds the Panchala prince fast asleep ... ... ib

Awakes him with a kick ... ... ... ib

Assails him powerfully before the prince succeeds in rising ib
The prince makes an ineffectual resistance ... ib

Awaked by the noise, the prince's guards do not interfere ib
The prince is slain like an animal ... ... ib

Loud wails of grief burst forth from Dhrishtadyumna's

tent, uttered by the women and the sentinels ... 20
Awaked by the noise many Panchala warriors arm

and rush towards Drona's son ... ... ib

Drona's son slays them all with the Radra weapon ib

Drona's so.n next slays the sleeping Uttamaujas. ... ib



Yudhamanyu rushes towards Drona's son at this sight

and is slain ... ... ... ... 2G

Ac;watthaman then slays many unarmed and tired

warriors ... ... ... ... ib

Ac, watthaman encountered by the sons of Draupadi at

the head of the Somakas, as also by Cikhandin at

the head of the Prabhadrakas ... ... 27

The sons of Draupadi are slain one after another ... ib

Acwatthiiman next slays Cikhandin and the Prabhadrakas 28
Ho next slays the remnant of Virata's force ... ib

Acwatthaman completes the slaughter, aided by the

fears of his sleepy foes and the confusion and the

darkness around ... ... ... 29

Tho warriors that seek to escape by the gate are slain by

Kripa and Kritavarman... ... ... 81

Kripa and Kritavarman set fire to the Pandava camp

in three places ... ... ... ib

Aided by the light, Ac; watthaman careers like Yama

and slays many men ... ... ... ib

Before midnight the vast host of the Pandavas is slain

by A<; watthaman ... ... ... 32

The camp invaded by RdJcshasas and Pipdchas that gorge

upon blood and flesh ... ... ... ib

After achieving the dastardly slaughter, Drona's son

forgets his grief for his sire ... ... S3

The Pandava camp once more becomes perfectly still ib

Issuing from the camp, Ac;. watthaman joins his comrades

at the gate ... ... ... ... 34>

Dhritarashtra inquires why Drona's son did not achieve

such a feat before ... ... ... ib

Sanjaya answers that the absence of the Pandavas with

Vasudeva, as also tho sleep in which the warriors

were buried, was the causo of Aewatthaman's success ib
The joy of the three Kuru heroes ... ... ib

They resolve to give intelligence of the slaughter to

Duryodhana ... ... ... iH

They proceed to the spot where Duryodhana lies ... 35

17 CotfTEKTSj


The pitiable state of the Kuru king ~ ... 35

The grief of the three heroes at the sight ... ib

The lamentations of Kripa ... ... ... ib

Ditto of Acwatthaman ... ... ... 36

Acwatthaman informs Duryodhana of the slaughter of

the Pandava army ... ... ... 38

Duryodhana's satisfaction at the intelligence ... ib

Duryodhana gives up his life-breaths ... ... ib

The driver of Dhrishtadyumna's car informs Yudhish-

thira, in the morning, of the extermination of his army 39
The grief of Yudhishthira at the intelligence ... ib

The lamentations of Yudhishthira ... ... 40

Yudhishthira despatches Nakula for bringing thither

Draupadi and the ladies with her ... ... 41

Yudhishthira proceeds to view the slaughter in his camp 42
Yudhishthira falls down senseless at the piteous sight

that greets his eyes ... ... ... ib

Draupadi arrives from Upaplavya ... ... ib

The princess falls down on the earth in a swoon ... ib

Bhima comforts her ... ... ... ib

Draupadi resolves to sit in Pray a if the Pandavas do

not slay Acwatthaman ... ... ... 43

Yudhishthira urges her to forget her sorrows, saying

that Acwatthaman is not to be found ... ib

Draupadi insists upon Acwatthaman's slaughter and the

deprivation of the gem on his head... ... ib

The princess appeals in particular to Bhimasena ... ib

Making Nakula his driver, Bhimasena sets out in pur-
suit of Acwatthaman, guided by the track of the

latter's car wheels ... ... ... 44

Krishna urges Yudhishthira to make arrangements for

the safety of Bhima as Acwatthaman has the

Brahmagira weapon capable of exterminating all foes ib
The story of Acwatthaman's acquisition of the Brahma-

gira weapon ... ... ... ib

Acwatthaman's adventures at Dwaraka, for obtaining

Krishna's discus ... ... ... 45



His inability to raise the discus ... ... 1 "

Krishna's reproof of A<;\vatthfunan for his presumption ib

Tho Pandavas, with Krishna, proceed in tho track of

Bhimasena ... ... ... ... 47

They ask Bhima to stop ... ... ... 48

Bhima refuses to listen to them ... ... ib

The Pandavas find Acwatthman Bitting with Vyisa ib

Acwatthaman, in fear, lets off the Brahma^'ira weapon ib

Arjuna shoots the Brahma weapon ... ... 49

The extraordinary portents in nature ... ... ib

Narada and Yyilsa, seeking to save the throe worlds,

stand between the two fires generated by the two

weapons ... ... ... ••• ib

Dhananjaya withdraws his weapon ... ... 50

Acwatthaman incapable of withdrawing his weapon 51

Acwatthaman throws his weapon into the womb of

Uttara for slaying her unborn child ... ... 52

Krishna revives the child ... ... ... 53

The dreadful curse of Krishna upon Acwatthaman for

his wicked act ... ... ••• ib

VyfLsa approves of Krishna's curse ... ... '

Drona's son accepts the curse and gives up the natural

gem on his head to the Pandavas ... ... ib

The Pandavas return to Draupadi ... ... ib

Bhima comforts Draupadi ... ... ••• ib

Draupadi asks Yudhishthira to place upon his head the

gem taken from Acwatthaman ... ... 5->

Yudhishthira enquires of Krishna about the true rruiso

of Acwatthaman's success in destroying the Pan-

dava army ... ... ••• •••

Krishna's reply about the glory of Ifahldeva

The great sacrifico of tho gods in the Krlta age
Destruction of the great sacrifice by Kudra
Acwatthaman's success attributable to Kudra? aid ...

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