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19 — Catawba at Clinton
21 — Belmont Abbey at

Belmont. N. C.
25 — Lenoir Rhyne at

28 — Mercer at Macon
29 — Furman at Clinton
1 — Catawba at Salis-
bury, N. C.
2 — Lenoir Rhyne at Hick-
ory, N. C.
14 — Erskine at Due West
16 — Mercer at Clinton
19— Wofford at Spartan-
22 — Newberry at Clinton
23— Belmont Abbey at

26 — Georgia Teachers at

30 — Furman at Greenville
5-6— Citadel at Charles-
8 — Georgia Teachers at

9 — Newben-y at New-
12 — Erskine at Clinton
13— Wofford at CUnton

Winter, 1958


Down The Avenue Of Classes

• 1900

Die Kev. James Preston Mar-
ion, Sr., recently moved from
Greenwood, Miss., to Wichita,
Kans. His address there is 1086
Patricia St.

• 1920

The Rev. Davison Hajner Du-
lin is now residing in Willow
Springs. N. C, after moving
there from Williamston, N. C.

• 1923

James Curtis Young recently
moved to Memphis, Tenn., to be
connected with the Hollywood
Refinery of the Cudahy Packing
Company. His new address since
heading east from Houston, Tex.,
is 602 Freeman Street, Memphis

• 1927

William B. Byers. personnel
director for the Rock Hill (S. C.)
Printing and Finishing Company

for many years has just been
appointed to the Rock Hill City
Council to fill the unexpired
term of Mayor-elect John Hardin
for one year. Byers is regarded
as one of the "deans" of person-
nel men in the industrial field.

• 1928

Wilburn Lewis Hubbard pur-
sues his career in education with
Plant High School of Tampa, Fla.
It is located at San Jose and
Himes Avenue.

• 1930

The Rev. Philip A. Roberts,
pastor of the Clifton Forge (Va.)
Presbyterian Church, spent the
past summer in Dalkeith, Scot-
land, under a pulpit exchange
agreement with the Rev. Hu-
bert L. Black. Roberts reports
the Scottish minister liked his
visit to this country so much
that he accepted a call to the
Highland Presbyterian Church
of Fayetteville, N. C.

Amid Editorial Praise

Gresham Retires from Ministry

WHEN the Rev. Paul N. Gresham, class of 1915, resigned as

pastor of the Kenilworth Presbyterian Church of Asheville,
N. C, last September, the Asheville Citizen paid him this editor-
ial tribute in its September 18 issue:

"There is a tradition of long service to one congregation
among Presbyterian ministers both here and elsewhere.

"Thus it is no easy task to sever the pastoral relation that
is rooted so deeply in the church and the lives of its members.

"This is true of the Rev. Paul N. Gresham who has been
pastor of the Kenilworth Presbyterian Church since it was
founded in 1934.

"Mr. Gresham has asked his congragation to join in a request
to the Presbytery to dissolve the pastoral relation and he plans to
retire December 31, leaving the church property free of debt
and a congregation that now has 650 members.

"Material values and numbers do not begin to tell the story
of the contribution Mr. Gresham has made to the Kenilworth
church and the Asheville community. His spiritual leadership
has been outstanding and his work notable.

"It is good to know that Mr. Gresham plans to continue liv-
ing here and that he will not break his years' long custom of
visiting the sick in and around Asheville."

• 1934

Dr. W. McLeod Frampton as-
sumed the pastorate of the First
Presbyterian Church of Orange-
burg, S. C. in January. He went
there after seven years with the
Anderson, (S.C.) Central Pres-
byterian Church, during which
period he led in the erecting of
a $500,000 church plant. A native
of Charleston, Frampton served
as pastor of the Purity Presby-
terian Church of Chester, S. C,
before going to Anderson.

• 1935

Lt. Col. William Ralph Hol-
comb, serving with the US Air
Force, is currently stationed at
OSI District No. 12, APO 633,
New York.

• 1936

Dr. Charles G. Chapman is
associate director of the depart-
ment of anesthesia at Mercy
Hospital in Charlotte. He recent-
yl spent a year in Boston pursu-
ing further study in this field. Dr.
Chapman, his wife and five
children reside on Old Sardis

Lt. Col. Leland E. Anderson
has been serving for the past
year as chief of the publications
division of the Chemical Corps
School at Fort McClellan, Ala.
Prior to going there he was as-
signed as commanding officer of
the Troops Command at the
Army Chemical Center in Mary-
land. A native of Greenville, S.
C, and a veteran of the Pacific
campaigns in both World War II
and Korea, Col. Anderson ha.s
spent most of his military career
on duty with troops rather than
on staff and administration mat-
ters. During World War II, he
was in charge of a project to
mount 4.2 chemical mortars on
the bows on Naval landing craft.
These weapons were used in am-
phibious assaults on the island
chain that eventually led to the
Philippine Islands and Leyte. He
is married to the former Julia
B. Rogers, and they have three

• 1939

James J. Dennard is now back
in his native Florida after spcnd-


Winter, 1958

ing the past several years in
Casper, Wyo. He presently is
located in Bradenton, at 2330
Sixth Avenue West.

Lt. Col. Lykes Henderson and
family now reside in Spain,
where he is stationed in connec-
tion with his duties as an Air
Force officer. His address: 3977th
AB Group, APO 284, New York.

Lf. Col. James L. Culp has
been stationed in Tehran, Iran,
for the past several months
where he serves in headquarters
of the American military mis-
sion. His wife — the former Cath-
erine Brysoi^ '42 — and four child-
ren accompanied him. A Christ-
mas card from him to President
and Mrs. Brown carried these
words. "We arrived in this
strange land on October 13. Al-
though our Christmas will be
different from usual, since we
are still living out of footlockers,
etc.. we do feel the setting of the
original Christmas — this barren,
rocky, thirsty ground, the cam-
els, asses and sheep — the e.x-
tremely rich Persians and the
many, many poor — the nearness
of the stars in the clear atmos-
phere. Visiting other lands
makes one realize that our own
country is truly blessed." Their
address: Hq. ARMISH/MARG.
APO, New York.

• 1940

John H. Broughton is an exec-
utive with the Federal Bureau of
Investigation in Denver, Colo.
He and his wife and three young
daughters reside at: 1825 West
Berkeley Place, Denver 11.

The Rev. Albert G. Edwards,
pastor of the Harrisonburg (Va.)
Presbyterian Church for the past
several years, has accepted a call
to the First Presbyterian Church
of Raleigh, N. C. He assumed his
new duties in January and may
be reached through this address:
1531 Caswell Street, Raleigh.

• 1942

The Rev. C. Ware Madden, Jr.
serves as pastor of the Summer-
ton (S. C.) Baptist Church.

• 1945

Dr. Frank W. Chandler now
serves in the 3320th US Air
Force Hospital located at Ama-
rillo Air Force Base, Texas.

The current address of Capt.
Thomas Ivey is 141 Jenkins
Drive, Savannah, Ga.

In Viriiiula

Wilson Named Top Rural Minister


,LUMNUS Howard McK. Wilson '22 is
Virginia's "Rural Minister of the Year"
lor 1957.

His selection came as part of a nine-year
program sponsored by Emory University
and "The Progressive Farmer" magazine
to recognize ministers who have rendered
exceptional service to farm people.

Dr. Wilson was cited for his work as
pastor of the Tinkling Spring and Hermi-
tage Presbyterian churches of Fishers-
ville, Va., for the past 11 years. Just re-
cently, however, he has moved from here
to become pastor of the Mossy Creek
Church of Mt. Solon, Va.
The Presbyterian College graduate three years ago wrote
a scholarly account of the history of Presbyterianism in Augusta
County, Va., in his book The Tinkling Spring: Headwater of

His selection as "Rural Minister of the Year" also included
this appraisal:

"A fine builder and organizer of rural work. Dr. Wilson has
been both an outstanding minister and community leader. As
spiritual advisor and supervisor of chaplain's work for the Wood-
row Wilson Rehabilitation Center, he has served his state well.
He was a leader in establishing doctors in two rural communities
and recently helped get a refugee family settled ....

"A scholarly man, Dr. Wilson's thirst for knowledge and
truth continues to grow. He earned his doctor's degree from
Union Theological Seminary in Richmond after he was 50 years
old. An official of the seminary says of Dr. Wilson:

" 'He is a beloved pastor, a good preacher, and a consecrated
man of God. I can hardly think of a more able man.' "

• 1949

Dr. Dudley C. Beatty is an op-
tometrist practicing in Bennetts-
ville, S. C. His address: 120 S.
Marlboro St.

Capt. Ben F. Ivey serves as an
instructor at the Infantry School,
Fort Benning, Ga.

• 1950

The Rev. Warren M. Wardlaw
is now pastor of the Yeamans
Park Presbyterian Church in
North Charleston. S. C.

William D. Gibson is attending
the Medical College of Virginia
in Richmond, where he works
toward a Master's degree in hos-
pital administration.

Bently G. Gibson has moved
to Lake City, Fla., where he is
assistant manager of the Belk-
Hudson Company. He previously

had been connected with Belk's
in Greenville, S. C.

The Rev. William E. Link,
formerly pastor of the Grifton
(N. C.) Presbyterian Church,
was recently installed in the pul-
pit of the West Greenville
Church of Greenville, N. C.

Capt. Marion T. Wood has been
selected by the Department of
the Army to take his Master's in
English at Columbia University,
beginning next July, in prepar-
ation for assignment as instructor
in English at the United States
Military Academy at west Point.
Wood currently serves as com-
mander of Company C, 2nd
Battle Group, 28th Infantry, now
stationed at Fort Riley, Kans.

• 1951

Blake L. Watts is now zone
manager for Investors Diversi-

Winter, 1958

Military History

Willard Jones Writes on Artillery

\X7RITINGS in military history have been pouring off the pen
of Lt. Col. Willard L. Jones, class of 1928.
Despite ill health, he has produced a number of publications
in his capacity as a historian in the Chief of Military History,
Department of the Army, and he also has written numerous free-
lance articles for periodicals in the field.

Col. Jones was assigned to the Military History office in
January, 1954. His first work there was ihe History oj the Org-
anization of the United States Field Artillery for the Army
Lineage Book series. It consists mainly of the separate official
lineages for each of the color-bearing units of the Field Artilleiy.
He later wrote a history of the American Army Antiaircraft
Artillery, and then was directed to combine this manuscript with
the previous work for a single history of the U. S. Artillery.

Meanwhile, he has been working on two unofficial books,
built around wartime themes, which have been tentatively ac-
cepted for publication.

Willard Jones currently lives at 3300 Janet Road, Silver
Spring, Md., with his wife — the former Alice Benjamin '32 — and
four children.

fled Services, Inc., with head-
quarters in Hickory, N. C. He
formerly managed the B. C.
Moore Department store there.
Albert Earl Watson has scored
again in making the coveted
"Million Dollar Round Table" of
the National Association of Life
Underwriters. He qualified in
1956 in his first year with the
New York Life Insurance Com-
pany and then once more paid

Firsl Lt. Gus H. Walt '51 of
Thomasville, Ga., recently was
graduated from the 31-week offi-
cer advanced course at The In-
fantry School, Fort Benning, Ga.
While there he received instruc-
tion in the duties and responsi-
bilities of a field grade officer.

for $1,000,000 in life insurance
during 1957.

• 1952

Burl E. Allen is now teaching
mathematics and coaching foot-
ball at Bennettsville (S.C.) High.
He took over these duties last
fall after serving four years as
principal of Providence elemen-
tary school at Clinton. Shortly
before going to Bennettsville,
Allen received his Master's de-
gree in education from the Uni-
versity of South Carolina.

• 1953

The Rev. David Lee William-
son. Jr., serves as minister of
Christian education at the Cen-
tral Presbyterian Church of
Chattanooga, Tenn.

Lt. Charles O. Woodson re-
cently accepted a regular army
commission in the Judge Advo-
cate General Department and is
now stationed with Hq. XVIII,
A. B. Corps, J. A. Section at
Fort Bragg, N. C. A trained
lawyer, he practiced in St. Mat-
thews, S. C, before accepting
the army commission.

The Rev. F. Stanley Hardee.
Jr., began his duties last Novem-
ber as pastor of the First Baptist
Church of Thomasville. N. C. He
previously served the Lydia
Baptist Church of near Clinton,
S. C. for four years.

The Rev. Henry Smith became
pastor of the Monroeville (Ala.)
Presbyterian Church last No-

vember after completing a year
of post-graduate stndy in the-
ology at the University of Edin-
burgh, Scotland. While abroad,
he preached in churches in Scot-
land and in the British Metho-
dist Church in Paris, and trav-
eled extensively in England,
Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the
Netherlands, Germany, Belgium,
Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Aus-
tria, France, Switzerland, Italy,
Greece and Yugoslavia.

• 1954

George L. Murrell now holds
a position with Sears Roebuck
and Company in Charleston, S.
C. His address: 11 Globe Street.
The first two years after grad-
uation he spent as master of a
shrimp trawler operating out of
Awendaw, S. C.

George S. Everett has been
associated with the YMCA org-
anization in Rome, Ga., for the
past several months since his re-
turn from army service.

• 1955

George Blue, having completed
his army service, is now associ-
ated with the O'Hair Agency
in Charlotte which provides ser-
vices in life insurance, accident
and health insurance, and estate
planning. He and his wife — the
former Joyce Godfrey — and two
children live at 300' Sedgefield

Thomas A. Stallworth, a sen-
ior at Columbia Theological
Seminary, has accepted the call
to be assistant pastor of the First

Second Lt. William H. Cain, Jr.
'57 has just been graduated with
honors from the four-month anti-
aircraft artillery officer course at
the Army Air Defense School,
Fort Bliss, Tex. He's a native of
Laurens, S. C.


Winter, 1958


Three of the four newly elected officers of the Presbyterian College Alumni Association are shown above
after being chosen in PC's first mail-ballot election. They are, left to right: James Wilson '34, Fayetteville,
N. C, lumberman, alumni representative to the board of trustees; John Montgomery '28, managing editor of
The State newspaper of Columbia, S. C, Association vice-president; and Dr. Duncan C. Alford '21, Spartanburg,
S. C, physician, director from South Carolina. The new Georgia director, O. A. Dunlap '31 of Atlanta, is not
pictured here.

Presbyterian Church of Rome,
Ga. He and his wife, the former
Mary Hopkins, will not move to
Rome until he completes his
seminary work in June, but he
will make frequent Sunday visits
there in the meantime.

Edward C. Kay has been em-
ployed by the Burroughs Corpor-
ation as a sales trainee in the
company's Greenville, S. C,
branch office. He began his work
on December 23.

• 1956

James S. Bryant, Jr., is man-
ager of Bryant's Photographic
Supplies in hometown Orange-
burg, S. C. He lives at 587 Ellis
Avenue NE.

Jack O. Bolt is rounding out
his second year as an insurance
adjuster with W. Lee Young-
blood Company of Charleston, S.
C. He lives at 3-B Lightwood

Lt. (JG) George L. Johnson
Jr., is presently assigned to the
destroyer USS Southerland
which operates in the Western
Pacific out of homeport San
Diego. He has been on this ship
since his entry into service in
March, 1956, except for a short
period of flight school at Pen-
sacola, Fla. Johnson expects to
receive his discharge in March,
1959. His service address: USS
Southerland, DDR-743, FPO San


Born — to Mrs. Kennon Hen-
derson Patton and Edwin Doug-
glas Patton '36 of Greenville S.
C. — a daughter, Susan Winston —
on December 11, 1957.

Born — to Mrs. Dorothy Work-
man Boland and Dillard E. Bo-
land '42 of Clinton, S. C— a
daughter, Barbara Hazel — on De-
cember 27, 1957.

Born — to Mrs. Ame Jacobs
Shields and William M. Shields
'43 of Clinton, S. C. — a daughter,
Mary Virginia — on February 17,

Born — to Mr. and Mrs. Van
Jones '44 of Clinton, S. C— a
daughter — on January 1, 1958.

Born — to Mrs. Carol Jones Hay
and Lewis S. Hay '49 of Clinton.
S. C— a daughter, Carol Make-
mie — on January 29, 1958.

Born— to Dr. and Mrs. Dudley
C. Beatty '49 of Bennettsville,
S. C— a daughter, Margaret Jane
(Peggy) — on January 6, 1958.

Born — to Mrs. Annette Brewer
'51 and Ernest J. Brewer, Jr. '51

of Atlanta, Georgia — a son, Ran-
dy Lee — on June 5, 1957.

Born — to Mrs. Frances Brad-
ham Smith and Raymond B.
Smith '54 of Fort Bragg, N. C—
a daughter. Kimberly Elaine — on
January 11, 1958.

Born — to Mrs. Robbie Davis
Roberts and Wilson J. Roberts '53
of Pensacola, Florida — a daught-
er, Elizabeth Anne — on Mav 23,

Born — to Mrs. Sally Kay and
Edward C. Kay '55 of Green-
wood, S. C. — a daughter, Kim-
berly— on March 19, 1957.

Born — to Mr. and Mrs. Paul
H. Fosher '57 of Clinton, S. C—
a daughter, Wanda Sue — on
January 12, 1958.

Born — to Lt. and Mrs. Harold
Clay Bennett, Jr. (ROTC Staff)
of Clinton, S. C. — a son, Hal
Clay, HI — on January 20, 1958.

Born — to Mrs. Harriett Goi-
don Lowman and Major Harry
F. Lowman Jr. (ROTC Staff) of
Clinton, S. C— a son, Harry
Franklin, HI — on January 26,

Winter, 1958


Married — Miss Shirley Ann
Thomas of Greenville, S. C, to
Edward LaFayette Tivimerman
'50 of Atlanta, Georgia, on De-
cember 7, 1957.

Married — Miss Mary Alice
Rushtin of Atlanta, Georgia, to
Bennett Alexander Brown, Jr.
'50 of Atlanta, Georgia, on De-
cember 1, 1957.

Married — Miss Patricia Gatlin
of Gainesville, Florida, to David
Brainard Maxwell '51 of Mon-
treat, N. C, on December 5,

Married — Miss Elizabeth Glov-

ff^ e d d i n g s

er Gaillard of Sumter, S. C, to
Billy Sims Creech '55 of Charles-
ton Heights, S. C. on December
14, 1957.

Married — Miss Joyce Ann
Winchester of Fort Mill, S. C, to
L!oyd Wayne Wiggins (student)
of Fort Mill, S. C. on December
21, 1957.

Married — Miss Brenda Boyd of
Lane, S. C, to Robert Ira Gamhle

(student) of Cades, S. C, on
January 29, 1958.

Engaged — Miss Helen Paris
Anderson of Clinton, S. C, to
George Samuel Everette '54 of
Thomasville, Ga. The wedding is
planned for March 30, 1958.

Engaged — Miss Sara Kathryn
Coker of Turbeville, S. C, to Le-
land Edward Brown '57 of Sum-
ter, S. C. An early summer wed-
ding is planned.




Died— Frank C. Young, Sr. '12
of Clinton, on January 26, 1958

Died — Dr. Anthony W. Dick '21
of Memphis, Tenn., on March 4,

Died — The Rev. Walter Samuel
Crouch '35 of Lyons, Ga., on Sep-
tember 2, 1957

Died — J. Dennis Bennett (stu-
deyit) of Clinton, on February 7

Frank C. Young '12

Frank C. Young '12 of Clinton died at the
Veterans Hospital in Augusta, Ga., on January
26 after a year of declining health. He v^^as 65.

Young was a retired postal worker and
farmer who was born near Clinton and spent
his entire life in this section. He sent both of
his sons to Presbyterian College.

A veteran of World War I, Young served
in France with Battery A of the 307th Field
Artillery and he was an active member of the
local American Legion Post.

His immediate survivors include his wife,
Mrs. Lois Adair Young, and two sons — Frank,
Jr. '56, a sophomore at the Medical College of
South Carolina; and Lawrence, a senior at PC.

Anthony W. Dick '21

Dr. Anthony W. Dick '21, one of the out-
standing ministers of the Presbyterian Church
US, died of shotgun wounds at his Memphis,
Tenn., home on March 4.

Mrs. Dick found her husband's body in the
den of their home when she returned from
visiting friends. He had been there alone,
having started to clean his 12-guage shotgun as
she departed. Police said Dr. Dick had shot
himself in the chest with this gun which was
found near the body.

Dr. Dick had served as pastor of the Second
Presbyterian Church of Memphis for the past
ten years. Under his leadership it had grown
from 1,000 to over 3,000 members. He was
moderator of the Synod of Tennessee, chairman
of the Synod's Council of Tennessee and a
member of the General Assembly's Board of

Dick was asked by his associates several
months ago to take a rest after he suffered
nervous exhaustion. He did but returned to

his pulpit in February for three consecutive
Sundays. Death came at th age of 57.

A native of Sumter, S. C, he attended Col-
umbia and Princeton Theological seminaries
after finishing PC. He served the Spartanburg
(S. C.) First Church for nine years before
going to Memphis and several other pastorates
prior to that.

Among the survivors are his wife, the for-
mer Mary Louise Witherspoon of Mayesville,
S. C, a daughter, son and his mother.

Walter S. Crouch '35

The Rev. Walter Samuel Crouch '35 of
Lyons, Ga., died on September 2, 1957. He was

A native of Batesburg, S. C, Crouch en-
tered the Presbyterian ministry in 1952 when
he became pastor of three Savannah Presby-
tery churches in Mount Vernon, McGregor and
Lyons, Ga. He served these charges until his

Crouch studied for two years at PC, 1931-
33, and completed his undergraduate training
at Erskine College in 1950. He received his BD
from Columbia Theological Seminary in 1954.
Surviving are his wife, the former Opal Bea-
trice Aughtry of Laurens, S. C, and three

J. Dennis Bennett

J. Dennis Bennett of Clinton, a 20-year-old
PC freshman, died on February 7 after several
months of declining health and one week of

He had made his home at Thornwell Or-
phanage for 13 years and was a graduate of
Thornwell High School. He began his college
work here last September.

Bennett is survived by his grandparents and
four sisters.


Winter, 1968

Class of.



The Alumni Association of Presbyterian College

Your complete biographical record i3 necessary for the Archives of Alma
Mater. The accomplishments of former students are an ever increasing source of
pride to Presbyterian College, and tve are anxious to have a permanent, complete
record of your achievements. These data may be of direct benefit to you at some
future date. Will you not furnish the information by return mail.


Business and Professional Record since leaving college.
(Occupations with dates)

(Firm Name) (Your Position) 'Datel

Business Address

Occupation or Position (Firm Name)

Entered Presbyterian


Degrees (Give degree and years, as A.B. 1922)

I'ndergraduate activities (List your fraternity, other or-
ganizations, publications and athletic record and honors)

List Other Institutions .Attended, with Years and Degrees

Date of Birth

Place of Birth

Are you married? Date of marriage

Full maiden name of wife

Give names and dates of birth of children

Give names of your immediate family or relatives who at-
tended Presbyterian College (Indicate relationship) ...

Church, Civic, and Social Activities. Give names of clubs
and similar organizations of which you are a member.

Church Affiliation
Social Clubs

Civic Organizations and honors

// you are or were in Armed Forces, kindly fill out below.
Service Address


Date Entered Service

Record of Service to Date

Date of Discharge

How do you sign your name?

Your picture will complete the record — please send one if
possible. Informal shots preferred.

Winter, 1958







Form 3547 Requested

Entered as Second Class Matter April 12, 1949, at the Post Office at Clinton. South Carolina, under the act of August 24. 1912

State Industries Aid Independent Colleges

pRESBYTERIAN College has received $10,-
151.38 as its share of the 1957 funds recently


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