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John Jeffries is an insurance
adjustor associated with the Lib-
erty Mutual Company in Pensa-
cola, Fla. He is married to the
former Elizabeth Townsend of
Anderson, S. C.

• 1948

Dr. Carl A. Bramlette, Jr., has
served as coordinator of mental
health education for the South
Carolina Mental Health Commis-
sion since 1956. He previously
held the position of chief psy-
chologist for the South Carolina
State Hospital and the Richmond
Mental Health Clinic. He is mar-
ried to the former Anne Wallace
Hicks, and they have four chil-
dren. Address: 3544 Deerfield
Drive, Columbia, S. C.

• 1949

Capt. Benjamin F. Ivey, Jr., re-
cently was awarded the Army
Commendation Medal for his out-
standing work on the staff of the


Spring, 1961

US Infantry School at Fort Ben-
ning, Ga. He served there as pro-
ject officer, machine gun com-
mittee of the weapons depart-
ment before going to his present
assignment as supply officer,
headquarters commandant's of-
fice, Fort Leavenworth, Kans.
Ivey and his wife — the former
Kent Wysor of Clinton — and their
two children presently reside at
50 Rose Loop, Fort Leavenworth.

• 1950

The Rev. Benson Cain has join-
ed the faculty of Kobe Reform-
ed Seminary in Japan as profess-
or of New Testament Creek and
Exegesis. He and his family have
spent the past four and one-half
years there working in some of
the neglected towns, the frontier
missions of Japan. Cain and wife,
Coline, have three young boys.

Richard H. Sellers is now teach-
ing in the F u 1 d a American
School, Fulda, Germany. He re-
ports that the Dependents Edu-
cation Group System in Germany
is well-organized to educate the
American children stationed
there with their parents. His add-
ress: Fulda American School,
APO 26, New York.

• 1951

Class Reunion on June 3, 1961.

Ronald E. Johnson serves as as-
sistant vice-president and assist-
ant sales manager of the South-
ern Airways Company in Atlanta,
Ga. He recently attended a 16-
week Program for Management
Development a t Harvard Busi-
ness School, one of 79 men from
58 companies and representing 22
states and 11 foreign countries.
The program is designed for out-
standing young men in the mid-
dle levels of managements with
5 to 10 years of business experi-

The Rev. Edward C. Langham,
Jr. missionary to Brazil, looks
forward to his first furlough in
July, 1961, at which time he and
his wife Betty and three children
will return to the United States.
His present address: Caixa Post-
al 61, Bambui, E. de Minas, Bra-
zil, South America.

The Rev. Perry Mobley recent-
ly became pastor of the Fifth
Avenue Presbyterian Church of
Knoxville, Term, (located at Fif-
th Avenue and Gay Street). His
wife is Mrs. Jean Duke Mobley

Spring, 1961

• 1952

Lynn B. Albright, Jr., is now
assistant cashier and branch ma-
nager of the Citizens & Southern
National Bank in Charleston, S.
C. He and his wife — the former
Helen Lesemann — and their
young son live at 641 Stono
Drive W., Oak Forest, Charles-

Richard B. Weldon, Bamberg
(SO High athletic coach, was re-
cently selected by the local Jun-
ior Chamber of Commerce to re-
ceive the distinguished service
award which recognizes the in-
dividual who contributes most to
the welfare of his community for
the year. He and his wife were
cited, in particular, for their
church work.

• 1953

Don L. Anderson is now asso-
ciated with the advertising de-
partment of the Georgia Power
Company in Atlanta. He joined
the organization last year after
spending two years as assistant
editor with the National Auto
Dealers Association publication.
His address: 61 13th Street, NE

Thomas L. Jordan now holds
the position of medical service
representative with J. B. Roerig
and Company, pharmaceutical
division of Chas. Pfizer & Co.,
Inc. In this capacity, he will
bring information on the com-
pany's ethical drug products and
research discoveries t o physici-

ans, dentists, pharmacists and
other health professionals in the
Atlanta area. He and his wife —
the former Nancy Ann Pratt —
and two children live at 1539
Grant Drive, NE, Atlanta.

Charles Woodson recently was
promoted to the rank of captain.
He serves in the judge advocate
general corps of the Army and
is currently stationed at Aber-
deen Proving Ground, Maryland.

• 1956

Class Reunion on June 3, 1961.

Abbott Bray has been promot-
ed to vice-president in charge of
sales of the Edco Chemical Com-
pany, Columbia, S. C. He was
sales manager with the firm at
the time of his promotion and
was formerly with the drug divi-
sion of Lever Brothers. He is
married to the former Betty Neal
Metts of Orangeburg, S. C., and
they have two children.

Mack N. Ballard, Jr., is office
manager of the Ballard Leather
Manufacturing & Sporting Goods
Company of Charlotte, N. C.

Dr. Sam Workman is now in-
terning at the General Hospital,
Spartanburg, S. C.

• 1957

Class Reunion on June 3, 1961.

The Rev. William O. Moore is
the new pastor of the Loris (S.
C.) Presbyterian Church. A na-
(continued on page 27)

Atl anta's Citizen & Southern . . .

Bank Favors PC Alumni

Decent promotions spotlight the fact that five young Presby-
terian College alumni are now serving with the Citizens
and Southern National Bank in Atlanta.

Bennett A. Brown '50 has just been promoted vice-president
of the correspondent bank division to become the youngest vice-
president in the banking firm. Jack B. Edmunds, Jr.
'55 has been advanced to assistant cashier and commercial loan

Warren L. Berry '55, meanwhile, is serving as assistant man-
ager of the Cascade Heights branch office, while Edwyn B.
Pyron '56 and Don Rickett '57 are going through the bank's
training program.

Bank Personnel Director B. W. Cardwell, on a recent re-
cruiting visit to the campus in search of more PC talent among
the graduating seniors, stated:

"Each of these voung men has an important place m the fu-
ture of our bank. Thev are assets to our bank, and we are proud to
present them to your Presbyterian College campus as concrete
evidence of our continued interest in your graduates."


Born to — Mrs. Mildred Zeigler
Brooker and Walter E. Brooker
'40 of Denmark, S. C. — a son,
Walter, Jr. — on November 22,

Born to — Mrs. Mary Neely Car-
ter and J. H. Carter, Jr. '41 of
Mooresville, N. C. — a daughter,
Mary Sadler— on April 13, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Evelyn Henry
Laiu '42 and Jared E. Law of
Greenville, S. C. — a son, John —
on January 21, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Eleanor Powell
McKinsey '43 and Donald L. Mc-
Kinsey of Columbia, S. C. — a son,
Malcolm Bruce— on July 23, 1960.
Born to — Mrs. Dorothy Ander-
son Walkup and William C. Walk-
up '43 of Timmonsville, S. C. — a
son, Richard — on October 31,

Born to — Mrs. Margaret A.
Garvin '45 and Henry Garvin of
Columbia, S. C. — a daughter,
Mary— on July 12, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Anita Sanders
Watson and Broadus E. Watson
'48 of Aiken, S. C. — a daughter
Marsha Anne — on July 21, 1960.
Born to— Dr. & Mrs. W. O. Wil-
son, Jr. '48 of Holly Hill, S. C—
a daughter, Gloria — on Septem-
ber 17, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Clarissa Stansell
Harker and James A. Harker, Jr.
'49 of Lynchburg, S. C— a daugh-
ter, Lucy — on August 15. 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Frances Powell
Hodge and Thomas W. Hodge '48
of Gainesville, Ga. — a daughter,
Helen — on January 14, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Charlotte Pow-
ers Jordan and Robert H. Jordan
'49 of Knoxville, Term. — a son,
Mark Stephen — on January 9,

Born to — Mrs. Virginia Henry
McKinnon '49 and the Rev. Wil-
liam McKinnon '52 of Hampton,
S. C, a daughter — Mary Caroline
—on Feb. 22, 1961.

Born to — Mrs. Carolyn Smith
Thompson and Robert D. Thomp-
son '49 of Olanta, S. C. — a daugh-
ter, Carolyn Nell — on July 13,

Born to — Mrs. Jane Bell Way
and Edward L. Way, Jr. '49 of
Williston, S. C. — a son, Wayne
Dale— on September 9, 1959.

Born to — Mrs. Janey Kerr Wil-
liams and Hal R. Williams '49 of
Greenville, S. C. — a daughter,
Nancy Kerr — on June 13, 1960.

Born t o- — Mrs. Harriet Smith
Caldwell and the Rev. Charles C.
Caldwell '50 of Marion, N. C. —
a daughter, Mary Elizabeth — on
July 4, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Nellie Gettys

Campbell and G. Edward Camp-
bell '50 of Clinton, S. C— a son,
George Gettys — on February 7,

Born to — Mrs. Sophie Fisher
McKissick and A. Foster McKis-
sick '50 of Easley, S. C. — a son,
James Rion — on June 27, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Annette Foster
Brewer '51 and Ernest Brewer,
Jr. '51 of Atlanta — a daughter,
Lisa Annette— on June 20, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Patricia S. Cop-
ley and Gerald L. Copley '51 of
Aiken, S. C. — a daughter, Peggy
—on April 3, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Elizabeth Doug-
las Stevenson and Dr. Travis B.
Stevenson, Jr. '51 of Charleston,
S. C. — a son, Travis B., Ill — on
May 13, 1960.

Edwards and the Rev. Bryan P.
Edwards '54 of Rayle, Ga. — a son,
Steven Bryan — on February 14,

Born to — Mrs. Diane Rockwell
McQueen and James T. McQueen
'54 of Ft. Rucker, Ala. — a son,
Mark Thomas — on March 9, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Ruth Houser
Matthews and Dr. Josiah S. Mat-
thews, HI '54 of Jacksonville, Fla.
— a son, Warren Mark — on Feb-
ruary 27, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Juanita Marrett
Bailey and the Rev. Herbert
Bailey '55 of Laurens, S. C. — a
son, John — on April 20, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Elaine Elrick
Cook and the Rev. Thomas C.
Cook, Jr. '55 of Port Gibson, Miss.

|w asip

Born to — Mrs. Sally Anne Bul-
lock and the Rev. Malcolm M.
Bullock '52 of Atlanta — a daught-
er, Harriet Grace — on December
25, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Margaret Young
Carter and William E. Carter '52
of Paducah, Kentucky — a daugh-
ter, Penny Susan — on July 1,

Born to — Mrs. Marian Tim-
mons King and Byron L. King '52
Norway, S. C. — a daughter, Mar-
ian Kimberly — on January 27,

Born to — Mrs. Carolyn Planine
Blewett and William P. Blewett
'53 of Carbondale, Illinois — a son,
William P. Jr. — on February 9,

Born to — Mrs. Janice Johnson
Godfrey and Myers Godfrey '53
of Charlotte, N. C— a daughter,
Tracy Anne — on March 14, 1960.

Born to — Capt. and Mrs. Mich-
ael Sholar '53 of Marion, Alaba-
ma — a son, John — on November
9, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Ernestine Shore
Avant and Wade Avant, Jr. '54
of Barnwell, S. C. — a son, Keith
Lowell— on June 27, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Batavia Richard-
son Borgh and Kelly L. Borgh '54
of Crescent City, Fla. — a son Kel-
ly L.— on February 8, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Norma Justice

— a son, Michael Karsten — on
November 16, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Rebecca Cole
Elam and Greg Elam '55 of Co-
lumbia, S. C. — a son, Philip Cole
—on September 26, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Frankie Cox Mc-
Kenzie and Thomas E. McKenzie,
Jr. '55 of Greenville, S. C. — a son,
Thomas Michael — on January 9,

Born to — Mrs. Elizabeth Win-
field Sloan and Robert M. Sloan
'55 o f Washington, N. C. — a
daughter, Sarah Johnson — on
August 12, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Vera Case Baker
and George A. Baker, III '56 of
Norfolk, Va. — a son, George
Bradford — on February 21, 1960.
Born to — Mrs. Gail Finley Dabbs
and Joseph S. Dabbs '56 of Mont-
gomery, Ala. — a daughter, Teri
McBride— in May 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Elizabeth Mit-
chell Neil and the Rev. Marshall
B. Neil, III '56 of Hartsville, S. C.
— a daughter, Elizabeth McClung
—on September 10, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Gretta Graugh
Peden and R. Kenneth Peden '56
of Greer, S. C. — a daughter, Cin-
dy Ann— on March 26, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Charlotte Ed-
wards Dukes and John Charles
Dukes, Jr. '57 of Atlanta, Ga. —
a son, John Charles, III — on Sep-
tember 19, 1960.


Spring, 1961

Born to — Mrs. Carolyn Keziah
Hudspeth and Jackson G. Huds-
peth '57 of Charlotte, N. C— a
son, Mack Steven — on December
29, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Margaret Crit-
tenden Martin and Robert S.
Martin '57 of Camden, S. C— a
son, Robert, Jr. — on April 24,

Born to — Mrs. Maudeline
Young Reed and the Rev. Archie
C. Reed '57 of Lugoff, S. C— a
son, Alan — on January 30, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Betty Pinson
Thackston and Marvin R. Thack-
ston, Jr. '57 of Greenville, S. C.
— a daughter, Susan Elizabeth —
on May 27, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Deloroure Val-
touse Drake and Zachariah J.
Drake, Jr. '58 of Florence, S. C.
■ — a son, Zachariah, III — on Feb-
ruary 13, 1960.

Born to — Mr. & Mrs. James L.
Newson '58 of Atlanta, Ga. — a
son, James Daniel — on November
9. 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Lucy Elliott Pri-
ckett and Charles L. Prickett '58
of Holly Hill, S. C— a daughter,
Mary Elizabeth — on August 16,

Born to - — Mrs. Ann Pennell
Yearick and William H. Yearick,
III '58 of Winter Park, Fla.— a
son, William Michael — on No-
vember 14, 1960.

Born to — -Mrs. Frances Lewal-
len Wilson and Charles C. Wil-
son, Jr. '59 of Wilmington, Ohio
— a son, Charles III — in April

Born to — Mrs. Dorothy Timblin
Crawford and Gerald W. Craw-
ford '60 of Laurens, S. C. — a son,
Gerald Alan— on July 1, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Tonita Ray Rea-
ves and Glenn B. Reaves '60 of
Joanna, S. C. — a son, James — on
April 18, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Lucille Hunter
Blanchard and Harvey F. Blanch-
ard (student) of Clinton, S. C. —
a son, Harvey, Jr. — on February
22, 1961.

Born to — Mrs. Alice Watkins
Clontz (student) and Jack Clontz
(student) of Clinton, S. C— a
daughter, Sharon Marie — on Feb-
ruary 8, 1961.

Born to — Mrs. Bonnie Benns
Hinson and Albert T. Hinson
(student) of Clinton, S. C. — a
son, Toy Brent — on August 31,

Born to — Mrs. Judith Spear-
man Watts and David Watts
(student) of Clinton, S. C— a
daughter, Judith Ann — on Sep-
tember 6, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Elizabeth Reg-
nery Greenslade and David G.
Greenslade (student) of Clinton
— a son, David Gordon, Jr. — on
March 15, 1961.

Born to — Mrs. Billie Burts
Haselden and William F. Hasel-
den (student) of Clinton, S. C. —
15, 1961.

Born to — Mrs. Joyce Wiggins

and Lloyd W. Wiggins (student)
of Laurens, S. C. — a daughter,
Connie Alisa — on October 14,

Born to — Mrs. Jane Matthews
Madden and John Madden (Fa-
culty) of Clinton, S. C. — a son,
Brian Matthews — on February 1,

For Whom

Wedding Bells Toll

Married — Mrs. Halcyon Roach
Moore of Memphis, Tenn., to Dr.
Ross M. Lynn '31, also of Mem-
phis, on July 20, 1960.

Married — Miss Mairi Henrietta
MacLeod of Charlotte, N. C. to
Donald Frank MacDonald '48, al-
so of Charlotte, on July 9, 1960.

Married — Miss Patsy Jean Har-
mon of Chapel Hill, N. C, to
Dennis F. Troutman '49, also of
Chapel Hill, on December 18,

Married — Miss Mary Petropoul-
los of Greenville, S. C, to Hamlet
L. Johnson '50, also of Greenville,
on November 26, 1960.

Married — Miss Anna K. Mc-
Nair of Winston-Salem, N. C, to
Dr. Thomas N. Massey, Jr. '51,
also of Winston-Salem, on Au-
gust 15, 1959.

Married — Miss Jeannette Nor-
man of Winnsboro, S. C, to H. C.
Starnes, Jr. '51 of Great Falls,
S. C, on December 9, 1960.

Married — Miss Dorothy Clare
Bates of Miami, Fla., to Kenneth
Norton Baker, Jr. '56 of Clinton,
S. C, on December 21, 1960.

Married — Miss Janet Kay Beh-
rens of Redwood City, Calif, to
Lynwood H. Gaskin '56, also of
Redwood City, on May 21, 1960.

Married — Miss Jo Anne Addy
of West Columbia, S. C, to
Frank C. Young '56 of Clinton,
S. C, on July 1, 1960.

Married — Miss Inez Dumas of
Clearwater, Fla., to William Tsa-
crios '57 also of Clearwater, Fla.,
on August 6, 1960.

Married — Miss Patricia Anne
Bradford of Greenville, S. C, to
Roy M. Fowler '58, also of Green-
ville, on October 1, 1960.

Married — Miss Lucille Baine of
Decatur, Ga., to Charles D. Mur-

phy, Jr. '58, also of Decatur, on
December 16, 1960.

Married — Miss Patricia Vestal
of San Clement, Calif., to Read
M. Clark '59, also of San Cle-
ment, on February 13, 1960.

Married — Miss Rose Moore
Nettles '59 of Clinton and Dallas,
Texas, to Robert Clarence Ogles-
by, Jr., of New Orleans, La., on
November 30, 1960.

Married — Miss Emerine Man-
grum of Durham, N. C, to James
E. Shakespeare '59, also of Dur-
ham, on June 27, 1960.

Married — Miss Laura Louise
Adams of Arlington, Va., to Alan
R. McKie '60, also of Arlington.
Va., in July, 1960.

Married — Miss Sallie Kimbrell
of Rock Hill, S. C, to Victor Gay
Verdie '60 of Decatur, Ga., on
December 26, 1960.

Married — Miss Lou Jones
Cornwall (student) to Earl Hor-
ton, both of Clinton, S. C, in Au-
gust, 1960.

Married — Miss Helen Ruth Hol-
land of Clinton, S. C, to William
Richard Hill (student) of Mc-
Keesport, Pa., on January 1, 1961.

Married — Miss Martha Jane
Horton of Clinton, S. C, to James
Terry Hughes (student) also of
Clinton, on December 17, 1960.

Married — Miss Meriam Loraine
Patterson of Clinton, S. C, to
James S. Long (student) also of
Clinton, on July 2, 1960.

Married — Miss Lucretia Siew-
ers to Paul E. Neil, Jr. (student)
both of Norway, S. C, in Novem-
ber, 1960.

Married — Miss Suzanne Tho-
mpson of Greenwood, S. C, to
Vernon P. Rowland, Jr. (stud-
ent) of Kingsport, Tenn. to be
married on March 7, 1961.

Spring, 1961




Miss Fronde Kennedy '96

Miss Fronde Kennedy '96, well-known teacher
upon whom PC bestowed an honorary doctor of
literature degree in 1923, died on February 26 in a
Richmond, Va. nursing home. Death came at 81
after several months of declining health.

A native of Greenville (SC) County and daughter
of the late Dr. Joseph W. Kennedy, third president of
Presbyterian College, her many teaching positions
included being dean of women at Trinity College
(now Duke University), and a member of the faculty
at Converse, Lees-McRae, Montreat College and
Flora Macdonald. She had obtained her master's de-
gree from Columbia University in 1914.

Miss Kennedy was director of a Federal writers
project in Spartanburg (SC) County, during which
time she wrote the published history of that county.
Since retiring from the Flora Macdonald faculty
several years ago, she had made her home in Spar-

Leslie S. C. Hays '06

Dr. Leslie St. Clair Hays '06, prominent surgeon
and former member of the Presbyterian College
board of trustees, died in a Clinton hospital on
December 28. The 72-year-old physician had been
in declining health for several years.

A native of Clinton, where he spent most of his
life and founded Hays Hospital, he was valedictorian
of his PC class and an honor graduate of the College
of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University.
Dr. Hays served as house surgeon at Bellevue Hos-
pital in New York for two years, then spent a year
at the New York Nursery and Child's Hospital and
served the Army General Hospital at Fort Ogle-
thorpe, Ga. for a year during World War I.

Dr. Hays operated Hays Hospital from the time
of its establishment in 1916 until its sale in 1946. He
was a PC trustee from 1935 to 1950 and received the
College's Alumni Gold P Award as "alumnus-of-
the-year" in 1942.

He is survived by his wife, a son, Maj. Ned S.
Hays '37, and one sister.

Samuel L. Leaman '13

Samuel Lylian Leaman '13 died at age 66 on Fe-
bruary 18, 1961, in Augusta, Ga., after several months
of declining health.

He made his home in Greenwood, S. C, where he
had served for many years with the Post Office,
until his retirement in 1946. A native of Cross Hill,
S. C, and a star athlete at P. C, Leaman taught
school for several years before entering the Army
Air Corps during World War I. He went into postal
work at Greenwood after the war.

Among the survivors are his wife, two sisters, one
brother and one half-brother.

Alexander Henry '19

Alexander Henry, class of 1919, died in an Atlan-
ta hospital on October 15. He passed away at age
66 after an extended illness.

He was a native of Clinton and lived here for
many years, until his retirement as a rural mail

carrier with the Post Office three years ago. He
and Mrs. Henry then moved to Decatur, Ga., to
make their home with their son.

Henry was a member of the Retired Rural Car-
riers Association and the American Legion, having
served in World War I. He is survived by his wife,
one son and two brothers.

John A. Wertz '28

Dr. John Alexander (Jack) Wertz '28 died sud-
denly at his Estill, S. C, home on January 30, 1961.
He was 53.

Born in Savannah, Ga., on September 26, 1907, he
was first honor graduate of Presbyterian College in
the class of 1928 after serving as student body pre-
sident his senior year. He received his medical train-
ing at the Medical College of South Carolina and
served in the US Army Medical Corps during World
War II.

Dr. Wertz had practiced medicine in Estill for the
past 26 years. He was a deacon of the Presbyterian
Church there. Surviving are his wife, one daughter
and a sister.

William S. Denson '32

William Sidney Denson, class of 32, died in a
Baltimore hospital on February 23 after an operation
and illness of several weeks. He was 49.

Denson was connected with the Federal Social
Security Agency in Baltimore, where he had lived
for 25 years. He was a native of Clinton and at-
tended the public schools here before entering PC.

Surviving are his wife, two daughters, his mother,
one brother and a sister.

Miss Lois E. Blakely '35

Death came on last September 9 for Miss Lois Ella
Blakely '35x, of Clinton after several days of serious
illness in the Greenwood (SC) hospital.

She was a native and lifelong resident of Clinton
and attended Duke University as well as Presby-
terian College. At the time of her death, she was
secretary-treasurer of Whitten Village, state in-
stitution for slow-learning children, a position she
had held for a number of years.

Miss Blakely was active in the work of St. Johns
Lutheran Church and in civic organizations. She is
survived by a brother and five sisters.

William A. Glasure '61

William Alton Glasure '61 of Thornwell was
among the 23 persons aboard the Military Air Trans-
port service plane which vanished on January 26,
1961, over Canada's frozen Atlantic coastline.

He was an aviation radioman second-class with
the US Navy aboard the transport which was carry-
ing 13 passengers and ten crewmen from Morocco
to its home base at Norfolk, Va., via the Azores and
Newfoundland. A Navy Plane reported seeing an
explosion in the air. Extensive searching efforts
found no wreckage.

A native of Commerce, Ga., Glasure had come to
Thornwell Orphanage at the age of five and had
graduated as valedictorian of his high school class.
He enlisted in the Navy in June, 1958, while a stu-
dent at PC and was 22 at the time of the crash.

His wife is the former Martha McMillian, young-
est daughter of Lonnie S. McMillian, longtime PC
football coach and now director emeritus of ath-
letics. Also surviving is one brother, Marvin Gla-
sure, a freshman at Presbyterian this year.


Spring, 1961

Class News . . .

(continued fror page 23)

tive of Rocky Mount, N. C, he is
a recent graduate of Columbia
Theological Seminary.

• 1958

Class Reunion on June 3, 1961.

Clayton O. Adams is an agent
with the Minnesota Mutual Life
Insurance Company in Norfolk,

Va. He and his family reside at
25 Moore Road. Churchland, Va.

• 1959

Class Reunion on June 3, 1961.

Harold F. Gallimore volun-
teered for four years' service in
the US Air Force in July, 1959.
took his basic at Lackland, AFB.
Tex., graduated second in his
class in a speciatly IBM school at
Sheppard AFB, Tex., and has

been stationed at Charleston
AFB, S. C, for the past year. He
was selected 'Airman of the
month" last July for his out-
standing accomplishments in the
field of computer programming
and recently spent seven weeks
on special assignment studying at
the IBM Data Processing Test
Centerin New York. His address:
HSS 1608 ABGP, Charleston

25 Years Later:

Heading into its Silver Anniversary,
here's a current glance at the Class of '36

James T. Addison, in the cattle-
raising business in Joanna, S.
C, operates the Joanna Here-
ford Farm and Joanna Canteen.

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