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entered the Army last October,
attended Intelligence School at
Fort Holabird, Md., and began a
tour of duty in Germany last
April. He expects to be overseas
for 18 months.

Mickey Flynn is enrolled as a
dental student at the Medical
College of Virginia in Richmond.


Summer, 1961

He and his family — wife and
baby girl— live at 4923 North
Crestwood Avenue.


William H. Sullivan is the
purchasing agent for the Talbert
Manufacturing Company of
Rennsalaer, Ind. He and his
family live in nearby Monnon,

Jerry B. Lesley is now teach-
ing and coaching at Crescent
High School, Iva, S. C.


Robert H. Ahnan holds a posi-
tion with the Proximity Print
Works of Greensboro. N. C,
where he and his wife reside
at 1809 Dellwood Drive.

Martin F. Chitty plans to
teach at the York (SO Junior
High School, beginning in Sep-
tember, He'll take along a new
bride (see weddings).

Richard E. Faulkner is now
installed in a post with the
Wachovia Bank and Trust
Company of Charlotte, N. C.
His address there: 2010 Roswell

A fellowship will take Don
Kay to the University of Ten-
nessee this fall. He will begin
work toward his master's de-
gree as a graduate assistant in

Harry G. McDonnold, working
for the Western North Carolina
Planning Board in hometown
Asheville, N. C, this summer,
is scheduled to join the J. P.
Stevens textile firm next April.

James G. Monroe, Jr., headed
toward the Army, may be ad-
dressed in care of the 503rd
MP Battalion at Fort Bragg,
N. C, after September 15.

Thomas Carroll Ott is em-
ployed as a salesman with the
merchandising firm of Curtis S.
Ott of Bowman, S. C.

Another teacher among the
latest graduates, Ernie Redd will
begin his duties as teacher-
coach at Fairforest (SO High
School this fall.

Brit Spann has a fellowship
to enter the Clemson graduate
school, where he will work to-
ward his master's in mathe-
matics. While he awaits the fall
session, he presently is employ-
ed at the Blue Bird Body Com-
pany. Fort Valley, Ga.

Mrs. Frances Estes Salyer will
teach English during the coming

For Whom

Wedding Bells Toll

Married — Miss Jo Lynn Huff-
man of Columbia, S. C, to James
Burroughs Allen, Jr. '55 of Con-
way. S. C, on June 3, 1961.

Married — Miss Leila Grace
Kosborough to John Milton
Cooper, Jr. '55, both of Mayes-
ville, S. C, on June 17, 1961.

Married — Miss Ruth Lawrence
Pate of Sumter, S. C. to William
F. Tiller '55 of Mayesville, S. C,
on July 8, 1961.

Married — Miss Jewell Row-
land Powell of Latta, S. C. to
Robert Raymond Hill '58 of
Mayesville, S. C, June 12, 1961.

Married — Miss Muriel Marie
Ward of Tabor City, N. C, to
Maxcy B. O'Tuel '58 of Florence,
S. C, on May 28, 1961.

Married — Miss Luella Mae
Trogdon of Spartanburg. S. C,
to William K. Stacy, Jr. '58 of
Anderson, S. C. on June 7, 1961.

Married — Miss Amelia Rae
Dossett to Patrick E. Wilson '58
of Columbia. S. C, on March 25,

Married — Miss Frances Eliza-
beth Culp of Atlanta, Ga., to
Richard DeVon Carter '59 of De-
catur, Ga., on May 27, 1961.

Married — Miss Jane Vandiver
Harper to William Porter '59,
both of Anderson, S. C, on April
29, 1961.

Married — Miss Zelonia Gayle
Robertson '59 of Greenville, S.
C, to Ronald W. Likens of
Greenville, on June 17, 1961.

Married — Miss Elizabeth Jane
Kamer of Clinton, S. C, to John
R. Crandall '60 of Orlanda, Fla.,
on June 9, 1961.

Married — Miss Fay Miller to
Eugene L. McKethan, Jr. '60 of
Favetteville, N. C. on June 18,

Married — Miss Sharon E. Belk
to Robert F. Stratton '60 of Char-
lotte, N. C, on February 18, 1961.

Married — Miss Marion Lemuel
Surratt to Jesse Eugene John-
ston, Jr.. '61 both of Joanna, S.
C, on June 10. 1961.

Married — Miss Jacqueline
Elaine Felkel of Elloree, S. C,
to Thomas Sidney Ott '61 of
Bowman, S. C, on May 7, 1961.

year at the John Gorrie Junior
High School of Jacksonville, Fla.
She and husband Bobby J. Sal-
yer '61 are residing at 3540
Morrow St.

Married — Miss Frances Doris
Estes '61 of Laurens, S. C, to
Bobby J. Salyer '61 of Jackson-
ville, Fla., on June 3, 1961.

Married — Miss Mary Louise
Thompson to John Julian Allen
(student) both of Conway, S. C,
on June 6, 1961.

Married — Miss Mary Frances
Wolfe to Robert A. Collins (stu-
dent) both of Monroe, N. C, on
April 30, 1961.

Married — Miss Patsy Ann
Harvey to Belton Jackson (stu-
dent) both from Lyman, S. C,
on June 10, 1961.

Married — Miss Margaret Jan-
ice Martin and Robert W. Joiner
(student) both of Macon, Ga.,
in April, 1961.

Married — Miss Suzanne Thom-
ason of Greenwood. S. C, to
Vernon Roland, Jr. (student) of
Kingsport, Tenn., on March 7,

Married — Miss Ellen Virginia
Wilson (student) of Savannah,
Ga., to Lovell Smith (student)
of Asheville, N. C, on May 28,

Engaged — Miss Jean Berkley
Huffman to Leslie Hammer Pat-
terson '55 both of Columbia, S. C.
To be married in the fall.

Engaged — Miss Marion Ann
Barry of Jackson, Miss., to Fran-
cis Borel Mayes '56 of Winns-
boro, S. C. To be married in
August, 1961.

Engaged — Miss Betty Jo Nich-
ols of Saluda, S. C. to James W.
Livingston '58 of Moncks Cor-
ner, S. C. To be married July 1,

Engaged — Miss Alethea Flem-
ing Massey of Charlotte, N. C, to
Richard Bronson Booth '59 of
Matthews, N. C. To be married
in October, 1961.

Engaged — Miss Ann Gettys '60
of Clinton, S. C, to David W.
Nash of Little Rock, Ark. To be
married on September 1, 1961.

Engaged — Miss Sylvia Land to
Martin F. Chitty '61 of Den-
mark, S. C. To be married on
August 20, 1961.

Engaged — Miss Sandra Ruth
Davis of Clinton, S. C, to Robert
Paul Watts (student), also of
Clinton. To be married in Au-
gust, 1961.

Summer, 1961


Born to — Mrs. Catherine Rice
Cunningham and Jack P. Cun-
ningham '40 of Greenville, S. C.
— a son, Jeffrey — on October 8,

Born to — Mrs. Muriel Harmon
Lake and Kemper D. Lake '43 of
Whitmire, S. C. — a son, Kemper,

Born to — Mrs. Beverly Magbee
GUlis '48 and C. Reid Gillis of
Austell, Ga. — a daughter, Missy
Marie— on Sept. 22, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Mary McDonald
Bowles and Richard N. Bowles
'49 of Augusta, Ga. — a son,
Ralph— on September 27, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Virginia Henry
McKinnon '49 and William P.
McKinnon '52 of Hampton, S. C.
— a daughter, Mary Caroline — on
February 22, 1961.

Augusta, Ga. — a daughter, Ca-
ren — on August 1, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Betty Ward
Hardee and F. Stanley Hardee,
Jr. '53 of Thomasville, N. C— a
son, Ray — on January 14, 1961.

Born to — Mrs. Mirta Ramas
Lindsey and Haskell D. hindsey,
Jr. '53 of Greenwood, S. C— a
daughter, Debra Lynn — on Feb-
ruary 17, 1961.

Born to — Mrs. Dianne Robert-
son Templeton and James L.
Templeton, Jr. '54 of Laurens,
S. C. — a daughter, Sharon — on
February 15, 1961.

Born to — Mrs. Nina Cantey
Bradley '57 and William C. Brad-
ley '54 of Columbia, S. C. — a son,
Grady Cantey— on July 19, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Nancy Cockfield
Harwell and B. Hicks Harwell '54

00{!P 0G)(ijp

Born to — Mrs. Jean Harris
Byrum '49 and William V. Byrum
'50 of Spartanburg, S. C, a son,
John William— on May 8, 1961.

Born to — Mrs. Ruth Hilton
Little and Henry T. Little '49 of
Greenville, S. C. — a daughter —
on June 16, 1961.

Born to — Mrs. Betty Johnson
Copley and William C. Copley
'50 of Aiken, S. C— a daughter,
Amy— on August 16, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Elizabeth Craig
DuBose and Cantey C. DuBose,
Jr. '50 of Seneca, S. C. — a daugh-
ter, Lila Ann — on February 18,

Born to — Mrs. Mary Hankinson
King and William R. King '51 of
Savannah, Ga. — a daughter, Carol
Louise — on March 31, 1961.

Born to — Mrs. Jean Tolbert
Lyndon and Righton Lyndon '51
of Macon, Ga. — a daughter, Ann
Clair — on January 21, 1961.

Born to — Mrs. Virginia Clark
Jackson and Kirby B. Jackson
'52 of Marion, S. C. — a son, Kir-
by, Jr. — on November 6, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Ameta Kirby
Ashe and E. K. Ashe '53 of North
Augusta, S. C. — a son, Bryan —
on January 19, 1961.

Born to — Mrs. Betty Bryant
Fulk and Emmett A. Fulk '53 of

of Florence, S. C. — a daughter,
Jennie — on December 7, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Alice Temple-
ton Shillinglaw and William C.
Shillinglaw, Jr. '54 of Charlotte,
N. C. — a son, Scott — on July 13,

Born to — Mrs. Sally Porter
Haddix and Guy E. Haddix '57
of Morgantown, W. Va. — a
daughter, Holli Fae — on Novem-
ber 7, 1960.

Born to — Dr. and Mrs. John C.
Hall '57 of Atlanta, Ga. — a son,
William Bradley — on April 30,

Born to — Mrs. Carolyn Rush
Neighbors and Dillard D. Neigh-
bors '57 of Laurens, S. C. — a son,
Albert Lee— on October 16, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Ria Martin Ful-
ton and William J. Fulton '58 of
Atlanta, Ga. — a daughter, Tama-
ra Lee — on December 19, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Joan Senn Hol-
mes and Jack P. Holmes '58 of
Enoree, S. C. — a son, Jeffrey —
on November 24, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Linda Cox Lipp
and William O. Lipp '58 of Chi-
cago, Illinois — a son, David
Ralph— on March 31, 1961.

Born to — Mrs. Ren Gamble
Carter and J. Warren Carter '58
of Lake City, S. C. — a daughter,

Laura Renn — on October 19,

Born to — Mrs. Nina Smythe
Kirby and Harold W. Kirby '58
of Union, S. C. — a daughter,
Virginia Elizabeth — on February
6, 1961.

Born to — Mrs. Doris Tolbert
Burns and Raleigh H. Burns '59
of Decatur, Ga. — a son, Paul —
on September 20, 1960.

Born to — Mr. and Mrs. Hey-
ward R. McConnell '59 of Green-
ville, S. C. — a son, Ross Blake —
on April 1, 1961.

Born to — Mrs. Margaret Lovett
McElveen and Charles L. Mc-
Elveen. Jr. '59 of Kingstree, S. C.
— - a son, Douglas Graham — on
April 16, 1961.

Born to — Mrs. Patricia Pad-
gett Quinn and Charles E. Quinn
'59 of Greenville, S. C. — a daugh-
ter, Tricia — on August 11, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Bert Wallace
Chastain and William Paul Chas-
tain '60 of Central, S. C. — a
daughter, Paula Ann — on April
11, 1961.

Born to — Mrs. Brenda Smith
Flynn and Mitchell L. Flynn '60
of Richmond, Va. — a daughter,
Jane— on August 27, 1960.

Born to — Mrs. Nancy Simpson
Simmons and Harold W. Sim-
mons '60 of Aiken, S.C. — a son,
Harold Steven — on January 12,

Born to — Mrs. Nancy Keys
Reed and Lee Scott Reed '60 of
Anderson, S. C. — a daughter,
Stephanie Ann — on April 24,

Born to — Mrs. Trudy Cameron
Segrest and Donald H. Segrest
'60 of Union Springs, Ala. — a
son, McCaskill — on April 2,

Born to — Mrs. Catherine Pa-
trick Bridges and Donald Brid-
ges '61 of Decatur, Ga. — a daugh-
ter, Tracy — on April 16, 1961.

Born to — Mrs. Jane Moore
Rhymer and Richard W. Rhy-
mer '61 of Spartanburg, S. C. —
a daughter, Martha Elizabeth —
on May 30, 1961.

Born to — Mrs. Gail Griggs Col-
lins and Thomas Collins '61 of
Pageland, S. C. — a son, David
Albert— on June 5, 1961.

Born to — Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Cornwell '61 of Chester — a son,
Scott— in May, 1961.

Born to — Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Fallaw '61 of Rock Hill, S. C— a
daughter, Nancy Ann — on April
2, 1961.


Summer, 1961

News items from SREB:

Spotlight on Higher Education

Colleges all over the South and nation face
a serious problem in obtaining new faculty
members. Good teachers and researchers are
in short supply, and will be hard to obtain
for the next decade.

Today, the university produces the Ph.D.,
but is more than likely to lose him to govern-
mental or industrial jobs at premium salaries.
The result is a growing shortage of Ph.D's to
staff our college classrooms. The shortage is
telling on faculty quality. College administra-
tors are increasingly having to compromise and
take an inexperienced man with an M. A.
rather than a man with a Ph.D.

In 1954, about 31 percent of the new teach-
ers in colleges and universities had earned
the doctor's degree. In 1958, only 23 percent
had reached that level of preparation.

Of the total teachers, old and new in our
colleges, nearly half hold the Ph.D. but more
than three-fourths of the newcomers to col-
lege and university teaching do not have
one. In the years to come, the proportion of
Ph.D.'s to non-Ph.D.'s may diminish even fur-

The problem has developed at a time when
America needs the best teachers it can get
to train future scientists and doctors, social
scientists and humanists.

The South will probably need no less than
50,000 new college teachers during the next
ten years. Yet only 15,000 to 20,000 Ph.D.'s
will be graduated in the region during that
time. And at least half of these are expected
to go into industry and government rather
than into the college and university faculties.

Family Income and College Attendance

Higher education has become a cost item of
great importance to the Southern family plan-
ning to send a son or daughter to college.

The average annual bill for an unmarried
college student in the United States today is
$1,550, the Southern Regional Educational
Eoard has reported in its publication, "Financ-
ing Higher Education." That figure, taken
from a nationwide survey completed by the
Survey Research Center at the University of
Michigan, is a conservative figure which does
not include such items as clothing and radios
or other extras.

Family income level is a vital determinant
of who goes to college. Thirty nine percent
of parents earning less that $3,000 expect their
children to go to college, while 95 percent of
parents earning $10,000 and over expect to see
their offspring in college, the SREB reports.

Summer, 1961

In both cases, fewer children go than are
expected to — only 12 percent of the lower in-
come children do get to college and 65 per-
cent of the upper income group go.

The greatest disappointment, however,
comes to the middle income range. In the
$5,000 to $7,000 group 80 percent expect their
children to go to college and only 28 per cent
actually go.

Industry's College Grads Increase

For 100 years before 1950, over 60 percent of
the college graduates used to become lawyers,
preachers or doctors, but by 1950, only 14 per-
cent were in these groups. Between 1950-1960,
there was four-fold increase of college gradu-
ates among the remaining occupations which
are found, for the most part, in commerce
and industry.

South Leads in Educational TV

Almost half of the educational TV stations
in the country are located in the Southern re-
gion. The South also had the distinction of
having the first station in the nation at Hous-
ton University in 1953 and organizing the
first state ETV network in Alabama.




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