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Giving of Ones Self, Above and Beyond




















In speaking of generosity, John Wesley once wrote: "Do all the good you can, by all the
means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all
the people you can, as long as ever you can."

That well defines the Presbyterian College experience, for over the course of an academic
year, this institution experiences generosity in ways too wonderful to enumerate. On these pages,
however, we try to acknowledge the many generous friends - alumni and non-alumni, churches
and presbyteries, corporations and foundations - who, through their acts of kindness, helped PC
advance toward its many goals and realize its ambitious dreams.

Perhaps the giving spirit of the Presbyterian College donor is best embodied in the words
of Nelson Henderson, when he defined the selfless giving of one's time, talents, and treasures:

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit."

We thank each of the individuals and organizations listed in this publication. You have
given of yourself, and you have gone above and beyond what we could possibly expect.


You hold in your hands the President's Report that recaps the
1999-2000 academic year at Presbyterian College; it's a publication that we
produce each year to reflect on significant events and recognize individual
financial support.

From the outside looking in, one might assume that because a
college or university publishes an annual report each fall that the
information is always the same — that one academic highlight is no
different than the next, that this donor profile is the same as another.

When you are on the inside of the PC community, however, it
becomes clear how every day stands alone unlike the one just past, how no
two events are ever quite the same, how, ultimately, each year takes on its
owii identity.

Such was certainly the case at Presbyterian College in the 1999-
2000 academic year. One day might echo with the sound of construction -
at the site of Carol h-iternational House on the east plaza, Patrick Center
for admissions and alumni offices on the west plaza, or at the new soccer
stadium behind Templeton Center; the next day might shake with the roar
of a political rally welcoming a U.S. presidential candidate to Springs
Campus Center. The news in the morning might concern an English
professor receiving one of the nation's highest literary honors, while the
news of the afternoon might be that a senior on the women's soccer team




had been named the top scholar-athlete for the entire South Atlaiitic Conference. A particular
hour might begin with a Russell Program lecture by one of the foremost comet discoverers in the
world, and it might end with a panel discussion on how the media are interpreting the advances
in unlocking the human genetic code.

Granted, each moment possessed its own distinctive subtext, hut a common connection
seemed to tie them all together. Wliat came through over and over again was the simple theme
of giving of one's self, above and beyond.

♦ All four alumni honored at the 1999 Homecoming awards program had given of their
considerable talents to the benefit of others, whether through music, education,
leadership, or volunteer service.

♦ The college's strategic plan initiatives in technology made remarkable progress during
1999-2000 largely because of the financial gifts given by two PC alumni who are
themselves in the telecommunication industry and want to invest in the future of PC
graduates in the 21'' century.

♦ A dedicated alumna and longtime administrator who has served as a counselor,
mentor, and friend to PC students over the past quarter of a century was honored for
her selfless service to the college and to her church.

♦ Following the death of her husband, a woman who had no children of her own made
provisions for PC in her financial plans; upon her own death many years later, she left
her entire estate to the college in a gift that will forever change the lives of future
students in need of scholarship assistance.

Giving of one's self, above and beyond. What better way to characterize a year in the life
of an institution that values its Christian heritage and service to others? As "PC: 2010" — the
strategic plan for the first decade of the new century - unfolds and this fine, old college advances
in exciting new ways, we take this opportunity to review our progress in the year just passed and
say "thank you" to the many members of the extended PC family who gave of themselves, above
and beyond, to make the year so memorable.

John Griffith



We live in a time where the setting aside of financial resources to
achieve future goals reflects a wise and prudent way of life. By doing so,
we expect the fruits of our labors to benefit not only ourselves, but also
those individuals and causes important to us. Stewardship, or the faith-
ful and generous use of the resources that God has given to us, is a
concept as old as the hills to Presbyterian College folk.

Our donors live their stewardship philosophy, hi a day and age
when the most common language in society is that of the investment
world, our donors have blessed us by making the greatest investment of
all - a gift for the college. They understand that the lessons of knowl-
edge and strong character are lessons our students carry with them as a
permanent way of life. As one of our faculty members recently said,
"We have to educate our students in a way that shows them that knowl-
edge and character are not a part of life but a way of life. When they
leave us, our graduates know that their vocations and their families and
their communit>' and church involvement are more than just parts of
their lives that segment out into independent, unrelated boxes. They no
longer separate who they are from what they do, for the \alues in all their
worlds remain the same. They are leaders in the best and truest sense."
As we move boldly into the 21st century, it is most fitting that
we honor those friends Usted here whose support means ever>^thing to
the critical work of the college of preparing leaders for the future.



Last year more than 4,500 people invested in the fi.iture of Presbyterian College. We received
approximately $11 million in cash for endowment, building, and operating needs, an increase of $2.5
million over the previous year. From the Patrick Center to Carol International House to the remodeling
of Greenville Dining Hall, PC is moving forward while holding firmly to the foundation of our traditions.

Many of our students are here because of a gift from a generous donor of an endowed scholarship
fund. Scholarship support is one of the greatest ongoing needs of the college. Currently, Presbyterian
College has endowment monies for scholarships totaling an estimated $53,123,000. Of the 571 scholar-
ship funds held by the college, 18 were established last year, an increase of six over the previous year. Over
80 percent of our student body, or roughly 913 students, receive some type of financial aid. For them, this
financial assistance makes the PC educational experience a reality.

If one were to visit our campus, one couldn't help but notice that not all the faces one sees belong
to students. Many of those eager and intelligent smiles belong to one of the college's truly priceless trea-
sures - our faculty. These men and women are here because they love to teach, and because they are exhila-
rated and challenged by the potential they see in their students. For them, a large university cannot match
the rich teacher environment of a church-related liberal arts college.

The bountiful hearts of our friends ensure that they are able to teach in this marvelous place. An
estimated $29,880,000 of the college's total endowment of $83 million supports the academic program.
These gifts make it possible to attract and retain the best faculty members for our students and give our
teachers the resources with which to teach. These gifts represent 59 academic program endowments, and
they mean the critical margin of difference in education - the difference between just being "good" at
something versus being great.

But no college dream is possible without faith and hard work on the part of many people, and
"thank you" as a phrase often seems so inadequate for those gifts. Please know that we are and always will
be profoundly grateful for you, our friends, and the many ways in which you have blessed us. As the
college begins work that will make our strategic plan a reality, we know that the difference between aspir-
ing to great things and the fulfillment of those dreams is determined not by how much you dream, but by
how much your dream is shared by others. We extend our heartfelt thank you for the essential part you
play in the dreams for our future.

Genevra Kelly

Vice President for College Advancement





Presbyterian College finished its
fiscal year, once again, in solid finan-
cial shape. Total revenue for the year
was $31,245,452, while expenditures
totalled $22,136,521.

As other charts on these pages
indicate, a strong freshman class and a
growing overall student enrollment contrib-
uted to the healthy fiscal picture, according
to Ed Young, the college's treasurer.


$31,245 million

Auxiliary Enterprises



Interest, Dividends.

and Gains on



Private Gifts and



Administrative and



$22,136 million

dent Services

Instructional, Library,

and Academic Support


Auxiliary Enterprises


Student Tuition and

Fees (Less Student




1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987

997 1998 1999 2000

Endowment (in millions)

The PC eiidowment
continued to grow during the
1999-2000 fiscal year. When the
year began on July I, 1999, the
market value stood at $79 million.
Twelve months later, on June 30,
2000, the value had increased to
$83 million.

As the accompanying
chart indicates, the endowment
grew by nearly $52 million in the
decade of the 1990s — more than
$36 million in the last five years


2 (

Freshmen enrollment

1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000

Total fall enrollment


When the fall semester
began in 1999, one of the largest
— and academically strongest —
freshmen classes in PC history
had joined the student body.

With 339 freshmen on
campus, the enrollment increased
to 1,119 for the year, and an
exciting enrollment trend began
for PC that would continue with
in the fall of 2000, when 331
freshmen boosted the enrollment
to 1,150 students.

997 1998 1999 2000



As a key initiative in Presbyterian
College's 10-year strategic plan, the focus
on international education continued as
91 students studied abroad at some point
during the 1999-2000 academic year — the
second-highest total in the college's history.

Number of PC students studying abroad

T" ^ jrn

-/ -' > ^

y J^ J^

./ p

^ ^







Class Of 1926
Percentage: 100%
Gifts to the Annual Fund:
Ralph G. Campbell Sr.

Class Of 1927
Percentage: 33%
Gifts til the Annual Fund:
Gadsden C. Frampton Sr.

Class Of 1928
Percentage: 67%
Gifts to the Annual Fund:
Walter A. Black
Sebastian Cater Ligon
Other Gifts to the College:
Sebastian Cater Ligon

Class Of 1929

Percentage: 80%

Gifts to the Annual Fund:

EUie D. Brunson

Roy A. Hogrefe

Olivious C. Martin

Class Of 1930

Percentage: 57%

Gifts to the Annual Fund:

Isaac M. Adair *

James W. Milam

Other Gifts to the College:

Bonneau H. Dickson

Class Of 1932

Percentage; 60%

Gifts to the Annual Fund:

Gus C. Adams

Charles W. Anderson*

Randolph E. Carothers

Richard B. Ferguson, Jr. *

Arhe W. Williams

Other Gifts to the College:

Robert A. Abrams

Robert H. Gillespie*

Class Of 1933
Agent: Harry Nettles
Percentage: 70%
Gifts to the Annual Fund:
George A. Black, Jr.
Joseph Norton Dendy
Andetson D. Ferguson
John C. McCaskill
Ralph W. Rampey*

' Deceased

Class Of 1934

Agent: Georgia B. Thomason
Percentage: 67%
Gifts to the .\nnual Fund:
Kennerly R. Corbett
William M. Frampton, Jr.
Margaret Jones Syre
Agnes Shealy Oden
Georgia Blakely Thomason
Thomas H. Wingate
Other Gifts to the College:
Georgia Blakely Thomason

Cl.i.ssOf 1935
Percentage: 50%
Gifts to the Annual Fund:
Van M. Arnold
James Carson
Robert F. Fleming, Jr.
Mary Workman Shuler
Clarence P. Snowden, Jr.
Joseph P. Todd

Class Ot 1936

Agent: Sam Hughes

Percentage: 53%

Gifts to the .Annual Fund:

Thomas L. Estes, Jr.

Sam M. Hughes

Lynn T. Jones

Robert C. McLees

George E. Oliver

James H. Smith, Jr.

Manson B. Tate

Thomas T. Upshur

Myrick E. Winn

Other Gifts ro the College:

Ernest Arnold

Sam M. Hughes

Class ot 1937
Agent: Chester Keller*
Percentage: 4 1 %
Gifts to the .Annual Fund:
Ernest W. Evans
Joseph B. Evans
John D. Hughes
William Chester Keller*
John W. Steenbergen
John T. Suggs
Sophia E. Sullivan
Furman T Wallace
Other Gifts to the College
Etnest W. Evans
William Chester Keller*
Stewart P. Smith

Class Of 1938
Percentage: 56%
Gifts to the Annual Fund:
George S. Beatty, Jr.
Hervey F Blalock
Hamhleron B. Carpenter
Artemas K. Darby, Jr.
Allen Crews McSween*
Irene Dillard McSween
Laurit: A. Jacobsen
Sarah Salters Odom
Mary Williams Osman*
John Woodward
Othet Gifts to the College:
Hervey F. Blalock
H. Baxter Carpenter
Mary Williams Osman*
John Woodward

Class Of 1939
.Agent: Walter Todd
Percentage: 44%
Gifts to the Annual Fund:
John C. Bonner
Robert A. Harper
Thomas Q. Jones, Jr.
Edwin G. Lambright
William C. McSween*
Marion C. Mixson
David M. Morrison
Laetitia Jones Raynal
Waltei B. Todd
Robert 1. Upshur
John S. Walkup
Other Gifts to the College
James L. Gulp
Jacob M. Hiers
Laetitia Jones Raynal
Walter B. Todd

Class Of 1940
.Agent: Billy Kee
Percentage: 67%
Gifts to the Annual Fund:
John A. Abercrombie
Walter E. Brooker
John H. Broughron
William F. Bullock
Stephen R.
Albert G. Edwards
H. C. Fleming, Jr.
John E. Godfrey
David P Henley, Jr.
Dugald W. Hudson
William P Jacobs, HI
Billy S. Kee

Martharene Pitts McMillin
Caleb H. Paul
Frederick C. Pratt
George K. Reid
James S. Richardson



Hush M. Rutledge
E. H. Strain
Redden K. Timmons, ]r.
Burrell L. Wood, ]r.
Rowland H. Worrell, Jr.
Other Gifts to the College:
David M. Buie*
Stephen R. DuBose
Jane Sturgeon

Class Of 1941
Agent: Dick Meisky
Percentage: 53%
Gifts to the Annual Fund:
Dorothy Dillard DuBose
Powell A. Eraser
William D. Gibson
Paul M. Macmillan, |r.
William F. McLees
Richard D. Meisky
Tench P. Owens
Louie T. Porter
Walter G. Somerville, Jr.
Roy M. Spratt
Frank C. Sutton
William H. Talbot
Fred M. Tannery
Clarice Wells Johnson
Bessie Former Wood
Other Gifts to the College:
Dorothy Dillard DuBose
Hugh S. Jacobs

Class Of 1942
Percentage: 53%
Gifts to the Annual Fund:
Thomas J. Beardsley
Henry G. Bedinger, Jr.
Arthur K. Black
Rebecca Hicks Cloninger
Emily Lewis Dillard
Lloyd R. Evans
William T Farmer
Betty Spratt Fleischman
Paul E Hartsfield
Edna Leonard Hodges
Evelyn Virginia Milam
Richard T Moore, Sr.
Ben R. Moye

Frances Speake McMeekin
Almeda Jacks Rogers
Frances Farrell Sutton
Charles F. Timmons
George D. Wilson
Thomas H. Wilson
Kenneth R. Young
William F Young, Jr.
Other Gifts to the College:
Catherine Bryson Culp
Thomas O. McKeown, Jr.

Class Of 1943
Agent: Sam King
Percentage: 60%
Gifts to the Annual Fund:
David L. Allen
Florence E. Blakely
Henry S. Burch
Walter G. Coker
William L. Gulp, Sr.
Richard H. deMontmollin
Thomas M. Dews
Vivian Dukes Hurt
Charles L. Estes, Jr.
Branch R. Fleming
Lloyd R. Foster
Joseph B. Fuller
Ruth Hair Mitchell
Thomas F. Hollis
Elliott Jacobs King
James A. Jones
Joseph H. Jones
John W. King
Samuel B. King
Emily L. Martin
Robert E. McCormick
Wilson P McKittrick
John D. McLaurin
James H. Nowell
Joseph C. Rhodes
Daniel M. Roberts
Edward M. Selfe
William C. Walkup
Charles C. Williams
Other Gifts to the College:
Cecil D. Brearley, Jr. *
Thomas F. Hollis
James L. McCown
Grover C. Nahors

Class Of 1944
Agent: Bob Hill
Percentage: 36%
Gifts to the Annual Fund:
Walter A. Burch
Martin B. Hall, Jr.
Robert G. Hall
William H. Kryder
Nancy Laws Copeland
Banna Martin Maloney
Marjorie Miller Griffin
Eugene W. Parrott, Jr.
Hal C. Richardson, Jr. *
Mildred Roper Wilkinson
Other Gifts to the College:
Betty Hunter Brice

Class Of 1945
Percentage: 52%
Annual Fund:
Lester G. Carter, Jr.
Ernest D. Dent

Joe O. Eaton
Albert G. Harris, Jr.
Thomas W Horton, Jr.
Edward P. King
William T Senn, Jr.
Jefferson V. Smith
Elinor Power Varndell
S. James Von Hollen
George R. Wilkinson, Jr.
Other Gifts to the College:
S. James Von Hollen

Cla,ssOf 1946

Agent: Bennett Whitlock

Percentage: 23%

Gifts to the Annual Fund:

Ariail B. Creed

Phihp H. Dohn, Jr.

Arthur F Jones, II

Clarence M. McMurray

Arnold B. Poole

Marjorie Byrd Todd

Bennett C. Whitlock, Jr.

Class Of 1947

.Agents: Alex Cruickshank:

Robbie Cruickshanks
Percentage: 53%
Annual Fund:
John C. Bell, Jr.
Cedric C. Ben:, Jr.
Edward W. Burke, Jr.
Herman E. Cain, Jr.
Alexander Cruickshanks 111
Robbie King Cruickshanks
Harold L. Duke
Frank B. Estes, Jr.
MacDonald Fleming
William W. Gaston'lll
Henry K. Hill
Conway J. Jones, Jr.
Richard Kaleel
Jack M. Kennedy
Wade C. Lyle
Doris Baldwin Milam
John L. Sloan*
Eli:abeth Mahry Trammell*
Other Gifts to the College:
William T Johnson. Jr.
William C. McClammy
Dan D. Mungo

Class Of 1948
Agent: Warren Walkup
Percentage: 64%
Gifts to the Annual Fund:
Richard O. Adams
William H. Anderson, Jr.
James H. Banbury
John C. Bearden

Tucker G. Bedinger
Carl A. Bramlette, Jr.
Roy M. Brown, Jr.
John C. Carter, Jr.
John C. Chesnutt
Ernest G. Clary, Jr.
Daniel Douglass, Jr.
Calhoun F. Gault
Marvin G. Gault, Jr.
Beverly Maghee Gillis
Robert W Hays
Harry E. Hicklin, Jr.
John D. Humphreys
Christine Koutsogeorgas
Ashhy R. Krouse, Jr.
James R. Martin
David R. Moorefield, Sr.
Marjorie Simpson Norton
James H. Patterson
Philip W. Rogers
William H. Shivar
Robert M. Turner
Warren L. Walkup
Frank E. Walton
L. Wilson Warren, Jr.
William O. Wilson, Jr.
Other Gifts to the College:
Calhoun F. Gault
Christine Koutsogeorgas
Warren L. Walkup

Class Of 1949
Percentage: 53%
Gifts to the Annual Fund:
Emma McCrary Alexander'
Adam R. Andrews, Jr.
Florence Durant Andrews
Robert P. Armstrong
Charles M. Bettis
Madison F Bond, Jr.
Theodore H. Campbell, Jr.
Charles A. Carson
Charles W. Galloway
James A. Harker, Jr.
Thomas W Hodge
Robert G. Hughes
Shirley Dawkins Hughes
Milton L. Ivey
Wilbur C. Kaiser
Norma Anderson Lehn
Henry T. Little
Vance E. Logan, Jr.
William E. Lytch
Calvert R. Marsh, Sr.
Francis S. McKeown
Alvin B. McMillan, Jr.
William P. Peterson
Max D. Rollins
Robert W. Schneck
Clarence S. Sikes
John N. Somerville
Robert N. Spurrier

Lammie L. Thurmond, Jr.

Guy A. Tumblin

Rion D. Vassy

Albert H. Wallace

Otis H. Weaver, Jr.

James E. Young

Other Gifts to the Colleg

Jack K. Barnes

Lewis S. Hay

Walter A. Johnson, Jr.

Norma Anderson Lehn

John C. Moylan

Class Of 1950
.Agent: Warren Wardlaw*
Percentage: 46%
Gifts to the Annual Fund:
William A. Alexander
Anderson W. Buchanan
Benson Cain
G. Edward Campbell
George Thompson Copeland
Claude Arthur Crocker
Charles V. Davidson
Cantey C. DuBose, Jr.
Haynesworth Epps 111
Charles E. Eraser
Edward V. Gibson
William H. Greene
James L. Hawkins
Charles C. Hertwig, Jr.
Irby S. Hipp, Jr.
Frank W. Holmes
H. S. Howie, Jr.
James F. Jacobs, Jr.
Charles O. Johnson
James R. Johnson
Branson C. Jones
Harold H. Jones, Jr.
Leaman D. Jones
Edward B. Kenney
Henry L'heureux, Jr.
Doris Fuller Marsh
Neely D. McCarter
Robert L. McKinney
William C. McMillan
Lonnie S. McMillian, Jr.
W. T Mundy, Jr.
Troy J. Norton
Harold W. Patton
Gordon R. Quick
Thomas R. Roark
Clay to L. Roberts, Jr.
Elbert G. Shaw, Jr.
Thomas G. Smith, Sr.
William H. Stevenson, Jr.
Ralph N. Tedards
Edward L. Timmerman
Milton T Tippin, Jr.
Richards Todd
George D. Watt






The death in March of 1999 of Dr Frank Harrington,
Presbyterian College's longtime chairman of the Board of
Trustees, came at a critical time for the institution. A lO-year
strategic plan had been approved only one month earlier, and
major steps were just beginning to move ahead with that
ambitious blueprint for PC's future.

Thanks to the leadership of two men, however, the
1999-2000 academic year heralded a transition that was both smooth
in process and dynamic in its possibilities.

First, Dr. Fred Davison, who had served as vice chairman of
the board since 1997 and was chairman of the strategic planning
task force, stepped forward as acting board chairman and ably led
PC's trustees through the remainder of the 1999 calendar year. Then,
the trustees in November unanimously elected as their new
chairman Ron Allen, former chairman of the board, president, and
chief executive officer of Delta Air Lines. Allen had been recruited
by Harrington to become a PC trustee in 1986 because of his
involvement as an elder at Peachtree Presbyterian Church in
Atlanta, where Harrington served as senior minister for 27 years.

Allen assumed office in January 2000 and immediately
impressed other PC trustees with his energy and optimism.

"I think there's a lot of divine guidance, if you will, in where
we are today at Presbyterian College," Allen said upon being elected
as chairman. "Typically, you look at any organization - a business,
a university system - there are times in that organization's life where
there are many challenges and many opportunities - they're what
you might call 'watershed moments' - and 1 think we're passing
through one of those at Presbyterian College."

Just-elected board chairman Ron Allen (left) expresses his appreciation to Dr. Fred
Davison for serving as the acting chairman during 1999.


James A. Williams, Jr.
Other Gifts to the College:
Claude Arthur Crocker
Charles V. Davidson
Grace Young Hamilton
Robert L. McKinney
W. T. Mundy, Jr

Class Of 1951
Agent: Tom Massey
Percentage: 39%
Gifts to the Annual Fund:
Jack J. .Arnold
Ladson M. Brearley
Mollis L. Gate
Edwm F. Cavalen, Jr.
Harry S. Dent
Rupert R. Gaddy, Jr.
William R. Howell
William E. Kennedy
Marshall A. Lamer, Sr
Richard J. Lindsay*
Wilder G. Little
Cyrus S. Mallard, Jr.
Thomas N. Massey
Owen K. McCutcheon
John McKissick
Caty P. Moore
David L. Moore
Robert B. Nelson
William R. Owens
Ector D. Shepard
Henry C. Starnes, Jr
Travis B. Stevenson
George D. Walker
Julius Wannamaker, Jr.
Blake L. Watts, Sr
Joseph A. Weingartner, Jr
William M. Wollet
Other Gifts to the College:
Ladson M. Brearley
Warren .A. Steverson
Augustm H. Watt

Class Of 1952
Agent: John Callaham
Percentage: 40%
Gifts to the Annual Fund:
Robert V. Atkinson
Malcolm M. Bullock
John W. Callaham, Jr.
Rae Paluck Cavaleri
Henry P. Cooper, Jr
Sidney W. Denham
Joseph B. Dodd
Dwight L. Groninger
Robert F Hunt
Kirby B. Jackson
Sherwood C. Jackson
Edward L. Mann
Mack M. McGahee

'itional gift...

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