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Presbyterian College


Donations of past five years
surpass entire 1970's decade:

Total gifts exceed $2.8 million in '84

Contributions to Presbyterian
College from all sources
amounted to $2,827,638 in 1984 and
brought PC's fund-raising total of the
past five years to more than $14.3

No other five-year period of the
college can match this achievement,
w^hich has produced funds for
endowment and major renovations as
well as for current operations. The
entire decade before that (1970-79),
for example, had been PC's most
productive period on the strength of
$13.7 million raised during the ten-year

The 1984 statistics show that the $2.83
million in contributions came from
more than 3,200 individuals,
organizations and corporations last
year. Capital gifts in the form of cash,
properties and pooled income
agreements all combined to produce
$2,074,596 of the total. Gifts made

primarily for current operations added

In this latter category, the Annual
Giving program brought in $504,293:
Synod of the Southeast church budget
support, $144,584 and PC's share from
the South Carolina Foundation of
Independent Colleges, $104,165.

Dr. Kenneth B. Orr (now in his sixth
year as president) said this degree of
support, maintained year after year,
represents the strongest kind of
endorsement of Presbyterian College
by the church and business community

as well as by alumni, parents and
friends. He added:

"Sustained capital giving provides
a growing endowment to undergird
the future even as it also ensures
attractive and efficient plant facilities.
For example, we are now well along on
the $1.6 million renovation of Springs
Gym into a comprehensive student
activities center. The strong support of
current operations, on the other hand,
enables PC to balance its budget now
running at almost $9 million for the
present fiscal year."

Total Support, 1980-84

Tolal Support, 1970-79

1984—$ 2.83 million

1979— $1.40 million 1974— $1.00 million

1983— 2.97 million

1978— 2.61 million 1973— 1.12 million

1982— 2.10 million

1977— 1.80 million 1972— 1.13 million

1981— 3.62 million

1976— 1.32 million 1971— 1.05 million

1980— 2.80 million
Total: $14.32 million

1975— 862,527 1970— 1.20 million

Total: $13.70 million

As alumni participation hits 36%:

Annual Giving reaches new record $504,293

Topping the one-half-million dollar mark
for the first time in history, the
Presbyterian College Annual Giving
program raised a total of $504,293 during

Records fell in all directions as the
gift program registered a 4 percent
increase over the $483,977 contributed
the previous year and the number of
donors hit a new high of 2,687.

"Thirty-six percent of our alumni
participated in the 1984 effort,"
President Orr said. "Not only does this
represent a gain over the 35 percent of
1983, but it keeps PC among the
national leaders in terms of alumni

The record 36 percent participation
resulted in a record $319,431 from a
record 1,915 alumni donors — thereby
producing an average-gift figure of

$168. Non-alumni parents of current
and past students also stretched far
beyond any previous gift total as 315
contributed $66,845 to 1984 Annual
Giving. Other friends rounded out the
support with $118,017 provided by 457
individual donors.

(Church budget gifts and returns
from the South Carolina Foundation of
Independent Colleges — not included
as many colleges do in the PC Annual
Giving totals — would increase the
amount for current purposes to almost
three-quarter-million dollars.)

PC Annual Giving raises funds
primarily for such current operations as
student financial aid, faculty salaries and
departmental expenses. Sponsored by
the Alumni Association, the 1984
program was headed by Alumni
President Ross M. (Buddy) Lindsay III

'72 of Myrtle Beach and President-Elect
Jack B. Edmunds '55 of Hartwell, Ga.

WJ Scotsman Club scores

The Walter Johnson Scotsman Club,
alumni athletic organization, once again
exceeded its goal by raising $150,500
during 1984 as a major force within the
total program.

This alumni athletic-support
organization (with a $150,000 objective)
helps to underwrite the cost of grants
in the limited aid program PC maintains
for its men and women student-
athletes. The club has almost doubled
its yearly gift-production during the
past four years under the leadership of
President R. Michael Turner '48, a
Clinton businessman.

Men and women score:

Sharp teams make basketball playoffs

With season's end at hand, the
basketball teams of both men and
women already had qualified for district
playoff spots on the basis of outstanding
records in fast NAIA competition.

The PC men, sporting a 21-7 mark as
this newsletter goes to press, thus
assured themselves of the third straight
year of at least 20 victories— an
unprecedented string for Blue Hose
play. They also hold the distinction of
having climbed briefly to 18th ranking
nationally (NAIA) in early February
before falling victim to an upset loss.

Leading this team of Coach Butch
Estes are sophomore Wiley Adams of
Jacksonville, Fla., with a 14.2 points-per-
game average and Danny Howell of
Thomson, Ca., with 13.1. Adams

averages seven rebounds for honors in
this department, too.

Meanwhile, over on the women's
side of the court, the Lady Blue Hose
under Coach Byron Rucker have kept
pace with a current 18-6 tally . That
shoots close to the 19 wins of two years
ago, with one game remaining.

The team is paced by junior Adrienne
Singleton of Clinton, who has re-written
just about every record in the eight-
year book of PC women's basketball.
Her scoring average of 22.5 points-per-
game has her leading the district and in
the top five nationally, while her 12.1
rebound average ranks second in
District 6. The team stands sixth
nationally in rebound percentage with
58 percent.

Summer school offers workshops, teacher grants

Forty-seven courses in 17 areas of study,
including three two-week workshops,
will be offered in the two-week terms
of PC's 1985 summer school scheduled
for June-3-July-6 and July 8-August 9.

Of special interest to teachers, the
education workshops in reading and
middle school organization as well as
two regular courses in special education
may be taken for graduate or under-
graduate credit. And as further en-
couragement to teachers, grants
equaling one-half tuition are available
to elementary and secondary school
teachers enrolling for any of the sum-
mer offerings.

Two accelerated pre-term courses in
marine biology and in Christian edu-
cation recreation leadership also are
scheduled again this May before the
regular summer school begins.

The summer program of regular
coursework (in which a maximum seven
semester hours may be earned each

term) has offerings in biology, chemis-
try, computer science, economics, edu-
cation, English, history, mathematics,
philosophy, physical education, physics,
political science, psychology, religion,
special education, speech, sociology
and statistics.

Reunions at Homecoming

Underscore October 18-19 on your cal-
endar as the big Homecoming dates for
1985, with these special class reunions:




1930 (55th)

1955 (30th)

1970 (15th)

1935 (50th)




1960 (25th)




1975 (10th)




1940 (45th)

1965 (20th)


Schedule of Local Alumni Club Dinners to Date



Place & Time


March 21


Ramada Inn West, 7 p.m.

Cecil Coke Ceddings

March 26


Anderson Country Club, 7 p.m.

Richard Shirley

March 28


Sardis Presbyterian Ch., 6:30 p.m

Bob Smith

April 9



Jack Howard

April 11



Louis Jourdan

April 22


Eastminster Presbyterian Ch., 7 p.m.

Hugh Weldon


Rock Hill


Mitch Byrd

May 7



Julian Butler


Myrtle Beach


Buddy Lindsay




Tim Cunningham

Other dinners pending at Charleston and Sumter.

Danny Howell sinks his jump shot.

Photo courtesy of The Clinton Chronicle

Tennis opened service in mid-February on the
1985 season that offers a schedule of 33
matches for the PC men and 31 for the women.
Leading the women at number one is Lisa
Terry (above), a junior from Dunwoody, Ca.

New alumni directory

An updated Alumni Directory is now in
the works under sponsorship of the
Presbyterian College Alumni
Association as a reference volume for
alumni who wish to know where their
friends are and what they are doing

Scheduled for release in late spring
of 1986, it will be divided into four
sections: 1 — an introductory section
with college information; 2 — an
alphabetical listing of alumni to
include class year, degree, address and
brief professional data; 3 — listing of
alumni by classes; and 4 — geographical
listing of alumni by city, state and
foreign country.

The alumni board of directors has given
official approval to the directory and
urges all alumni to cooperate in
responding to questionnaires which will
be sent out next September — to be
followed by telephone verification in
early 1986. Only PC alumni will be
able to purchase a copy.

The popularity of the 1980 directory,
compiled by the Harris Publishing
Company at no cost to the college,
results in the plans for an updated
version by this national publisher.

1984 Total Giving Summary

For Current Gifts Primarily

Annual Giving $ 504,293

Synod Budget Support 144,584

South Carolina Foundation

of Independent Colleges 104,165

Total: $ 753,042
For Capital Purposes

Endowment and Facilities $ 2,074,596

Grand Total in 1984 Gifts: $2,827,638
Total Gifts by Alumni: $650,000

1984 Annual Giving Summary

Category Donors Amount

Alumni 1,915 $319,431

Parents (non-alumni) 315 66,845

Friends 457 118,017

Total: 2,687 $504,293

Percentage of Alumni Participating: 36%

Average Gift, Total Program: $188

Average Gift, Alumni: $167

V\/alter Johnson Scotsman Club Sub-Tofal: $150,500

A distinguished company of alumni and friends

During the calendar year 1984, gifts to Presbyterian College
from all sources totaled $2.83 million. It proved to be another
banner year for contributions to capital purposes as well as
to the current operations of this institution.

The summaries here provide a quick view of the results.
They cannot begin to show how vital this support is to PC's
daily life, stability and progress.

On the ensuing pages we present the names of those
individuals and organizations helping to make the achieve-
ments of the past year possible. Our 1984 Honor Roll salutes
the more than 3,200 alumni, parents and friends who contrib-
to one or more of the PC programs last year. Their names are
listed here in grateful appreciation for what their thoughtful
support means to Presbyterian College.

1984 Geographical Participation in Annual Giving





Parents & Friends
Gifts Amount




District 1 (Clinton-Laurens-Greenwood)


$ 51,190

184 $ 30,131


$ 81,321

District II (Greenville-Anderson)


$ 25,030

73 $ 17,552


$ 42,582

District III (Spartanburg-Rock Hill)


$ 13,609

56 $ 9,654


$ 23.263

District IV (Columbia-Ail<en-Sumter)


$ 28,666

59 $ 7,138


$ 35,804

District V (Pee Dee)


$ 20,393

34 $ 6,305


$ 26.698

District VI (Charleston Area)


$ 12,109

32 $ 13,132


$ 25.241




438 $83,912



District 1 (Atlanta-North)


$ 34,650

121 $ 57,477


$ 92,127

District II (South of Atlanta)


$ 16,995

46 $ 12,470


$ 29,465



$ 51,645

167 $ 69,947



Distnct 1 (Charlotte-West)


$ 19.435

67 $ 19,170


$ 38.605

District II (East of Charlotte)


$ 25.969

24 $ 2,611


$ 28,580



$ 45,404

91 $ 21,781


$ 67,185



$ 12,989

28 $ 3,338


$ 16,327



$ 58,396

48 $ 5,884


$ 64,280




772 $184,862




Honor Roll of 1984 Contributors

Alumni by Classes

The Honor Guard

(from 1900 through 1919)

John May Fewell '12
Mrs Eliza Neville Lancaster '12
Mrs Marjorie Spencer Roy 12
James S Garner 13
Emerson Shell Bennett '14

John S Land '14

John Frederick Winters '15

Albert W Brice 16

Est of J M Thompson '16

Mrs Myrtle N Williamson 17

William H Youngblood 17

G Raymond McElveen '18


Mrs Sarah Hunter LaMotte
Ralph Eugene McCaskill

Russell W Park, Sr


Andrew R Hafner
Alfred O Jones, Jr
Robert G Matheson


Marion A. DuRant

Ansel B Godfrey

Mrs Emmie Young Godfrey

Louis C LaMolte

Mrs Ann Hatton Lewis

Howard M Wilson


Frank M Bruce
Marcus B. Phnce, Jr


Ratchford W Boland
George P Boozer, Jr
R Matthew Lynn
Joe Finney Mason
Donald S Matheson
Joseph L Plexico
Ross E Templeton


Eugene G. Beckman, Sr
J. J. Cornwall

DeSaussure D Edmunds
Lewis H Hay
Samuel B Hayes, Jr
Henry J McLaurin
Alfred O Ramsay
Edwin L Wilds


Samuel L Belk
John A Blake
Ralph G Campbell, Sr
J Edmund Ferguson
Frank S Hay, Sr
W Joynes Macfarlin
Edward McCaskill
Est of Delmar O Rhame
Walter Lee Rucker
William C Sistar, Sr
J. William White
Joseph P Young


Augustus D. Abercrombie

Isaac M. Bagnal

John W Copeland

G Creighton Frampton

Thomas H Grafton

Alva M Gregg

J. Miles Hiers

A Bynum Poe

J- Graham Rose


W Alexander Black
Emmet R Blake
David S Blankenship
John Bright
Alben L Goldsmith
Samuel G, Harden, Jr
Louis W Jackson
F Dudley Jones. Jr
W L Jones, Sr
4 (memorial)

Henry P J L'heureux, Sr
S Cater Ligon
Dana C McLendon
John A Montgomery
John K Roberts
J Walton Stewart, Jr
John A Thomson
James D Whiteside
Curtis F Williams
S Allen Wilson, Sr
James H Witherspoon
Whitney L Young


James L Anderson

Ellie D Brunson
Timothy R Campbell
Arthur S Dozier
Charles M Duke, Jr

J Witherspoon Dunlap
Lonnie L Dunlap
J Newton Gaston, Jr
Charles N Gignilliat, Jr
Roy A Hogrefe
John T N Keels
Robert W Kirkpatrick
Arthur S Lynn
W Harlan McOuiston

John R Bruce Martin

C Martin, Jr
Henry D Montgomery
Frank M Pearce
James C Reid
William K Thompson


1 Mac Adair
William T Barron
Robert S Beckham
Dill D Beckman
Robert B Caldwell, Jr
Neil P Clinton

W Clay Dendy
Bonneau H Dickson
Tully G Ellis
Carlyle D Floyd
Louis L Lesesne
E Fleming Mason
James W Milam
James F O'Daniel
Charles S Rigby, Jr
Philip A Roberts
Harold Walker
David L Wood


Thomas J Blalock
Lewis D Caldwell
J Paul Cobb
J Isaac Copeland
Harry W Davis
W Watts Davis
George S Donnan

Uva Dunlap

Waller H Gosnell

George A James


Parker Jones
James R Kennedy

Mikell Leiand
Ross M Lynn
Arthur H McQueen

es G Monroe
Robert P Moore
George G Palmer

George L Riddle
C Walker Sessions
Fred R Stallworth
Cecil G Sullivan
Neil E Truesdell
James W Walkup
George A Weathers
A Ralph Wham
A Knox Wyatt
E Henderson Wyatt


Robert A Abrams, Jr
Gus C Adams
Charles W Anderson
George V Burns

Randolph E Carothers
William E Crouch
Richard B Ferguson, Jr
James A Galloway
Robert H Gillespie
Kenneth L Hamilton
James L Harden
C Bryan Holland
Leon C Jackson
Mrs Alice Beniamin Jon
Robert M Lemly
Robert R Martin
Daniel M McNaull
Charles M Plowden. Jr
William R Senter, Jr
David S Shaw
George K Smith
Charles C West
Arlie W Williams
William W Zealy. Jr


Carl W Adams
William H Carr
Ben W Covington, Jr


J Norton Dendy
H Searcy Elliott
A Drew Ferguson
Herbert H Ferguson
James G Frampton
Lorton L Gray
James E Greer
M Hampton Hunter, Jr
Harold C Johnson
Neill A Lindsay, Jr
John C McCaskill
Harry L Nettles
Freeman B Parker
Ernest E Patterson
Furman E Pinson, Jr
N Gaston Ouantz, Sr
Ralph w Rampey
William H Touchberry
John O Woods


J Walker Combs, Jr

Carol W Copeland

Kennerly R Corbett

William H Cranford

W McLeod Frampton. Jr

Edward C Gilmer

M E Gregg

LeRoy Keeble

Henry L Kemp

Robert D Lynn

Robert S Moore

Mrs Sarah Copeland Nettles

Mrs Agnes Shealy Oden

Mrs Medora Browning Piper

Charles N Plowden

Herman C Ouantz

Robert E Sims

Mrs Georgia B Thomason

Robert C Wasson

Thomas H Wingate


Van M, Arnold
Mrs M'Liss Cook Benton
James Carson
William J Clark
George W Dunlap
Cecil B Elliott
Twyman T Fowler
James E- Graham
Mrs Emmie Adair Griggs
Robert P Hamer
Alton W Harrison
E Jordan
Norman Kirkland
John G Kitchens
L A McCall. Jr
Alex B McCulloch
Chalmers F McCutchen
J Frank Morrison
John Rhodes
Clarence P Snowden. Jr
J Paul Todd
Mrs Annie Jackson Wardlaw


James T Addison
Edwin R Andrews

Ernest J Arnold
Charles G Chapman
Richard M Compton
Mrs Catherine Blakely

G N Crymes
Charles E Denny
Thomas L Estes. Jr
W Maxwell Ferguson
fvirs Mary Dillard Forsyth
M D Gillis. Jr
Allen D Guerard
Colin M Hudson
Samuel M Hughes
Lynn T Jones
James McClary
Robert C McLees
Mrs Elizabeth Blakely Monroe
George E Oliver
Edgar K Pitman
Tom Plaxico
James E Ratchford
James H Smith, Jr
Mrs Sarah Cannon Smith
Manson B Tate
J Sloan Todd
Thomas T Upshur
Thomas P Valley
John M Wilson. Jr
J Leiand Young

Carlton C. Billingsley
Marion W Bird

John M Bullwinkel
Stuart B Campbell. Jr
R L Clark
J Kent Collings
Victor C Correll
Dill B Ellis
Ernest W Evans
Joseph B Evans
Henry C Garrett
Mrs Frances Spratt Glover
John D Hughes
John Boyd Jacobs
W Chester Keller
F Sadler Love
Mrs Pauline Roberts Lufler
John R McAlpine III
George F Mclnnes
Odell A Matthews
Thomas W Newland
Malcolm E Norton
Joseph E Patrick
Mrs Eva Wilson Peden
F Ernest Propst, Jr

J Frances Shaw
Stewart P Smith
John W Steenbergen
Sophia Sullivan
Furman T Wallace
Mrs Maudalene Sullivan



Thomas E Addison
George S Beatty, Jr
H Francis Blalock

Sara Clark Byars
H Baxter Carpenter
John C Cavin
M Shields Croker
A K Darby. Jr
Macon A Hipp
Joel M Hollis
Roy F Hutchinson
Lauritz A Jacobsen
Frank R Johnston
George F Landen
Cliff H McLeod
Emmelt U McRae
Allen C McSween
Mrs Bebe Dillard McSween
Eldred F MacLeod
Mrs Mary Williams Osman
John B Penland
W Dean Power. Jr
B Gaither Shaw
John W Todd III
J Hewlette Wasson
Calvin Mac Wicker
Est of John A Witherspoon
John Woodward


Charles H Atkins

W C Baldwin

John P Ballard

Thomas K Barnes

Thomas J Berry

David M Carson

Joel A Chapman

James L Gulp

James J Dennard

Joseph D Donnan

Mrs Adelaide Roberts Gibbs

James B Hafley

Robert A Harper

Louis G Heckle

Lykes S Henderson. Sr.

Mrs Agatha Jones Hiers

Jacob M Hiers

Mrs Shannon Simpson Jacobs

Thomas Q Jones. Jr

W Hunter Jones

Mrs Suella Denson Keller

Charles T Kimbo

Edwin G Lambright

William C McSween

Marion Moore

Mrs Laura Fleming Pitzer

Mrs Laetitia Jones Raynal

Virgil W St John

Lofton D Sullivan

Dorothy Ray Taylor
Walter B Todd
Robert I Upshur
John S Walkup


John A Abercrombie
John H Broughton
Ralph G Buchan
David M Buie
William F Bullock
Robert A Burgess. Jr
Jack P Cunningham
Albert G Edwards
Robert J Ellison. Jr
Henry F Finney
H Creswell Fleming. Jr
Jay Gilliland
Lawrence E Hall

William A Hansen
William D Hart
Roy G Hendrickson
David P Henley
William P Jacobs III
Billy S Kee
Samuel T Lipsey
Daniel M McCormick
George L Mabry. Jr
C Huiet Paul
F Clyde Pratt
John L Rawls
George K Reid
James S Richardson
Hugh M Rutledge
James H Skelton. Jr
George E Staples
E Hood Strain
Jane Sturgeon
William F Swift. Jr
Mary Thelma Taylor
James M Terrell
J Robert Thomason
R K Timmons. Jr
Mrs Catherine Blanton Tun
Walter W Wise, Jr
Burrell L Wood. Jr
Rowland H Worrell. Jr


Edward B Beard
Daniel C Bird
W Lewis Boggs
■ H Carter. Jr
Roy W Coker

; C Coleman. Jr
Lacy W Corbett. Jr
A Hoyt Crenshaw
George A Douglas
John W Finney. Jr
Powell A Fraser
James E Freeman

I (memorial)
Hugh L Gauntt

Samuel C Gosnell

Fred J Harmon. Jr,

Hugh S Jacobs

W Elbert Jones

Robert J Kerdasha

Harry Y McSween

James B MacLeod

Paul M Macmillan. Jr

Richard D Meisky. Jr

Felton H Moore

Matthew S Moore

Edward H Overcash

Tench P Owens

Louie T Porter

Mrs Elizabeth Tucker Smith

Walter G Somerville. Jr

Roy Mac Spratt

Francis C Sutton

William H Talbot

Fred M Tannery

John W Weldon

Mrs Bessie Fortner Wood


Thomas J Beardsley

Henry G Bedinger. Jr

Arthur K Black

Jefferson P Brooke

W Verne Church

Rebecca Hicks Cloninger

Mrs Catherine Bryson Gulp

Eleanor Fleming Davidson

Emily Lewis Dillard

Lloyd R Evans

Mrs Betty Spratt Fleischman

Paul F Hartsfield

Mrs Edna Leonard Hodges

Duncan M McDuftie

T O McKeown. Jr

Charles B MacDonald

Jack M Milam

Joseph B Milam

Richard T Moore. Sr

Ben R Moye

John T Palmer, Sr

A Stalham Ouinn, Jr

Mrs Almeda Jacks Rogers

A Wilmot Shealy

Mrs Frances Farrell Sutton

James T Theus III

J Guyton Thompson

Charles F Timmons

Oscar W Tinney

Fayette O White. Jr

George D Wilson

Thomas H Wilson

Kenneth R Young

William F Young. Jr.


David L Allen
Richard Bell
Florence Ella Blakely
Cecil D Brearley. Jr
Henry S Burch
William D Burley
Joe L Comer
William L Gulp
Richard H deMontmollin
William P Dent
Thomas M Dews
Branch R Fleming
Lloyd R Foster
R Genair Goodyear
Ben Hay Hammet
Thomas F Hollis
George D Horan
Mrs Vivian Dukes Hurt
Frank E Inman
Dick L Johnson
James A Jones
Joseph H Jones
James C Kannan. Jr.
Samuel B King
Kemper D Lake
Robert E McCormick
James L McCown
Robert A McCully
Eleanor Powell McKinsey
W Parks McKittrick
John D McLaurin
John H McMurray
William H McMurray, Jr
Emily Lucy Martin
Mrs, Agnes Walden Milam

G Cooley Nabors

James H Nowell

Joseph C Rhodes

Robert G Schwanebeck

Edward M Selfe

Pierce W Timberlake

David I Trice

Mrs Virginia Dillard Turner

William C Walkup

Mrs Dorothy Stutts Walters

Carroll S Young


Martin B Hall. Jr
Robert G Hall
William H Kryder
George M Lockwood. Jr
Mrs Mary LoftiS McMurray
Hal Clyde Richardson. Jr
William H Turnley
Jack S Tyler
J Roy Workman, Jr


Lester G Carter, Jr

Mrs Henry Etta Young Davis

E DuBose Dent, Jr

Joe O Eaton

Mrs Courtney Allen Frederick

Albert G Harris, Jr

Thomas W Horton, Jr

Edward P King

Dudley P Martin

Wm Thornwell Senn. Jr

J Verne Smith

Mrs Elinor Power Varndell

S James Von Hollen


James H Avrett

William B Boyd

Philip H Dohn. Jr

Clarence M McMurray

Margaret Elise Mernam

Arnold B Poole

Edward K Snead, Jr

Mrs Margaret Bennett Taylor

Albert C Todd

Mrs Marjorie Byrd Todd

Algernon S Varn. Jr

Mrs Carolyn Freeman

Bennett C Whitlock. Jr
Norman L Williamson


John C Bell. Jr
Edward W Burke, Jr

Alexander Cruickshanks III
Mrs Robbie King

Mrs Julia Taylor Cushman
Harold L Duke
Frank 8 Estes, Jr
F Marion Frazier
William W Gaston III
G Howell Gerow
Harper T Higgins, Jr
William T Johnson, Jr
Richard Kaleel
Wade C Lyie
William C McClammy
Mrs Dons Baldwin Milam
Russell W Park, Jr
William M Shields
Jean William Stonebraker
Mrs Elizabeth Mabry Trammel
Thomas B Warren


Richard O Adams

James H Banbury

John C Bearden

T Graham Bedinger

Carl A Bramletle, Jr

David B Brooker

Roy M Brown, Jr

John C Carter, Jr

J Calvin Chesnutt

E Gil Clary, Jr

Mrs Elizabeth Taylor Copley

E Raymond Crowson

Daniel H Douglass. Jr

Cally Gault

Marvin Gault, Jr

Mrs Beverly Magbee Gillis

Harry E Hicklin, Jr

Julian C Hicks, Jr

J David Humphreys

Christine Koutsogeorgas

A Roy Krouse, Jr

Laurence H Layne

J Richard Martin

David R Moorefield

Mrs Marjorie Simpson Norton

James H Patterson

A Bolt Pearson

Ralph M Piland

Phillip W Rogers

Harry E Sturgeon, Jr

Thomas D Todd
R Michael Turner
Warren Lee Walkup
Edward A, Walters

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