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Don't Unchain the Tiger!

,T "When the traitors of South Carolina met in convention in Charleston^
and passed their ordinance to abolish the American Union, and to crush
out the democratic principles of free government in America, and when
thej afterwards fired upon Fort Sumter, and I knew that secession
meant a terrible war, I said to myself and to them— Don't unchain the
Tiger !

But they did it— and for two years we have seen and suffered the con-
sequences, written in tears, and blood, and ruin, in our once happy land ;
and now, when the rebellion is being nearly crushed, and Jeff. Davis is
finding his plans defeated, and Southern traitors in the loyal States are
trying to help him by making civil war at home, I say to myself— Z)(?;i'j5
unchain the Tiger !

When I hear Working-Men talk about resisting the law, burning
houses, killing public ofiicers, and bursting the doors wide open for every
kind of crime and disorder, it seems to me they do not think of all the
cost and of all the horrors, or of widows and orphans, and their scalding
tears, and I say to them, " Brothers ! in the name of Qo^— Don't unchain
the Tiger /"

When I see well-dressed demagogues filling the ears of the people with
lies, just as the traitors of the South have done, only to get the Working-
Men aroused to deeds of crime and violence, while they themselves take
good care to keep out of the way, I wish I had the voice of a thunderer,
that I might say io^t\\Qm—Do7iH unchain tJie Tiger !

Working-Men" !.. when any man asks you to break the law, and tries to
etir up your passions, while he skulks out of sight, you may set him down
as your worst enemy. Spurn him as you would a viper. The patriotic
Working-Men of the ^orth cannot afford to spend time in killing each
[other. Be wise, and above all things,



JSTew Yoek, July 24, 1863.

A Democratic Workingman.

A Challenge!

The rebellion of tlie Southern traitors against the Union and the Govern-
ment, is a rebellion against the democratic rights of the people, and an attempt
to destroy true republican institutions, and build up an aristocracy or a
monarchy upon the ruins. In proof of this, read the declaration of the leading
traitor of South Carolina. John C. Calhoun said : —

"That we are essentially aristocratic, I cannot denj-, but we can and do yield niucli -o
Deniocrac}'. 2'his is our sectional policy ; we are from necessity tlirown upon and solemnly
wedded to that party, however it may occasionally clash with our feelings, for the consumma-
tion of our interests. It is through our affiliation with that party in the Middle and Western
States that we hold power, biU ichen we cease tints to control this riatiov, through a disjo'rnled
Deinocrac;/, or any material obstacle in that party vhuli ehall tend to throw U3 out of tliat
rule and control, we shall then resort to the dissolution of the Union. "

J. Quitman Moore, a leading traitor of Mississippi, scorned the true
democratic doctrine of "the greatest good of the greatest number," and
denounced it in these words : —

"Those pestilent and pernicious dogmas — 'the greatest good of the greatest number'
— ' the majority shall rule' — are in their practical application, the frightful source of disorders
never to be quieted — philosophies the most false, and passions the most wild, destructive and

The design of the leaders is to establish an aristocracy or a monarchy.
The Southern Literary Messenger, a prominent Magazine published at Richmond,
in a long article advocating these vicAvs, says : —

"We would not be understood as uniting in the belief of the impossibility of a euccfssful
Republic, that we cry out for the re-establishment of royalty in this free country, whose noble
sons daily attest their detestation of tyranny in all its forms, by those terrible libations which
it is the habit of liberty to exact from her votaries. We have no special objections to royalty,
when restrained by constitutional barriers."

The traitors intend to prevent foreigners from enjoying the rights of
citizenship, and propose to reduce them to the level of serfs and slaves.
Adopted Citizens! Read the plans of the conspirators against the rights of
the people as advocated by the leaders in Richmond : —

"But no foreigner who comes among us after the struggle is over should ever enjoy the
elective franchise. If we cannot check the spread over our territory of that sp twn of ignorance
and crime, which flows in endless issue from the prisons and dens of corruption in the mart of
Europe, we can at least shut out its cankering effects from the vitals of our bodies politic."

These are only a few of many witnesses, "who prove beyond a doubt,
that the rebellion is designed to overthrow the rights and liberties of the

I challenge Hon. Fernando Wood, Hon. Nelson
Samuel J. Tilden, Prof Mason, and the Coinr
Diffiision of Political Knowledge, to disprove oi"
these quotations.

These tlHngs being true, I hold that it is to the be^interest of every
Avorkingman, ai^d it is his first duty as a citizen, to stand b^»4<-he government
imtil the enemie^-<Cthe Union, and the enemies of dempe^atic principles are
overthrown: that aiiyiBa-n who resists the goreiniment, and interferes with
the vigorous prosecution of the war, Is helping the sworn enemies of Avork-
ingmen : that we must put down the rebellion by a united strength, restore
peace by crushing the public enemy, and win prosperity by a restoration of
the Union. , :

I challenge the editors of t^p- iV. Y. Tribune and the World, the Herald
and the Times, the Evening Fo's't and the Express, the Journal of Commerce and
the Commercial Advertiser, the Sun and the Daily News to disprove or deny
my authorities, or the correctness of my conclusions.

New York, Aug. 25, 1863.

Waterbury, Hon.

Society for the
he correctness of


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