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History of Tazewell county, Illinois ; together with sketches of its cities, villages and townships, educational, religious, civil, military, and political history; portraits of prominent persons and biographies of representative citizens. History of Illinois ... Digest of state laws online

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Online Librarypub Chas. C. Chapman & Co.History of Tazewell county, Illinois ; together with sketches of its cities, villages and townships, educational, religious, civil, military, and political history; portraits of prominent persons and biographies of representative citizens. History of Illinois ... Digest of state laws → online text (page 31 of 79)
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Warner, W. H., e. Ju"lv25,'61, d. dis. Mar. 17,'63.
Watkins, J. W., e. July 25,'61.
Walters, W. S., e. Julv 25,'61, v., pro. 1st lieut.
Walters, T. B., e. July 25,'61, died Sept. 19,'63.
Zeigler, A., e. July 25,'61, d. dis. Mar. 15,'63.

Recruits., Lsaac, e. Jan. 6, '64, m.o. May 4, '66.

Brusboom, Dirk, died July '2S,'61.

Carr, Benjamin, e. Feb. 13, '64.

Coplen, W., e. Jan. 4, '64, m.o. May 4, '66.

Colloway, Washington, m.o. Aug. 13,'65.

Cohenoiir, Wm., e. Jan. 4, '64, m.O. May 4, '66.

Duffield, II. C, m.o. June 5, '65.

Devore, N., e. Fel). 7,'64, died Nov. 26,'64.

Davis, J. M., died Aug. 29,'65.

Gilmore, Jas., m.o. May4,'66.

Hite, W., e. Nov. 16,'61, v., m.o. May4,'66,corpl.

Hughes, Andrew, m.o. Dec. 30,'6.5.

Iliggins, Jas., e. Feb. 25, '64, died Dec. 31,'64.

Hart, David, died Jan. 22,'63.

McKav, D., e. Fob. 1.5,'64, m.o. May 4,'66.

Martin, E. S., e. Nov. 15,'61, d. dis. Aug. 15,'62.

McJunkins, Wm., m.o. Aug. 22,'65.

Peters, P., e. Fob. l,s,'r>4, m.o. May4,'66.

Phillips, Louis, died Jan. S,'63.

Reed, H. B., d. dis. April 1,'63.

Shearer, Julius, m.o. Aug. 12,'65.

Shaw, Augustus, m.o. Fob. 16, '66.

Stewart, Jas., e. Jan. l,'6t, died April 14,'6-i.

Warmsley, Wm., m.o. Aug. 13,'65.

Wilson, Haslip.



Wm. Schlag, e. July 25,'61, m.o. May 4,'66.

Second Lieutenants.

Deitrich Smith, e. July 25,'61, res. Sept. 3,'62.
H. Barkmeyer, e. Aug. 2,'61, v., m.o. May 4, '66.


Block, J., e. Julv 25,'61, m.o. July 30,'64, sergt.
Fluth, G., e. July 25,'61, m.o. July 30,'64.


Ahrens, A., e. Feb. 6,'64, m.o. May 4,'66.
Hopman, D., o. Aug. 2,'61, kid. Ft. Donelson.
Hills, J., e. Aug. 19,'61, m.o. July 1S,'64.
Kalmbuch, R., e. Jan. 5,'64, tr. to hv>-. art.
Miller, H., e. Aug. 22, '61, d. dis. Oct. 22, '62.
Potrv, G., e. Aug. 2,'61, m.o. July 30,'64.
Roolim, T., e. Aug. 2,'61, died April 20,'62, of

Renstmann, John, e. Aug. 19,'61.
Lorrin, Otto, e. Jan. 25, '64, m.o. July 4, '66.
Smith, B., e. Jan. 15,'61, m.o. July 14,'64.



Cloud, Wm., e. Julv 25,'61, m.o. July 30, '64.
Cloud, G., e. July 25,'61, died Oct. 17,'61.
Cloud, George.

Cloud, B., e. July 25,'61, d. dis. April 7,'63.
Smith, John O.





John W. Keithly, e. Mar. 1,'65, m.o. Sept. lf),'C5.

C. T. Robinson, e. Mar. 1,'65, m.o. Sept. IG.'Go.

Bryson, James, e. Mar. 1,'65.
Cliapman, 11. W., e. Mar. ],'65, m.o. July 'Z^,'C>o.
E;vcle, G. T., c. Mar. 1,'(;5, m. o. June 12,'C5.
Farrell, J., e. Mar. 1,'65, m.o. Sept. lfi,'C>r>.
GrifTen, P., o. Mi.r. l.'tj.'i, m.o. Sept. 1(),'65.
Howartli, T., e. Mar. l.'O.'). abs. siek at m.o.
Haynes, M., e. Mar. l.'ii.'), m.o. Sept. lO.'G.').
Mace, Jos., e. Mar. l.'ti."), m.o. Sept. ll),'0."i.
Noble, Jame.s, e. Mar. 1,'Ctr,. m.o. Sepi. lf),'()5.
Noble, Wm. T., e. Mar. l.'tio, m.o. Sept. 10, '05.
Phillips, Isaae, e. Mar. 1,'05, m.o. Sept. 16,'C5.



Learks, FToraec, e. Mav I'S.Ttl.
Carey, Mieliael, e. May liii.'Ol.
Howard, T., e. June 24, '01, m.o. June 24, '61.
Hawley, J. B., e. Julv 17, 'til, rl. July 10, '04.
Haekeii, B., e. Mjy 2'.t,'01, d. July 24,'01.
Quick, Daviil, e. May 2J,'G1.


Dennis, J. ('.., e. Mry 2."),'01.

Ko^ip, Ferdina.u', e. May 2.5, 'Gl.

Li^atcap, John F., e. May 25,'(;i.

Leiiiiard, John J., c. May 2.5, '01, v.

Swariz, E. O., e. May 2.5,'01, drowndcd Feb.

StewarL, Isai.ih, e. Mav 2.5,'Gl, v.
WauRho^i, J. W., e. May 25,'Gl.
\Vauf,:iop, J. L., e. May 2.5,'01, d. Sept. 6,'G2, of

won. ids.
Glenus, G., e. Feb. 20,'02, m.o. Feb. iy,'G5.
,]aequim, \ ., e. May 25 '01, d. May 10,'G2.
Nariii, E., e. May 25, '01, tr. to KUiiboat.
Hai.inidud, Win. M., e. May 25,'01, d. dis. Nov.

Chai.deler, S., e. May 2S,'61, tr. to gunboat.
Marauville, F. A., c. Mar. 8,'frl.



First Lieutenant.
David Harmon, e. Mar. 4,'65, m.o. Dec. 1G,'G5.

Second Lieutenants.
Silas Biggerstaff, e. Mar. 4,'65, d. July 15,'05.
Richard Land, e. Mar. 4,'65, m.o. Dec. IG.'Go.

Chas. B. John.son, e. Mar. 4, '05, m.o. Dec. 1G,'G5.
M. Buck, e. Mar. 4,'G5, m.o. Dec. 10, '05.
Phillip Sutton, e. Mar. 4,'G5, m.o. Dec. 10, '05.

Thomas Anderson, e. Mar. 4, '05.

Fulford, James, c. Mar. 4,'G5.
Gholstan, M. F., e. M<.r. 4,'05, m.o. Dee. 1G,'65.
Garrison, Alex., e. Mar. 4, '05, m.o. Dec. 1G,'65.
Nance, J., e. Mar. 4, '65, m.o. Dec. 16,'05, ccrpl.
Wallace, Mathew, e. Mar. 10,'65. in Co. D., m.o.

Dec. 10,'65.
Proaser, Daniel W., e. Mar. 30, '65, in Co. D.,

m.o. Dec. 10, '05.



First Se)-geant.

Lorenzo N. Perry, e. Dec. 13,'61, appointed hos-
pital stevvsird, U.S.A.

Henry Allen, c. Dec. 21, 'Gl, v., pro. 2d lieut.


Wm. N. Steers, e. Dee. 25,'Gl.

Jesse H. Fisher, e. Dec. 5,'Gl, d. dis. Feb. 10,'63.


Bnrwell, J., e. Dec. 21, '61, d. dis. Oct. 6,'62.
Giur, D., e. Dee. 1,'01, d. dis. May.30,'62.
Darnell, V., e. Dec. 1,'61, v., pro. sergt.
Fleniken, H. C, e. Dec. 31, '61, v., m.o. July

20, '65.
Hill, P., e. Doc. 21, '61, wounded in both arms

at luka, MiS3., d. dis. June 30,'63.
McKay, J., e. Dec. 12,'61, v., died A])ril 10,'G4.
Long, W. A., e. Dec. 31, '01, v., m.o. July вАҐi0,'e5.
McCormiek, J., e. Dee. 1,'61, v., m.o. JuiV 2'J,'G5.
Sands, T., e. Jan. 17,'62, v., m.o. July 2J,'G5,

Staples, S., e. Jan. 17,'62, v., m.o. July 20,'65.
Wood, E. A., e. Dec. 28,'01, v., m.o. July 20,'65.


Bak?r, Robert E., v., m.o. July 20,'65.

Berrv, Emanuel, m.o. July 20,'65.

Daniel!, James F., died Mar. 1(),'62.

Davis, John \V.

Dividson, Carneralsy, m.o. July 20,'C5.

Franklin, W. H., v., "m.o. July 20,'65, coqil.

Lvons, Wm. B,

Mathews, M.L., e. Feb. 2,'62. v., m.o. July 20,'65.

Miller, T. M., m.o. Julv 20, '05.

SliM'k, .'V'jn-nam, m.o. Julv2y,'65.

Spay, Isaiah, e. Oct. 4, '04, m.o. July 20,'65.

Nash, George, m.o. July 27, '05.



(^owen, J. F., o. Aug. 12, '01, wnd. Chickamau-

ga, died Mav 22, '64.
Pollard, J. S., e. Aug. 1'2,'61, wnd. m.o. Sept.

Pem.ierton, G. W., e. Aug. 12,'61, d. dis. 'CI.
Rochester, S., e. Aug. 12,'61, wad. m.o. Sept.

Rankin, Marcellus, e. Aug. 12,'61, wnd. m.o.

Sept. 20,'C4.
Trcni, John A., e. Aug. 12, '61, wnd. m.o. Sept.

20, '64.





The 2Stli was organized at Camp Butler, in the month of August, 1861.

The 28th met the enemy for the tirst time at Little Bethel Church, near
Fort Henry, February 13, 18fi2, when a detachment of sixty men met and
repulsed a "force of five hundred men. It was next engaged in the battle of
Pittsl)urg Landing, when it drove General Prentiss, early in the day of April
6, 1862; was assigned a position in the Peach Orchard, which it held under a
destructive fire for seven hours, only retiring by order of General Hurlbut.
During these two blooily days of Pittsburg Landing the regiment fought
heroically, suffering a loss of 239 killed and wounded. It was engaged in the
siege of Corinth during the month of May, 1862; also in the siege of Vicks-
burg from June lltli to .Julv 4th, 1863.

On the 12th of July, 1863, near Jackson, ]\Iississippi, the 28th was ordered
to charge across a level field and carry a strong line of the enemy's works,
mounting twelve guns and manned by two thousand men, and while it was
not possible to (nipture tlie works, these heroic men swept bravely forward
under a destructive fire of grape and canister. The enemy appearing on both
flanks as it reached the ditch, it was compelled to fall back, with more than
half of the rank and file killed or wounded. Of the 128 men of this regiment
in line, 73 were killed and wounded, and 16 taken prisoners.

On the 4th of January, 1864, the regiment, having re-enlisted as veterans,
was mustered for three years' veteran service.

The 28th participated in the advance on Spanish Fort, March 27, 1865.


EdwarfLs, J., e. Aug. l.'Ol, v., m.o. Mar. 15,'Ci6.
Readfiinger, J., c. Aug. 1,'61, d. Aug. 2G,'o4.


Blair, Greenbury, e. Aug. 17,'61, v.

Hisel, Wm., e. Aug. 17, d. dis.

McGhee, W. T., c. Aug. 17, v., m.o. Mar. 15,'GG.

William.s, Forener, e. Aug. 17.

"SVilliams, P. C, e. Jan. 5,'fi4, m.o. Mar. 1.5,'G6.

Prypr, Alfred S., e. Aug. 27,'61.


Estes, Wm., e. Aug. 12,'Gl, d. dis. Oct. 19,'f)2.
Fleming, T. J., e. Aug. 12,'61, m.o. Sept. 18,'64.

Gardner, Wm. W., e. xVug. 12,'Gl, wnd. died

Jan. 19,'G:5.
Hurst, Merritt, c. Aug. 12,'Gl.
Hunter, J., e. Aug. 12,'Gl, wnd., pro. sergt.
HuTitor, G. K., e. Aug. 12,'61, m.o. Oct. 10,'&1.
Miller, S. J., e. Aug. 12,'61, v., wnd., m.o.

Mar. ir.,'6G.
Scott, J. K., c. Aug. 12,'Gl, died Oct. G,'fi2, wnd.
Stockard, G. E., e. Aug. 12,'Gl, died May9,'G2.
Wooders, Geo., e. Aug. 12,'Gl, died Mound City.
Dutr, Jas., e. Jlar. G,'G5, m.o. Mar. G.'GG.
Fleming, Thos. H., e. Mar. 22, '65.
Jackson, Henry, e. Mar. 22, 'G-').
Jarvis, J. W., e. Mar. 22,'G5, m.o. Mar. 13,'66.
Rvau, Michael, e. Mar. 22,'6.5.
Sunuiels, Ja.s. S., e. Mar. 18,'65, pro. 2d lieut.
Bovd, R. M., e. Feb. 28,'65, m.o. May 2:3,'65.


The 31st was organized at Cairo, Illinois, September 8, 1861, by Colonel
John A. Logan.

The regiment was engaged in the battle of Belmont, November 7, 1861,
and took an active and honorable part in the engagement at Fort Donelson,
February 13th, 14th and 15th; was engaged in the siege of Corinth, May, 1862.

During the following year, was occupied in scouting through Mississippi
and Tennessee, making many long and arduous marches, engaging in many
brisk skirmishes, in wdiich it showed excellent fighting qualities and great
powers of endurance.

On May 2, 1863, defeated the enemy at Thompson's Hill, again on the
following day, after a hard march without rations, came upon the enemy, after
crossing Bayou Pirre, defeating and completely routing him. They still fol-
lowed the retreating "Johnnies" to Jackson, where they had a severe fight
w^ith them, and were again the victors.

The 31st participated in the entire siege of Vicksburg, arriving there on
the inth of Mav; in the charge on Fort Hill lost 2 officers and 8 men killed,
and 40 wounded ; their liag received 153 shots, the staflf being shot in two
four times, but with a heroism born only of the truest bravery, they never
surrendered the flag.

March 19, 1864, started for Illinois for veteran furlough. Leaving Cairo



for the field of action on May 3(1, joined Sherman's grand army at Aekworth;
was with Sherman in the campaign after Hood, and on November 15th, started
on that world famed "March to the Sea."

The ;5lst was mustered out July 19, 1S()5, and moved to Springfield, Illi-
nois, where they received final discharge and pay July 31, 1865.


Edwin S. McCook, e. Aug. 10, 'CI, pro. Brevet
Brig. Geu.

Principal Musicians.
John J. Fuller, m.o. Julv 19,'65.
John Turrell, m.o. Sept. '04.


Isaac Wert, e. Aug. 2.5,'61, v.. m.o. July 19,'G5.

First IJcntenanl.o.
John J. Curry, resigned Dee. 26,'f).'?.
F. W. Siiekney, e. Aug. 15,'61, v., m.o. July
19, '65.

(Second Lieutenants.

Robert A. Bowman, c. Aug. 10,'Gl, res. Mar.

David West, e. Aug. 15,'r.l, v., m.o. July 19,'65,


First .Sergeant.
Alex. H. Sutton, e. Aug. 1.5,'61.

Edwin D. Lampet, e. Aug. 1.5,'Gl, d. Mav 10,'G2.
T. C. Murphy, e. Aug. 1.5,'Gl, m.o. Sept."l8,'6-1.

Jame.s 11. Miller, c. Aug. l.'i.'Gl, died at Andcr-

.'iouvilU', Grave No. 21.')?.
Charles Green, e. Aug. 15, 'Gl.
Charles N. Emiltan, e. Aug. 15,'61, d. dis. Oct.

31, '61.
John B. Reynolds, c. Aug. 15, '61, v., m.o. July

18, '65, sergt.

Wm. Parker, c. Aug. 15, '61.

Adams, John, e. Aug. 15, '61, v.
Burr, IIukIi, e. Aug. 15,'()1, pro. sergt.
Benson, \Vni., e. Aug. i5,'61.
Beckwilh, J. E., c. Aug. 15,'61, v., kid. July

21, '64.
Blanton, Thos. J., e. Aug. 10,'61.
Brown, C. W., e. Aug. 15, '(H, died Nov. 16,'G2.
Diekey, Jacob, e. Aug. 15,'61.
Drake, Edward, e. Aug. 15, '61.
Edson, Henry, e. Aug. 15,'Gl.
Hoffman, Thomas, e. Aug. 15,'61.
Jones, Henry, e. Aug. 15,'Gl.
Kelly, John, e. Aug."l5,'61, d. May 1(),'G2.
Marvin, H., e. .Vug. 15, '61, d. Mar .s,'62, wnd.
Mathews, J., e. .Vug. 15,'6l, v., m.o. Julv 19,'6.5.
Miekle, J., e. Aug. 15, '65, v., m.o. Julv i9,'65.
O'Brien, J., e. Aug. 15,'tn, died Mar. 14, '62.
Rearden, Ja.s., e. Aug. ]5,'61, died July 2U,'61,

Roney, Jas., e. Aug. 15,'61, v., m.o. Julv 19,'6.5.
Shidler, John, c. Aug. 15,'61, kid. July 22,'G4.
Spillman, J., e. Aug. 15,'61, d. Mav 14, '62, wnd.
Taylor, W., e. Aug. 15,'61, died Dec. 6,61.
Vankiper, K., e. Aug. 15,'61, v., m.o. July 19,65.
Easland, M. J., e. Sept. 10,'61, v., m.o. June

17, '65.
Fuller, P. G., e. Sept. 10,61.
Fuller, P. B., e. Sept. 10,'01, d. Mar. 17,'62.
Orwin, Thomas P., e. Sept. 10, '61.
Stevens, C, e. May 15,'62, m.o. May 31,'65.
Nelson, A., e. Mar. 1,'65, died at Camp Butler.


Moore, Wm. S., e. Sept. 23,'&i, in Co. B, m.o.

June 3, '65.
Wood, J., e. Fel). 14,'65, in Co. B,, m.o. Sept.

16, '65.


MeCormack, Thos., e. Oct. 14,'61.

Abbott, Geo., e. Nov. 1,'61, d. dis. Aug. 18,'62.

(Calhoun, John, A., e. Oct. 2.5,'61, v., m.o. Sept.

Smith, Jacob, e. Nov. 17,'6I.
Straker, P. E., e. Dec. 21,'61.
Sill, David, e. Dee. 26,'61, wnd.
Sinus, W. J., e. Dec. 26,'61, died of wud.s.
Young, Peter, e. Nov. 17, '61.
CJrittey, Daniel, e. Jan. 16,'62.



Andrew M. Pollard, e. Aug. 15,'61, m.o. Mar.
20, '66.


Beezeley, John F., e. Aug. 16,'61, v., pro. 1st

lieut. Co. F.
(;arpentcr, Horace G., e. Aug. 16,'Gl, in Co. F,

m.o. Mar. 14, '64, wnd.
Richmond, Frank, e. Aug. 16,'61, in Co. F, m.

o. Sept. 9, '64.


Second Licutsnant.
A. J. Rankins, e. Aug. 1.5,'Gl, r6s. Feb. 8,'G2.

First Sergeant.
V. Rector, e. Aug. 2G,'61, d. dis. Aug. 20,'62.

J. Murphy, e. Aug. 26, '61.
Geo. H. Daniel, e. Aug. 2G,'61, m.o. Sept. 26,'64.

Be(iuoath. N., e. Aug. 26, '61, m.o. Sept. 15, '64.
Howel, John, e. Aug. 26, '61, died May, '64.
Howel. K., e. Aug. 26, '61, died Jan. 2li,'62.
Lcoiiard, W., e. Aug. 26, '61, v., m.o. Mar. 20,'66.
McCutclieon, Ja,s. A., e. Aug. 26,'61, died Dec.


Whitaker, W. W., e. Aug. 26,'61, d. Nov. 7,'Gl,

(lis., .sergt.
Wiseman, J., e. Aug. 26,'61, v., m.o. Mar. 20,'66.
Patten, W. T., e. Auar. 26,'61, v., m.o. Mar. 20,'66.
Blizzard, T. T., died Jan. 12,'65, wnds.
Moore, D. K., d. dis. J\nie 3, '63.
Harrison, J., e. Jan. 2:5, '61, m.o. Mar. 20,'66.

Unoj^signcd Recruits.
Carey, Patrick, e. Mar. 1,'64.
(Jerrety, Martin, e. Mar. l,'(i-l.
O'Neil, James, e. Mar. 1,'G-l.
Swift, John, e. Mar. 1,'6-1.
BriuH^ James, e. Oct. 19, '64.
Clark, John, e. Oct. 20,'64.
Callahan, John, c. Oct. 20,'G4.
Clark, Charles, e. Oct. 20,'64.
Doyle, Frank, e. Oct. 20,'6l.
Greenham, James, e. Oct. 20,'G4.
Heoffman, George, c. Oct. 19,'64i
Miller, John, e. Oct. 20,'64.
Roberts, John, e. Oct. 20, '64.


^ 44:th INFANTRY.

This regiment was organized in August, 1861, at Camp Ellsworth, Chioago,
and left for St. Louis, September 14th, where, at Benton Barracks, it remained
till the 22d, was armed and left for Jefferson City, where it took quarters in the
State House. It then went to Sedalia, and was assigned to General Siegel's
famous division. On October 13th moved to Springfield, Missouri, and No-
vember 8th moved to Wilson's Creek, but retreated next day toward Rolla,
where it remained during the winter.

On February 2, 1862, it moved toward Springfield, from where an exciting
chase of General Price was kept up till Camp Halleck, Arkansas, was reached,
where they remained till March 5th, when it became evident that the com-
bined forces of Van Dorn, Price and McCullough were marching to give l)attle,
and accordingly on the 6th moved toward Sugar Creek Valley, and the same
day the rear guard was attacked by the enemy and repulsed. Thus began the
terrible battle of Pea Eiilge, which resulted so disastrously to the rebels, in
which this regiment took a prominent part. The 44th followed up the retreat
of the enemy, taking hundreds of prisoners. May 8th took up line of March
toward Little Rock, but changed to Cape Girardeau, on Mississijipi, two
hundred miles distant, and from thence by water to Pittsburg Landing. After
evacuation of Corinth was attached to General Pope's army, and sent in
pursuit of the retreating foe. Bad roads prevented, and went into camp at

The 18th was sent to Cincinnati September 1st, and from there to Coving-
ton, Kentucky, thence to Louisville, where the command was re-organized
under Major-General Buell, and started on the memorable cami^aign after
Bragg, and was in the battle of Perryville under General Sheridan. Went to
Bowling Green, where General Rosecrans assumed command, and November
4th started for Nashville; remained till December 26th, and moved against
the rebels at Murfreesboro. In the bloody battle of Stone river the 18th took
a prominent part, losing more than half its number in killed and wounded.
Remained there till June, 186.3, when it marched to meet the enemy; arrived
at Cowan's Station July 2d, then marched to Stevenson, Alabama, driving the
rebels. Augfist 21st the movement against Chattanooga began, and took part
in the bloody conflict September 19th and 20th. It was foremost in the des-
perate charge upon Mission Ridge, General Sheridan giving it i>raise for having
placed one of the first flags upon the rebel works. Noveml)er 27th set out for
a forced march to Knoxville, one hundred and fifty miles distant ; it arrived
three days after siege had been raised by General Burnside. At Blain's Cross
Roads, while in camp, the troops were on the point of starvation several
times, having, for days at a time, nothing but corn in the ear, and but limited
supply of that. Nothing could more fully prove the patriotism of the men
than the fact, that here, on the point of starvation, exposed to the most
inclement weather, (it being so cold that the ink would freeze to the pen as
the men signed their names,) over three-fourths of the men voluntarily con-
sented to serve three years more. Marched to Dandridge, Tennessee, and
was attacked January l'6th and 17th, and after much hard fighting, becoming
evident that the whole rebel army was advancing, fell back to Knoxville.
March 4, 1864, the men were furloughed, and started for home, having
marched over five thousand miles.

April 14, 1864, the regiment reached Nashville on its way back to the field.
Moved toward Atlanta, and entered on the 8th of September. Was in many
battles during this memorable campaign; was sent to Athens, Alabama, but
fell back to Nashville, followed by the rebels. At Franklin, Tennessee, Gen-
eral Schofield determined to give battle. The conflict was short and desperate.
Took part in the battle of Nashville. January 5, 1865, went into camp at
Huntsville, Alabama. In April ordered to Nashville, where it was thought
it would be mustered out, but instead were ordered to New Orleans, and July
16th ordered to Texas, where it remained till September 25th, when it was
mustered out.




George Zelle, o. Aug. 14,'(U, res. Mar. 31, 'G2.
Ahrend Behrend, e. July 1,'Gl, ra.o. Sept. 2r),'6ri.

First Lieutenants.
Nicholas Da^^.s, e. Aug. 11, '61, in.o. J\ine2",'62.
Henry Sehinidtz, e. July l.'Ol, res. Nov. 1S,'(V_'.
Peter Wevhrich, pro. adj't, died of wnds. Julv

J. Eberling, e. July 1,'61, v., m.o. Sept. 25,'Go.

Second Lieutenants.

Chas. J. Hulblg, e. Aug. 14,'61, m.o. May 23, '62.
John Fuchs, e. Aug. 1,'61, v., m.o. Sept. 2.5,'65.

Sergeant Major.
H. Huhn, e. July 1,'Gl, pro. 2d lieut. Co. K.

J. Diiget, o. July 1,'61, ilied Jan. 28.'C.3, wnds.
John C. Frederick, c. July 1,'01, m.o. July 1.'),
'65, pas pris.


Daniel C. Orr. e. July 20,'61.

Jacob Metzler, e. July 20,'01, v.

John Eger, e. July 20/01, d. dis. Dec. G,'C2.

Henry Becker, e.Aug. l.'Ol.

Franz Reuz, e. July l.'fil, v., m.o. Sept. 2.'>,'fi."i.

Joseph Jackel, e. Julv l.'i!!, d. di.s. Juue 6, '63.

W. Uecklenwald, e. Julv l.'(U, died Dec. :!l,'il2.

M. F. Heckman, e. July l.'Ol, died Oct. 20,'G;;.

Philip Remer. e. July l.'GG, m.o. Sept. 13,'tVl.
George Lidle, e. Aug. 1,'Gl.


Angstein, G., e. Julv l.'Gl, kid. Sept. 20,'63.

Bartels, Frcl., e. July l,'t;i, v.

Conrad, Henry, e. July l.'Gl, kid. June 27,'64.

Darchner, Joseph, e. Aug. l.'Gl.

Ehrmannadraut, Josei)h, e. July 1,'Gl.

Ehrhard. J., e. July 1,'Gl, died .Tan. f<,'G3, wnd.

Eisele, \Vm. L., e. July 1,'Gl.

Eiscner, M., e. Aug. l.'Gl, v., m.o. Sept. 2),'G5.

Frie, Henry, e. Julv 1,'Gl.

Fluth, Jacob, e. July 1,'61.

Guckcr, George, e. Aug. 1,'Gl.

Greuel, Paul, e. Aug. ],'61.

Grenetie, H., e. July 1,'Gl, v., kid. May 17,'frl.

Geit, Henrv, e. Aug. 1,'Gl.

Haffner, J.^ c. July 1,'Gl, d. di.s. gept. l.S,'G2.

Helmreieh, P., e. July 1,'61, v.,m.o. Sept.25,'G5.

Jansen, Henry, e. July 1,'Gl.

Janscn, W., e. July 1,'Gl. died May.5,'6,5, wnds.

Jaeggi, John, e. Julv 1,'Gl, d. dis. Dec. 1G,'G2.

Junker, Henry, c. Aug. l.'Gl, kid. Dec. 31,'62.

Koch, Charles, c. July 1,'Gl.

Kirschner, Michael, "e. July 1,'Gl, v., d. Juue

18,'G5, wnd.
Kessier, J., e. July 1,'Gl, died Dec. 31, '63, wnds.
Kopp, Carl, e. July 1,'Gl, died Mar. 11, '61.
Mielick, R., e. Julv 1,'iil. diei\ Dec. 31, '()2.
Miller, H., e. July ],'G1, kid. Dec. 31, '62.
O'Brien, P., e. July 1,'Gl, died Jan. 2.s,'G3, wnd.
Oschmann, Henry, o. Aug. 1,'61, v., m.o. Sept.

25, '6.5.
Rucbenkocnig, John, e. July 1,'Gl, v., d. Mav

3, '65, wnd.
Suter. Jacob, e. Julv 1,'61.
Schwab, F., e. July"l,'61, v., d. May 9,'65, wnd.
Schai'hinger, John, e. July 1,'Gl, v., kid. Nov.

30, '64.
Steinmetz, Fred., e. July 1,'61.
Sturm, Christian, e. July 1,'61.
Sehroeder, John, e. July 1,'61, died Mar. 15,'63,

Schmidt, Andrew, e. July 1,'61.
Schmidt, F., e. Aug. 1,'Gl, 'I. dis. Dec. 16,'62.

Meer, W., e. Mar. 25,'64, m.o. Sept. 25,'65.
Schock, J., e. Jan. 25,'C>4, m.o. Sept. 25,'65.
Tochugy, Alovis, d. .'^ept. 2.S,'G3, wnd.
Tohms, L., v., m.o. Sept. '25,'G5, as sergt.
Tanbert, August.
I'ukrcig, Otto, d. Dec. 1,'62, wnd.
Villhaner, John, m.o. Dee. 25,'6o.
Wchring, M., kid. at Stone River, Dec. 31, 'G2.
Wagner, Charles.
Zimmer, Henry, died July 26,'64, wnd.


AItes.s P., c. Aug. 1,'Gl, d. dis. Fob. 4, '62.
Ai)penzelU'r, G., e. Aug. 1,'Gl, kid. Doc. 31, '62.
Becker, M., c. Aug. 1,'Gl, v., m.o. Sept. 2.5,'G5.
Fluss, 11., c. Aug. 1,'Gl, d. di.s. Dec. G,'G2.
Friend, Anton W., e. Aug. 1,'61, died May, '64.
Pohhnauu, W., o. Aug. 1,'61, died Aug. '63.
S.hmidt, Peter, o. Aug. 1,'61.
Conrad, B., e. Sept. 22,'64, m.o. June 15,'65.
Cash. S. II., e. Sept. 27,'(U, m.o. June 15,'65.
Jackson, W., e. Sept. 27,'G4, m.o. June 15, '65.
Oldmann, B.


First Lieutenant.
M. Keiiiingor, e. Ang. 14,'61, died Aug. 20,'62.


Alle Bildhoff, e. Aug. 1,'61, m.o. July 15, '65,

was pris.
Udo Dirks, e. Aug. 1,'61, d. di.s. April 1,'63.
Philip Weber, e. Aug. 1,'61.

Fred. Traeger, e. Sept. 1,'Gl.
Julius Trueholl", e. Sept. 1,'61.

Folkers, G., c. July 1, '61, v., m.o. Sept. 2.5,'65.
Jacobs, C, e. July 1,G1, m.o. Oct. 5,'64.
Sior, Jacob, c. Sept. 1,'Gl.
Seatou, Israel J., e. Aug. 1,'61.
Schawarz, B., e. .Vug. 1,'Gl.
Stanton, Anton, e. Aug. 1,'Gl.
Tenzlingor, Michael, e. Sept. l.'Gl.
Neef. F., e. Jan. 1,'G4, m.o. Sept. 25,'65, v.
Volpel, Wm., m.o. June 15,'65.
Neef, J., e. jNIar. 31, '61, m.o. Sept. 25,'G5.



J. Mahood, e. Aug. 30,'Gl, d. July 12,'G2, wnd.


Frazer, Alex., c. Aug. 30,'61, died April 21, '62,

Hardin, W. H., e. Oct. 15,'61, died June 15, '64.
Kimmins, H., e. Aug. 30,'61, m.o. Sept. 3, '64,

Patten, R., e. Aug. 30,'61, dropped Aug. 18,'62.
Smith, J. B., e. Aug. ;i0,'61, tr. -to invalid corps.


Armstrong, F. M., c. Dec. 30,'63, d. Jan. 25,'65.
Calvert, J., e. Dec. 30,'63, m.o. July 12,'G5.
(Jeorge, L., e. Dec. 30,'63, m.o. Julv 3,'65.
White, J., e. Dec. 30,'63, m.o. July 12,'65.
Wilder, A. \., c. Dec. 30,'63, died Oct. 7,'64.



47th i:f^A:NrTRY.

The 47th regiment was first organized and mustered into the service of

Online Librarypub Chas. C. Chapman & Co.History of Tazewell county, Illinois ; together with sketches of its cities, villages and townships, educational, religious, civil, military, and political history; portraits of prominent persons and biographies of representative citizens. History of Illinois ... Digest of state laws → online text (page 31 of 79)