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History of Tazewell county, Illinois ; together with sketches of its cities, villages and townships, educational, religious, civil, military, and political history; portraits of prominent persons and biographies of representative citizens. History of Illinois ... Digest of state laws online

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Online Librarypub Chas. C. Chapman & Co.History of Tazewell county, Illinois ; together with sketches of its cities, villages and townships, educational, religious, civil, military, and political history; portraits of prominent persons and biographies of representative citizens. History of Illinois ... Digest of state laws → online text (page 36 of 79)
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June 24, '65.
Martin O. S., e. Mar. 10,'65, in Co. L., m.o, Nov.

Green, H. P.. e. Mar. 23,'65.
White, James. A., e. Feb. 22,'64.


Davis, Jacob, e. Co. F., Feb. 28, '65, m.o. Nov.
4, '65.



Isaac York, e. Aug. 20, '61.


Colbert, Wm., e, Aug. 20,'Gl. m.o. Oct. 15,'04.
Campbell, J., e. Aug. 20,'61, m.o. Oct. 1,'6.1.
Morehead, A. J., e. in Co. L., Mar. 7,'65, m.o.

Nov. 4, '65.
Moore, G. G., e. Co. L., Mar. 2,'65, m.o. Nov. 4,


Unassigncd liccruiis.
Black, Charles, e. Oct. 11, '04.
Brenner, Henry, e. Oct. 11, '64.
Casey, Mitchell", e. Oct. 7, '64.
Cook, John, e. Mar. 3,'65.
Decker, Wm., e. Mar. 3, '65.
Farlar, James, e. Sept. 28, '64.
Wagner, John, e. Oct. 7, '64.



Jordan, E. M., e. Mar. 20,'G4, m.o. June 21, '65.
Whitmore, J., e. Sept. 20,'G4, m.o. June 21, '65.
Whitmore, C, e. Sei)t. 20, '64, m.o. Jan. 21, '65.
Bowes, Geo., e. Oct. 3,'01, Co. F., d. for wnds.



Keoler, C. M., e. Mar. 3,'65, Co.A.,m.o.Oct.31,'65.
McCulloch, Wm., e. Mar. 3,'65, Co. A., m.o. Oct.

31 ,'05.
Taylor. II. R., e. Mar. 3,'G5,Co.A.,m.o.Oct.31,'65.
Hill, Thos., e. Feb. 2,S,'05, Co. C, m.o. Oct.31,'6.5.
Dueneiiing, H., e. Sept. 10,'61, Co. D., v., m.o.

Oct. 31, '65.
Lightsey, J. II., e. Feb. 20,'65, Co. L., m.o. Oct.

31, '65.

Unassigned Pecruiis.
Gritfm, G. W., e. :March 3, '65.
Hamlin, Edward, c. March 3,'65.


Crafton. Sam'!., e. Jan. 3,'C4, in Co. L.
Chambers, Noah, e. Sept. 28,'G4, in Co. L.
Hencle, J., e. Sept. 29,'04, in Co. L.


Company " F," of this regiment, was recruited at Pekin in the fall and win-
ter of 1861, and reported to the regiment, at Peoria, with ninety-eight men,
and three commissioned officers. The regiment left for the field, 22d of Feb.,
1865, and participated in the battle of Shiloh. After the evacuation of Corinth,
the regiment was assigned by detachments to service l)etween that place and
Memphis. Nov. 19th Co. "F" reported to the regiment at Jack.son, Miss.; was
engaged at Lexington, Dec. 18th, 18C2, when 46 of their number, with the
colonel, fell into the hands of the enemy. The regiment remained in West
Tennessee till September, 186:5, doing gooVl work among the guerrillas. After
this they operated in the country between the Big Black and Pearl rivers,
and on the Yazoo, rendering that' country untenable for the Johnnies. The
regiment veteranized in December, 1864. They participated in Sherman's
grand march through Mississippi. During the summer of 1864, they were in



many skermishes and raids. November and December were with General
Osborne in the raid against the Mississippi Central Railroad, reached Vicks-
burg on Dec. 5th; moved to Memphis in January, 1865; joined in Grierson's
raid; was engaged at Egypt Station; after this raided in Arkansas and
Louisiana, and done guard duty on the Memphis and Charleston Railroad. It
was mustered out at Memphis, Tenn., Sept. 30th, and arrived at Peoria, Oct.
12th, 1865.

Lieutenant Colonel.
Aquilla J. Da\-is, e. Dec. 20,'61, m.o. Sept. 30/65.

Dennis S. Shepherd, e. Get. 8,'61, res. May 29,'65.


John Kraft, e. Sept. 27,'61, d. Oct. 14,'G2.


Burkhardt, M., e. Oct. 29,'61, m.o. Dec. 20,'Cl.
Cook, F., e. Nov. 13,'61, v., m.o. Sept. 30,'65.
Dehwert, Wm., e. Sept. 25,'Gl, v.,m.o.Sept.30,'C5.
Geis, Geo., e. Nov. 26,'01, d. dis. Jan. 27,'64.
Graf, Jacob, e. Dec. 16,'61, v., m.o. Sept. 30,'65.
Hossert, John, e. Oct. 29,'61.
Krenser, Albert, e. Dec. 16,'61, died July29,'G4.
Kuhn, Gregor, e. Nov. IS.'Ol, kid. Aug. 25,'62.
Metz, John. e. Nov. 19,'61, m.o. Dec. 20,'64.
Ringle, Chris., e. Dec. 16,'(U, v., m.o. Sept.SO.'Gf).
Schaumburg, F.,e. Oct. 3,'(51, v., m.o. Sept.20,'G.5.


Bauler, Matthias, e. Jan. 21, '62, v.
Bailev, Ira M., e. Feb. 25,'G5, m.o. Sept. 30,'G5.
Gaengel, John, e. Dec. 18,'Gl, m.o. Dec. 20,'64.
Laspe, Fred., e. Dec. 9,'63, died Oct. 22,'G4.
Nievar, Adam, e. Feb. 2:5, '64, m.o. Sept. .30, '65.
Litlar, Jacob, e. Dec. 16,'63. m.o. Sept. 30,'G5.
Legesser, Samuel, e. Dec. 14, '63, died Nov.23,'64.
Watson, Jas., e. Feb. 25,'65, m.o. Sept. 20,'G5.
Thomas, Henry, e. Feb. 4, '65, in Co. B.


John Mickil, e. Nov. 14.'61, v.

Samuel Miller, e. Nov. 17,'Gl, v. m.o. Sept. 30,'65.

Wm. McColgan, e. Nov. 14,'61, d. dis. May 8,'G2.

Edds, David C, e. Nov. 26,'Gl, v. m.o. Sept.20,'65.
Graham, H. D., e. Nov. 14,'61, d. dLs. May S,'62.
Hanger, J. W., e. Dee. 3. '61.
Kemper, Wm., e. Nov. 20, '61.
Leary, James, e. Dec. 4,'Gl, v., died Aug. 29,'G5.
Learv, John, e. Dec. 4,'Gl, v., m.o. Sept. 20, '65.
Sommers, Juo., e. Nov. 15,'61, d. dis. July 10,'62.
Wood, John, e. Nov. 14,'Gl, d. dis. May 20,'G2.


Parker, J. R., e. Sept. 28,'G4, m.o. June 9,'65.
Brontage, John, e. Feb. 22,'62.
Gregory, Benj., e. Sept. 2«,'64, m.o. June9,"65.
Graham, Fred., e. Jan. 4,'62, kid. at Shiloh

April 6, '62.
Hover, Fred., e. Feb. 11, '64, m.o. Sept. 30,'65.
McClung, Jas., e. Sept. 28,'64, m.o. July22.'G5,

was pris. of war.
Dehalderman, Simon, e. Nov. 27, 'Gl, in Co. D.
Wilmoth, L., e. Oct. G,'64, in Co. D.


Wm. M. Olmsted, e. Dec. 23,'61, res. April 18,'G2.
Bernard Wagner, e. Dec. 20,'61, m.o. Sept. 30, '65.

First Lieutenants.
Richard Burns, e. Dec. 20,'61, kid. In battle of

Shiloh, April G, '62.
David M. Cummings, res. April 11, '63.
John Backus, e. Dec. 31, '61, res. May 11, '65.
Chas. T. Mans, e. Nov. 5,'61, m.o. Sept. 30,'G5.

Second Lieutenant.
David Blair, e. Dec. 4,'61, m.o. Sept. 30,'G5.

Samuel Dusenberry, e. Sept. 21, '61
Andrew McBride, e. Sept. 16, '61, v., m.o. Sept.
30, '65.

Chas. Jacob, e. Sept. 30,'61, v., m.o. Sept. .30,'65.
Wm. Hanlin, e. Sept. 25,'61, d. dis. July,'G2.
Richard Flinn, e. Sept. 21, 'Gl, v. m.o. Sept.30,'G5.
Frank H. Dare, e. Sept. 29, '61, v. m.o Sept. 30,'G.5.
Walter McDonald, e. Oct. 4,'Gl, m.o. Dec. 20,'64.


JasperSmJth, e. Oct. 3,'Gl, v.,m.o. Sept. 30,'65.


Blanchard, W. S., e. Sept. 16,'Gl.
Bridgewater, Henry B., e. Sept. 23, '61, died Feb.

Brooks, Joseph, e. Oct. 16,'Gl, v., m.o. Sept30,'65,
Bennett, Richard, e. Oct. 3, '61, died May 1, '62.
Bover, Joua., e. Oct. 20,'61, v., m.o. Sept. 30,'6.5.
Cla'rk, Henrv, e. Sept. 16,'61, v., m.o. Sept. 30,'G5.
Cohenour, Wm., e. Sept, 21, '61, d. for dis.
Curran, Patrick, e. Dec. 15, '61.
Davis, Joshua, e. Oct. 11,'Gl, v.,diedFebl3,'64.
Goft; Alex., e. Sept. 30,'61. died May 25,'G2.
Gibbons, Thos., e. Oct. 3,'61, v., m.o. Sept. 30,'65.
Havs, Jacob, e. Sept. 27, '61, v., m.o. Sept 30, '65.
Harman, D. H., e. Sept. 23,'61, d. Oct., '62.
Hammond, Lemuel B., e. Nov. 11,'Gl.
Hudson, Nathl.,e. Dec. 15,'Gl,v.,m.o.Sept.30,'G5.
Kriell, John, e. Dec. 17,'61, v., m.o Sept. 30, '65.
Kemp, John, e. Sept. 23, '61, died.
Little, John, e. Nov. 2y,'Gl, d. for dis.
Long, John, e. Sopt, 23,'61.
McGinnis, John, e. Oct. 5,'61, d. Dec. 20,'G4.
Mulvahill, Albt., e. Sept. 1G,'61, m.o. Dec. 28,'64.
Mulvahill, Geo., e. Sept. 24, '61, d. Dec. 20,'frl.
Murphv, Alex., e. Sept.2y,'Gl, v.,m.o.Sept.30,'G5.
McKassen, R. J., e. Sept. 19,'61, v.
Merrvtield, M., e. Sept. 21, '61, died Feb. 28,'62.
Miller, Geo., e. Oct. 16,'61, v., m,o. Sept. 30,'65.
Myers, J. C, e. Nov. IG.'Gl, died Sept. 30,'62.
Nelson, Daniel, e. Sept. 17,'Gl, d. Dec. 20,'G4.
Pickerell, Saml., e. Sept. 23,'61, died May 3,'62.
Rvans, Moses, e. Sept. 23, 'Gl.
Rvan, Dennis, e. Nov. 13, '(;i, v., rft.o. Sept.20,'G5.
Stiles, David, e. Sept. 24, 'Gl, v., m.o. Sept. 30,'G5.
Scott, J. M., e. Oct. 21, '61, v., m.o. Sept. 30,'65.
Slawbaw, Jno., e. Dec. 17,'Gl, v.,m.o. Sept.30,'65.
Thorpe, M. G.,e. Sept. 24, 'Gl, v., m.o. Sept. 30,'65.
Town. L. A., e. Dec. 4,'Gl.
Winner, Jos., e. Dec. G,'61, v., m.o. Sept. 30,'65.

Cunningham. Charles, e. Mrrch 1,S,'63.
Davis, J. W., e. Dec. 9,'63, m.o. Sept. 30,'65.
Happenev, Pat., e. Jan. 4.'64, m.o. Sept. 30,'65.
Happenev, Elwd., e. Jan. 4, '(^, m.o. Sept.30,'65.
Ilabbertield, F., e. Nov.l3,'Gl,v.,m.o.Sept.30,'G5.
Heaney, Frank, e. Dec.26,'61,v.,m.o. Sept.30,'65.
Henderson, Fred., e. Dec. 25,'61.



Jones, J. L.,e. Feb. 25, '65.

Johnson, Win. T., e. Dec. 6,'61, v.

Lock, M. M., e. Jan. ;n,'a'i, m. o. Sept. 30,'C).S.

Mundcr, Ellis ('., e. Mar. 81, '04, m.o. Sept.:W,'G.').

McFarlaiul, Kdw., e. Oct. :i,'W, m.o. Sept.:)0,'(i5.

Noi'\'elle, Thos., e. Jan. 31, '65, m.o. Sept. 30,'G5.

O'Riley, Jas., e. Sept. 23,'(;i, died Oct. 10,'W, v.

Pollard, Richard, e. Jan. 1,'G4, m.o. Sept.:50,'65.

Pero, Alex., e. Oct. o,'('A, m.u. Sept. :W,'(i5.

Powers, Thos., e. Mar. 31, 'tU, died Feb. lS,'i;,5.

Rjivles, Jacob, e. Jan. 31, '05, m.o. Sept. 30, 'G5.

Williams, S. N., e. Mar. 22, '(14.

Yerker, Wm., e. Dec. '25, 'Ol.

Hainlinc, tieo., e. Dec. 2, '01, in Co. G., v., m.o.

July 14, '&5.
Abbey, A., e. Feb. 29,'tU, in Co. G., m.o. July



Second Lieutenant.
Andrew T. Linbarger.

Henry Pratt, e. Dec. 6,'Cl, d. Dee. 22, '04.

Barraton, Jos., e. Nov. 29,'ei, d. Dec. 22,'r)-4.
I-cnard, Peter, e. Nov. lO.'Ol, v.,m.o.Sept.30,'G5.
Murphy, P. M., e. Nov. 7, '01, m.o. Sept. 3o,'05.
Stamm. Jno., e. Nov. 10, '01, m. o. Sept. 30, '05.
Humphrey, Milt., Mar. 1,'02, m.o. Sept. 30,'05.


Crain, Frank, e. Feb. •29,'04, m.o. Julv 8,'C5.
Doty, Sidney, e. Mar. ;!1,'W, died July 22,'04.
Humphrey, Jno.,e. Mar. 31, '04, m.o. Sept. 30, '05.
Hiimphrey, N., e. Oct. 4. '04, m.o. Sept. 30,'O5.
Hcjward, G. W., e. Jan. 26,'t)4, m.o. Sept. 30,'05.
Kenneily, Isaac, e. Mar. 24, '04, m.o. Sept. 30,'05.
Owens, Funis M., e. Jan. 30, '04, m.o. Sept.30,'05.
Parsons, E. L. e. Fob. 1,'04, m.o. Sept. 30, '05.
Princeton. Wm., e. Dec. 16,'G3, m.o. May 22, '05.
Pemberton, J. K. e. Jan. iy,'04, m.o. Sept.30,'05.
Pemberton,.\lvin,e. Jan.l'J,'04,m.o. Sept.30,'G5.
Rose, Chas., e. Dec. 19, '03, m.o. Sept. 30, '05.
Speers, J. F., e. Feb. 27, '05, m.o. Sept. 30,'05.
Sakers, Henry, e. Dec. 15, '03.
Winklebleck, J., e. Oct. 4,'04, m.o. Sept. 30,'65.
Wright, Alfred, e. Sept. ■2S,'04, died Julv 12,'05.
Westfall, J. H. e. April 1,'04, m.o. Sept. 30,'65.
Pemberton, B., e. Feb. 5,'W, m.o. Sept. 30,'05.


Humphreo, W. H., e. Nov. 7, '61.

Shay, John, e. July 1,'02, m.o. June 9, '05.

Taggart, David, e. Feb. 23, '62, died Aug. 10,'G2.


Farran, Geo., e. Feb. '2.3, '01.

Murphy, Pat., e. Oct. 27,'01.

Green, John, e. Jan. 7,'0-l, m.o. Sept. 30,'65.

Frye, Henry .V., e. Feb. 27, '05, m.o. Sept. 30,'05.

Manlion, D. F.. e. Feb. 1.S,'65, m.o. Sept. 30. '75.

Powers, A. C, e. Feb. 18, '65, m.o. Sept. 30, '05.


Brady, J. W., c. Feb. 27, '(U, m.o. Sept. 30, '65.
Delanev, Thos., e. Feb. 'i/.'Oo, m.o. Sept. :50,'0o.
Ickes, W. J., e. Feb. 27,'C5, m.o. Sept. 30,'05.

Unassigned Recruits.

Barrett, M. v. B., e. Nov. 16,'6'2.

Bowlsby, John. e. Nov. IS, '02.

Biggins, Patrick, e. Jan. 12,'63.

Betty, Joseph, e. Jan. 12,'03.

Brown, Edward, e. Dec. 19, '6:?.

Cufaude, Hugh, e. Nov. 14, '04, m.o. May 29,'65.

Crosby, Hugh, e. Jan. 10,'6:i.

Eibe, Conrad, e. April 4,'6o.

Howard, C. M., e. Nov. 16, '62.
King, John, e. Oct. 7, '64.
Strong, Jason, e. Dec. 3, '63.


Carey, Edward, e. Jan. 1.'62, in Co. E.

I'na.t.'^igned Recruits.
Blanche, Charles, e. Sept. 2S,'G4.
Cook. John, e. Sept. 2.S,'64.
James, Thos., e. Sei)t. 28, '04.
Layhe, Michael, e. Sept. 28, '64.
McGovern, John, e. Sept. '28,'0-l.

14tli CAVALRY.


Polland, J. P., e. Nov. 31, '62, missing in action

Aug. 3, '04.
Kolb, John, e. Sept. 11, '62, d. dis. Dec. 5, '63.


Amnion, John.

Baldwin, Erwin, e. Feb. 10. '64, m.o. July 31, '65.


Johi) Buxton, e. Nov. 1,'62, d. dis. June S,'65.


Highland, Culberton, e. Sept. 17,'62, died at
Andersonville Pris., Nov. 17,'64, No. grave

Pippin, R., e Jan. 26,'G3. m.o. July 31, '6.5.

Pippin, Thos., e. Jan. 22, '03, m.o. July 31, '65.

Pippin, -Arnold, e. Feb. 22,'t'>4. m.o. Julv 31, '05.

Rittenour, J. P., e Sept. 22,'02. in Co. G.

Miller. Henry, e. Sept. 14, '02, in Co. K.


Benj. Kaunnan, e. Sept. 15,'62, died Feb. 9,'64.


John Probasco, e. Sei)t. 15,'62, m.o. July 31, '65.
J. J. Ferguson, e. Sept. 15, '62, m.o. July 31, '65.


Casev, J. M., e. Sept. 15, '62, m.o. July 31, '65.

Stinlev, Wm. J., e. Sept. 15, '02.

Kellogg, David, e. Oct. 0,'64.

Burk, Thomas, e. Sept. 27, '6-1.

Hass, Jacol), e. Oct. 5, '03, in Co. D., 17th, m.o.

Dec. 20, 'Cm.
Howard, D. ^i., e. Jan. 15,'61, in Co. D, 17th, m.

o. Dec. '20, '05.
Vorhees, David, e. Jan. 28,'64, in Co. D, m. o.

Dec. 20, '05.


Gillett, Chas. S., e. Dec. 30,'63, in bat. F., 1st

kid. Aug. 3,'64.
Richardsdii, Thos., e. July 3,'62, tr. to V.R.C.
Betterliiig, Geo., e. April 19,'01, in bat. A. 2d

Art., il. <lis.
Wehner, Henry, e. July 17, '61, in bat. A, 2d

An., (lied Feb. 14,'02, wnds.
Brown, James, e. Sepi. •23.'64, in. bat. G. 'Jd Art.,

m.o. May 30, '65.


Corsley, Wm. H., e. Sept. 21, '6-1, in Co. B.,m.o.

Sept. 30,'(iu.
Hall, Geo. M~e. Sept. '21, '64, in Co. B.




Ashby, Wm. J., e. Sept. 21,'64,m.o. Nov. e.'Oo.
Ashbv, Miirehall, e. Sept. 21, '04, m.o. Sept.30,'()5.
Ashbv, Wm. H., e. Sept. 21, '04, m.o. Sept.30,'05.
Day, iMorgan, e. Sept. 30,'e4, died Sept. G,'60.
Heiirv, Wm., e. Jan. 27, '05.
Lewis, Edward, e. Sept. 2.s,'64, m.o. May23,'05.
Price, Wilson, e. Sept. 30,'e4.
Tumbleton, Thos. M., e. Sept. 30,'64.
McGee, Benj., e. Mar. 7,'65.


Davis, Noah, N., e. Feb. 21, '0.5, m.o. Feb. 21, '06.

(Jrabtree, A. J., e. Feb. 2S,'0.3, m.o. Feb. 2S,'0.5

Carr, Taos., e. Feb. 28,'65, m.o. Feb. 28,'66.

McClure, J. A., e. Feb. 27,'65.

Work, Husli A., e. Feb. 24,'6.5, m.o. Feb. 24,'n.5.

Sandburn, W. H., e. Feb. 3,'05, m.o. Mar. 3,'O0.

Crooks, Lawsoii, c. Mar. 6,'6.5.

Powers, (,'ha.s., e. Feb. 28,'0.5, m.o. Feb. 2S,'66.

Schermere, A., e. Mar. 23,'e5, m.o. Mar. 23,'eC.

Hill, Thos., e. Mar. 29,'6.5, m.o. Mar. 27,'66.

Harsh, Phillip, e. Mar. 30,'tw,"ui.o. Mar. 29,'00.

Simno, Francis, e. April 0.5.

Gibbs, W. J., e. April 5, '65, m.o. April 13, '66.

Hess, Peter, e. April 5,'65, m.o. April 13, '66.

Steinkoff, G., e. April 5,'65, m.o. April 13, '06.

Bliss, James, e. June, '65.

Dean, Henry, e. Sept., '64.

Donelson, James, e. Feb., '04.

Havs. R,, e. Sept., '04.

Newkirk, I. N., e. Oct., '04.

Price, Geo., e. Sept., 64.

Scott, John, e. Sept., '64.

Wilson, Charles, e. Sept., 64.

Young, Charles, e. June, '65.



Montgomerj-, Samuel, e. Mar. 18, '62, v.
Newbauks, C. H., e. Mar. 29,'05, m.o. Oct. 15,'65.
Stanton, Mrchael, e. Oct. 12,'04, recruit.
Linton, A. R., e. Mar. 12,'64, kid. by R.R. acci-
dent, July 29, '04.
Wanttand John, e. Mar. 5,'64, m.o. Aug. 12,'05.
Wood, John, e. Dee. 21, '04, m.o. Aug. 12,'05.
Burns, Peter, e. Oct. 6, '64, recruit.
Femes, M., e. Oct. 6,'64. rejected by board.
Long, J. C, e. Oct. 0,'64, rejected bv board.
Dodson. R. S., e. Feb. 22,'65, v., m.o." Julv 31, '66.
Dod.son, M., e. Feb. 22.'6.5, v., m.o. July31,'65.
Smith, William, e. Sept. 3,'61.
Myers, Henry, e. Mar. 6, '.52, v., m.o. Julv 12,'05.
Rouse, T. J., e. April 2,'02, m.o. April 12,'65.
EdmLston, J., e. Sept. 10,'61, m.o. June 11, '62,

CoUins, N. M., e. Sept. 20, '64, Co. E., 73d inf.,

m.o. June 12, '65.
Morris, B. J., e. Aug. 5,'02, Co. F., 73d inf., d.

Jan. 13, '63, dis.
Horton, N., e. Feb. 9,'64, 73d inf., Co. K.
Newberry, A., e. Sept. 29,'04, 73d inf., Co. K.
Clegg, J. C, e. Aug. 13,'02, 77th inf., Co. IL,

kid. Vicksburg, Mav 19, '63.
Poga, A. B., e. Aug. 9,'02, 77th inf., Co. H., ra.

o. June]7,'05' pri.s. war.
Stewart, W. H., e. Aug. 12,'02, 77th inf., Co. H.,

d. May 27, '03, dis.
Hauck, John, e. 77th inf.. Co. K., as recniit.
Bagler, J. R., e. Aug. 12,'02, 81st inf., Co. D., m.

o., Aug. 5, '65.
Wilson, David, e. Feb. 41, '65, 81st inf., Co. K.,

Groff, Joseph E., e. Aug. 1,'62, 85th inf., Co. I.,

m.o. June 5, '65.
Price, Fredrick, e. Feb. 5,'63, 2d oav., unas-

signed recruit. X>

Hayner, Christian, e. Dec. 17,'63, unassigned

recruit, cav.
Clark, Lewis, e. Dec. 10,'64, 3d cav., Co. A., re-
cruit, m.o. Oct. 10,'05, as sergt.
Ansell, Joseph, e. Oct. 11, '64, 3d cav., Co. D.,

m.o. Oct. 10,'C5.
Dalbv, Milo, e. Oct. 10,'fri, 3d cav., Co. E., m.o.

Oct. 10,'05.
McCance, G. R., e. April 12,'65, 3d cav., Co. E.,

m.o. Oct. 10, '65.
Morris, Geo., e. Feb. 13,'65, 3d cav., Co. E., m.

o. Oct. 10, '0.5.
Larish, Da\id, e. '01, in sappers and miners,

kid. in battle.
Moody, Albert, e. '61, in sappers and miners,

m.o. at close of war.
Ramige, W., e. Aug. 15,'62, 85th inf., Co. K., m.

o. June 5,'65.
Speicht, M., e. Aug. 15,'62, 85th inf., Co. K.,

died Oct. 30, '62.
Eaton, F. L., e. Aug. 11, '62, 8Cth inf., d. as hos.

Chauncy, W. W., e. July 18,'62, 86th inf., Co.

H., d. Dec. 28, '02, dis.
Howland, C. A., e. Oct. 13,'64, 92d inf., Co. K.,

Sloan, J. L., e. Aug. 1,62, 94th fnf., Co. F., m.o.

July 17, '65.
Cathar," William, e. Mar. 3,'65, 97th inf., m.o.

Julv 29, '05.
Hand, Wm. B., e. July 26,'62, 99th inf., Co. A.,

m.o. Julv 31, '65.
Hand, WiUis, e. July26,'62, 99th inf., Co. A.,

m.o. Julv 31, '65.
Fitzpatrick, John, e. Mar. 9,'65, 103d inf., Co.

E., m.o. Julv 24, '65.
Vanmeter, J. B", e. Julv 22,'62, 106tli inf., Co.

C, m.o. Julv 12,'0.5.
Vanmeter, S. G." e. July 2,'62, 106th inf., Co. C,

m.o. July 12, '65.
Smith, James, e. Jan. 23, '64, unassigned re-
cruit 113th inf.
Holmes, Samuel, e. Sept. 22,'64, 113th inf., Co.

D., recruit, m.o. Aug. 3, "65.
Nale, William, e. Sept. 22, '64, 113th inf., Co. D.,

recruit, m.o. Aug. 3,'65.
O'Conor, Peter, e. Sept. 22,'&4, 113th inf., Co.

D., m.o. Aug. 3,'65.
Thompson, J. W., e. Sept. 22,'&4, 113th inf., Co.

D., m.o. Aug. 3, '65.
Carter, Wm., e. Oct. 6,'64, 115th inf., Co. K.,

died Camp Butler, Jan. 8, '65.
Lee, Chas. K., e. Sept. 27, '64, in 116th inf., re-
cruit, Co. C, m.o. Jan. 7,'65.
Hamilton, Pa.schal, e. Oct. 11,'64, 116th inf., Co.

E;., recruit.
Smith, J. K. P., e. Sept. 20,'62, 116th inf., Co.

F., m.o. June 7,'05.
Harbinson, S. J., e. Aug. 12,'01, v., 2d cav., Co.

B., accidentally kid. Oct. 10,'65.
Collison, Madison, e. Oct. 1,'64, 2d cav., Co. B.,

d. June 12, '65.
Jones, WilUam, e. Oct. 1,'64, 2d cav., Co. D., d.

June 12, '65.
VanMeter, Newton, e. Feb. 20,'Cl, v., 2d cav.,

Co. D., m.o. Nov. 12, '05.
Kemp, Abraham, e. Mar. 25, '64, 2d cav., Co.

K., m.o. Nov. 22, '65.
Hodges, Wm. J., e. Feb. 28,'65, Co. H., 14th regt.
Hammond, J., e. Feb. 28,'05, Co. K., 14th regt.
Wells, Marcus P., e. May 24,'ei, in Co. K., 16th

inf., died Mav 26,'02.
Hodgson, Hugh D., e. Dec. 14, '63.
Cadwell, W., e. June 17,'61, in Co. F., 19th inf.
Ketz, Fred., e. Mar. 8,'65, in Co. A., 20th inf.,

m.o. July 22, '65.
Scholotour, John, e. Mar. 8,'65, in Co. A., 20th

inf., m.o. Julv 10, '05.
Miller, Wm. H.. e. June 13,'61, in Co. E., 20th

inf., died.
Kelly, Thos., e. Jan. 23, '65, in Co. F., 20th inf.
Kelly, James, e. Jan. 23, '65, never reported.



Donghert\', James, e. Jan. 16,'65.

Rotze, Fre<l., e. Mar. .s,'65.

Bviiuin, IsiUic, e. Sept. •J9,'G4, m.o. Aupr. t.'GS.

Bond, C. C e. Feb. 2.s,'65, m.o. Nov. 6,'(>.5.

Brown, Jackson, e. Aug. 'iO.'Gl, v., in Co. G.,

3:kl inf.
Davis, Jonathan, e. Oct. 7,'G4, in Co. H., o3d inf.
Oliver, R., e. Feb. 1.'),'(;.5, in Co. 1, drowned.
Kagan, H. W., c. Oct. 7,'64, in Co. I, m.o. Oct.

Carr.'Mark, e. Sept. 7,'61, v. in Co. I., 34th inf.,

missing in action.
Sullivan, C.. e. Dec. 30, 'G3, in Co. I., 34th inf.,

m.o. July 12, '(■).').
Muller, J. B., e. Aug. 30,'61, in Co. G., 39th inf.,

d. Julv4,'63, dis.
Neef, Fred., e. Aug. 30,'fil, in Co. G. 39th inf.
Heintz, P. H., e. Aug. 30,'61, v. in Cy. G., 39th.

Kuchule, M., c. Sept.
Leatherwood, Alex.,

43d inf., died May

1,'61, in Co. G., 43d inf.
e. April 5,'G5, in Co. K.,
Spradley, A. J., c. April r>,'&o, in Co. K., 43d
inf.," m.o. May 11, 'G5.

Roberts, Newman, e. Oct. 1,'6-1, in Co. E., 120th

Inf., died Mav 2,'G.\
Bloonishine, Fred., Dec. 8,'C3.
JlcCullertv, James, e. Oct. 10,'G4.
Anderson", \Vm., e. Feb. 22,'65, in Co. B., 12Gth

Inf.. m.o. July 12,'G5.
Henderson, \Vm.," e. April 5.'65, in Co. E., 12Gth

Inf., m.o. Julv 12, 'G.').
Mueller, A. II., A"pril 5,'G,"i, in Co. E., 126th Inf.,

m.o. July 12, 'G.').
Peninger, Washington, e. March 21, 'G5.
James, John T., e. Mav20,'G4, in Co. G., 134th

Inf., Oct. 2.'^,'G4.
Robison, Geo. F., e. Mov 20,'G4, in Co. G., 134h

Inf., m. o. Oct. 25,'G4.
Willard, Erasuis II., e. June 21, '64, in Co. E.,

:!Sth Inf., is 1st lieutenant.
Zanies, Samuel A., e. T*Iav 1G,'64, in Co. I, 442d

Inf., m.o. Oct. 2G,'G4.
Armstrong, Thos., e. Nov. 1.5, '64, in Co. K.,

144th Inf., m.o. Julv 14, '65.
Houghton, Tnos. B.. e. Feb. 3,'65, in Co. A.,

150th Inf., m.o. Jan. 16,'GG.



As the prosperity and well being of every community depends
upon the wise interpretation, as well as upon the judicious framing
of its laws, it must follow that a record of the members of the Bar,
to whom these matters are generally relegated, must form no unim-
portant chapter in the county's history. Upon a few principles of
natural justice is erected the whole superstructure of municipal law
tending; to relieve the wants and meet the desires of all alike. But
where so many interests and counter interests are to be protected and
adjusted, to the judiciary is presented many interesting and complex
problems. But change is every-where imminent. The laws of
yesterday do not compass the wants and necessities of the people of
to-day. The old relations do not exist. New and satisfactory ones
must be established. The discoveries in the arts and sciences; the
invention of new contrivances for labor ; the enlargement of indus-
trial pursuits, and the increase and development of commerce, are
without precedence, and the science of the law must keep pace
with them all ; nay, it must even forecast events and must frame its
laws as will most adequately subserve the wants and provide for the
necessities of the new conditions. Hence the lawyer is a man of
the day. The exigencies he must meet are those of his own time.
His capital is his ability and individuality. He cannot bequeath
to his successors the characteristics that distinguished him, and at
his going the very evidences of his work disappear. And in com-
piling this short sketch one is astonished at the paucity of material
for a memoir of those who have been so intimately connected with
and who exerted such an influence upon the county^s welfare and
progress. The pecvdiarities and the personalities which form so
pleasing and interesting a part of the lives of the members of the
Bar, and which, indeed, constitute the charm of local history, are
altogether wanting. Unlike the fair plaintiff in Bardell vs. Pick-
wick, we have no pains-taking sergeant to relate " the facts and cir-


cumstances " of the case. The Court records give us the facts, but
the circumstances surrounding and giving an interest to the events
are wanting.

Tazewell, like all pioneer counties, suffered much in the stability
of her judiciary owing to the numerous contests concerning the loca-
tion of the county-seat and the consequent bitterness and local
prejudice attending the various removals. The county-seat was
first located at Mackinaw, March 22nd, 1827. Tazewell county,
at that time, for judicial purposes, formed a part of the Second
Circuit. The first term of the Circuit Court ever held in this
county was at Mackinaw, May 12th, 1828, and presided over
by the Hon. Samuel J. Lockwood. The first case docketed was
entitled Bryan and Morrison vs. Wm. Eads, action of debt. The
first indictment presented was against William Herbert for assault
and battery.

Samuel J. Lockwood. — The Hon. Samuel J. Lockwood was one
of the justices of the Supreme Court of Illinois and assigned to
circuit duty in the Second Circuit. He was a man of good ability
and discharged his duties very acceptably.

Stephen T. Logan. — The Hon. Stephen T. Logan was the next
presiding Judge for several years and afterwards was Judge in the
Sangamon Circuit. He now resides in Springfield, Illinois, having

Online Librarypub Chas. C. Chapman & Co.History of Tazewell county, Illinois ; together with sketches of its cities, villages and townships, educational, religious, civil, military, and political history; portraits of prominent persons and biographies of representative citizens. History of Illinois ... Digest of state laws → online text (page 36 of 79)