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History of Tazewell county, Illinois ; together with sketches of its cities, villages and townships, educational, religious, civil, military, and political history; portraits of prominent persons and biographies of representative citizens. History of Illinois ... Digest of state laws online

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Online Librarypub Chas. C. Chapman & Co.History of Tazewell county, Illinois ; together with sketches of its cities, villages and townships, educational, religious, civil, military, and political history; portraits of prominent persons and biographies of representative citizens. History of Illinois ... Digest of state laws → online text (page 49 of 79)
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in 1851. Mr. B. is a member of the Methodist Church. P. O.,

Joseph Beanchamp, carpenter and builder, sec. 24, P. O., Hope-
dale; is a native of Canada, where he was born in 1826. The
ancestry of Mr. B. were French. He was apprenticed five years, to
learn his trade, by the end of which time he become a skillful work-
man ; Mr. B. was married to Miss Margaret Brier, a daughter of
Isaac Brier; there were born of this union twenty two children,
of whom only seven are living — Louie, Jos, Henry, George,
Louisa, Emma and Alexander, Mr. B., informs us that his grand-
mother was the mother of thirty-six children. Mr. B. settled at
what is now Hopedale 13 years ago and has erected every building
of any importance in the village. He was the builder of the first
house in the town. It is now occupied by Mr. Willard. We can-
not speak to highly of him as a skilled mechanic.

John S. Sever was born in the State of Indiana, Oct. 10, 1848;
is a son of Samuel and Eliza (Curtis) Bever. John S. came to this
county July 28, 1855. He attended the common schools of his
adopted county. He was married Feb. 2, 1871, to Catharine
Pearson. They are the parents of two children — Francis E., born
Jan. 16, 1872, and Berdella, born Sept. 28, 1873; Mr. and Mrs.
Bever are members of the Presbyterian Church. He is a Democrat
in politics. P. O., Delavan. *'

Jacob Bever is a native of Indiana, having been born in that
State, Aug. 25, 1855. He is a son of Christian Bever and Lydia
Easton. Jacob Bever came to this county in 1862; attended the
schools in Dillon township. He was married Nov. 14, 1878, to
Idella Davidson, a native of Indiana. Mr. B. is a member of the
Church of the United Brethren in Christ; is a Democrat in poli-
tics ; P. O., Delavan.

Matthias Bever, farmer, sec. 33 ; P. O., Hopedale ; was born in
Adams Co., Ohio, Feb. 20, 1820. His parents were Matthias and
Catharine (Chumoker) Bever. The subject of this sketch came to
this county Feb. 28, 1855; received a common school education.
He is a member of the Baptist Church; was married March 14,
1853, to Rebcca A. Fuller, who was born April 3, 1829. They
have one daughter, Catharine Ann, born Feb. 14, 1852. She was
married to Henry Henkle in Sept., 1875. Mr. B. is a Democrat in

Samuel Bever, Sr., is a native of Adams county, Ohio, where he

"■^i-vCs^ *-■!]


Dillon, '^^•



was born Dec. 23, 1815. His parents were Michael and Margaret
Bever. Samuel B. attended the common schools of Indiana, and
came to this county July "28, 1855. He follows farmino;; resides on
sec. 30 ; owns 400 acres of land ; is connected with the Church of
the United Brethren; was married to Eliza Curtis Sept. 27, 1838.
They have had eleven children born as follows: — Jane, born July
20, 1839; Susanna, Dec. 3, 1841; Ephraim, Feb. 21, 1844; James,
Nov. 9, 1846; John S., Oct. 10, 1848; Matthias, Sept. 1, 1850;
Mary, Nov. 27, 1852; Martha, Nov. 25, 1854; Elizabeth, Feb. 10,
1858; Mahala, Oct. 5, 18(i0; Ida A., May 21, 1866. Mr. B. acts
with the Damocratic party. P. O., Hopedale.

Christian Birky, farmer, sec. 31 ; P. ()., Delavan ; was born in
Elm Grove, this county, in May, 1847. His parents were Christian
and Catharine Birky. Mr. B. attended the common schools of this
county ; is a member of the Omish (Mennonite) Church ; was mar-
ried Feb. 17, 1878. He is a Democrat in politics.

Henry H. Brigliain, station agent and operator on the C. & A.
R. R., Hopedale, was born in Chatauqua Co., N. Y., July 30, 1833.
His father, James B. Brigham, was born in the year 1782, Nov. 6,
at Marborough, Mass., died Jan. 31, 1<S61 ; he served in the Revo-
lutionary war. His mother was born May 15, 1793, died Jan. 26,
1869. They were married March 4, 1810, at Fredonia, N. Y. It
was in that place that Henry received his education, where he took
an academic course. He was connected with the U. S. Treasury
Department during the war.

William H. Briyfj, farmer and stock raiser, sec. 24 ; was born in
Westchester county, N. Y., on the 21st of Oct., 1807. His father,
Phillip H. Briggs, was a native of N. Y. He received a liberal
education, and was married to Phoebe, daughter of John Ryen, of
Fordham, N. Y., who was born May 4, 1788. ]Mr. B. went to New
York city about 1808, where he became engaged in the mercantile
business. He was very successful, and died Oct. 19, 1840; his wife
died April 1, 1866. The descendants are four in number — William
H., whose name is at the head of this sketch, Phoebe, who married
Ebben Leggett, and now resides in Brooklyn, N. Y., Larina, who
married Charles Valentine, and Ann Eliza, who is married and lives
in Philadelphia. William H. received a liberal education in New
York city. On the 26th of Nov., 1 828, he was married to Louisa,
daughter of Thomas Hoif, of Monmouth county, N. J. In 1 H29
Mr. B. entered on a mercantile career in New York; in 1836 he
came West, locating near Hopedale. He first rented farm property ;
in 1837 he purchased 207 acres, and is now the owner of 547 acres
and a beautiful farm residence. Few men are better known for
generosity than Mr. B. He has been Supervisor and Assessor for
this township. The marriage of j\Ir. B. was productive of six child-
ren, four of whom are living — Hannah, Jane E., Cecilia and Will-
iam H., jr.

John Burgess, born in England May 4, 1822. Thomas and Lucy


(Black) Burgess were his parents. He attended the common schools,
Mr. B. came to this country in 1849; is a member of the Christian
Church; was married to Elizabeth Hurn, Oct. 6, 1851. She died
in 1869. She was the mother of Lucy, born July 12, 1857; Jen-
nie, born Nov. 1, 1859; Lilian, born May 7, 1863. Mr. B. was
again united in marriage March 20, 1870, to Lucinda Bennett, by
whom he had five children, born as follows : Laura, July 30, 1871 ;
John R., Jan. 3, 1873; Elizabeth, Dec. 15, 1874; Mattie S., Nov.
26, 1877; Rose, March 22, 1879.

Otto Butterweck, of the firm of Schulte & Co., Hopedale, is a na-
tive of Germany, being born in that country Aug. 24, 1848. His
parents were Gustav and Mary (Brenneman) Butterweck, natives of
Germany. Mr. B. came to this country Nov. 1, 1864 ; was educated
in the common schools and Wiesbaden College. He is a member of
the Lutheran Church, and politically a Republican,

Andrew J. Bijern, farmer, sec. 11 ; P. O., Hopedale. Mr. B. is a
native of Franklin county, O., and is the youngest son of Joseph
and Sarah Byers, and was born Jan. 7, 1828. He grew to manhood
in his native' State, receiving a liberal education. In 1852 he was
united in marriage with Miss ^Nlary Sands, daughter of Thos. Sands.
Two years later Mr, Byers settled in Hopedale, where he purchased
town property and built for himself and family a home. Since this
time Mr. B. has followed farming. Five children have blessed this
union — William H., Hope, Alvira, Sarah, and Ira.

August L. Capps was born in Hanover, Prussia, Feb. 18, 1850.
His parents are August and Fredricka (Fricke) Capps. He was
married Feb. 22, 1876, to Mary Bever, who was born Nov. 27,
1852. They have had one son, Eugene Ray, born Nov. 13, 1876,
died April 25, 1877. Mr. C. is a miller by trade, and is now run-
ning the mill at Hopedale. He is a Democrat in politics.

John Cheshier was born Sept. 15, 1837, in North Carolina. His
parents were Solomon and Nanney (Todd) Cheshier, The subject
of this sketch came to this county in 1859, Is a farmer, residing
upon sec, 15, He belongs to the Methodist Church, and was mar-
ried April 9, 1860, to Amanda J, Terhune, a native of Indiana,
where she was born Dec, 20, 1845, They have two daughters —
Josepine, born Feb. 28, 1861, and Bertha May, born July 31, 1877.
Mr. C. is a Republican in politics.

Fhilandor E. Davis, attorney and Justice of Peace, Hopedale,
was born in Little Mackinaw, this Co., Aug. 14, 1830; is the son
of James E. and Mary (Taylor) Davis. His father was born in
1797, died in 1872; niother'born in 1793, died 1871. He attended
the common schools of the county and then entered De Moines
College, Iowa. During the war he enlisted in Co, A., 108th 111.
Inf.; was transferred to Co, K., in which he held rank as 1st Lieut.
Has been J. P, for twenty years, and Supervisor for eight years ; was
elected J, P, when only 24 years old. He was married in June,
1850, to Rosetta Roberts, who was born in 1830, died in 1862; was


married again to Catherine Henderson, who was born in 1840, and
came to this Co. from Ohio when but seven years okl. By her he
has two children — Eugene R., born Nov., 18BG, and John S,, A])ril,
1872. By his first wit'e he has but one child living, Evangeline,
born 1852. She is the wife of Henry Peitzman, and lives in Kansas.

John L. Donalson, farmer, sec. 30 ; P. C, Hopedale ; was born in
Kentucky, April 24, 1828 He is the son of James and Sarah
(Klines) Donalson, both natives of that State ; came to this
county in 1873; married Margaret Beaver June 24, 1846. They
have been blessed with fourteen children, nine of whom are living
— Elizabeth, born Feb. 8, 1846; Delilia L., Feb. 12, 1848; James,
Nov. 8, 1850; Sarah A., Oct. 8, 1851; Nancy I., Feb. 12, 1853;
Christopher C, May 6, 1859; Joseph, Oct. 9, 1861; Maria, Nov.
12, 1863; Martha *R., 1865; Jacob, Nov. 22, 1868; Mary E.,
1869; Minnie, May 22, 1870; Isaac and Catherine, twins, born in
1872, dead; Sarah, Mattie and Mary are also dead.

William M. Ely, farmer and carpenter, sec. 24 ; P. O., Hopedale ;
was born in Ohio in 1833. In 1858 Mr. Ely moved to this county,
and first found employment as a farm hand. The same year,
Dec. 30, he was united in marriage to Margaret, daughter of J. T.
Scates, the following year Mr. Ely moved to Indiana, where he re-
sided at the breaking out of the Rebellion. He enlisted in the 142d
Indiana Vol., participated in many battles ; at the close of the war
he returned to Ind. and purchased a farm. Eight years ago Mr.
Ely sold his property in Ind., and returned to this Co. Mr. Ely
has always taken a deeji interest in educational matters, and now
holds the ])osition of School Director. He is the father of seven
children — Emma, Parthena, Susannah, Katie, John, Nettie and

Michael Flynn is a native of Ireland, where he was born in Feb.
1850. His father, Patrick, and mother, Ellen Cullnan, were
natives of Ireland and are still living. Mr. F. came to this county
Oct. 20, 1866. He purchased his present farm of Mr. W. F. Hod-
son. He was married, April 9, 1874, to Julia Cooney, a native of
this county. She was born Nov. 28, 1853. They have three chil-
dren — Catharine A., born April 2, 1875; Thomas F., April 9,
1877; Patrick, born May 2, 1879. Mr. F. is a Catholic; P. O.,

Henry 31. Ford. This gentleman is one of the business men of
Hopedale. He W('s born in Madison Co., Ind., Aug. 14, 1837.
He is the son of Abraham M. (who was born in Feb. 1801, and
died 1861) and Rebecca (Hendrickson) Ford, who was born in Se])t.,
1811 and is still living. Came to Hopedale ten years ago and em-
barked in business, and has been quite successful. Has been engag-
ed in the harness trade for 26 years. Pie was educated in common
schools and La Grange College, Kentucky. He enlisted in Co. F.
9th Ky. Cav. as Sergeant. Was Cai)t. Co. A. 1st Regt. of Eng.
and Mechanics. Was wounded by bushwackers. Has served as


J. P. for four years. Oct. 6, 18G6, he was married to Mary E.
Laughery, who was born ]\lay 30, 1842.

Arthur Gibson Crisp is a native of England, where he was born
Aug. 29, 1823. Charles E. and Ann E. Crisp, his parents, were
natives of the same country. Arthur G. came to this country in the
fall of 1867. He resides on sec. 11 ; P. O., Hopedale. He received
an academic education in London ; is an active member of the jNIeth-
odist Church; was married in April, 1875, to Mary E. Heckard, a
native of Ohio. They have two children — Arthur H., born March
2, 1876, and Frances Irena, born Sept. 6, 1877. Mr. C. is a Re-

Adam Griesemer is a native of Germany, where he was born Feb.

14, 1825. His parents were John and Elizabeth Griesemer. Adam
came to this county in March, 1869. He received a common school
education. Mr. H. is a farmer, and resides on section 23 ; P. O.,
Hopedale. He has a fine farm under a good state of cultivation.
We would refer the reader to a portrait of Mr. Griesemer in this
History. Mr. G. was married in October, 1848. He is the parent
of ten children, as follows: Elizabeth, born Aug. 3, 1851, died Feb.

15, 1853; Adam C, born Aug. 27, 1853; Mary Ann, Jan. 6, 1855;
Theresa, May 2, 1857; Barbara A., Aug. 20, 1859; Rosa, Oct. 27,
1861; John W., Julv 16, 1864; Clara M., Mav 13, 1867; Charles
M., Sept. 18, 1869;' Henry Simon, July 20, 1872. Mr. G. is a
German Catholic.

Charles L. Hess is a native of Rockingham county, A^a., where
he was born Sept. 3, 1851. His parents are Joseph and Anna
(Roudbush) Hess. Charles L. received a common school education
in his native State, and he came to this county in Feb., 1875; is a
member of the Methodist Church. P. O., Hopedale. In politics a

Joseph P, Hess is a native of Virginia, being born in that State
April 3, 1854. He is a son of Joseph Hess and Anna (Roudbush)
Hess. Joseph P. received a common school education. He came
to this county in Feb., 1875; by occupation a farmer on section 32.
P. O., Hopedale. Is a member of the Methodist Church ; was
married in Auir., 1875, to Ella Dick. Thev have had one child, a
daughter, who died in infancy. Politically, Mr. H. is a Democrat.

3Iilton H Hodson (deceased). Among those born and raised in
Tazewell Co. is Mr. H., who is worthy of special notice in this volume.
He was born in Hopedale township in 1831. His father, Reuben
H., was a native of North Carolina, but of whom but little can now
be learned. He, many years after his marriage, moved to the West,
settling on the banks of the Mackinaw in this county. Here
he passed the remainder of his life. We now follow the fortunes of
Milton Hodson. Reared among pioneer associations he grew to
vigorous manhood, and received a liberal education for the times in
which he lived. In 1851 he was united in marriage to Margaret E.
McDowell, a daughter of James McDowell, an honored citizen and


early pioneer of this county. After the usual hardships in settling
a new country, Mr. H. acquired a nice farm property. After an
active life, and having; the respect and confidence of all who knew
him, he passed peacefully away, in 1876, leaving to the care of his
wife two children — Cyrus K. and James M.

Reuben Hodson, farmer, sec. 15; P. O., Hopedale. Mr. H. was
born in this county, in May, 1844, on the old homestead of his
parents, William and Caroline Hodson. When our country called
for tro()])s, Mr, Reuben Hodson went to her defense, and enlisted in
Co. A, 72d reg., 111. vol., for three months; he re-enlisted in the
Artillery service. Mr. H. participated in many important battles,
among which we mention Snake creek gap, Lays Ferry, Roanoake,
Dallas, Old Church, Kenesaw Mountain, Siege of Atlanta, Jones-
boro. Fort McAllister, Savannah, Columbia, Mill creek. He re-
turned to Tazewell county, where he was united in marriage in
March, 1875, to Miss Alice Stout, a daughter of Seneca Stout. Of
this marriage two children have been born, Jessie R. and Roy.

Wiliuua R. Hodson, farmer, sec. 23 ; P. O., Hopedale. The Hod-
san family are among the first to settle in this county ; the father of
him whose name heads this sketch was a native of Virginia. He
was the father of eight children ; Reuben Hodson emigrated from
Ohio to this county in 1828, and settled in what is now Dillon
township; here he built him a log cabin, William R,, the subject
of this sketch, received a common school education. He well re-
members the big snow of 1830 and 1831, and the sudden change of
1836. He has passed through all the trials incident to the subjuga-
tion of a new^ country. In 1836, INIr, H. was married to a daughter
of Rev. J. E. Davis, by wdiom he has had three children — Mary,
Reuben, and William F. Mrs, H, died in 1859. His present wife
is Emily J. Sparrow, a daughter of Elias Sparrow, was a native of
Kentucky, and came to this county in 1826.

George W. Hook was born in Highland county, O,, Oct. 19, 1837.
His parents were Benjamin and Elizabeth Hook ; they were of
German descent. ]Mr. H. came to this county in 1865; he received
a common school education ; during the war of the Rebellion he
enlisted, Feb. 27, 1862, in Co. D, 11th Ohio Cavalry; mustered out
April 4, 1865; was married in Feb, 1856, to Catharine Mankee.
They have eight children, born as follows : Charles V., July 7,
1858; Mary L., June 26, 1862; Anna L,, Jan, 11, 1866; John
William, Feb, 13, 1867; Rebecca J,, April 2, 1869; Ellis J., Dec.
5, 1870; Ida M., March 21, 1872; Cora E., July 24, 1876. Is a
Democrat. P. O., Hopedale.

Nathan Hudson was born in Mason county, Ky., Aug. 27, 1842.
His parents were George W, Hudson and Sarah A, Fisher, his Avife.
Mr. H. came to this county in 1871 ; commenced as a laborer, but
now has an interest with E, S, Hobert and A. B. McClure, in the
drain-tile manufacturing business. Mr. H. was married in April,
1872, to Cynthia Ann Tool. , They are the parents of Mary E.,


born May 6, 1877, and an inflmt son, born April 27, 1879. Mrs.
H. is a Methodist, and Mr. H. is a Presbyterian.

Peter I)idg, farmer, sec. 25 ; P. O., Hopedale ; was born in Ger-
many in 1855, in 1859 his parents, Jacob and Anna Imig, emigrated
to America, settling in McLean Co., this State, remaining there two
years, then moved to Hopedale township, this county, where the
head of the family passed away June 25, 1872. The survivors of
this family are Mrs. Imig, Henry, Peter and Anna. The home
farm is one among the best in the township.

William F. Ireland, hardware dealer. Mr. I. was brought to the
county in 1856, when but two years old, and embarked in the drain-
tile business here in April, 1875, and Nov. 3, 1878, opened up in
his present location in Hopedale, in the hardware business. He was
born in Warren county, O., July 11, 1854, and is the son of Francis
and liuth (Coddington) Ireland, of that State. He was wedded to
Cora Black, Dec. 29, 1878. Miss Black was born in Ohio, in April,
1859. Mr. I. has served the town as Trustee, and is a man well
esteemed by the community.

William H. Jackson, farmer and stock raiser. Joseph Jackson,
the father of our subject, was a native of Maryland ; but little of
his early life is known. He united his fortunes with Miss Jane R.
Devillbis, by whom he raised a family of ten children, all of whom
are living but one. Some 23 years ago he concluded to cast his lot
among the people of the West, and accordingly made his way to
Logan county, this State ; after a short residence in Lincoln he
purchased a farm on which he still resides, and is one of the best
improved farms in that county. William H,, the subject of this
sketch, received a good common school education, attending school
during the winter season mostly; was united in marriage in 1873,
to Mrs. Lucretia Ileaugh. She was the widow of William Reaugh,
whom she married in California ; they moved to this county where
Mr. Keaugh died; of this marriage two children were born — Lillie
M. and William H, Mrs. Jackson is a daughter of James Babbitt,
of Scott Co. She has three children of this marriage — Joseph,
Henry C, Harriet E.

Mr?. Kitty Ann. 3IcDoicell, widow of the Rev. James McDowell
(deceased). Mr. McDowell was a native of North Carolina; and a
graduate of Princeton Presbyterian College, where he received his
degree with full honor. He studied for the ministry, and was or-
dained as a Cumberland Presbyterian minister; moving to this
county, he became both a successful farmer and a zealous effectual
minister of the Gospel. Mr. McD. was licensed as a minister in
1825, and immediately started on what was called the Green River
Circuit. From that period to April, 1830, his time was mostly
spent in riding the Circuit and preaching. From his journal, kept
during this time, we find him a laborious worker, and a succesful
minister of Christ. The first six months labor, from October, 1825,
to Api'il, 1826, he says: "Since last Presbytery, 47 made profession


of religion, and 12 joined the Church. I have received $9.25 in
cash, three pairs of socks, one pair pants, and two cravats ; my
expenses were $5.75." It will thus be seen that his pay in money
was $3.50. Again he says, ^' from April 20, to Nov. 12, I rode
1738 miles, preached 161 times, 54 professed religion. I received
by way of remuneration, $27.25 ; my expenses were $3.62." Mr.
McDowell organized the first Cumberland Presbyterian Church on
Little Mackinaw. He died on the 29th day of Oct., 1846. Three
children blessed his marriage with the lady whose name is at the
the head of this sketch ; they were Margaret, Lucy, and Joseph W.
Mrs. McDowell is a native of Kentucky. She was born in Breck-
enridge Co., in 1814, and was the daughter of Edward and Lucy
Rawlings, who were natives of Kentucky. Mrs. McDowell was
married when but 16 years old, and the next day after her marriage
accompanied her husband to this county, where he had previously
visited and built a log cabin. This cabin was of the usual style of
that day, and still stands on the old homestead. We give a portrait
of Mrs. McDowell, and would gladly give one of her husband, but
unfortunately, he never had a picture of any kind taken of himself
Mrs. McDowell was married Sept. 12, 1830. She has in her pos-
session some very interesting relics. She has a family Bible that
has been handed down from one generation to another, for 150
years. She also has considerable Continental money, of the denomi-
nation of $20, which is a real curiosity to the people of this

Elkha F. McMuUen, farmer, sec. 5, P. O., Tremont, is the son of
Hugh and Nancy (Frazee) McMuUcn, of Maryland, where, in Alle-
gany Co., he was born March 8, 1821. He came to this Co. on the
4th day of the same month twenty years thereafter. He was united
in marriage with Mary E. Bennett Sept. 23, 1855. He has held
local official positions. He is a Republican in politics.

Patrick MorriHey, farmer, sec. 16 ; P. O., Hoi)cdale. Mr. Morri-
sey is a native of the county of Waterford, Ireland, where he was
born about 1837. His father, Patrick INIorrisey, who was a farmer
in Ireland, married Mary Coffey, by whom he had nine children.
Patrick, whose name heads this sketch, was the second child. He
passed his boyhood days in his native country, and at the age of 26
crossed the ocean to cast his fortunes in a new country. He made
his way West and found himself at Tremont, this county, where he
found employment as a farm hand. He was married to Johannah
Whalen ; there were born of this marriage seven children all of
whom are living, and whose names are — Mary, Michael, Joseph,
Patrick, Morris, Martin, and John. Mr. M. first purchased land 10
years ago, consisting of six acres, but now owns 163 acres, which is
due to his indomitable will and energy.

Jasper Mount was born in this county in 1846, and is the oldest
son of Matthias Mount, Esq., so well and favorably known in this
county. Jasper attended the common schools of this county, and


completed his education at Notre Dame, Indiana, receiving his
degree in 1866; after which he returned to his home and labored for
his father until 1<S67, at which time he was joined in marriage to
Miss Angeline Waldon, who was born in Elm Grove township, in
1846. Mrs. Mount was educated in the schools of this county. After
his marriage Mr. Mount was engaged as book keeper and foreman
in Orendorffs woolen mills. He afterwards settled on section 22,
where he has been successfully engaged in farming and stock raising.
Mr. M. has held several local offices of his township. He is Col-
lector of Hopedale at present. The marriage of Mr. Mount to
Miss Waldon, was blessed with six children, five of whom are liv-
ing — Abagail, born July 8, 1869; Katie E., born Oct. 9, 1870,
died Nov. 11, 1870; Robert Lee, born Oct. 14, 1871: Lucy A.,
born in 1874; Ida B., born March 17, 1876; Margaret, born Nov.
21, 1878.

James R. Ogden, farmer, sec. 21 ; P. O., Hopedale. Mr. O.
ranks among the older residents of the county. He was born in
Hopedale township in 1831. His father, Elias Ogden, is well re-

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