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History of Tazewell county, Illinois ; together with sketches of its cities, villages and townships, educational, religious, civil, military, and political history; portraits of prominent persons and biographies of representative citizens. History of Illinois ... Digest of state laws online

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Online Librarypub Chas. C. Chapman & Co.History of Tazewell county, Illinois ; together with sketches of its cities, villages and townships, educational, religious, civil, military, and political history; portraits of prominent persons and biographies of representative citizens. History of Illinois ... Digest of state laws → online text (page 59 of 79)
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He dates his matrimonial bliss from Sept. 18, 1875, at which time
he was united in the holy bonds with INliss Filmer Sluth, and four
nierrv, romping children fill his household with the sweetest of all

Thomas K. Bemis, proprietor of the Bemis House, Pekin, is as
well known, perhaps, as any man in the county, and as a landlord,
throughout the State. He is a native of the grand old State of
Massachusetts, and was born at the town of Spencer, Dec. 5, 1826.
His parents were natives of the same State, where too, Thomas
spent the early years of his life and received his education. At the
age of 24, in 1850, Mr. Bemis was, united in marriage to ISIiss
Amanda Fay, who lived only a few years thereafter. He came
AVest and engaged with the Illinois Central Railway, as a passenger
conductor, in which capacity he proved very efficient, taking rank
with the best men on the road. In 1860, Mr. Bemis was married to
Mrs. Dr. Ackley, and seven years later came to Pekin, where he
purchased the Tazewell House of Wm. A. Tinney. The business
of the house having run down, Mr. Bemis thought best to change
its name, and, accordingly, christened it the Bemis House. The
buildino; was ori<:;inallv erected bv Mr. Richard Snell, in 1849, be-
fore the days of railroads in Pekin, and when the Illinois river was
the great highway for travel. The hotel was therefore built on the
banks of that great artery of commerce and travel. The Tazewell
House, when built was the most imposing hotel structure on the
Illinois river, and was intended for a first-class hotel, and since it
came into possession of its present proprietor, thirteen years ago, it
has taken rank, under the skillful management of a thorough-going
hotel man, as a popular house, and is to-day, by far, the best hotel
in the county, to which fact hundreds of traveling men and local
patrons will cheerfully testify. The old-time friends and others,
both in and out of this county, will be gratified to find in this vol-
ume, a full-page portrait of j\Ir. Bemis, a man who has done so
much to furnish the public with a hotel worthy of Tazewell county.
In politics Mr. Bemis is a Republican, always voting with that party
on all national questions.

Avon Boeninc/, born in Hanover, Germany, Dec. 20, '51 ; is son
of Simon and Elizabeth (Dicken) Boening ; came to Pekin May 14,
'67; was educated in the schools of his native country. He is
agent of the steamer Isabell, on the 111. river. Mr. Boening is a man
of good business qualifications and has accumulated a fine property
in Pekin. He was married Sept. 9, 1875, to Mary Heyl, and Prov-
idence has brightened their lives with one cherub son, Oscar, born
Aug. 21, '77. They ^vorship with the Evangelical Christian Asso-



Robert D. Bradley, 31. D. The subject of our sketch came to
Ta/xnvel] Co. in the spring of '73. He is a native of Green Co.,
Ills. His parents, Robert and Virginia Bradley, placed him
in school at Jacksonville and afterwards sent him to Jefferson
Medical College at Philadelphia, where he graduated in 1867,
and in 1873 he began the practice of his profession in Pekin,
where he now enjoys a fine practice. He served as captain,
in the 6th 111. Cav., in the war for the Union, leaving the service in
'65, and five years later he wooed and Avon the accomplished Miss
Lizzie Karr, and was united to her in the bonds of matrimony in
Oct, 1870. Their only child, Robert C, a bright young lad was
born July 12, '72. Doctor Bradley has filled, acceptably, the office
of County Physician for Tazewell Co. for three years.

Peter A. Brower was born in New York city Dec. 3, 1818. He
came to this county in 1835 with the Tremont Colony, of which his
step-father, Col. Charles Oakley, was a prominent member. He has
resided in the county since. In 1840, in company with a Mr. Coth-
real, under the firm name of Brower & Cothreal, he embarked in the
mercantile business at Pekin. For a number of years he was very
largely identified with the business interests of this city. He dealt
largely in grain, and packed pork extensively. He also engaged in
steam-boating, owning and running a boat. He has been captain or
clerk of seveml boats" For the past thirteen years, until last year,
he was agent here for the St. Louis & Illinois River Packet Co.
He has been three times married. The first time to a daughter of
Capt. Wybray, of Tremont. The second time to Susan Buck. She
was considerable of an authoress and poetess, and Avrote much for
the press. His present wife was Sarah Myers, of this city.

Levi W. Carter, physician, who came to this county in the fall of
1871. He is the son of Wm. and Susan (Wyatt) Carter, natives of
Delaware, in which State the Doctor Avas born on the 9th of May,
1835. He graduated at the Hahnemann Medical College and Hos-
pital, Chicago, and was married, Nov. 2, 1858, to Miss Mary S.
Giles, of Wyanet, 111.

Thomas R. Cooper was born in Morton toAvnship Feb. 21, '53.
His parents, Thomas and T^Iargaret Cooper, Avere early settlers in
Tazewell Co. James was sent to school in his native township, and
also attended Eureka College in Woodford Co. He resides in the
city of Pekin, Avhere he fills, acceptably, the position of Deputy
County Treasurer. Is a Democrat in politics, and is a Sergeant in
Co. G; 7th Regt. I. N. G.

Cornelius B. Cmmnings, Avhose name stands at the head of one of
the largest dry goods firms in Central Illinois, was born in St. Law-
rence Co., N. Y., in 1832, and came to this county in 1859, twenty
years ago, and during all these years has been engaged in his pres-
ent business, Avhich has steadily increased in volume, and is now the
largest in the county. His father, James P. Cummings, is a native
of Vermont, and his mother, Clarissa (Wilson) Cummings, was born


in New York. He was married to Harriett A. Cumings, in 1859.
The union has been blessed with two children, Emma L. and
Hattic Eugenia. His official duties consist in having served as Su-
pervisor four years. He votes with the Democrats.

Willicua IJamm, a grocer of Pekin, came here in the spring of
1866, and one year before came to America from Kerhesson, Ger-
many, where he was born on the 11th day of May, 1847, and where
his parents, Henry and Elizabeth Damm, gave him an education,
and instilled into his young mind the living principles of truth and
sobriety, that have done so much in forming his character in mature
years. He is an active member of the German Lutheran Church ;
was married to Augusta Bertha Johannes, the union being blessed
with two children, John H., born Sept. 4, '75, and Katharine M.,
Sept. 1, 77.

Geerd S. De Vries, a native of Germany, was born at Ostfriesland
Dec. 2, '44. His parents, John and Margaret DeA^ries, gave Geerd
a good education, which was completed at Peoria, where, at the Com-
mercial College, he graduated. He came to Pekin in 1872, where
he engaged in the grocery business, at which he is now engaged on
South Fourth street. He was united in marriage, April 22, '73, to
Miss Tena Roelfs, of Pekin, and their hearts and homes have been
brightened bv the advent of three children : Stephen G. born
May 17, '75;' Stewart G., Feb. 8, '76, and Louis C, Feb. 4, '79.

Henri/ Howard Fitch, a dental surgeon of Pekin, is a son of H.
C. Fitch and Clara B. (Howard) Fitch, and a native of Mooers,
Clinton Co., N. Y., where he was born April 10, '46. He received
an academic education in Vermont, and afterwards took a partial
course at Dartmouth College ; was united in marriage, July 8, '71,
to the widow of H. L. Beach, whose maiden name was Mary L. Foot.
Their two children, Agnes and Alice, are bright little gems, born,
respectively, July 23, '73, and July 2, '75.

Abraham Fuld, a clothing merchant at 421 Court street, and an
American by adoption, was born in Germany, in 1828, of Jewish
parents, Meyers and Gertrude Fuld, who gave him a good education
in the schools of Germany. He came to Pekin in '66, where, six
years later, he married Miss Bertha Glazowsky. Augusta, Ida and
Max are their three children. Mr. F. was formerly associated in
business with ISIr. Schradzki, but dissolving this partnership in '78
he established his present house.

Otto S. Gaither, son of William and Eliza (Garrett) Gaither, who
were among the earliest pioneers of this county. Mr. Wm. Gaither
is a man well and favorably known, and has served two terms as
Treasurer of this county. The subject of this sketch was born at
Tremont, this county, March 1, '47. He has since lived in the Co.,
and received his education here. While yet only twenty-one years
of age he assumed the responsible duties of Cashier of the P., P. &
J. Railway, which position he held until '73, when, owing to the
declining health of his father^ he resigned his position and took pos-


session of his business affiiirs. Mr. G. has been actively engaged in
the insurance business in Pekin for about five years. His religious
views accord with those of the Baptist faith^ and he is a member of
the Baptist Church.

George G. Geiger, a native of the Buckeye State, was born at
Marion, (3hio, Oct. 3, 1850, where, in the high school of his native
town, he received a liberal education. His parents, Marion and
Margaret (Holverstoll) Geiger, early instilled into the mind of young
George the necessity of obtaining an education, such as would ena-
ble him to successfully meet the adversities and buifetings of a busi-
ness life. Mr. Geiger was formerly engaged in merchandising in
Peoria, and is now pursuing the same business in Pekin. He has
shown his devotion to his country by standing ready, at the first
signal of danger, to strike a blow for her defense, he being Captain
of Co. G, 7th Regt. I. N. G. He was married, Oct. 2, '78, to Miss
Ida J. Bootz.

J. W. Glassgow is the oldest of six children of William and Mary
(Clark) Glassgow. The subject of this sketch was born in Blair
Co., Penn., April 10, 1805. He moved with his parents to Ohio
when he was quite young. That portion of Ohio was at that time
filled with roving bands of Indians. Mr. G. learned to talk the
Indian language quite fluently, as his playmates were mostly Indi-
ans. His mother died a few years after they arrived in Ohio. At
the earlv ajje of eleven John W. was thrown on his own resources.
He has always kept the good advice his father gave him on leaving
home : " That he should never get into bad company." At the age
of eighteen he went to Center Co., Penn., and there became an ap-
prentice to learn stone-cutting, which, in various places, he followed
for some five years. Mr. G. was united in marriage, Sept. 28, '26,
to Miss Sarah W. Randolph, a native of Ohio. Their union was
blessed with four children, only one of whom is now living, Isa-
bella, who is the wife of D. T. Thompson, of Pekin. Mr. G. came
to this county in April, 1849. In 1858 Mr. G. was elected to the
responsible office of Justice of the Peace, in which position he has
served for some nineteen years; in 1862 was appointed Deputy Col-
lector of Internal Revenue ; has been Notary Public for some seven
years; in 1866 Mr. G. was appointed U. S. Commissioner. Mr. G.
was a Whig until the formation of the Republican party, Avhen he
became identified with its principles, to which he has since given his
unwavering support. He voted twice for the martyred Lincoln,
and twice for Gen. Grant. We find much that is worthy of com-
mendation in the career of this venerable gentleman.

George Greigg, a prominent business man and banker of Pekin,
came to Tazewell Co. in the fall of 1841. He is the son of David
and Agnes (Hackney) Greigg, of Scottish birth, and was himself
born in Forfarshire, Scotland, in the year 1818, where, surrounded
by the best influences of his mountain home, he formed his habits
and established a character that has done much, in mature years, to



'^AYOR ofP£^^





mark him as one of the solid business men of Pekin. He, like the
most of his eountrymen, lives in the Presbyterian faith. On the
16th dav of Oetober, 1849, he was united in marriage to Susan
Smith; their daughter, Annie, being their only ehild. Mr. Greigg
has been connected with the C, P. & S. W. Railway as its Treas-
urer, and for many years one of the Directors of that road. He was
also at one time engaged in a very extensive lumber business in

James H. Goad. The subject of this sketch, who now resides in
Pekin, has been closely identified with the development of the com-
mercial and mining interests of this county for more than a score of
years, having settled here in 1857. Pie was born in Cornwall, Eng-
land, April 'I'l, 1844. His parents, Henry and Eleanor Goad, were
also natives of England, where James received his education. Mr.
Goad is associated with Mr. Rundle in the operation of the Victo-
ria Coal Mine, located soutiicast of Pekin. He married, Sept., '76,
Margaret Jane Bell. They have one child, Mary Eleanor, born
April 10, 1878. He endorses the Christian religion and is a mem-
ber of the ^I. E. Church.

Hon. William A. Hall, the Democratic llepresentative to the 31st
General Assembly, from Pekin, is a natjve of this county, was born
in 1851. His literary education was obtained in his native county.
He inherited a taste for the law, and after a thorough preparation,
was admitted to the Bar of the State in 1871, while yet but twenty
years of age. Has been chosen by the voters of Pekin to represent
them as City Attorney, discharging the duties of his office with
filial trust. Mr. Hall is one of the youngest members of the Pekin
Bar, and gives promise of taking rank among the leading men of
his profession in Illinois.

Martin Herget, a native of Germany, was born 21st of Nov.,
1849, and came to America when a boy, settling in Tazewell county
thirteen years ago, arriving here Oct. 9, 1866. He was married on
the 19th of August, 1875. Five years ago Mr. Herget established
himself in the mercantile business, the (Nothing trade, in which he
has continued to the present time, being now located in the same
store in which he began. Mr. H. can look back over the five years
of his prosperity here with much satisfaction and pardonable pride.
He is an active member of St. Paul's Evangelical Ciiurch of Pekin.

John Herget, of the firm of J. & G. Herget, wholesale grocers, is
one of the leading and representative men of Tazewell Co. He has
accumulated a large property and built up one of the largest busi-
ness houses in this part of the State. The citizens have honored
him with the office of Mayor of Pekin. He is a shrewd business
man, enterprising citizen, and an upright gentleman.

Martin F. Hcisel, dry-goods merchant, Pekin, is the son of Leon-
ard and Mary (Sauer) Heisel, both natives of Germany. Martin
was born in Pekin, Dec. 20, 1857, and here he spent his school-
days, and where now, at the age of twenty-two, he is the successor


of his father in a lucrative mercantile business. The senior Mr.
Heisel has been twenty-seven years engaged in trade in the same
street, and now, after a successful business career, retires in favor of
his son, whose ability and business experience so well fits him for
the position.

B. R. Hieronymus, cashier of the Farmer's National Bank, Pekin,
and one of Tazewell county's best known citizens, was born in the
southeastern portion of this county in the month of June, 1841, and
is therefore just thirty years of age. His parental ancestors came
here away back among the early days, when Tazewell county was in
its childhood, and when it gave promise of what it has since
become, an important factor in shaping the commercial destiny of
the great commonwealth of the State of Illinois. His father,
James, Hieronymus, was born in Kentucky, while his mother,
Malinda (Thompson) Hieronymus, was a native of Tennessee. In
Sept., 1861, he was wedded to Miss S. M. Mountjoy, and three
children were the issue of this union. In Aug., '62, Mr. Hierony-
mus enlisted in Co. A. 117th 111. Inf., and at the close of his term
of enlistment, he was mustered out as 1st Lieut. In politics he is
a Republican, and his religious views accord with the faith of the
Christian Church, in which he has, for many years, been an earnest
Christian worker. After the death of his wife, he spent five years
in the Internal Revenue office at Springfield, and while living at
Springfield, he met and won the heart of Miss N. P. Clark, of that
city, and Providence has sent them one bright little gem, Lora, to
shed a sunbeam and scatter joy through the hearts and home of two
souls, who can bless as they should, the Giver of all good, for this
fountain of life's purest, truest bliss.

Herman W. Hippen, the present Mayor of Pekin, was born in
Germany, July 18, 1836, and came to this country in 1855. His
parents, Ulrich and Anna Hippen, were also natives of Germany.
Mr. Hippen received a collegiate education at Aurich, Prussia. He
was united in marriage, in 1866, and they have four children, Ella
E., Alma H., Herman W., and an infant child. In addition to the
mayoralty he has held the offices of Supervisor, School Director,
and Alderman of the City of Pekin. Mr. Hippen has been very
successful in his business enterprises in this county, having accumu-
lated a competency. He represents the Republican school of politics,
and is a member of the Lutheran Church. A portrait of Mr. Hip-
pen may be found in this work.

John J. Johns, a resident of Pekin and member of the firm of N.
Reuling & Co., dry-goods merchants, was born at Tremont, this
county, Dec. 21, 1846, and came to Pekin in 1871. His parents,
Andrew and Mary (Kennedy) Johns, were both also natives of Illi-
nois. Mr. Johns received his education at Tremont, and is a mem-
ber of the German M. E. Church. Pie was married, March 8, '70,
to Elizabeth Webber. They are now the parents of four children :
Tena, born Dec. 14, '70; Laura, April 5, '72; Lena, Jan. 21, '75;
Adda, July 5, '77.


Charles M. Kinsei/y a farmer of this county, is tlic present Deputy
Sheriif, and a resident of Pekin. His nativity is Little Mackinaw,
this county, where he was born June 14, '55. His parents were
both natives of A^irginia, but came to Tazewell Co. when the coun-
try was little improved. Charles was given a good education in the
common schools of this county. On the 25th of Dec, '78, he was
united in marriage to Miss Martha Mount.

John Kracycr came to Tazewell Co. as early as 1853, from Ger-
many, where he was born Nov. 28, '32. He loves the land of his
adoption, and his long residence in Pekin has gained him many
warm friends. He is engaged in the grocery trade on Court street.
Mr. Kraeger was united in the bonds of matrimony to Mary Huget,
in April, 1867, and their six children, Phillip A., Anna K., Edwin,
George, Carrie, and Amelia, are all living.

George Albert Kuhl was born of German parentage, on the 17th
day of June, 1858, at Beardstown, Illinois, and settled in Pekin in
the fall of '73, when he en«;ay;ed as a salesman in the grocery house
of Geo. J. Webber, which pt)sition he filled with ability until the
spring of '79, when, with Mr. DeVries, he became successor to Geo.
W. Weber. INIr. Kuhl is a young man of fine ability, which, with
his accustomed close attention to business, must insure him success.
He is a member of the German Methodist Church.

John Lowery, wholesale ice dealer. One of the large business in-
terests of Pekin is represented by this gentleman.

August Lucas, one of the firm of I^ucas Brothers, Court street,
Pekin, was born in Germany, March 3, '44, and settled in Tazewell
Co., in the spring of '66. After six years residence in Pekin as a
bachelor Mr. Lucas found it was not good for man to live alone, and,
on Feb. 15, '72, he plighted his troth and united his destiny with
the idol of his heart. Miss Louisa Weyhrich, of Pekin, and one
bright promising boy, now nearly seven years of age, was sent to
cheer and comfort these fond parents.

Geo. Lucas, son of George and Helena (Metzger) Lucas, natives
of Germany, was born at Hesse Darmstadt, Jan. 13, 1821, and came
to this county in April, 1848. He received his education in the
common schools of Germany. He first came to this county in the
spring of 1848, from Gasconade Ferry, ISIo., where he held the office
of postmaster for twelve years. He has been twice married, first to
Amelia Proseh, in 1855; again, Paulina Umrath, in 18G2, and of
the eight children that have blessed these unions, four only are liv-
ing — Ernest, born Feb. 2, '60; Carl, Nov. 10, '63; Oscar, June 9,
'68; and Robert, Sept. 11, '72. Mr. L. is successor to his brother,
John, in the grocery business, at Pekin, in which business he has
labored and prospered for about ten years.

Conrad Luppen, born at Pekin, 111., Dec, 6, 1851. His parents
were Luppe and Catharine Luppen, natives of Germany. Conrad
acquired the rudiments of his education at Warrentown, Missouri,
and finished in the Illinois Wesleyan University, at Bloomiugton.


He is at present engaged in the banking business in his native city
of Pekin ; is a member of the German M. E. Church ; a Republi-
can in politics, and is an honorary member of Co. G, 7th regiment,

I. N. G.

William Don Maus, attorney, was born in Philadelphia, Pa., Sept.
23, 1836, His parents were Samuel G. and Ann E. Maus. He
was brought to this county as early as 1838, but not permanently
until 1845. Since he has attained his majority, he has been closely
identified Avith the interests of Tazewell county. He is a thorough-
going public man, and one eminently suited for public life. He
attended the common schools of Jackson Co., 111., and at Oswego,
N. Y., and at private school under the tutorship of J. K. Kellogg,
Tremont, and at an academy at Mt. Palatine. He was admitted to
the Bar in 1857. He served for many years as Master in Chancery,
and filled the office of County Judge. Sept. 11, 1856, he was
united in marriage with Miss Chancey. Their home has been
blessed with three children — Adriannne, born Aug. 20, 1857 ; Kate,
Dec. 14, 1859; Fred. Philip, Dec. 20, 1862. Politically, the Judge
is a Democrat.

John McDougal has lived in Tazewell county about eleven years,
having came here Jan. 5, 1868. He eminates from a country that
produced a Burns, and has reason to refer to his nativity with feel-
ings of pride. Mr. McD. was born Sept. 26, 1840, at Dundee,
Scotland, where his parents, also of Scotch birth, sent him to the
common schools, and gave him a good education. Naturally enough
Mr. McDougal worships in the Presbyterian faith.

Jeremiah M. Moloney, native of the county of Clare, Ireland, and
son of Michael and Ellen Moloney, was born Jan. 6, 1848, and
came to Tazewell county in the fall of 1865. He was educated in
Limerick. Mr. M. is a young man of fine business qualifications,
and high moral character, and a member of the Catholic Church.
He entertains Democratic views ; was elected City Clerk in 1875,
and filled the office with ability and entire satisfaction for three
successive terms. Mr. M. stands ready to defend the country of his
adoption, as shown by his joining the 7th regiment, I. N. G., in
which organization he fills the office of Hospital Steward.

Charles H. Oltmanns, the subject of this sketch, has been a resi-
dent of Pekin since '71. He was born in North Germany, in 1839,
and is a son of Eilte and Sarah Oltmanns, who lived upright Chris-
tian lives, and who imparted to their son a desire to do right.
Charles is a member of the Lutheran Church of Pekin, and a
useful member of society. Was married in 1863 to Kate Peters;
they have had five children, and but two are living. Mr. O. is en-
gaged in the manufacture and sale of boots and shoes, in which he
is eminently successful.

Adolph Pautz, a merchant of Pekin, came here at the early day
of '48, at the age of 27. His nativity is Germany ; was born June

II, '21, and was placed, by his parents, in the schools of his native


place, where he received a good education. He was chosen School
Inspector of Pekin, which position he filled with ability from '68 to
'71. \V'as united in marriage to Elvira H. Flovey, who bore him
five children, whose names and births are as below : Ella, Aug. 3,
'53; Ida, March 20, '55; James H., Jan. 6, '57; Edward, Jan. 20,
'58 ; and Gertie, Jan. 29, '68. They worship with the Universalists.

Online Librarypub Chas. C. Chapman & Co.History of Tazewell county, Illinois ; together with sketches of its cities, villages and townships, educational, religious, civil, military, and political history; portraits of prominent persons and biographies of representative citizens. History of Illinois ... Digest of state laws → online text (page 59 of 79)