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History of Tazewell county, Illinois ; together with sketches of its cities, villages and townships, educational, religious, civil, military, and political history; portraits of prominent persons and biographies of representative citizens. History of Illinois ... Digest of state laws online

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Online Librarypub Chas. C. Chapman & Co.History of Tazewell county, Illinois ; together with sketches of its cities, villages and townships, educational, religious, civil, military, and political history; portraits of prominent persons and biographies of representative citizens. History of Illinois ... Digest of state laws → online text (page 70 of 79)
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native of N. Y. State, and the family moved to Maine, on the


Penobscot river, at an early day, and to this county in 1835, settling
in Deer Creek township, where he entered land and resided until
his death, which occurred at the residence of Dewitt Higgins in
1842. He was a land surveyor and entered largely upon the inter-
ests of the town and county, being among those of early settlers.
After his fother's death the subject of this sketch made his home
with Maj. R. N. CuUom, father of the present Gov. of the State, a
native of Kentucky, and after four years residence came to this
city, and served an apprenticeship with Brazilla Alice, with whom
he formed copartnership, subsecpiently going into business for him-
self, where he continued until the formation of the present firm in
active operation. Was appointed Deputy Provost Marshall in
June, 1862, and served every draft notice in the county, until the
close of the war. His family are members of the Methodist

Josiah Snyder, firm of Kingsbury & Snyder, merchants. Main
street, Washington; was born in Somerset Co., Pa., Feb. 20, 1827,
and is the only son of Jacob and Julia (Woy) Snyder, natives oJF
Pa., where his father died in 1848, leaving his wife and seven daugh-
ters and only son. He remained on the farm with his mother and
the younger sisters, filling, in a measure, the father's chair, in the
duties which were before him. At the age of 22 years he was mar-
ried to Miss Sarah C. Lawson, daughter of Rev. S. B. Lawson, and
in Oct., 1863, left Somerset Co., with his wife and three children,
for the West, and settled in this city, where he became engaged in
the mercantile business, and two years later associated himself with
G. W. Kingsbury, in the grocery business, where he has since been
successfully engaged. This firm is popular among all classes through-
out the surrounding county and city. Possessing business qualifi-
cations and experience, they control the immense trade that is
brought to this thrifty little city. Politically Mr. S. is Republican.
Religiously, has been a consistent member of the Evangelical Lu-
theran Church from the age of seventeen years. Is strictly tem-
perate in all his habits. Being in the prime of manhood, he may
long continue a useful member of the community in which he is
highly appreciated and respected. Emma, John B., Frank M.,
Charles L. W., Harvey J., Clara R. and Sarah E. are their children.
T, C. Sotmemann, hardware merchant. Main street, res. cor. Hol-
land and High streets ; born in Vandalia, Fayette Co., 111., Feb.
10, 1845. His parents were Jacob and Ann, natives of Germany,
who came to this State in 1835 and settled in Vandalia, where he
engaged in the harness business, removing to this Co. in 1848, where
he fi)llowed his calling until 1865, when he retired from business,
and died in 1866. Mr. S. continued the business until 1870, when
he formed a partnership with Tobias & Sons, in the hardware trade,
where he remained three years, when he retired and engaged for
three years in the lumber business, at which time he built the store
he now occupies as a hardware store, and carries on a successful


trade. Was elected City Treasurer at tlie first election of city offi-
cers after its incorporation in the spring of 1877. Was married, in

1866, to Miss Mary F. Tobias. She was born in Circle ville, O., in
1848. Lewis C. and George T. are their living children.

J. W. Sprif/gs, D. D., Pastor Christian Churcii ; born in Noble
Co., O., in 1847. Parents were Morris D. and Catharine (Pool)
Spriggs, natives of Pa., who emigrated to tliis State in 1867, and
settled in Wavne Co. Was first educated for the law in Woodford,
O., where he graduated and became pastor of a Christian Church in
Minn. In 1878 he took charge of the Mission Church at Pekin,
and in Feb. of the following year came to this" city, where he has
filled the pulpit of the Christian Church. V. Winnie, Flora, Lotta
and Ednor are their living children.

William Sformcr, firm of Stormer Bros., south side of the square ;
born in Frankenburgh, Hesse Cassel, Germany, in 1845. Emi-
grated with his parent to America, in 1856, and settled northeast of
this city on a farm, where he resided until 1874, when he formed a
partnership under the firm name of H. W. & W. Stormer. In 1875
his brother John purchased the interest of H. AY., where they have
since conducted a thrifty business. He was married, in 1876, to
Miss Amelia Bontz ; slie was born in Peoria county in 1853. They
have one child, Conrad B. John, senior member of the firm, was
born in Hittenrod, Germany, in 1839. He married Catherine Keil
in the spring of 1868; she was born in Holland's Grove, now
Washington city, in 1847. They have four children — Charles,
Julia, Clara, and Mamy. Are members of the German Lutheran

Peter Strubkr, Jr., firmer, sec. 30 ; post-office, Washington ; born
in France, in 1827, and emigrated to this country in 1835, with his
mother, and settled in Butler county, Ohio, where he resided until
1845, when he moved to McLean county, and to this county in

1867, and settled north of Washington. He was married, in 1850,
to Miss Barbara Switzer, a native of France, where she was born
in 1830. Joseph, Christian, Peter, Jr., and Valentine are their
living children; lost two — John, and Mary. Moved on his pres-
ent estate in 1871, consisting of 320 acres, valued at $60 per acre.

Peter K Stitckei/, farmer, sec. 19 ; post-office, Washington ; born
in Butler county, Ohio, May 31, 1844; came to this county in 1865,
and in 1866 was married to Miss Catherine Engle, who was born in
AVoodford county, 111., in 1842. Mr. S. was called to fill the pulpit
of the Omish Church, soon after settling on his present estate, in
1871, where he has since been occupied. Has a farm of 80 acres,
valued at $50 per acre. John E., Wm. A., Joseph H., Charles J.,
Barbara E., Elvina J., and Theodore T. are their living children.

EdmiDtd Sullivan, fiwrncr, sec. 27; ])ost-office, Washington; born
in Ireland in 1837. He married Johanna McCarty in 1856; she
was born in Massachusetts in 1839. Mr. S. emigrated to America
in 1857, and was engaged in a grocery in New York State for some


months, when he came to the West and settled in Peoria, where he
lived nine years, when he moved to this county and settled on his
present estate, consisting of 240 acres, valued at $60 per acre. This
home he has accumulated by his own labors and toil, and is a pros-
perous, active farmer. John T., Daniel, Ellen, Edmund, Jr., and
Michael, are their living children.

Adam M. Switzcr, farmer, sec. 24 ; P. O., Washington ; born in
Hampshire county, Va., in 1810. His parents were John and
Elizabeth (Kline) Switzer, natives of Germany. They emigrated
to Hennepin, Putnam Co., this State, in 1834, where he remained a
short time, and settled in this village the same year, where he
engaged at his trade, tailoring, a few years, when he purchased his
present estate, consisting of 100 acres, valued at $100 per acre. In
Nov., 1835, he married Harriet A. Heath, who was born in Mus-
kingum county, O., Aug. 14, 1818. Arabella H., widow of John
L. Webster, who died in Carlisle, Ark., in 1877, is their only living
child ; she has one son, Abel M. Webster, of the firm of Voorhees
& Webster, of this city. Family are members of Methodist Church.

William P. Thompson, farmer, sec. 23 ; P. O., Washington ; born
in Washington county. Pa., in 1816. His parents died when
young, and when four years of age, he was taken to the home of
Eliza Maxon, in Fayette county, with whom he lived many years.
At the age of sixteen years he went to Clinton county, Ohio, where,
in 1841, he was married to Miss Mary H. Kizer, a native of Va.,
where she was born in 1821. Came to this county in 1850, and set-
tled one mile east of the city, where he lived 24 years, when he
moved on his present estate of 20 acres, valued at $250 per acre.
Also owns the homestead of 200 acres. Elizabeth J., Eliza M.,
Cclia A., Lucinda E., Louisa, Ella, tnd Alice, are their living chil-
dren, lost three — Emma, George C, and one died iu infancy,

George F. Tobias, furniture dealer and manufacturer, of the firm
of Tobias & Co., south side Commercial square ; born in Pickaway
Co., O., in 1854. Parents were Elijah and Sarah (Moyer) Tobias,
natives of Pa., where they died at an early day. Emigrated to this
county in 1870 and settled in this city, where he engaged at his
trade of wagon manufacturing. In 1875 was married to Miss
Sophia Benford, who was born in Somerset, Pa., in 1354. Formed
the present co-partnership in 1876, where he has since continued in
a successful business. Leroy is their only living child. Member
of the Lutheran Church.

Benjamin Tobias, Jr., carriage and wagon manufacturer. Walnut
and Holland sts. ; born in Burks Co., Pa., in 1829. Parents were
Benjamin and Elizabeth (Roth) Tobias, natives of that State, where
he married Elizabeth J. Anderson iu 1850. She was born in Pick-
away Co., O., in 1831. Came to this county in 1855, and settled
in this city, when he commenced the manufacture of plows, which he
conducted for several years, when he became engaged in wagon
manufacturing, building his present premises in 1862, and a black-


smith shop connected in 1874, where he has since been extensively
engaged. Has two extensive farms near Gihiian, conchictcd by his
sons, vahied at $40 per acre. AVas Justice of the Peace twelve
years, Supervisor a short time, and elected Mayor of this city, April
15,1879. Denny, Willis, and Sanford are their living children;
lost five — Alice, Flora, Charles A., Harley and Florence.

James Trimble, retired farmer, residence and P. O., Washington ;
born in Highland Co., O., in 1820. His parents were Thomas and
Margaret (Kelley) Trimble. Came to this county in 1834, and set-
tled near this city, where his father died in 1856. In 1839 or '40,
came to this cify and engaged at his trade, wagon-making. In
1849 he married Mary B. Mcrris ; she was born in Cecil Co., Md.,
in 1820, and died in 1871. Of their several children two are liv-
ing — Chas. E. and James H.

John Watson, Jr., proprietor Tazewell Co. Mills ; born in ISIont-
goraery Co., 111., in 1836. His parents were John and Eliza (Kelly)
Watson, the former a native of Conn., and mother a native of
Ireland. His parents emigrated to this State in 1836 and settled
in Hillsburough, Montgomery Co., where he engaged in milling
eighteen years, when he built a mill and erected the Pilot Knob
Iron Works at Pilot Knob, Mo., where he resided five years when
he moved to St. Louis, and after a few years residence there he
returned to Hillsborough, when he sold his milling interest and
lived one year at Litchfield, same county, thence to Morrissonville,
where he leased a mill under the firm of Frederick & Watson, and
continued until 1878, when the subject of this sketch came to this
city and leased the mill where he is now conducting a successful
trade. Was married, in 1865, to Mary Barefoot, who died the fol-
lowing year. His present wife, Ella R, Hayes, was born in Pike
Co., 111., in 1856. They were married in 1874, and have two
children, Fannie M., born May 3, 1875, and Mary H., Oct. 17, 1878.

George C. War/ncr, fiirmer, sec. 17; P. O., AVashington ; born in
Germany in 1838; emigrated to this country with his parents in
1847, and settled in AYo()dfi)rd county, where his ])arents died.
Married Catherine Belchy, in 1861, a native of Woodford county,
and has five children — Lane, John, Barbara, Samuel, and Susie,
lost three — Bena, Joseph, and Emma. Came to this county in
1872, and settled on his present estate of 154 acres, valued at $70
per acre, where he has since made his home. Are members of
the Omish Church.

Harriet Waughop, farmer, sec. 23 ; P. O., Washington ; widow of
James Waughop, a native of Portsmouth, Va. Siie was born in
Bedfi)rd county, Ya., in 1814, and is a daughter of Abraham and
Nancy Huddleston, early pioneers of this county, who settled iu
this township at an early day. Mr. Waughop came to this county
in 1830, and settled in this township, where he lived until his death
in 1868. Was one of the early pioneers and was well known
throughout the county. They were married in 1836, and of their


several children two are living — Martin and Joseph. Settled on
the present estate of 65 acres in 1857.

John Weeh"^, farmer, sec. 12; P. O., AVashington ; born in Wor-
cester Co., Mass., in 1834; married Easter Holland, daughter of
AVilliam Holland, Sr., a native of this township. Came to this Co.
in 1860 and settled in Washington, where he resided with his father-
in-law until his death, he then removed to the east side of the
township, where he lived until 1877, when he settled on his present
estate of 84 acres, valued at $70 per acre. Eliza J. and William A.
are their living children.

Wm. H. Weirick, 31. D., Physician, north side Commercial Square ;
born in Union Co., Pa., in 1841. At the age of 21 he enlisted in
131st Regt. Pa. nine month's men, participating in the battle of
Fredericksburgh. Returning, re-enlisted, in 1863, in State militia,
serving six weeks, when he returned home, and in the spring of
1864 commenced the study of medicine with Dr. Samuel Blair, of
Louisborg, and in the fall of same year entered Lombard Univer-
sity of Pa., and the following spring entered the service in the 213th
Regt., as Surgeon, serving until the close of the war. Returning,
continued the course of lectures until the spring of 1866, when he
commenced practice at Montrose, Henry Co., Mo., remaining until
1875, when he came to Peoria, and after a short stay there returned
to Montrose, where he remained until Feb., 1876, when he came to
this city, where he followed his occupation for one year, when he
engaged with Drs. Wood and Wilson as assistant, where he remained
until the death of Dr. AYilson, on Feb. 17, 1879, at which time he
opened his present place, where he has successful practice. He
married, in 1869, Harriet N. Wilson, who was born in Union Co.,
Pa., in 1843. Agues B., Margaret A. and Ralph W. are the living

Jacob L. Wiko7i, firm of Wilson & Shormaker, livery stable, south
side of Commercial Square; born in Wayne county, Ind., in 1817,
and is the eldest son of Jacob Wilson, and grandson of Isaac Wil-
son, who owned a large farm on the present site of Indianapolis,
Ind., where he died at an early day. In the fall of 1823 his father
started from Wayne county, and after a hard journey, landed on the
flats in Fond du Lac township, in February, 1824, where he made
his claim of 320 acres of land on sec. 14, where he resided until
1828 or 1829, when he sold his claim and went to the lead mines at
Galena, and after one year returned and purchased the homestead
claim, where he lived until his death in September, 1869, and was
one of the oldest residents of the town and county. He was com-
missioned by the Governor to act as Justice of the Peace for several .
years ; also County Deputy, which office he held at the time of his
death. The subject of this sketch was married, at Indianapolis,
Ind., March 25, 1841, to Miss Martha Evins, a native of Lexing-
ton, Ky., where she was born in 1824. Mr. W. moved to Wash-
ington, 111., in 1874, and opened his present business, where he has



been successfully eno-ao-ed. W^s elected Justice of the Peace in
1864, to fill vacancy of C. J. Gibson ; re-elected in 1866, and re-
signed, and again elected in the spring of 1879. Mr. W. is the
second oldest living settler of Fond du Lac township, and has ex-
perienced all the privations of pioneer life. To Uncle Jacob, as he
is familiarly know, the writer is largely indebted for many valuable
items, and the interest and assistance Avhich it was his pleasure to
bestow. INIay his memory through life keep fresh and green as now,
and his shadow never grow less. Mary J., Sarah F., Laura C, and
Hattie E. are their living children. Family are members of the
Methodist Church.

R. B. M. Wilson, 3I.D., deceased. The subject of this sketch was
born on Island Magee, County of Antrim, Ireland, March 19, 1827.
Was the eldest child of Alex. C. Wilson, and grandson of Rev.
John Murphy, who was for fifty-three years jiastor of the First
Presbyterian Church of Island Magee, the church with which the
Doctor's family was connected. He pursued the study of medicine
and surgery at the Royal College in Belfast, Ireland, also at the
Glasgow University, and the Andersonian University in the city of
Glasgow, Scotland. He took his degree in the latter University, in
March, 1847, at the close of the 20th year of his age. In the fol-
lowing month he emigrated to the United States, and first settled in
Metamora, the county seat of Woodford county, in this State. He
was married, June 1, 1854, to Miss Jane F. Anthony, daughter of
the late Charles S. N. Anthony, of this place. In the falfof 1848
he removed to this place and commenced the practice of medicine,
forming a co-partnership, in the same year, with the late Dr. G. P.
Wood. Being worn by the labors of a large practice, and desiring
a period of rest, he accepted the nomination, and was elected by the
people in 1858, to serve as their Representative in the Legislature
of this State. He was also chosen a member of the convention
which met, in 1862, to frame a new constitution for the State. At
the expiration of his term of service, he returned to the practice of
his profession. By success in his labors, he accumulated a large
landed property, which he improved and managed with executive
ability. In 1877 he formed a co-partnership, in the practice of
medicine, with Dr. F. F. Wood, the son and successor of his former
partner, and entered with new energy upon the labors of the phy-
sician.. His professional reputation extended far beyond this imme-
diate vicinity. His services were in demand throughout this section
of the country, and almost every incoming train brought ])atients to
receive the benefits of his skill. He had, for some time, been
troubled with chronic bronchitis, which was at last renderecl acute
by exhaustion, over-exertion, and exposure caused by these large
demands upon his strength, causing his death, which occurred Feb.
17, 1879. His wife and their only children, two sons, survive to
mourn his death. His portrait may be found in this volume.

E. F. Wood, M.D., residence, North Main street; born in AVind-


sor Co., Vt., in 1829, and son of the late Dr. G. P. Wood, a native
of Windsor Co., Vt., where he was born in 1800. At the age of
eighteen years he commenced his studies at Castleton, Vt., when he
moved to' this city and became a student with Dr. Dundee, a pioneer
physician of this county, with whom he was associated several years,
afterwards forming a business relation with Dr. Rogers, and in 1848
formed a partncrshij) with the late Dr. R. B. M. Wilson, which was
continued until 185G, when he made a professional connection with
his son, and followed a successful practice until 1864, when he re-
tired from public practice, attending only to private cases where
his services were deemed a necessity. His death occurred in this
city in Nov., 1872. The subject of this sketch, whose portrait ap-
pears in this work, commenced studying with his father, with whom
he remained until 1 849, when he entered the State University, at
St. Louis, through the sessions of '49, '50, and '51, in which year
he was graduated, and returned to this city, forming a partnership
with Benjamin Harris, of Groveland, and for one year followed his
professional calling at Morton, 111., when he returned to Washing-
ton, and entered upon an extended practice in connection with his
father, and in Feb., 1877, a partnership was formed with the late
Dr. R. B. M. Wilson. From this relation sprang the deepest feel-
ings of friendship and brotherly love. Having a large field of
practice it was often the cause of remark, that so much could be
accomplished only by the united feelings of the heart. He was
married, June 22,1852, to Miss Lydia A. Lindley, daughter of
John Lindley, an early pioneer of this city. She died in this city
March 17, 1879, leaving four children — Maria E., Julia E.,
Laura L., and Charles E. Dr. W. is the oldest resident physician
of this township, and possesses the affable and gentlemanly qualities
that endear him to a large circle of friends, to whom his life, for a
score of years, has been devoted.

William B. F«7c, retired farmer ; res. Peoria st; born in AVash-
ington county, N. Y., in 1820. His parents were Nira and Anna
(Chase) Yale, natives of Mass. Emigrated to this county in 1836
and settled four miles south of this city. Was engaged at his trade,
blacksmithing, several years, and in the spring of 1840 moved tAvo
miles north of the city and engaged in farming. Was married in
1854, to Miss Margaret Bell, a native of Nelson county, Ky., who
died in 1875, when he moved to his present residence, which he has
since made his home. Mr. Yale was selected as the people's choice
as a representative of the city fathers April 15, 1879. He numbers
among those of the early county pilgrims, and is a social, genial

Israel Zinscr, druggist. Main street, Washington ; born in Picka-
way Co., O., in 1844. His parents were Jacob and Elizabeth (Lin-
ter) Zinser, natives of Germany and Pa. The family came to this
county in 1851, and settled near Washington. Subsequently re-
moved to Henry Co, in 1868, they moved to ElPaso, where


his father died in 1870. The subject of this sketch enlisted, in
Feb., 1865, in the lOoth I. V. I., Co. K ; was sent to Nashville
and Murfreesboro, where he was mustered out in Sept. and returned
home, and after one term at school engaged in the grocery business
one year, when he -went to Plainficld, returning to Washington in
1868, where he married Miss Martha Tobias, and formed a ])artner-
ship with Solomon Sonneustein in the drug business, which was con-
tinued until 1871, when he sold out and returned to Plainficld,
where he engaged in the same business until 1873, at which time he
returned to this city, forming a ])artncrship business which was con-
tinued until 1876, when he purchased the whole interest of the con-
cern, where he has since carried on a successful trade. Mr. Z. is one
of the growing young merchants of the city, is popular with all
classes, and a social, genial gentleman. Elmer F., Harley A. and
Royal are their living children.


James W. AVather 1850-51 John W. Daugherty 1865-66

Lawson Holland 1852-53 Benj. Tobias 1S6G-68

W. A. Ross 1854 Richard D. Smith 1869

J. S. Marsh 1855-58 Peter Fifer 1870

D. L. Miles 1859-60 John H. Anthony 1871-79

Elias Wenger 1863 Wesley B. Harvey, city 1873-78

Richard C. Dement 1864


J.L.Bell 1854-60 Eli Heiple 1S67

Thomas Taylor 1861-64 Simeon Miller 1868

Eli Heiple 1865 Eli Heiple 1869-79

Jonathan H. Myers 1866


J. L. Bell 1854-60 Charles T. Moore 1868

Jonathan H. Myers 1863-66 Eli Heiple 1869-79

Eli Heiple 1867


J. B. McCorkle 1854 Thomas Cress 1855-79




Dr. Flavd Shurflef, County Clerk, was elected in 1877. He is a
son of Milton Shurtleff, a native of Plymouth, Mass., and Mary F.
Berry, a native of New Hampshire. They came to Tazewell county
at a time when Central Illinois was but little inhabited. Dr. D.
was born in Groveland, Tazewell Co., Jan. 6,1842; was sent to
the common schools, and later attended Rush Medical College,
Chicago, where he graduated with honor, and engaged in the prac-
tice of medicine in his native place. He owns a large and valuable
farm in Groveland township. The Doctor served in the war for
the Union as Assistant Surgeon of the 154th 111. Inf., a position he
was, in an eminent degree, qualified to fill, he being, by education
and practice, a skilled "surgeon. The Doctor's political views con-
form to those of the Democratic i)arty, by whose suffrage he was
elected to the office of Clerk of this county. He was also Super-
visor of Groveland from 1872 to 1875. A full-page portrait of Dr.
Shurtleif will appear in this volume.

Andrew Jackmn Kinsey, Sheriff of Tazew^ell county, is a native
of Culpepper Co., Virginia, born Oct. 8, 1831. He has been a res-

Online Librarypub Chas. C. Chapman & Co.History of Tazewell county, Illinois ; together with sketches of its cities, villages and townships, educational, religious, civil, military, and political history; portraits of prominent persons and biographies of representative citizens. History of Illinois ... Digest of state laws → online text (page 70 of 79)