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Gosford, Earl of,

Anti-Gallic letters addressed to, 578A.

Gould, Nathaniel,

Sketch of the trade of British America,

Goupil, Rene,
Notice on, Jogues, 14.

Gourlay, Robert Fleming,

Proceedings at a meeting of inhabitants
of Hope and Hamilton, 390; Address to-
the jury in King vs., 391; A record of.
1051; Case before the legislature, 1858,

Gouverneurs Generaux,

Commissions des, 154; Extraits des Reg-
lemens des, 184.


Thoughts on the origin and nature of, 145;
A discourse by Egerton Ryerson, 643.

Gowan, Lieut. -Colonel,
Letter on Responsible Government, 680.

Grand Manan, Island of,
A particular account of the, 389.

Grand Trunk Railway,

Reports and accounts of, 1857, 1067;
Montreal terminus for the, 1113; Re-
port of the managing director, I860,
1154; Consideration of loan from gov-
ernment, 1155; Corrections to the report
of the Commission of Enquiry into the
condition of the, 1185; Report of Select
Committee of Share and Bondholders,
1861, 1186; Canadian credit and secur-
ities, 1239; Documents relating to the
postal service of the, 1262; Corres-
pondence re mail service of the, 1310;
A history of the, 1317; Bill to legalize
an agreement with the Buffalo and Lake
Huron Railway Co., 1346; Letter from
Mr. Brydges re trade between Canada
and the Lower Provinces, 1391.

Grand Voyer,

Report of Committee of Assembly Lower
Canada on office of, 487.

Grant, Charles,

Adresse a toutes les puissances de 1'Europe,

Grant, John Charles,

Tables of the cubical contents of masts,

Gratton, Isaie,
Proces et condamnation de, 1117.

Graves, Rear Admiral,

Correspondence with Sir Henry Clinton,
270, 271.

Gravier, Rev. Jacques,

Journal du voyage du, 27; Lettre du
Fevrier 23, 1708, 36.


Great Britain,

Observations on the conduct of, 43; Let-
ter re possessions in North America, 63;
Essay on Colonial Policy of, 65; Dis-
course on conduct of, toward Neutral
Nations, 1758, 85; Interest of, considered
with regard to her Colonies, 105; Policy
of, towards Colonies considered, 136;
Case of, and America, 141, 142; Contro-
versy between, and Colonies reviewed,
Knox, 144; Remarks on the controversy
with her Colonies, Bancroft, 152; Ques-
tions on the dispute with her Colonies,
168; Constitutional power over Colonies,
168; Address of people of, to inhabitants
of America, 170; Candid examination of
claims of, Galloway, 174; Appeal to the
justice and interests of the people of,
176; Inquiry whether guilt of war ought
to be imputed to, 188; Rights of, asserted
against claims of America, 195, 196, 197;
Observations on, 195, 198; Memorial to
the Sovereign of, 274; Considerations on
the present situation of, and the United
States, 277; Essay on the resources for
establishing the finances of, 284; Appeal
to the people of, 303; Inquiry into the
state of the finances of, 1796, 323; De-
claration of the court of, respecting ne-
gotiations of 1797, 327; An address to the
people of, 332; Observations on impress-
ment of American seamen by, 344; Con-
duct of, towards neutral commerce of
America, 347; An apology for, 352;
Treaty between France and, 1814, 369;
Causes and character of the late war
with, 379; Considerations on the con-
nection of the British North American
provinces with, 496.

Great Southern Railway,
Proceedings on the affairs of the, 1048.

Great Western Railway,
Report on the, 1847, 827; Proceedings of
the annual meeting of, 928.

Grece, Charles F.,

Facts and observations respecting Can-
ada, 392.\.

Greenwood, William,
The Greenwood tragedy, 1323.

Grenville, Mr.,

Account of conference between Colonial
Agents and, 1764, 292; Correspondence
with William Knox, 294.

Grenville, Lord,

Correspondence with Minister of Foreign
Affairs of France, 326.

Grey, Earl,

Letter from ' A Canadian ' to, 802.
Grievances, Lower Canada,

First report of committee, 1832, 522; Ad-
dress of Assembly presenting. 591.

Grievances, U.C.

Address of the Reform Alliance on the,
581; Lord Glenelg's review of, 583; Re-
port of Committee of Legislative Council
on the, 589.

Groulx, L. T.,
Poisson d'Avril, 1865, 1329.

Guano, Peruvian,

Documents on the importation of into the
United States, 981.

Gugy, Colonel A;, .

Letters to Sir E. W. Head, 1010; Remarks
on a pamphlet of W. F. Coffin, 1011;
How I lost my money, 1108; Incidents in
the life of a Provincial, 1163.

The Wars of the, 362.


On the effects of, 313.

Gzowski, C. S. & Co.,
Letter on the Esplanade contract, 1016.


Considerations sur les effets de la conser-
vation des moeurs du, 351, 352; Con-
servation des etablissemens des, 445.

Hagerman, C. A.,

Speech on the differences between Sir F.
B. Head and the Executive Council, 593;
Speech on the Clergy Reserves Bill, 611.

Haliburton, Sir B.,

Observations on constitutional power of
His Majesty's Council, 464.

Description of the harbour of, 1203.

Halifax and Quebec Railroad,

Message from Lord Elgin re, 845; Cost
and prospective business of, 897A.

Hall, Archibald, M.D.,
Letters on Medical Education, 731 A.

Hamelin, Abraham,
Proc&s et condamnation de, 1117.

Hamilton, P. S.,

Letter on the union of the Colonies, 1121;
Union of the Colonies of B.N.A., 1278A;
Review of Mr. Howe's essay on confed-
eration, 1377A.

Hamilton, Township of,

Proceedings at a meeting of inhabitants
of. 390.


Hamilton, W. R.,

A vindication of the negotiators of the
Treaty of 1783, 725.

Hammersley, J. A.,

Drawings illustrating the narrative of the
shipwreck of the Transport Premier, 777.

Hanger, Hon. George,

An address to the Army, 295.

Hardwicke, Earl of,

Letter on the negociation of 1763, 285.
Harper, Robert Goodloe,

Observations on the dispute between the
United States and Prance, 331.

Harris, Rev. J. H,,

Anniversary sermon of the Society for
Promoting Christian Knowledge, 490.

Hartley, David,

Letters on the American War, 228.

Harvard, Rev. W. M.,

Remarks on the clergy reserves, 657; Con-
troversy respecting the position of the
Church of England, 781.

Harvey, Arthur,

The Reciprocity Treaty, 1338; Statistical
.account of British Columbia, 1430.

Hatch, Hon. Israel T.,

Speech on Reciprocity, 1337.

Haw, Rev. William,

Fifteen years in Canada, 869.
Hayes, J. D.,

Niagara Ship Canal and Reciprocity, 1337.
Hayne, Samuel,

Abstract of statutes re aliens trading in
England, 22.

Head, Sir Edmund W.,

Letters of Col. Gugy to, 1010.

Head, Sir Francis B.,

Remarks of the Reform Alliance on the
conduct of, 581; Despatch from Lord
Glenelg to, Dec., 1835, 583, 584; Proceed-
ings in the Assembly, Feb., 1836, on an
address to, 585; Message in answer to
address of Assembly, 586; Address of
Assembly to, on Independence of the
Judges, 587; Observations on the con-
duct of, 590; Debate on differences be-
tween Executive Council and, 592;
Speech of C .A. Hagerman on the differ-
ences between the Executive Council and, .
593; Speeches, messages and replies ofi
594; Speech of Rolph on the charges
against, 610; Cause of banishment of
Marshall S. Bidwell by, 642; Messages
and addresses to, 1838, 647; Despatches

from Lord Glenelg to, 670; Address to
the House of Lords against the Union
of the Canadian Provinces, 698; Speech
of Hon. Dr. Rolph on the charges of
misdemeanors against, 881; Statements
re flag of truce, 965; Memorandum on
seat of government of Canada, 1090.

Hellmuth, Rev. Dr. J.,

Remarks of Dr. Fulford on the conduct of,
1211, 1213; Defence of, by Adam Crooks,
1212; Reply to second letter of Dr. Ful-
ford, 1214; Reply to third letter of Dr.
Fulford, 1215.


Remarks on the culture of, 345.

Heney, H.,

Commentaire sur la constitution du Bas-
Canada, 515.

Henry, John Joseph,

An account of the campaign against Que-
bec, 359.

Hervieux, J. A.,

Analyse des lois d'enregistrement, 1289.

Hey, William,

Extracts from the report of, 291.

Hibbard, Ashley,

Evil of secret indictments by grand juries,

Sketches of, 744.

Hill, James,
The trial of, 216.

Hincks, Sir Francis,

Metcalfe defended against the attacks of
his late counsellors, Ryerson, 761 ; Posi-
tion of Mr. D. B. Viger, 762, 763; Let-
ters of Isaac Buchanan against the Bald-
win faction, 765; Letter to Hon. R.
McLane on Reciprocity, 883; Speech on
resignation of the ministry, 969.

Hind, Professor H. Y.,

Essay on the insects injurious to wheat,

Hobart, Right Rev. Dr.,

Letter of Dr. Strachan on the life and
character of, 529.

Hogan, J. Sheridan,

Essay on Canada, 998.

Hodgins, Thomas,
The Canada Educational Directory, 1058.

Holland Harbour,
Map of, 404.



Lecture on the science of, 1054; Letters on,

Holt, Mr.,

Report of a Committee of the Bar on the
conduct of two judges towards, 889.

Holton, L. H.,

Letter re Montreal and Kingston Railroad
Company, 922.

.Hope, Township of,

Proceedings at a meeting of inhabitants
, of, 390.

Hopital de Marine et les Emigres,
Correspondence au sujet de, 878.

Hopkins. Rev. John H.,

Sermon on the importance of providing re-
ligious education for the poor, 570.

Howe, Hon. Joseph,

Speech in Assembly, Jan. 18, 1839, 669;
Letters on the government of British
America, 801 ; Poem on Sable Island,
1088; Letter to Hon. C. B. Adderley on
relations of England to her Colonies,
1240.\; Detroit speech on Reciprocity,
1336; The organization of the Empire,
1376\; Confederation in relation to the
interests of the Empire, 1377; Review of
essay on confederation, 1377A; Reply of
Hon. Charles Tupper to pamphlet of,
1378; Union of the Provinces and, 1379.

Howe, Lord Viscount,

A view of his conduct in the American
war, 230; A letter to, on his naval con-
duct during the war, 233; Observations
on the conduct of, 280.

Howe, Sir William,

A view of his conduct in the American
war, 230; Remarks on the conduct of,
235; Reply to observations of, on "Let-
ters to a Nobleman," 241,251; Narrative
of, 250; Remarks on his conduct in
America, 253; Observations on the
conduct of, 280.

Hoyarsabal, Capt. Martin de,
Les voyages aventureux du, 12.

Huddy, Captain,

Letter to Guv Carleton on the murder of,

Hudson's Bay,

Account of Six Years Residence, Robson,
61; A voyage to, M'Keevor, 395; Rev.
Peter Jacobs journey to, 933; Lecture on,
Morris, 1110; Voyage d'Andr6 Michaux a
la Baie d'Hudson, 1158; Voyage of
Michaux to, 1253.

Hudson's Bay Company,
Views of, Robson, 61 ; Plan for union with
East India Company, 297; The Royal
charter of, 380; Map accompanying nar-
rative of occurrences connected with the,
383; Statement of claims to territory,
1047; Letters on the territories of the,
1079; Statement of claims on the United
States, 1865, 1341.

Hughes, Henry,
A treatise on hydrophobia, 621.

Hulbert, J. B.,

Collection of the products of the waters
and forests of Upper Canada, 1224.

Humane Society,
See Royal Humane Society.

Hume, Joseph,

Letter to William Lyon Mackenzie, 552.

Hunt, T. Sterry,
Sketch of Canada, 1330*.

Huron College,
Opening of, 1303.

Huron, Diocese of,

Fearful condition of the church in the,

Huron Indians,

Particularitez du pays des, Gendron, 18;
Les voeux des, 1038.

Huron, Lake,

Remarks on the territory along, 1263s.

Huron Tract,

Facts connected with improvements in
the, 956.

Huskisson, William,

An appeal to, on the affairs of New Bruns-
wick, 470.

Hutch ings. Captain Robert,
Sermon to commemorate the death of,

Hutchinson, Thomas,
Letters of, 166.

Hutton, William,
Reply to Caird's pamphlet on Canada, 1097.

A treatise on, 621.

Iceland, Island of,

Physical and geographical notice relative
to the, 396.

Voyage du PSre Gravier, 27.



Essays on means of promoting immigra-
tion to New Brunswick, 1145-1149.


Missions to, 15; The Four Kings of Can-
ada, 38; Description of Nova Scotia, 59,
60; An account of the Six Nations, 71;
Relation Historique de 1'Expedition con-
tre les, 146; Description of customs of,
354; A description of the North Ameri-
can, 395; Essay on a uniform orthography
for the languages of the, 402; Remarks
on North American, 412; Essay on the
origin of, Mackintosh, 576; Principes de
la langue des sauvages, 692; Indians of
New England, 888; Les voeux des
Hurons et des Abenaquis, 1038; Juge-
ment errone de M. Ernest Renan sur les
langues sauvages, 1294.


A plea for the protection of Canadian in-
dustry, 1285.

Jnnes, Robert L.,

Report as engineer of Marmora Railroad,

Case against the Phoenix Company, 1026.


Abstract of commissions of, 154; Extraits
des Regitres des, 184; Correspondence
respecting seigneurial tenure, 937.

Intercolonial Railway,

Correspondence relating to the, 1313; Re-
port on the exploratory survey, Fleming,
1365; Letter of J. W. Lawrence on the,
1417; Observations sur, 1418; The best
' route for the, 1435.

Ireland, -

Letters of Burke on the trade of, 224;
Powers of the British parliament over,

Catechism of the, 992.

Izard, Ralph,

Account of a journey to Niagara, Montreal
and Quebec, 807.

Jackson, John Mills,

A view of the political situation of Upper
Canada, 350; Reply to pamphlet of, 355.

Jacobs, Rev. Peter,
Journal of, 933.

James, G. P. R.,

A brief history of the Boundary Question,

James, John,
Mission of, 292.

Jarvis, John B.,

Report on survey of Caughnawaga canal,

Jay Treaty,

Correspondence relative to the negotia-
tions, 326; Declaration of Great Britain
respecting the negotiation, 327; Resolu-
tions of the Board of Commissioners
under Article VI. of the, 1447; Statement
of claims under Article VI. of the, 1448,

"J. D."

A Letter to a Noble Lord, 41.
Jeffreys, Thomas,
Engravings of Siege of Quebec, 102.


Six letters in defence of the Order of, 742;
Note sur les biens des, 788; Note addi-
tionelle sur les biens des, 822; Relations
of discoveries and occurrences in Can-
ada, 822A.

Jesuit Estates,
History of, Rankin, 867.

"J. K."

Plain reasons for Loyalty, 634; The
Church and the Wesleyans, 656.

Jogues, Rev. Isaac,
Description of New Belgium, 14.

Joint Stock Companies,
A defence of, 348.

Joliet, Sieur,
Voyage and discovery of, 20.

Jones, A.,

The Revenue Book, 1846, 812.

Jones, Robert,
Remarks on the Malbay Disease, 287.

Johnson, Dr.,
Taxation no tyranny, 182.

Johnson, Thomas R.,

Report of the case of John Connolly vs.,

Johnson, Sir William,
Relations with the Six Nations, 71.

Johnston, J. F. W.,

Agricultural capabilities of New Bruns-
wick, 871.

Johnston, J. W.,

tions, 1159.

on constitutional ques-


Johnstone. Walter,

A series of letters descriptive of Prince
Edward Island, 410; Travels in Prince
Edward Island, 415.


Address of Assembly on Independence of
the, 587.

Judicature Act,

First report of the Special Committee on
the Bill for repealing certain parts of,

" Junius,"

A letter to an Honourable Brigadier Gen-
eral, 708.

"Junius, Jr.,"

The militia policy of the present admin-
istration, 1243.


Report of Committee of Assembly of
Lower Canada on manner of selecting,
1830, 489.

Justice, Administration of (Quebec),

Extracts from minutes of an investiga-
tion into, 299; Introduction to the ob-
servations of the Judges of the Court
of Common Pleas on the, 300; Answer to
the introduction to the observations of
the judges, 301.

Justice, Administration of (Lower Canada),
Plan of a Bill for altering Courts of Jus-
tice, 316, 317, 318; Proceedings in the
Assembly on the Rules of Practice, 370;
Proceedings of the Assembly on the
Constitution of the Courts of Justice,
377; Proceedings on the accusations
against Hon. Louis Charles Foucher, 384;
Report of Committee of Hon^e of As-
sembly, 1824, 429; Report on the lan-
guage of the writs of summons, 446; Re-
port on the qualification of Justices of
the Peace, 475; Report of Committee of
Assembly, on mode of selecting juries,
489; Grievances concerning, 603; Report
of a Committee of the Bar on the con-
duct of two judges towards an advocate,
889; Position of the British minority,
1100; Specification for district court
houses and jails, 1132, 1133; Investi-
gation into office of Clerk of the Crown,
Montreal, 1314, 1315; Evil of secret in-
dictments by grand juries, 1445.

Justice, Administration of, (Upper Canada),
Exposition of provisions of statute relating
to capital offences, 532; View of the
township laws, 563; Address of Assembly
on the Independence of the Judges, 587;
Proceedings of Legislative Council on
Bill amending the Jury Laws, 588, 589;
Letter of J. G. Spragge to the Attorney
and Solicitor General of Upper Canada,

Justice, The Administration of (Canada),
Letter from W. Hume Blake to Hon. R.
Baldwin on, 783.

Justices of the Peace,

Report of Committee of Assembly on Bill
re qualification of, 475; Act respecting
the qualification of, 1192A.

Juvencius, Joseph,

De Regione et Moribus Canadensium, 39;
Canadicae Missionis Relatio, 40.

Kamouraska, County of,
Proceedings in trial of election protest in,

Keefer, Thomas C.,

Philosophie des chemins de Fer, 955; Re-
port as engineer of the St. Lawrence
and Ottawa Grand Junction Railway,
959; Report as engineer of the St. Law-
rence Railway Bridge, 960; Connection
with the Victoria Bridge, 1151, 1152, 1153.

Kelso, Samuel J.,
Notes on the Saguenay, 1232.

Kennebec River,

Journal of visits to the Indians on the,

Kent, Mr.,

Controversy respecting position of Church
of England in Canada, 781.

Kidder, Frederic,
The Abenaki Indians, 1106.

King's College,

Abstracts of accounts of, 652; Amended
charter of the University of, 729; Pro-
ceedings at the ceremony of laying the
Foundation Stone and at the opening of
the University of, 739; Speech of W. H.
Draper in defence of the chartered
rights of the University of, 740; The
origin, history, and management of the
University of, 770; Thoughts on the Uni-
versity Question, 784; The University
Question considered, 785; Pastoral Let-
ter of Dr. Strachan on the condition of,

Kingsford, William,
The Victoria Bridge, 1092.

Kingsmill, Colonel,
Appeal to the ladies of Canada, 1323.

Kingston, City of,

Constitution of St. Andrew's Society of,
723; Considered as the seat of govern-
ment for the Canadas, 738; Constitution
of the Merchant Seamen's Society of,
748; Description of, 1859, 1119.


Kirkwood, Alexander,

Flax and hemp, 1325; A short treatise on
the milk-weed, 1434.

Knight, Thomas F.,

Shore and deep sea fisheries of Nova
Scotia, 1431.

Knox, William,

The present state of the nation, 1768, 138;
The controversy between Great Britain
and Colonies reviewed, 144; Extra Offi-
cial State Papers, 294.

Kohl, J. G.,
Lecture on the maps of America, 1037A.

Labelle, Rev. M. F.,

Biographic et oraison funebre du, 1352.

Considerations sur le sort des classes
ouvrieres, 919.


Historical account of, 1775, 181; Sailing
directions for, 1204.

Labrie, Jacques,

Les premiers rudimens de la constitution
Britannique, 450.

La Bruere, . Boucher de,

Report on the Colonization Roads in Lower
Canada, 1222A; Le Canada sous la domi-
nation anglaise, 1240.

Lachlan, Major R.,

A glance at the progressive state of the
Natural History Society of Montreal

La Corne, M. Saint-Luc de,
Journal du voyage de, 1241.

Lacroix, Henry,

The present and future of Canada, 1404,

Laet, Joannis de,
Responsio ad Dissertationem, 13.

Lafitau, Joseph Frangois,
Memoire concernant, 1072.

Lafleche, M. Louis,
Discours prononc par, 1161.

LaFontaine, Louis H.,

Les deux Girouettes, 554; Notes sur 1'ina-
movibilit6 des cures dans le Bas-Canada,
614, 615; The ministerial crisis, 1843, 737;
Causes of resignation from Executive
Council, 758; Metcalfe defended against
the attacks of his late counsellors, 761 ;
Mr. Viger and the ministerial crisis, 762,

763; The cabinet of, defended, 764; The
resignation of the late ministers, 767;
Correspondence with Hon. R. E. Caron,
803, 804, 805; Catalogue de la biblioth-
que de, 1326.

Laidlaw, G.,

Reports on narrow gauge railways, 1436.

Lakes, The Great,
Defence of, 1198.

Lallemant, Charles, Pere,

Copy of three letters, 1625, 1626, 7; Rela-
tion de Nouvelle France, 1626, 8; Letter,
Aug. 1, 1626, 9; Letter of Nov. 22, 1629,

Lalemant, Jerome, Pere,

Extracts from journal of, 16.

Lamond, Robert,

Progress of emigration to Upper Canada,

Lamothe, Guillaume,
Charges of B. Devlin against, 1284.

Lanark Settlement,

Narrative of the rise and progress of the,
406; Account of the country of the, 409,

Lanaudiere, Charles de,
Answers to questions on land tenure, 306.

Lancaster, Joseph,

Improved system of education by, 378; The
Gazette of Education, 492.

Landor, Henry,

Condition of the Church of England in the
Diocese of Huron, 1394.

Langton, John,

Dr. Ryerson' s reply to, 1168; Reply of Dr.
Ryerson to statements of, 1127; State-
ment in reply to Dr. Ryerson, 1129.

Land Tenure,

Extract from proceedings of a Committee
of Council on, 306; Extracts from
ancient grants, 338; Remarks on "Franc
Aleu Roturier," 855; De 1'abolition des
droits feodaux et seigneuriaux, 855.\.

Langevin, Rev. Jean,

Reponses aux programmes de p6dagogie
et d'agriculture, 1233; L'Histoire du Can-
ada, 1330.

Langevin, Hector L.,

Essay on Canada, 1855, 997.

Laroche- Heron, C. de,

Les servantes de Dieu en Canada, 1001.


La Roque. Rev. C..

Notice biographique sur Mgr. J. J. Lar-
tigue, 715.

Lartigue. Mgr. J. J.,
Notice biographique sur, 715.

La Rue, F. A. H.,

These sur 13 suicide, 1115; Reponse au
memoire de Mme. Brousseau, 1207; Elc go
funebre de M. L'Abbe Casault, 1255.

Laterriere, Pere De Sales,
Letter on the election in Northumberland,

Laurin, Joseph,
Traite sur le tenue des livres. 617.

Laval, County of,
Proceedings on contested election in. 1005.

Laval, Mgr. de Montmorency,

Notice sur la deux centieme anniversaire
de 1'arrivee de, 11 11 A.

Laval University,

Memoire sur, 1208; Constitution and rules
of, 1258.

Laverdiere, L'Abbe,

Decouverte du tombeau de Champlain,
1376, 1377.


Juridical history of France so far as it
relates to the, 425; Precedens tires des
Registres de la Prevoste de Quebec, 433:
Manual of Criminal Law, Willan, 1176;
Letter on the Bill re Titles to real estate,


List of expiring, 1883, 975; List of, expiring
before Jan. 1, 1870, 1071.

Lawrence, J. W.,
Letter on the Intercolonial Railway, 1417.

Leblanc, Ovide,
Lettre a L'Hon. Jean Chabot, 980.

Lee, Daniel, M.D.,
Treatise on Peruvian Guano, 981.

Lee, John, D.D., .
Letter from Dr. Strachan to, 477.

Lee, Thomas,

Proceedings of Assembly on petition of, re
turnpike roads, 376; Letter to the Earl of
Dalhousie, 1827, 455.

Legge, Charles,
A glance at the Victoria Bridge. 1153.

" Legion,"

Letters on Responsible Government, 759;
Reply of Ryerson to letters of, 760.

Legislative Assembly, (Lower Canada),
Rules and Regulations of 1793, 315; Sketch
of business before, 1826, 438; Petition to
the British Parliament, 1836, 591.

Legislative Assembly (Upper Canada),
Rules of the, 462.

Legislative Assembly (Canada),
Standing Rules and Regulations of the,
710, 711; Votes and Proceedings of, Aug.
30, 1851, 879; Lessons in the procedure
of the, 1192; Bill respecting, 1293; Rules
and forms of proceeding of, 1373.

Legislative Council (General),
Constitutional power of the, 464; Resolu-
tions on the constitution of, 618.

Legislative Council. (Lower Canada),
Petition of inhabitants of Quebec against,
466; Letters of Adam Thorn on, 561.

Legislative Council. (Upper Canada),
Rules of the, 462; Report on the, 1835, 572;
Report on the state of the Province,
1828, 646.

Legislative Council, (Canada),
Standing orders of the,815; The composi-
tion and functions of the, 1021; An Act
to change the constitution of the. 1022;
Rules and forms of proceeding in the,
1070; Bill respecting, 1293.

Le Mage, Gaspard,
La Pleiade Rouge, 1002.

Lemieux. Hon. Francis,

Letters of Hon. John Young to, 1014,

Le Moine, J. M.,

La Memoire de Montcalm vengee, 1277;
Tableau synoptique de 1' ornithologie du
Canada, 1288.

Lemoine, Robert,

Rules and forms of proceeding of the
Legislative Council, 1070.

Leopard, H.M.S.,

Papers relating to the encounter with the

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