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the day appointed by the Committee for the race. An Entrance
Fee of One Guinea must be paid by each crew to the Treasurer of
the Lady Margaret Boat Club before the day of the Race. Any
crew consisting of Members of the Lady Margaret Boat Club shall
be exempt from the Entrance Fee.

6. Notice of the date and hour of the race, and of the last day
for receiving entries shall be posted by the Secretary in the College
Boat-houses not less than a week -before the day appointed for the

7. The race shall be over the Colquhoun Course in one or more
heats as the Committee of the Lady Margaret Boat Club shall
determine. But not more than two boats shall start in any heat,
and the stations of the crews shall be determined by lot.

All other details relating to the race to be determined by the
Committee of the Lady Margaret Boat Club.

8. The First Captain of the Lady Margaret Boat Club or his
deputy shall act as starter and umpire in the race, and shall have
power to start any heat in the absence of any competing crew not
at the post at the time appointed for such heat.

9. The winners shall be allowed to hold the Challenge Sculls for
the year following the race ; but they must be returned to the First
Captain not less than one week before the day appointed for the
next race.

10. The Committee of the Lady Margaret Boat Club shall
provide presentation prizes for the winners in each year. Such
prizes to be paid for out of the income of the Trust Fund applicable


for that purpose together with the Entrance Fees, after the necessary
expenses of the race have been deducted. Provided that if in any
year only one crew shall start for the race, no presentation prizes
shall be given.

ii. The Committee of the Lady Margaret Boat Club have power
to settle any other details or determine any disputes arising with
respect to the races or other matters relating thereto, which are not
provided for by the foregoing rules.


s. d.

Holding an Eight-oar or Four-oar, Turning and Attending to same . o 6

Ditto, Funny or Pair-oar 03

Attending an Eight-oar or Four-oar during Races, Carrying Clothes,

etc., per day 20

Bringing up an Eight-oar or Four-oar from the Bridge or above . I 6

Ditto, Pair-oar or Funny I o

Bringing up an Eight-oar or Four-oar from the Plough or above . 2 o
Ditto, Pair-oar or Funny . . . . . . . .16

Bringing up an Eight-oar or Four-oar from the Locks or above . .26
Ditto, Pair-oar or Funny . . . . . . . . .16

Coxswains are particularly requested to employ Badgemen in
preference to any others, and to report any inattention or incivility
on their part to the President or Secretary of the C.U.B.C.




I. That the Club be open to all members of the University on
the following conditions :

II. That any graduate of the University by paying two pounds,
or any undergraduate by paying three pounds ten shillings may
become a life member.

III. That any member of the University by paying one pound
may become a member for one term, not being thereby qualified to
row or steer in any of the University races unless he has paid four
such terminal subscriptions.

IV. That the subscription must be paid before the admission to
the club.


V. That this Club is affiliated to the Amateur Rowing Associa-
tion, and that members are therefore bound to observe the A.R.A.

VI. That the Officers of the club consist of President, Secretary,
and Treasurer ; who, with two other members of the club, shall form
a Committee.

VII. That no member who is not strictly residing be on the

VIII. That the President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Committee
be elected by the Captains of College boat clubs, or their represent-

IX. That the election of the President and Secretary take place
at the first Captains' meeting in the Summer Term, that of the
Treasurer and the other members of the Committee at the first
meeting in the October Term.

X. That the President preside over all Captains' meetings,
have the sole selection and management of all University Crews,
and have absolute authority and entire responsibility in all matters
immediately concerning the University Boat ; that he have charge
of the President's book, and make such records in it as shall be
interesting and useful to the future of the club ; and that he keep
the official records of all University Races.

' XI. That it be the duty of the Secretary to carry on the corre-
spondence of the club ; to keep a record of all that passes at
Captains' meetings, and to read all such records at the next Captains'
meeting; to summon Captains' meetings at such times as the
President shall appoint ; to issue all notices and circulars ; and to
see that all new rules are hung up in the Barge.

XII. That it be the duty of the Treasurer to have charge of the
club's finances, and have the supervision of the property of the club.

XIII. That the accounts of the club be examined terminally
by two auditors appointed annually at the Captains' meeting in
Michaelmas Term, and a printed statement of them be sent to the
Captains before the first meeting in each Term. That the Treasurer
shall send in addition before the first meeting in the October Term
an account showing (i) The full receipts and payments for the past
year, (2) the exact financial position of the club, (3) an estimate of
receipts and payments for the coming year.

XIV. That the Barge, Boat House, and all other personal
property of what nature soever, now or at any time belonging to the
club, shall be absolutely vested in and be the property of the


Committee of the club for the time being, who shall hold the same
for the general use and benefit of the club, and to be disposed of as
the members thereof may from time to time by resolution in any
meeting, duly convened for that purpose, direct.

XV. That three members of the Committee form a Quorum ;
that in the absence of the President the Secretary take his

XVI. That no member of the Committee shall be present when
a dispute is decided involving either his own College crew, or one
for which he has acted as regular coach.

XVII. That if at any time it is found impossible to form a
quorum of the Committee, enough Captains shall be summoned from
the first six crews on the river not concerned in the dispute to form
an Emergency Committee whose decisions shall have all the force of
those of the O.U.B.C. Committee, but who shall decide only such
points as cannot be reserved for the latter.

XVIII. That unless two members of the O.U.B.C. Committee
are present five shall form a quorum, and that in the absence of all
members of the Committee the Captain of the highest boat present
shall take the chair.

XIX. That the Secretary be informed of any motion of important
business that is to be brought before a Captains' meeting, and that
he send notice to every College or Hall club at least twenty-four
hours previous to the meeting.

XX. That if any of the proceedings of the Committee be un-
satisfactory, excepting in the case of Rules XL, XII., XIII., and
XIX. of the Eights and Torpids, the President shall call a representa-
tive meeting on receiving a written request from any three Captains
of College boat clubs, or any one Captain with nine members, stating
their cause of complaint ; which shall be displayed, with their names
affixed, for at least twenty-four hours, in the Club Barge.

XXI. That if a Captain absent himself from a meeting duly
called, or neglect to send a representative, he shall be fined five

XXII. That all questions be decided by the majority, the
President having the casting vote.

XXIII. That the Committee-room be reserved for members of
the University Boat to dress in.

XXIV. That no dogs be admitted on the Barge or the Bridge
leading to it, or Club Room, and that any member transgressing this
rule be fined two shillings and sixpence.


XXV. That Smoking be not allowed in the Barge, or Club

XXVI. That no bicycles are to be left in the Boat-house, and
the fine for transgressing this rule be two shillings and sixpence.

XXVII. That all Colleges which have not paid their Subscriptions,
Fines, or Boat-house Accounts within a fortnight of receiving notice
that such are due, shall be liable to a fine of two shillings and sixpence
per day, till they have paid all that is due.

XXVIII. That the racing boat last purchased be not let or sold
under any circumstances whatever.

The Subscriptions will be received at MESSRS. PARSONS, THOMSON,


I. That all boats not practising for the University boat-races
give place to boats that are practising for them, either going up or
down stream.

II. That all boats going down stream give the right of way to
boats coming up, except in the case of Rule I., but that boats
coming up keep their proper course.

By the proper course for all boats coming up from Iffley Lasher
is intended the Oxfordshire shore till round the first corner of that
shore ; from thence to the Freewater Stone, the Berkshire shore ;
from thence to the lower Red Post, Oxfordshire, crossing to the
upper Red Post, Berkshire; and from that upwards the Berkshire

III. That boats may easy at the Ferry going down stream, and
at the Willows coming up, provided they leave room for boats to
pass them without going their wrong side.

IV. That boats on arrival at Iffley should turn in the order of
their arrival, two at a time, one just above and one just below
the lasher, and should, without easying after they have turned
immediately paddle to the Hedge opposite the Isis public-house,
where they may easy for a few minutes before proceeding up the

V. That boats easying elsewhere must give place to all other
boats, and that no boat easies at any of the crossings.

VI. That boats practising in the New Cut should go up and
down the stream, keeping to the left hand of their coxswain. That


when they issue into the main stream, they shall give way to all
other boats until they are able to take their proper course.

VII. That sailing boats be not taken out during the time of any
race, and that at all other times they keep out of the way of practising
Eights and other boats.

VIII. That the penalty incurred by violation of these Rules be
in the case of the University Boat one pound, an Eight ten shillings,
any other boat five shillings.

IX. That no horses may be used on the Towing Path without
leave from the President.

X. That not more than two persons shall ride with any boat, and
that the fine for the breach of this rule be five shillings.

XI. That any Member suffering by a violation of these Rules
may, within twenty-four hours, apply to the Treasurer through the
Captain of his College Boat Club to inflict the fine.


I. That all gentlemen rowing or steering in the races must be
life members of the O.U.B.C.

II. That all members of the O.U.B.C. shall show a certificate of
having passed a satisfactory swimming test before being allowed to
row in University races.

III. That such certificate be either (i) that of some Public
School approved by the Committee, or (2) a certificate from Dolley's
Baths, signed by the bathman, and countersigned by the Captain of
the College Boat Club, who shall himself be present.

IV. That any College Boat Club rowing a member who has
obtained a certificate unfairly shall be fined five pounds, and lose
one place on the river for each night on which he has rowed.

V. That each College shall have its own punt and waterman
during the Races.

VI. That the Captain of each Boat Club shall, so far as possible,
fix upon the maximum number which his punt is able to carry and
that this number shall in no case exceed twelve, and that the fine for
overcrowding be five shillings.

VII. That each Barge shall be furnished with two life-buoys.

VIII. That the bows of all racing "eights" and "fours," both
keelless and clinker-built, and of all racing pair-oars and sculling-
boats be protected by an aluminium ball, and the penalty for violation
of this rule be, in the case of eights and fours, one pound, in the
case of all other boats, ten shillings.


IX. That no boat be allowed to start in the races with more or
less than its full crew.

X. That all boats carrying a coxswain carry him over the whole

XI. That the names of the crews be sent to the Treasurer, at
least two days before the races begin, and that afterwards no change
can be made, unless notice is given to the President at least one
hour before the races begin, under a penalty of one pound.

XII. That no club start a boat in the races till all its arrears are
paid, whether of fines, entrance money, or annual subscription.

XIII. That, except for the Sculls, no crew be allowed to start in
the races which shall have employed any waterman in capacity of
coach or trainer, within three weeks of the first race.

XIV. That no non-resident member of the University may either
row or steer in the races unless he has resided in Oxford at least ten
consecutive days before the races commence.

XV. That no one may be allowed to row or steer in the races for
a College or Hall of which he is not a bonafide member.

XVI. That all Challenge Cups which are the property of the
O.U.B.C. shall either be taken home by the Captain of the Boat
Club which holds them, or be deposited at Rowell's during the

XVII. That the Challenge Cups be returned to the President on
or before the latest day fixed by the Committee for entering ; and
be presented by him to the winners immediately after the race.

XVIII. That if any damage be done to any Challenge Cups,
while in the holder's possession, the damage be made good.


I. That every club neglecting to send in the names of its crew
to the Treasurer, and pay the entrance money, five pounds, into the
Old Bank, two days previous to the first race in which they intend
to row, shall forfeit five shillings; and that every club entering a
boat, after the races have begun, shall pay one pound for every
night of the races on which it has not had a boat on.

II. That no College be allowed to enter more than one boat for
the eights, unless it has had on a Torpid in the same year.

III. That each College provide a flag, two feet six inches long
and two feet wide, for the purpose of marking its place on the river ;
and that these flags be not taken away from the barge on any
consideration whatever.


IV. That any boat taking off and afterwards returning to the
races, shall lose one place and forfeit two pounds, each night it has
not started.

V. That every boat withdrawing entirely from the races, forfeit
five pounds, and next year start below all boats which keep on.

VI. That the Captain of any boat taking off give notice of his
intention to the President at least two hours before the races
commence or incur a double fine.

VII. That each boat start from a rope held by the steerer, and
fastened to a post on the Berkshire shore ; the rope to be 50 feet in

VIII. That the last boat be stationed above Iffley Lasher ; and
that 130 feet be the distance between the posts.

IX. That the boats entered for the races be divided as equally
as possible, and row in two divisions ; that the second division row
first, and never contain fewer boats than the first division; (the
Sandwich boat reckoning in each division) that the head boat of
the second division may row again with the first division ; and that
the last boat of the first division start head of the second division
on the following day.

X. That the President provide a starter who shall fire a signal
gun for the boats to take their places; after four minutes another
gun ; and after the interval of one minute another gun for the start ;
after the third gun the race be always held to have begun.

XL That any boat starting before the gun goes off do lose a
place forthwith.

XII. That when a boat touches the boat or any part of the
boat before it, or its oars or rudder, it be considered a bump ; and
also if a boat rows clean by another it be equivalent to a bump.

XIII. That both the boat which bumps and the boat which is
bumped immediately row out of the course of the other racing
boats ; and in case of any obstruction the offending boat be fined
five pounds, which may, however, be in whole or in part remitted if
the Committee consider that the crew used every endeavour to get
out of the way.

XIV. That after every bump the boat bumping change places
with the boat bumped, whatever be their order before starting ; also
in a bumping race no boat can make more than one bump, but of
four boats, A, B, C, D, should B bump C, then A may bump D, and
the next race A and D change places with each other.

XV. That in the case of any boat not starting, the boat


immediately behind them do row past their starting-post and be
considered to have bumped the other boat.

XVI. That all boats stand by their accidents; and that, in
case of dispute, boats must take the place assigned them by the

XVII. That the races finish at the lower of the white posts to
which Salter's barge is moored, on which a flag is to be hoisted, and
that a boat is liable to be bumped till every part of it has passed
that post, and that a Judge be stationed opposite this post.

XVIII. That the Judge be appointed by the first six Colleges of
each Division in rotation.

XIX. That if any boat after passing the post impedes another
which has not passed the post, it be fined five pounds.

XX. That all disputes concerning bumps, etc., arising out of the
races, be referred to the Committee on the day of the race, who
shall decide the point before the next race.

XXI. That the steerer of the head boat hold the silver rudder.

XXII. That the College races take place in Easter or Act Term,
and be six in number.

XXIII. That a man may be held to have rowed or steered in
the Eights or Torpids when he has so officiated for three days.

XXIV. That the days for the races be appointed by a Captains'

XXV. That the carrying out of rules XL, XII., XIII., and XIX.
be left to the discretion of the Committee ; and that it do hear all


XXVI. That the Torpid races be regulated by the above rules
as far as they are applicable : but

1. That the races take place in the Lent Term.

2. That no one who has rowed or steered in the Eights may
officiate in the same capacity in the next Torpid races, but that
men may row in their second College Eight without losing their
Torpid qualification.

3. That no one be allowed to row in his Torpid who has
exceeded sixteen Terms from his Matriculation.

4. That unless a College has had an Eight on the river more
than two nights during the previous year, it be not permitted to start
a Torpid, unless it engage to put on a distinct Eight in the ensuing


That in this case the distinct Eight

(a) do contain five men, at least, who have not rowed in the


(b) be compelled to row more than three nights, under penalty

of ten pounds.

5. That the Committee have power to relax this rule at their
discretion in the case of boats in the Second Division.

6. That these races be rowed in gig boats, of the specified
mould, measuring inside at the gunwale not less than 2 feet 2 inches,
clinker built of not less than five strakes.

7. That the distance between the starting-posts be 160 feet.

8. That no Torpid be allowed to use sliding seats.

9. That if more than twenty-five Torpids enter, the races shall
be in three divisions ; the boats to be divided as equally as possible,
so that a higher division shall not contain more boats than a lower

10. That when new boats enter, those which have been on
before shall start above those which have not. Of the rest, first
boats shall start above second, second above third. Second boats
shall take the order of their first boats, third boats of their second.


I. That all the races for the Fours, Clinker Fours, Sculls, and
Pairs, be time races.

II. That in time races only two boats start at once; that no
bumping be allowed.

III. That those boats which have been defeated by the winner
only, be allowed to contend among themselves for the second prize.

IV. That the Committee appoint the days for the Pairs and
Sculls, but that the days for the Fours and Clinker Fours be
appointed by a Captains' meeting.

V. That an entrance fee of ten shillings be paid on every name
entered for each of the races.

VI. That the course of the races be from opposite the Hedge,
to Salter's lower white post, on which a flag is to be hoisted.

VII. That the stations of the boats be fixed by drawing lots or
tossing up or by mutual consent.

VIII. That the boats be started by a person appointed by the
President, and that all time races end by the bows.

IX. That in case the prizes are not challenged for, the last


year's holders continue to keep them provided they be not dis-
qualified by any preceding rule.

X. That the name of the winners be kept publicly in the club
barge, specifying also the builders of the winning boat.

XI. That the distance between the posts in time races be
240 feet, and that the ropes be of equal lengths.

XII. That the races be signalled by semaphores.

XIII. That the races be judged by a member of the Committee,
or senior member of the University appointed by the Committee,
and that from his decision there be no appeal.

XIV. That it is the duty of the Committee to see the above
rules strictly enforced in every instance.


I. That the Cup be open for competition to Members of any
one College or Hall, who have not exceeded eighteen terms from
their matriculation.

II. That the race take place annually in Michaelmas Term.

III. That the entrance fee be two pounds ten shillings.

IV. That a silver medal be presented to each of the winning

V. That the College to which the winners belong do hold
the Cup.


Presented by Messrs. G. Maberley, Christ Church, and C. Bewicke,
University College

I. That the Silver Challenge Oars be open for competition to
all members who have not exceeded sixteen terms from their

II. That the race take place annually in the Easter or Act Term.
That if four crews enter, a silver cup be presented to each of the
winners and a silver medal to each of the second boat's crew ; but if
less than four crews enter, no medals be given.

Presented by Members of Christ Church

I. That the Silver Challenge Sculls be open for competition to
all members who have not exceeded sixteen terms from their

2 C


II. That the race take place annually in the Easter or Act Term.

III. That if there be six entries, a silver cup be presented to the
winner, and a silver medal to the second ; but if there be less than
six entries, no medals be given.


I. That the race be called the "University Trial Eights Race."

II. That the race take place in Michaelmas Term, and subsequent
to that for the Four-oared Challenge Cup.

III. That the crews be selected by the President.

IV. That the crews be in practice not less than twelve days.

V. That each member of the two crews pay ten shillings entrance

VI. That a silver medal be presented to each of the winning
crew, and a bronze medal to each of the losing crew.

VII. That any member of the two crews who refuses to row in
the University Eight if called upon to do so, be suspended by the
Committee from rowing in any University race till the end of the
Summer Term, unless he shows reasonable grounds for refusal.



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