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vavakae, n. strength, self-asser-
tion, valour.
la vavakae goro, to play the
strong man with people, bully,

Vavalil, redupl. valU, 1. to fade ;
2. adv. erroneously.

Vavalul, redupl. va 3. lul 1. to
make increase.

Vavanov, to waken, rouse from
sleep ; Fiji, vagona.

Vavapa, a kind of crawfish.

Vavarav, to use an expression to
a person which has a serious
effect, vavae we w/jiaxi, either
to protect or obtain protection;
a word of affection or humilia-
tion, or cry for mercy ; te
vava/rav mun o vavae Hoke * gak
taema ' ; a tanun litooa, chief,
will stop a quarrel with such
a word ; when a chief me
va/rarav sei, others will not
hurt him.

VavasiLS, to speak so as to
frighten, make sxis 3.

Vavat, tr. vava 2. to speak at,
against ; vavat qalo,

Vavatak, to speak harshly to ;
same as vavaoag,

Vavatavureg, see vava 1,

Vavatawalai, see vava 1.

Vavatiu, fourth, fourth time.

Vavatoraga, 1. [va 3.] to cut
short, vit qatutui ; vatoraga.

Vavatoraga, 2. redupl. vatoraga^
short, stumpy, of man or tree.


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VavaiU, to explain, unfold a tale ;
vava 2. td 2.

Vavava, redupl. of vava 2. and
ofva 1.

Vavavag, redupl. vava^g, to speak
harshly to.

Vavine, V. woman, female ; Mao.
vxihine; Sam. fafine; Mai.
hini; Malag. vavy; Tagal.
binibim; Yap, papine; com-
mon in Malay Archipelago,
Melanesia ; N.6. vavine, haine,

Vavinir, [va 3.] to pull out, re-
move, making open; vinir;
vamnir kalokalo or rakardkay
to pull up, e.g. bananas too
closely planted, so as to make

Vavnun, redupl. vanuHy a log of
some size, such as they would
ranun, put together to keep
in fire.

Vavrai, [va 3.] staring eyes ; na-
matana toe v\wa halo.

Vavtig, adv. in, into, a heap,
crowd, in heaps, sets ; vUe
vavtig, bring together in heaps,

Vavtigiu (k) constr. vavtig; as-
semblage, crowd, heap, flock,

VavTis, [va 2.] to fight ; viis.

Vaweneg, [va 3.] to scrape clean
and white ; wene in wenewene,
with tr. suff. g.

Vawerei, to turn up the eyeballs ;
me vawerei namataim.

Vawia, \ya 3.] to make things
well, wia, for a person, to

Vawilis, 1. [va 3.] to roll ; will,
with tr. suff. s; vawvawUis
mata; to roll the eyes.
2. to cook, saUf qeta in toape.

Vawinur, to bring small things
only ; winur.

Vawlig, adv. collectively, in an

Vawo, adv. upon ; vawo ai-u !

vaw^ mele! vawo qoga! vawo

wonawona, forms of va/roioog ;

vawo oka. on board ship.
vawoi, to neap on the top, add

to a heap ; vawog.
Vawonot, [va 3.] 1. to complete,

fill up void, close in solid ;

2. un for sanavvl, completing

the ten of the fingers ; toonoi.
Vaworai, to stuff full ; vaworojg.
Vawosag-sai, V. [va 3.] to throw

soft things, such as squash,

Vawota,.[i)a 3.] to bring to birth,

beget ; wota 1.
Vawotag, [va 3.] to take posses-
sion of a seedling or sucker,

wotoA,, of a fruit tree.
Vawuwuw, to crowd or crush

Vea, 1. n. the place where ; with

article o vea; o vea Hone ?

what place is that 1 ho me ni-

na ape vea? to what place

have you reached ? with prep.

a vea, i vea adv. avea, ivea ;

with adv. ma comp. adv.

m^vea. Mao. /tea; N.B. ve,

wai ; Sol. Is. hei, vei.
Vea, 2. M. a grater for nai, &c.;

o lape qatia.
Vean, V. 1. to spread on the

ground ; vean goro, to lay a

rough mat, &c., as a guard

against dirt, &c.
2. V. to put the leaves of tree

fern, no-qatia, or toape, into

wraps, mona, of fish to cook

Vear, M. same as vean 1. but both

words are V. and M. ; vear

goro, to line.
wora vear, to bear fruit for the

first time.
Vearag', M. same meaning as

vean 2.
Veasag, to press flat with cocoa-


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nut shell in msikmglotpatau;

U qusa mun o vatgeloty ti vea-

sag mun o vin matig,
Vega, M. to climb, with the use

of the arms and legs.
vegarag, tr. determ. to climb

vegatag, tr. determ. climb for

one, go up tree to get food for

one ; isei te vegatag iiiau ?

who will now climb for my

cocoanuts ?
Vele, a tree, barringtonia edulis.
Vene, 1. to shoot with a pointed

arrow ; not tiqa,
venegag, tr. determ. shoot with

effect on something.
Vene, 2. to give a short bit of

money as a preliminary in

ganatapMg in suqe^ or in tiro

tcmvate^ m those societies ;

iwiu we ge o suqe mun Ar;

inevra we vene munaii ; nau

te sa/r m/iineira; i Ar qara gara-

tapug ; te vene mun o som a/pe

Venegag, 1. tr. determ. vene 1. to

shoot with pointed arrow with

effect on some one or some-
thing ; me venegag tagea o

qatia, have shot away and lost

an arrow.
Venegag, 2. name of one kind of

fence, geara venegag; see

Venemakea, the dance, Idkalakay

of the man who makes a kcHe-

hole, before he shoots the pig ;

we nun o aatoai mun i gene ni

Vene vene, n. vene 1.; a shooter;

t*n for tw, a bow.
Veravera, a millepore, used to

polish in making igot^ vatge*

loty &c.
Vereg, to lift up, stretch out, the

hand ; in offering something ;

as when looking tor something

a man holds up his hand as a
sign that he has found it.

Veresag, to mount by steps as on
a steep ascent, to climb with
the legs only ; te veresag mtm
o ranoi,
tano ververesag, a stepping-place
to mount up.

Veria, a fish, chilodactylus.

Verig, a man gives this word for
his name, instead of it, not
being willing to name him-

Veris, to ask, inquire for ; same
as vartis.

Vero, to begin to grow, as the
tuber of a yam, becoming unfit
for food.

Veru, to screw up the face, as for
crying ; to pout.

Vet, 1. to say, speak, give the
word; na me vet nalinak, I
have said my say, in the way of
• command, opinion, determina-
to/no vetvety met. a man of conse-
quence, with whom it rests to
give the word.

Vet, 2. to start, lead off ; we vet o
a«, begin a song.

Veta, adv. already, past and over,
used with v. when past tense
is emphatically given ; by a
use not common, mna we sfiva
veta nakey after long waiting,
now after all we are off.

Vetal, a banana ; vetal tiraMra or
turtury the wild or half-wild
banana, with standing fruit-
stalk ; the bunch of fruit is o
gfoet ; to get the fruit, vue ramo
n we ra/oe o gaei.
vetal m^enay proverbial expres-
sion for a long time about a
thing, as a long voyage from
Mota to Gaua, time enough
for bananas to get ripe.

Veve, 1. division of the people for


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marriage purposes, of which
there are two.

2. less exactly, a family ; veve
tut, a family that has always
caused quarrels.

3. (k) motner, aunt, female sogoi
of the veve 1. of the parents'
generation; in plural form
ravece, my mother ravevek;
reveve, the mothers of the
village, as a body.

vevegae, one's father's sister,
therefore not sogoi, not really

veve vMsmis rawe, one who is
called mother only after a
rmoe has been killed for her ;
not sogoi, treated with respect ;
see kdeva.

4. V. to call mother ; isei me veve
inau? who called veve! to

Vevegr, 1. to distinguish, divide,
thence judge, condemn ; from
the stem veve with tr. g,
2. adv. exactly coinciding ; na
me gopa veveg o paka me rasu
mxx, 1 fell ill exactly at the
time the vessel arrived.

Vevegarag, redupl. vegarag, tr.
vega, to climb often or after
much fruit.

Vevera, red-hot, as stones for the
oven ; o vat we vevera me ttd
avune Uto ape qa/ranis, Mao.
wera ; Sam. vevela.
vevera mule, beginning to cool,
no longer red with heat.

Veverag, to cany with a stick
over the shoulder ; te tata^ o
Uto qa/ra vevera^; met. we
veverag o vavae, to carry word.

Veverau, a district of Mota, set of

Via, 1. the giant caladium. Ma-
lag, via.

Via, 2. the crocodile ; toe vasus alo
piujika a Qakea ; met. a vora-

cious eater ; ioe gana gaplot
aneane we log si o via, Malag.
voay ; Mai. buaya.

Viavia, a fish.

Viawo, 1. n. a water-pipe ; o via-
wo pei sa/rusam ape sugsua.

Viawo, 2. to train yams when the
vine begins to climb ; toe via-
ioo, we qeteg taur, toe la kalo o
tuei avune togo.

Viga, nine, in tika counting.

Vigo, native pan-pi ^s.

Vil, to bind round, tie strongly*
ima vil, a strongly-built, tied,
house ; vil va/ririr, to bind
things close together ; vU qat^
to bmd the head with orna-
mental band ; vil toot, to bind
round high up.
In making charms things are
bound round with the magic
song ; hence we vil o tdUMna-
tai; loa mi, long-continued
sunshine, as if by reason of a
charm ; vil o taro, to cause
calm weather by a charm,
vilit, tr. to bind firm.

Vila, 1. lightning; vila we m^emea,
summer lightning. Fl. vivira
(thunder); Fiji, liva; Mao.
uira ; Sam. uila ; MaL kilat ;
Malag. hilatra; Bugis, bUa,

Vila, 2. pearl-oyster ; looviloy the
bivalve complete; vin vUa, a
single shell.

Vilavila, a tree ; vilavila memea,
a red species ; vilavila we me-
mea, we tenegag ape gene toe
roxLo, tama o masaoi we rono.

Vile, to bring, give, convey, dis-
tribute, contribute.
vile mMagesegese, to take one's

own things only.
vHe Tnataperper, to twinkle, as a

star, blink.
vile pulai, to make return, by the
person taking a step in the
»uqe, for what his introducer


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has distributed for him to the
vUe qai-iagyto give out confusedly.
vUe taptapuiy to take one's own

things only.
vUevile wotuarn^ much tbe same

as wirowog.
vilerag, to brine together.

Vileqat, to duck the nead, avoid-
ing a missile.

Vilerag, tr. vile with suflf. rag of
number, many contributing;
many birds singing together,
all in their own way, vUevUe-

Vileris, to change, be changed,
ris; nanagonsei qe gopa we
vileris; natoqana we vUerUj
his feelings changed, from good
to bad, to anger.

Viletuwale, to bring together,

Vilevarau, to produce in great
numbers, like the fruit of the
rau ; -ya 3. ; said of a prolific

Vilevarwotwota, to bring in
pairs ; varwota.

Vilevile-mate-veve, when two
of the same veve fight no one
interferes, and there is no
rapa; it is an affair of the
family, mate veve,

Vilevilerag, combine in numbers,
as when birds sing together
each its own song.

Vilewora, bring, take, apart,

Vilewotuaru, to bear witness, or
call to witness, with a kind of
oath ; conf. va/rowog ; the top,
tfX)tui, of the casuarina, aru,
being rono as a seat of ghosts.

Vilget, to bind and hold; get;
conl varaget,

Vilit, tr. determ. vil;to bind firm,
strengthen with binding, serve

Viloag, to mumble, in eating or

Vilog, I. an umbrella palm ; 2. a

frond of that palm used as an

Vilvilnir, to bind, vU, round the

leg, in the saUigoro^ a leaf of

gavne gae, heated and scraped

Vilvilqat, to bind, inZ, roijnd the

head a festive ornament,

Vilvil-wotakolo, a way of snar-
ing birds, with taJcolo shell.
Vilvilwot, to bind round high

up ; isei ta rot o gae^ we rot

dede, was we vil wot.
Vin, 1. to throb ; redupl. vinvin.
vinrag, tr. determ. to gush out

m throbs.
Vin, 2. constr. of vinm, skin, bark,

husk ; particularly of cocoa-
Vinai, 1. (k) the thigh, shank,
Vinai, 2. v. to ipix leaves with

flesh in cooking ; tve vinai o

qoe mun o toape, o tmoZ, o no-

Vinar, same as vinir; rather V.

than M.
Vinaroaro, [vin 2.] a shell.
Vinewer, thin shanks, a man with

thighs, vinai, like the shanks

of a went,
Vingar, [vin 2.] a cockle-shell,

with which cocoanuts are

scraped out, gora^.
Viniaro, [vin 2.] the shell of a

mactria bivalve.
Viniga, [jga 5.] with the husk on ;

tre savrag o vin matig nan o

wxieiy pa si o viniu qale toga

apena ioe log was tve viniga.
Vinikere, [vin 2.] the tail of a

plucked fowl.
Vinir, to come out of a close place
into the open, as out of a oush
I into a path, as tall trees rising


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througli and above the wood ;

vinir mot^ to come out break-
ing through vines ; vavinir,
Vinit, 1. to add more gavine gae

to a mat, em, in course of

weaving, and so make a seam ;

kamcmi, me avtag wa kamiu

me vinit ; 2. the middle seam

of an epa.
Vinitiu, (k) same as viniu ; skin,

bark, husk, rind, shell.
vinit-m^ajiaronaro, a yam with

skin like the bark of the ma-
nage, rotten outside.
vinit matai, the eyelid.
Viniu, (k) skin, bark, husk, rind,

shell ; constr. vin 2. D.Y.

viniga, adj. with the husk

Vinlasa, 1. a cup, lam, made of a

cocoanut shell, vin 2.
2. the knee-cap ; from its shape.
Vinleilei, an oyster shell.
Vinmalu, the. husk of a young

Vinmati, a cocoanut husk used to

wipe with ; man.
Vinnomai, stuff in the salt water

like the inner skin, noriu, of

naiy almonds ; used to whiten

toto arrows.
Vino, to fasten with pins, fold

over and pin ; as no-via^ to

hold water, no-ota, for thatch ;

te vino goro o noota me luqe

mun nug.
Vinosiu, the inner skin of the

kernel of v.ai ; we pes savrag

vinos nai,
Vinostagai, a kind of tomago with

no vinosiu,
Vinparpar, [vin 2.] chips made in

chopping out the inside of a

canoe; par.
Vinpatau, a kind of madrepore

like the rind of bread-fruit.
Vinpeapea, the shell that holds

tinder for use in rubbing fire,
soso av,

Vinqoe, in recent use leather.

Vinrag, tr. determ. vin 1. to spurt,
gush out in throbs; o nara
me vinvinrag hie ma.

Vinsorsor, [vin 2.] cinnamon

Vintaratara, chips made in hew-
ing wood ; tara.

Vinvara, [vin 2.] the husk of a
growing cocoanut, va/ra.

Vinvin, 1. redupl. inn 1. to throb,
beat in throbs ; naqatvarana
ti vinvin ti^ when he is out of
breath ; vinvin/rag, redupL

Vinvin, 2. a crustacean on the
shore ; ti vinvin mun naliioo'
na,f we maloTOtoo, one can hear
the noise of it, and it hits hard.

Vinvin, 3. a tree.

VinwoviXa, a pearl shell, single

Vin, 1. to ti J) up ; vin kalo, support

by putting something under ;

. 2. to lay along as support or

Protection, as logs before the
oor, vje vin goro o mMeima ;

or on a slope to keep up the

earth of gardens ; to dam back

3. n. a dam ; o pei te tike hie o

Vinai, (k) the armpit; whence

avnag; vivinai.
Vinasa, [w'nat] an abscess under

the arm, vivnasa; ti riga, ti

loqo, ti niniagay ti malue.
Vinvin, [vin 1.] to be stuck up, go

about in pride.
Viog, 1. to throw a mat, epa,

round the body ; viog goroy to

protect from sun, wind, cold,

as an infant.
2. met. to plant food for a person

expected, we viog nagana.
Vioviog, n. a mat used to viog



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Vir, to twist, wring, squeeze with
a twist; we vir o taly plait a
cord ; v)e gat o gea qa/ra wr,
chew the pepper root and
wring out the li(]^uor ; we vir
nau, for poisoning fish ; we
jnisa o ganau te vim o iga nia
qara vir ; vir goroy to wring
out over; met. mataviry a
stingy man.
virgag, tr. determ. throw with

a twist.
vir9ag, tr. determ. to wring

vivir, redupl. to throw with a

twist given to the stone.
Mao. whirl; Sam.yKi.^

Viras, to hoast, make boastful pro-
fessions ; te vet ape tanun loe
vava si ni te na mate sei, pa
gate mm, ive vava gap.

Vires, adv. only, merely.
lav vires iseiy to be partial.

Virgag, tr. determ. tnV, to throw
away with a twist, whirl
away ; toe virgag o vat

Virig, to pull oneself together to
endure ; rono inrigr, to endure
pain with courage.

Viris, stem of vivinsy hardly.

Virisa, same as virsa, stem vir.

Viro, 1. plexus at the base of the
^nds of sago and other palms,
ape qeteg tape ota.

Viro, 2. to turn, go round, change,
turn out of the way ; Motu
N.Q. giro; alo tau we viro^ at
the turn of the season ; we
vava viroy to change words so
as to disguise meamng, same as
vava p(da ; o Ian we viro, the
wind goes round ; o qa/ui tee
viroy twisted knee.
viro gdo^aey to go round a bad
place in a road, by the tips,
gciUyiy of the creepers, gae.
viro goro, a term in money lend-
ing, to divert payment ; nati

we taioe i Sawa mun o som
tal sanavtU; ni we lano goro
nan mun nivat; nan we viro
goro muniko mun laveatd ; ni
we wono nau mun aanawfZ

virog, tr. to put aside,
viroag, tr. turn away round;
1176 viroag o toAiwey turn round
the flank of a hill,
virot, tr. turn away.

Viroag, tr. viro 2.; to turn away
round or behind ; naaka/ra we
viroag ninay their vessel sails
round us.

Virog, tr. viro 2. ; 1. to set apart,«8
yams for seed ; 2. to put out
of sight ; gate virog, there is
nothing underhand.

Virogoro, see viro 2.

Virokor, to become dry inside, as
make and wotaga very ripe, o
virotiu me kor.

Virot, 1. tr. viro 2. to turn away
from some one ; virot gorOy
turn aside, turn back upon.

Virot, 2. constr. of virotiu; virot
pakay the covering of young
oanyan leaves.

Virotiu, (k) the involucre of leaves
or flowers ; virot togo, virot
touy virot paka^, virot gaas,

Virovirot, the caps of toto arrows,
put on to protect the points.

Virsa, same as virsag.

Virsag, tr. determ. tnr, to wring
out, particularly lig matigy
cocoanut sauce ; used M. as
V. ivoro.

Virsala, to wring out, wr, cocoa-
nut juice into vinlam or tm*-
metOy and boil it with hot
stones, sola 4.

Virsig, [vvr] to strain the samai
ofpewuy ramiy in bags of gav-
negae ; not sago.

Virvir, n. redupl. vir; the wring-
ing out of the gea.


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Visa, how many ? so many; vaga-
visay how many times ; with
V. p. ni, me, ^ ta. Like a
numeral, visa is preceded by

, , . words describing more or less
the things or circumstances,
viz. pul 9., raka 3., rowo 4.,
aage 4., sogo 3., sordko, tal 5.,
taqa 3., tira 2., tur 5.
Mao. Am; Sam.^; Tong. Jiha;
Motii N.G. Titda.


Visarag, to break, smash, throw
down hard and break.

Viso, 1. V. to break off small pieces
of food ; viao raka^ break off
and take up.

VIbo, 2. n. a reed, arundo, with
edible] flower heads.
Sam. ^50; Motu N.G. hido,

Viflogoi, (k) flesh. Fiji, viciko;
Motu N.G. hidio.

Vit, 1. chop short, in lengths ; vit
mot, cut off in a length, vit
latelatey chop into lengths ;
also vitu,

Vit, 2. same as vitu, a. star.
vit rd tvovoor, children in the
evening choose a clear space
in the sky and watch for stars
to appear in it, crying titit
pidaJc vit ni wowor! let my
stars come out in plenty.

Vitag, adv. away from, when
something is left ; map vitag,
put away from other things,
mislay; i often left out, gev-
tag, toavtag; rave vitag o oka,
drag up and leave.

Viteg, same word with vitag,

Vitig, impers. v. to pain ; toe vitig
na/ii; redupl. vivitig, vivtig,

Vitu, 1. same as w^ 1.

Vitu, 2. a star; vitti^ astiasii, a
Mao. whetu ; Sam. fetu ; Mai.
binta/iig; Malag. kintana;

Tagsljhitoing; Bwg, witneng;
Day. betuch; Sol. Ida, veitit'
mi,he^u; N.H. vitui, visiu;
Bks. Ids., vitig, viti, veji, vit,
vV; Pon. uju; Motu N.G.^mti,

Viu, to whirr, whizz ; of the sound
of pigeons' wings ; of a bull-
roarer, o vumamatea ti viu ; of
a thrown stone, we vivir mtin
o vat we mavinvin, o vat Hone
ti viuviu,

Viv, 1. M. to buzz, hum, whizz, as
a thrown stone ti viv tna alo
qoroma; come with the* whizz
of wings, ni we ronotag o tarn'
ate we viv nva tama o ma/nu;
sambas V7iv V.

Viv, 2. to stick to a person ; niwe
viv amaia ; conf. pip,

Viv, 3. to bind round ; we viv o
vivis, tr. to wind round, bind.

Vivinai, (k) redupl. vinai, the
breast ; na me tantan ape vivi-

Vivir, tr. vir, to throw, giving a
twist, twirling motion, as to a
stone ; we vivir o vat, throw a
stone ; we vimr o tanun mtm
o vat, throw at a man with a
vivirgag, tr. determ. to throw
with violence, vivirgag o vat ;
virgag; met. to blow a shell
trumpet loudly.

Viviris, adv. barely, grudgingly,
against the grain ; we ea vivi-
ris, to be barely in health.

Vivis, tr. viv 3. to tie, bind, round
and round.
vivis mot, adv. quickly ; prob-
ably from the quick move-
ment of vivis.

Vivisarag, to throw things about
in a rage ; redupL visarag,

Viviv, mist lying horizontally,
a line of mist lying dose;
viv 2,


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Vivnag, to utter, work upon with,
a «pell, charm, curse ; see
tata/ro ; when on opening the
oven a mallow leaf was thrown
with a tataro to a ghost, desir-
ing evil to those who might
have done mischief to the dead
person, it was gem vivnag ; if
anything happened, m me mas
toun, nan neia wa, Eke ! nok o
ga/n vimnag me m/ana ineia, ni
me mate.

Vivna8a,redupL mncwa, an abscess
in the armpit

Vivrog, redupl. virog ; to set
apart, as yams for seed.

Vivsailima, to walk with hands
behind the back ; vivrng, from
viv 3., lima.

Vivsara, to move away kor, dried
bread-fruit, from the ttm, for
binding, viv 3., sara 2.

Vivtig, redupL vitig ; v. to pain,
we vivtig nau; to feel pain,
te vava lai si noAi we vivtig ;
n. pain, we ronota^ o vivtig, to
feel pain; o vivtig loe raJcut,
pain causes suffering.

Vono, 1. to whisper, consult in
whispers, thence to consult,
agree about something.
vonog, tr. to consult with re-
sard to some one, settle what
he is to do or to be done to.

Vonvono, redupl. vono; vonvono
mMea mwisei, settle that a man
shall be killed, in whispers.

Vovono, redupl. vono; to whisper.

Vorotai, (k) refuse of food, of
bird or rat.

VoBon, [son] to flatter; o tamm
toe vavoAxi sonson isei.

Votur, adv. on end, upstanding,
tur 1.; rowovotii/r, to leap up,
as men in excitement, rowo-
votvotur, waves dancing ; qat-
mkamtwr, hair on end; see

Vovo, to commemorate escape,
recovery ; na me vovo gak, I
have made my feast after my
illness ; o ga/natuono qara ta-
vas^tr ^nan kamam, kamam
qara sora o ganagana vovo.

Vug, to assemble, meet together.

Vuge, a fern.

Vui, 1. a spirit ; used, perhaps
recently, of the human spirit,
alo vwUc.
2. any big thing ; m>e vui gail
of a boy much grown ; vid
lam^Xy exceedingly large : la-
m>a 2.

Vid, see vului 2.

Vula, 1. the moon.
Mai. bvla/n ; Malag. volana ;
Bks. Ids., wl, vol, tool ; N.H.
vtda, wida, da; Sol. Ids.,
vvla, hvla.

2. a month, season marked bv
moon ; (k) when a person's
time is measured by months,
rmmilana nivat veta, he is four
months old, or has been here
four months ; constr. vide ;
vide vtUvut, vide wotgoro, vide
vusiaru, vide tete mamiru, vide
lama^sa^ noroiwro, working
seasons, &c., according to

3. white ; m.ake mda a white-
leaved make; Fiji, vudamda;
Fl. pwra ; Gilolo, imdan ;
Molucca, hidam ; Rotti, fula ;
Solor, bwrang.

Phases of the moon ; o vula U
wot ma, becomes visible ; we
qudo, young; ti tavisa, is in
her first quarter ; ti matiia, ti
sogon wono, at the full ; ti m^a-
turvag no-ranmano, or matur-
vag mera, when rises after
children are gone to bed ; ti
tamsa kd, in the third quarter;
ti e mantaxjai, wanes ; ti e
tagea, disappears; vula sale-


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maran, when there is moon-
shine before the morning.
mda ti rowo rdka, rises ; ti
e kalo, mounts upwards ; ti
waga halo, rises clear of trees,
&c.; ti 8118, sinks behind trees,
hills ; ti tid, sets in the sea.
vulasa, adj. term, sa 3. fair.
Vidagei, (k) the heel.
Vulaqulo, girl with first menses ;

Ytdasa, [i>ula 3.] fair, in com-
VidavulaBa, redupl. white, un-
ripe, of a yam.
Vule, imp. v. to tire, weary,
trouble one ; me mde veta incm
we toga take, I am tired of
being here ; gate vide isei, no
one made a trouble of it ; me
un mdera, they were tired of
drinking, had enough ; sage
vxde, to distress ; taso mde.
Vuleai, (k) the tail of a crawfish,

we log o golo ura si o vtdeai,
Vulesinaga, [vida 2.] a season
when food ought to come in,
is abundant.
Vuletokor, [mda 2.1 season of the
scarcity of food, when yams
are planted ; tou 2., kor 1.
Vul-lava, [mdui 2.] Ho md lava,
' prov. expression, when a man
18 big and appears strong.
Vidua, the stem of a tree-fern
carved with a face of tamate,
and set up for a Icdekde.
Vului, 1. to whet, sharpen on a
stone ; vat-vulmdui, a stone
on which shell adzes were
Vului, 2. (k) constr. md ; the hair
of the body ; perhaps another
form of rdui. Mai. Indu;
Malag. volo,
Vulvulgasuwe, rat*s fur; met.

Vun, 1. to poison fish, with leav^,
fruits. Dark, rubbed,oa«»n, in
the hands; with ga/na/Uy ga-
tuwa, if big fish, with vm
wotaga, womvt, wosus, if smalL

Vun, 2. n. something which causes
plants to wither, dry up, die ;
not seen.
vtmuga, {ga 6.) affected with

Vun, 3. to deceive ; mvmin 2.; ^-
tnm. Motu N.Q. huni ; Ma-
lag. mirvy, hide.

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