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The Cincinnati Lancet-clinic



"* alj?!lvi '*.. Digitized by GoOQIc

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January-June, 1907.

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317 W. Seyenth Street.

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Abbott, Dr. W. C, Chicago, 111.

Gall-stones, 433.
A.LBUR6BR, Dr. Henry, Philadelphia, Pa.

Chorio- Epithelioma ; Operation; Autopsy,
AiXKN, Dr. Samuel E., Cincinnati.

School and Medical Inspection of Contagious
Diseases, 134.
Anspach, Dr. Brooks N., Philadelphia, Pa.

Chorio-Epithelioma ; Operation; Autopsy,

AsMAN, Dr. Bernard, Louisyille, Kj.

Pruritus of the Anal Region, 462.
Austin, Dr. Maynard A., Anderson, Ind.
The Reasons Why ; Especially Concerning
the Stomach, 457.
Baldwin, Dr. J. F., Columbus, O.

An Opportunity for Mr. Foraker, 695.
Barnett, Dr. Charles E,, Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Present Operative Necessities for Cure in
Tuberculous Orchitis, 465.
Beard, Dr. E. R., Liberty, Ind.

Should We Dispense Our Own Medicines,
Beaver, Dr. H. M , Ocheltree, Kas.

Tnberculoeis^Its Prevention and Treatment
as Viewed by the Medical Profession and
the Laity, 702.
Bloom, Lafayette, Cincinnati.

Hygiene, Prophylaxis and Calisthenics as
Practiced in the Public Schools of Cincin-
nati, II.
Boyd, Dr, G. M., Philadelphia, Pa.

Remarks on Repeated Cesarean Section,
with Report of a Case, 560.
Brose, Dr. L. D., EvansTille, Ind.

Foreign Body in the Larynx and Tracheo-
Bronchial Tract, 351.
Brown, Dr. Mark A., Cincinnati.

Case of Aneurism of the Thoracic Aorta,

Calcium Chloride in the Treatment of Ty-
phoid Fever with Intestinal Perforation,
BuvoRD, Dr. G. G., Memphis, Tenn.

The True Cause of Functional Neuroses,
Butler, Dr. Geo. F., Chicago, 111.

Hints on the Treatment of Acute Catarrhal
Bronchitis, 363.
BuRFORD, Dr. C. E., St. Louis, Mo.

Report of Operative Work for Hypertro-
phied Prostate, with Illustrative Cases and
Specimens, 389.
Carpenter, Dr. Julia W., Cincinnati.
Cancer : What Can Be Done for It? 285.

Carpenter, Dr. Lily F., Cincinnati.

A Case of Vitiligo Cured by Direct Expos-
ure to the Sun, 379.
Castle, Dr. Chas. H., Cincinnati.

The Cincinnati Hospital Situation, 304.
Chamberlin, Dr. C. S., Cincinnati.

Migraine, 27.
Collins, Dr. E. E., Williamsport, Tenn.

The Country Doctor, 686.
Conner, Dr. P. S., Cincinnati.

The Man Who Can, 684.
^ Cook, Dr. I. H. C, Hattiesburg, Miss.

Typhoid Fever, 139.
Cross, Dr. Frank B., Cincinnati.

Opportunities for Clinical Studr in the Royal
London Ophthalmic Hospital (Moorfields)
and " Fuchs* " Clinic, Vienna, 680.
Bandridge, Dr. N. P., Cincinnati.

Early Surgeons of Cincinnati, 563.
Davies, Dr. D. J., Cincinnati.

Case of Intestinal Impaction, 134.

Drury, Dr. A. G., Cincinnati.

Reminiscences of the Academy of Medicine,

Biographical Cyclopedia of Medical Men,
Ellis, Dr. A. N., Maysville, Ky.

Was the Emperor Napoleon Sane or Insane
During the Last Dozen Years of His Life,
and if Insane Was He Morally Responsi-
ble? 87.
Epler, Dr. E. G., Fort Smith, Ark.

Specific Treatment of Tuberculosis Pulmo-
nalis, 647.
Floyd, Dr. Benjamin L. W., Evansville, Ind.
Deafness: Its Differential Diagnosis and
Prognosis, 433.
Floyd, Dr. Thomas W., Peoria, 111.

Etiology and Treatment of Convergent Stra-
bismus, 376.
Foulkrod, Dr. Collin, Philadelphia, Pa.

A Case of Chorea During Pregnancy, 440.
Fraid, Dr. N. I., Cincinnati.

Treatment of Tuberculosis, 633.
Frost, Dr. F. H., Lebanon, O.

. Calomel, 541.
Gillespie, Dr. William, Cincinnati.

The Rights of the Unborn Child, 618.
Goode, Dr. B. p., Cincinnati.
O'Dwyer and Diphtheria, 367.

Grant, Br. Horace, Louisville, Ky.

What to Do in Persistent Obscure Abdom-
inal Symptoms, 113.
Graves, E>r. Spencer, St. Louis, Mo.

Operations for Pyothorax, 357.


Digitized by




Grxiws, Dr. John E., Cincinnati.

Mitral Stenosis, Tricuspid Insufficiencj,
etc., 353.

Gripfith, Dr. D. M., Owensboro, K7.

President's Address, 34.
Hainks, Dr. W. D., Cincinnati.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Fracture Oc-
currinff in the Vicinity of Joints, 483.

Cryptorchismus, 582.

Hall, Dr. D. M., Memphis, Tenn.

Report of a Case of Toxemia of Pregnancy,
Hall, Dr. Jossph A., Cincimiati.

Ruptured Tubal Pregnancy, with Exhibition
of Specimen, 158.

Harlan, Dr. Earl, Cincinnati.

Case Report, 133.

A Suggestion, 273.

Double Orchitis with a Complicating Super-
ficial Phlebitis of the Right Side, 355.

Partial Intestinal Obstruction— Its Causes,
Symptoms and Surgical Treatment, 535.

Chronic Endometritis, Specific and Non-
specific, Successfully Treated by a Method
of Office Curettage, 673.

H1R8T, Dr. John C, Philadelphia, Pa.
The Treatment of Eclampsia, 364.
Holmes, Dr. Bayard, Chicago, 111.

The Sense of Probability in the Diagnosis
of Disease, 346.
HoMAN, Dr. Geo., St. Louts, Mo.

The Danger of Dust as a Cause of Tubercu-
losis in Domestic Households, Clubs, Ho-
tels, Schools and Certoin Other Establish-
ments, 538.
Hopps, Dr. H. H., Cincinnati.

Hysteria Simulating Acute Bulbar Paraly-
sis, 159.
Hughes, Dr. C. H., St. Louis, Mo.

The Entoning of the Neurones in the Prac-
tice of Medicine and Surgery, 319.
Iglauer, Dr. Samuel, Cincinnati.
A Bullet in the Nose, 121
A Mastoid Wound Closed by Blood-Clot
Dressing and Healing Within Two Weeks,
Jenkins, Dr. George B., Louisrille, Ky.

Heredity, 60.
Johnston, Dr. J. Ambrose, Cincinnati.

The Early Recognition of Acute Intestinal
Obstruction and Prompt Surgical Inter-
▼entiooy 105.
Epithelioma of Colon, id6.
Inversion of the Uterus, 615.
Johnston, Dr. Richard H., Baltimore, Md.

Varicose Veins of the Tongue, 43a.
Knight, Dr. A. L., Madisonville, O.

The Opsonins, 471.
KohnkEv Dr. QyiTMAN, New Orleans, La.

Mosquitoes and Yellow Fever in New Or-
leans in 1905, 707.
Lang, Dr. M. W., Ridgerille, O. *

Rachialgia, 66.
Langdon, Dr. F. W., Cincinnati.

The Good of the Profession, 311.
Lange, Dr. Sidney, Cincinnati.

The Present Sutus of the Roentgen Ray, 79.

Lewis, Dr. Brans ford, St. Louis, Mo.

Report on Operative Work for Hjrpertro-
phied Prostate, with Illustrative Cases and
Specimens, 389.
Lewis, Dr. W. E., Cincinnati.

School and Medical Inspection of Conta-
gious Diseases, 161;.
McDonald, Dr. Ellice, Philadelphia, Pa.

The Diagnosis of Early Pregnancy, 441.
McKee, Dr. E. S., Cincinnati.

Treatment of Alopecia, a6o.

Rhinitis, 347.

The Medical Expert and His Trials, 434.

Sciatica, 543.

Hair, Gray and Gone, 575.

Secret Commissions, 599.
McMechan, Dr. F. Hoepfer, Cincinnati.

Summer Complaint: Its Differential Diag-
nosis and Selective Therapy, 697.
Miller, Dr. F. M., Peoria, III.

Exophthalmic Goitre, 571.
Miller, Dr. John, Cincinnati.

CuretUge : Indications, Technique and Com-
plications, 39a.
Montgomery, Dr. E. B., Quincy, 111.

Pubiotomy and Its Relative Indications, 593.
Nicholson, Dr. Wm. H., Philadelphia, Pa.

Five Cases of Premature Separation of the
Normally Situated Placenta, 53a.
NicKLES, Dr. Samuel, Cincinnati.

Then and Now, 36S.
NoRRis, Dr. Richard C, Philadelphia, Pa.

Pubiotomy, 504.
Palmer, Dr. Chauncey D.. Cincinnati.

Cincinnati and the Academy of Medicine,
Persson, Dr. G. A., Mt. Clemens, Mich.

Counter- Irritation, 705.
Porter, Dr. William, St. Louis, Mo.

Tuberculosis — A Personal Appeal, i.
Porter, Dr. William D., Cincinnati.

Pyelitis Complicating Pregnancy, 381.

Ransohoff, Dr. Joseph, Cincinnati.

Cirrhotic Liver with Ascites and Albumi-
nuria; Talma Operation Performed, fol-
lowed by Relief of Ascites and Albumi-
nuria, 355.
Reamy, Dr. T. A., Cincinnati

A Letter, 337.
Reder, Dr. Francis, St. Louis, Mo.

Successful Obliteration of an Hemangioma
of Upper Lip and Inner Side of Left
Cheek, 518.
RiCKETTS, Dr. B. Merrell, Cincinnati.
Exhibition of Specimens. i35»355.
Case Reports, 356, 380, 583.
Dum-Dum Bullet (Explosive), 583.
RiCKETTS, Dr. Edwin, Cincinnati.

Multiple Ovarian Cyst Weighing Ninety-
eight Pounds, 158.
Robinson, Dr. Byron, Chicago, 111.

Fused (Horse-Shoe) Kidney (Ren Unguli-
formis; Ren Arcuati; Ren Solieformis),
Rodebauoh, Dr. H. A., Columbus, O.

A Possible Explanation of the Formation of
Drug Habits, 489.

Digitized by


INDEX VOLUME LVlll.—yanuary~yune, 1907.

RowK, Dr. Jambs W., Cincinnati.

Multiple Pregnancj, 589.
ScHKLLy Dr. Walker, Terre Haute, Ind.

The Clinical Indications for Cssarean Sec-
tion, 90.
Sblmak, Dr. John W., Greenfield, Ind.

Pathology of Idiopathic Epilepsj, 183.
Sbiblbs, Dr. Edward H., Cincinnati.
Syphilis Hereditaria Tarda, 357.
A Keloid Following the Removal of a Be-
nign Tumor Successfully Treated with the
XRaj. 584.
Shobmakbr, Dr. Gborob E., Philadelphia, Pa.
Vaginal Hysterectomy, 233.
Fibroma of Uterus with Low Hemoglobin ;
Degenerating Fibroma of Uterus, 444.
Shobmakbr, Dr. John V., Philadelphia, Pa.
Tinea Sycosis ; A Clinical Lecture, 395.
Southbr, Dr. Charlbs T., Cincinnati.

The After-Treatment of Suppurative Ab-
dominal Drainage Cases, 225.
Passing the Stomach- Tube, 555.
Stanton, Dr. Byron, Cincinnati.

The Organization of the Academy of Medi-
cine of Cincinnati, 338.
Stark, Dr. Siomar, Cincinnati.

Specimen of Mesenteric Cyst, 122.
Fibroid of Uterus Undergoing Myxomatous

Degeneration, 123.
Two Ectopic Gestations Occurring in One
Patient, 123.
Strohbach, Dr. G., Cincinnati.

The Business Aspect of Medicine, 147.
Early Diagnosis of Phthisis Pulmonalis in
Adolescents, 492.
Stucky, Dr. }. A., Lexington, Ky.

Some Mental Symptoms Due to Disease of

Nasal Accessory Sinuses, 53.
The Present Status of Treatment of Acute
and Chronic Suppuration of the Middle
Ear, 229.

Tatb, Dr. Maonus A., Cincinnati.

Forceps, 173.

Acute Intestinal Obstruction — Cases and
Remarks, 429.
Thbisino, E. H., Cincinnati.

Cataplasma Kaolinum, 47.

Thompson, Dr. John A., Cincinnati.

Further Studfies in Nasal Therapeutics, 314.

Thrashbr, Dr. A. B., Cincinnati.

Primary Syphilis of the Lips and Tonsils,

Remarks on Endonasal Surgery, 404.

Walker, Dr. H. O , Detroit, Mich.

Intestinal Obstruction: With Observations
on Its Surgical Treatment and Report of
Eleven Cases, 277.
Wallby, Dr. Willis, Richton, Miss.
Typhoid Fever, with Treatment, 567.

Wathen, Dr. William H., Louisville, Ky.
Acute Suppurative Peritonitis (Local,
Spreading, Diffuse and General), 627.
Waugh, Dr. Wm. F., Chicago, 111.

Asthma with Mixed Infection Following
Repeated Attacks of La Grippe, 205.

Wells, Or. H. P., St. Louis, Mo.

A R^sum^ of the Field of Roentgenology,
Wells, Dr. Walter A., Washington, D. C.
Remarks on Diphtheria and Other Forms
of Croup, with Special Reference to Intu-
bation, 371.
Whitacrb, Dr. Horace J., Cincinnati.

Gas Bacillus Infection After Abortion, 118.
Displaced Semilunar Cartilage Treated by
Open Operation, 352.
Zennbr. Dr. Phillip, Cincinnati.
A Case of Athetosis, 16.
Training of the Child with Reference to the
Prevention of Nervous Disease, 199.

Digitized by


Digitized by




ABDOMINAL section for trauma of the uterus,

Abortion, a case of criminal, 247.
About talk and talkers, 635.
Abuse of power, 661.
Academy of Medicine, reminiscences of the, 343.

semi centennial of the, 161, 271, 337, 358, 363.

the organization of the, 338.
Acne, treatment of, 385.

vulgaris, 333.
Aconite poisoning, homicide by, 611.
Acute yellow atrophy of the liver in pregnancy,

Adams County Medical Society, 95.
Adenoma of the labium, 137.
Adrenalin, the internal administration of, 533.
Advice gratis refused, 50.
Affections of the lachrymal passages, 334.
Alcohol as an antiphlogistic, 386.

in simple elixir, 24.
Alopecia, treatment of, 260.
Alum curd, 192.

Alypin in nasal and phanrngeal surgery, 138.
American Gastro-Enterological Association, 476.

Medical Association, notes from the, 661.

Pediatric Society, the, 636.
Anesthesia, requirements for infiltration, 559.
Anesthetic, to give an, 418.
Anesthetizing children, the best method of, 357.
Aneurism of the thoracic aorta, case of, 515.
Anomaly of the ureters, 75.
Anorexia, the management of, 385.
Anteflexion, vaginal operations for, 194.
Anterior colpo-hysterectomy, 193.
Anti-acne svrup, 274.
Antiseptic for the mouth, 275.
Anti-tuberculosis movement, the scope and value

of the sanatorium in the, 48.
Aperients and peristalsis, 508.
Appendicitis resembling tubal pregnancy, 244.

why it is so fatal among the millionaires,
Aromatics to disguise castor oil, 21;.
Asepticism versus antisepticism, 185.
Asthma, iodine of codeine in, 25.

chronic, 76.

and chronic bronchitis, 102.

with mixed infection following repeated at-
tacks of la grippe, 205.
Athetosis, a case of, 16.
Atrophic rhinitis, 248.
Avulsion of penis, 51.
Axis-tractien apparatus, a new, 169.

BARTHOLIN'S cysts, extirpation of by a new

method, 276.
Benzine arrests transient redness of the nose, 532.
Biographical cyclopedia of medical men, 504.
Blennorrhea neonatorum from the bacillus coli

communis, a case of, 351.
Blood-clot, healing under the moist, 100.

Blood-vessels during shock, on the conditions of

the, 415.
Body exhumed as a result of unfounded attack

on physician, 50.
Boils, Heitman's ointment for, 276.
Book Rbvisws:
Abdominal and Pelvic Brain, Robinson, 455.
American Illustrated Dictionary, Dorland, 310.
American Practice of Surgery, Bryfmt and

Buck, 309.
Clinical Diagnosis, Emerson, 104.
Diagnosis of Organic Nervous Diseases, Herter,

Disease of the Stomach, Binhorn, 455.
Efficient Life, Gulick, 672.
Essentials of Histology, Descriptive and Prac-
tical, Schafer. 671.
Golden Rules of Pediatrics, Zahorsky, 26.
Grayson's Laryngology, 250.
Harvey Lectures, 103.
International Clinics, 646.
Manual of Obstetrics, King, 671.
Medical Diagnosis, Brown and Ritchie, 388.
Medical Jurisprudence, Forensic Medicine and

Toxicology, Witthaus and Becker, 614.
Medical Record Visiting List, 456.
Nervous Diseases, Organic and Functional,

Starr, 455.
Peterson's Obstetrics, 103.
Practical Treatise on Materia Medica and

Therapeutics, Shoemaker, 310.
Progressive Medicine, Hare, 388.
Prophylaxis and Treatment of Internal Disease*

Ransohoff, 198.
Quest for a Lost Race, Pickett, 562.
Second Report of the Wellcome Research

Laboratories at the Gordon Memorial

College (Khartoum), Balfour» 310.
Students' Aid Series, 388.
Surgery : Its Principles and Practice, Keen,

Text-Book of the Practice <^ Medicine, Hare,

Text-Book on the Practice of Obstetrics,

Ash ton, 103.
Text-Book of Psychiatry, Mendel, 198.
Transactions of the Luzerne County (Pa.)

Medical Society, 456.
Ups and Downs of a Virginia Doctor, Bryce,
Breast-feeding, contra-indications against, 360.
Bromides, untoward effects of the, 308.

when to give, 275.
Bronchitis, hints on the treatment of acute ca-
tarrhal, 263. '
dyspnea in chronic, 333.
in children, 386.
Bullet in the nose, a, 121.
Burrell, of Boston, 712.
Business aspect of medicine, the, 147.
Byron Robinson, 240.

Digitized by




CESAREAN Section necessiuted bj obstruc-
tion of peMs bj non- pregnant half of bi-

cornate uterus, ai6.
the clinical indications for, 90.
remarks on repeated, with report of a ca8e,56o.
post-mortem, 670.

Calomel, 541.

ointment prophjlaxis, 172.

Camphor- carbolic liniment, 514.

Cancer, what can be done for it? 285.

of the uterus, the status of the fight against,

the interlude of, 160.
the radical treatment of uterine ; its present

results and future outlook, 345.
in the cervical stump, 482.
X raj and radium treatment of deep-seated,

Caput succedaneum, 137.
Carcinoma,the prognosis in operations for Tulvar,

Case report, 123.
Case reports, 356, 380, 583.
Castor oil, 102.

powdered, 192 »
Castration as a punishment for rape, 127.

as a preventative of criminal assault, 717.
Cataplasma kaolinum, 47, 77.
Cerebellar abscess, sudden death caused bj, 645.
Cervical ribs, 197.

Chicago's health department, report of, 128.
Chloroform for rigid perineum, 514.

as to warning the patient of the danger
from, 718.

hallucinations, 51.
Cholelithiasis, salicjlic acid in, 78.
Chorea during pregnancj, case of, 440.

suppurative otitis with; cure of latter bj
operation, 134.

gravidarum, 168
Chorio- epithelioma ; operation ; autopsj, 235.
Cincinnati and theAcademj of Medicine, 367.

doctors abroad, 307.

Hospital situation the, 209, 304.
Cirrhotic liver with ascites and albuminuria;

Talma operation performed, followed bj re-
lief of ascites and albuminuria, 355.
Clavin in obstetrics, 216.
Cocaine and elegance of diction, 600.
Codeine, 507.
Colds, common, 102.

and influenza, potassium bicarbonate in, 419.
Commissions to phjsicians for prescribing, 419.
Commodities advance in price, fees remain the

same, 662.
Conditions at the Canal Zone, 693.

in southern mountains, 414.
Conference of Ohio boards of health, 665.
Congenital tooth; death following extraction,


Consent to operation, 421.

Constipation, 308.

hjpodermic injection for, 78.

Contagious diseases, school and medical inspec-
tor of, 68, 134, 165.

Coryza, acute, 387.

paranephrin as a prophylactic in, 25.

Cough mixture for children, 419.

Coughs, for, to I.

Country doctor, the, 686.

Creosote and its administration, 603.

Criminal responsibilitj of the insane, 421.

Criminal insane, the, 717.
Crjptorchismus, 582.

Curettage : indications, technique and complica-
tions, 292.
Curettement with local anestheria, 634.
C/stitis, acute, 276.

DEAFNESS : its differential diagnosis and prog-
nosis, 423.
Decidual tissue, diagnostic significance of, 126.
Decreased incomes, the subject of, 359.
Defect in medical education, a, 578.
Defective hearing of musical tones, 248.
Defloration of a sleeping girl, 718.
Delayed labor due to cervical rigiditj, 387.
Diabetes mellitus— Von Noorden's method of

treatment, 324.
Diagnosis of disease, the sense of probabilitj in

the, 346.
Diaphanoscope of the eye, 219.
Diarrhea immediately after eating, loi.

in adults, infectious, 102.
Diet of childhood, some remarks on the, 417.
Dietetics, the teaching of, 358.
Digitalis, 507.

Dilatation vs. incision of the gravid uterus, 331.
Diphtheritic and other forms of croup, remarks

on, with special reference to intubation, 371.
Disguising disgusting drugs, 76.
Displaced semilunar cartilage, treated by the

open operation, 352.
Double orchitis with a complicating superficial

phlebitis of the right side, 355.
Driven doctor, the, 416.
Drug habits, 24.

a possible explanation of the formation of,
Drugging a druggist, 275.
Drummond, Dr. William Henry, 446.
Duel's method of electrolysis of the Eustachian

tube, 250.
Dumdum bullet (explosive), 583.
Dyspepsia, nervous, loi, 307.

flatulent, loi.

sodium citrate in adult, 584.

EAR affections and mental disturbances, 249.
disease and mind disease, 646.

Early surgeons of Cincinnati, 363.

Eclampsia, the treatment of, 264.

new method of treating the severe form, 326.

Eclectic medical graduates, 448.

Ectopic gestation at full term, 323.
gestation, ruptured, 588.
gestations, two occurring in one patient,

Eczema, 77.

the treatment of erythematous, 276.

Emperor Napolean : was he sane or insane during
the last dozen years of his life, and if insane
was he morally responsible ? 87.

Endometritis (chronic), specific and non-specific,
successfully treated by a method of office
curettage, 673.

Endonasal surgery, 4€»4.

Endothelioma of the skin, 74.

English tribute to America, an, 70.

Bntoning of the neurones in the practice of med-
icine and surgery, the, 317.

Enucleation of the eyeball under local anesthe-
sia, 220.

Epididymitis, treatment of, 418.

Digitized by


INDEX VOLUME INllL—January^yune, 190?.


Spilepej, lor, 309.

disappearance of after operation for brain
alMBcess, 100.

the pathology of idiopathic, 183.

strontinra bromide in, 506.
Spistaxis, 35, loi.
Epithelioma of colon, 126.
. Ethjl chloride, 559
Excision of the breast, a new line of Incision for,

Exophthalmic goitre, .i>7i» 7i3«
Expectancy of life, 69JS.
Expert witness, the ralue of a medical, 51.
Extra- nterine gestation, diagnosis of bj Roent-

g:eti rays, 215.
Eye-strain and crime, a 18.
Eye- wash, boric acid as an, 508.

FALLING hair, 48S.

False prstenses, 53.

Female medical students in Berlin, 417.

Fetal ascites, 387.

Dialformations, 331.

Ferers in the tropics, notes on, 73.

Fibroid of uterus undergoing myxomatous de-
generation, 133.
oltra-conservatiTe treatment of, 453.

Fibroma of uterus with low hemoglobin ; degen-
erating fibroma of uterus, 444

Fibrooiata in deformed uteri, 331.

Forceps, 173.

Foreign body in the larynx and tracheo-bron-
chial tract, 251.

Fracture occurring in the vicinity of joints, 483.

Fractures of the hand, the use of plaster in, 329.

Frederick Stearns — an appreciation, 130.

Fresh-air treatment in hospital wards, 186.

Frosting window glass, 234.

Functional neuroses, the true cause of, 179.

Fumncnlosist 386.

Fused (horse shoe) kidney (ren unguliformis ;

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