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by mr John Porter at George Lawtons about Thirty yeares

past my said sonn was to have had my lands and my

other children my Moveables, Since which time I

make Voyd and Null the wills And doe abolish

heire-ship to my son Robert Hassard sixt day

of August 1677 my. wife Martha Hassard Sole

Executrix of my Estate

Wit. The marke X of

Francis Gisborne Thomas Hassard

David Lake
Delivered before me Samuell Wilbore Asistant 6 day of

August 1677
[154] Will of Thomas Hassard.

Thomas Hassard of Portsmouth doe hereby will

my land in Portsmouth Containeinge Thirty

acres accordinge to a deed of Bargaine

made by me unto Thomas Shrief e of Portsmouth date

the tenth day of December 1666 by which deed

Land is declared to be Mine and after unto my

beloved Yoakf ellow Martha Hassard unto my daughter

Hannah Wilcocks one shillinge to be paid in Silver quoyne

unto my daughter Martha Potter wife of Icobod Potter

of Portsmouth one shillinge all former wills

made voyde Thirteenth day of November one

Thowsand Six hundred seventy and six.

Wit. Thomas X Hassard.

Thomas Gould. his marke

John Coggeshall

John Heath.
[155] John Paine to Samuell Apleton.
John Paine of Boston Merchant for Sev-


erall legicies amounting to the sum Fifteen hundred pounds,

payable accordinge to the Will of my Father William

Paine Late of Boston unto the three children of Samuell

Apleton of Ipswich in the County of Essix Gent

Have sold unto Samuell Apleton All my

Right in the Island called Prudence as houses

lands fences wood Timber Waters Mineralls Pro-
vided If John Paine shall pay at Boston

the sum of fifteen hundred pounds answerable to

the said Will, Then this Deed of Mortgage be

of None Efect, Twentith day of January one

Thowsand Six hundred sixty and three

Wit. Jno. Paine

Thomas Danforth

Joell X acoomis

Caleb Cheeshahte au nuk

John Evins

John Paine before me this 21th day

of January 1663 made acknowlidgment

of this Deed

Danill Gookin

1676 Entred in Records of Suffolk

p Edward Rawson Secretary June 6t 1677 I doe cer-

lefie that Captn Daniell Gookin was Majestrate Edward

Rawson was Secretary 63 at the same time

Samuell Symonas Dept. Govr.
[156] William Brenton &c. to William Clarke.

five and Twentith day of Aprill 1674, Between

William Brenton, John Hull, Benedict Arnold, John Porter,
Samuell Wilbore, Samuell Wilson & Thomas Mumford of
the one part and William Clarke Weaver of the other part

for five pounds Currant pay paid by

William Clarke Have Sold a Neck of Land

Containeinge one hundred Acres beinge part

of Land in the Narragansett Cuntry beinge about six

Miles Westerly of Petacomscutt Rock, and bounded on

the East partly by a hie way and partly by a pond, on the


south by a small river as it runns under the North side of
the great swamp, on the North partly by a hie way and partly
by a great river, called Chipsuck River, and on the west by
the Chipsuck river, if any minneralls shall be dis-
covered shall be devided into Eight Equall shares, seven

shall remaine unto us and one Eight part to the

use of him


Freeborn Harte John Hull

Richard Baily Benedict Arnold

Joseph Morry John Porter

Samuell X Helmes Samuell Wilson

his marke Samuell Wilbur

William Cadman. Thomas Mumford

Asignement of Land to John Peirce from William Clarke

By Letter of Aturny from William Clarke I

Jireh Bull of Pettacomscutt, doe asigne the Land therein

Mentioned unto John Peirce of Portsmouth Mason 6t

day of September 1675

Wit. Jireh Bull

Henry Beere
Rowse Helme
Richard Baily
[157] Jireh Bull for William Clarke to John Pearce.

Jireh Bull of Pettacomscutt am Authorized,

by William Clarke late of Pettacomscutt to sell

Land, granted unto him neere Pettacomscutt for

Fifteen pounds payd by John Pearce of Ports-
mouth Masson, Land which is a Neck lyinge

about six miles Westerly from Pettacomscutt Rock &

Containeth one hundred acres, bounded on the

East partly by a hie way, and partly by a pond, and on the
South by a small river as it runs under the North Side of a
great Swamp, on the North partly by a hie way and partly
by a great River called Chipsuck river, and on the West by

the Chipsuck river any Minnerralls shall be dis-

couvered shall be devided into eight Equall parts, Seven


unto the purchassers And one Eight part unto

John Peirce sixth day of August one Thowsand

six hundred seventy & five

Wit. Jireh Bull

Henry Beere

Rowse Helme

Richard Baily.
[158] Myantonomey to Randall Houldon, &c.

Myaptanamy Chef e sachim of the Nanheygansett have

sold unto the persons heare Named one percell of Lands

Lyinge upon the West side of the sea Called Sohomes

Bay from Copassuetuxet over against A Litle Hand in the
sayd Bay beinge the north Bounds, and the outmost point of

that Neck called Shawhomett, beinge the South bounds

from the sea shore of Each Boundery, Upon a straite line

Westward Twenty Miles, the proportion accordinge

to the mapp under written beinge the forme of it, unto

Randall Houldon, John Greene, John Weicks, Francis Weston,
Samuell Gorton, Richard Waterman, John Warner, Richard
Carder, Samson Shotton, Robert Potter, William Wuddall

For one hundred and forty 4 fathom of Wampum peage

Twelfth day of January 1642.

Wit. Myanto X nomey


X marke

Sachim of

Showhomett Pumham

Jano X his marke

John Greene
[159] Roger Williams to mr Parker of Boston
Providence 13. May 1678 (so called)

Roger Williams of Providence about thirty yeares

since out of the love I bare to honnor. Gentlen. mr

John Winthrop Senr. ( the first Governr at Boston)

to be my halfe in the purchass of the Island called Pru-
dence Island (Chibbssueasickk) in English lyinge in (the

soe Caled) Cowessett and Nanhygonsett Bay The


Honoed. man, and I did Joyntly purchass the said Island

of the 2 great sachims Cunnounicus and Miantunnomu

whose favor it pleassed God to give me That Gentlm.

and myself e injoyed the Island in peace untill I was

forced (beinge in want) to sell my halfe to mr Parker (my

freind of Boston) and I have heard that mr

Winthrop Gave his halfe to his sonn mr Stephen Winthrop

since which Transfer mr Winthrops Right and mine,

unto divers others to mr Paine of Boston Deceassed. and

mr William Browne of Salem unto whom I humbly beg

of God a blessing in this Barbarous wilderness

Wit. Roger Williams

Thomas Olny snior

Joseph Williams

Samuell Comstock

'May the 13th 1678. . . . Jbefore me.

Thomas Olny Asistant

Testemony of Nathaniell Colson and Stephen Cooke.

Nathaniell Coalson aged thirty yeares and Stephen Cooke

aged twenty three yeares they beinge at Prudence Island,

heard Benjamin Browne speake to the Inhabitants of the south

end to remove to the North side of the devission line of

the Island that he might take posession of the South Moyety
of the Island in the behalf e of his father William Browne

senr. of Salem, and wee did see sd. Benjamin Browne

take posession William Allin beinge present

the Twenty seventh day of Aprill one Thowsand six hundred

seventy and Eight

William Allin of Prudence Island aged (44 yeares) doth

Testefy to the truth of above by Nathaniell Colson

and Stephen Cooke

2e. of May 1678 Samuell Gorton Asista.

Devision of Prudence Island.

Nathaniell Coltson Testefyeth, that eighteen months

since, I beinge appointed by Joshua Coggeshall Coll. Crowne
and WilUam AUine of the one side and Benjamin Browne of
the other to survay Prudence Island, and now


desired to devide the sd Island in Equall half s between them,
have begun the line at a Rock neer half e a rodd on the south
side a dwelling house on the west side of sd Island in which
John Davis now dwelleth, and from thence East twenty
three degrees South to the waeter on the East side of said

Island da. 27 da. Aprill 1678:

2d. of May 1678 Samuell Gorton Asistant.
[160] William Browne — Land Recorded.

William Browne of Salem beinge in

posession of that southermost end and halfe of Prudence

Island lyinge in Coweessett and Nanhygonsett Bay

bounded Northerly by a line began at a rock on the West side

of Is.land, neer halfe a rodd on the south side a dwellinge

house in which John Davis now dwelleth, and from thence
East twenty three degrees south to the water on the East side

of the Island, and is on all other parts bounded by the

sea or salt water with all uplands, meddows, woods

dwelling houses, Barnes, Orchards, Gardens, accord-
ing to a law made the 22th of May 1662 All

premises Ratefyed Recorded One and twenty day

of May One Thowsand six hundred Seventy and Eight.

John Sanford, Recorder.
[161] John Crandall to Jeremiah and Heber Crandell.

John Crandall of Newport sonn and heire of John

Crandall of Newport Deceassed unto my

brothers Jeremiah Crandall and Heber Crandall now resi-
dents in Newport, and in the tuition of their mother

Hannah Crandall have given, a certaine house

(formerly the Mantion house of my Father John Crandall)

with two hundred acres belonginge both upland and

Meddow, lyeinge in Westerly alias Squoma-

cutt, bounded On the West by land of Nicholas

Cotterills, on the East by the fresh meddows, on the North
by Pawcatuck river, on the south by land formerly belonginge

to Edward Smith late of Newport deceassed with all

Edieffices, Gardens, Orchards, thirteenth day of

May one Thousand six hundred seventy Eight.


Wit. John X Crandall

William Turpin. his marke

Thomas Ward.
[162] Land of Richard Bulger to Joseph Anthony.

William Hall have layd out of the Land of Richard

Bulgar to Joseph Anthony two Acres in two per-

cells one acre upon the Rocky hill, bounded North with

the Land of Joseph, East by Pocassett river. South by

land of. . ... .Richard West partly by a hie-way and

partly by Land of Richard — ^the other acre bounded

North with Land of Joseph East with a hie-way.

South by Land of Richard, bounded with foure

Stakes two rod from the fence of Richard as now it

stands West upon the great Cove layd out 29th of

July 1674

Witnes : William Hall.

John Anthony Junr.

Wee are satisfyed with the premisses

Wit. Richard Bulger

John Anthony Junir. Joseph Anthony.

William Hall.

William Brenton to Francis Brayton.

William Brenton of Boston have sold unto Francis

Brayton of Rhode Island one house and twelve acres of

Land, belonginge in the Towne of Portsmouth

bounded on the south with the Land of mr Richard Smith,
and on the North side with the Land of William Baulston,
for forty nine pound Twenty fift day of Sep-
tember sixteen hundred and Fifty.
Wit. William Brenton

William Sanf ord Martha Brenton

Peleg Sanford.
[163] Wrastlin Brewster to Thomas Durphey.

Wrastling Brewster & John Refers of Duxbury

in New-Plymoth for sixty five pounds

mony of New-England paid by Thomas Durphey of

Portsmouth have sold one Moyety of a


share of a freemans Lott of Land beinge at Tanton

River in New-Plymoth in Number the lo. lott

buttith westward upon the sd. River and Extendeth Eastward
four mile from the said River, Southward with the land of
Major James Cudworth and Northward, with the Land of
mr Richard More, bounded and Marked on the sd Northerly
side with a Chesnutt tree near the water side below the path,
and a Red oake tree above the path Marked & Numbered lo

on the Southerly side & -ii- on the Northerly side, which

halfe Lott is to begin at the trees & to extend southward

to the Midle of the sd. lo Lott, and there to be devided from

the other halfe of Lott, And alsoe one halfe part

of a freemans share of Meddow, at a place called Scipi-

can, which sd Land and meddow was formerly of Mr Love

Brewster one of the old freemen off New-Plymoth

deceassed: twenty ninth day of May: 1678:

Wit. Wrestlin Bruster

John Cushing John Rogers

Nathll. Thomas acknowlidged by Wrestlin Brustor

and John Rogers Before Josiah Winslow Govr.

[164] Cachanaquant to Randall Houldon & Samuell Gor-
Cachanaquant alias Tassaconohutt kindnesses Re-
ceived from Captn. Randall Houldon and Samuell Gorton

senior, both of Warwick have given one per-

cell of Land by the Name of Nannaquoksett being a Neck of

land beinge upon Nanhygansett Bay over against

the Midle of Quononoqutt Island and over against a

small Hand in the Bay lying about betwixt Quononoqutt
Island the above-said Neck of land called Arokquanessett ;

with free leave to feed their Cattell upon my land lying

about the same neck provided they wrong not the Indians

corne in the sumer time from planting till it be

gathered in And I am greatly provoaked to my free act

with respect unto that great sachim of old England

of the fame I heare of him, to whom these my


friends are servants May 27th day accord-
ing to the English account 1659

Newcom X his mark Caganaquanak X his marke.

Indian Alequaoomett X Eldist son of

the marke of the a^bovsd.

Awashause X Indian sachim

Waher Todd

Amos Westcott — :

little Island being in the River or Bay which Island

is called Arockquonosett is not spescefied in the

Deed wherein is mentioned a percell of Land

lying between River or Bay and that comon path or hie-
way in the cuntry of the Nanhygansett, which gift had a

being before of a promise made by my Ansesters

yeares ago to the men Randall Houldon and Samuelli

Gorton the said small Island was given

with the Neck lyeth in a map drawne out

with pen and inke

Witnes English Cachanaquaneck X his marke

Samuell Gorton junir. alias Tasseconohutt

Witnes Indian

X Mautotanamitt
[165] Massup consents to Deed of Cachananquant.

Pessicus alias Mawsupp of the^ Nanhygansett though

not present at the writing of this Deed penned on

both sides this paper did give my consent

19th day of Septemr. 1667 :

Testes : John Green Massup alias

Phillip Green Sucquans his X marke

Quoanock X his marke

Deed of Cachanaquant confirmed.

Cojanaquont declares he was not in drink but sober

and when he sold the land to Major Atherton and

the Baymen in presence of Richard Smith he

excepted the Neck of Land herein given to Captn Ran-


dall Houldon and mr Samuell Gorton senr. and never

made any lease to Richard Smith for more then three


John Green Asistant

Warwick i8th of May 1668.

Samuell Gorton and John Gorton.

Samuell Gorton senr. Professor the Misterys of Christ.

and purchasser of Shaomett Inhabitant of Warwick

unto my sonn) John Gorton doe give one

third part of my Lands beyond the Towne of

Warwick Westward the other two thirds being betwixt my

sonn Samll. Gorton junr. and my sonn Benjamin Gorton

to be devided as the Major part of my three sonns shall

agree unto my sonn John Gorton my share of Med-

dow at Taskeunck Twenty seventh of November 1677:

Wit. Samuell Gorton Senr.

John Greene Asistant

Randall Howldqn
[166] Will of Nicholas Easton.

my son Nicholas my houses and Lands and my

daughter Elizabeth the Comer house and Land that I

had of Adam Wooly and alsoe that Land that by my Gran
father was given to my sister Mary which I bought of hir

Husband Weston Clarke My plate my son one halfe

and my daughter the other halfe ; Christopher Holder to have
my best hatt my Uncle Daniell halfe a peece of Worsted
Chamlett, my uncle John Easton my old horse my mother to
have my gray paceing horse, my Brother John to have all my

wearing apparrill Except handkercher and Neckercloths

these I give to my sonn Nicholas; my small Lott and house
at Towne, I give to Christopher Holder and my Uncle John
Easton, or to whome they shall asigne it to for to be improved

to give in yearly to the publick stock of my friends

called Quakers, and I give to my brother John, Thirty

pounds to help build a Towne house, to my sister

Mary a barrill of porke, and a barrill of porke to my sister
Patience my son I leave to the Tuition of my brother


John untill my Son be Twenty one yeare old my Daugh-
ter, to the Tuition of Amy Borden untill she be Marriead

or twenty yeare old my brother John to be Executor

My Overseers are Christopher Holder, Daniell Gould

and John Easton,

Newport :i5 d. ii m. 1676. Nicholas Easton.


John Easton senior"

John Easton Junir.

to my brother Peter Twenty shillings and Twenty

shillings to my brother Joshua, and ten Shillings to my Sister
Elizabeth, and my sister waite shall have a silver spoone of

ten shillings price — my Indian Squa to be free my Indian

childe to be free at twenty five yeares of age to Joseph

Bryer my best sadle

15 d. II m. 1676

John Easton senior John Easton Junior.

John Easton senr. and John Easton junr 5th of i mo

called March 1676-7 did afifirme the afore written

Will of Nicholas Easton (deceassed) late of Newport.

Robert Malins Dept. Gierke of
[167] Ralph Earll to Thomas Butts.

Ralph Earll of Dartmouth in New-Plymoth

Thomas Butts of Portsmouth have sold

one fourth part of medow belonging to a purchassers

share within Dartmoth, and one Eight part of

Upland belonging to a whole purchassers share, and alsoe

tenn acres of Upland within said Towne, the which per-

cells of Upland is. . ... .at. .Cocksett, at the Eastermost side

of Ralphs Land, To be Holden of his Majtie

as the manner of East Greenwich Twentith day of

November One Thowsand six hundred sixty and Eight.

Wit. Ralph X Earll.

William Earll. his marke

William Hall.


ti68] John Brigs to Thomas Brigs.

John Brigs of Portsmouth Yeoman unto

my second sonn Thomas Brigs Doe give Thomas

Brigs and Mary his wife one fourth share of Land

lying in Dartmoth part whereof is layd out at

Ponagansett Thirty five Acres bounded North

by the Land by me given to my Sonn John Brigs East by the

Cove or Creek, South by the Land of me and West by

Land lying in Comon Eleventh day of March one

Thowsand six hundred seventy Eight

Wit. John X Brigs senr.

John Sanford his marke.

Richard Tarr
[169] John Simmons — ^Will.

John Simmons Resident neer Tanton unto my Chil-
dren Mary — my Eldist Daughter, and John Simmons my
Eldist sonn, and Rememberance Simmons my second sonn

and Edward Simmons my third sonn doe give

all my Estate Either Lands Goods household stuff

mony Cattell to be Equally devided doe appoint

my wife Martha Simmons sole Overseer first

day of February One Thowsand six hundred seventy

Eight or nine.

Wit. John Simmons

Mathew X Grinell
his marke

John Heath

Elizabeth Holderbee

Henry Brightman to Mathew Boomer.

Henry Brightman of Portsmouth for five and

Forty pounds of currant silver mony of New-England

paid by Mathew Boomer of Newport Have sold

one halfe of a Lott lying on the East side of

Tanton River in the Collony of New-Plymoth being the fourth

in Number and the Moiety sold is the Northmost halfe

bounded on the north by land late of

Samuell House on the South by Land late of


Robert Hassard with all Medows belonging,

the medows at Scipecan only Excepted sixt day of

March 1676-7.

Wit. Henry Brightman

Thomas Ward. X

Richard Baily. his marke

[170] Joan Brightman consents to Deed.

Joan Brightman wife of Henry Brightman doe

give my consent unto the Deed sixt day of March 1676-7

Wit. Joane X Brightman

Thomas Ward her marke

Richard Baily.

Owned by Henry Brightman thirtith day of May one

thousand six hundred seventy & Eight.

John Albro Asistant
[171] Mathew Boomer to John Reade

Mathew Boomer of Newport for two and

twenty pounds and tenn shillings currant silver mony of New-
England paid by John Reade of Newport

Corwainer, have sold one quarter part of

Land lying on the East side of Tanton River and

is the Moiety of a halfe share which I purchased of

Henry Brightman, with all Medows the Medows

at Scipecan only Excepted Twentith day of June .


Wit. Mathew Boomer

John Drury
Josias Lyndon
William Hiscpx
Richard Baily
This deed was owned this thirty day of May one Thousand
six hundred seventy and Eight by Mathew Boomer before
mee John Albro Asistant

[172] Inventory of mr. John Alcock Deced.

Inventory of Estate of mr. John Alcock Deced.

amongst his Children August 8th 1677.


£ s d
House & house Lott. . .5 Acres 160 : 00 : 00

Land upon Meeting house hills at Roxbury 80 : 00 : 00

20 Acres more upon ditto hill 60 : 00 : 00

25 acres of Land at Mudy River 40 : 00 : 00

Land & medows at Boston Gate 240 : 00 : 00

Stony river Lott wch. Jno. Graunt Occupies 80 : 00 : 00

17 acres at Stony river in mr Qarkes hand 85 : 00 : 00

2/3 of Land at Ainsworth hill 80 : 00 : 00

Land at Maulbery with stock 218 : 02 : 00

Land at Assabeth with stock 167 : 15 : 00

Charges upon bringing up Georg Alcock 204 : 15 : 00

Sum is 1415 : 12 : 00

Besides Land at Block Island & land at long Island, and land
at Merimack not yett apprissed and a great part of the move-
ables not yett devided. It being agreed upon that John
Williams shall have one 3d part of Assabeth which comes to
£55-i8s-4d and the remiainder of his share at Block Island
according to apprisement wch. sd. £55-i8s-4d being deducted,
out of the whole there will Remaine 1359^13-8- to be devided
into 8-Equall Shares.

£ S. d.
Each parte being — — — — — — 169 : 19 : 2j4

To George Alcock-2 shares /

Expences upon Eduction an;! payment

of Debts & mr Greens sallfery — — — 204 : 15 : 00

House & house lott about 5 Acres — — 160 : 00 : 00

364 : 15 : 00

To John Alcock one share

17 Acres of Land at Stony river in

mr Clarks hand 085 : 00 : 00
1/2 of . . Land at Ainsworth Hill 040 : 00 : 00

1/6 of . . Land & stock at Maulburry 036 : 07 : 00

161 : 07 : 00


To Paussgrave Alcock i share £ s d

. . lot at stony river in Graunts hands 080 : 00 : 00

1/2 . . Land at Ainsworth hill 040 : 00 : 00

1/6 . . Land & stock at Maulburry 036 : 07 : 00

156 : 07 : 00

To Elizalbeth Alcock one sihare.

1/3 of . . Land & stock at Maulbery 072 : 14 : 00

1/2 . . Land at Mudy river 020 : 00 : 00

1/2 the 2 parts on the Meeting house hill. 070 : 00 : 00

162 : 14 : 00

To Joanna Alcock.

1/3 of the land and stock at Maulbery 072 : 14 : 00

1/2 the land at Muddy river 020 : 00 : 00

1/2 the 2 parsells on the meeting house hill — 070 : 00 : 00

162 : 14 : GO

To Joshua Lamb one share.

halfe the land & medow at Boston gate 120 : 00 : 00

1/3 of the land at Assabath 055 : 18 : 04

175 : 18 : 04

To Zacheriah Whitman one share.

. .1/2 the land & medow at Boston gate 120 : 00 : 00

1/3 of the land at Assabath 055 : 18 : 04

17s : 18 : 04

The above devission the children & Guardians of the children
of the sd John Alcock deceased. . .consent. . .to. . .8th
of August 1677

John Hull Gaurdian

John Williams.

Zacher Witman for himselfe
& as Gaurdian.

John Alcock Joshua Lamb


The par tys... appearing in Court August 9:1677...

Jsa. Addington Cler.
. . .taken out of the Records of the County Court of Suffolke.

pr Jsa. Addington Cler.
Boston . . .

[173] Inventory of John Alcock.

Inventory. . .of .. .John Alcock (of Roxbury deceassed) At
Block Island alias New-Shorrum.

£ s. d
. . .Eight part of said Island 085 : 00 : 00

8 Cowes and 8 oxen & 10 sheep 035 : 00 : 00

120 : 00 : CO

April 7. 1679.

Robert Guthrig
Turmutt X Rose
. . . Book of Records for Block Island and the Towne of

Robert Guthreg Towne Clerk.
John Williams — Land Recorded.
. . .mr John Williams of New-Shorrum alias Block Island
. . . being ...in...posesion...of land lying . . . in . . . Newport
...lately purchassed of Nathaniell Dickins...of Newport
. . .containinge. . .Twenty acres. . .bounded. . .on the East by
land ... of Mary Timberlake on the South by land ... of mr
John Easton senr. on the Southwest by land that was Robert
Griffins, and the head there of lying Westerly against the
land... of Henry Bull, and alsoe on the Southwesterly side
lyes against the land... of Jireh Bull and Northerly on the
great street . . . with all . . . Dwellinge or Mansion houses
out houses, Barnes, Orchards. . .Gardens. . .according to law
made. . .the 22th of May 1662, every part of the. . .premises
is hereby Ratefyed. . .Recorded loth of May. . . 1679:


[174] Thomas Hicke to Lawrence Springer.
...Thomas Hicke of Portsm-. . .Carpenter. . .twenty two
pounds tenn shillings Currant Silver mony of New-England,
. . .paid by Lawrence Springer of the Collony of New-
Plymoth . . . planter . . . Have . . . sold . . . one Quarter share . . .
of Land,. . .being at Seconett and places Adjacent. . .being

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