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(FROM 1829 TO 1880)











A LARGE proportion of this little Bibliography is
necessarily occupied with the enumeration of Thacke-
ray's contributions to Fraser's Magazine and to Punch,
both ranging over periods of ten years. As many of
these are not reprinted in any edition of his Collected
Works, I have endeavoured to make the list as com-
plete as possible ; and in the case of the contributions
to Fraser, I have every reason to believe I have suc-
ceeded. But in the case of Punch (where, indeed, one
is almost overwhelmed with the embarras de richesses),
I have preferred rather to omit some items of minor
interest than to run the risk of including anything
doubtful. For although the well-known and familiar
signature of the spectacles at once identifies any
illustration as Thackeray's, it does not necessarily
follow that the letter-press accompanying it was always
his. But I have included everything that is re-
printed in his Collected Works, and much that is not
reprinted there.

As in my previous Bibliographies every article.


without exception, has been described with the actual
book, pamphlet, magazine, or newspaper lying before

It should be added that the list of "Thackerayana"
at the end makes no pretensions to be exhaustive.

I shall be happy to acknowledge and shall be
grateful for any suggestions or additions that corres-
pondents may obligingly communicate to me.

EicHARD Herne Shepherd.

5, Bkamerton-steeet,

Kinq's-eoad, Chelsea,
November, 1880.


The Snob : A lAteranj and Scientific Journal, not " con-
ducted hi/ Members of the University." Cambridge:
Published by W. H. Smith, Eose-crescent. 1829,
12mo, pp. 64.

Consisting of eleven weekly numbers printed on paper of
several different colours, commencing Thursday, April 9, and
ending Thursday, June 18, 1829.

Among the contributions probably to be attributed to
Thackeray are the mock-poem on Timbuctoo, and the continua-
tion of Mrs. Eamsbottom's Letters.

Contributions in verse and prose to Tlie National
Standard and Journal of Literature, Science, Music,
Theatricals and the Fine Arts. London : Thomas
Hurst, 65, St. Paul's Churchyard. 1833, 4to.

The contributions distinctly traceable as Thackeray's are as
follows : —


Vol. i.

No. 18, May 4, 1833, p. 273. Louis Philippe

(Verses and Sketch).
No. 19, May 11, 1833, p. 289. Mr. Braham,

[Mock] "Sonnet by W. Wordsworth,"

and Sketch.
No. 20, May 18, 1833, p. 305. N. M. Koths-

child, Esq. (Verses and Sketch).
No. 22, June 1, 1833, p. 345. A. Bunn (Verses

and Sketch).
No. 23, June 8, 1833, p. 362. Love in Fetters ;

a Tottenham-court-road Ditty (with

No. 24, June 15, 1833, pp. 380-381. Covent

Garden (with Sketch).
No. 25, June 22, 1833, p. 395. Petrus Laureus

[Sir Peter Laurie], Verses and Sketch.
No. 26, June 29, 1833, pp. 412-413. Paris

Correspondence (with Sketch).

Vol. ii.

No. 27, July 6, 1833, pp. 10-11. Paris Cor-
respondence (with Sketch).

No. 28, July 13, 1833, pp. 28-29. Paris Cor-
respondence (with Sketch).

1836.] OF THACKERAY. 3

No. 29, July 20, 1833, pp. 42-43. Paris Cor-
respondence (with Sketch).
No. 32, August 10, 1833, pp. 85-86, and
No. 34, August 24, 1833,* pp. 121-122. The
Devil's Wager (with an Illustration).

The Devil's Wager, with the same illustration reproduced in
a somewhat altered form, is reprinted in The Paris Sketch Booh
(1840), vol. ii., pp. 83-101. There are some verbal alterations
throughout, and the words of the incantation of Father Ignatius
are omitted in the later version.


Flore et Zephyr. Ballet Mythologique par
Theophile Wagstaff. — London : Published
March 1st, 1836, by J. Mitchell, Library, 33, Old
Bond-street. A Paris, chez Rittner & Goupil,
Boulevard Montmartre. Folio.

Eight plates, lithographed by Edward Morton, of which the
following is the letterpress description :

1. La Danse fait ses offrandes sur I'autel de I'Harmonie.

2. Jeux Innocens de Zephyr et Flore.

3. Elpre deplore I'absence de Zephyr.

4. Dans un pas-seul il exprime son extreme desespoir.

5. Triste et abattu, les seductions des Nymphes le tentent

en vain,

6. K^conciliation de Elore et Zephyr.

7. La Eetraite de Flore.

8. Les D^lassements de Zephyr ; and vignette on wrapper-


* With this number Thackeray's contributions appear to
have ceased, though the Journal itself continued to exist until
February 1, 1834, completing a second volume and running ori
to a fragment (eighty pages) of a third.

B 2


The Yellowplush Correspondence. Fashionable
Fax and Polite Annygoats. By Charles Yellow-
plilsh, Esq. — Fraser's Magazine, November, 1837
(vol. xvi., pp. 644-649).

A review of a volume entitled " My Book, or the Anatomy
of Conduct," by a Mr. John Henry Skelton.

The Yellowplush Correspondence. No. II. Miss

Shum's Husband. — January, 1838 (vol. xvii., pp.

The Yellowplush Correspondence. No. III.

Dimond cut Dimond. — February, 1838 (vol. xvii.,

pp. 243-250).
The Yellowplush Correspondence. No. IV.

Skimmings from the Dairy of George IV. — March,

1838 (vol. xvii., pp. 353-359).
The Yellowplush Correspondence. No. V.

Foring Parts. — April, 1838 (vol. xvii., pp. 404-

The Yellowplush Correspondence. No. VI.
. Mr. Deuceace at Paris. — May, 1838 (vol. xvii.,

pp. 616-627), and June, 1838 (vol. xvii., pp. 734-

The Yellowplush Correspondence. The End of

1838.] OF THACKERAY. 5

Mr. Deuceace's History.— July, 1838 (vol. xviii.,
pp. 59-71).
The Yellowplush Correspondence. Mr. Yellow-
plush's Ajew, August, 1838 (vol. xviii., pp. 195-

Strictures on Pictures. A Letter from Michael Angelo
Titmarsh, Esq. — Fraser's Magazine, June, 1838
(vol. xvii., pp. 758-764).

With sketch by the author of " Titmarsh placing the laurel-
wreath on the brows of Mulready."

Twelve Plates illustrative of "Men of Character. By
Douglas Jerrold. In three volumes. — London :
Henry Colburn. 1838."

List of Plates : Vol. I. Practical Philosophy of Adam Buff ;
The Fall of Pippins ; Job Pippins a Murderer ; Jack Eunnymede's
Dream. Vol. II. John Applejohn's Humane Intentions ; Maxi-
milian Tape before the "Lords ;" Final Reward of John Apple-
john. Vol. III. Barnaby Palms " feeling his way ;'' Cheek's
Introduction to a new subject ; The Ghost of Kemp ; Matthew
Clear not " seeing his way ;" Introduction of Titus Trumps to
" Miss Wolfe."

" The illustrations were by Mr. W. M. Thackeray, now the
renowned novelist." — Life and Hemains of Douglas Jerrold, hy
his son, Blanchard Jerrold. London : 1859, p. 144.


The " Whitey-Brown Paper Magazine." — Sug-
gested to be issued in 1838-9, as a weekly publica-

A series of humorous sketches with brief descriptive letter-
press, in prose and verse, representing the fortunes and mis-
fortunes of Dionysius Diddler.

•-Facsimiled in the first eight numbers of The Autographic
Mirror, February 20 to June 1, 186,4 (vol. i., pp, 6, 15, 28, 39,
40, 60, 68, 76).

The Story of Mary Ancel. — Printed in The Neiv
Monthly Magazine. London : Colburn. October,
1838 (vol. liv., pp. 185-197).

Reprinted in the Paris STcelch-BooJc (vol. i., pp. 254-290).

Some Passages in the Life of Major G-ahagan. —
Printed in The New Monthly Magazine. London :
Henry Colburn. February, March, November,
December, 1838, and February, 1839 (vol. Hi., pp.
174-182, 374-378; vol. liv., pp. 319-328,543-552;
vol. Iv., pp. 266-281).



Stubbs's Calendar ; or. The Fatal Boots. With
twelve illustrations by George Cruikshank. —
Printed in The Comic Almanack for ] 839. London :
Charles Tilt.


Catherine : A Story. By Ikey Solomons, Esq.,
junior. — Fraser's Magazine, May, June, July,
August, November, 1839; and January and Feb-
ruary, 1840.

With four full-page illustrations by the author : Mrs. Catha-
rine's Temptation ; The Interrupted Marriage ; Captain Brook
appears at Court with my Lord Peterborough ; Catharine's
Present to Mr. Hayes.


A Second Lecture on the Fine Arts, by Michael
Angelo Titmarsh, Esq. — Fraser's Magazine, June,
1839 (vol. xix., pp. 743-750).


The French Plutarch, No. 1. 1. Cartouche. 2. Poin-
sinet. — Fraser's Magazine, October, 1839 (vol. xx.,
pp. 447-459).

Keprirtted in the Paris Sketch-Booh, 18iO.



On the French School of Painting — in a Letter from
Mr. Michael Angelo Titmarsh to Mr. MacGilp of
London. — Frasers Magazine, Decemher, 1839 (vol.
XX., pp. 679-688).


Barber Co?:, and the Cutting or his Comb. With
twelve illustrations by George Cruikshank. — ^Printed
va. The Comic Almanachiov\%iO. London: Charles

Afterwards entitled "Cox's Diary."


Epistles to the Literati. Ch-s Y-11-wpl-sh, Esq., to
Sir Edward Lytton Bulwer, Bart. John Thomas
Smith, Esq., to C — s Y — h, Esq. — Fraser's Magazine,
January, 1840 (vol. xxi., pp. 71-80).


L'Abbaye de Penmarc'h, M6Iodrame en trois actes,
par MM. Tournemine et Thackeray. Musique
de M. Roger. Decors de M. Desmarets, reprdseute

1840.] OF THACKERAY. 9

pour la premiere fois k Paris, sur le Tliedtre de la
Porte-Saint-Antoine, le 1" fivrier, 1840. — Paris:
Au Bureau Central, liue d'Enghien, 1840, 8vo, pp.
21, in wrapper, printed in double columns.

This forma No. 53 of the "E^pertoire Dramatique des
Auteurs Contemporains."


The Bedfoed-Eow Conspiracy. In two Parts. —
Printed in 2'he New Monthly Magazine, January,
March and April, 1840 (vol. Iviii., pp. 99-111,
41G-425, 547-557).


The Paris Sketch-Book. By Me. Titmarsh.
With numerous designs by the author, on copper
and wood. In two volumes, pp. 304, 298. —
London : John Macrone, 1840.

Contents 01' Vol. I.

An Invasion of Trance. On some French Tashionable

A Caution to Travellers. Novels.

The r^tes of July. A Gambler's Death.

On the French School of Napoleon and his System.

Painting. The Story of Mary Ancel.

The Painter's Bargain. Beatrice Merger.


Contents of Vol. II.

Caricatures and Lithography The Case of Peytel.

in Paris. Imitations of B&anger.

Little Poinsinet. French Dramas and Melo-

The Devil's "Wager. dramas.

Madame Sand and the New Meditations at Versailles.


The Preface is dated " London, July 1, 18i0."

The Student's Quabteb, or Paris Pive-and-Thirty Years Since,
by the late William Makepeace Thackeray. Not included in
his Collected Writings. With original coloured illustrations.
London : John Camden Hotten, Piccadilly {, pp. 202.

The eight chapters or letters of which this volume is com-
posed were written by Thackeray during his residence in Paris
in the year 1839. It is stated by the editor, who was also the
publisher of the volume, that " they were originally addressed
to a friend, the editor of a foreign journal, in whose publication
they first appeared."

Of the eight Letters seven were reprinted in substance in the
Paris Sketch-Book in 1840, with here and there a slight omission
or alteration, hardly of suflScient interest to note. The only letter,
therefore, " not included in Thackeray's ' Collected Writings '
is that which stands as the fifth, and is entitled ' More Aspects
of Paris Life '" (pp. 113-132), and dated August 31.

The signature " T. T.,'' which is appended by the author to all
of these letters but the eighth and last, had already been used
by him three years previously in a series of letters of no perma-
nent interest or value written by him from Paris as the corres-
pondent of the Constitutional, a journal conducted by his step-
father. The last letter is signed "M. A. T.," which may be sup-
posed to stand for " Michael Angelo Titmarsh," the author's
favourite nom-de-pbime for many 3'ears.

The name of the " foreign journal " in which these letters
appeared was not furnished by the editor ; but he seems to hint

1840 J OF THACKERAY, r 11

in his memorial volume, " Thackeray the Humourist and the
Man of Letters," that it was an American Journal.

It should be added that the coloured illustrations which
figure in this volume were not executed to accompany the letter-
press, even if, as seems probable, they are rightly attributed to
Thackeray's pencil.


George Ckuikshank. — Printed in The JFestminster
lieview, June, 1840 (vol. xxxiv., pp. 1-60).

With numerous illustrations, printed from the original plates,
or transferred to stone.


A Pictorial Khapsody, by Michael Angelo Titmarsh.
With an Introductory Letter to Mr. Yorke.—
Eraser's Magazine, June 1840 (vol. xxi., pp. 720-
732). ■

A Pictorial Ehapsody, concluded, and followed by a
remarkable statement of facts by Mrs. Barbara. —
Fruser's Magazine, July, 1840 (vol. xxii., pp. 112-

Going to see a Man Hanged. Signed W. M. T. —
Eraser's Magazine, August, 1840 (vol. xxii., pp. 150-
158. . •



A Shabby G-enteel Story. In Nine Chapters. —
Fraser's Magazine, June, July, August, October,

When A Sliahby Genteel Story was reprinted in the fourth
volume of Thackeray's Miscellanies : Prose and Verse (pp. 221-
324), a brief note of fourteen lines was added at the end, signed,
" W. M. T," and dated "London : April 10, 1857."


Captain Eook and Mr. Pigeon. By William Thacke-
ray. With two illustrations by Kenny Meadows. —
Printed in Heads of the People: or. Portraits of the
English. Drawn hj Kenny Meadoivs. With Original
Essays by distinguished writers. London : Eobert
Tyas, 50, Cheapside, 1840, pp. 305-320.

The Fashionable Authoress. By William Thackeray.
With an illustration by Kenny Meadows. — Printed
in Heads of the People : or, Portraits of tJie English.
Drawn hy Kenny Meadows. With Original Essays by
distinguished loriters. London: Eobert Tyas, 1841
pp. 73-84.



The Artist. B}"- Michael Angelo Titmarsh. With an
illustration by Kennj"- Meadows. — Printed in
Kenny Meadows's Heads of the People. London :
1841, pp. 161-176.

These three contributions to Kenny Meadows's Heads of the
People were reprinted at the end of the second volume of
Thackeray's collected MisceUanies (London, 1856), pp. 443-494.

Comic Tales and Sketches. Edited and Illus-


In two volumes. London : Hugh Cunningham,
1841, 12rao (vol. i., pp. vii., 299; vol. ii., pp. 370).

The Preface is dated " Paris, April 1, 1841."

Contents of Vol. I. : — The Yellowplush Papbes. — 1.- Miss
Shum's Husband ; 2. The Amours of Mr. Deuoeace — Dimond
cut Dimond ; 3. Skimmings from the Dairy of George IV. ;
4. Toring Parts ; 5. Mr. Deuceace at Paris, in ten chapters ;
6. Mr. Yellowplush's Ajew ; 7. Epistles to the Literati.

Contents of Vol. IL : — Some Passages in the Life of Major
Gahagan ; The Professor ; The Bedf ord-Eow Conspiracy ; Stubbs's
Calendar, or the Fatal Boots.


The Second Funeral of Napoleon ; in Three
Letters to Miss Smith, of London, and The

1845.] OF THACKERAY. 23


Beulah Spa. By "Punch's" Commissioner. — Punch,
September 27, 1845 (vol. ix., pp. 137-138).
With two illustrations by the author.


The Georges. — Punch, October 11, 1845 (vol. ix., p.


A Legend of the Rhine. By Michael Angelo

TiTMARSH. With fourteen woodcut illustrations

by George Cruikshank. — Printed in George Cruih-

shank's Table-Booh, edited by Gilbert Abbott h Beckett

London : Published at the Punch OfiSce, 1845.

Divided into thirteen chapters ; published in instalments,
commencing in the sixth and ending in the twelfth and last


Notice of N. P. Willis's Dashes at lAfe. — Printed in
the Edinburgh Review, October, 1845 (vol. Ixxxii.,
pp. 470-480).


Two letters to Macvey Napier, Esq., Editor of the
Edinbvrgh Beview, dated " St. James's-street, July


16, 1845," and "October 16, 1845," and signed
" W. M. Thackeray." — Printed in Selection from the
Correspondence of the late Macvey Napier, edited by
his son. London : Macmillan & Co., 1879, pp.


Barmecide Banquets with Joseph Bregion and Anne
Miller. George Savage Fitz-Boodle, Esquire, to the
Eev. Lionel Gaster. — Fraser's Magazine, November,
1845 (vol. xxxii., pp. 584-593).


Brighton. By "Punch's Commissioner." — Punch,
October 11, 1845 (vol. ix., p. 158).

With three illustrations by the author.

A Brighton Night Entertainment. By "Punch's
Commissioner." — Punch, October 18, 1845 (vol. ix.,
p. 168).

With four illustrations by the author.

Meditations over Brighton. By " Punch's " Com-
missioner." (From the Devil's Dyke.) — Punch,
October 25, 1845 (vol. ix., p. 187).

With an illustration by the author.

1845.] OF THACKERAY. 25


A Doe in the City. By Frederick Haltamont de
Montmorency. — Punch, November 1, 1845 (vol. ix.,
p. 191).

With an illustration by the author.


About a Christmas Book. In a Letter from Michael
Angelo Titmarsh to Oliver Yorke, Esq. — Fraser's
Magazine,Decemher, 1845 (vol. xxxii.,pp. 744-748).

A notice of " Poems and Pictures : A Collection of Ballads,
Songs, and other Poems. With designs on wood by the prin-
cipal artists ; 4to. London : James Burns, 1845."


A Lucky Speculator. (With " Jeames of Buckley
Square, A Heligy"). — Punch, August 2, 1845 (vol.
ix., p. 59).

With an illustration by John Leech.

A Letter from " Jeames of Buckley Square." — Punch.

August 16, 1845 (vol. ix., p. 76).
Jeames on Time Bargings. — Punch, November 1, 1845

(vol. ix., p. 195).

With an illustration.


Jeames's Diary. — Punch, November 8 to 29 ; Decem-
ber 6, 13, 1845 (vol. ix.); December 27, 1845;
January 3, 10, 17, 31; February 7, 1846 (vol. x.).
With twenty illustrations by the author.


Notes of a Journey from Cornhill to Grand
Cairo, by way of Lisbon, Athens, Constantinople
and Jerusalem. Performed in tlie Steamers of the
Peninsular and Oriental Company. By Mr. M. A.
Titmarsh. London : Chapman and Hall, 186,
Strand. 1846.

With coloured frontispiece and numerous woodcut illustra-
tions by the author. The Dedication, to Captain Samuel Lewis,
is dated " London : December 24, 1845."


Bonsard to his Mistress. Signed "Michael Angelo
Titmarsh." — Fraser's Magazine, January, 1846 (vol.
xxxiii., p. 120).


A Brother of the Press on the History of a Literary
Man, Laman Blanchard, and the chances of the
Literary Profession. In a Letter to the Eeverend
Francis Sylvester at Rome, from Michael Angelo
Titmarsh,Esq. — Fraser's Magazine, March, 1846 (vol.
xxxiii., pp. 332-342).



Titmarsh v. Tait. Letter to Mr. Puncli. Signed
"Michael Angelo Titmarsh," and dated "Blue
Posts, March 10, lUQ."— Punch, March 14, 1846
(vol. X., p. 124).


On some Illustrated Children's Books. By Michael
Angelo Titmarsh. — Eraser's Magazine, April, 184G
(vol. xxxiii., pp. 49.5-502).


Jeames on the Gauge Question. — Punch, May 16,
1846 (vol. X., p. 223). With an illustration.

Mr. Jeames again. — Punch, June 13, 1846 (vol. x.,
p. 267).

With an illustration by the author.


Proposals for a Continuation of Ivanhoe. In a letter
to Monsieur Alexandre Dumas, by Monsieur
Michael Angelo Titmarsh. — Eraser's Magazine,
August and September, 1846 (vol. xxxiv., pp. 237-
245, 3.59-367).



Mrs. Perkins's Ball. By Mr. M. A. Titmarsh. —
London : Chapman and Hall, 186, Strand. 1847,
pp. 46.

With illustrations by the author, coloured in some of the

The Snobs of England. By One of Themselves.

With numerous illustrations by the author. Commencing
in Punch of February 28, 1846 (vol. x., p. 101), and ending
February 27, 1847 (vol. xii., p. 86). (Prefatory Remarks and
fifty-two Chapters.)

The Book of Snobs : By W. M. Thaokeeay. London :
Punch Office, 1848, pp. viii. 180, in green wrapper (with all the
original illustrations and a vignette on title, not appearing in the
Punch issue).

The following Chapters are omitted in the Collected Edition :
Chapter XVII. On Literary Snobs, in a letter from " One of
themselves " to Mr. Smith, the celebrated penny-a-liner (Punch,
June 27, 1846, vol. x., p. 281) ; Chapter XVIII. On some Politi-
cal Snobs (Punch, July 4, 1846, vol. xi., p. 4) ; Chapter XIX.
On Whig Snobs (July 11, 1846, vol. xi., p. 19 ; Chapter XX.
On Conservative or Country-Party Snobs (July 18, 1846, vol. xi.,
p. 23); Chapter XXI. Are there any Whig Snobs? (July 25,
1846, vol. xi., p. 39) ; Chapter XXII. On the Snob Civilian
(August 1, 1846, vol. xi., p. 43) ; Chapter XXIII. On Radical
Snobs (August 8, 1846, vol. xi., p. 59).

"On reperueing these papers," says the author, p. 66, note,
" I have found them so stupid, so personal, so snobbish — in a
word — that I have withdrawn them from this collection."

1847.] OF THACKERAY. 29


A. Grumble about the Christmas Books. By Michael
Angelo Titmarsh. — Fraser's Magazine, January,
1847 (vol. XXXV., pp. 111-126).

Among the books noticed is Charles Dickens's "Battle of
Life : A Love-Story.''


Vanity Faik A Novel without a Hero. By
William Makepeace Thackeray. "With Illus-
trations on Steel and Wood by the Author. —
London : Bradbury and Evans. 1848, pp. xvi.,

Issued in monthly instalments in yellow wrappers, originally
bearing the title "Vanity Fair: Pen and Pencil Sketches o
English Society. By W. M. Thackeray." On the wrapper is
an illustration by the author not reproduced in the body of the
work. No. 1 is dated January, 1847, and Nos. 19 and 20
(double number), July, 1848.

The Prefac^ ("Before the Curtain") is dated "London:
June 28, 1848."


An Eastern Adventure of the Fat Contributor. —
Punch's Pocket Book, for 1847, pp. 148-156.

With full-page illustration by the author.



The Mahogany Tree. — Punch, January 9, 1847 (vol.
xii., p. 13).

The second stanza is omitted in Thackeray's Collected
Ballads. (Miscellanies, vol. i. (1855), pp. 47-48).


Two Letters to William Edmondstoune Aytoun,
dated " 13, Young Street, Kensington, January 2,"
and "January 13, 1847," and signed "W. M.
Thackeray." — Printed in Memoir of William
Edmondstoune Aytoun, by Theodore Martin. Black-
wood and Sons, Edinburgh and London, 1867,
pp. 131-135.


Mr. Jeames's Sentiments on the Cambridge Election.
—Punch, March 6, 1847 (vol. xii., p. 102).


Love-Songs made Easy. " What makes my heart
to thrill and glow ?" Song by Fitzroy Clarence. —
Punch, March 6, 1847 (vol. xii., p. 101).

With an illustration by the author.

1847.] OF THACKERAY. 31

Love-Songs by the Fat CoNTRiBUToa The Do-
mestic Love-Song. "The Cane-Bottomed Chair."
—Punch, March 27, 1847 (vol. xii., p. 125).
With two illustrations by the author.

Love -Songs of the Fat Contributor. The
Ghazul, or Oriental Love-Song. The Eocks. The
Merry Bard. The Caique. — Punch, June 5, 1847
(vol. xii., p. 227).

With two illustrations by the author.

Punch's Prize Novelists :

1. George de Barnwell. — Punch, April 3-17, 1847.

With three illustrations by the author.

2. Codlingsby. By B. de Shrewsbury, Esq. —

Punch, April 24, May 15 to 29, 1847.
With four illustrations by the author.

3. Lords and Liveries. — Punch, June 12 to 26,


With three illustrations by the author.

4. Barbazure. By G. P. E. Jeames, Esq. — Punch,

July 10 to 24, 1847.

With five illustrations by the author.

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