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vacancy, and was twice elected on the Republican
ticket and held the office for eight years. He was
again appointed to fill a vacancy in 1894, caused by the
death of Justice C. H. Peiidexter, which office he still

Mr. Wood is a master mason in good standing and is
president of the Westfield branch of the New York
Mutual L,oan and Savings Association.

1 86



HOWARD M. VERB, D. D. S. . was born in New York city,
but came to Stateii island with his father's family
when a young ]ad. He was educated in the best
schools of Staten Island, finishing- at D. L,. Moody's
academy, Mt. Hermoii. Mass. After the completion
of his academic course, he entered his father's dental
office at West New Brighton, where he studied four

In 1890, he entered the New York College of Den-
tistry, from which he was graduated with honor in
1892. He then returned to Staten Island, and entered
into partnership with his father, Dr. J. H. Vere, one
of the best known dentists of the Island.

This firm enjoy the patronage of the community
and a large and lucrative practice, patients coming
from all parts of the Island, beside a first-class client-
age from New York city, Their practice is constant-
ly growing and no dentists on the Island have a bet-
ter reputation for first-class work than this firm.




JACOB HERREL, dealer in boots and. shoes and rubber
goods, Tottenville, opened the first shoe store ever
kept in the village of Tottenville.

Mr. Herrel was born in Baden, Germany, in 1833 and
in 1850 he came to America and settled at Port Jervis,
N. Y., where he learned the shoemaker's trade. He
came to Staten Island in 1856 and opened a custom
shoe shop. In 18.02, he built a .store on Main street
which he has since occupied and which was, until a
few years ago, the only exclusive shoe store on this
end of the Island.

Mr. Herrel was trustee of the village for several
years tinder the revived charter, and has been trustee
of the public school for many years, an office which
he now holds.

He was married in 1859 to Miss Katherine Seeger of
Wurtemberg, Germany, who died in 1891. He has six
children: George, Kate, Emma, Louise, William J. and
Sophia (Mrs. Henry Ljndenmeyer, of New York.)





HENRY E. CLEVELAND came of a long line of ancestors
( English ) who settled in the wilds of central Massa-
chusetts on the border line of the Pequod country,
about the middle of the eighteenth century. They
were among the sturdy pioneers who helped to
clear up the country, to establish schools, acade-
mies and colleges and push forward the cause of civil-
ization, in the days when the pine knot furnished
the "electric" midnight light of the student for
poring over the pages of Virgil and solving the propo-
sitions of Euclid.

Under such circumstances, was developed the class
of men dubbed the "schoolmasters abroad."

As one of this class Mr. Cleveland came to Clifton,
where he taught three successive generations of
scholars, having for associates such faithful and
efficient co-workers as Messrs. Wright, Sprague,
Annan, Hervey, Bleii, etc., and for school commis-
sioner for a series of years the "noblest Roman
of them all," the Rev. Dr. Brovviilee.

Mr. Cleveland bears the proud distinction of having
taught in the same public school for more successive
years than any other teacher in the state, and he has
seen many of his scholars enter almost every walk of
industrial, professional and official life and has the
satisfaction of knowing that many men owe their suc-
cess to his instruction.

Mr. Cleveland has retired from teaching and is liv-
ing quietly at Garretsons looking after the property
which he has accumulated by a long life of industry.




PHILLIP J. BROWN was born in Railway, N. J., Feb. yth,
1839. At the age of seventeen years, he went to learn
the carriage trade, and four years later, having learned
what he could in his native town, he went to New
Haven with the firm of Lawrence, Bradley & Co., the
noted carriage builders, and a short time afterward
he came to New York with the firm of J. B. Brewster
& Co., of Twenty-fifth street, one of the most celebrated
firms of carriage builders in the world. He remained
here six years, thoroughly mastering the carriage
trade. He then returned to his native city, where he
started in the carriage business for himself, and con-
tinued (with many tips and downs), until the fall
of 1871, when a fire destroyed his shop and everything
in it except a few finished carriages.

In 1872, he came to Staten. Island, and two years
later he again established himself in btisiiiess, and
by building nothing but first-class carriages soon
established for himself an excellent reputation and
found ready sale for his work, not only among the
best people of Staten Island but in Bayoiine, New
York and Brooklyn, and his work stands to-day at the
head of the carriage trade on Staten Island.

Mr. Brown does his own drafting and all his work is
made under his own careful supervision.

In 1884, Mr. Brown started a livery stable on a small
scale, increasing his stock year by year, until he now
has the best-equipped stable on Staten Island, with
special facilities, and experienced men for mov-
ing pianos and furniture. He also has extensive
furniture warehouses, covered furniture vans, etc.

In 1890, Mr. Brown opened a repository with as fine
a display of carriages, wagons, harness and horse
clothing, as was ever opened on the Island.

I 9 2



PETER FLOERSCH, proprietor of the Excelsior Hotel,
Main street, Tottenville, was born in Germany on the
Rhine in 1860, and when only four years of age, came
to this country with his father's family, who settled
in Newark, N. J. He came to Staten Island in 1874,
and in 1877 settled in Tottenville, and opened a bar-
ber shop in Nelson's Hotel, four years later. In 1886,
he leased the Sevenhaar block and opened the Ex-
celsior Hotel, with restaurant and billiard-room at-
tached, where he has since done a very successful
business. For two years he was lessee of the Bay
Cliff Park restaurant.

Mr. Floersch has always been a prominent and active
Republican and has assisted his party through a great
many hot campaigns. He was elected excise commis-
sioner on the Republican ticket and served three




JOHN T. FURMAN, contractor and road builder, was
born at Newtown, L. I., in 1840. He was brought up
and educated in Newtown and when he came of age he
established himself in business as general contractor
and road-builder, etc. He came to Staten Island in
1 88 1 and is now serving his second term as highway
commissioner. The most important road improve-
ments have been carried out under his supervision.
He has also executed a large number of contracts for
opening up Staten Island property for settlement,
among which were the laying out and grading of the
Barclay property atAnnadale, and the Wiman property
at Fox Hill, Clifton.

Mr. Furman's work has always been noted for the
thoroughness and honesty with which he carries out
his contracts.



NICHOLAS KILLMEYER, Kreischerville grocer, and pro-
prietor of the Union Hotel, Kreischerville, was born in
Prussia in 1822. He came to America in 1849 an d
settled in Woodbridge, N. J. In 1850, he came to
Kreischerville and was in the employ of B. Kreischer
& Co. until 1863. In 1859, he built a hotel and grocery
011 the ground now occupied by the Union Hotel, and
in 1873 he built the store which he now occupies. In
1890, he enlarged and refurnished his hotel, and now
has probably the handsomest bar and billiard rooms
on the Island.

In 1879, ^ r - Killmeyer and his eldest son, William,
bought the West End Hotel, Tottenville, and it was
conducted by William until 1886, when they sold the
property to the late George Bechtel.

Mr. Killmeyer has conducted the largest business
of anyone in Kreischerville, and his grocery and hotel
have always been the principal store and house of

In 1863, the first post-office was established in
Kreischerville, and Mr. Killmeyer was appointed
postmaster. He held the office for thirteen years,
when political influence caused the office to be dis-
continued, but it was re-established in 1886 and Mr.
Killmeyer's son Albert was appointed to the office,
which he held until 1892.

Mr. Killmeyer has now practically retired from
business and has turned over the management of
his store to his son Albert, and his hotel to his son

Mr. Killmeyer was the father of seven children:
Fotir sons, William, Henry, (deceased), August,
(deceased), Albert and Theodore, and two daughters,
Lena, (Mrs. W. G. Underbill, of Perth Amboy), and
Katie (Mrs. J. E. Dailey), of Brooklyn.


SUPPLEMENT 1894. 197

DAVID C. BUTLER, ship-builder, Ward's Point, Totten-
ville, was born in Tottenville in 1834. His father, the
late Henry Butler, was also a native of Staten Island,
and served in the militia in the war of 1812. At the
age of seventeen he went to work in the shipyard of
David Crowell at Perth Amboy, N. J., and learned his
trade, after which he worked in Keyport, N. J., until
1863. He then returned to Tottenville and purchased
from his brother James a one-half interest in the
Ward's Point shipyard. A few years later he bought
his brother's entire interest and from that time has
done a large and successful business of repairing,
overhauling and rebuilding vessels from all parts of
the country.

Mr. Butler has also found time during his busy
career to take an active interest in matters pertaining
to the public welfare, and it is largely due to his in-
fluence and energy that Tottenville is indebted for
the present handsome and commodious public school
building, which at the time of its erection, was one
of the largest on the Island.

St. Paul's Church is also indebted to Mr. Butler for
its present capacious Sunday-school room. In 1884.
when Mr. Butler found that the Sunday-school had
entirely outgrown its accommodations, and as the
trustees of the church \vere unwilling to resume the
responsibility of enlarging the Sunday-school room,
Mr. Butler offered, if they would give him permission,
to have the work done and he would assume the re-
spoiisibity for the entire cost of the improvement.
After much hesitation and delay, the trustees gave
their consent, ttpon Mr. Butler giving his personal
bond to meet all charges of the new building. The
work was completed in due time and Mr. Butler re-
deemed all his pledges.

Mr. Butler was for three years secretary of the
Richmond County Sunday-school Association (uon-
sectarian), and is a member of the board for the
establishment of the Richmond County Bible Society.

Mr. Butler is a Democrat and he has had offered him
on several occasions several of the best offices the
county affords. He postively refused all offers because
he felt it would effect him in his church work which
he so much loved and enjoyed, and as he stood before
the school as their superintendent for over twenty
years he diu not wish to take any political office for
fear it might effect his influence spiritually with his
Sunday-school .



ABOUT George L,. Egbert we need say little, as he is
such an extensive advertiser that he is well known to
Staten Islanders.

Mr. Egbert was born at Port Richmond in 1862, and
after receiving a common school education, embarked
as a clerk, in the retail business, at the age of seventeen

At the expiration of ten years, he ended his clerk-
ship and in 1879 started in business under his own
name, at Tompkinsville. He began business on a small
scale, gradually increasing it, until now his store,
devotedto men's furnishing goods, is one of the largest
in the cotinty.

Mr. Egbert is interested in every movement for the
development of Staten Island. He is a member of
numerous organizations.




E. STEWART MANEE, president of the village of Totten-
ville, is the elder son of Elias P. Manee and the late
Margaretta Stewart.

He was born in Tottenville in 1866, His paternal
ancestors were Huguenots who settled on Staten
Island 200 years ago. His mother was born in London.

He is a graduate of the local school and of Packard's
Business College and occtipies a responsible position
in the marine insurance office of United States
"L,loyds," by whom he has been, employed for more
than ten years. He is a member of St. Paul's M. E.
Church, and is a Republican in politics.

In November 1893, he married Amanda, elder
daughter of William iiritton, of New York city.

Mr. Manee has a keen appreciation, of the natural
beauties and possibilities of Staten Island and has
been largely instrumental in securing a village govern-
ment for Tottenville and hopes soon to see that pretty
suburb modernized.




DR. S. J. KENNEDY, dentist, New Dorp, was born
in Illinois in 1866. He came to New York with his
father's family when only two years of age, and was
brought up and educated in New York city. He was
graduated from the College of the City of New York in
1881. After his graduation, he entered the dental
office of his father, Dr. John C. Kennedy, and two years
later entered the New York College of Dentistry, fr'-m
which he was graduated at the age of twenty-one years,
the youngest graduate in his class. After graduating,
he returned to his father's office, where he still con-
tinues in practice. In 1891, the family moved to New
Dorp, where the doctor opened a branch of his New
York Dental rooms, and has built up a large and con-
stantly growing practice.

Dr. Kennedy is one of the few professional men
who always study their profession as well as practice
it; and he has kept abreast of all the recent improve-
ments in dental surgery, and is reckoned by his

patients as one of the most
dentists on Staten Island.

careful and skillful

SUPPLEMENT 1894. 201


WILLIAM TYSEX, architect, carpenter and builder, is one
of the prominent builders of the west end of Staten
Island. He is a Staten Islander by birth and a lineal
descendant of Barne Tysen who settled 011 the Island in
the old colonial days. Mr. Tysen was educated in the
Staten Island public schools, and at the age of twenty-
one he went to learn the trade of carpenter and

Before entering into business for himself he worked
as journeyman, and foreman for some of the best
builders on the Island and acquired thorough knowl-
edge of the business. In 1886, lie established himself
in business and located in Tottenville, where he has
won a reputation for fair dealing and good honest

Barne Tysen, the first of the Tysens on Staten
Island, came from Amsterdam in 1660 and obtained a
grant of land from Andros in 1677 and built the stone
house known for generations as the Barne Tysen
house. The family have been prominent in church
and official circles, having served faithfully in both
Congress and the state Legislature, and in the



vSUPPLEMENT 1894. 203

JAMES LAFORGE, collector of taxes for the town of
Westfield, was born at Pleasant Plains in 1848, and was
brought up and educated in the same village. His
first business venture was as oyster planter, a busi-
ness which he carried on successfully for over twenty
years. In the spring of 1892, he was elected collector
on the Republican ticket for the town of Westfield,
defeating Sidney Post, the Democratic nominee, by a
majority of 200. He was re-elected in 1893 and again
in 1894, both years without any opposition. This
was an indorsement as remarkable as it was em-
phatic, for the office had previously been held by the
Democrats for sixteen successive years, with the ex-
ception of one year, and yet Mr. L,aForge was unani-
mously elected to the best-paying office of the town,
for two successive years.

In 1892, Air. L,aForge engaged in the flour and feed
business, which he has pushed with such success
that he now probably sells nearly as much flotir, feed
and hay, especially the latter two, as all the other
dealers in the town combined.

In addition, Mr. LaForge does a considerable real
estate business. In 1888, he purchased the property
known as the Excelsior base-ball grounds, consisting
of twelve acres on Bayview avenue, the best-located
property in the vicinity. He ]aid this property out
and improved it and has sold a number of lots on
which handsome residences have already been erected.

Altogether, Mr. L,aFor-e is one of the most popular
officials and enterprising men of the town of Westfield.




WILLIAM H. TOTTEN, grocer, Main street, Tottenville,
is one of the oldest business men of this end of
the Island. He was born in 1825. His father,
Capt. John Totten, was one of the original settlers
and may be regarded as the founder of Tottenville.
He built the first dock in the village and opened the
first store. At his death, in 1866, he was succeeded
by his son, the subject of this sketch, who has all his
life, been engaged in bxisiness in Tottenville. and is.
now doing a sticcessful grocery business.

SUPPLEMENT 1894. 205


THIS firm, was organized January ist, 1893, for the
purpose of transacting a general real estate and fire
insurance agency and brokerage business in the city
ot New York and in Richmond county, and succeeded
to the business of the old firm, of Miller & Simonson.

The senior member of the firm, Mr. Stephen D.
Simonson, was for many years connected with the New
York City Fire Insurance Company, and in January 1877
organized with Mr. Howard R. Miller the firm of Mil-
ler & Simonson, which transacted for sixteen years a
large and sticcessful real estate and fire insurance
business in New York and on Staten Island.

Mr. John Frederick Smith, the junior member, be-
gan his business career in New York with Messrs. A.
A. French & Co., manufacturers of fishermen's sttp-
plies, and in February 1877, entered the employ of
Messrs. Miller & Simonson and afterward became
manager of the Staten Island office.

The main offices of the firm are at 46 Cedar street,
New York, and 177 Richmond terrace, West New
Brighton, with branch offices at New Brighton, Tomp-
kinsville, Stapletori and Port Richmond.

They are intrusted with the full care and manage-
ment of a very large amount of valuable property, and
have been successful in selling a large amount of
Staten Island property. They are also the general
agents for Stateii Island of the Liverpool, London and
Globe, Aetna of Hartford, Continental, Hanover and
German-American of New York, Phenix of Brooklyn,
and Glens Falls Fire Insurance Companies, also New
York Plate Glass Insurance Company.



WALTER MARSHALL, hardware dealer, Prince's Bay.
Builders' hardware, cutlery, carpenters' tools, house-
furnishing hardware, etc.

Mr. Marshall was born and educated oil Staten Isl-
and, and in 1889 established the first exclusively hard-
ware store ever kept in the town of Westfield. Con-
siderable doubt was felt at the time whether such a
business would pay, in view of the fact that a number
of grocers kept small stocks of hardware. In spite of
all doubts, however, the business has been fairly suc-
cessful from the beginning.

In March 1894, Mr. Marshall was appointed post-
master, which office he still holds.












K t















J. KADLETZ, florist and horticulturist, Garretson,
was born at Prague, Austria, and is a graduate of the
University of Prague, founded in 1348, the oldest col-
lege in central Europe. Mr. Kadletz learned the busi-
ness of florist in his native city and learned it
ihoroughly, as men of the old world are wont to learn
anything they undertake.

He came to America and settled on Stateii Island in
1856 and established himself in the florist's business
at Garretsons. In. 1865, he purchased the property
now occupied by his extensive gardens and green-
houses at the corner of Richmond road and Sea View
avenue, where he cultivates a large variety of plants
and shrubs of all kinds.

Mr. Kadletz's favorite flower and the one to which
he gives his special attention is the rose, and of this he
has not only all the kinds usually grown in the flower
garden, but also many new and rare varieties.

Mr. Kadletz, in addition to his excellent business
abilities, is a man of tiiiusual cultttre, and is not only
a fine classical scholar but is also thoroughly familiar
with the best literature of the day, which he is able to
read not only in English and Austrian, but in German
as well.

SUPPLEMENT 1894. 209


JAMES FOSTER, nurseryman, Eltingville, (Sea Side P.
O.), was born in the city of Lincolnshire, England.
He came to America in 1848. In 1860, he established
himself in the nursery business, near Eltingville, which
he has carried on successfully up to the present time.
There is probably no man on Staten Island who has
a more thorough knowledge of the business, especially
in its relation to the soil and climate of Staten Island,
than Mr. Foster, atid in his nurseries at Eltingville
he has not only a great variety of flowering plants, both
annual and hardy, but all kinds of ornamental fruit
and shade trees adapted to our climate. His long ex-
perience in the business has given him a thorough
knowledge how to produce the best results in land-
scape gardening.

Those who have seen the wonderful growth of the
plants and vines at the Vanderbilt mausoleum and the
beautiful effects produced show that Mr. Foster
thorouehlv understands his business.

o '

Mr. Foster has planted many ornamental trees on
the Vanderbilt homestead and many of the finest trees
on the streets of New Dorp, Oakwood, etc., a large
number which were used to replace trees furnished
by other nurserymen, and which had either died or
failed to give satisfactory results.

Mr. Foster always has in his nursery a large stock
and is prepared to fill orders large or small on short
notice and to guarantee satisfactory results.



JAMES McCABE, of the firm of McCabe Bros., pro-
prietors of the Greenridge brick-yards, was born at
Haverstraw, N. Y. , in 1861 and \vas educated in the
best schools of that village. In iSSi, he and his
brother John came to Staten Island and under the firm
name and style of McCabe Bros., leased the old Bennett
brick-yard at Fresh Kills and engaged in the manu-
facture of building brick. The venture proved suc-
cessful, so much so that in 1889, they purchased the
entire plant and property and the next year put in
steam power. Under their management the capacity
of their works has been increased from 5,000,000 to
10,000,000 bricks per year.

In addition to giving his personal attention to the
large business interests of McCabe Bros., Mr. McCabe
has kept up his studies in science and the classics and
was graduated from Manhattan college in 1882 with the
degree of A. B. In 1889, he was graduated from the
Columbia law school with the degree of L,. L,. B. and was
admitted to the bar in the same year.

Mr. McCabe has often been urged to take the nomi-
nation on the Democratic ticket for the highest offices
in the town, but, with the exception of one term,
which he served as highway commissioner, he has re-
fused to accept any office.

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