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Roll of the sons and daughters of the Anglican Church clergy throughout the world and of the naval and military chaplains of the same who gave their lives in the Great War, 1914-1918 online

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of the sons and daughters of the Anglican

Church Clergy throughout the world

and of the Naval and Military

Chaplains of the same who

gave their lives in

the Great War



Quse regio terrse nostri nori plena lahoris? ,

With the morn those A ngel faces smile,
Which I have loved long since, and lost awhile.

Requiem eternam dona eis Domine et lux perpetua luceat eis.












of the sons and daughters of the AngHcan

Church Clergy throughout the world

and of the Naval and Military

Chaplains of the same who

gave their lives in

the Great War



Quae regio terras nostri non plena laboris?

With the morn those Angel faces smile,
Which I have loved long since, and lost awhile.

Requiem eternam dona eis Domine et lux perpetua luceat eis.





I have taken extreme care to compile this Roll as accurately as possible, but it is almost
inevitable that there should be omissions and that mistakes should have crept in.

With regard to the former, if such should unfortunately prove to be the case after this
book is published, all I can do is to issue a second volume or an appendix to this;
with regard to the second, all I can do is to apologise, not for want of care, but for inaccurate

I have to thank many correspondents throughout the world for valuable aid.

I have to thank the Colonial Bishops for the great help they have given me, especially those
of Canada and New Zealand.

It seems that Colonial records of the Clergy in each Diocese are kept far more accurately
than those of the Mother Country.

So far as I have been able to discover, there is not a single Diocese in England that has
any official record of Clergy, or sons and daughters of Clergy, who gave their lives in the
War, or even served; and very few have imperfect lists, compiled by private individuals, but
many have none of any sort or kind, whereas the Colonial Dioceses have every detail even
to the number on the grave memorials in each Cemetery.

This lack of official lists in England has rendered my work very laborious.

I have also to thank the Public School authorities for great help.

The Navy and the War Office lists are very accurate, but as no indication of parentage
is given, I have been compelled to spend much time in examining many thousands of names.

It is impossible within the limits of this Preface to mention all those who helped me in
compiling this Roll, but they know from private correspondence how much I thank them.
The various Rolls of Honour have also helped me.

It has been a long and trying task, involving an enormous correspondence reaching
all over the world, but at the same time a labour of love, inasmuch as it has been done as a
Memorial of all those whom we clergy have loved and lost awhile.


Vicar of Westbury^

Brackley, Northants.



Surname. Christian Name. Father's Name and Parish. Where Died. Date.

Abbay, Capt. Marmaduke John Norman, 87th Punjabis, Canon Abbay, Rector of Earl Soham, Boulogne, May 10-15,

Abbott, Rev. William David, C.F., Rev. David Wyley Abbott, Vicar of Cardington, Dieppe, Dec. 3-18.

Abbott, Lt. Lionel Pilkington, Leicester Regt., Rev. Arthur Abbott, Vicar of Corby, Mametz Wood, July 14-16.

Abbott, William Ethelbert, Machine Gim Corps, Rev. John Thomjis Henry Abbott, Vicar of MuUaghdun, Enniskillen, Peronne, Oct. 3-18.

Abigail, Lt. Edward Arnold, R.M.A., Rev. William James Abigail, of Coonoor, S. India, C.M.S., Dunkirk, Mar. 17-18.

Abraham, Capt. Geoffrey William PoppereU, Glamorgan Yeomanry, Bishop of Derby, Port Said, Nov. 19-17.

Adams, 2d. Lt. Charles John Norman, Grenadier Guards, Rev. George Augustus Samuel Adams, Rector of Nettlestead, Rouen, Nov. 14-18.

Adams, Capt. John Goold, Leinster Regt., Archdeacon of Derry, Hill 60, May 4-15,

Adams, Lt. Lestock Handley, Rifle Brigade, Rev. Henry Frederick Spencer Adams, Vicar of Holy Trinity, Redhill, Pacaut Wood, April 22-18.

Adams, Maurice Alwyn, New Zealand E.F., Archdeacon of Kildare, France, May 18-17.

Adams, 2d. Lt. Ernest Geoffrey, Norfolk Regt., Rev. Ernest William Adams, Vicar of St. John's, Bury St. Edmunds, Avebury Wood, June 26-18

Adamson, Lt. Francis Douglas, Border Regt., Rev. Cuthbert Edward Adamson, Rector of Houghton le Spring, Givenchy, Nov. 16-16.

Addenbrooke, 2d. Lt. John Homfray, Manchester Regt., Rev. John Gordon Addenbrooke, Vicar of St. Wenn, Beaumont Hamel, Nov. 16-16.

Addis, Lt. Thomas Henry Liddon, Royal Dublin FusiUers, Rev. William Edward Addis, Vicar of All Saints, Knightsbridge, Mar. 21-18.

Adolphus, Otto Ernest Augustus, Royal Fusiliers, Rev. Horace Octavius Augustus Adolphus, Vicar of St. John's, West Bromwich, Somme, Nov.

Aglionby, Major Arthur Hugh, M.C., R.G.A., Rev. Francis Keyes Aglionby, Rector of Newbold Pacey, Monvaux, November 7-18.

Alderson, Major Reginald Liddon, R,A.F., Canon Alderson of Peterborough, Hull, June 30-18,

Alderson, Capt. Reginald, Lancashire FusiUers, M.C., Mentioned in Despatches, Rev. Henry Everingham Alderson, Vicar of St. James, Hope,
Arras, March 25-18.

Aldous, Capt. Stewart John, Sherwood Foresters, Rev. John Clement Primrose Aldous, Rector of Sywell, St. Eloi, Mar. 26-16.

Aldous, 2d. Lt. Alan Edward, Border Regt., Rev. John Clement Primrose Aldous, Rector of Sywell, Thiepval, July 3-16.

Aldworth, 2d. Lt. Douglas Gilbert Hayward, Royal Berks, Rev. Arthur Ernest Aldworth, Vicar of Laverstock, S.S. Leinster, Oct. 10-18.

Algeo, Capt. Norman, Leinster Regt., Rev. Lewis Algeo, Incumbent of Ardara, Donegal, Tincourt, Nov. 30-17.

Algeo, Capt. William, Dorset Regt., Rev. Frederick Swift Algeo, Rector of Studland, Thiepval, May 17-16.

Alington, 2d. Lt. Geoffrey Hugh, Sussex Regt., Rev. Edward Hugh Alington, of Summerfields, Oxford, Somme, Aug. 9-16.

Allan, 2d. Lt. Frank Cecil, Durham L.I., Rev. Thomas Peter Allan, Vicar of Cramlington, Rouen, Sept. 29-16.

Allan, 2d. Lt. Rev. Henry Somerset, London Regt., Rev. George Alexander Allan, Vicar of Isle Abbots, Etaples, Oct. 2-16.

Allin, 2d. Lt. Harold Wyse, Shropshire L.I., Rev. Alfred Thomas Allin, Vicar of Holbeton, El Arish, Dec. 13-14.

Allpass, 2d. Lt. Edmond Theodore, Sherwood Foresters, Rev. Henry Alfred Allpass, Vicar of Stanway, Gallipoli, August 21-15.

AUpass, 2d. Lt. Henry Blythe King, Essex Regt., Rev. Henry Alfred Allpass, Vicar of Stanway, France, Sept. 16-16.

Amies, Nathaniel George Read, The Buffs, Rev. Nathaniel Jones Miller Stuart Amies, Vicar of Brent, Le Touquet, August 20-15.

Anderson, 2d. Lt. Gerard Rupert Laurie, Cheshire Regt., Prebendary Anderson of St. George's, Hanover Square, La Bassee, Nov. 8-14.

Anderson, Capt. Ralph, Australian I.F., Bishop of Riverina, N.S.W., Westhof, June 8-17.

Andrews, Capt. Christopher Boyd, R.M.L.I., Rev. John Marshall Andrews, Vicar of St. Jude's, London, Gallipoli, May 11-15.

Andrews, 2d. Lt. Francis Nicholas, Royal Irish Rifles, Rev. John Wilson Andrews, Vicar of TrysuU, Villers Bocage, Oct, 11-15,

Andrews, Capt. Maynard Percy, West Riding Regt., Rev. Percy Andrews, Vicar of Ash, Bosinghe, August 14-15.

Annesley, Capt. James Ferguson St. John, R.A.M.C, Canon Annesley, of Clogher, Thetford, May 19-17.

Anson, Wilfred Gordon, Gloucester Regt., Rev. Harcourt Suft Anson, Rector of Southover, Houlthust Wood, Oct. 22-17.

Antram, Lt. Herbert Wilkins, R.N.R., Rev. Charles Edward Potts Antram, Vicar of Blean, Submarine K17, Jan. 31-18.

Appleton, Major Francis Martin, South Lancashire Regt., Rev. Richard Appleton, Rector of South Weston, Dec. 6-14.

Arbuthnot, 2d. Lt. Gavin Campbell, N. Staffords, Rev. William Arbuthnot, Vicar of Lea Marston, Gallipoli, Aug. 7-15.

Archer, Lt. John William Butts, The Buffs, Rev. George Archer, Rector of Stilton, Ypres, February 16-15.

Arden, 2d. Lt. Humphrey Warwick, R.G.A., Rev. William Henry Arden, Vicar of Whiteparish, BaUleul, June 6-17.

Armstrong, 2d. Lt. Charles Martin, Dublin Fusiliers, Rev. Chancellor Armstrong, Rector of Kilrush, Beamnont Hamel, February 8-17.

Arnold, Lt. Edward Gladwin, R.F.A., Mentioned in Despatches, Rev. Charles Lowther Arnold, Vicar of Holy Trinity, Fareham, St. Quintin,
Mar. 21-18.

Arnold, 2d. Lt. Alban Charles Phidias, Royal Fusiliers, Rev. Charles Lowther Arnold, Vicar of Holy Trinity, Fareham, Somme, July 7-16.

Arnold, 2d. Lt. Hugo Cholmondeley, The Buffs, Rev. Henry Abel Arnold, Rector of Wolsingham, Camiers, June 12-17.

Arnold, William Arden Egerton, Australian LF., Rev. Joseph William Arnold, Vicar of Panmure, Victoria, Mudros, Sept. 17-15.

Arundell, Capt. Reinfred Tatton, 2nd Rajputs, Rev. William Henry Arundell, Rector of Cheriton Fitzpaine, Suez Canal, Feb. 3-16.

Ash. Lt. Basil Drummond, R.N., Rev. Cyril Alfred Drummond Ash, Vicar of Saxton, Off KirkwaU, Sept. 29-14.

Askew, Capt. Henry Adam, Border Regt., Canon Askew, Rector of Greystoke, Sailly, December 19-14.

Askey, 2d. Lt. Cecil Henry Leonard, Lincoln Regt., Rev. Arthur Henry Askew, Rector of Swallow, Amiens, April 5-18.

Astburj', Capt. Thomas LesUe, S. Staffords, Canon Astbury, Vicar of Smethwick, March 21-18.

Astley, Lt. Christopher Basil, Liverpool Regt., Rev. John Henry Astley, of St. James', New Brighton, Rouen, July 27-18.

Atkins, Eric Alwyn, Labour Corps, Rev. Horace John Atkins, Rector of Harrington, Bridgeforth, March 15-18.

Atkins, Lt. Herbert de Carteret, Durham L.I., Rev. Gerard Sanders Atkins, Rector of Kuappagh, Le Treport, Oct. 10-15.

Atkinson, Capt. William Noel, 10th Gurkhas, Rev. Augustus WiUiam Atkinson, of Octacamund, GaUipoU, May 29-15.

Atkinson, 2d. Lt. Henry Noel, D.S.O., Cheshire Regt., Canon Atkinson, of Chester, Violaines, Oct. 22-14.

Atkinson, Lt. Arnold Francis Crossley, R.E., Rev. Francis Atkinson, Blackwater House, Eastbourne, Kirgi, Jan. 22-19.

Atlay, Major Hugh Wordsworth, D.S.O., Mentioned in Despatches, R.F.A., Bishop of Hereford, Ypres, April 11-15.

Auden, Cadet Geoffrey William, R.A.F., Rev. Alfred Millington Auden, Vicar of Church Broughton, London, November 4-18.

Awdry, 2d. Lt. Carol Edward Vere, Munster FusUiers, Rev. Vere Awdry, Vicar of Ampfield, Etreux, Aug. 28-14.

Babington, Humfrey Temple, Australian I.F., Rev. John Albert Babington, Vicar of Tenterden, France, May 1-17.

Back, Rev. Hatfield Arthur William, Naval Chaplain, Rev. Arthur James Back, Rector of Carleton Rode, H.M.S. Vanguard, July 9-17.

Badcock, Lt. Arthur Lawrence, Yorkshire L.I., Rev. Thomas Badcock, Rector of Walgrave, St. Eloi, Oct. 14-15.

Badcock, Lt. Edmund Downes, Northants Regt., Rev. Thomas Badcock, Rector of Walgrave, Contahnaison, July 22-16.

Badham, Lt. Francis Molyneux, R.N.V.R., Rev. Frederick John Badham, Rector of Kilbixy, Westmeath, GaliipoU, June 4-15.

Bagshawe, Capt. Leonard Vale, King's Own Scottish Borderers, Rev. William Augustus Edward Vale Badshawe, Rector of Pitchford, Ypres.
June 16-15.

Baile, Lt. Robert Carlyle, R.E., Rev. George William Baile, Consular Chaplain, Pemambuco, Loos, Oct. 24-15.

Bailey, 2d. Lt. John Winckworth, R.A.F., Rev. John Bailey of Rochester, Northolt, March 31-16.

Bailie, Lt. George Richard Lancelot, InniskilUng Fusiliers, Rev. WOliam Bailie, Rector of St. Matthias, Dublin, Le Catelot, Oct. 3-18.

Baillie, Lt. Humphrey John, M.C., Dorset Regt., Rev. William Gordon Baillie, Vicar of Lynton, Kut, March 2-16.

BaiUie, Lt. R. G., A.A.F.

Bainbrigge, 2d. Lt. Phihp Gillespie, Lancashire Fusiliers, Prebendary Bainbrigge, Sept. 18-18.

Baines, Capt. Arthur Edward Carrow, Lincolnshke Regt., Mentioned in Despatches, Rev. Charles Frederick Baines, Rector of St. Ninian's,
Castle Douglas, Mesopotamia, April 9-16.

Baker, Major Roger Dyke, East Lancashire Regt., Rev. Henry Defoe Baker, Rector of Thruxton, GaliipoU, Aug. 13-15.

Baker, Lt. Basil Howard, Rifle Brigade, Rev. Samuel Howard Baker, Vicar of Chesterton, Mesnil Bouche, May 22-18.

Baldwin, Capt. George C. de Courcy, Munster Fusiliers, Rev. W. H. de Courcy Baldwin, Rector of Holtby, France, Jan. 25-16.

Baldwin, Cuthbert Godfrey, R.A.F.,Rev. Alan Godfrey Baldwin, Vicar of Bumopfield, Beaumont Hamel, Nov. 3-16.

Bambridge, 2d. Lt. Bertram Stacpoole, East Kent, Canon Bambridge of Canterbury, Grandcourt, March 6-17.

Barber, Major C5Til Frederick, R.M.L.L, Archdeacon of Chester, fi.M.S. Goliath, Aug. 2-15.


Baring, 2d. Lt. Cecil Christopher, R. West Kent, Rev. Francis Henry Baring, Rector of Eggesford, March 21-18.

Baring, 2d. Lt. Reginald Arthur, R.A.F., Rev. Francis Henry Baring, Rector of Eggesford, July -18.

Barker, Capt. William Harald, R.G.A., Canon Barker of Kilbroney, Co. Down, Gallipoli, Nov. 5-15.

Barker, Capt. Richard Vincent, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Rev. Frederick Barker, Rector of Wimborne St. Giles', Ypres, Oct. 31-14.

Barlow, Lt. Theodore Kenneth, S. Stafford Regt. Canon Barlow, Rector of Lawford, Somme, July 15-16.

Barnard, G R Rev. Gilbert William Barnard, of Canford.

Baron, Sub. Lt. Maurice Nelson, R.N.A.S., Rev. Charles William Baron, Rector of Barsham, Nieuport, Aug. 15-17.

Barr, Perceval Stanley St. John, Canadian E.F., Rev. George Barr, Vicar of Cropredy, Ypres, July 9-16.

Barrett, Lt. George, Warwickshire Regt., Rev. Benjamin Barrett, Vicar of Braunston, Gallipoli, Aug. 16-15.

Barrow, 2d. Lt. Laurence Alfred Howard, Royal Sussex Regt., Rev. Alfred Henry Barrow, Vicar of Flamstead, Albert, Aug. 3-16.

Bartlett, Capt. Robert Nigel Oldfeld, East Lancashire Regt., Rev. Charles Oldfeld Bartlett, Vicar of Minsterworth, Mesopotamia, Ap. 6-15.

Barton, Lt. Alfred Richard, South African Infantry, Rev. Alfred John Barton, Rector of Strumpshaw, Delville Wood, July 18-16.

Barton, 2d. Lt. Hugh Fabian, Norfolk Regt., Rev. Alfred John Barton, Rector of Strumpshaw, Ypres, Feb. 12-16.

Bashford, Charles. Rev. Robert Bashford, Rector of St. Mary's, Colchester, -16.

Bass, Capt. Charles Harold, Lancashke FusiUers, Rev. Charles Bass, Rector of Steeple Claydon, Cambrai, Aug. 26-14.

Bates, Captain William George Henry, Leinster Regt., Rev. William Wheatley Bates of Toronto, Ypres, Ap. 26-15.

Batson, 2nd. Lt. Leonard Henry, East Kent Regt., Rev. Vincent Lascelles Batson, Vicar of Brockland, Somme, July 3-16.

Beanland, Lt. Joseph Wilfrid, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Rev. Joseph Beanland, Vicar of Skirbeck, GaUipoli, Aug. 10-15.

Beardsworth, Reginald John, Canadian E.F., Rev. John Edward Beardsworth, Vicar of Harbury, Oppy Wood, May 3-17.

Beauchamp, Lt. Montague Barclay Granville, Norfolk Regt., Rev. Sir Montague Harry Procter Beauchamp, Bart., Vicar of Monkt on Combe,
Gallipoli, Aug. 12-15.

Becher, Capt. Henry Owen Dabridgecourt, Cameronians, Rev. Harry Becher, Rector of Rosscarberry, Bois Grenier, March 13-15.

Beechey, Barnard Reeve, Lincolnshire Regt., Rev. Prince William Thomas Beechey, Rector of Freisthorpe. Unknown, Sept. 25-15.

Beechey, Charles Reeve, Royal Fusiliers, Rev. Prince William Thomas Beechey, Rector of Freisthorpe, East Africa, Oct. 20-17.

Beechey, 2d. Lt. Frank Collett Reeve, E. Yorkshire Regt., Rev. Prince William Thomas Beechey, Rector of Freisthorpe, Warlincourt, Nov.

Beechey, Harold Reeve, Australian I.E., Rev. Prince William Thomas Beechey, Rector of Freisthorpe, Arras, Ap. 10-17.

Beechey, Leonard Reeve, London Irish Regt., Rev. Prince William Thomas Beechey, Rector of Freisthorpe. Rouen, Dec. 29-17.

Begg, Lt. Alexander James Bartlet, Northumberland Fusiliers, M.C.Rev. Alexander Begg, Rector of Usworth, March 21-18.

Belcher, Lt. Humphrey Gilbert, Wilts Regt., Rev. Gilbert Edward Belcher, Rector of Chaldon, Gallipoli, Aug. 7-15.

Belcher, Capt. Austin Charles Sandham, Wilts Regt., Rev. Gilbert Edward Belcher, Rector of Chaldon, Gallipoli, Aug. 10-15.

Belcher, Lt.-Col. Harold Thomas, D.S.O., R.F.A., Rev. Thomas Hayes Belcher, Rector of Bramley, July 8-17.

Belcher, Major Raymond Douglas, D.S.O., M.C., F.R.A., Rev. Thomas Hayes Belcher, Rector of Bramley, Le Trepot, Dec. 7-17.

Belcher, Capt. Gordon, M.C., Royal Berks, Rev. Thomas Hayes Belcher, Rector of Bramley, Festubert, May 16-15.

BeU, Lt. Benedict Godfrey AUen, R.A.F., Canon BeU of Norwich. Ap. 7-18.

Bell, 2d. Lt. James Donald Allen, Manchester Fusihers, Canon Bell of Norwich, March 21-18.

Bell, Rev. Charles Henry, C.F., M.C., Royal Berks Regt., Canon James Bell of Kettlethorpe, MoyenneviUe, Aug. 23-18.

Bell, Capt. Henry Urmston Bainbridge, R.A.S.C, Canon Bell, Rector of Cheltenham, London, June 6-17.

Bennett, Lt. O.H. Dampier, R.A.F., Rev. Owen Cjnil Dampier Bennett, Rector of Abberley.

Bennett, 2d. Lt. Reginald, Gloucestershire Regt., Rev. Joseph Bennett, Vicar of Stranton, Beaumont Hamel, Sept. 3-16.

Bennett, Joseph Victor, Royal Berkshires, Rev. William Bennett, Vicar of Kirkham, Camoy, Aug. 26-18.

Bennetts, Sub. Lt. Eric Augustine, R.A.F., Rev. Thomas Bennetts, Rector of Lifton, Wingles, Aug. 17-17.

Benson, Lt. Thomas Brookes, Royal Scots Fusiliers, Rev. Riou George Benson, Rector of Hope Bowdler, Neuve Chapelle, March 12-16.

Beresford, Lt. Col. Rev. Percy William, D.S.O., Mentioned in Despatches, London Regt.. Poelcaple. Oct. 26-17.

Bernard, Lt. Robert, Dublin Fusiliers, Archbishop of Dublin, Gallipoli, Ap. 26-15.

Berridge, Lt. Jesse Dell, J.M.C., R.E., Rev. Jesse Berridge, Rector of Little Baddow, Arras, May 24-18.

Berry, Capt. Edward Fleetwood, 9th Gurkhas, Rev. James Fleetwood Berry, Rector of Galway, Mesopotamia, Ap. 17-16.

Bertie, Lt. Ninian Mark Kerr, K.R.R.C, Hon. and Rev. Alberic Edward Bertie, Rector of Gelding, Hooge, May 8-15.

Besley, Capt. Barton Hope, Devonshire Regt., Rev. W. Blundell Besley of Ivedon, Givenchy, Oct. 25-14.

Betts, Lt. Henry Lee, Royal Fusiliers, Rev. John Arthur Betts, Rector of Stokesby, Zillebeke, Sept. 20-17.

Betts, Captain John Hamilton, Manchester Regt., Rev. John Arthur Betts, Rector of Stokesby, Albert, July 7-16.

Beven, 2d. Lt. Thomas, South Lancashire Regt., Rev. Sydney Beven of Brighton, Thiepval, July 4-16.

Bevis, Rev. Henry Bevis, Vicar of Arlingham.

Bickersteth, Capt. Stanley Morris, W. Yorkshire Regt., Rev. Samuel Bickersteth, Vicar of Leeds, Serre, July 1-16.

Billing, Capt. Charles George, R.M.L.I., Rev. George Billing, Vicar of Sturry, Gallipoh, March 10-15.

Binney, Lt. Edward Hibbert, Sherwood Foresters, Rev. John Edward Hibbert Binney, Vicar of H. Trinity, Folkestone, Neuve Chapelle,
Oct. 11-17.

Bird, Lt. Wilfrid Stanley, K.R.R.C, Rev. Henry George Bird, Rector of Newdigate, Richebourg St. Avaast, May 9-15.

Birrell, Capt. Stuart Erskine, Somerset L.L, Rev. Erskine Alexander Birrell, Vicar of Kirdford, Hooge, July 11-16.

Blackett, 2d. Lt. Charles Robert, Shropshire L.I., William Robert Blackett, Rector of Smethcote, Ypres, Ap. 26-15.

Blackledge, Cadet WiUiam Gregson, Rev. Robert Thomas Blackledge, Rector of Christ Church, Denton, Bristol, May 3-16.

Blake, Capt. James Robert, Worcester Regt., Canon Blake, Vicar of Bretforton Courcelles, March 25-18.

Blake, Edward Sylvester, London University, O.T.C. Artillery, Ealing, March 9-16.


Blakeston, Bernard Moore, Rev. Luke Harrison Blakeston, Vicar of Womersley, Pontefract.

Bland, Capt. Charles Edward, Hants Regt., Rev. Frederick Charles Bland, Vicar of MiUand, Sept. 9-16.

Blsmdford, WiUiam Arthur Innocens, Northumberland Fusiliers, Rev. William Mohne Blandford, Vicar of Sutton, Contalmaison, Oct. 26-17.

Blaxland, Capt. John Bruce, South Wales Borderers, Rev. Bruce Blaxland, Vicar of The Abbey, Shrewsbury, Kut, Jan. 24-17.

Blencowe, 2d. Lt. Lawrence Cave, Liverpool Regt., Rev. Charles Edward Blencowe, Rector of Marston St. Lawrence, Bois Grenier, June

Blencowe, 2d. Lt. Oswald Charles, Oxford & Bucks L.L, Rev. Charles Edward Blencowe, Rector of Marston St Lawrence, Somme, Oct. 10-16.

Bligh, Lt. Edward, Henry Swinburne, R.N.D., Hon and Rev. Henry Bligh, Canon of Winchester, Gallipoli, Sept. 10-15.

Blogg, Major Edward Basil, R.E., D.S.O., Rev. Fowler Dabington Blogg, Rector of Gt. Mongeham, Bethune, March 16-16.

Blythe, Capt. Regindd Crommelin Popham, Gloucester Regt., Bishop in Jerusalem, Gallipoli, June 4-15.

Booking, 2d. Lt. Bernard, East Yorkshire Regt., M.C., Rev. John Child Bocking, Vicar of Gnosall, Nieppe Forest, Aug. 21-18.

Bocking, 2d. Lt. John Webb, King's Own Yorkshire, Croix de Guerre, Rev. John Child Bocking, Vicar of Gnosall, France, Ap. 24-18.

Bodington, Capt. Cecil Herbert, Royal Horse Guards, Rev. Herbert James Bodington, Vicar of Upton-Grey, Arras, Ap. 11-17.

Boissier, Lt. WilUam Arthur Marshall, R.M.A., Rev. Frederick Scobell Boissier, Vicar of Denby, Oesthoek, July 27-17.

Boles, Lt. Noel Henry, Dorset Regt., Canon Boles of Truro, Cape Hellas, Jan. 11-16.

Bolland, 2d. Lt. John Wulstan Charles, Norfolk Regt., Rev. Wilham Ernest Bolland, Rector of Denton, Arras, Ap. 9-17.

Bolton, Lt. Herbert Frederick, South Lancashire Regt., Rev. Frederick Bolton, Vicar of St. George's, Darwen, Fampoux, May 3-17.

Borissow, Ernest, R.A.M.C, Rev. Louis Borrissow, Rector of East Gilling, Mudros, Oct. 8-15.

Borton, Major Cyprian Edward, Malay State Guides, Rev. Neville Arthur Blachley Borton, Rector of Burwell, Imad, Aug. 2-17.

Bosanquet, Capt. Armitage Percy, M.C., Duke of Cornwall's L.L, Rev. Claud Charles Courthope Bosanquet, Vicar of St. Stephen's by Saltash,
Cornwall, Hai River, Jan. 5-17.

Botfield, Capt. Charles Sidney Gamett, Bedfordshire Regt., Mentioned in Despatches, Rev. Charles Ramsay Gamett Botfield, Vicar of Moreton,
Boulogne, Dec. 14-14.

Botham, Major George Hallam, Northumberland Fusiliers, Rev. George Williana Botham, Rector of Anderby, Albert, Aug. 3-16.
Bott, Lt. Francis George, Scinde Horse, Rev. William Ernest Bott, Rector of Partney, Basra, Aug. 20-20.
Bott, Capt. William Ernest, Royal Fusiliers, Rev. William Ernest Bott, Rector of Partney, Ephey, Sept. 18-18.
Bott, 2d. Lt. Charles Stuart, Lincohishire Regt., Rev. William Ernest Bott, Rector of Partney, Feuchy, Ap. 17-17.


Bott, 2d. Lt. George, Rifle Brigade, Rev. Richard Bott, Vicar of Cotehill, Loos, Feb. 9-17.

Boucher, Capt. Alan Estcourt, Leicestershire Regt., Canoe Boucher, Rector of Frolesworth, Menin, Sept. 25 — 17.

Boughey, Lt. Anchitel Edward Fletcher, Rifle Brigade, Rev. Anchitel Harry Fletcher Boughey, Vicar of St. Mary the Great, Cambridge,
S.S. Leinster, Oct. 10-18.

Boultbee, Lt. Arthur Elsdale, R.A.F., Rev. Frederick Croxall Boultbee, Rector of Hargrave, Pont a Verdun, March 17-17.

Boultbee, Joseph Maxwell, Canadian E.F., Rev. Frederick Croxall Boultbee, Rector of Hargrave, Ypres, Ap. 22-15.

Bourne, 2d. Lt. Austen Spencer, South Staffordshire Regt., Rev. Alfred Ernest Bourne, Vicar of Sutton-at-Hone, Monchy, Ap. 23-17.

Bourne 2d. Lt. C3T)rian, West Surrey Regt., Rev. Stephen Eugene Bourne, Vicar of Dunston, Arras, Ap. 11-17.

Bourne, 2d. Lt. John Callender, Worcester Regt., Rev. Joseph Handforth Bourne, Rector of Broome, Gallipoli, July 18-15.

Bowden, Lt. John Desborough, N.Z.E.F., Rev. Charles S. Bowden, Vicar of Riccarton, N.Z., Heilly, Oct. 10-16.

Bowen, Lt. Cuthbert Edward Latimer, King's African Rifles, Rev. Thomas James Bowen, Vicar of St. Nicholas, Bristol, Kissi, Dec. 1-14.

Bowen, Major George Eustace Summers, M.C., R.F.A., Rev. Thomas James Bowen, Vicar of St. Nicholas, Bristol, Poperinghe, July 26-17.

Bowlby, Capt. George Elliott Lowes, Lincolnshire Regt., Rev. Alfred Elliott Bowlby, Vicar of St. James', West Streatham, Armentieres,
March 15-16.

Bowles, Lt. Reginald Julian Albany, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Rev. Henry Albany Bowles, Vicar of Christ Church, Epsom, Corbie, July 20-16.

Boyce, Innes Douglas, Royal Berks, Rev. Wilfrid Anderdon Boyce, Rector of Litchfield, Poelvillers, Aug. 16-16.

Bradley, Lt.-Col. Frederick Hoysted, R.A.M.C., D.S.O., Cannon Bradley of Monaghan, Bapaume, Sept. 22-18.

Brain, Edward George, Australian I.F., Rev. Alfred Brain, Rector of Korumburra, Victoria, GallipoU, Oct. 24-15.

Braithwaite, Major Francis Joseph, North Lancashire Regt., Rev. Francis Joseph Braithwaite, Rector of Gt. Waldingfield, Tanga, East
Africa, Nov. 4-14.

Braithwaite, 2d. Lt. Humphry Layland, R.E., Rev. Francis Joseph Braithwaite, Rector of Gt. Waldingfield, Plogstreet, July 10-16.

Braithwaite, Capt. Philip Pipon, Jacobs Horse, Rev. Philip Richard Pipon Braithwaite, Canon of Winchester, Beisan, Palestine, Sep. 23-17.

Bramley, Capt. Cyril Richard, Yorkshire Regt., Rev. Cyril Richard Bramley, Vicar of Donisthorpe, Beaumont Hamel, Feb. 20-17.

Bramley, Lt. Harold, Yorkshire Regt., Rev. Cyril Richard Bramley, Vicar of Donisthorpe, Ypres, May 13-15.

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