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Roll of the sons and daughters of the Anglican Church clergy throughout the world and of the naval and military chaplains of the same who gave their lives in the Great War, 1914-1918 online

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Online LibraryRichard UssherRoll of the sons and daughters of the Anglican Church clergy throughout the world and of the naval and military chaplains of the same who gave their lives in the Great War, 1914-1918 → online text (page 8 of 9)
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Thomas, 2d. Lt. Eric Hand, Duke of WeUington's Regt., Rev. Llewellyn Wyn Thomas, Vicar of Newland, Monchy, Dec. 8-17.

Thomas, 2d. Lt. Thomas Oliver, R. Welsh Fusiliers, Rev. David Pritchard Thomas, Recctor of Llanberis, Mamctz Wood, July 11-16.

Thompson, Lt. Charles John McKinnon, Northumberland Fusiliers, Rev. Samuel McKinnon Thompson, Vicar of Northallerton, St. Eloi,
March 27-16.

Thompson, Lt. Francis Clement, R.F.A., Rev. George Thompson, of Brighton, Ypres, Oct. 3-17.

Thompson, Lt. Horace Brockbank, M.C., Berkshire Regt., Rev. Jacob Thompson, of St. John's College, Colombo, Lake Doiran, Apr. 24-17.

Thompson, Lt. Morice Bell, Machine Gun Corps, Rev. William Francis Thompson, Vicar of Fyfield, Monchy, May 3-17.

Thorbum, Charles Edward Angus, R.E., Rev. Thomas James Thorbum, of Hastings, Chatham, Oct. 22-18.

Thorbum, Capt. John Morgan, Royal FusiUers, Rev. William John Thomburn, of Hornsey, N, Messines, Aug. 8-17.

Thomdike, Lt. Francis Herbert, Lincoln Yeomanry, R.F.C., Canon Thomdike, of Rochester, August 17-17.

Thome, 2d. Lt. Charles Everard, M.C., R.E., Rev. Charles William Thome, Sec. C.M.S., Bombay, Messines, Aug. 16-17.

Thornton, Archibald Clement, Canadian E.F., Canon Thornton, Rector of Downham, Armentieres.

Thornton, Major Frederick Edward, 105th Mahrattas, Canon Thornton, Rector of Downham

Thomycroft, Capt. Edward Gerald Mylton, Lancaster Regt., Rev. J. Mylton Thomycroft, East Africa, Sept. 12-14.

Tisdall, 2d. Lt. Charles Richard, M.C., Irish Guards, , Sept. 15-16.

TisdaU Sub.-Lt. Arthur Waldane St. Clair, R.N.V.R., V.C, Rev. William St. Clair Tisdall, Vicar of St. George's, Deal, GallipoU, May 6-15.

Tisdall, Lt. John Theodore St. Clair, Liverpool Regt,, Rev. William St. Clair Tisdall, Vicar of St. George's, Deal, Guillemont, Aug. 8-16.

Tillard, Capt. Arthur George, Manchester Regt., Rev. James Tillard, of Penshurst, Les Trois Maisons, Oct. 20-14.

Tollemache, Capt. Leo Quintus, Mentioned in Despatches, Lincoln Regt., Rev. Ralph William Lyonel Tollemache, Rector of South Witham,
Belguim, Nov 1-14<


Tollemache, Capt. Leone Sextus, Mentioned in Despatches, Leicester Regt., Rev. Ralph William Lyonel ToUemache, Rector of South Witham
Albert, Feb. 20-17.

Tomlinson, Lt. Frederick Roger John, South Staffordshire Regt., Rev. Arthur Roger Tomlinson, Vicar of Bolton le Sands, Ypres, Oct. 26-14.

Tompkins, Harold Newham, Australian I.F., Rev. Herbert Chilton Tompkins, Rector of East Woodhay, Polygon Wood, Sept. 26-17.

Tompkins, J , Australian I.F., , Oct. -17.

Toms, , Rev. Alfred Augustus Toms, Vicar of Flixton.

Totty, Alfred Clinton, Canadian E.F., Rev. Benjamin Totty, Moosehide Mission, Dawson, Yukon, Mont Dury, Sept. 2-18.

Towend, Capt. Francis Whitchurch, R.E., Rev. Alfred John Townend, C.M.F., Bethune, March 29-15.

Treasure, Midshipman Ivor Neil, R.N.V.R., Rev. James Percy Treasure, Vicar of Condover, H.M.S. Tancred, North Sea, Nov. 11-18.

Trefusis, Capt. Arthur Owen, North Lancashire Regt., Bishop of Crediton, La Boiselles, July 7-16.

Trefusis, Capt. Haworth Walter, Northants Regt., Bishop of Crediton, Le Transloy, Nov. 7-16.

Trelawney, Lt. Henry Walter, Duke of Cornwall's L.I., Rev. Francis Edward Trelawney, of Coldrenick, Contour, Oct. 23-15.

Trench, Major Charles Reginald Chenevix, Sherwood Foresters, Rev. Herbert Francis Chenevix Trench, Vicar of St. Peter's, Thanet, Bullecourt
March 21-18.

Trevor, Rev. Ernest Wilberforce, C.F., Rev. George Wilberforce Trevor, Rector of Beeford, Nov. 14-16.

Triphook, Major Owen Leech, R.F.A., Rev. John Crampton Triphook, Rector of Little Tey, Baghdad, Apr. 6-19.

Trotter, Claud Handley, R.A.F., Canon Trotter, of Ardrahan, Co. Galway, Hainault Farm, Oct. 13-18.

Tryon, Major George Arthur, M.C., K.R.R.C, Rev. Arthur William Tryon, Vicar of Middle Rasen, Nov. 7-18.

Tucker, Capt. Virgil, Australian I.F., Dean of Ballarat, Bullecourt, Apr. 11-17.

Tuckey, 2nd Lt. James Caulfield, Middlesex Regt., Rev. James Grove White Tuckey, C.F., Aug. 31-16, Bagdad, Mar. 25-17.

Tuke, Hugh Latimer, New Zealand E.F., Archdeacon of Tauranga, N.Z., Gallipoh, June 7-15.

Tunbridge, Lt. Gerald Charles, York & Lancaster Regt., Rev. James Tunbridge, Vicar of Bisbrooke, Bulgaria, Apr. 27-18.

Turner, Arthur, Gloucester Regt., Rev. Thomas Henley Turner, Rector of Chelwood, Darhngton, Sept. 9-15.

Turner, 2d. Lt. Eric Walter Carpenter, Hampshire Regt., Canon Turner, Rector of Overton, Ypres, Aug. 9-16.

Turner, 2d. Lt. Edmund Sanctuary, R.G.A., Rev. William Turner, Vicar of Blacktoft, Ypres, Aug. 21-16.

Turner, 2d. Lt. Arthur Charlewood, Rifle Brigade, Fellow of Trinity Coll., Cambridge, Bishop of Ishngton, Jan. 16-18.

Turner, Lt. Noel Price James, South Wales Borderers, Rev. John James Turner, Vicar of Pentreheglin, Bethune, May 9-15.

Turner, 2d. Lt. Ronald, Artists Rifles, Rev. Robert Stubbs Turner, Vicar of Tirley, Gallipoh, Aug. 15-16.

Turner, 2d. Lt. Richard Radford, Sussex Regt., Rev. Richard Turner, Vicar of Barnstaple, Ypres, Feb. 3-17.

Tumour, Lt. Arthur WiUiam Winterton, Rifle Brigade, Rev. Arthur Henry Toumour, Vicar of St. Augustine's, Stockport, Loos, Sept. 25-15.

Turton, Lt. Richard Dacre, York & Lancaster Regt., Rev. Zouch Horace Turton, Vicar of St. Mary's, Southtown, Ypres, Sept. 24-17.

Turton, Lt. Zouch Austin, Norfolk Regt., Rev. 2k)uch Horace Turton, Vicar of St. Mary's, Southtown, Ypres, Apr. 23-15.

Tuttiett, Capt. Laurence William, R. Sussex Regt., Rev. Laurence Rayner Tuttiett, Rector of Kelvedon Hatch, Beaumont Hamel. Sept.

Tyndale, William Dallas Annesley, Dublin Fusiliers, Rev. WilUam Earle Tyndale, of Horfield, Salonika, March 1-17.

Tyrer, 2d. Lt. Christopher St. John, Royal Warwickshire Regt., Rev. Frank Tyrer, Vicar of Moxley, July 22-16.

Tyson, Capt. Alexander Baird, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, Rev. Henry Tyson, Vicar of Cheadle Hulme, Henin, Apr. 23-17.

Uniacke, Col. Robie Fitzgerald, Mentioned in Despatches, Royal InniskilUng FusiUers, Rev. Robert Fitzgerald Uniacke, Vicar'of Tandridge,
France, May 17-15.

Upcher, Lt. Sydney, R.N., Canon Upcher, Vicar of Hingham, H.M.S. Vanguard, July 9-17.

Upstone, 2d. Lt. Cedric Donovan, Devonshire Regt., Rev. Philip Upstone, Vicar of Coaley, Bombay, July 11-16.

Urquhart, Capt. Edward Frederick Maltby, Black Watch, Rev. Edward William Urquhart, Vicar of King's Sutton, Pittern,
Oct. 23-14. H . e . .

Usher, Lt. Christopher Lancelot, Wilts Regt., Rev. Robert Usher, Rector of Fovant, Damery, April 23-18.
Ussher, Major, Beverly, Leinster Regt., Rev. Richard Ussher, Vicar of Westbury, Gallipoh, June 22-15.


Ussher, Capt. Stephen, 129th D.C.O. Baluchis, Rev. Richard Ussher, Vicar of Westbury, Givenchy, Dec. 16-14.

Ussher, Lt.-Com. Richard, R.N., D.S.O., Mentioned in Despatches, Rev. Richard Ussher, Vicar of Westbury, Ventnor, Sept. 10-22.

Vallancey, Capt. William Bertram, South African Infantry, Rev. John Vallancey, Vicar of Rojliston, Wynberg, May 17-17.

Vallings, Sub. Lt. Ranulph Kingsley Joyce, R.N.A.S., Rev. James Frederick Vallings, Vicar of Sopley, Struma Front, Jan. 13-17.

Vance, 2d. Lt. Charles Richard Griffin, Cheshire Regt., Chancellor Vance, of Newcastle, Co. Limerick, Ypres, March 9-15.

Vardy, 2d. Lt Albert Theodore, Warwickshire Regt., Rev. Albert Richard Vardy, Headmaster of King Edward's School, Birmingham,
Mametz Wood, July 4-16.

Vaughan, Capt. Robert Wiliam Walter, R.A.M.C, Rev. Thomas Walter Vaughan, Vicar of Rhuddlan, Arras, May 23-17.

Vawdrey, 2d. Lt. Gilbert Lloyd, Welsh Regt., Rev. Llewelyn Brookes Vawdrey, Vicar of Tushingham, Ypres, Nov. 10-17.

Venning, Capt. Edwin Gerald, Suffolk Regt., Rev. Edwin James Venning, Chaplain at Cassel, Ypres, Aug. 6-15.

Vernon, 2d. Lt. Roger, Somerset L.I., Rev. Frederick Wentworth Vernon, of Rangeworthy, Fricourt, May 14-16.

Verso, Capt. C5nil Linton, A.I.F., Canon Verso, Vicar of Berrigan, New South Wales, Zillebehe, Sept. 19-17.

Vivian, Charles Broderick Hugh, Canadian E.F., Rev. Charles Henry Gerald Vivian, Rector of Grade. Amiens, Apr. 3-18.

Vyvyan, Capt. William Geoffrey, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Rev. Herbert Francis Vyvyan, Rector of Withiel, Zonnebeke, Oct. 24-14.

Wade, Capt. Graham Hardy, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, Rev. George Wade, St. Julien, Apr. 25-15.

Waldegrave, 2d. Lt. Edmund John, R.F.A., Rev. Samuel Edmund Waldegrave, Rector of Osborne, Arras, May 10-18.

Waldy, 2d. Lt. Cuthbert Temple, South Lancashire Regt., Rev. Arthur Garmondsway, Waldy, Rector of Yarm, Lorgies, Oct. 20-14.

Wait, Lt. Charles Frederick Wells, King's Own Yorkshire L.L, Rev. Frederick William Wait, Rector of Hasketon, Somme, July 15-16.

Wait, Midshipman Percy Arthur Wells, R.N., Rev. Frederick WilUam Wait, Rector of Hasketon, H.M.S. Queen Mary, Jutland, May 31-16.

Walford, Capt. Hamilton Stewart, Worcestershire Regt., Rev. V/alter Shirley Walford, Rector of Sproatley, France, May 27-18.

Walker, 2d. Lt. Claud Arthur Leonard, Inniskilling Fusiliers, Rev. Dr. Walker, Rector of St. Matthew's, Belfast, France, July 11-16.

Walker, 2d. Lt. Edmund Basil, West Kent Regt., Rev. George Sherbrooke Walker, Rector of March, Hill 60., Apr. 18-15.

Walker, Capt. Edward WiUiam, D.S.O., Royal Welsh Fusihers, Rev. WiUiam Greaves Walker, Rector of Knockin, Gaza, Nov. 6-17.

Walker, Lt. John West, West Lincolns, Canon Walker, Rector of Barkston, Hargicourt, Apr. 11-17.

Walker, 2d. Lt. Maurice John Lea, R. West Kent, Rev. John William Walker, Vicar of Saxthorpe, May 3-17.

Walker, 2d. Lt. Reginald Fydell, Manchester Regt., Rev. David Walker, Vicar of DarUngton, Les Trois Maisons, Oct. 21-14.

Wallace, Capt. Alexander Moultrie, Northants Regt., Rev. Walter Edward Wallace, of Southleigh, Neuve Chapelle, March 12-15.

Wallace. Lt. CyrU Walter, 47th Sikhs, Rev. Walter Edward Wallace, of Southleigh, Kut, March 8-16.

Walley, Lt. Geoffrey Stephen, K.R.R.C, Rev. Stephen Cawley Walley, Rector of Hardingham, Somme, Aug. 20-16.

Walters, 2d. Lt. Edward Charles, Gloucester Regt., Rev. Frank Bridgman Walters, Fellow of Queen's College, Cambridge, France, Dec

Walters, Lt. Ernest Beauchamp, Gloucester Regt., Rev. George Ernest Walters, Vicar of Keynsham, Somme, July 30-16.

Walters, Lt. Lancelot John Barrington, R.N., Rev. Charles Barrington Walters, Rector of Sywell, H.M.S. Partridge, Dec. 12-17.

Walton, Lt. Joseph Cyril, West Riding Regt., Rev. John Maxon Walton, Vicar of Southowram, Kemmel, Hill, Apr. 29-18.

Ward, Capt. Arthur Edward Mart3nr, Norfolk Regt., Rev. J. Martyr Ward, Rector of Gressenhall, GaUipoli, Aug, 12-15.

Ward, Lt. Aubrey Parker Orde, Lincolnshire Regt., Rev. Frederick William Orde Ward, of Eastbourne, Grantham, Nov. 11-18.

Ward, 2d. Lt. Noel Loftus Moore, Essex Regt., Rev. Charles James Ward, Rector of Barnston, Gudecourt, Oct. 15-16.

Ward, 2d. Lt. WiUiam Arthur Bayford Kirwan, R.E., Mentioned in Despatches, Rev. WilUam Hallowes Kirwan Ward, Vicar of Asthall,
Poperinghe, Aug. 2-15.

Warden, Major Warren Henry, Garkwell Rifles, Rev. Arthur Francis Gregson WardeU, of Jubbulpore, Steenwerck, -15.

Warlow, Lt. Edmund Jarvis Leith, Worcester Regt., Archdeacon of Lahore, Somme, Nov. 5-16.

Warlow, Lt. Theodore WilUam, Yorkshire Regt., Rev. George Edmund Warlow, Vicar of Ledsham, Boulogne, July 28-15.

Warren, Major Richard Dunn, Leicester Regt., Rev. Charles Warren, Vicar of St. Michael's, Lincoln, Ypres, Apr. 7-18.

Warren, Capt. James Lionel East, R. Welsh Fusiliers, Rev. John Alexander Faris Warren, C.M.S., AUahabad, Loos, Oct. 2-15.


Warren, 2d. Lt. Theodore Stewart Wolton, Durham L.I., Rev. Charles Theodore Warren, Rector of Chilthorne Domer, Pozieres, July 17-16j

Waters, Capt. George Thorold, Suffolk Regt., Rev. Thomas Waters, Rector of Staverton, Albert, March 29-18.

Waters, 2d. Lt. Kenneth Selby, Indian Army Reserve, Rev. Samuel George Waters, Vicar of Merriden, Murree, May 30-17.

Wayet, Lt. Frank Merewettor, Cameronians, Rev. Frank Field Wayet, Vicar of Pinchbeck, Loos, Sept. 27-15.

Weatherhead, Capt. George Ernest, Lancaster Regt., Canon Weatherhead, Vicar of Seacombe, Ypres, May 8-15.

Weatherhead, Capt. Andrew, Lancaster Regt., Canon Weatherhead, Vicar of Seacombe, Beaumont Hamel, July 1-16.

Webb, Lt.-Com. Arthur Cyril Brooke, R.N.R., Rev. A. Brooke Webb, Jan. 13-18.

Webber, Frederick William, Canadian E.F., Rev. George Henry Webber, Rector of St. Mary's, Port Glasgow, St. Eloi, Apr. 16-15.

Webster, 2d. Lt. Aubrey Herbert Bowen, Northants Regt., Rev. John Webster, Vicar of Ombersley, Albert, Apr. 25-18.

Weekes, 2d. Lt. Walter, Lincoln Regt., Rev. William Harvie Weekes, of Devizes, Scarpe, Apr. 23-17.

Weekes, Harold, Somerset L.L, Rev. William Harvie Weekes, of Devizes, France, March 23-18.

Welchman, Lt. Eric Llewellyn, Lincolnshire Regt., Canon Welchman, of Clifton, Frameries, Aug. 24-14.

Were, Rev. Cyril Narramore, C.F., Bishop of Derby. Jan. 9-18.

Westmacott, 2d. Lt. Frederick Charles, R. West Kent, Canon Westmacott, of Truro, Ypres, July 31-17.

Westmacott, Lt. Spencer Ruscombe, Leinster Regt., Canon Westmacott, of Truro, Ypres, May 8-15.

Whaley, 2d. Lt. Oswald Stanley, Hampshire Regt., Rev. Oswald Whaley, of Bexhill, GaUipoh, Aug. 10-15.

Whall, 2d. Lt. Edward Lionel Haversham, K.R.R.C, Rev. Edward Haversham Whall, Rector of North Barsham, Menin, Sept. 20-17.

Wharton, Herbert, Royal Fusiliers, M.M., Rev. Arthur Patteson Wharton, of Brighton, Delville Wood, July 27-16.

Wheelhouse, 2d. Lt. George William, A.S.C., Rev. George Wheelhouse, Vicar of St. Michael's, Appleby, Mesopotamia, July 6-17.

Widborne, Lt. George Ferris, M.C., Coldstream Guards, Rev. George Ferris Whidborne, Vicar of St. George's, Battersea, Bethune, Oct. 24-15.

Whitaker, Capt. Arthur Cecil, West Yorkshire Regt., Rev. Charles Probart Whitaker, Vicar of Broadclyst, Armentieres, Jan. 1-16.

Whitchurch, Capt. Leslie Sedgwick, 21st L Cavalry, Rev. Walter Beaumont Gurney Whitchurch, Rector of Spixworth, Messines, Oct. 31-14,

White, 2d. Lt. Gerald John Davis, R. Irish Regt., Bishop of Limerick, Mametz, July 5-16.

White, Capt. Hill Wilson, R.A.M.C, Bishop of Limerick, Vieux Berquin, Apr. 12-18.

White, Reginald Bayley, , Bishop of Newfoundland, Etaples, Jan. 9-18.

White, 2d. Lt. Cecil Wilson Morton, Norfolk Regt., Rev. Wilson Woodhouse White, Rector of Brockdish, Loos, Sept. 26-15.

White, 2d. Lt. Robert Stewart, R.F.A., Bishop of Honan, China, Chelsea Hospital, Nov. 4-18.

White, Major WiUiam Hawtrey, Royal Irish Regt., Rev. James White, Vicar of St. Peter's, Paddington, St. Eloi, Feb. 14-15.

White, Lt. Hugh Reginald, Middlesex Regt., Rev. Cecil Edward White, Vicar of Holy Trinity, Sloane St., Berry au Bac, May 27-18.

Whitehouse, Major Augustine George Richard, M.C., Herefordshire Regt., Rev. George Whitehouse, Vicar of Sellack, Oulchy, Aug. 1-18.

Whiteside, Capt. Carrol Herbert Marston, Border Regt., Rev. Joseph Whiteside, Rector of Plumstead, Somme, Nov. 1-16.

Whiteside, Capt. Miles Bruce Dalzell, M.C., A.D.C. to Governor of Burmah, Rev. Miles Whiteside, of Hereford, Napsbury, June 13-18.

Whitfeld, Lt. Arthur Noel, Royal Irish Rifles, Rev. Arthur Lewis Whitfeld, Vicar of Hughenden, Bethune, Oct. 14-14.

Whittingham, Lt. Thomas, Leicestershire Regt., Archdeacon of Oakham, Hohenzollem Redoubt, Oct. 13-15.

Whittingstall, Lt. George Herbert Feamley, Northumberland FusiUers, Rev. Herbert Oakes Feamley Whittingstall, Rector of Chalfont
St. Giles, Albert, Aug. 3-16.

Wickham, Lt. Bernard William Theodore, M.C., South Staffordshire Regt., Rev. William Arthur Wickham, Rector of Ampton, Ypres, Apr.

Wickham, Lt. Anthony Theodore Clephane, Cormaught Rangers, Rev. James Douglas Clephane Wickham, of Holcombe Manor, Bath. Ypres,
Nov. 2-14.

Wilberforce, Capt. William Robert Sargent, K.R.R.C, Bishop of Chichester, Uphavon, June 2-18.

Wilcock, Lt. Henry Blamires, Essex Regt., Rev. Wilham Henry Wilcock, Rector of ToUeshunt Knights, Beaumont Hamel, Nov. 13-16.

Wilcox, 2d. Lt. Kenneth Theodore Dunbar, R. West Surreys, Rev. Alfred George Wilcox, Vicar of St. George, Battersea, Ypres, Nov. 8-15.

Wilder, 2d. Lt. Reginald Phillips Connor, Suffolk Regt., Rev. William Bumard Chichester Wilder, Rector of Great Bradley, Wulvergham,
Nov. 18-14.

Wilford, 2d. Lt. Lionel Russell, Royal Fusiliers, Rev. Herbert Hignett Wilford, Rector of Welney, Marseilles, Nov. 8-18.


Wilkinson, Edward Parker, R.A.M.C, Rev. Robert Parker Wilkinson, Rector of Longparish, Mesopotamia, Oct. 13-18.

Wilkinson, Lt. Francis Dudley, M.C., The Buffs, Mentioned in Despatches, Rev. Dudley Wilkinson, Vicar of Cumnor, Aden, Apr. 19-20.

Wilkinson, George Jerrard, Middlesex Regt., Rev. Willoughby Balfour Wilkinson, Vicar of St. Luke's, Birmingham, Somme, July 1-16.

Wilkinson, Lt. John Rothes Marlow, Middlesex Regt., Rev. Henry Marlow Wilkinson, Vicar of Milford on Sea, Mons, Aug. 23-14.

Willan, Capt. Stanhope Douglas, South Staffordshire Regt., Rev. John Alfred Percy Douglas Willan, Rector of Morley, Miraumont, Feb.

Vv'illett, 2d. Lt. Richard, Lancashire Fusiliers, Rev. Richard Knight Willett, Vicar of Norden, Messines, July 31-17.

Williams, 2d. Lt. Arthur Llewelyn, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Rev. John Williams, of Holyhead, Gaza, March 26-17.

Williams, Capt. Cecil, M.C., Sherwood Foresters, Rev. Hugh Robert Williams, of Ripon, France, March 24-18.

WiUiams, Lt. Donald Arthur Addams, South Wales Borderers, Rev. Herbert Addams Williams, Rector of Llangibby, Gallipoli, Aug. 11-15.

Williams, Lt. Edmund Oswald Griffith, R. Welsh Fusihers, Rev. John Meyrick Williams, Rector of Beaumaris, Gibraltar, May 7-16.

Williams, Francis Vivian, S. African F., Mentioned in Despatches, Rev. Benjamin WilUams, Rector of Bilborough, Filibusi, Nov. 6-18.

WiUiams, 2d. Lt. Howard Glynne, K.R.R.C., Rev. Griffith Williams, Rector of Llanrwst, Corwen, Jan. 5-17.

Williams, Noel Grif&th, Liverpool Scottish, Rev. Griffith WiUiams, Rector of Llanrwst, Festubert, Apr. 9-18.

WiUiams, Harold Penny Gamons, London Regt., Rev. Arthur Gamons WiUiams, of Abercamlais, Passchendale, Oct. 30-17.

Williams, Surgeon Percy, R.N., Rev. Arthur Gamons WiUiams, of Abercamlais, H.M.S. Hampshire, June 5-16.

Williams, John BasU Percy, R.E., Rev. WilUam Rhys WilUams, Vicar of Param, Antigua W.I., France, June 3-17.

Williams, John Rayner, Shropshire Yeomanry, Rev. John WiUiams, Rector of St. Margaret's, Port of Spain, West Indies, Trinidad, Sept.

WiUiams, 2d. Lt. Keith, N.Z.E.F., Rev. Alfred Owen WiUiams of Wanganui, N.Z., Messines, June 8-17.

WiUiams, 2d. Lt. Timothy Davies, R.G.A., Rev. Charles David WiUiams, Varennes, March 21-18.

WiUiams, Capt. Wynne Austin Guest, R. Berkshire Regt., Rev. Samuel BlackweU Guest WiUiams, Vicar of Pittingham, Sept. 25-15.

WiUiams, Lt. James WiUiam, Canadian E.F., Bishop of Quebec, France, Nov. 18-16.

WiUiamson, 2d. Lt. Alan Kennedy, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, Rev. Henry Lawrence WUliamson, April 20-17.

WiUink, Capt. Harman James Lindanale, W. Riding Regt., Rev. Arthur WiUink, Vicar of Nackington, VaUenciennes, Nov. 5-18.

Willis, WiUiam Bryan de Laval, New Zealand E.F., Archdeacon of Waikato, N.Z., Alexandria, May 12-15.

Wilmot, Henry Cecil, Worcester Regt., Rev. Francis Edmund William Wilmot, Rector of Monnington, Lewisham, July -17.

WUmot, Capt. Robert Conisby, Sherwood Foresters, Rev. Francis Edmund William Wilmot, Rector of Monnington, PoelcappeUe, Oct. 29-17.

Wilmot, 2d. Lt. Thomas Norbury M.C., Worcester Regt., Rev. Francis Edmund WiUiam Wilmot, Rector of Monnington, Thiepval, Aug.

WiUmott, Capt. John Herbert Victor, M.C., Essex Regt., Rev. Henry Herbert WiUmott, Rector of Rivenhall, Arras, JIarch 28-18.

Wilson, Arthur Shannon, West Yorkshire Regt., Rev. Charles Usher Wilson, Vicar of Sutterton, Achieux, June 11-18.

Wilson, Capt. Charles Edgar Andrew, R.A.M.C, Rev. Alfred Wilson, Vicar of St. Michael's, Chiswick, Etretat, Apr. 8-18.

Wilson, 2d. Lt. Edward, S. African E.F., Canon Wilson, of Worcester, Steenwerck, May 25-16.

WUson, 2d. Lt. Hugh Stanley, Worcestershire Regt., Canon Wilson, of Worcester, Hebuterne, Sept. 15-16.

Wilson, 2d. Lt. Henry Foss, M.G.C., Rev. WiUiam Henry Thomas Wilson, of CUfton, March 21-18.

вЦ†Wilson, Capt. James Ernest Studholme, M.C., R.A.M.C, Rev. Studholme Wilson, Rector of MiUbrook, Poperinghe, Aug. 23-17.

Wilson, Lt. Thomas Percival Cameron, Sherwood Foresters, Rev. Theodore Cameron WUson, Vicar of Little Eaton, Hermies, March 23-18.

Winch, Harold, Forbes Clarke, Austrahan I.F., Rev. George Thomas Winch, Vicar of Brompton, GaUipoU, Aug. 6-15.

Winckley, 2d. Lt. Charles Reginald, Sherwood Foresters, Rev. Charles Richard Thorold Winckley, Vicar of BiUingborough, Trones Wood,
July 20-16.

Windle, Lt. Michael WiUiam MaxweU, Devonshire Regt., Rev. William Henry Windle, Rector of Welton, Loos, Sept. 26-16.

Wiseman, Lt. Philip Henry FrankUn, North Lancashires, Rev, Henry John Wiseman, of Clifton College, Ypres, Oct. 27-17.

Wiseman, Capt. WiUingham GeU Franklin, Lincolnshire Regt., Rev. Henry John Wiseman, of CUfton College, Somme, July 9-16.

Wodehouse, Capt. Arthur Poyys, 123rd Baluchis, Mesopotamia, Nov. 22-15.

Wodeman, Bertram Howard, R.N., Fleet Pajmiaster, Rev. Henry Wodeman, Vicar of Peckforton, H.M.S. Benbow, Scapa Flow, March 30-18.


Wollocombe, 2d. Lt. Francis, Devonshire Regt., Rev John Henry Bidlake Wollocombe, Rector of Stowford, Corbie, Sept. 10-16.

Wood, Capt. Cecil Strachan, East Yorkshire Regt., Canon Wood, of Rochester, Havre, Dec. 2-14.

Wood, Christopher Eric,

Wood, 2d. Lt. Frank, Sherwood Foresters, Rev. James Hathom Roworth Wood, Vicar of Cropwell Bishop, St. Omer, Oct. 23-17.

Wood, Rev. Herbert William, C.F., R.G.A., Vicar of Norton, Rev. Thomas Wood, Rector of St. John's, Clerkenwcll,

Wood, William Harold, N.Z.E.F., Rev. William Charies Wood, Vicar of Papakura, N.Z., Rouen, Sept. 4-18.

Woodhall, Lt. John F., M.C., M.G.C., Rev. John Duckett Woodhall, Vicar of St. Margaret's, HalUweU, Bolton, Palestine, Nov. 8-17.

Woodhouse, Rev. Disney Charles, Rev. Arthur Chorley Woodhouse, Rector of Winterboume Monkton, Boulogne, Oct. 6-16.

Woodhouse, Lt. Reginald Courtenay Hulton, 56 Punjabis, Rev. Reginald Illingworth Woodhouse, Rector of Merstham, Mesopotamia, Jan.

Woodruff, Lt. Arthur Hamilton Winthrop, Dorset Regt., Rev. Arthur WiUiam Woodruff, Rector of North Waltham, Ramadie, Sept. 29-17.

Woods, Lt. Joseph Eric, West Yorkshires, Rev. Francis Henry Woods, Rector of Bainton, Poelcappelle, Oct. 9-17.

Woodward, Lt. Ernest Harold Hamley, West Surrey Regt., Rev. Alfred Ernest Woodward, Vicar of Ugley, Vierstraat, Dec. 24-16.

Woodward, Capt. Edward Seymer, 97th Infantry, Indian Army, Rev. Richard Scihsbury Woodward, Vicar of All Sciints, Eastbourne, Kut,
Jan. 6-16.

Woolley, Alfred Duncan, Essex Regt., Rev. Alfred Duncan Woolley, Rector of Weston Patrick, Midhurst, May 1-18.

Wordsworth, Capt. Alexander Gerald, Middlesex Regt., Rev. John Wordsworth, Vicar of All Hallows, Mealsgate, Laventie, Dec. 6-14.

Wordsworth, Lt. Osmond Bartle, Oxford & Bucks L.I., Rev. Christopher Wordsworth, Sub Dean of Salisbury, Arras, Apr. 2-17.

Worthington, Capt. Tudor Ceitho, South Wales Borderers, Rev. David Worthington, Vicar of Llangeitho, Poix de Nord, Oct. 29-18.

Wray, Capt. Kenneth George Christopher, South Lancashire Regt., Rev. George Daniel Wray, Rector of Easton Grey, Aug. 10-16.

Wrigley, Capt. Willoughby Thornton, M.C., Wilts Regt., Mentioned in Despatches, Rev. Daniel Wrigley, Vicar of Hartbum, Shahraban,
Aug. -20.

Wyatt, Col. Arthur Thomas Elford, Lincolnshire Regt., Rev. WiUiam Wyatt, Rector of Broughton, London, Feb. 19-17.

Wyatt, Capt. FeUx, R.A.F., Rev. James Deen Keriman Mahomed, Rector of Ingham. Changed his name to Wyatt. Gouzeaucourt, July

Wyld, Capt., George Richard, Wilts Regt., Canon Wyld, Vicar of Melksham, Givenchy, Dec. 24-14.

Wyllie, Rev. Robert Augustus Platel, Rev. Robert WyUie, of St. Peter's, Canterbury, Hirano Maru, Nov. 4-18.

Wynne, Capt Edward Ernest, Leicestershire Regt., Rev. Edward Horace Wynne, Rector of Guestling, Lieven, June 8-17.

Yate, Major Charles Allix Lavington, V.C, Yorkshire L.I., Rev. George Edward Yate, Prebendary of Hereford, Le Cateau, Aug. 26-14.

Young, Major Arthur Hamilton, Winipeg Rifles, Archdeacon Young, of London, Ontario, Arras, Sept. 7-18.

Young, Lt. Robert Percival, M.C., Sussex Regt., Rev. Arthur Frederick Young, Vicar of St. Luke's, Brighton, Jerusalem, Dec. 17-17.




Braithwaite, Margaret Dorothea, Rev. Francis Joseph Braithwaite, Rector of Gt. Waldingfield, Wandsworth Hospital, Mar. 2-19.

Fomeri, Agnes Florian, Canon Forneri, of Ontario, Bramshott Hospital, April 24-18.

Phillips, Agnes Clementina, Archdeacon of Fumess, St. Thomas' Hospital, S.W., Dec. 24-18.

Shaw, Ellen Miriam Havergal, Rev. William Henry Shaw, Rector of Stapleton, Bedford Hospital, Jan. 15.

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