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gangs, quickening into ever madder swiftness,' and we shall follow the affairs in the
:ast for the ^ture with an underlying sense of distrust and uneasiness which we had
never ihousht to coma to."

The Henrietta Volumes,

I. THE CUB IN LOVE: m Twelve Twinges;
with Six additional Stories. By R. S. Warren Bell.
With Cover in Colours by Maurice Greiffenhagen.


STORIES. By R. S. Warren Bell. With Cover in
Colours by E. J. Sullivan.

Tauchnitry Size, is. 6d. each vol.

{Copies also obtainable in cloth. 2S.)

I XLU Mall Gazette. — " Light and amusing withal is Mr. Warren Bell's sketch of
a very young man suffering from the bitter-sweet of an unrequited affection. . . .
The Cub seems to be a near relation of Dolly (of the ' Dolly Dialogues'), and the
sprightliness of his dialogue makes him worthy of the kinship."

The Scotsman. — " Infinitely entertaining. , If the subsequent volumes of
the Henrietta series are up to tnis standard, there need be no question of their success."

The Weekly Sun— "These pages are bubbling over with humour, and are about
as bright a little love story as we can well imagine. , , . Taking it all in all ' The
Cub in Love ' is the very brightest of short stories."

The 5ylvan 5erie5.

I. A PEAKLAND FAGGOT: Tales toid of

Milton Folk by R. Murray Gilchrist.

Thk Scotsman.—" The book will interest ever^ one who takes it up, and it cannot
but prove specially attractive to those familiar with the localities in which it moves."

The Literarv World.— "A book to be bought, enjoyed, and recommended to our

The Speaker. - " We cannot give our readers better counsel than in advising them
to procure without delay this charming and cheery volume."


Speaker. — " Not only are the sketches themselves full oi charm and real literary
value, but the little volume is as pleasant to the eye and to the touch as its contents
are stimulating to the imagination. . . . We do not envy the person who could
lay down the book without feeling refreshed in spirit by its perusal. We cannot give
our readers better counsel than in advising them to procure without delay this
charming and cheery volume."

Mr. T. P. O'Connor in the Graphic. — "The writer who gives us glimpses into the
psychology of tlie poor and illiterate ought always to be welcome. . . Mr. Murray
Gilchrist has introduced us to a new world of profound human interest."

Mr. Richard le Galliknne in the Star. — " I have read no book outside MS
Hardy's so learned in such minutia of country ' wit ' and sentiment."

Fcap. 8vo. Cloth. 2S. 6d. each vol.

Shanghaied: A Story of Adventure on the
Californian Coast. By Frank Norris. 3s. 6d.

New Age.— " Shanghaied, Frank Norris's new story, is a well-written piece of
work ... we shall certainly look forward with pleasure to his new volume —
there is a vigorous, descriptive power, a brightness, and withal a humour displayed
in ' Shanghaied ' that likes us well."

Bookman. — " ' Shanghaied ' is a stirring tale well told. The interest is sustained
throughout, from the first chapter to the last, and the tragedy at the end is as
dramatically effective as it is unexpected. . . . The book is full of exciting
incidents, the fight with the Chinese ' beach-combers ' being particularly good.
' Shanghaied ' is certainly a Story to be read. We shall await Mr. Norris's next
work with much interest.

Dundee Advertiser. — " Amongst what may be called extreme adventure stories
recently issued ' Shanghaied ' will take a very high, if not the premier, position. In
the first place it is refreshingly original and clever. Next the action is both brisk and
surprising. Thirdly, it is extremely picturesque and riotously redolent of the sea.
Lastly, it introduces a character whose like has not before appeared in fiction."

Mr. W. D. Howells, in his "American letter" to " Literature."— " A fresh and
courageous invention ... a clever little story."

Star.—" ' Shanghaied ' is a splendid sea story."

Daily Telegraph. — "Mr. Norris has written a delightful book in 'Shanghaied.
It is fresh, breezy, original, and full of interest, The author is thoroughly at home
with his subject and in scenes like that of the fight between Wilbur and Moran, or in
the picture he draws of the lonely, deserted, heat-ridden Magdalena Bay, he shows
some vivid descriptive power."

North British Daily Mail.—" . . . the tale is of thrilling interest, events
following one another with breathless rapidity, . . . it is so original and so boldly

No. 5, John Street. By Richard Whiteing,
Author of " The Island," 6s. [Ninth Edition.

Critic. — " A brilliant, fascinating book. Among the band of novelists who have
taken London for their province he must henceforward be reckoned one of the first."

Daily Mail. — " For pure literary charm this piece of artistic workmanship is far
and away superior to anything we have read this year. The thought and wit in it
are brilliant. . . . It is a book that everyone ought to read."

Daily News — "This book shows at least two qualities which are not often found
in the fiction of the day. One is strength of style, a style that is terse, unaffected,
and luminous. The other is detith of feeling. ... a book of observation, of
character drawing and satire ; but also, as will be seen, a book with a message."

Morning Post. — " The book which is most talked about at the present time, and
will be remembered as the book of the season."

Daily Telegraph. — " Mr. Whiteing has written one of the most strikingly
successful and also one of the cleverest pieces of work which have appeared for
many months past."

St. James's Gazette. — " No compliment could be too high for so remarkable a
social study, with its keen satire, true feeling, and vigorous expressive style."

Mr. David Christie Murray.—" ' No. 5, John Street ' should be read by every
thinker in the kingdom . . . it is very much more than novel."


Michael Dred : Detective. By Marie Connor and
Robert Leighton. With Eight Illustrations by
J. M. Flagg. 3s. 6d.

Bristol Mercury.—" The plot is rather an unusual one . . The story is full
of excitement the whole way through."

Academy. — "The story is constructed with skill and the reader is put off the true
scent and on several wrong ones in turn until the very end."

The Star. — " In ' Michael Dred ' there is a beautiful baflSing mystery which will
titillate the most callous palate. The plot is ingenious and can be enjoyed, whether
you box it backwards or forwards."

Daily News.—" . . . the story gains in interest as it proceeds and the mystery
is so well kept that the reader dbes not even guess at the real solution until within a
few pages of its close."

Manchester Guardian.— "A story of crime in which the probabilities of guilt
are so artificially manipulated that the mechanism seems fairly to rattle, may be
found in ' Michael Dred.' "

Dundee Advertiser. — " ' Michael Dred ' is a piece of fiction with a carefully
traced-out plot, the intricacies of which tax the reader's wit and memory. The
central figure is powerfully limned, contrary to the ideas of detectives .he actually
falls in love, commits a murder, and finishes up by taking his own life."

A Duet : With an Occasional Chorus. By A. Conan
Doyle. 6s.

Glasgow Herald.—" The author has told it with such a humorous abandon, such
a keen insight into the situation, and such a large optimism, that the total effect is

Daily News.—" We thank Mr. Conan Doyle for his charming little volume and
say farewell, with extreme regret, both to the suburban villa and to Mrs., Mr. and
Master Crosse."

Critic. — " I should be greatly suprised if Dr. Couan Doyle's new book be not a
brilliant popular success . . . It is tender, humourous, and vastly diverting."

Westminster Gazette.—" ' A Duet ' is a wise, wholesome, sparkling little book,
written with a flowing pen for the pleasure of ordinary people, yet so nicely done
that the most exacting critic could do nothing but smile upon it."

Morning.—" It is quite a long time since we enjoyed the perusal of a volume so
completely as ' A Duet." Dr. Doyle once more proves his versatility and his ability
to write a book fascinating in its interest, enduring in its life lessons, and yet dealing
with the common-place life of ordinary people."

London Morning. — "There is a delightfully amusing book by Conan Doyle
'A Duet.' . . . the author has written it up so charmingly."

Punch. — "'A Duet' is a most delightful book, beginning with a couitship and
snding with the first year of the very happy couple's married life. It is real life and
true pathos without esaggeratiou. Dr. Couan Doyle, your very good health."


Contraband of War : A Tale of the Hispano-

American War. By M. P. Shiel. With Eight
Illustrations by A. Pearse. 6s.

North British Daily Mail.—" It is true excitement run* riot through the whela
of this story and that the reader's attention is thereby Itept on the stretch."

Aberdeen Free Press.—" There can be no doubt that ' Contraband of War' is an
excellent story, full of thrilling incidents and dramatic situations. The movement is
light and rapid and carries the reader forward irresistably."

Star.—" ' Contraband of War ' is as breathlessly exciting as ' The Yellow Danger '

. . . the book is crammed with fiRhtingand intrigue, and sensations which chase
each other with the speed of cinematograph films."

Scotsman.—" Is a book which anyone with the slightest liking for excitement i>
bound to enjoy. The characters are admirably drawn, the iiici.lents of the war
cleverly manipulated to serve as a background for the personal struggle ... a
story that carries the reader along with it."

Echo.—" Readers of exciting fiction will sup their full of sensation and adventure
in ' Contraband of War.' "

Man Between : A story of Two Hearts and a
Treasure Hunt. By Robert Halifax. With Four
Illustrations. 6s.

Academy.—" A tale full of mystery and action."

Scotsman.—" This is a breezy romance of adventure on tke high seas. . . The
story is written with a properly romantic spirit . . . is an ably-written and
interesting romance in the Stevensonian school which oaniot fail to interest everyone
who takes it up."



By Grant Allen.

by Gordon Browne. 6s.

TWELVE TALES : With a Headpiece, a Tailpiece, and
an Intermezzo: Being Select Stories by Grant Allen.
Large Cr. 8vo. 6s.

By George Eqerton.

Author of "Whul of God."


By Frederic Breton.

Author of "True Heart."

••QOD SAVE ENGLAND!" The Story told by Gervase
Alard, Baron of the Cinque Ports to refute certain Calumnies.

By F. C. Constable.

Author of "Aunt Judith's Island."

MORGAN HAILSHAM ; or, A Curious Month. 6s

By William Sharp,
Author of " Wives in Exile."


By Mrs. Belloc-Lowndes.

By Frank Norris.

Author of " Shanghaied."

McTEAGUB. A story of San Francisco. 6s.

By J. 8. Fletcher.
FROM THE BROAD ACRES. Sm. Cr. 8vo. as.

By Mrs. Ormiston Chant.

g, Henribtxa Street, Covent Garden, W.C.



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