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daughter of Andrew Deyo, of New Paltz. Edmund was
an examiner, in 1880, in the U. S. Appraiser's office. New
York City.

82 Wynkoop Genealogy

288. Abram Wynkoop, (Petrus 109, Sheriff Johannes 15, Maj.
Johannes 2, CorneHus i,) bom March 26, 1786, Kinderhoek,
N. Y., baptized April 9, "Abraham": died March 23, 1868, in
Kingston, N. Y. : married, January 10, 1838, Maria Van Steen-
berg, who died in New York City, November 21, 1900, aged 82

Children of Abram and Maria Wynkoop :

505. Mary Catharine: b. Apl. 14, 1844: m. Henry E. Malin.

506. Harvey Heusted: b. May 15, 1846: m. Caroline Haynes.

507. Matilda: b. May 5, 1848: unmarried: lives in New York City.

508. Anna Elizabeth: b. July 7, 1851: m. Rev. Wilson R. Terry.

509. William Teller: b. Feb. 5, 1854: d. in Willington, Conn.,
June 27, 1889.

393. Dirck Wynkoop, Judge, (Capt. Evert 112, Cornelius 28,
Evert 4, Cornelius i,) born October i, 1732, in Kingston: died
there, December 9, 1796: married ist, November i, 1754,
Tjaatje (Cheauchee) Wynkoop [102], bom November 19, 1731,
died November 17, 1757, second child and first daughter of
Sheriff Johannes and Maria (Bogardus) Wynkoop. Dirck mar-
ried 2d, December 13, 1760, Sarah Smedes, born December 8,
1737, daughter of Petrus and Catrina (Du Bois) Smedes.

The compiler is the eldest son of the eldest son — i. e., who left
a descendant — back to this Dirck, and back of him to Evert [4],
the second son of Cornelius [i]. He is also descended, through
the marriage first above mentioned, from Maj. Johannes [2],
eldest son of Cornelius [i].

Dirck's name appears uniformly with the spelling Dirck;
but the more correct modem form is D i r k . The usual spelling
of the name, as belonging to other Wynkoops, was Derrick
or D e r i c k : sometimes it was D i r r i c k . The original form
of the name seems to have been Diederick, derived from Theo-
doric, meaning powerful among the people. It was common to
use this name as equivalent to Theodore, God-given, or Richard,
stout-hearted. But Rijkaard and Rijk are the Dutch for Richard,
The compiler has hitherto accepted the traditional opinion, that
Dirck and Dick are equivalents; but they are not, as he is con-
vinced by Dingman Versteeg, author of The Sea Beggars, N. Y.,
1 90 1, whom the compiler considers a competent Dutch scholar.
Dierryk was an other form, in use. Tjerck, pronounced Cheurk,
as one syllable, is probably the Frisian equivalent of Dirck.

Wynkoop Genealogy 83

This Dirck was a lawyer, and became a judge. Many old wills
and old deeds were left in his hands, and some of them came
into the hands of the compiler: others, no doubt, perished,
when "Miss Peggy Wynkoop" burned a mass of papers, to rid
herself of the persecution of relic-hunters.

Benjamin Blagge, Jun. issued a license, under the Excise act,
February 23, 1760, to Dirck Wynkoop, Jun', to retail tea,
throughout the province of New York, except within the city and
county of Albany. This license, which is in the possession of the
compiler, is an evidence of reputation for trustworthiness: but
Dirck developed into a determined supporter of the patriotic
cause. He was an Associator of Kingston, N. Y., May 29, 1775;
and he is mentioned as a member of the Third Regiment of
Ulster County Militia. ^°4 On November 5, of the same year, he
was chosen a deputy to the New York Provincial Congress, and
he met with them in New York, November i4.2°5 The Com-
mittee of Safety, of which he was a member, appointed him,
October 11, 1776, Inspector of Flour, at Kingston.^"^ The New
York Provincial Congress, October 15, 1776, adopted a preamble
and resolution, reciting that the records of the city and county
of New York, and of the county and borough of Westchester,
were in private hands, in the county of Westchester, and unsafe,
because of the landing of the enemy in that county, and ap-
pointed William Miller, Theodore Barton, and John Cosine,
commissioners to remove the records, with all possible expedi-
tion, to Kingston, Ulster County, and there place them in care
of Dirck Wynkoop, Abram Hasbrouck [207], and Christopher
Tappen [107]: and empowered the commissioners to call for a
guard to protect the removal.^"^ The Committee of Safety,
through an order, signed John McKesson, Fishkill, October 17,
1776, sent the papers of the late Receiver General's office, to the
same persons, at Kingston, with instructions to take care of
them, equal to, or even greater than, that used with the other
public records.^°7

The New York Continental Constitutional Convention met in

2°4- New York in the Revolution, p. 263.

^°5 Journal of N. Y. Provincial Congress, vol. i., pp. 32, 189.
206 Force's Amer. Archives, 5th Series, vol. iii.,fpp. 239, 247, 248, 31, 23

2°7 The order is in possession of the compiler : also the letter.

84 Wynkoop Genealogy

Kingston, in April, 1777, and adopted a State Constitution.
They appointed Dirck a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of
Ulster County, as associate of Levi Pawling, First Judge. The
British, in revenge for the harboring of the State Convention,
determined to bum Kingston. The public records, mentioned
above, in anticipation of the attack, were removed early in
October, to Rochester, Ulster County, as already stated under
Jonathan Hasbrouck [207]. The British burned Kingston, Octo-
ber 16, 1777. Some of the public records were removed from
Judge Wynkoop's house, corner of Pearl and Fair streets, in Mr.
Bancker's charge, a few minutes only before a party of red-coats
began to plunder the buildings. ^°^ Mr. Schoonmaker states
that the British destroyed two houses, two barns, one barrack,
and a brew house, belonging to Dirck Wynkoop.^"^ Gen'l Sharpe
[827] said that Washington, while on his way from the Delaware
to West Point, dined at the Judge's house, on Greene Street.
The table used consisted of boards laid on carpenter's horses.

Gov. George Clinton wrote to Judge Wynkoop, from Pough-
keepsie, May 4, 1778, of a contribution from Charleston, S. C, of
;£92 7, 175, i6d., for the Kingston sufferers; and of his own
purpose to grant exemption from ordinary miUtia service, to me-
chanics, where they would work at reasonable wages, in rebuild-
ing.^°7 'The ancestry of this Clinton is given under Christina


Dirck was Assistant State Agent, in 178 1; and in the same
year, he was Assistant Commissary of Purchases, and, as such,
was required, by order of Gen'l Washington, April 28, to procure
a supply of shad for the army .^° 7

Under the head of Ulster County Mihtia (Land Bounty Rights)
appears, among enhsted men, Dirck Wynkoop, Jr., in Capt.
Depue's Company, Third Regiment.^'°

He was commissioned by Gov. Clinton, March 12, 1783, First
Judge of the Common Pleas, for Ulster County, during good be-
havior, or until he should attain the age of sixty years. The
expiration of this time limit was in October, 1792.

Judge Wynkoop was an estimable gentleman, and one of the
most active and noted men in Ulster County, during the Revolu-

2°8 Colleciions of Ulster Hist. Soc, vol. i., pp. 129, 69, 120.

209 History of Kingston, p. 523.

«i° AT. y. in the Revolution as Colony and State, iSg.S, pp. 262, 263.

Wynkoop Genealogy 85

tion. He was a member of the New York Assembly, 1780-81,
In 1788, he was a member of the State Convention, to which
was submitted the Federal Constitution.^"^ His associates from
Ulster County were George Clinton, who presided, John Cantine,
Cornelius C. Schoonmaker, Ebenezer Clark, and James Clinton,
brother to George: and all of them were opposed to the uncon-
ditional acceptance of the Constitution. Dirck was a Republican
in politics. This is disclosed under Joseph Gasherie [106].

Dirck was owner of the brig Esopus, trading between Kingston
and the West Indies, 1787-89, and perhaps owner for a longer
period. Of this vessel, Jacobus Wynkoop [167], probably was
at one time master.

William H. Dederick, of Kingston, wrote of the Judge, as fol-
lows: " He was a member of the consistory of the First Reformed
Dutch Church of Kingston, a number of times. This seems to
have been a characteristic of the family. I can not forbear say-
ing that in the many records I have examined, I have found no

His last will was dated August 28, 1794, proved February 18,
1797.^" His tombstone stands beside that of his father, Capt.
Evert, in the yard of the First Reformed Church, Kingston. His
silver snuff-box, embossed with the representation of a Holland
feast, descended, to the compiler, through his grandfather and
father; who received from his great-aunt, " Miss Peggy Wyn-
koop" [516], on her decease, the Bible of Arriaantje Schepmoes,
with the family records of Capt. Evert, and Judge Dirck; also
a long and heavy silver ladle — ^perhaps for hot mush; also gold
knee- and shoe-buckles, and a pair of silver candlesticks.

If there was ever a portrait of Dirck, it was destroyed, no
doubt, with one of his houses; and he was so impoverished by the
war, and his liberal contributions to it, directly and indirectly,
that he did not sit for his portrait, in his later days. One, at
least, of his houses was of stone, and the walls remained stand-
ing, and the house was rebuilt, and was occupied by his daugh-
ter, "Miss Peggy."

A letter to the Judge, of which a copy is here given, seems to in-
dicate the author and the time of the introduction of furniture
made of native woods :

2" Records of Wills, Kingston, Book B, p, 382.

86 Wynkoop Genealogy

"New York XV"' October 1790.
*' D« Sir.

" I spoke to Capt. Desang when I saw him at your house for
some Boards of Cureled Maple such as you had a sample of if
he had any of them remaining to spare which in that case he
promised me. I will therefore be much oblidged to you if you
will inquire respecting them and take the trouble of forwarding
them to me. If he has none left I should be glad if you would
endeavor to get some for me elsewhere of equal Quality as I
wish to get some Pieces of Furneture made of that wood by ■
some of our best workmen and try if People cant be induced
to prefer it to the Mahogany — which carries much money from
our country.

" With best respects to Mrs. Wynkoop and Family in which
Mrs. Clinton & the children join me I am yours

" Sincerely

" Geo. Clinton.

" Judge Wynkoop."

Children of Judge Dirck and Tjaatje Wynkoop:

510. Peter: b. Dec. 27, 1755: m. Margaret Quackenbos.

511. Maria: b. Sept. 3, 1757: d. Mch. 16, 1758.
Children of Judge Dirck and Sarah Wynkoop :

512. Arriaantje (Arietta): b. Dec. 3, 1761. Her last will, dated
Apl. 4, 1820, proved Apl. 7, 1826, mentioned her sister
Margaret .2* 2

513. Catharine: b. Jan. 24, 1764: d. unmarried.

514. Sarah: b. July 25, 1773, bp. Aug. 24, Kingston new church:
d. about 181 7, in New York City, at the house of her step-
daughter, AmeUa Smith, wife of Robert M. Russell. Sarah
married, Nov. 7, 1795, Timothy Tredwell Smith, b. Jan. 17,
1768, at Smithfield, L. I., d. Oct. 24, 1803. When he
married, he was principal of the Kingston Academy, and
when he died, he was professor of moral philosophy in
Union College, Schenectady. His tombstone is in the
yard of the First Reformed Church, Kingston.

The correspondence of the step-daughter, Mrs. AmeHa

Russell, came under the eye of the compiler; and he has

tried, in vain, to find any descendant of hers, to ascertain

whether her own interesting character has been transmitted.

2" Record of Wills, Kingston, Book E, p. 246.

Wynkoop Genealogy 87

515. Dirrick: b. June 17, 1775: d. Dec. 6, 1775.

516. Margrietje (Margaret — "Miss Peggy"): b. at the house of
her paternal uncle, Marbletown, Ulster Co., Mch. 27, 1778:
d. in Kingston, Mch. 18, 1862, unmarried. Gifts from her
to the compiler are mentioned above. She was commonly
known as "Miss Peggy Wynkoop."

She is mentioned as the "venerable lady, whose elegant
manners and refined tone, lend such a charm to her society,
residing in the house on Greene Street, Kingston, where her
father entertained Gen'l Washington, on his visit to King-
ston. "^ ^3 It may be that the entertainment of Washington
was at Dirck's other house also on Greene Street.
395. Cornelius E. Wynkoop, Major, (Capt. Evert 112, Cor-
nelius 28, Evert 4, Cornelius i,) bom March 4, 1746: d. Septem-
ber 19, 1795, and was buried at the new church at Marbletown:
married August 22, 1766, Cornelia Mancius, baptized November
I, 1 741, daughter of Rev. George Wilhelmus and Cornelia
(Kiersted) Mancius.

He was a member of the committee from Marbletown, April 7,
1775, to choose deputies to the Provincial Congress of New York.
In June, of the same year, he was an Associator of Marbletown;
and September 19, following, he was Captain of the Southeast
District, First Company, of the town of Marbletown; and com-
mission was issued to him, under date of October 25, 1775, as
second Major of the Minutemen of Ulster County .^'^ He ap-
pears as a member of the Third Regiment of Ulster County

The legislature of New York, in 1778, passed an act for the
detection and defeat of conspiracies. Under this act, Cornelius
E. Wynkoop, with Messrs. Piatt, Harper, and Cantine, were
appointed commissioners. In a communication to Lieut. -Col.
Aaron Burr, August 3, in that year, the commissioners mentioned
Cornelius E. Wynkoop as one of the board, and referred to him
for such particulars as it might be necessary to adjust, to enable
them, in the future, to convey more effectually unfriendly per-
sons to the enemy's lines. ^'s
The house at Stone Ridge, Marbletown, Ulster County, N. Y.,

213 Collections of Ulster Hist. Soc, Geo. W. Pratt, vol. i., p. 133.

214 Journal of N. Y . Provincial Congress, vol. i., pp. 21, 34, 151, 38, 178.
^'S Memoirs of Aaron Burr, Davis, vol. i., pp. 132, 133, 131.

88 Wynkoop Genealogy

built in 1772, and for this Cornelius, apparently, is at the present
time, a substantial, commodious, and handsome stone building,
and it was superior to nearly all the houses of its period. It is
now known as the "Lounsberry House." Gen'l Sharpe [827]
stated, that Gen'l Washington, on his way from the Delaware to
West Point, spent a night in this house: and that, on the morn-
ing following, he received from the porch of a house at Hurley,
an address of welcome from Gen'l Wynkoop. This may have
been Cornelius D. [94], or Adriaan [63].

Under the head of Ulster County Militia (Land Bounty
Rights) appears, among enlisted men, Cornelius E. Wynkoop, in
Capt. Depue's Company, Third Regiment."^

Children of Cornelius E. and Corneha Wynkoop:

517. Evert C. : d. June 20, 1807: m. Rachel Hardenbergh.

518. Cornelia: bp. June 5, 1769: m. Benjamin Hardenbergh.
303. Anne Wynkoop, (Cornelius 114, Jacobus 29, Evert 4.

Cornelius i,) baptized February 6, 1732, "Antjen," Kingston:
married, October 15, 1749, Philip Swartwout, described as born
and living in Minassink, Orange County, and she, as born and
living in Rochester [Ulster County]. They were received to
church membership, on confession, October 11, 1750, at Port
Jervis. His name appears elsewhere as Swarthoudt. [Zwart-
hout = black timber.]

Their children were baptized at Rochester. Jacobus, Anne,
and Cornelius divided the property, about 1778.

Children of Philip and Anne Swartwout :

519. Jacobus Swartwout: bp. Nov. 18, 1750.

520. Cornelius Swartwout: bp. June 24, 1752: d. in infancy.

521. Anne Swartwout: bp. June 16, 1754-

522. Philip Swartwout: bp. Oct. 16, 1757, "Swarthoudt."

523. Gerardus Swartwout : bp. Aug. 26, 1759.

524. Cornelius Wynkoop Swartwout: bp. Mch. 20, 1763.

303. Jacobus Wynkoop, (Cornelius 114, Jacobus 29, Evert 4,
Cornelius i,) married, November 4, 1758, Janneke Oosterhout,
whose name is written, elsewhere, Oosterhoud. [Oosten-hout

= east wood.]

Jacobus, in 1778, joined with other inhabitants of Rochester,
Ulster County, in a petition for protection against the Indians."?"

2'6 ^ew York in the Revolution as Colony and State, 1898, pp. 262, 263.
217 Collections of the Ulster Hist. Soc, vol. i., p. 58.

Wynkoop Genealogy 89

Baptisms of their children are recorded at Rochester. '
Children of Jacobus and Janneke Wynkoop :

525. Margaret: bp. Mch. 17, 1759: m. Johannis Sammons.

526. Cornelius: bp. May 16, 1761.

527. Benjamin: bp. July 17, 1763.

528. Jacobus: bp. Jan. 12, 1766: m. ist, Tryntje Schoonmaker;
2d, Syntje Schoonmaker.

529. Henry: bp. Nov. 2, 1767: d. in infancy.

530. Anne: bp. Feb. 11, 1770: m., probably, John T. Schoon-

531. Jeremiah: b. Sept. 18, 1772.

532. David: bp. Nov. 27, 1773: m., probably, Susan Wood.

533. Elizabeth: b. Apl. 20, 1777.

534. Henry: bp. Sept. 6, 1778.

306. Johannes Wynkoop, (Evert 124, Johannes E. 36, Evert 4,
Cornelius i,) bom June 18, 1759: died February 3, 1 813 : married,
March 21, 1791, Harriet Bartlett, bom November 22, 1768, died
February 13, 181 7. They lived in Bethlehem, Albany County,
N. Y. : afterwards at Cohoes Falls.

Children of Johannes and Harriet Wynkoop:

535. Sarah: b. Dec. 13, 1791: m. Daniel Haines.

536. Lany: b. Jan. 13, 1794: d- Dec. 24, 1843: m., Apl. 17 or
19, 1814, Jacob W. Lansing, b. Sept. 7, 1795, d. Nov. 5,

1848, son of William and Alida (Fonda) Lansing.

537. Maria: b. Aug. 19, 1796: m. Alfred Berden.

538. Eleanor: b. Nov. 13, 1798: d. Jan. 9, 1871 : m., ist, Dec. 25,
1833, Isaac W. Lansing, b. May 21, 1806, d. Jan. 28, 1839,
brother of Jacob named above: m., 2d, in Oct. or Nov.,

1849, Benjamin Hess, who died in the winter of 1854-55.

539. Evert: b. Mch. 10, 1801: d. July 11, 1861: m., ist, Penel-
ope Border; m., 2d, Oct. 17, 1830, Elizabeth Putnam.

540. Abraham: b. Aug. 20, 1803 : m. a daughter of Alfred Berden.

541. Catharine: b. Feb. 6, 1806: m. Martin Van der Ker.
311. Joshua Wynkoop, (Evert 124, Johannes E. 36, Evert 4,

Cornelius i,) born September 19, 1770: married Margaret Arnout
or Arnold, bom June 10, 1770. They lived and died in Bethle-
hem, Albany County, N. Y.

Children of Joshua and Margaret Wynkoop :

542. Evert: b. Sept. 3, 1796: m., ist, Eunice Van Wie Winnie;
m., 2d, Jane Barhight.

90 Wynkoop Genealogy

543. John: b. Aug. 4, 1798: d., in Syracuse, July 20, 1868: m.
Mary Roach.

544. Anne: b. Aug. 4, 1800: m. Peter I. Hotaling.

545. Abraham: b. Sept. 30, 1802: m. Susannah Albright.

546. Peter: b. May 30, 1804: m., ist, Magdalen Long; m., 2d,
Jane Long.

547. Jacob: b. Oct. 19, 1807: m. Ellen Carhart.

548. Garrett: b. May 11, 1810: m., May 14, 1830, in Bethlehem,
Phoebe Am out or Arnold. They lived in Mayfield, N. Y.

549. Sarah: b. July 2, 1812: m. Aaron Springsted.

315. Hezekiah Wynkoop, (Evert 132, Hezekiah 39, Evert 4,
Cornelius i,) born June 9, 1766: died February 28, 1856: mar-
ried Elizabeth Dederick, bom April 6, 1770, daughter of Matthew
and Maria (Emmerich) Dederick. His last will, of Saugerties,
dated in 1853, proved May 12, 1856, mentioned his daughters,
Sally, Elsje, deceased, wife of John P. Kemple, and Maria; and
his sons, Henry and Everett H.^^^ Kemple, elsewhere, is written
Kimble, Kimball, and Kemble.

Children of Hezekiah and Elizabeth Wynkoop :

550. Everett H.: b. June 9, 1787: m. Maria Post.

551. Maria, a twin: b. June 9, 1787: d. unmarried. Her will
was dated Oct. 28, 1861, proved Feb. 23, 1863.^^9

552. Henry, Judge: b. Sept. 13, 1789: m., ist, Nelly Myndertse;
m., 2d, Hannah Wynkoop [569].

553. Alida or Elsie: b. Nov. 11, 1800: m. John P. Kimble.

554. Tobias: b. Aug. 4, 1802: d. aged about 18 years.

555. Sarah: b. Aug. 30, 181 2: d. unmarried.

316. Sarah Wynkoop, (Evert 132, Hezekiah 39, Evert 4, Cor-
nelius I,) born January 12, 1768, baptized January 13: died
July 31, 1832 : married, November 19, 1799, Paul Van Steenberg,
described as a widower, and she as an unmarried woman. "° He
was born in 1754. His first wife was Rosina Schuyler. [Steen-
berg = Stone-mountain.]

Children of Paul and Sarah Van Steenberg:

556. Alida Van Steenberg: b. Apl. 25, 1802.

557. Catharine Van Steenberg : b. Aug. 13, 1803.

558. Thomas Van Steenberg: b. Oct. 27, 1804: m. Leah Hommel.

218 Record of Wills, Kingston, Book N, p. 363.

"9 Ibid., Book O, p. 408.

220 pirst Settlers of Albany County.

Wynkoop Genealogy 91

559. Lucretia Van Steenberg : b. Sept. 19, 1811 : m. Jacob Meyer.
317. Henry Wynkoop, (Evert 132, Hezekiah 39, Evert 4,

Cornelius i,) baptized September 19, 1769, Kaatsbaan church:
died May 20, 1828: married, October i, 1789, Anne Loew,
called also Arriaantje. A family Bible, in the possession of Dr.
Warren Kemble, gives Henry's birth as September 20.

Henry's last will, as Hendrikus, of Saugerties, dated May 20,
1828, proved August 25, 1828, mentioned his wife Annatje Loew,
and his children, Evert, Hezekiah, Aultje, wife of Henry Schoon-
maker, Jun., Ann, Tjerck, and Henry. "^ Baptisms of the
children are recorded in the Kaatsbaan church.

Children of Henry and Anne Wynkoop :

560. Peter: bp. Jan. 8, 1792: m. Maria Langendyck.

561. Tjerck: bp. Apl. 28, 1794: m., ist, Margaret Hendricks;
m. 2d. Eliza Ten Broeck.

562. Alida: b. Aug. 14, 1799: m. Henry Schoonmaker.

563. Evert: b. Nov. 2, 1802: unmarried.

564. Henry H.: b. Nov. 17, 1806: unmarried.

565. Anne: b. Jan. 7, 1810: m. Abraham Turck.

566. Hezekiah: b. May 31, 1812, bp. July 12: m., Oct. 8, 1844,
Julia Anne Turck, daughter of Solomon and Cornelia (Brice)
Turck, and granddaughter of Jacob. They lived in Sauger-
ties, N. Y.

319. William Wynkoop, (Evert 132, Hezekiah 39, Evert 4,
Cornelius i,) bom May 20, 1774, baptized Aug. 9, Kaatsbaan
church: died May 24, 1847: married, July 3, 1796, Kaatsbaan
church, Maria Trombour, each described as unmarried. She
was daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth (Schmidt) Trombour."^
She died March 25, 1843.

The tombstones of William and Maria stand on the land of
Myndertse [992], in Greene County, N. Y.,near Hudson River,
and they give his age as 73 years and 4 days, and hers as 74
yrs., 2 mos., 25 days. Baptisms of their children are in the
Kaatsbaan church record.

William seems to have purchased lands in the easterly part of
Greene County, as early as 1797.^^3

Children of William and Maria Wynkoop :

221 Record of Wills, Kingston, Book N, p. 363.

222 Henry Brace, of New York City.

223 12 Johns Rep. N. Y. Reports, p. 222, 1815.

92 Wynkoop Genealogy

567. Elizabeth: b. Nov. 10, 1797: m. John P. Sax.

568. AUda: b. Sept. 4, 1799: m. John Hover.

569. Hannah: b. Apl. 23, 1801 : m. Judge Henry Wynkoop [552].

570. Comeha, or Eleanor: b. Nov. 13, 1806: m. Egbert P.

333. Sarah Wynkoop, (Hezekiah 136, Tobias 40, Evert 4,
Cornelius i,) born August 19, 1775, baptized September 6: mar-
ried June 7, or July 2, 1794, Kaatsbaan church, Merchant Law-
rence, widower, born February i, 1768, died March 16, 1831, son
of Uriah and Joanna (Kelly) Lawrence, the former of Ancram.
Merchant was from Connecticut, and settled in Greene County,
N. Y."4

Children of Merchant and Sarah Lawrence:

571. Maria Lawrence: b. Feb. 18, 1795: d. Sept. 2, 1815.

572. Tjerck ("Clark,") Lawrence, b. Mch. 12, 1797: d. Sept. 25,
1843 : m. Oct. 5, 1820, Hannah Sax,b. Aug. 12, 1800, d. Mch.
27, 1 88 1, daughter of Frederick and Maria (Dederick) Sax.

573. Evert Wynkoop Lawrence: b. Jan. 9, 1799: m. Jan. 17,
1827, Eliza Van Wagenen.

574. Anna Lawrence: b. Dec. 19, 1800: d. Mch. 2, 1832: m.
Sept. 25, 1822, Henry Myer.

575. Roswell Lawrence: b. Dec. 6, 1803: m. Nov. 11, 1832,
Catharine Brett, b. Sept. 11, 18 16, daughter of Peter Brett.

576. Sarepta Lawrence: b. Nov. 23, 1804: m. Dec. 30, 1827,
William F. Myer.

577. Lomira Lawrence: b. Mch. 29, 1806: m. Nov. 24, 1831,
Stoddard Hammond.

578. Horatio Lawrence: b. Jan. 4, 1808: d. Apl. 18, 1866: m.
Dec. 24, 1839, Mary Townsend.

579. Marilla A. Lawrence: b. Apl. 13, 1810: m. Oct. 28, 1830,
Henry F. Wickes.

580. Chauncey M. Lawrence: b. Jan. 15, 1813.

581. Lewis C. Lawrence: b. Feb. 4, 1821: d. Sept. 25, i843."S

334. Leah Wynkoop, (Hezekiah 136, Tobias 40, Evert 4, Cor-
nelius I,) baptized October 5, 1777, Kaatsbaan church: married
Roswell Lawrence, half-brother of Merchant [333].

224 Merchant's first wife was Anna Neeley, m. Dec. 19, 1790, died June 17,
1793. She had one child, Neeley Lawrence, b. June 5, 1793, m., May 21,
1815, Caty, daughter of WiUiam Wall. Henry Brace.

225 Family Bible of Roswell Lawrence [575], per Henry Brace.

Wynkoop Genealogy 93

Children of Roswell and Leah Lawrence :

582. Wynkoop Lawrence: hved in Chemung County, N. Y.

583. Albert Lawrence; m., ist, Myer; m., 2d, Margaret

Britt, granddaughter of Peter and Leah [Wynkoop] Britt
[139]. They lived in Ontario County, N. Y.

584. Lewis Lawrence: m. Margaret Peck, daughter of Benjamin

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