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nelius I,) baptized June 29, 1800: died in 1837 : a planter: mar-
ried, June 14, 1836, Sarah Yerkes, bom December 29, 1806, at
Moreland, Pa., died December 29, 1885, in Philadelphia, daugh-
ter of Daniel and Esther (Lickens) Yerkes.

Child of John and Sarah Wynkoop:
743A. Franklin: b. Nov. 17, 1836: m. Emma Skinner

417. Elizabeth Wynkoop, (Capt. Jacobus 167, Cornelius 51,
Benjamin 8, Cornelius i,) born March 19, 1758: married, Decem-
ber 26, 1776, Garret A. Lansing.

The record of the Dutch church, Albany, has this entry: Re-
ceived to church membership, on confession, March 5, 1790,
Elizabeth Wynkoop, wife of "Gerrit A. Lansingh." Births of
the children are given in First Settlers of Albany County, page 72.

Children of Garret A. and Elizabeth (W.) Lansing:

744. Abraham Lansing: b. Dec. 6, 1777: d. in infancy.

745. Abraham Lansing: b. Jan. 3, 1782: d. in infancy.

746. James Wynkoop Lansing: b. Apl. 20, 1783: d. in infancy.

747. Gerrit Lansing: b. July 20, 1785.

io6 Wynkoop Genealogy

748. Alicia Lansing: b. Jan. 19, 1787.

749. Elizabeth Lansing: b. Dec. 30, 1788.

750. James Lansing: b. Apl. 2, 1791.

751. Abraham Lansing: b. Feb. 10, 1793.

752. Cornelia Lansing: b. Sept. 10, 1794, bp. Dec. 25.

753. John Lansing: b. Mch. 10, 1797.

754. Robert Lansing: b. May 6, 1800.

755. Sarah Lansing: b. Sept., 1802.

420. James Wynkoop, (Capt. Jacobus 167, Cornelius 51,
Benjamin 8, Cornelius i,) born March 9, 1769: died January
21, 1821: married, February 11, 1791, Catalina Dunbar, bom
November 28, 1770, in Albany, died June 15, 1838. His last
will was dated October 26, 181 9, recorded February 28, 182 1,
in the Surrogate's office, Albany, N. Y., Liber 5, p. 257.

Children of James and Catalina Wynkoop :

756. James J.: b. Dec. 2, 1791 : d. Apl. 25, 1843, in Albany, un-
married. He was deputy county clerk, in 1808, 1810,
181 1. In the War of 181 2, he was a lieutenant.

757. William: b. Apl. 29, 1794: d. Feb. 2, 1796.

758. John Henry Myers: b. Sept. 10, 1796: d., on a war vessel
bound for Curasao, aged about 47 years, unmarried. He
was an ensign in the War of 181 2.

759. Elizabeth: b. Feb. 17, 1799: m., Mch. 12, 1818, 2d Dutch
ch., Kingston, N. Y., Riley Bartholomew.

760. Alida: b. Aug. 31, 1801: m. James C. Ferris.

761. Sarah: b. Apl. 21, 1804: d. Aug. 23, 1805.

762. Sarah: b. Aug. 25, 1806: m. Samuel S. Wood.

763. Wihiam D.: b. Feb. i, 1809: d. Aug. 21, 1852: m. Mary
Roosa — pronounced Rosa. This family name is sometimes
written Roser.

764. Robert Dunbar: b. Aug. i, 181 1: m. Almira Augusta

431. Abraham Wynkoop, (Benjamin 175, Abraham 52, Benja-
min 8, Cornelius i,) born June i, 1782: died January 25, 1852:
married, March 28, 1807, Hannah Norman, daughter of Joseph.

Children of Abraham and Hannah Wynkoop:

765. Benjamin Norman: d. Aug. 16, 1857 : m. Rachel W. Monge.

766. Joseph Pilmore: b. Dec. 15, 1811: m. Matilda Charlotte

767. Alfred, M.D.: b. Apl. 3, 1825: m. Helen K. Crispin.

Wynkoop Genealogy 107

768. Almira Anne: b. May 15, 1831.

769. Francis: b. June 10, 1833.

434. Mary Wynkoop, (Abram 176, Abraham 52, Benjamin 8,
Cornelius i :) married, in 1805, Richard Davis, of Cecil, Md., who
died in 1809.

Mr. Davis was married three times: ist, when about 19 years
old, Elizabeth Stockton, widow of John Davis; 2d, Mary Wyn-
koop; 3d, Matilda Tod, cousin to Mary.

Children of Richard and Mary (W.) Davis:

770. Caroline Davis: d. in 1847: m. Thomas Tennant.

771. Mary Matilda Davis: b. about 1809: d. Feb. 28, 1888, un-
married. "She cared nobly for her sister's children, after
the death of her sister."

435. Dyer Sharpe Wynkoop, (Abram 176, Abraham 52, Ben-
jamin 8, Cornelius i,) ist Lieut, of Marines: born about 1775:
died in 1800. His signature appears as Dyre S. Wynkoop.

His first name was the family name of his paternal grand-
mother, and his second the family name of his mother. He was
maintained and educated by Nicholas Hammond, at Cambridge
and Easton, Md., after the death of his father. Hammond was
related through his grandmother, Mary Dyer, who married ist, a
Hammond, 2d, Abraham Wynkoop. ^33

Dyer Sharpe Wynkoop was appointed First Lieutenant in the
U. S. Marine Corps, November 16, 1798, on its re-organization.
Two official letters from him are in existence; the first written
at Dover, Del., August 19, 1798; and the other on board the
U. S. brig General Pinckncy — at sea, December 28, 1799, and at
Charleston, January 10, 1800; each addressed to Maj. W. W.
Burrows, Commandant U. S. M. C, at that time. They were
"very well written," and show him to have been a man of good
education and intelligence.234 He was lost at sea, with the U. S.
frigate Insurgente, in July or August, 1800. A portrait of him, in
his uniform, is in existence, and a copy of it given on p. 108:

The French frigate L' Insurgente, 40, Capt. Barreault, was cap-
tured February 9, 1799, by the Constellation, 38, Capt. Thomas
Truxton, and was taken into St. Kitts. She was one of the
fastest vessels in the world. In the year following, she was

233 Correspondence of Nicholas Hammond, per Miss Henrietta Alaria
Chamberlaine , of Baltimore, Md.

234 Col. Charles G. McCawlev, Com'd't of Marines, Washington, D. C.


Wynkoop Genealogy

taken into our service, as a 36, Capt. Alexander Murray com-
manding. [At the close of the eighteenth century, strife existed
in the West Indies, between France and these United States,
without a formal declaration of war, growing out of European
embroilments.] Capt. Murray was transferred to the Constella-
tion, and the frigate Insurgente was given to Capt. Patrick

Dyer Sharpe Wynkoop, 1775-1800
First Lieut.. U. S. M. C.

Fletcher, and in July, 1800, she sailed on a cruise, with instruc-
tions to keep between longitude 66° and 68°, and to run as far
south as 36° N. L. After this vessel left the Capes of Virginia,
no authentic accounts of her were received, with the exception
of a few private letters, sent in through vessels spoken at sea.
She had been ordered to cruise for a short time, in the longitude
and latitude mentioned, after which her commander was left at
liberty to pursue his own discretion, provided he returned to
Annapolis within eight weeks. ^^s

235 Cooper's Xaval History.

Wynkoop Genealogy 109

438. Mary Wynkoop, (Dr. James 177, Abraham 52, Benjamin
8, Cornelius i,) born March 10, 1778: died in 1807: married, in
1807, Isaac Cannell, of Charlestown, Kent County, Md.

Mr. Cannell had, by an other wife, a son, Wilmer, an importing
merchant in Philadelphia.

Child of Isaac and Mary Cannell:

772. Hester Anne Cannell: b. in 1807. She was living in Phila-
delphia, unmarried, in 1869. The compiler obtained infor-
mation through correspondence with her.

441. Hester Catalina Wynkoop, (Dr. James 177, Abraham 52,
Benjamin 8, Cornelius i,) bom March 5, 1784: died in 181 2:
married Richard Barroll, of Chestertown, Md.

Her middle name was written Cathelena, usually; and that of
her daughter Catholena. The latter suggested that the name
was Catharina, properly.

Children of Richard and Hester C. Barroll:

773. Anna Matilda Barroll: m. Rev. John Payne, b. Jan. 9, 181 5,
d. Oct. 23, 1874, Westmoreland Co., Va., Episcopal bishop
at Cape Palmas, in Africa, 1851-1871, and then returned to
the United States.

After her death, Bishop Payne married a Miss Winifred — .

774. Mary Catholena Barroll: m. Edward Johnson, of Balti-
more. She was living in Jackson, Miss., in 1867. The
compiler had correspondence with her.

444. Benjamin Wynkoop, (Benjamin 178, Benjamin 53, Ben-
jamin 8, Cornelius i,) bom April 10, 1769: married, September i,
1796, Hannah Wynkoop [337].

He was apprenticed, to learn the art of the silversmith, to a
Mr. Whiting, who removed to Savannah, Ga., and took Benja-
min with him, and there he completed his apprenticeship.

On the return of Benjamin northward, he was induced, by Maj.
William Wynkoop, to go to Chemung, to make trinkets for the
Indians. He was a good watch and clock maker, silversmith,
and engraver: and the necessities of a new country made him a
general mechanic. He taught school, and was a good English
scholar, acquainted with chemistry, mineralogy, geology, and
natural philosophy; and he was a land surveyor. He became a
large operator in land, and was "land poor." ^36

His wife was a daughter of Maj. William Wynkoop [138]. Her
236 Alonzo Ilus Wynkoop [777].

no Wynkoop Genealogy

descendants have her name Hannah; but the baptismal record
has it "Annatche." (Heb. Hannah: Lat. Anna.)
Children of Benjamin and Hannah Wynkoop :

775 Harriet: b. May 19, 1797: m. Alfred Frye.

776 Julia Antoinette: b. Apl. 18, 1799: m. WiUiam Seaward.

777. Alonzo Ilus: b. June 17, 1801: m. Phoebe Heermans.

778. Almira: b. July 19, 1803.

770 NmoHa Theban: b. Aug. 19, 1805: m. Christiana Moore.

780. Nile Frost: b. Nov. 9. 1807: m. Sarah Anne Heermans.

781. Anne: b. Jan. 25, 1810. , , . r

782. Archimedes Burr: b. June 6, 181 2. He was last heard of,

as in California.

783. Cornelia Amanda: b. Oct. 6, 1814: m. Daniel James Wat-

784. William Tell: b. May 25, 1817: m. Sarah Jane Booth.

78s. Delia: b. Aug. 29, 1819. . .

445. John Wynkoop, (Benjamin 178, Benjamin 53, Benjamm
8 Cornelius i,) born in Redding, Fairfield County, Conn., Feb-
ruary 24, 1763, and died there in 1813: m. Esther Gnffin

His widow removed to Chemung, N. Y., in 1820, and died
there, in 1835, aged 72 years.

Children of John and Esther Wynkoop :
786. Abraham: b. Dec. 4, 1792: m. Elizabeth Ellis.
Grissel: b. in 1796.
John: b. in 1798: m. Sarah Thorp.
Ehzabeth: b. about 1800: m. Daniel Gray.
Legrand: b. Sept. 15, 1809: m., ist, Lucretia T. Conklm;
m., 2d, Maria Darker. .

446. Gershom Wynkoop, (Benjamin 178, Benjamin 53, Benja-
min 8 Cornelius I :) died in 1831, in Tioga County, Penn. : mar-
ried Martha McFarlin, called "Patty," bom in Newtown^ now
Elmira, N. Y., daughter of William and Elizabeth (Robb)

^ HiTlJidow removed to the neighborhood of Rochester, Monroe
County, N Y. She married, 2d, Cornelius Conant, who died m
1856 He had hved on land at Therington, N. Y.

Children of Gershom and Martha Wynkoop :
791. Ehzabeth: b. May 3, 1814: m. Gardner William Spencer.
702 William : who died aged 9 months.
793'. Peter: b. Oct. 9, 1816: d. July 25, 1843. unmarried.



Wynkoop Genealogy

1 1 1

794. Alice Preston: b. Aug. 27, 181 8: m. Cyrus Gates.

795. Delia: b. Feb. 10, 1821: m. Patrick McCormack.

796. Grissel Anne : b. Aug. 3, 1823. She lived at Webster, Mon-
roe Co., N. Y., unmarried.

797. Julia Miranda: b. Apl. 27, 1825: ni. William Robert Gray.

798. Hannah Jerusha: b. May 14, 1827: d. Apl. 13, 1853: m.,
Jan. I, 1846, Ebenezer Pierce, son of Seth and Abigail
(Scribner) Pierce.

Her husband and her only child were buried on the same
day, about 1850.

799. Encie Jane: b. Apl. 7, 1829: m. Cullen Townsend Gillett.

448. Grissel Wynkoop, (Benjamin 178, Benjamin 53, Benja-
min 8, Cornelius i,) bom at Fairfield, Conn., August 12, 1760:
married Hurd. Her name is the same as Griselda.

Child of and Grissel (W.) Hurd:

800. Delia Hurd: m. Chauncey Wilcox. She survived him, and
lived in Waverly, N. Y.

449. Anne Wynkoop, (Benjamin 178, Benjamin 53, Benjamin
8, Cornelius i,) born at Fairfield, Conn., December 15, 1756: mar-
ried . She had two daughters, one of whom married a

Mr. Barker, and lived for many years in New York City.

Children of and Anne (W.) — .

801. Harriet — .

802. Marv Anne .

451. Peter Silvester Wynkoop, Rev., (John C. 205, Capt. Cor-
nelius C. 65, Cornelius 9, Maj. Johannes 2, Cornelius i,) bap-
tized March 22, 1787, Kinderhoek: died November i, 1848, in
Hudson, N. Y. : married, December 12, 1814, Margaret W. Gos-
man, daughter of Robert Gosman, and sister of Rev. Dr. John

Peter was graduated from Union College, in 1807, and studied
law in the office of his uncle, Judge Silvester, in Kinderhoek, and
began the practice of his profession, in 18 10. But he abandoned
that profession, and entered the theological seminary at New
Brunswick, and was licensed by the classis of New Brunswick,
in 1813: was assistant of Vredenburgh, at Raritan, 1813-14:
pastor at Catskill, 1814-17: Hyde Park (Staatsburgh), 1817-20:
Hyde Park and Pleasant Plain, 1820-22: Ghent, Jan. 9, 1823-
June 21, 1843, also Hillsdale, 1825-40, and Claverack 2d, now
Mellenville, in 1842: Blooming Grove, 1844-48.

112 Wynkoop Genealogy

The Rev. Edwin Holmes said of him, in a funeral sermon, that
"he preached the Gospel as to dying men, presenting its essential
truths, with clearness, skillfulness, and persistency, and avoided
doubtful questions. His personal piety was conspicuous in his
habits, and in his conscientious deportment. His labors were
largely blessed." ^^7

The Rev. John Rugan wrote of him to the compiler, from
Fultonham, O., in 1863, as follows: "I was pastor of the
Lutheran congregation at Ghent, for several years, from 1850,
and heard a great deal of Dominie Wynkoop, whose memory,
together with that of Rev. Jacob Berger, was cherished with love
and respect by the entire community. To that people, these two
men appeared to be the standard of ministerial faithfulness,
character, and piety; and if, in conversation or argument, any
saying or opinion, of Dominie Wynkoop, or Dominie Berger,
could be adduced, it was considered as the end of controversy.
I learned to respect the character of those men, whose influence
for good, both during life, and after death, was so great, and
whose reputation, in all that truly ennobles man, was so high."

Children of Rev. Peter S. and Margaret W. Wynkoop :

803. Joanna Gosman: bp. Oct. 23, 1815, Catskill: died Jan. 29,
1898. She had lived in Brooklyn, N. Y.

804. Robert Gosman: b. Dec. 3, 1816: m. Carrie C. Wood.

805. Peter Silvester: b. May 16, 1818: m. Elizabeth C. Miller.

806. Lydia Silvester: b. Dec. 31, 1819: m. Dr. Samuel M.

807. Eliza Kittle: b. Sept. 4, 1821 : m. Rev. Dr. Elbert S. Porter.

808. Mary Jane: b. Mch. 21, 1823: m. Dr. Elbridge Simpson.

809. Jonathan Gosman: b. May 13, 1824: m. Mary J. Hawley.

810. Catharine Van Dyke: b. Nov. 9, 1825: d. Mch. 10, 1887, in
Syracuse, N. Y.

811. Margaret Wright: b. May 9, 1827: m. Rev. Dr. Anson Du


812. Francis Silvester: b. Sept. i, 1830: m., ist, Rachel Van
Vleck; m., 2d, Frances Van Vleck.

813. Anna Gosman: b. Feb. 4. 1833: m. Rev. Dr. Anson Du

458. Ricliard Stanton, (Maria Wynkoop 206, Capt. Cornelius
C. 65, Cornelius 9, Maj. Johannes 2, Cornelius i,) born January
237 Manual of Reformed Church, Corwin, 1902.

Wynkoop Genealogy 113

20, 1789: died September 19, 1864, in Stamford, Conn. ; married
January 11, 181 1, Elizabeth Waterbury, bom June 6, 1789, in
Stamford, died April 27, 1870, in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., daughter
of Phineas and Elizabeth (Lounsbury) Waterbury. Phineas was
born June i, 1739, and married March 10, 1761.
Children of Richard and Elizabeth Stanton:

814. Henry Stanton: b. Feb. 28, 181 2, in Brooklyn, N. Y.

815. Jonathan H. Stanton: b. Nov 21,1813: m. Lydia H. Macy.

816. Mary Elizabeth Stanton: b. Jan. 28, 181 7, in Brooklyn,
N. Y.: d. Sept. 2, 1884, in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. : m. Joseph
N. Corlies. Children: Richard S.; Gerald H.; Emma; and

817. James Waterbury Stanton; b. Mch. 19, 1821, in Brooklyn;
d. July 17, 1872, in Darien, Conn.: m. Louisa Wood,
daughter of N. B. Wood. Child: Agnes Wood.

8t8. Edwina Hicks Stanton, twin: b. Mch. 19, 1821: d. Oct. 3,

819. Richard Edwin Stanton: b. Jan. 30, 1825, in Brooklyn,
N. Y. : d. Oct. 10, 1886, in Bridgeport, Conn.: m. Jan. 4,
1849, in Bridgeport, EHzabeth Mills, b. Feb. i, 1826, d.
Apl. 3, 1892, daughter of David L. and Hulda Mills. Chil-
dren: Albert W.; Helen; and Edwin Hasbrouck.

820. Julia Waterbury Stanton: b. Feb. i, 1828: m. Andrew
King, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Children: probably — Eliza-
beth; Edward A.; Frank; and Herman.

821. Lawrence Waterbury Stanton: b. Mch. 25, 1835, in New
Rochelle, N. Y. : d. May 7, 1843, in Stamford, Conn.

822. Henry Stanton : m. Margaret Corlies. Child: Margaret.
464. Abraham Bruyn Hasbrouck, (Catharine Wynkoop 207,

Capt. Cornelius C. 65, Cornelius 9, Maj. Johannes 2, Cornelius i,)
born November 29, 1791, baptized December 18, Kingston,
N. Y. : d. February 23, 1879: married Julia Frances Ludlum,
daughter of Judge Gabriel W. Ludlum.

He pursued a preparatory course in Kingston Academy, and
was graduated in 18 10, from Yale College. He studied law, in
Litchfield, Conn. ; and formed a law partnership, in Kingston, in
1 81 4, with Judge Ruggles.

He was a representative in Congress, 1825-27 : President of Rut-
gers College, and professor of constitutional law, 1840-50 : and he
received the degree of LL.D. from Union and Columbia Colleges.

114 Wynkoop Genealogy

He was president of the Kingston Bank : and he founded the
Ulster County Historical Society. He was a good scholar, a
genial and courtly gentleman, and a devout Christian. ^^s

Children of Abraham B. and Julia F. Hasbrouck:

823. Jonathan Howard Hasbrouck: b. June 19, 1820, bp. June
25, Kingston: d. in 1889: m. Hannah C. Chester, daughter
of Rev. Dr. John Chester.

824. Sarah Morris Hasbrouck, bp. Feb. 9, 1823: d. July 21, 1900,
in N. Y. City: m. Rev. Dr. John Lillie, born Dec. 16, 1812,
in Kelso, Scotland, died Feb. 23, 1867, in Kingston, N. Y.
The widow lived in N. Y. City.

Dr. Lillie was graduated at the University of Edinburgh,
in 1831: landed in New York City, about Oct. i, 1834:
was graduated at the seminary, at New Brunswick, and
was licensed, July 21, 1835, by the classis of New York:
pastor at Kingston, 1836-41 : principal of the grammar
school of the New York University, 1841-42 : pastor of the
church in the University Chapel, and afterwards in Stanton
Street, 1843-52 : also editor of the Jewish Chronicle, 1844-
48 : engaged on the version of the Bible by the American
Bible Union, 1851-57: Pres. Ch., Kingston, 1858-67: re-
ceived the degree of D.D., in 1855, from the University of

825. James Ludlum Hasbrouck: bp. Feb. 6, 1825: d. Jan. 21,
1885, unmarried. He was graduated from Rutgers College,
in 1844.

826. Thomas Lawrence Hasbrouck: bp. June 4, 1827: d. Dec.
29, 1865, unmarried. He was graduated from Rutgers
College, in 1845.

827. Caroline Hone Hasbrouck: bp. Aug. 23, 1829: m. Gen'l
George Henry Sharpe.

828. Mary Bruyn Hasbrouck: bp. Feb. 3, 1831: m. Theodore
Timpson, of New York City.

829. Emily Burrill Hasbrouck: bp. Dec. 25, 1834: m. Hon.
Joseph F. Barnard, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., a justice of the
N. Y. Supreme Court.

830. John Chester Hasbrouck: b. Feb. 6, 1836, bp. Mch. 5, 1837:

d. in infancy.

»38 Necrological report, in catalogue of Rutgers College, 1879-80.
239 Rev. Dr. William Irvin: Manual of Reformed Church, 1902.

Wynkoop Genealogy 115

473. Mary Jane Wynkoop, (Augustus 213, Capt. Cornelius C.
65, Cornelius 9, Maj. Johannes 2, Cornelius i,) born January 20,
1810: died March 4, 1887, in Kingston, N. Y. : married, October
I, 1834, Henry Hinsdale Reynolds, bom July 21, 181 1, died No-
vember 23, 1868, son of Abraham and Sarah (Folger) Reynolds.

Mr. Reynolds was chosen, a few months before his death.
President of the State of New York National Bank, with which
he had been connected from its beginning. The Press, of King-
ston, under date of November 26, 1868, attributed to Mr.
Reynolds a practical turn of mind ; familiarity with business ; wis-
dom in council ; deeds of private beneficence ; a Christian spirit ;
giftedness in prayer ; and a liberal use of ample pecuniary means
in works of beneficence.

This genealogy enhsted the hearty sympathy of Mr. Reynolds,
and he contributed material liberally, directly and indirectly.

Children of Henry H. and Mary J. (W.) Reynolds.

831. Augustus Wynkoop Reynolds: b. Aug. 8, 1835: d. Oct. 31,
1895, in Kingston, N. Y., of pneumonia, unmarried. He
served in the Union army.

832. Francis Wynkoop Reynolds: b. Apl. 18, 1837: d. Mch. 20,
1870, in Kingston: m. June 20, 1865, Mary W. Hoffman.
He enlisted in the Union army, on the first call for 3 months
men ; and re-enlisted for the war. He received, at Chancel-
lorsville, a wound, and was discharged in September, 1863.
He never recovered from the wound. He was captain in
the 1 20th Reg. N. Y. Volunteers. He died, as he had lived,
a faithful Christian.

833. Sarah Bleecker Reynolds: b. Aug. 10, 1838: unmarried.
She was living in Kingston, (July, 1903).

474. Augustus Wynkoop, (Augustus 213, Capt. Cornelius C.
65, Cornelius 9, Maj. Johannes 2, Cornelius i,) born January 22,
1812: died January 18, 1862: married, June 15, 1843, Anna
Whiting, born September 23, 181 5, died August 16, 1863. They
lived in Kinderhoek. He was graduated from Yale College, in

Children of Augustus and Anna Wynkoop :

834. Augustus Whiting: b. Apl. 7, 1844: m. Mary L. Talcott.

835. Mary Jane: b. July 29, 1845.

836. Henry Silvester: b. Aug. 5, 1846: m. Agnes L. C. A.


Wynkoop Genealogy

837. Elizabeth: b. Jan. 16, 1848.

475. Francis Silvester Wynkoop, (Augustus 213, Capt. Cor-
nelius C. 65, Cornelius 9, Maj. Johannes 2, Cornelius i,) born
November 6, 1815: died October 15, 1903, in the Borough of

Francis Silvester Wynkoop

Manhattan, New York City: married, October 2, 1844, Sarah
Frelinghuysen Elmendorf, born May 16, 1819, died December 28,
1891, daughter of James B. and Elizabeth (Frelinghuysen)


He was long identified with New York City, and was for years
of Minnett & Co., manufacturers of varnish, at 60 Pearl Street.

Wynkoop Genealogy n?

Funeral services were conducted at the University Place
Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Dr. George Alexander, who
gave a feeling testimonial to the integrity and geniality of Mr.

Children of Francis S. and Sarah Wynkoop :

838. Mary Bruyn: b. Aug. 18, 1850: m. Jan. 29, 1874, Frederick
A. Booth.

839. Elizabeth Elmendorf: b. Oct. 16, 1853: d. Sept. 22, 1893,

840. Catharine: b. Dec. i, 1857: d. Apl. 26, 1863.

841. Henrietta: b. Apl. 3, i860.

479. Cornelius P. Wynkoop, (Peter P. 216, Petrus 66, Cor-
nelius 9, Maj. Johannes 2, Cornelius i,) born August 25, 1808, in
Hurley, N. Y. : died in 1883: married, April 30, 1846, Margaret
McMurray Cruikshank, born October 12, 182 1, daughter of
Robert and Emily (Thompson) Cruikshank, of Troy, N. Y.

He lived on land at Milford, Del., that had been, a hundred
years earlier, in the ownership of a Wynkoop, probably Abra-
ham [52].

Children of Cornelius P. and Margaret Wynkoop :

842. Peter P.: b. Mch. 10, 1847. Lived at Milford, Del.

843. Emily Thompson : b. Mch. 10, 1849.

844. Robert Cruikshank: b. Feb. 22, 1851.

480. Anthony Roosa Wynkoop, (Peter P. 216, Petrus 66, Cor-
nelius 9, Maj. Johannes 2, Cornelius i,) born December 13, 1809,
in Hurley, N. Y. : married, February 8, 1837, at Marbletown,
N. Y., Ellen De Witt Jansen, daughter of Henry T. They lived
at Owasco, Cayuga County, N. Y.

Child of Anthony R. and Ellen Wynkoop :

845. Anna Jane: b. Nov. 16, 1837: m. J. M. McNiel.

481. Hardenbergh Wynkoop, (Peter P. 216, Petrus 66, Cor-
nelius 9, Maj. Johannes 2, Cornelius i,) born February i, 1811, in
Hurley, N. Y. : died August 28, 1844: married, October 28, 1835,
Sarah Maria Krom, born January 27, 18 10, daughter of Samuel
and Joanna (Krom) Krom. The tradition is, that Krom was
originally Cromwell. [Krom = crooked, or curved.]

Child of Hardenbergh and Sarah M. Wynkoop:

846. Anna Roosa: b. Apl. 8, 1839: m. Derick C. Wynkoop [872].
483. Leah Wynkoop, (Peter P. 216, Petrus 66, Cornelius 9,

Maj. Johannes 2, Cornelius i,) born February 5, 1820: married

ii8 Wynkoop Genealogy

October lo, 1838, at Hurley, John Ten Eyck De Witt, bom
January 12,1815, both of them described as living there. They
had seven children, of whom only one has been identified.

Children of John T. E. and Leah (W.) De Witt:
847. Catharine De Witt: b. Apl. 15, 1840, Hurley.



486. Cornelius Wynkoop, (Derick C. 258, Col. Cornehus D. 94,

Dirrick 13, Maj. Johannes 2, Cornelius i,) baptized September 20,

1798, Kingston, N. Y. : married, March 20, 1828, Marbletown,

N. Y., Harriet Sparling, his cousin.

Children of Cornelius and Harriet Wynkoop :

854. John Johnson: b. Feb. i, 1830: m. Caroline M. Du Bois.

855. Charlotte: b. about 1832: died aged about 6 years.

856. Elizabeth Anne: b. Aug. 9, 1833: m., ist, Staats Cheese-
borough ; m. , 2d, Henry Fisk. They hved in San Francisco.

857. George C. : b. July 4, 1840: m. Matilda McGill, who was

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