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1510. Charles Tjerck: b. May 21, 1862: lived in Rush City.

1511. Mary K.: b. Jan. 28, 1864: m. K. P. Paulsen.

1512. William H.: b. Nov. 22, 1867.

1007. Sarah Margaret Wynkoop, (Tjerck 561, Henry 317,
Evert 132, Hezekiah 39, Evert 4, Cornelius i,) born March 19,
1839: married, October, 1859, Lawrence H. Osterhoudt, bom
March 13, 1836, son of Abraham L. and Catharine (Hendricks)
Osterhoudt. They lived in Saugerties, N. Y.

Children of Lawrence H. and Sarah M. Osterhoudt:

1 5 13. Willis Osterhoudt: b. Dec. 3, 1862.

1 5 14. Anna Elizabeth Osterhoudt: b. Feb. 18, 1865.

1515. Mary Osterhoudt: b. Apl. 7, 1871.

1516. James Irving Osterhoudt: b. Aug. 27, 1875.

1043. John Wynkoop, (David 646, John 370, Gerardus 153,
Gerrit 45, Gerret 5, Cornelius i,) born February 4, 1813 : married
Caroline Olinda Kingsley, born May 7, 1822, died February 11,
1865. They lived in Parma Center, Monroe County, N. Y,

Wynkoop Genealogy 179

Children of John and Caroline 0. Wynkoop:

1517. Silas: b. July 17, 1841: d. May 10, 1843.

1518. Sarah: b. Apl. 15, 1844: m. Sherwood Hicks, and lived at
Parma Center.

1519. Alvah Kingsley: b. Mch. 5,1846: m., July 4, 1867, Ettie
Aldrich, daughter of his aunt, Amanda Kingsley. They
lived at Monroe Center, Mich.

1520. Emma: b. Apl. i, 1855: d. Aug. 15, 1855.

1521. Flora: b. Aug. 19, 1857.

1522. Avery: b. Sept. 14, i860.

1523. Mary: b. June 5, 1862: d. May 9, 1870.

1045. Isaac William Wynkooj^, (David 646, John 370, Gerar-
dus 153, Gerrit 45, Gerret 5, Cornelius i,) born March 31, 1816:
married, June 12, 1843, Mary Anne Renwick, daughter of George
and Phoebe (Walker) Renwick, of Salem, Mich. They lived in
Ann Arbor, Mich.

Child of Isaac W. and Mar}- A. Wynkoop:

1524. Emma: b. Jan. 21, 1849.

1046. Thomas Morgan Wynkoop, (David 646, John 370,
Gerardus 153, Gerrit 45, Gerret 5, Cornelius i,) born April 22,
1820: married, May 28, 1849, Betsey Roxanna Kingsley, born
September 14, 1822, daughter of Alvah Crary and Chloe (Baker)
Kingsley, and sister of Caroline [1043]. They lived in Paradise
township. Grand Traverse County, Mich.

Children of Thomas M. and Betsey R. Wynkoop:

1525. David Eli: b. Aug. 8, i860.

1526. Adonis Crary: b. Oct. 6, 1862.

1527. Vema Edith: b. May 11, 1868.

1047. James Rogers Wynkoop, (David 646, John 370, Gerardus
153, Gerrit 45, Gerret 5, Cornelius i,) born October 16, 1823:
married, October 16, 1854, Susan Vandervoort, born March 8,
1835, daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Durrie) Vandervoort.
[Voort = forward.] He was a planter, at Lockport, N. Y.

Children of James R. and Susan Wynkoop :

1528. Ella Olinda: b. July 19, 1855: m. Oliver Langmate.

1529. Watson Elmer: b. Sept. 4, 1857.

1530. Emma Adella: b. Mch, 19, i860.

1531. Charity Mary: b. Feb. 19, 1862.

1532. David Samuel: b. Dec. 30, 1863.

1533. Susan Adeline: b. July 27, 1866.

i8o Wynkoop Genealogy

1054, Sarah Wynkoop, (Isaac 647, John 370, Gerardus 153,
Gerrit 45, Gerret 5, Cornelius i,) born February 5, 1826: married
Logan De Witt.

Child of Logan and Sarah De Witt:

1534. Cassius M. Clay De Witt: b. Mch. 31, 1850: m. Mch. i,
1870, Mary Ellen Robinson, daughter of Alexander and
Elizabeth (Lawrence) Robinson. He lived in Lebanon, Ind.

He dropped his father's name and was known by his
mother's name вАФ Wynkoop.

1097. James Gilkyson O'Harra, (Mary A. Wynkoop 663,
Gerrit 372, Gerardus 153, Gerrit 45, Gerret 5, Cornelius i,) born
December 9, 1828: married, in 1849, Jane Beach, whose mother
was a Perry, cousin to the "Commodore." He was a member
of the 95th Reg. 0. Vol.; and died in hospital, at Lexington,
Ky., of a wound received in battle.

His widow married John McCoy; and died in April, 1869.
Child of James G. and Jane O'Harra:

1535. Ella Anne O'Harra: b. Jan. 5, i860.

1098. Garret Wynkoop O'Harra, (Mary A. Wynkoop 663,
Gerrit 372, Gerardus 153, Gerrit 45, Gerret 5, Cornelius i,) bom
August 16, 1830: married, October 4, 1859, Rachel Anne Bailey,
born May 29, 1838, died November 28, 1878. He lived in Plain
City, Ohio.

Children of Garret W. and Rachel A. O'Harra:

1536. Atta (perhaps Etta) Rosalie O'Harra.

1537. John Franklin O'Harra.

1538. Mary Elizabeth O'Harra.

1539. Asenath Anne O'Harra.

1540. Joseph Bailey O'Harra.

1099. Anne Maria O'Harra, (Mary A. Wynkoop 663, Gerrit
372, Gerardus 153, Gerrit 45, Gerret 5, Cornelius i,) bom Novem-
ber-.2, 1832: married, March 17, 1859, John Robert Reason, bom
July 15, 1830. They lived, at one time, in Texas, Ohio; after-
wards, on a part of the plantation of her father, in Franklin
County, Ohio.

Children of John R. and Anne M. Reason:
i;54i. Mary Alice Reason: b. Mch. 10, 1863 : studied at the Ohio
Wesleyan University, at Delaware: was a teacher, and
Secretary of the Franklin Count}^ O., Teachers' Associa-
tion, consisting of 400 members.

Wynkoop Genealogy i8i

1542. Charles Creamer Reason: b. Jan. 14, 1865: a planter near
Columbus, Ohio.

1543. Nettie Wynkoop Reason: b. Feb. 15, 1867: a good
musician, vocal and instrumental.

1544. James William Reason: b. Dec. 9, 1869: studied medicine.

1545. John Frederick Reason: b. Aug. 6, 1873.

1100. Russell Bigelow O'Harra, (Mary A. Wynkoop 663,
Gerrit 372, Gerardus 153, Gerrit 45, Gerret 5, Cornelius i,) born
March 15, 1835: married, September 25, 1857, Sarah E. Sessler,
of Amity, Ohio. He was a volunteer, in the war for the Union.
He lived in Plain City, Ohio.

Children of Russell B. and Sarah E. O'Harra:

1546. Joseph Harrison O'Harra.

1547. Alanson Gerardus O'Harra.

1548. Emma Anne O'Harra.

1549. Mary Gertrude O'Harra.

1550. Myrtle Ella O'Harra.

1 55 1. Bertha Belle O'Harra.

1101. William Martin O'Harra, (Mary A. Wynkoop 663,
Gerrit 372, Gerardus 153, Gerrit 45, Gerret 5, Cornelius i,) born
in 1837: married, in September, 1859, Elica Beach, of Brock-
town, Union County, Ohio, cousin to Jane, who married his
brother James. He was a volunteer, in the Union army. He
lived in Columbus.

Children of William M. and Elica O'Harra:

1552. Olive B. O'Harra.

1553. Addie Belle O'Harra.

1554. Ola Esmond O'Harra.

1555. Iva O'Harra.

1556. Ernest Beach O'Harra.

1132. Matthew Bennett Wynkoop, (Gerardus 667, Matthew
373, Gerardus 153, Gerrit 45, Gerret 5, Cornelius i,) born Febru-
ary 16, 1830, in Zanesville, Ohio: died March 30, 1895, in New
York City: married, in 1854, Susie Vincent Hanlin, of Philadel-
phia, who died December, 1898, in New York. He was a
printer, on a large scale, in New York City, member of the firm
of Wynkoop, Hallenbeck & Thomas, and of Wynkoop & Hallen-

He printed the first and second editions of this genealogy ; and
he struck out, through excess of modesty, part of what the

1 82 Wynkoop Genealogy

compiler had written about him, which the compiler can not

Children of Matthew B. and Susie V. Wynkoop :
1557. Madeline May: b, June 29, i860: d. Aug. 29, 1892, in
New York City: married, July 6, 1889, Eugene E. Dewey,
who died June 27, 1891. She was shaken in health and
strength, while in Italy, with her husband, through
Roman fever, and a runaway team.
155S, Lillie Annie Corinne: b. Dec. 21, 1864: d. June 30, 1865.
ll?o. Henry W. Wynkoop, (Gerardus 667, Matthew 373,
Gerardus 153, Gerrit 45, Gerret 5, Cornelius i,) born December
31, 1837, in Zanesville, Ohio: died September 16, 1887, in Crest-
line, Ohio: married, June 4, 1862, Mary Cincinnata Wilson, born
August 7, 1 84 1, of Jackson, Tenn. He was manager of the tele-
graphic ofhce in Crestline.

Children of Henry W. and Mary C. Wynkoop :

1559. Robert Bennett: b. Mch. 6, 1863, in Pittsburg, Penn.

1560. Agnes Farrar: b. May 28, 1865, in Crestline.

1561. Eleanora Augusta: b. Jan. 29, 1869.

1562. Orrin Booth: b. Aug. 29, 1872.

1563. Percy Gerardus: b. Oct. 13, 1875.

1133. Matthew Wynkoop, (John 669, Matthew 373, Gerardus
153, Gerrit 45, Gerret 5, Cornelius i,) born March 17, 1829: died
October 17, 1885, in Bloomsburg, Penn.: married, October 2,
1856, Elizabeth W. Wright, of Columbia, Penn. They kept a
select school, in Bloomsburg.

Child of Matthew and Elizabeth W. Wynkoop :

1564. William.

1137. Rebecca Jane Wynkoop, (John 669, Matthew 373, Ger-
ardus 153, Gerrit 45, Gerret 5, Cornelius i,) born January 28,
1840: married, Ma}^ 2, 1865, Jesse Yearhart Geist, bom January
26, 1840, in Worthville, Jefferson County, Penn. He was a
miller and lumber dealer in Worthville.

Children of Jesse Y. and Rebecca J. Geist:

1565. Myrtle Belle Geist: b. Dec. 20, 1867.

1566. Jennie E. Geist: b. Nov. 28, 1869: d. Sept. 14, 1876.

1567. Daniel Mosgrove Geist: b. Sept. i, 1871: m. Gwendolyn
Stebbins, of Brookville, Penn, He was a teacher; and,
afterwards, a lawyer, at New Bethlehem, Penn.

1568. Viola Geist: b. and d. Apl. 26, 1874,

Wynkoop Genealogy 183

1569. John Everett Geist: b. June 15, 1875.

1570. Franklin Ernest Geist: b. Aug. 29, 1878.

1145, David Wynkoop, (Williain 671, Matthew 373, Gerardus
153, Gerrit 45, Gerret 5, CorneHus i,) born August 3, 1827:
married, August 15, 1850, Margaret Montgomery, born December
15, 1828, daughter of James and Susanna Montgomery. They
lived in New Bethlehem, Clarion County, Penn.

Children of David and Margaret Wynkoop:

1571. Harrison H.: b. Sept. 5, 1852: m., Dec. 25, 1874, Mary
Elizabeth Mortimer.

1572. James Harvey: b. Sept. 2, 1854; d. Sept. 15, 1856.
1573- John: b. July 25, 1856.

1574. Margaret Anne; b. Oct. 15, 1858: d. Feb. 28, 1859.

1575. Robert S.: b. Feb. 21, i860.

1576. Susanna Jane: b. Sept. 5, 1862: m., June 3, 18S0, S. C.

1577. Ella: b. June 23, 1867.

1152. Gerardus Hillis Wynkoop, M.D., (Rev. Stephen R. 677,
David 374, Gerardus 153, Gerrit 45, Gerret 5, Cornelius i,) born
June 4, 1843, in Wilmington, Del.: married, May 30, 1866, in
Huntington, L. I., Anne Eliza Woodbury, bom November 22,
1848, died June 17, 1896, in New York City, of appendicitis,
daughter of Gen'l Daniel Phineas and Catharine Rachel (Childs)
Woodbury. The General was of the U. S. Engineers.

Gerardus prosecuted studies in Yale College, until his junior
year: was student with Dr. Willard Parker, and was graduated
at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, N. Y., in 1866:
physician of New York Dispensary, in 1866: professor of
physiolog}% in the Woman's Medical College, in 1868: attending
physician at the Presbyterian Hospital, in 1873: trustee of
public schools, in 1878: and attending physician at St. Luke's
Hospital, in the same year, also trustee of the Northern Dispen-
sary : professor of surgery in the Woman's Medical College: con-
sulting surgeon of the Northern Dispensary, in 1882: first
president of the Northern Dispensary, in 1895.

Children of Gerardus H, and Anne E. Wynkoop:

1578. Gerardus Mills: b. May 18, 1867: m.. May 18, 1901, in
Somerville, N. J., Helen H. Potts, daughter of George H.

1579. Kate Childs: b. July 17, 1868: m., Nov. 25, 1889, Harold
Stanley Forward, of Liverpool, Eng.

184 J Wynkoop Genealogy

1580. Daniel Woodbury, M.D.: b. July 11, 1873: attended
Yale University, 1891-92: Columbia University Medical
College, 1892-96: m., in the city of New York, Nov. 14,
1903, Carlie M. Schenck, daughter of Allen Schenck,

1581. Elizabeth Hillis: b. Mch. 11, 1878: m. Dec. 27, 1900, in
Manhattan, N. Y. City, Stuyvesant Fish Morris.

1163. William Wynkoop, Captain, (Thomas L. 681, William
375, Gerardus 153, Gerrit 45, Gerret 5, Cornelius i,) bom July
I, 1835: married, January 6, 1859, Rachel A. Blaker, bom
March 22, 1841, daughter of Joshua Carson and Anne (Cevasdale)

He enlisted, August 5, 1861, as private in the ist Reg. N. Y.
Cavalry: was promoted to ist sergeantcy, 2d lieutenantcy, ist
lieutenantcy, and captaincy: he was on the staff of Brig.-Gen'l
Davies, serving as provost marshall, aide-de-camp, and acting
assistant adjutant-general: he was wounded in the ear, and on
May 28, 1864, near Salem Court House, Va., in the foot: was
honorably discharged, September 26, 1864.

He was a planter, at Newtown, Bucks County, Penn. : an elder
in the Presbyterian church, and superintendent of the Sabbath
school, from 1872. In 1884, he was a commissioner to the
Presbyterian General Assembly, at Madison, Wis.; and, in 1890,
to the General Assembly, at Saratoga, N. Y. He lives in New-

Children of Capt. William and Rachel A. Wynkoop :

1582. Annie Blaker: b. Feb. 4, i860: died, aged about 19.

1583. Elizabeth Torbert: b. Mch. 28, 1861: m. George Luff.

1584. Catharine Vansant: b. Feb. 28, 1864: m. Henr}^ Conklin
Wylie, who d. about 1891. He was in business in New
York, and lived in Rutherford, N. J.

1585. Eva Blaker.

1586. James Anthony.

1163. Samuel Torbert Wynkoop, (Thomas L. 681, Wilham
375, Gerardus 153, Gerrit 45, Gerret 5, Cornelius i,) bom Septem-
ber 29, 1837: married February 27, 1861, Eliza Conly Snyder,
born July 14, 1839, daughter of Amos and Matilda (Brown)
Snyder. He was a planter, in Bucks County, Penn.

Children of Samuel T. and Eliza C. Wynkoop :

1587. Matilda Snyder: b. Aug. 19, 1862: d. Aug. 21, 1864.

Wynkoop Genealogy 185

1588. Emily Snyder: b. Aug. 17, 1864.

1589. Catharine Langstroth; b. May 7, 1869: m., Mch. 24, 1892,
Walter S, Buckman, of Newtown, Penn.

1184. Elizabeth Rose Baker, (Susan Wiley 692, Susan Wyn-
koop 376, Gerardus 153, Gerrit 45, Gerret 5, Cornelius i,) bom

November 30, : died September 20, 1887: married, April

30, 1859, Rev, Dr. Joseph Tuthill Duryea, born December 9,
1832, in Jamaica, L. I,, died, while visiting in Boston, May 17,

Dr. Duryea was graduated, at the College of New Jersey, in
1856, and at the seminary in Princeton, in 1859: was pastor of
the 2d Reformed Church, Troy, N. Y., 1859-62: one of the
pastors of the Collegiate Dutch Church, N. Y., 1862-67: pastor
of the Classon Ave. Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn, N. Y.,
December 26, 1867-April 7, 1879: Central Congregational
Church, Boston, 1879-89: Congregational Church, Omaha, Neb.,
1889-1894: Williamsburg Refomied Church, Brooklyn, June 4,
1895, until his death. He married, 2d, December 31, 1889,
Agnes Sturgess Plummer, daughter of Isaac William and Abby
Anne (Morton) Plummer. He was a man of great brain and
large heart, and his preaching was eminently instructive. The
compiler was one of his parishioners, from 1875 to 1879.

Children of Dr. Joseph T. and Elizabeth (B.) Duryea:

1590. Jeannette Duryea: b. Feb. 22, 1861, at Troy, N. Y. : m.,
Jan. 7, 1890, in Omaha, Neb., Charles Abbott Harvey, son
of Turlington Walker and Maria Louisa (Hardman)
Harvey. The first wife of Charles was sister to the second
wife of Dr. Duryea. The children of Jeannette are, Turling-
ton Duryea, b. Dec. 3, 1890; Rodman Tuthill, b. July 30,
1892; and Jeannette Duryea, b. Apl. 3, 1894.

1 591. Anna Foster Duryea: b. Jan. 24, 1864, in New York City:
m., Feb. 18, 1886, William Croghan Denny, son of Wilham
Croghan and Nancy (Tripp) Denny.

1592. Morris Jessup Duryea: b. Apl. 24, 1868, in Brooklyn, N.Y.:
m. Jessica Eddy, and has one child, Elizabeth Rose,

1593. Mary Wyman Duryea: b. July 18, 1872.

1594. Frances Stebbins Duryea: b. July 28, 1875.

1307. Mary Beattie Steel, (Mary Beattie 716, Christina Wyn-
koop 390, Judge Henry 157, Nicholas 46, Gerret 5, Cornelius i,)
bom December 30, 1839: married, June 2, 1S63, Samuel B.

1 86 Wynkoop Genealogy

Harvey, M.D., of Jenkintown, who died September 30, i886.
The widow was Hving in Hoboken, N. J., in 1887.

Dr. Harvey had two sons by a former wife.

Children of Dr. Samuel B. and Mary B. Harvey:

1595. Mary Steel Harvey: b. Mch. 9, 1864.

1596. Daniel Carroll Harvey: b. Sept. 25, 1867. He was edu-
cated at Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, X. J.

1218. Francis Murray Wynkoop, Colonel, (John W, 722, Dr.
Nicholas 393, Judge Henry 157, Nicholas 46, Gerret 5, Cornelius
I,) bom in 1820: died December 13, 1857, at Valencia, Schuylkill
County, Penn. : married, in 1850, Anna McKnight Decatur Twiggs,
daughter of Major Levi Twiggs, who fell at Chapultepec, Mexico,
and niece of Captain Stephen Decatur, Jun., who was commonly
known as "Commodore." They had no child.

Francis commanded a regiment of militia, in Schuylkill
County, Penn. One of the companies volunteered for the war
against Mexico, under the call of Governor Francis Rawn Shunk,
and Wynkoop went with it as a private. At Pittsburg, he was
elected colonel. He was at the capture of Vera Cruz, and in the
battles of Cerro Gordo and Huamantla, and in numerous skirm-
ishes, and he exhibited bravery and skill, and received honorable
mention for gallant service.

General Scott wrote also of him, as follows : "Some days since,
[Jan., 1848], Colonel Wjmkoop, of the ist Pennsylvania Volun-
teers, tendered his services to go, with a few men, to seize the
guerilla priest, Jarauta, at the head of a small band that had
long been the terror of all peaceable Mexicans within his reach,
and who has frequently had skirmishes with our detachments.
The Colonel, having missed that object, heard that General
Valencia and staff were at a distant hacienda, and by hard
riding in the night, succeeded in capturing that general and a
colonel of his staff, I consider this handsome service, worthy of
being recorded." (Memoirs of Lieut. Gen. Winfield Scott, 1864,
vol. ii, pp. 449, 567, 568.)

He was editor of the Miner's Journal, at one time; and he
established the Anthracite Gazette, at Pottsville, Penn.

He left the Whigs and joined the Democrats, because the
former had opposed the war. Under President Franklin Pierce,
he was Marshal of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. On
retiring from office, he made his home at Valencia, on the line

Wynkoop Genealogy 187

of the Catawissa Railroad, in the northeasterly comer of Schuyl-
kill County. He bled to death, from a wound in the leg, re-
ceived accidentally from a gun in the hands of an attendant,
while he was hunting birds, to tempt the dehcate appetite of his
wife. His death called forth concurrent testimony to the manli-
ness of his form, the eloquence of his voice, the warmth of his
heart, and his hold on the affections of the public.

The compiler received from him a transcript from the record
of Judge Henr}' Wynkoop [157], which is mentioned elsewhere

1219. Anna Maria Wynkoop, (John W. 722, Dr. Nicholas 393,
Judge Henry 157, Nicholas 46, Gerret 5, Cornelius i,) bom
January 26, 1821: died July 18, 1881, in New York City: mar-
ried, December 26, 1842, Thomas Ives Atwood, bom September
14, 1816, died September 28, 1874, in Elizabeth, N. J., son of
Origen and Roxana (Ives) Atwood, of New Haven. He was in
business in New York. The compiler frequently met with Mrs.
Atwood, and found her entertaining and a woman of culture.
She took much interest in this genealogy, and was helpful with

Children of Thomas I. and Anna M. Atwood.

1597. John Wynkoop Atwood; d. Feb. 12, 1885.

1598. Emily A. Atwood: m. Horace M. Tabor, and lived in New
York City.

1599. Frances Murray Atwood: m. Charles Henry Bayard
Fisher, and lived in Frederickton, N. B.

1.321. John Estill Wynkoop, Colonel, (John W. 722, Dr.
Nicholas 393, Judge Henry 157, Nicholas 46, Gerret 5, Cornelius
I,) bom in 1826: died Januar}' 17, 1901: married, ist, Harriet
Halberstadt, who died in 1861, daughter of Dr. George Halber-
stadt, of Pottsville, Penn.; married, 2d, in 1864, her sister

During the war for the Union, he was Colonel of the 20th Reg.
Penn. Vol. Cavalry; and he commanded a brigade, at Cumber-
land, Md.

Children of John E. and Harriet Wynkoop:

1600. Augusta Howell: b. in 1858.

1601. Harriet: b. in i860: m. Lewis Grant, and survives him,
with three children: Lewis, b. in 1885, Jean, b. in 1887,
and Anne, b. in 1892. She lives at Pottsville, Pa.

1 88 Wynkoop Genealogy

Children of John E, and Annie Wynkoop:

1602. Alfred Halberstadt: b. Jan. 20, 1867: ni., Apl. 25, 1893,
Amanda Jarrett. He was member of the firm of Wynkoop
& Robinson, at one time; afterwards, of Satterthwaite
& Wynkoop, general contractors, Philadelphia. His son
John E., Jun., was bom June 9, 1900.

1603. John Estill: b. July 20, 1869: d. Dec. 30, 1887.

1603A. Philip Ver Planck: b. June, 1871: m. Margaret Jones:
he has a daughter, Marion, b. about 1897.

1333. Charles Shippen Wynkoop, (John W. 722, Dr. Nicholas
393, Judge Henry 157, Nicholas 46, Gerret 5, Cornelius i,) bom
in 1828: died in August, 1864, in Petersburg, Va. : married
Catharine Carmichael.

He went upon the stage, under the name of Charles McKenzie.
His southern residence led him to sympathize with the rebellion ,
and he became Lieutenant Colonel of the 14th Reg. of Alabama.
He was wounded, while in command of the regiment, after the
explosion, July 30, 1864, of a mine under the rebel defenses of
Petersburg, and underwent an amputation, from the effects of
which he died.

Child of Charles S. and Catharine Wynkoop :

1604. May: b. in 1858.

1333, George Wynkoop, Lieutenant Colonel, (John W. 722,
Dr. Nicholas 393, Judge Henry 157, Nicholas 46, Gerret 5, Cor-
nelius I,) born in 1830: died July 29, 1866, at Kansas City,
while crossing the plains: married, in 1852, Mary Trayer.

He was Lieutenant Colonel of the 98th Reg. Penn. Vol. : was
wounded at the battle of Chancellorsville ; and resigned. He was,
afterwards, member of the law firm of Bigelow & Wynkoop,

Child of George and Mary Wynkoop :

1605. Catharine: d. in infancy.

1334. Edward Wanshaer Wynkoop, Colonel, (John W. 722,
Dr. Nicholas 393, Judge Henry 157, Nicholas 46, Gerret 5, Cor-
nelius I,) born in 1836: died September 12, 1891, in Santa Fe,
N. M.: married, in 1861, Louisa Brown.

He was Major of a Colorado regiment, and performed perilous
and efficient services against the rebels in New Mexico, and
against the Indians. He was displaced, in some way, in 1864, as
unsuitable for the work, when it was intended to massacre the

Wynkoop Genealogy 189

Cheyennes, at Sand Creek, at a conference to which the Indians
had been invited : so he was not involved in what is known as the
"Chivington Massacre."

He became an Indian Agent, and won the confidence of the
Indians, because he was one of the few persons who kept faith
with them.

He was hving, in 1878, at Tremont, Schuylkill County, Penn.;
and, ten years later, at Santa Fe, where he was warden of the
New Mexico Penitentiary. He died after a long illness. It is
said that he was a member of the original Pike's Peak expe-

Children of Edward W. and Louisa Wynkoop:

1606. Edward Estill: b. in 1862.

1607. Emily: b. in 1864.

1608. Angeline: b. in 1866.

1609. Francis Murray: b. in i86g.

1 6 ID. Charles Wanshaer: b. in 187 1.

1336. Isabella Wynkoop, (Henry 724, Dr. Nicholas 393, Judge
Henry 157, Nicholas 46, Gerret 5, Cornelius i,) born October 20,
1834: married, October 16, 1866, Jonas White Cole, and lived in
Trenton, N. J.

Children of Jonas W. and Isabella (W.) Cole:

1611. Mabel Cole: b. June 5, 1870: m., Mch. 12, 1890, Frank B.
Clark: child, Isabel Wynkoop Cole Clark, b. June 5, 1S97.

161 2. Emily Wynkoop Cole: b. July 16, 1873: d. Nov. 6, 1876.

1613. Grace Frances Cole: b. Sept. 17, 1875.

1327, Nicholas Wynkoop, Lieutenant, (Gen'l George C. 725,
Dr. Nicholas 393, Judge Henry 157, Nicholas 46, Gerret 5, Cor-
nelius I,) born December 25, 1831: died August 21, 1862:
married Almira Herman.

He was Lieutenant and Adjutant of the 7th Reg. Penn. Vol.
Cav., commanded by his father, and was killed in a cavalry fight,
near Gallatin, Ky., August 21, 1862.

Children of Nicholas and Almira (H.) Wynkoop:

1614. George Campbell: b. Oct. 29, 1853: m. Ellie Kelley.

1615. Mary Amanda: b. July 27, 1855: m. Alexander Harvey,

1616. Frances Annie: b. Jan. 23, 1858: m. Ai Fenton Reed.
1353. Henry Wynkoop Watson, (Margaret L. Wynkoop 729,

Jonathan 396, Judge Henry 157, Nicholas 46, Gerret 5, Cornelius
I,) born October 5, 1836, at Gettysburg, Pa.: a lawyer at

190 Wynkoop Genealogy

Williamsport, Pa.: married, ist, January 7, 1863, Mary Mont-
gomery, of Lycoming County, who died, childless, March 25,
187 1, aged about 38 years: married, 2d, October 15, 1874, at
Dayton, O., Mary A. Cummin, who is living with him and their
two children.

He attended a private school at Clinton, N. J., and a public
school at Princeton, and a school at Chestnut Hill, Pa. : entered
the sophomore class of the College of New Jersey in 1854, and
was graduated in 1857 : taught school at Rockville, Pa., and at
Milton: studied law with S. D, Bell: was employed by Dawson
& Brown: he was admitted to the Bar, in 1859, at Sunbury, Pa.,
and soon afterward established himself at Williamsport.

In 1861 he joined, as a private, Com. A., nth Reg. Pa. Vol,
Inf., and was with them in a skirmish at Falling Waters, Va.,

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