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delphia, to the house of his grandmother, then the widow Wyn-
koop, to be educated. In 1778, while the British were occupying
Philadelphia, the widow Wynkoop, and her family, were at
Appoquinimink Hundred, Newcastle, Del. Benjamin Wyn-
koop, probably the one who was her step -son, and his family,
also were refugees at that place, and were very gently enter-
tained. In 1780, this Nicholas Hammond married his cousin,
Sarah George, and settled at Cambridge, Md. She died, in 1781 ;
and, in 1789, he removed to Easton, Md. ; and, some years later,
he built the place "St. Aubin." In 1792, he married Rebecca
HoUyday. His letters breathe a gentle, brotherly spirit, for his
connections, as well as for his blood relations. He maintained
and educated Lieut. Dyer Sharpe Wynkoop [435], and Hester
Catalina Wynkoop [441], from her fourth to her sixteenth year.
Her father, James [177], in his last sickness, took her to Ham-
mond's house; and there James died, sj

Mary Dyer, while she was the widow Hammond, received a
conveyance of land at Appoquinimink. Abraham Wynkoop, in
1745, obtained land in the neighborhood of that of his second
wife, by deed, which described him as of Sussex County, Del,^
This land was in Cedar Creek Hundred, near Milford, Sussex v/
County. (See Cornelius P., 479). Abraham was originally of
New York; afterwards of Philadelphia and Delaware.

The executors of the will of Abraham Wynkoop made a con-
tract, July 21, 1768, for the sale of one hundred and forty-four
and a half acres of land, part of a tract, belonging to him, in
Cedar Creek Hundred; which they afterwards conveyed, by J
deed, dated June 25,' 1789. "3

Children of Abraham and Esther Wynkoop :

174. Phoebe: b. Oct. 28, 1729: m. John Vining.

175. Benjamin: b. Nov. 23, 1734: m. ist, Sarah Wooddrop
Sims: probably m. 2d, a sister of Sarah.

Children of Abraham and Mary Wynkoop :

176. Abram: d. about 1783: m. Rachel Sharpe. 1

177. James: physician: d. about 1788: m. Hester Peterson. ^
53. Benjamin Wynkoop, (Benjamin 8, Cornelius i,) baptized,

"3 Rolls Office, Lewes, Del., Liber 6, No. 14, folio 168.

Wynkoop Genealogy 37

New York City, May 23, 1705: married, Nov. 22, 1730, at Fair-
field, Conn., Eunice Burr, baptized July 2, 1710, daughter of
Judge Peter and Sarah Burr. She was cousin to Rev. Aaron
Burr, President of the College of New Jersey, who was a son of
her uncle Daniel. "^

Benjamin was admitted to church membership at Fairfield,
Conn., on certificate from the Collegiate Dutch Church, New
York City.

Children of Benjamin and Eunice Wynkoop:

178. Benjamin: b. Sept. 17, 1731, bp. Apl. 9, 1732: m. Grissel

178A. Peter: b. Oct. 6, 1733.

179. Catharine: b. Sept. 17, 1735, bp. Sept. 21, 1735: m. May
I, 1754, Gideon Wellis."^ Alonzo Ilus Wynkoop [777]
wrote that one of his great -aunts married a Mr. Wells.

180. Eunice: b. Apl. 7, 1739, bp. Apl. 8, 1739. Alonzo [777]
wrote as follows: "I think one of my great-aunts was
married to a Mr. Smedley; and that they lived at Can-
andaigua, and had but one child, a daughter." James
Smedley was one of the distributers of the estate of Peter
Burr, grandfather of this Eunice.

57. Judith Wynkoop, (Cornelius 9, Maj. Johannes 2, Cornelius
I,) baptized August 31, 1712: married, December 11, 1736,
Johannes Du Bois, both of them described as bom and living in
Hurley, N. Y. He was baptized, October 10, 17 10, son of Jacob
and Gerritje (Gerritszen) Du Bois."^

Children of Johannes and Judith Du Bois:

181. Catharine Du Bois: b. Sept. 18, 1737, bp. Sept. 25: m.,
Kingston, Nov. 15, 1757, Johannes Schoonmaker.

182. Jacob Du Bois: bp. May 27, 1739: d. in infancy.

183. Jacob Du Bois: bp. July 27, 1740.

184. Cornelius Du Bois: b. Jan. 24, 1743, bp. Jan. 30: d. June
24, 1829: m. Mch. II, 1769, Gertrude Van Vliet, b. Sept. 4,

1737, d. May 24, 1819.

185. Johannes Du Bois: bp. Jan. 30, 1743: probably a twin:
d. in infancy.

186. Jakomyntje Du Bois: bp. Dec. 2, 1744: d. in infancy.

^'^*The Burr Family, Todd, pp. 146, 147.

^'S Records of the Congregational Church, Fairfield.

''6 Church records, Kingston.

38 Wynkoop Genealogy

187. Henrica Du Bois: bp. Dec. 28, 1746.

188. Petrus Du Bois: b. Mch. 28, 1749, bp. Apl. 2: d. Apl. 2,
1830: m. Dec. 23, 1779, Arriaantje Newkirk.

189. Johannes Du Bois: bp. Aug. 4, 1751 : m. Annatje Bovier.

190. Abraham Du Bois: bp. Feb. 17, 1754: d. unmarried.

191. Jakomyntje Du Bois (Jacoba or Jemima): bp. June 13,
1756: m. Dr. Heermance.

58. EUzabeth Wynkoop, (CorneHus 9, Maj. Johannes 2, Cor-
neHus i,) baptized January 9, 17 15: married, at Kingston,
December 15, 1739, PhiHp Du Mon. He was buried January 12,
1789, aged 80 years. She had a child buried June 11, 1758,
and an other, a daughter, buried January 10, 1760: all in
Kingston. "7 All the children were baptized in Kingston.

Children of Philip and Elizabeth Du Mon:

192. Catrina Dumond: bp. Nov. 9, J740.

193. Maria Dumond: bp. May 9, 1742.

194. Johannes Dumond: bp. Jan. 22, 1744.

195. Hendrika Dumond: bp. Dec. 29, 1745: d. in infancy.

196. Annatjen Dumond: bp. June 12, 1748.

197. Hendrika Dumond: bp. Oct. 28, 1750.

198. Elizabeth Dumond: bp. June 2, 1754.

199. Cornelius Dumond: bp. June 19, 1757.

59. Cornelia Wynkoop, (Cornelius 9, Maj. Johannes 2, Cor-
nelius I,) baptized March 17, 1717: married, Kingston, July 4,
1 741, Jan Van Deusen, Jun., she described as bom in Hurley,
and he, in Kingston, and both as living in Hurley. Their chil-
dren were baptized in Kingston.

Children of Jan and Cornelia Van Deusen :

200. Hendrica Van Deusen: bp. May 23, 1742: d. in infancy.

201. Hendrica Van Deusen: bp. Sept. 2, 1744.

202. Johannes Van Deusen: bp. May 19, 1746.

203. Catharina Van Deusen: bp. Mch. 11, 1750.

204. Maria Van Deusen: bp. Sept. 16, 1753.

63. Adriaan Wynkoop, Major, (Cornelius 9, Maj. Johannes 2,
Cornelius i,) baptized, Kingston, N. Y., August 21, 1726: died
in 1795: married, in Kingston, October 25, 1754, Catharine
Louw, bom January 25, 1733, died November 17, 1796."^

Adriaan is mentioned, May 11, 1775, as one of the Committee

"7 Henry Brace, of New York City.

"8 Inscription, West Hurley grave yard.

Wynkoop Genealogy 39

of Hurley, to choose deputies to the New York provincial con-
vention; and again, November 7, 1775, for the same purpose,
in pursuance of which they chose Dirck Wynkoop [292], among
others. He was chairman of the Associators of Hurley, July 6,
1775. As chairman of the Hurley Committee, he notified the
provincial convention of the election of militia officers. There
was a dispute as to the field officers of the Northern Regiment of
Ulster County, and, in response to the provincial convention, he
was nominated for Major. He is found as Major, of the First
Regiment, Ulster County, May 25, 1775, and May i, 1776. He
was placed in command, October, 1776, of two hundred men,
at the instance of the field officers of Ulster County, to guard
the passes of the Hudson. Major Adriaan's bill, for £i6,,
was allowed January 18, 1777, for pay and subsistence of two
hundred men, raised in Ulster County, and employed in guard-
ing the passes, for twenty-seven days."' The appointment was
for two months' service. ^^°

The last will of Adriaan, as of Hurley, dated April 22, 1795,
proved August 21, gave his whole estate to his wife, Catharine,
and his nephew, John C. Wynkoop. It mentioned Dirk his
brother, and Cornelius Dumond, son of his sister Elizabeth."^
Perhaps Dirk was a brother-in-law, or maternal half-brother.
Adriaan's widow, in her last will, dated November 13, 1796,
proved January 2, 1797, mentioned her brother, Cornelius Low.^^^
Her sister, Margaret, married, September 2, 1746, Cornelius Ten
Broek [71]. Adriaan had no child.

65. Cornelius C. Wynkoop, Captain, (Cornelius 9, Maj.
Johannes 2, Cornelius i,) was baptized in Kingston, N. Y.,
November 5, 1732: died August 6, 1796.^^2 He married, April
24, 1760, Maria Catharina Roel,'^^^ daughter of Gustav Martin
and Maria Margaretha (Bimper) Roel. In New York Marriages,
i860, their marriage bond is indexed, April 17, 1760, with a
reference to book iii., p. 112, and her name is spelled Ruehle.
These bonds were given when the Secretary of the province of

^^9 Journal of N. Y. Provincial Convention, vol. i., pp. 23, 189, 36, 193,
219, 178, 294, 489, 62, 98.

120 Force's Amer. Archives, 5th Series, vol. iii., pp. 1027, 1167.

^21 Records of Wills, Kingston, Book BB, pp. 225, 346.

'22 Henry Brace, of New York City.

^^^ Corporation Manual, N. Y., 1863, p. 651.

40 Wynkoop Genealogy

New York issued licenses, and the two were a substitute for the
ban, or giving of notice.

Cornelius was admitted a freeman of the city of New York, in
1770, and was described as a shop-keeper."-* He left New York
when the British took possession of that place. He appears as
Cornelius C. Wynkoop, Captain of the First Company, S. E.
District of Marbletown Township, in the Third Regiment of
Ulster County, with Col. Levi Pawling, Lieut. -Col. Jacob Hoorn-
beck, and Majors Johannis Cantine and Joseph Hasbrouck."s
He was commissioned, March 20, 1779, as Assistant Commissary
of Issues, in the Northern Department, under the signature of
James Gray, Deputy Commissary General, Albany. The com-
mission was addressed to him as Cornelius Wynkoop, Esq., and
recited that it was granted by virtue of power and authority
invested [in him, Gray] by the Congress of the Thirteen United
States of North America, subject to directions from time to
time, from this or a future Congress, or Committee of Congress,
from the Commander-in-Chief, for the time being, from the Com-
missary General of Issues, or from the Deputy Commissary of
Issues for the Northern Department, according to the rules and
discipline of war.

His wife's mother, "Marytje Roel," married 2d, March 18,
1743, Dutch church, N. Y., George Petterson. The will of
George Petterson, of the city of New York, sugar baker, dated
September 12, 1764, mentions his wife Mary, and her two
daughters, Maria Catharine, wife of Cornelius C. Wynkoop, and
Sabrina, wife of Nicholas De Ronda.

The children of Cornelius C. were baptized in New York City.

Children of Cornelius C. and Maria C. Wynkoop :

205. John C. : bp. Jan. 21, 1761: m. Lydia Silvester.

206. Maria: bp. July 4, 1762: m. Henry Stanton.

207. Catharine: bp. Nov. 20, 1763: m. Jonathan Hasbrouck.

208. George Pieterson: bp. July 17, 1765: d. in infancy. It is
said that he was named after a physician of Montgomery,
N. Y.: but see George Petterson, above.

209. Anna Sabina: bp. July 13, 1766: m. Henry H. Schoon-

^^* Corporation Manual, N. Y., 1856, p. 501.

^^s Services of Levies and Militia, Hist, of N. Y., Revolutionary Period,
vol. i., p. 300.

Wynkoop Genealogy 41

210. Elizabeth: bp. Dec. 3, 1769: m. Jacob Hicks.

211. Cornelius C. : bp. May 24, 1772: died in 1808, unmarried.
He was an attorney at law, and was so described in a deed
to him, in 1795, and in a deed by him, in 1796. ^^^ He is
mentioned in the Introduction, in relation to a book-plate.

212. Henrietta: bp. Mch. 23, 1775: d. in i860: m. Dr. Henry
Van Solingen.

213. Augustus: b. Sept. 10, 1777: m. Anne Maria Silvester.
66. Petrus Wynkoop, (Cornelius 9, Maj. Johannes 2, Cornelius

I,) baptized, in Kingston, December 22, 1734: married Janneke
Hardenbergh.^27 In the record of baptism of their children, in
Kingston, her name is Janneke; but elsewhere it is Anneke.
Children of Petrus and Janneke Wynkoop:

214. Cornelius: bp. June 11, 1775: mother "Jantje Harthen-

215. Jane: bp. Sept. 22, 1776: mother "Janneke."

216. Peter P.: bp. Jan. 25, 1779: m. Anna Roosa.

69. Johannes Ten Broek, (Elizabeth Wynkoop 10, Maj.
Johannes 2, Cornelius i,) baptized December 12, 17 14: died in
New Jersey, December, 1738: married, February, 1738, Cathar-
ine Ten Eyck.

Child of Johannes and Catharine Ten Broek:

217. Johannes Ten Broek, b. 1739. (N.Y. Gen. and Biog. Record,
vol. xix., p. 72.)

70. Maria Ten Broek, (Elizabeth Wynkoop 10, Maj. Johannes
2, Cornelius i,) baptized June 30, 1717: died May 19, 1769:
married, November 10, 1738, Henry De Witt, baptized January
24, 1714, died September 17, 1753, son of Tjerck and Anne

^26 New York Register's Office, Liber 416, pp. 68, 70.

^27 Johannes Hardenbergh migrated to this cotmtry, sometime after the
middle of the seventeenth century. He was by birth a Prussian, but is
said to have been connected with the British service, as an officer. He
left two sons, one of whom settled on Long Island, and the other at
Rosendale, about eight miles southwest of Kingston, Ulster County,
N. Y. He, in connection with Robert Livingston, purchased a patent of
land, comprehending the whole of the county of Sullivan, and all that
part of the county of Delaware which lies east of the Mohawk, or West
Branch of the Delaware River. The tract is yet known in the history
of New York, as the Hardenbergh Patent. (Annals of Anier. Pulpit,
Sprague, vol. ix., Ref. Dutch portion, p. 21.) Hardenbergh is the name
of a town, in the province of Overyssel, Netherlands.

42 Wynkoop Genealogy

(Pawling) De Witt. Henry was a merchant at Kingston; and,
for some years, town clerk and county treasurer. Baptisms of
their children are in the A^. Y. Gen. and Biog. Record, vol. xix.,

P- 75-

Children of Henry and Maria De Witt :

218. Elizabeth De Witt: b. Dec. 2, 1739, bp. Dec. 9: m., in 1769,
Edward Whittaker, bp. Sept. 27. 1741, son of Edward and
Helletje (Burhans) Whittaker.

219. Tjerck Claes De Witt: b. Sept. 9, 1741, bp. Sept. 13: d.
Oct. 12, 181 2: m., in 1773, Jannetje Elting, bp. Apl. 10,
1743, daughter of Jacobus and Elizabeth (Hall) Elting.

220. Jacob DeWitt: b. Nov. 21, 1743, bp. Nov. 27; m., in Nov.,
1768, Martha Dean, daughter of Jabez.

221. John De Witt: b. Oct. 11, 1745, bp. Oct. 13.

222. Anne De Witt: bp. Mch. 13, 1748: m., Sept. 24, 1775,
Peter Bogardus, bp. Jan. i, 1749, son of Peter and Rebecca
(Du Bois) Bogardus.

223. Henry DeWitt: bp. Sept. 9, 1750: m., May 10, 1772,
Hannah Dean, daughter of Jabez.

71. Cornelius Ten Broek, (Elizabeth Wynkoop 10, Maj.
Johannes 2, Cornelius i,) bom May 31, 1719, baptized June 7:
died August 4, 1790: married, November 2, 1746, Margaret
Louw, born October i, 1726, baptized November 6, died January
29, 1790, daughter of Timothy and Hendrickje (Kool) Louw.
He removed to Rocky Hill, Harlingen, N. J., in 1746. Baptisms
of the children are given in N. Y. Gen. and Biog. Record, vol. xvi.,

PP- 154, 155-

Children of Cornelius and Margaret Ten Broek:

224. Catharine Ten Broek: b. June 3, 1747, bp. in July: m.
Abraham Williamson.

225. Jacob Ten Broek: b. Feb. 12, 1750, bp. Mch. 7: d. Oct.
5, 1776, unmarried. He returned from the camp of the
militia, at Bergen Hill, sick of ague, and soon died.

226. Hannah Ten Broek: b. Nov. 5, 1752, bp. Dec. 3: m. Jacob

227. Elizabeth Ten Broek: b. June 21, 1755, bp. July 13 : m. ist.,
Christopher Van Pelt; m. 2d, Longstreet.

228. Cornelius Ten Broek: b. Dec. 25, 1757, bp. Apl. 8, 1758: d.
at New Brunswick, N. J., unmarried. He served in the
Revolutionary army.

Wynkoop Genealogy 43

229. John Ten Broek: b. June 21, 1760, bp. July 31. He was
licensed as a physician, and settled in Virginia, and after-
wards in New York. He disappeared. It was believed
that he was unmarried.

230. Peter Ten Broek: b. Nov. 7, 1762, bp. Nov. 28. He died
from a fall on the ice, and was unmarried. He entered
Queens College. He served in the Revolutionary army,
and was at the capture of Yorktown. Afterwards he was
a surveyor. He was engaged in business of some kind at
Cooperstown, N. Y.

231. Abraham Ten Broek: b. Sept. 6, 1765, bp. Nov. 13: d. in
Philadelphia, in 1841: m. in April, 1807, Eliza Howell, of
Trenton, N. J. He was a lawyer, and settled at Coopers-
town. After his marriage, he removed to Philadelphia.
He had two sons, married, and one daughter, single.

232. Helena Ten Broek: b. Jan. 26, 1768: d. Feb. 15, 1855:
m., in 1787, Samuel Beekman, who lived in Harlingen, N. J.

73. Judith Ten Broek, (Elizabeth Wynkoop 10, Maj. Johannes
2, Cornelius i,) bom October 12, 1721, baptized October 15: died
March 8, 1783: married, January 9, 1742, Teunis Van Vechten,
of Catskill, bom April i, 1707, baptized, Albany, June i, died
April 3, 1785, son of Teunis and Cathalyntje (Van Petten) Van
Vechten. The baptisms of their children are given in the N. Y.
Gen. and Biog. Record, vol. xix., pp. 75, 76.

Children of Teunis and Judith Van Vechten :

233. Samuel Van Vechten: b. Sept. 28, 1742, bp. Oct. 8, Albany:
d. Feb. 12, 1 813: m., in 1 781, Sarah Van Orden, b. Aug. 18,
1758, d. Dec. 12, 1824, daughter of John and Tryntje (Du

Bois) Van Orden.

234. Jacob Van Vechten: b. Sept. 18, 1747, bp. Oct. 11 : d. Apl.
30, 1806: m., in Claverack, N. Y., Jan. 21, 1787, Elsie
Staats, bp. Oct. 15, 1744, at the Lutheran Church, Athens,
N. Y., died between Feb. 20 and June 11, 181 1, daughter of
Johannes and Alida (Hollenbeck) Staats, of Kinderhook.

235. Teunis Van Vechten: b. Apl. 24, 1749, bp. May 21: d.
Dec. 7, 1817: m. Elizabeth De Wendelaer, bp. in Albany,
N. Y., Dec. 16, 1753, d., in the same place, Dec. i, 1831,
daughter of Pieter and Anna (Bogardus) De Wendelaer.

Anna was the second wife of Pieter.

236. Elizabeth Van Vechten: b. Oct. 6, 1757, bp., in Albany,

44 Wynkoop Genealogy

Nov. 5: d. Feb. 17, 1813: m. June 9, 1782, Kaatsbaan
ch., Hezekiah Van Orden, bp., in Germantown, N. Y., Jan.
22, 1749, died Aug. 13, 1796, son of William and Sarah (Du
Bois) Van Orden.

237. Abraham Van Vechten: b. Dec. 5, 1762, bp. Dec. 27,
Albany: d. Jan. 6, 1837: m., in Albany, May 20, 1784,

Catharine Schuyler, b. in Albany, Mch. 23, 1766: d. Sept.

10, 1820, daughter of Philip Pieterse and Anna (Wendell)


73. Jacob Ten Broek, (Elizabeth Wynkoop 10, Maj. Johannes

2, Cornelius i,) baptized May 3, 1724: died August 21, 1793:

married, December 21, 1751, Garritje Smedes, bom January 5,

1727, baptized January 15, died April 2, 1796, daughter of

Petrus and Catrina (Du Bois) Smedes. The baptisms of their

children are given in the N. Y. Gen. and Biog. Record, vol. xix.,

p. 76.

Children of Jacob and Garritje Ten Broek:

238. Catharine Ten Broek: bp. May 27, 1753: d. Mch. 21, 1826,

239. Elizabeth Ten Broek: bp. May 18, 1755.

240. Magdalena Ten Broek: bp. Sept. 11, 1757.

241. Maria Ten Broek: b. May 16, 1760, bp. May 18: d. Dec. 2,
1828: m., Aug. 16, 1789, Cornelius Burhans, b. Sept. 29,
1764, d. N0V.-27, 1831.

242. Helen Ten Broek.

243. Sacath Ten Broek.

244. Jacob Ten Broek: b. Oct. 30, 1766: d. Mch. 30, 1829: m.,
Mch. 22, 1803, Margaret Watson.

78. Johannes Beekman, (Maria Wynkoop 11, Maj. Johannes 2,
Cornelius i,) baptized, in Kingston, June 23, 1723: married,
October 20, 1750, Lydia Van Keuren, bom April 17, 1729,
daughter of Tjerck and Marytjen (Ten Eyck) Van Keuren. The
dates of birth of the children are from James R. Gibson, through
Henry Brace.

Children of Johannes and Lydia Beekman.

245. Thomas Beekman: b. Oct. 20, 1751.

246. Tjerck Beekman: b. Jan. i, 1755.

247. Rebecca Beekman: b. June 11, 1758.

248. John Beekman: b. July 12, 1761.

249. Benjamin Beekman: b. Sept. 12, 1762.

Wynkoop Genealogy 45

93. Cornelia Wynkoop, (Dirrick 13, Maj. Johannes 2, Cor-
nelius I,) bom May 13, 1732, baptized May 18: married, in
Kingston, N. Y., December 21, 1752, Matthew Ten Eyck, she
described as a young woman, and he as a young man, "both
under the jurisdiction of Hurley." He was bom in 1728"^:
died in 1S09. [Ten eik = at the oak.]

Children of Matthew and Corneha Ten Eyck ^^9 ;

250. Abraham Ten Eyck: b. June 23, 1754: m. Sarah Elmendorf.

251. Geertje Ten Eyck: bp. Nov. 28, 1756.

252. Jane Ten Eyck: bp. May 13, 1759, " Janneke": m., Jan. 12,
1782, Gerrit Simonse Veeder.^30

253. Dirck Ten Eyck: bp. Feb. 7, 1762: a physician: m. Janet

254. Catharine Ten Eyck: b. Oct. 27, 1765, bp. Nov. 3: d.
Apl. 3, 1840: m. Nov. 18, 1786, Garrit De Witt, b. Aug. 8,
1762, d. Feb. 5, 1846.

255. John Ten Eyck: bp. Apl. 8, 1770: d. unmarried.

256. Maria Ten Eyck: bp. Oct. 26, 1772: m. Col. Albert Pawling.

257. Blandina Ten Eyck: who died unmarried.

94. Cornelius D. Wynkoop, Colonel, (Dirrick 13, Maj. Johannes
2, Cornelius i,) born March 5, 1734, baptized March 10: died, in
Hurley, N. Y., in November, 1792: married ist. May 28, 1762,
Leah Du Bois, both described as living in Ulster County. She
was baptized May 2, 1742, seventh child of Cornelius and Mar-
garet (Hoogteyling) Du Bois, of New Paltz, N. Y.^31 Hoogtey-
ling is now written Houghtaling. Cornelius married 2d, in
Albany, January 2, 1778, Anna Gansevoort, who died, in Albany,
August 9, 1794, aged 49 years, 10 months, 3 days. She was
daughter of Harmen and Margaret (Douw) Gansevoort.

Cornelius D. was appointed, June 30, 1775, Major of the
Third Regiment, Col. James Clinton, raised in Ulster and
Duchess counties. He was made Lieut. -Col. of the same regi-
ment, August 2, 1775, and was ordered to muster the companies
of Captains Hasbrouck and Brown. He became Colonel, April
11,1776. A list of the officers of the regiment is given in Force's
American Archives, 5th Series, vol. i., p. 131 1. He was one of

"8 Rev. James B. Ten Eyck, of Walden, N. Y.

^29 Church records, Kingston: Rev. James B. Ten Eyck: Henry Brace.

^30 Early Settlers of Schenectady, Pearson.

'3i Record of Family of Louis Du Bois, p. 44.

46 Wynkoop Genealogy

the Associators of Hurley, July 6, 1775.'^^ He was, probably,
the "General Wynkoop," who made the address of welcome to
General Washington, at Hurley. (See Cornelius E. 295.)

Cornelius was killed by one of his negroes, who had been in-
furiated by punishment received from the son of Cornelius, on
account of a distufbance that he had made in the kitchen, and by
a reprimand from Cornelius himself. The negro mistook the
father for the son, probably.

The last will of Cornelius D., dated Hurley, May 2, 1776, was
proved June 13, 1793.^33

Children of Cornelius D. and Leah Wynkoop:

258. Derrick C. : b. Apl. 4, 1763: m. Elizabeth Sparling.

259. Leah: b. Apl. 9, 1766: m. Abraham Ten Eyck De Witt,

Children of Cornelius D. and Anna Wynkoop:

260. Gertrude: b. Dec. 26, 1781, bp. in Kingston, Mch. 28,
1782. "Gerritje": d. in infancy.

261. Herman Gansevoort : b. Dec. 16, 1785: d., in Albany, Mch.
3, 1854.^34 He is mentioned in 18 13, as a druggist, at 124
Market Street, Albany.

262. Gertrude Magdalen: bp. Nov. 29, 1788, "Geretje," Kings-
ton church record.

96. Derrick D. Wynkoop, (Dirrick 13, Maj. Johannes 2, Cor-
nelius I,) born February 23, 1738, baptized February 26, "Dirk" :
married ist, November 15, 1765, Sarah Eltinge, both described
as living in Ulster County. She was daughter of Noah Eltinge,
and granddaughter of Jan Eltinge, who was the first of the name
in this country. '35 (See Gerret 5.) Derrick D. married 2d,
Anna Eltinge, daughter of Alvah. Her will, as of New Paltz,
widow of Derrick Wynkoop, dated July 26, 1827, was proved
November 15, i829.'36

Dirk Wynkoop was one of the persons present, in 1767, at the
organization of the Second Reformed Dutch Church, at New
Paltz, under Rev. Isaac Rysdyck. He seems to have been then

^^^ Journal of N. Y. Provincial Convention, vol. i., pp. 62, 117, 98, 424,


'33 Records of Kingston, Book B, p. 47.
'^34 Annals of Albany, vol. vi., p. 324
I3S Edmund Eltinge, of New York City.
•36 Kingston Wills, Book G, p. 116.

Wynkoop Genealogy 47

a resident of New Paltz, but in connection with the Kingston
church.^37 He was an Associator of New Paltz, May lo. 1775. '^s
Under the head of "Ulster County Militia" (Land Bounty
Rights), appears as under Col. Levi Pawling, Dirck D. Wyn-
koop. '39

Children of Derrick D.:

263. Gertrude: b. July 4, 1769, bp. Aug. 22, New Paltz Confer-
entje or 2d Church: m. ist, in Nov., 1790, David Colden,
6th son of Cadwallader and Elizabeth (Ellison) Colden: m.
2d, Alexander Colden, 4th child of the same parents.

264. Cornelia: b. Aug. 12, 1771, bp. Oct. 14: d. in infancy.

265. Cornelia: b. Oct. 30, 1772: m. Peter Eltinge.

99. Jane Wynkoop, (Dirrick 13, Maj. Johannes 2, Cornelius i,)
born May 11, 1744, baptized May 13, "Janneken": married,
January 27, 1778, Cornelius Jansen, widower, both described as
born and living in Kingston. The baptisms of their children are
in the Kingston church records.

Children of Cornelius and Jane Jansen:

266. Grietje (Margaret) Jansen: bp. Nov. 29, 1778.

267. Maryeitje Jansen: bp. Aug. 5, 1781.

268. John C. Jansen: bp. Dec. i, 1782: d. Dec. 6, 1856.

269. Catharina Jansen: bp. May 16, 1785: d. Dec. 10, 1856.

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