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103. Cornelia Wynkoop, (Sheriff Johannes 15, Maj. Johannes

2, Cornelius i,) born April 22, 1734, baptized April 28: died
October 6, 1759: married, October 29, 1757, Edward Schoon-
maker, described as a young man, born and living in Kingston.
[Schoenmaker = shoemaker.]

Child of Edward and Cornelia Schoonmaker:

270. Henry Schoonmaker: bp. Apl. 30, 1758. He is mentioned
as living, in a deed, dated June 9, 1795, made by the heirs
of his grandfather, Sheriff Johannes [15].

106. Catharine Wynkoop, (Sheriff Johannes 15, Maj. Johannes
2, Cornelius i,) baptized April 23, 1739: died March 5, 1813:
married. New York, October 16, 1767, Joseph Gasherie, under
marriage bond of October 14, 1767.

Mr. Gasherie was prominent, during Revolutionary times, and

^37 Collections of Ulster Hist. Sac, vol. i., p. 201.

138 Journal of N . Y . Provincial Convention, vol. i., p. 36.

139 ;v. Y . in the Revolution as Colony and State, 1898, p. 195.

48 Wynkoop Genealogy

afterwards. He was associated with Abram Hasbrouck and
others, in the care of the public records of the province. (See
Jonathan Hasbrouck [207].) On April 23, 1789, Jeremiah Van
Rensselaer, chairman of the Republican Committee, wrote to
Joseph Gasherie, Dirck Wynkoop [292], and Christopher Tappen
[107] Kingston Republican Committee, urging efforts for the
re-election of George Clinton as Governor. (The letter is in the
possession of the compiler.)

107. Anne Wynkoop, (Sheriff Johannes 15, Maj. Johannes 2,
Cornelius i,) bom May 11, 1741, baptized May 18, Kingston:
died May 26, 1815: married, May 9, 1761, Christopher Tappen
[299], baptized June 13, 1742, Kingston, son of Petrus [113].
Both were described as living in Kingston. Marriage bond is
dated April 16, 1761.

On October 10, 1777, he was associated by the Committee of
Safety, in an order to Abram Hasbrouck and others, to remove
the public records from Kingston to Rochester, Ulster County.
(See Jonathan Hasbrouck [207].) He was a member of the
Kingston Republican Committee, in 1789. (See Joseph Gasherie

Children of Christopher and Anne Tappen:

271. Maria Tappen: bp. June 13, 1762, Kingston.

272. Cornelia Tappen: bp. Oct. 15, 1763.

273. Petrus Tappen : bp. Nov. 4, 1764: m., Feb. 16, 1786, Anne
De Witt, b. Nov. 11, 1764.

274. Cornelia Tappen: bp. Mch. 6, 1770.

275. George Tappen: bp. Apl. 13, 1772.

276. Catharine Tappen: bp. Aug. 28, 1774: d. in infancy.

277. Annatje Tappen, a twin: bp. Aug. 28, 1774.

278. Catharina Tappen: b. Dec. 8, 1776.

279. Christopher Tappen : b. Jan. i, 1785.

108. Elizabeth Wynkoop, (Sheriff Johannes 15, Maj. Johannes
2, Cornelius i,) born April 18, 1744, baptized April 22, twin
to Petrus: died August 31, 1822: married, in 1767, Benjamin
De Meyer, and survived him, as appears from the inscription on
her tombstone, in the graveyard of the First Dutch Church,
Kingston. Their marriage bond was dated January 26, 1767.
[De Meyer = the sheriff.]

Children of Benjamin and Elizabeth De Meyer:

280. Elizabeth De Meyer: bp. Nov. 2, 1768: d. Mch. 12, 1839:

Wynkoop Genealogy 49

probably the person who m., Sept. lo, 1801, WilHam.
Schuneman, of Catskili.

281. John De Meyer: bp. Feb. 13, 1771, Kaatsbaan Church.

282. Nicolaas De Meyer: bp. Oct. 2, 1773, Kingston.

283. Maria De Meyer: bp. Sept. 25, 1776: d. in infancy.

284. Mareitje De Meyer: bp. May 16, 1779, father's name spelled
de Meir: probably married John Souser, of Catskili.

109. Petrus Wynkoop, (Sheriff Johannes 15, Maj. Johannes 2,
Cornelius i,) a twin, bom April 18, 1744, baptized April 22: died
February 3, 1818, as shown by inscription on tombstone, in
the yard of the First Dutch Church, Kingston: married, Sep-
tember 20, 1778, Kinderhoek, Mary Van Aalstein, of Kinder-
hoek, bom July 18, 1753, died April 21, 1837. The record in the
Bible of the father of Petrus, has the death of Petrus as of Janu-
ary 23, 1819, and has his wife's name Mary Van Alstyne. They
lived at Clermont; afterwards in Kinderhoek; and removed to
Kingston, in 1796. The will of the widow, dated September 3,
183 1, was proved April 30, 1838.

Children of Petrus and Mary Wynkoop:

285. John: b. Aug. 11, 1779, bp. Aug. 15, Kinderhoek: d. Sept.
2, 1799, in Philadelphia, of yellow fever, unmarried.

286. Martin: b. Jan. 31, 1781, bp. Mch. 4: d., in Kingston, June
28, 1 82 1, unmarried. See inscription on his tombstone in
the yard of the First Dutch Church, Kingston.

287. Peter: b. Aug. 28, 1783, bp. Sept. 28: d. in New Orleans,

288. Abram: b. Mch. 26, 1786: m. Maria Van Steenberg.

289. Catharine: b. Oct. 9, 1788, bp. Oct. 26: d. Mch., 1862, in
Kingston, unmarried. The compiler saw crepe upon the
door, for her, as he passed to the funeral of his great-aunt,
"Miss Peggy Wynkoop" J5 16].

290. Benjamin: b. July 16, 1791; bp. Aug. 21: d. Aug. 15, 1821,
as inscribed upon the tombstone in the yard of the First
Dutch Church, Kingston.

113. Evert Wynkoop, Captain, (Cornelius 28, Evert 4, Cor-
nelius I,) born January 29, 1709, baptized September 11: died
September 16, 1757, of camp fever, at his home, to which he had
returned sick from the Old French War, in which he was a

^40 Record of Wills, Kingston, Book I, p. 270.

50 Wynkoop Genealogy

captain. He was a brewer. He married, May 3, 1730, Arri-
aantje Schepmoes, bom November 12, 1706, died March 26, 1779,
daughter of Derrick and Grietje (Tappen) Schepmoes. She was
baptized, in Kingston, November 17, 1706. She was descended
from Jansz I. Schepmoes, who took a lot in New Amsterdam,
May 18, 1643, and an other, July 6. Her sister, Anna, baptized
September 3, 1704, married Johannes Jansen, and was mother
of Margaret, who married Johannes Wynkoop [95]. Derrick
Schepmoes died February 21, 1725, and his wife, March 3, 1743.

"Miss Peggy Wynkoop" [516], great-aunt of the compiler, left
to him, in 1862, an old Dutch Bible, Dordrecht and Amsteldam
(sic), 1 7 14, in German text, folio, with brass clasps, containing
quaint illustrations. On a fly-leaf, at the back of the book, is
the inscription, " Ariaentie Schepmoes Haer Bijbelannoye 1725."
Then follows an entry of her birth, in 1706, and other entries,
made by her son Dirck, down to 1779, the date of her own
death. The record closes with an entry of Dirck's death, in
1796. On a flyleaf in the front of the book is the record of
Evert 's birth and marriage, and of the births and deaths of his
children, down to 1746. Accompanying this book was a loose
sheet giving Dirck's own family, 1754-61.

Capt. Evert's last will, dated December 19, 1750, unrecorded
and unproved, is in the possession of the compiler. It described
him as of Kingston, and a brewer, and mentioned his wife " Ari-
antje," his sons Derick and Cornelius, and his brother-in-law,
Johannes Jansen. It made provision for his son Cornelius, in
the terms following : " I do hereby direct that he shall be edu-
cated and brought up, out of my estate, and not inferior to
what my son Derick hath had, both as to education and assis-
tance." He gave the executors power to sell the estate, with
this limitation : " Except the orchard and ground lying along the
Green Kill Road, which I bought of the heirs or devisees of
Tunis Tappen, deceased, and my low land over the Esopus
Creek, which I have lately bought of Maj. Hardenbergh and
his children, which two parcels of land are not to be sold, and
I do hereby devise and bequeath the same unto my said two
sons, share and share alike." He appointed his brother-in-
law, Johannes Jansen, David De Lametter, and his son Derick,

His tombstone stands in the yard of the First Reformed Dutch

Wynkoop Genealogy 51

Church, Kingston, with the inscription: "Here Hes the body of
Capt. Evert Wynkoop who departed this Hfe the i6th day of
Sept., Anno Dom. 1757, in the 49th year of his age."
Children of Capt. Evert and Ariantje Wynkoop:

291. CorneUus: b. Mch. i, 1731; d. Apl. 21, 1731.

292. Dirck: b. Oct. i, 1732: m. ist, Tjaatje Wynkoop [102]: m.
2d, Sarah Smedes.

293. Peter: b. Nov. 16, 1739; d. Aug. 18, 1746.

294. , a son: b. Aug. 22, 1743: d. Aug. 27, 1743.

295. Cornehus E., Major: b. July 4, 1746: m. Cornelia Mancius.

113. Tjaatje [Cheautchee] Wynkoop, (Cornelius 28, Evert 4,
Cornelius i,) baptized October 8, 17 10, New York record : married
July 2, 1736, Petrus Tappen, "young man," both described as
born and living in Kingston. He was, probably, the Petrus
baptized January 29, 17 16, son of Christoffel and Cornelia (Vas)
Tappen, who were married April 21, 1715, in Kingston, the
record describing Christopher as bom in Albany. Petrus Tap-
pen and "Chaetje" Wynkoop were witnesses at the baptism of
Mattheus, son of Mattheus Ernest and Anna Maria Bomper.

The last will of Petrus Tappen, of Kingston, mariner, dated
December 7, 1747, mentioned his wife Tjatje, his children,
Christopher and Cornelia, his brother-in-law, Evert Wynkoop,
and his cousin, Johannis Wynkoop. A child was born after the
date of the will. A copy of this will has come into the hands of
the compiler, certified as follows: "A true copy of the last Will
et Testament of Petrus Tappen. Evert Wynkoop, Johannis

Baptisms of the children are found in the church record,
Kingston. Her name appears in the will of her grandfather,
Evert, in 1746, as "Teate."

Children of Petrus and Tjaatje Tappen:

296. Christopher Tappen : bp. June 5, 1737: d. in infancy.

297. Peter Tappen: bp. Sept. 11, 1738: d. in infancy.

298. Cornelia Tappen: bp. Aug. 10, 1740: d. in infancy.

299. Christopher Tappen: bp. June 13, 1742: m. Anne Wyn-
koop [107].

300. Cornelia Tappen : bp. Nov. 25, 1744.

301. Petrus Tappen: bp. June 28, 1748.

114. Cornelius Wynkoop, (Jacobus 29, Evert 4, Cornelius
I,) baptized March 25, 171 1, Kingston, N. Y. : married, in

52 Wynkoop Genealogy

1729, Anne Schoonmaker, both described as born and living in
Rochester, Ulster County: ban registered October 12. She
was baptized, August 11, 1706, Kingston. She was daughter
of Joachim and Antjen (Hussey) (sic) Schoonmaker ^^i — child of
his second marriage. The last will of Aantje Hursey (sic),
widow of Joachim Schoonmaker, dated December 9, 1727,
proved November 7, 1730, mentions 15 children, among them,
Antje, wife of Cornelius Wynkoop.'42

Cornelius is described, in a deed to Cornelius Hornbeek, Janu-
ary 3, 1733, as of Rochester, cordwainer.

Children of Cornelius and Anne Wynkoop :

302. Anne: bp. Feb. 6, 1732: m. Philip Swartwout.

303. Jacobus: m. Nov. 4, 1758, Janneke Oosterhout.

124. Evert Wynkoop, (Johannes E. 36, Evert 4, Cornelius i,)
baptized June 13, 1731, Hackensack, N. J.; mother's name,
"Schot": married, at the Sagertje,^'^3 August 12, 1754, Saartje
Decker, both described as living in Kingston; Kingston church
records. They were members of the Kaatsbaan church, near
Saugerties, in 1759, and the baptism of six of their children is
there recorded. The initials E. W. K., were cut into a stone, in
the outer wall of the Kaatsbaan church. See Evert [4].

Children of Evert and Sarah Wynkoop :

304. Johannes: bp. Feb. 9, 1755; d. in infancy.

305. Maria: bp. May 31, 1757, "Marytje" '-^^i ^n. Apl. 16, 1780,
Gerrit Becker, Albany.

306. Johannes: b. June 18, 1759: m. Harriet Bartlett.

307. Catharina: bp. Apl. 12, 1762.

308. Ehza: bp. Sept. 8, 1764.

309. Elisha: b. Sept., 1766: d. a bachelor. According to an
other account, he was bom in 1758, and lost his life during
the Revolutionary War.

310. Deborah: bp. Jan. 13, 1768: d. unmarried.

311. Joshua: bp. Sept. 19, 1770: m. Margaret Arnold or

130. Sarah Wynkoop, (Johannes E. 36, Evert 4, Cornelius i,)
baptized April 21, 1747, Kaatsbaan church: married June 12,

'41 iV. Y. Gen. & Biog. Record, vol. ii., \y. 203.

'42 Bergen Family, p. 285.

'43 Little Sawyer Creek, probably: Zaager = sawyer, jc = diminutive.

'44 Memoirs of Aaron Burr, Davis, vol. i., pp. 132, 133, 131.

Wynkoop Genealogy 53

1772, William Larreway, Albany, N. Y. The name appears else-
where as La Roe.

Children of William and Sarah Larreway:

312. David Larreway: bp. Nov. 13, 1779, "La Roe," Kaats-

313. Catharine Larreway: bp. Oct. 12, 1781.^45

131. Catharine Wynkoop, (Hezekiah 39, Evert 4, Cornelius i,)
bom September 24, 1741, baptized December 20: married De-
cember 6, 1764, Benjamin Post.^46 They removed to Hilleburgh,

Albany County, N. Y. They had a daughter, wife of


Child of Benjamin and Catharine Post:

314. Maria Post: bp. Oct. 29, 1765, "Marytje," Kaatsbaan
church. Perhaps she was the one who married Mr.

133. Evert Wynkoop, (Hezekiah 39, Evert 4, Cornelius i,)
bom September 8, 1743, baptized December 20, Kingston: d.
April 6, 1830: married. May 30, 1765, Aeltje (Alida or Alice)
Meyer, bom March 11, 1741, died December 16, 1796, daughter
of John Wilhelm and Sarah (Newkirk) Meyer.

Evert was commissioned a Lieutenant of militia, December 7,
1772. He was an Associator of Kingston, in May and June,
1775, and First Lieutenant of the " Third Beat," or District of
Kingston, October 25, 1775.^48

In 1791, he bought land in the Inbogt, from Spaan;

and his son, William, lived thereon, for a large part of his

In his last will, of Saugerties, dated June 6, 1829, proved June
29, 1830, he mentioned his children, William, Hezekiah, Jun.,
Catharine, Sarah, and Henry, deceased; and the children of
Henry, namely. Evert, Tjerck, Hezekiah, Allie, Annetje, and
Henry H.; and his grandson, Evert, living with him.^so

"He was one of those who, willingly, obeyed the command,
*Be still, and know that I am God.' For three years he was

145 First Settlers of Albany County.

^46 German Reformed church, Germantown, Columbia Co., N. Y.

^47 Judge Henry Wynkoop, of Catskill.

148 Journal of N. Y. Provincial Convention, vol. i., p. 30.

'49 Henry Brace, of New York City.

ISO Record of Wills, Kingston, Book G, p. 361.

54 Wynkoop Genealogy

confined to his bed; and the testimony is that, in all that time,
no murmur escaped him." 'si

Children of Evert and Alida Wynkoop :

315. Hezekiah: b. June 9, 1766: m. Elizabeth Dederick.

316. Sarah: b. Jan. 12, 1768: m. Paul Van Steenberg.

317. Henry: b. Sept. 19, 1769: m. Anne Loew.

318. Catharina: b. Nov. 7, 1771, bp. Nov. 9, Kingston: d. Sept.
20, 1777.

319. William: b. May 20, 1774: m. Maria Trombour.

320. Maria: b. Sept. 10, 1776, bp. Oct. 7, d. Oct. 12. A tomb-
stone in the old graveyard, Saugerties, reads: "M. W. K.
geboren 1776 gestorven 1776."

321. Catharine: b. July 20, 1779, bp. Sept. 19: died unmarried.
Her last will, of Saugerties, dated Mch. 13, 1857, proved
Nov. II, 1859, mentions her as a boarder in the family of
John P. Kimban.'52

135. Anne Wynkoop, (Tobias 40, Evert 4, Cornelius i,) bap-
tized November 11, 1744, "Annetje," Kingston: died May 16,
1813: married Christian Meyer, who died May 30, 1817, son of
Johannes. *53 She was commonly called Hannah. Baptisms of
the children are recorded in the Kaatsbaan church. [Meyer =z

Children of Christian and Anne Meyer:

322. Cornelius Meyer: bp. Nov. 14, 1764.

323. Jonathan Meyer: bp. Aug. 26, 1766.

324. Henry Meyer: bp. Sept. 27, 1768.

325. Leah Meyer: bp. Oct. 24, 1770.

326. Sarah Meyer: bp. Mch. 3, 1773.

327. Hezekiah Meyer: bp. July 15, 1775.

328. Catharina Meyer: bp. Sept. 6, 1777.

329. Maria Meyer: bp. Jan. 27, 1780.

330. Anne Meyer: bp. Aug. 17, 1782.

331. Jane Meyer: bp. July 3, 1785.

332. Benjamin Meyer: bp. Jan. 5, 1788.

136. Hezekiah Wynkoop, (Tobias 40, Evert 4, Cornelius i,)
baptized June 3, 1750, Kingston: died aged about 87 years;

'SI William H. Dederick, of Kingston.
'52 Record of Wills, Kingston, Book N, p. 731.

153 7^ Johns Rep. N. Y., p. 254: (1817). See Hezekiah [136] and
William [319].

Wynkoop Genealogy 55

married Maria Meyer, baptized September lo, 1744- daughter of
Johannes, named above.

A petition for partition recited that Hezekiah, Tobias, and
Peter Wynkoop, owned about one eighth of a mill-dam, etc.
An agreement had been made, April 21, 1789, reciting that dis-
putes had existed as to the boundary line between two patents
of land, at Catskill, Greene County, N. Y., one of them owned
by Christian Meyers, and Hezekiah, Tobias and Peter Wynkoop,
and agreeing that the whole of the fall of water at the saw-mill,
with the mill, mill-dam, gangways, and roads, to and from the
waterfall, should belong to the patentees, respectively, as
tenants in common.' 53

Children of Hezekiah and Maria Wynkoop :

333. Sarah: b. Aug. 19, 1775: m. Merchant Lawrence.

334. Leah: bp. Oct. 5, 1777: m. Roswell Lawrence.

335. Tobias: bp. May 3, 1780: m. ist, Maria Suydam; m. 2d
Elizabeth van Steenberg.

336. Evert: bp. Nov. 7, 1784: m. Maria Allen.

138. Wilham Wynkoop, Major, (Tobias 40, Evert 4, Cornelius
I,) baptized March 4, 1753, Kingston: died about 80 years of
age, according to one account, and 89, according to an other.
He married Charity Schermerhorn.

Major William was in the battle of Stillwater, in the autumn
of 1777. Nile Frost Wynkoop [780] wrote of him as follows:
"I have heard him tell of the doings there. He said that
General [Benedict] Arnold was under arrest, when the British
and Indians were driving our army back. Arnold mounted his
horse and rode to the front, and meeting his men, gave the com-
mand 'About face' — and they obeyed him, with cheers. They
drove everything before them, until they met the British cavalry,
under General [Simon] Frazer. Then Arnold ordered up twelve
of the best riflemen, and said, pointing at Frazer, ' He is a host
in himself; let me see him no longer.' The fall of Frazer dis-
heartened the British cavalry, and our army was victorious."

Major William, in 1797, was ordered by John Jay, Governor
of New York, to take command of Col. Baldwin's regiment, and
fit them for active service. The commission was preserved, and
fell into the possession of Nile Frost Wynkoop.

William removed to Chemung, in 1783, when his daughter
Hannah was only five years old. The experiences of his family

56 Wynkoop Genealogy

are related by Alonzo Ilus Wynkoop [777], as follows: "I
recollect hearing my mother relate the incidents of the journey
from Esopus to Wilkes-Barre, by wagon, through a wilderness,
and from Wilkes-Barr6 to Tioga Point, now Athens, Penn., by a
flat-boat, up the North Branch of the Susquehanna, more than
one hundred miles, and by canoes up the Chemung, to a neigh-
borhood of Indians, who brought vension to them in abundance,
and treated them kindly. A hunter, who lived with them,
thought it a small matter to kill and bring in a deer, before
breakfast. But there were no mills, and the first wheat that her
father raised was taken by him down the river, in a canoe, to
Wilkes-Barre; and the canoe, containing the fiour, was pushed
home again,* up-stream, more than one hundred miles. In the
second year, Major William built a mill on Wynkoop 's Run,
where Alonzo lived afterward. The mill-stones were worked
from rocks near Towanda, Bradford County, Penn. The early
settlers came many miles to this mill." Nile Frost Wynkoop
[780] adds, that when William had reached Tioga Point, more
than two thousand savages were there, making a treaty with the
white men.

Certificates of survey of land in Chemung County, N. Y., were
granted as follows: Nov. 4, 1788, of survey for William Wyn-
koop, of lot No. I, in the town of Chemung, on the north side
of the Tioga River, 515 acres of land: Nov. 5, 1788, of survey
for Nathan Dennistown, William Wynkoop, and eight other
persons, of lot No. 138, in the town of Chemung, 6400 acres of
land. Certificate was made by James Clinton, Baldwin, Che-
mung County, February 22, 1792, that lot No. 138 was laid out
for the persons mentioned above. ^^4

Charity Schermerhorn was called Alida by Bradley Wynkoop
[635], and her name appears as "Gerretche," in the record of
baptism of her daughter Annatche. She died in October, 18 12,
in Newtown, now Elmira, Chemung County. [Schermer =

Charity had married ist, Van Steinberg, and had a

daughter Eleanor, who was known in the Wynkoop family as
"Aunt Nelly," and who married, July 22, 1790, Guy Maxwell.
The marriage was in Pennsylvania, for the officer, who came to
perform the ceremony, lived in that State, and the couple walked
IS4 Lawd Papers, vol. liv., pp. i, 167, 171.

Wynkoop Genealogy 57

across the border, to get within his jurisdiction.'ss It seems that
she was known by her step-father's name; for French's Gazette,
page 220, states that the first marriage in the town of Chemung
was of Guy Maxwell and NeUie Wynkoop. After all, that
marriage was not in Chemung, and the bride was not a Wynkoop.
Children of Maj. William and Charity Wynkoop:

337. Anne: b. Feb. 9, 1778: m. Benjamin Wynkoop [444].

338. Jane: m. Philip McConald, and died childless. They lived
in Newtown, Chemung County, N. Y.

139. Leah Wynkoop, (Tobias 40, Evert 4, Cornelius ,1) bap-
tized March 31, 1755, Kaatsbaan church: died April 26, 1836:
married Peter Britt, who died March 17, 1837, aged 83 years.^56
The name is now written Brett. Baptisms of the children are
recorded in the Kaatsbaan church.

Children of Peter and Leah Britt :

339. Catharina Britt: bp. Oct. 17, 1776: m. June 2, 1802,
William Dederich, bp. July 20, 1764, son of William and
Catharine (Brandon) Dederich. They removed to Alle-
ghany County.

340. Maria Britt: bp. Apl. 25, 1778: d. young.

341. Petrus Britt: bp. Apl. 8, 1781: m. Margaret Bear or Behr.

342. Maria Britt: bp. June 6, 1784: m. Mch. 26, 1805, William

343. Anne Britt: bp. Aug. 12, 1786: m. Isaac Fulton.

344. Jane Britt: bp. Nov. i, 1788: m. Nov. 26, 1814, Benjamin

345. Tobias Britt: bp. May 14, 1791: m. Dec. 30, 1815, Rachel

346. Nicholas Britt: bp. Oct. 27, 1793, "Nicolaas": d. July 6,
1882: m. .

347. William Britt: b. July 14, 1796, bp. July 31: d. Mch. i,
1882: m. Mch. 2, 1826, Katy Fiero, who d. Sept. 17, 1880,
in her 83d year.

348. Leah Britt: b. Apl. 4, 1799, bp. June 16: d. unmar-

349. Margaret Britt, "Peggy": m. Feb. 4, 1796, Philip Bahr.
bp. Sept. 22, 1774, son of Adam and Annetje (Spaan)

^^^ Nile Frost Wynkoop, of Chenmug [780].

1S6 Henry Brace, of New York City. '

5^ Wynkoop Genealogy

Bahr.'S7 Perhaps she should be in place of Maria [340], and
Maria be dropped.

141. Tobias Wynkoop, (Tobias 40, Evert 4, Cornelius i,) bap-
tized August 13, 1758, Kaatsbaan church: died about 1827:
married, January 11, 1781, Jannitje Schermerhorn, he described
as bom and living in Kingston, and she, as born and living in
Albany. She was sister to the wife of William [138].

In his last will, of Saugerties, dated July 9, 1823, proved
October 20, 1827, Tobias mentioned his wife, Jannetje, and his
children, Cornelius and Nelly, wife of John Kiersted.'ss

See this Tobias mentioned under Hezekiah [136].

Children of Tobias and Jane Wynkoop :

350. Cornelius: b. Dec. 16, 1781: m. Alida Sharp.

351. Cornelia: bp. Nov. 7, 1784: m. John Kiersted.

352. Decola: bp. Jan. 11, 1789, Kaatsbaan church. She is not
mentioned in the will of her father, 1823.

143. Petrus Wynkoop, (Tobias 40, Evert 4, Cornelius i,) born
August 4, 1760, in Catskill,'59 baptized August 10, Kingston
church record: died August 14, 1828: married, February 25,
1784, Kaatsbaan Church, Helena Beer, of Kingston, b. December
15, 1766, died March 26, 1842. Her name is Helena, in the
baptismal records of seven of her children; but she seems to
have been known as Magdalene. Her family name is written
also Behr, Bahr, and Bear. [Beer = bear.]

Peter removed, in August, 1810, to what was called the
Genesee country, to a place at or near what is now Seneca,
Seneca County, N. Y.

This Peter is mentioned under Hezekiah [136].

Children of Peter and Helena Wynkoop :

353. Anne: b. Oct. 26, 1784: m. William Fiero.

354. Leah: b. Dec. 7, 1786: m. Abram Post.

355. Tobias: b. Dec. 9, 1789: d. Sept. 28, 1793.

356. Caroline: b. Oct. 15, 1792: m. Thomas Waugh.

357. Catharine: b. June 17, 1794: d. Sept. 12, 1818: m. James

358. Tobias: b. July 13 or 18, 1797: m. Eleanor Welsh.

359. Adam: b. July 5, 1800: m. Marion Child.

'57 Lutheran church, West Camp, 6 miles below Catskill.
1S8 Record of Wills, Kingston, Book G, p. 103.
'59 Bradley Wynkoop.

Wynkoop Genealogy 59

360. Peter: b. Dec. 26, 1803: d. in infancy.

361. William: a twin: b. Dec. 26, 1803: d. in infancy.

362. John: b. Dec. 10, 1804: m. Elizabeth Spann.

144. John Wynkoop, (Cornelius 44, Gerret 5 , Cornelius i ,) bom
December i or 15, 1729,^^° baptized March 5, 1730^^': died July
14, 1784'^-: married, March 26, 1751, Catharine Van Meter, of

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