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J. D. ALcGrill, AgL. for E. B. Mai lory & Co., Baltimore Oy.stors

Chapman William P., clerk Adams Express Co., bd.s Mayer

Chardon Stephen, res 53 E Columbia.
CharpenLier Erneat, wks City Mill.s, bds cor C.ilhouii and

Chase Stephen, res n e cor St. Mar^^'s ave ani IIofFman st.
Cliaska Edward, clerk at original cheap store, bds Hanna

Cha.^ka Samuel, ])roprietor original cheap store, 31 Calhoun.

res 119 W Washington.
Chele John H., wks B^Trentman & Son, res 286 E Wayne.
Cheney James, President Fi Wayne Gas Light Co., res

office of the Company, permanent res New York City.
Cheney Gottleib, wks Olds, spoke factory, res 90 Hanna.
Cherry Frank M.. boilermaker P F W & C ily shop, res 130

E Madison.
Cherry Wm., blacksmith, res 145 B Jjcwis.

Chester fireman, bds 291 Harrison.

Chevaron Frank, wks P F W& C Ry shop, res Lillie .".ve

near P F W & C Ry track.
Cheviion JMiss Amelia, res 36 Hough.
Cheviron Miss Lou., I'cs 36 Hough.
Cheviron Xavier, machinist res 36 Hough.

Chevon , collar maker, bds 231 Barr.

Chighton Wm,, machinist, res 49 Brackenridge.

Chittenden E. L , res 69 W Berry.

Chittenden Mrs. Harriet, widow, res 69 W Berry.

Chorpening Mrs. Julia, widow, res 102 W AVater,

Chovey Charles, (C. & F. Chovey, ) res 51 E Water.

Chovey C. & F., (Charles & Frank Chovey.) blacksmiths,

cor Clinton and Water.
Chovey Frank, (C. & F. Chovey, ) res 51 E Water.
Christen John, clerk for Rogers, Luck &, Lewis, res 36 Butler-
Christie John, machinist, res 8 Dawson.
Christman Jacob, (Edsall & Christman,) res cor Clinton and

Christy Miss Alice, cook at Robinson House.
Chi'ites Wm., conductor, res 73 Wells, cor Bowser.
Citizens' Street Railroad Co., John H. B.iss, president; office

121 E Main.
City Bill Boards, Page, Taylor & Co., proprietors, head-
quarters Daily News office, n w cor Calhoun and Main.
City Dye House, Mrs. D. F. Jerman, proprietress, 59 W Wa-
City Mills, Hoagland & Tresaelt Proprietors, cor Clinton
and Wa*er, noith of the canal.

Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of Bass & omith. Principal Office at Bass
Foundry & Machine Wks. Order Office I4 Court Street.


City News Co., Stationers and News Dealers, 17 Court.

Chirk C. H., picture frames, res 22 W Jctferson.

CUark Miss Florence A., res 110 W Wayne.

Clark G. T., conductor T W & W Ry, res 58 Melita.

Clark Miss IdaM., res 202 W Washington.

Clai k John, conductor T W k W Ry, res IS Henry.

Olark John H., President Clark and Rhinesmith Lum-
i)er comi)any, res 111 W Wayne.

Clark Joseph M., merchant tailor, s w cor Berry and Clin-
ton, bds Aveline House.

Clark L. C, teamster, res 81 Wells.

Clark Miss Laura, wks Aveline House.

Clark Miss Mary, wks and bds 88 E Berry.

Clark Nathan, res 111 W Wayne.

Clark & Rhinesmitli Lumber Company, John H.

Clark, President ; James H, Simonsou, Sec'iy ; Whole-
sale Dealers in Lumber, Flooring, Siding, Shingles,
Laths, &c, Office on Railroad, s e of Depot.

Clark Sarah, widow, res 77 Butler.

Clarke Fred., fireman, res 5 Bass.

(.laus Max, carpenter, res s end of Hensch.

Ciauss John, shoe maker, bds 17 Pritcliard.

Clauss John C., boot and shoe mnker, res 158 Taj'lor.

Clay Henry, moulder, res 181 E Lewis.

Clay Henry, first cook Exchange Hotel.

Cleare John M., trinner H. J. Ash, res n e cor Bartbold and

Cleare Michael, gardner, res cor High and Barthold.

Cleary Miss AUice, tailoress, wks cor Berrj^ i-nd Calhoun.

Clements Wm., wks P F W & C freight bouse, res 65 Wil-

Clever Miss Barbara, res 297 Hanna.

Clifford Charles, teamster E. K. Dorr & Bro., res S7 E Mont-

Clifton Benjamin, Foreman at Carbonized Cement Pipe
Wks, res 49 Williams.

Clifton L., wks P F W &C R. R., res 78 WilHams.

Clinefsty Samuel, peddler, res 141 E Montgomery.

Ciinesmith Wm , truckman, res 117 AVells.

Clough Mrs. Rebacca, widow, res 104 Madison.

Closs Frank. P , laborer, res 20S Hanna.

Closs Samuel, laborer, res 208 Hanna.

Cobb Miss Annie, servant, 83 Baker.

Cochran George, fireman, P F W & C R. R., bds 28 Baker.

Cochran Mrs. Margaret, widow, res 20 Henry.

Best Assortment of Canned Goods at the Central Grocery
Butter and Eggs always on hand at the Centrcil Grocery


Cochrane, Humphrey & Co., (J. C, Geo. II., and Wm.

McFeej Contractors and Builders and mnli-s Sush, Doors

and Blind-^, Office and MilU 100 Pearl.
Cochrane Jno., (C, Humphreys & Co,) res 16 Edsall.
Coc'ni-ane Miss M. S., school teacher, res 16 Edsall.
Coder Erank, clerk, bds Hedekin House.
Coder W^alter L, salesman, res 5-1 E Washington.
Codry Frank P., clerk, bds Hedekin House.
Cod}^ John PL, stave factory, res Creighton ave e of Miner.
Codv John H. & Co., stave and heading factor}^, s s \Y Main,

"w of G ii & 1 Py.
Cody Maurice, ice dealer and flour raill. Williamsport, res

13 Barr.
Cody Miss Eebecca, res 13 Barr.
Cody Thos., ice dealer, res 13 Barr.
Coffin Albert, laborer, res 265 Hanna.
Coffin L , laborer, res 265 Hanna.
Cohun Max, peddler, res 129 E Lewis.
Cohiman Conrad, watchman, res 11 Marion.
Cohiman Jacob, watchman, res 147 E Jetferson.
Cohhuen Miss Mary, res 147 E Jefferson.

Colbach , wks P F W & Ry shop-i, res 65 Force.

Cole F. L., conductor, bds 25 \V Lewis.

Cole Frank D., conductor P F W k C ily, bds 144 Wallace.
Cole Miss Jennie, res 2iJl W Main.
Cole Miss Libbie, res 291 W Main.

Cole Miss Lizzie, milliner, wks 31 15 Main, res 231 W Main.
Cole Samuel D., carpenter Hoffman & Co.. res 291 W Main.
Coleman Josepl), wks stave factory, bds 4^8 E Washington.
Coler Daniel, wks in spic^' nills, res C ilhoun, n of Pontiac.
Colerick David H., atty at law, res 88 E Berry.
Coieriek E. F., resal estate and atty at law, res 401 Broad-
Colerick Miss EiSe, rei^ 401 Broadway.
Co'erick Filman, atty at law. res 88 E B^rry.
Colerick H , atty at law, res 138 Lafayt-tte.
Colerick John E., confectionery, res 85 E Jefferson.
Colerick Miss Lizzie, res 88 E Berry.
Colerick Miss ALiggie, res 401 Broadway.
Colerick Phileman \i., att}^ at law, res 88 E Berry.
Colerick Thomas W., atty at law, olBce 19 Court, res 88 E

Colerick Walpole G., attj^ at law, res 83 E Berry.
Colerick W. G. & H., attys at law, 19 Court.
Colerick's Hall, Columbia, bet Clinton and Barr.

Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of Bass & Smith. Principal Ofiice at Bass
Foundiy and Machine Works. Order Office, 14 Court Street.


Culescott William 11., printer Sentinel olfice, bds Hedokin

Coling Peter, wks in spolcc factory, res 3B8 Harrison.

Collar Ebeiiezer, carpenter, res w s St. Mary's ave, s Aboit.

Collar G. W., carpenter and builder, res 164 Madison.

Collar Mrs. Lavina, res w s St. Mary's ave, s of Aboit.

Collar Melvin, laborer, w s St. Mary's ave, s of Aboit.

Coller Jamei^, laboier, bd.> ti7 E Wayne.

Colley J. P., brakeman G R & 1 Ry, bds 28 Baker.

Collins Charles, boiler maker, cor Calhoun and Leith.

CoUiTiS Denis, laborer coal yard, res 58 Baker.

Collins John, laborer, res 15 Hensch.

Collins Morris, brakeman G R & I Ry, bds 50 Baker.

Collins Morgan, brakeman P F W imuel H , wks lluestis & Hamilton, res 75 M idison.

Cashing Mrs. Catharine, widow, res 395 Lafayette,

Agents for the Chicago Butter Crackers at Central Grocery
Buy Your Teas at The Central Grocery-


Gushing James, wks P F W & C Ky shops, res 8 Wallace.

Cushing Michael, res 28 Wallace.

Cushing Michael jr., braketnan, res 28 Wallace.

Cutshall Joseph H., fireman, res 103 Wilt.

Cutshall Samuel E., book keeper, bds 103 Wilt.


Dacket Miss Barbara, servant, 233 W Berry.

Daeni Alexandei-, confectionery, s e cor Coluiubia and Clinton,
res 25 N Clinton.

Dagett Miss Maggie, wks 173 W Wayne.

Dahraan Jennie, wks cor Lillie and Lewis.

Daily Charles B., machinist, bds 131 Fulton.

Dady Mrs. L. A., res 134 Fulton.

Daily Mrs. Amanda, widow, res 63 W Jefferson.

Daily News, Page, Taylor & Co , Publishers and Proprie-
tors. Ollice n w cor Calhoun and Main.

Daley Miss Frances, wks 181 W Washington.

Daley Miss Jennie, wks Aveline House".

Dalman Cliailes, laborer, res 102 W Water.

Dalton Edward, carpenter, res 32 Wilt.

Dalton James, laborer, res 29 Colerick.

Dalton Timoth}^. blacksmith, res 19 Colerick.

D.dy Miss JMai/gie, wks 15 Doualas ave.

Daly Wni. G.,7^eddler, res 278 W Jefferson.

Daly Wni. J., speculator, res 278 W Jeffer^on.

Dame Alexander, fruit stand, res 25 Clinton.

Daramann John, wks street car stable, res 325 Lafayette.

Dammeyer Henry, blacksmith, res 2('l Ewing.

Damnieyer Wm,, (Niemann & D..) res 61 Douglas ave.

Daniels Samuel S., cDudenhafer, Daniels & Smith,) res 213
E Wayne.

Danner Orlan O., res 101 Clay.

Danny Julius, laborer, res cor Hanover and E Washington-

Dirby Miss Jane, w\'-i 70 Hirrison.

Darker Mrs. Wm., widow, i-es 77 Butler.

Darling Joseph L., salesman aiid piano tuner, res lOD La-

Darrow & Co., (James Darrow & Chas. Lehr,) confectioi\crs,
206 Calhoun.

Darrow James, (D. & Co ,) res 17 W Lewis.

Darrow Jesse, clerk, i-cs 17 W Lewis.

Dai-row Milton, printer, bds 17 W Lewis.

Darrow Mrs. P., widow, res w s Fairtield ave s of Greighton

Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of Bass & Smith. Principal OflSce at Bass
Foundry & Machine "VVks. Order OfSce at 14 Court Street.


Durst Chas., laborer, res 221 Barr.

Dassal Mrs. Mary, widow, res 158 E Monta^omery.

Daugherty Alfred, bri iii:;e tender, res w s Wells n of Beck.

Davidson James, wks T W & W Ry shop, res 18 Wtdiiut.

Davidson James, jr., fireman, res 18 Walnut.

Davidson Miss Jane, weaver, res 18 Walnut.

Davidson Miss Jennie, res 45 Locust.

Davidson John, fireman, res 18 Walnut.

Davidson John, porter at Hanna House.

Davidson Miss Mary, res 18 Walnut.

Davidson Wm., machinist res 45 Locust.

Davis Alfred, carpenter, res 125 Monroe.

Davis Amos, machine agent, res 148 E Lewis.

Davis Miss Annie, school teacher, res 212 E Lewis.

Davis & Bro., (C. E. & W. H. Davis,) book binders and box

manufacturers, 78 and 80 Clinton.
Davis Byron, painter, res 212 E Lewis.
Davis C. W., res 117 Hanna.
Davis Chas. E., (D. & Bro.), bds 49 E Jefferson.
Davis Edward, res 131 E Washington.
Davis George, painter, res 273 Williams.
Davis H., laborer, res n e cor High and Hoffman.
Davis Henry, book binder, res 49 E Jefferson.
Davis Horace, engineer P F W & C Ry, res 146 E Lewis.
Davis J., solicitor Singer Sewing Machine Co., bds cor Barr

and Lewis.
Davis J. C, res 117 Hanna,
Davis James, teamster, bds 223 Madison.
Davis Joseph, tinner, bds Washington House.
Davis Joseph, hostler, at G9 W Berry.
Davis Miss Katie, res 148 E Lewis.
Davis Mrs. Leonora, res 315 Hanna.

Davis .Clarion E., wks Oils' spoke factory, res 308 E Wayne
Davis Miss Nora, dressmaker, 29 E Main, res 148 E Lewis.

Online LibraryR.L. Polk & Co. cnFort Wayne, Indiana, city directory (Volume yr,1876-1877) → online text (page 6 of 25)