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li^'-'iM^i,r99,V,I^.T,y. PUBLIC LIBRARY

833 00864 8724


Gerding & Aumann Bros.

1 ^^^ri^\-^i^rk~^







Tin and Hardware

Cornice Work, Corrugated Iron,

Steel and Slate Roofing

Repairing, Spouting

All Kinds of Job Work Promptly Attended To,

437 Wallace St.

Fort Wayne, Ind.

Edward A. Derheimer

Albert A. Derheimer


Heating Engineers


523 East Jefferson Street

Phone 2333



M >


Manufacturers of


Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Work, Slate Roofing
1333 SWINNEY AVE. : : PHONE 7032


Dealers in

Lime, Cement, Crushed Stone, Lath, Plaster, Hair, Fire Clay, Fire
Brick, White Sand, Mortar Colors, Sewer Pipe, Flue Lining,
Hollow Fire Clay Tile, Fire Proofing, Asphalt Shin-
gles, "Bestwall" Wall Board and All Kinds of
Pressed Brick

Both Phones No. 90
312 Harrison St. Fort Wayne, Ind.


Very Low Estimates Given

Best Work Guaranteed

The Fort Wayne House and
Window Cleaning Co.


Cleaners of Windows, Floors, Woodwork,

Walls, Ceilings, Skylights, Brass Signs,

Fresco Cleaning and Janitor


Home Phone 1446


Central Furniture Manufacturing Company

Order W/brk a Specialty

lanufacturers of

Office and Bank Fixtures, Show Cases, Counters, Etc,
716 HARRISON ST., (In Rear) Tel. 2707


Fori W aving City
Allen County


1915 ^» 191i


An alphabetically arranged list of Business Firms and
Private Citizens in Fort Wayne— A Miscellaneous
Directory of City and County Officers, Public and
Private Schools, Churches, Banks, Incor-
porated Institutions, Secret and Benevo-
lent Societies, Etc.— A Directory of
Allen County and a complete





R. L. POLK & CO., Publishers


Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1915, by R. L. POLK & CO..
in the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

Section 28, Copyright Law^
In Force July 1, 1909

That any person who willfully and for profit shall infringe any
copyright secured by this act, or who shall knowingly and willfully
aid or abet such infringement, shall be deemed guilty of a misde'
meanor, and upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by imprison-
ment for not exceeding one year, or by fine of not less than one
hundred dyllars, nor more than one hundred dollars, or both in the
discretion of the court.





irORT WAYNE, IND. 1705330


The 1915 edition of the Fort Wayne Directory, the
forty-second volume compiled by R. L. Polk & Co., is here-
by presented to the public.

The statistics which the directory annually presents
are of vital importance to the community. The directory
aft'ords the surest means of communication between citi-
zens and visitors who come here during the year. There
is probably no other publication that is used so fre(iuently
and no publication in which all the people are so vitally
interested, and it is a matter of more than ordinary inter-
est to every individual to be properl,y represented in this
standard work of reference.

It is no eas}^ task to gather the names from the high-
ways and byways of a city. There is nothing that re-
quires more system, patience and tenacity. The informa-
tion for the Fort Wayne Directory is gathered from
thousands of different sources and these items of infoi'ma-
tion are arranged and presented to the public and it is a
class of information in which there is more than the usual
liability to err. The directory is a sure indication of a
city's population and during the progress of enumeration
and compilation many in(|uiries are made concerning the
growth during the year. This directory contains 41, 625
names, which by using the multiple of two gives Fort
Wayne a population of 83,2510.

During the recent visitation home campaign when the
entire city was canvassed in an afternoon the newspapers
reported as a result of that canvass that the population
was approximately 75,000. Now the writer was one of
two j)ersons to canvass one block and in 33 families visit-
ed we found 5 homes into which we could obtain no en-
trance nor get the desired information from the neigh-
bors. Allowing two persons to each house not entered,
would give 10 persons to the block and if each of the
1185 blocks in the city were credited with 10 extra per-
sons it would result in a gain of 11,850 names to be added
to the 75,000, which the newspapers assume is the correct
population of the city.

But of the 1,185 blocks in the city, many of them are
scantily populated, again in numerous cases the blocks
are double. Then there are long, thickly populated

streets such as Fairmoimt Place, Riverside avenue, and
all outside territory which is not laid out in blocks.

The number of names which were unavoidably miss-
ed easily brings the figures up to the total of our enumer-

Copies of the Fort Wayne City Directory are yearly
placed by us in all the directory libraries of America and
Canada, for the free use of all people seeking information
relative to Fort Wayne. It is an undisputable fact that a
city directory which shows a large representation of
banks, manufacturers, commercial, real estate and other
interests in its advertising pages makes a valuable im-
pression upon those seeking information regarding the
city and its business interests.

To the business public for its liberal patronage and
to the people at large for the many courtesies extended
to our representatives, we wish to extend our sincere

R. L. POLK & CO.



Abbreviations 91

Addenda 89-90

Alphabetical List of Names of

Fort W^ayne 97

AUen County Directory

rear of Directory

Banks and Bankers

Building Loan and Saving


Cemeteries 48

Churches 48-54

City Government

City Officers

Classified Business Directory.

Commercial Club

Council Directory

County Board of Trustees . . .

Fire Department
Federal Offices . .




Homes and Missions

Hospitals and Asylums

Incorporated Institutions 55-63


Justices of the Peace of Allen

County 46


Labor Organizations 63-65

Libraries 65

Military Organizations 66

Newspapers 66

Officers of Allen County 46

Official Boards 42

Parks 66

Police Department 44

Post Office 67-68

Public Buildings, Halls, Etc ..68-72
Public Schools 73-78

Railroads, Electric 72

Railroads, Steam 72

Schools and Colleges 79

Secret and Benevolent Societies


Streets and Avenues 13

Teachers in Public Schools .... 73-78
Telegraph and Telephone Sta-
tions 87

Township Assessors 47

Township Trustees 47

United States Courts 44

Ward Boundaries 39

Weather Bureau 88

Index to Advertisers

Anthony Ptg & Engra Co

left center lines

Arnold P B Co left side lines

Ashley Geo L & Sons

right bottom lines and 119

Auto Supply Co left center lines

A & I Leather Shop ....right top lines

Baltes B M & Co 3

Banner Laundry Co left side lines

Blitz M J right top lines

Brosius & Brosius back cover

Brown Trucking Co .right center lines

Burnett L D back cover

Carter \Vm & Sons ..right bottom lines
Centlivre C L Brewing Co... front edge

City & Suburban Bldg Co opp 264

Clark Garage left side lines

Consumers Ice Co

classified Artificial Ice

Curdes L F . opp 340

Dehm G A classified Millinery

Dell Wm J left side lines

Derheimer Bros 4

D & N Pharmacy . .back cover and 322

Diether Heating Co left top lines

Driving Park Improvement Co. opp 340
Edmunds Electric Con Co

left bottom lines

Emporium The right side lines

Federspiel F J right center lines

Fishack-Ellenwood Co. .. .left top lines

Fisher D C back paster

Fitch C R left side lines

Fort Wayne Builders Supply Co....

left top lines

Ft Wayne Horse & Mule Market. . . .

back 'cover

Fort Wayne Mercantile Accident

Assn opp 400

Fort Wayne Oil & Supply Co

right top lines

Ft Wayne Overall Laundry

left side lines

Fort Wayne Plumbing & Heating

Co left side lines

Fox Bros & Co right bottom lines

Frank Dry Goods Co. right center lines

Gates G W & Co right center lines

Gerding & Aumann top edge 4

Gilbert Guy J right top lines

Gilmartin & Sons front cover

Haffner's Star Bakery

right center lines

Hart W P right top lines

Hattersley A & Sons

embossed line front cover

Hazzard Al right side lines

Hetrick & Moses right top lines

Hoffman Bros Co.... right bottom lines

Home Supply Co right top lines

Jacobs George left top lines

Jocquel-Schulz Co... right bottom lines

Johnston W H left center lines

Jones O S left bottom lines

Journal-Gazette right bottom lines

Kaag M F & Sons.... left bottom lines

Kaough Coal Co right bottom lines

King J F classified Architects

Krudop G H

left top lines and back bone

Lincoln Nat'l Life Ins Co

left center lines

Lumbard S C & Co back paster

Maumee Dairy Co right side lines

Meigs C W right center lines

Meyer H W back bone

National Mill Supply Co.. left top lines

Niezer & Co left bottom lines

Nolan C D right side lines

Olds Coal Co left center lines

Packard Co right center lines

Peddicord J S left top lines

Pfeiifer H & Sons left side lines

Pickard House Furn Co

right center lines

Pioneer Coal Co

....bottom edge and classified Coal
Protective Electrical Supply Co....

left top lines

Randall Auto Sales Corp

right top lines

Rastetter C A left side lines

Reed Bros Co clasified Coal

Regis Dry Cleaning Co inside lines

Rolf E H Coal & Supply Co

left bottom lines

Ross College of Chiropractic

embossed line back cover

Rush Dr Fred 2

Schlatter C C & Co left side lines

Schone & Aukenbruck

left bottom lines

Seavey Hardware Co

" rig^ht bottom lines

Seelberg- Isidor left center lines

Shorey I H back bone and 1002

Shryock Auto Co.... right bottom lines

Smith R Parker right side lines

Spice Robert front cover

Stout D C Real Estate and Insurance

Agency right side lines

Tomkinson Albert right top lines

Troy American Dry Cleaning Co. . . .

inside lines

Troy Laundry Co inside lines

Thrasher & Herman .... right side lines

Ungemach B C right side lines

Van Arnam Mfg Co front cover

Voors J J Coal Co.... left bottom lines

Walsh & Co right center lines

Weatherhogg C R front cover

Wildwood Builders Co

left bottom lines

Wolf & Dessauer. .. .right center lines

Wolke Wm back fly leaf

Zollinger L C back fly leaf


"Fort Wayne, from which the name of the city is
derived, was erected in 1794 by General Anthony Wayne
at that point where the St. Mary's and the St. Joseph's
unite to form the Maumee river, which flows into Lake
Erie at Toledo.

"It had been in Indian trading post for a hundred
years previous, its Indian name being 'Kekionga.'

"It had been held in earlier times by the French, who
built a fort for its protection a short distance west, on
the St. Mary's river and later by the English, who con-
structed a fort on the St. Joseph's, a short distance north
of the site chosen for 'Fort Wayne.' "

Within its corporate limits it has nine miles of rivers
— five of the St. Mary's, two of the St. Joseph's and two
of the Maumee. All of these river banks within the city,
are to be acquired by the city, and are to be parked and

Fort Wayne has never had a "boom," and it has
never stopped growing. Its population in 1840 was 2.050 ;
in 1850, 4,282; in 1860, 10,388; in 1870, 17,718; in 1880,
26,880; in 1890, 35,393; in 1900, 52,057; in 1910, 71,500:
in 1911, 75,448; in 1912, 76,320; in 1913, 79,520; in 1914,
82,764; in 1915, 83, 250.

It has four east and west trunk line railways — the
Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago (Pennsylvania lines),
the Wabash, the New York, Chicago and St. Louis (Nickel
Plate), and the New York Central Lines. It has two
north and south trunk lines — the Grand Rapids and Indi-
ana, and the Lake Erie and Western. It is the western
terminus of the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton.

It has six miles if interurban railways, with others

building and in contemplation. These railways have a
direct connection with the great interurban systems of
Ohio and Indiana.

Within a radius of about 200 miles Fort Wayne is
about etjuidistant from her sister cities of Indianapolis,
Toledo, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago and Grand Rapids.

It has no slum district. It is a city of homes, the
proportion of home owners to its population being greater
than in any city of its class in the United States.

It is known as the "Summit City," as it sits upon
the crest of the water shed, from whence the waters flow
east to the St. Lawrence and west to the Mississippi.

It is on the line of the proposed deep water way
known as the Toledo, Fort Wayne and Chicago Trunk
Line Barge Canal, which will unite the waters of Lake
Michigan and Lake Erie.

It has the best distributed system of parks of any
city in the state, twelve in number, with four others now
being acquired. When these are secured there will be a
park within ten minutes' walk of the home of every citi-
zen in Fort Wayne.

It has a commercial club with a membership of 839,
to the members of which the city is indebted for the new
Anthonv hotel, costing for grounds, buildings and fur-
nishings, over $500,000.00.

It has the finest county court house west of the Alle-
ghenies, designed by a Fort Wayne architect and built
without a dollar of ' ' graft ' ' going into it.

It has four national banks with assets of $18,483,-
137.53; four trust companies with over $10,308,000 and
four private banks.

It owns its own waterworks with an ample supply
of pure deep rock well water, the value of the plant being
estimated at $2,000,000.00; the rates are the lowest in the
State. There are one hundred and seventeen and three-
tenths miles of pipe.

It owns its own electric lighting plant for both city
and commercial purposes, valued at $350,000.00 and is
already earning a net annual profit over operating ex-
penses and renewals of $50,000.

It has fifty-four and four-tenths miles of paved
streets, thirty-one and one-half miles being asphalt.

It has the finest public luarlvet house in Indiana.

It has over fifty churches ; three large public hos-
pitals ; four fine opera houses ; two large photo play
houses, and twelve smaller ones ; nineteen large public
school buildings ; several with fine playgrounds attached,
and many fine parochial schools ; the handsomest Scot-
tish Rite cathedral in the world ; a beautiful Masonic
Temple, and elegant country club, and a $100,000.00
Young Woman's Christian Association.

It is out of the best lighted cities in the country, all
of its business section being illuminated with five-light
ornamental lamp posts, placed seventy-five feet apart on
both sides of the street.

It has five daily newspapers, three of these of very
wide circulation, covering all or northeastern Indiana and
northwestern Ohio.

It has some of the largest manufacturing plants in
the United States, among which are the Pennsylvania
shops, the Fort Wayne Electric Works ; the Bass Foundry
and IMachine Works ; the Wayne Knitting Mills, the larg-
est fuUfashioned hosiery mill in the country, employing
3,000 people ; the Packard Piano Company ; the Western
Gas Construction Company ; the Bowser Oil Tank and
Pump Company ; the General Electric Lamp Factory, and
many others.

Postofifice receipts in 1913 were $361,768.82.

The bank clearings for the year 1914 totaled $66,375,-






Abbott, from Pontiac south, fifth east of Anthony blvd.

Adams, from Manford north, third east of Hartman.

Agnes, from Lafayette east, seventh soiitli of Pontiac.

Agnostic av, from Rndisill blvd south, first east of Fair-
field av.

Alabama av, from Vermont to State blvd, third east of
Kentucky av.

Alexander, from Pontiac south, fourth east of Anthony

Alliger, from Winter to Grant av, first south of East

Anderson av, from Spy Run av east of St Joe river, first
north of Prospect av.

AndrcAv, from Fourth north to State blvd, third east of
St Mary's av.

Anna, from Indiana av east to Fox av, first south of Lin-
coln av.

Annie, from St Joe river east to Crescent av, seventh north
of State blvd.

14 R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Anthony av, from Fenker av east and west, third north
of Pontiae.

Anthony boulevard, from State blvd south to city limits,
ninth east of Hanna.

Antoinette, from Anthony blvd east, first north of Pontiae.

Arcade Court, between W Berry and Wayne from Cal-
houn to Harrison.

Arcadia Court, from Fairfield av to Hoagland av, first
south of Organ av.

Archer av, from Wells west to G R & I R R, second north
of Huffman.

Arlington av, from Burnett av south, first west of Fair-
field av.

Baker, from Calhoun west to Fairfield av, third south of

Baltes, from Spy Run av east to St Joe river, second north

of St Mary's river.
Barr, from St Mary's river south to Wildwood av, second

east of Calhoun and from Dalman av south tq Rudi-

sill blvd, first east of Piqua av.
Barr, (North) from St Marj^'s river north to Burgess,

second east of N Calhoun.
Barthold, from N Y C R R north to Hufl:'man, fourth west

of Wells.
Basin, from N Y C & St L R R north to High, first west

of St Mary's av.
Bass, from Hoagland av west to Fairfield av, first south

of Wabash R R.
Baxter, from Lafayette east to Holton av, fourth south of

Bayer av, from Sallie av north to State blvd, second east

of, St Joe blvd.
Beach, from Brossard lane north, first west of Wells.
Beadell av, from First av west, second north of Taylor.
Beaver av, from Home av south to Rudisill blvd, first east

of Broadway.
Beech, from Taylor south, first west of St Mary's river.
Beechwood av, first east of Birchwood av, from Wabash

av south to Raymond.


Beechwood Circle, froi<ll.I^rfield av to Meyer av, first
south of Meyer av.

Beechwood Drive, from Fairfield av to S Wayne av, first
south of Meyer av.

Begue, from E Wayne north to N Y C & St L R R, third

east of Hanna.
Belle av, from Fox av west, first south of W Creighton av.
Be(|uette, first north of W Main, from Davis east.
Berghotf, from Taylor south, second west of L E & W

R R.
Berry (East), from Calhoun east to Monroe, first south

of E Main.
Berry (West), from Calhoun Avest to Nelson, first south

of W Main.
Bevel, from Taylor south to Eby, fourth west of St

Mary's river.
Birchwood av, first east of Edsall av, from Wabash av

south to Raymond.
Blanche Drive, from Agnostic av west to Tacoma av,

second south of Lexington av.
Blufi:', from W Main south to Fair, first west of St Mary's

Blutt'ton rd, from south end of Broadway southwest

across St Mary's river.
Boerger av, first south of Rudisill blvd, from Calhoun east

and west.
Boltz, from Lafayette east to Hanna, second south of


Bond av, from Organ av south, first west of Fairfield av.

Boone, from Cherry west to N Y C R R, first north of W

Bowser av, from P Ft W & C R R south to McKinnie av,

sixth east of Hanna.
Brackenridge, from Calhoun west to Broadway, third

north of P Ft W & C R R.
Brandriff, from Webster to Hoagland av, third south of

Wabash R R.
Branning av, second south of Rudisill blvd, from Calhoun

east and west.
Breck, from St Mary's av west, first north of N Y C & St


16 B. h. POLK & CO.'S

Bright, from Taylor nortli and south, fourth west of L E
& W R R.

Broadway, from N Y C & St L R R south beyond Rudisill
blvd, sixth west of Calhoun.

Brooklyn av, from Taylor south, third west of St Mary's

Brookside, from Taylor south to Leland, first west of

Brossard Lane, from Wells west to Short, first north of

Brown, from St Mary's river west to L E & W R R, first
south of Taylor.

Brudi av, from Leo rd east, third north of Field.

Buchanan, from Lafayette east to Winter, third north of
E Creighton av.

Burgess, from Sherman west to N Y C R R, first north
, of Pape av.

Burnett av, from Indiana av east to Fairfield av, first
north of Rudisill blvd.

Bush, from State blvd nortli, first east of Crescent av.
Butler East), from Clinton east to Lafayette, second
north of E Creighton av.

Butler (West), from Calhoun west to Fairfield av, second
north of West Creighton av.

Butler av, from Birchwood av east, second south of New
Haven av.

Calhoun, from St Mary's river south to city limits.
Calhoun (North), from St Mary's river north to Putnam,
first east of Harrison.

California av, from Lake av north to State blvd, sixth
east of St Joe river.

Catalpa av, from Taylor north to Portage av, fifth west
of L E & W R R.

Canal, from E Wayne north to Maumee river, fifth east
of Hanna.

Carl, from Calhoun east to Clinton, first south of Holman.

Caroline, from Suttenfield south to Pontiac, first east of

Carson av, from St Joe river east to Crescent av, fourth
north of State blvd.



Cass, from St Mary's river north to Putnam, first east of

Catherine av, from Leo rd east, sixth north of Field.

Cedar, from Maumee av south to E Lewis, first east of

Ceutlivre, from Spy Run av Avest, third north of Eliza-

Central av, from Annie north to St Joe river, first east of
St Joe river.

Central Drive, from Pontiac south, second east of Anthony

Centre, from Fair north to N Y C & St L R R, second west
of St Mary's river.

Charlotte av, from St Joe river east to Crescent av, third
north of State blvd.

Cherry, from St Mary's river north to X Y C & St L R R,
first west of the river.

Chestnut av, from Dubois east beyond city limits, second
south of Wabash R R:

Chute, from Maumee av south to Wabash R R, second east
of Harmar.

Clara, from Kentucky av east to Florida Drive, third
north of State blvd.

Clark, from High north, third west of Wells.

Clay, from E Columbia south to Lasselle, fourth east of

Clav (North), from Sixth north to Spv Run, third east of
N Clinton.

Clayton av, from Wells to Hensch and from Sherman to
St Mary's av, fourth north of Archer av.

Cleveland av, from Knode to Wayne Trace, first south of

Clifton, from Manford north, and from Drexel av south,
second east of Hartman.

Clifton av, from Thompson av west to St Mary's river,
first south of Wabash R R.

Clinton, from St Marj^'s river south to Pontiac, first east
of Calhoun.

Clinton (North), from St Mary's river north to city
limits, first east of N Calhoun.

18 R. L. POLK A CO.'S

f!oehran, from Maumee river east to Canal, first north of
N Y C & St L R R.

Cody, from Garfield east, second south of Columbia av.

Colerick, from Lafayette east to Alexander, third south of

College from Berry south to Stophlet, fifth west of Broad-

Columbia (East), from Calhoun east to Maumee river,
first north of E Main.

Columbia (West), from Calhoun west to Harrison, first
north of W Main.

Columbia av, a continuation east to city limits of E Co-
lumbia, from Maumee river.

Comparet, from E Wayne south to Maumee av, fourth
east of Hanna.

Congress, from Maumee av south to Wabash R R, second
east of Edsall av.

Constance av, from Leo rd east, fourth north of Field.

Cook av, from Parnell av east, second north of Annie.

Coombs, from E Wayne north to Maumee river, fourth
east of Hanna.

Cora av, from Parnell av east, third north of Annie.

Cornellie, from Doyle east, second north of Pontiac.

Cottage av, from South Wayne av to Broadway, first
south of Home av.

Cottage Grove av, from Calhoun west to Fairfield av,
fourth south of Lexington av.

Cour, changed to Packard av.

Court, from E Main south to E Berry, first east of Cal-

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