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years to come.

This terminal operated by the city itself would eliminate possible future discrimina-
tion against any carrier entering Oakland. Rental would be charged in proportion to the
terminal use by each carrier, and revenues thereby derived would amply repay the cost
and provide the city with a future net income. As previously stated under "Harbor," the
above mentioned location fronts on the municipal property on the western water front,
thus mailing it easy of access to ocean shipping and trans-bay service. As a city facility
and as a city advertisement such a Union Terminal would be of the highest value, and I
recommend it most strongly.

San Francisco Bay Bridge

The question of a bridge across San Francisco Bay and connecting Oakland with San
r^rancisco is still indebate. Many projects have been brought before Federal authorities'
but none as yet has met approval. I believe that such a bridge is feasible and that with
its terminus in the western section of the city it would harmonize with the general
plans advocated for a Union Railroad Terminal. In addition, there are thousands of San
Francisco busines's men and women who, though continuing their business in San Fran-
cisco, would be delighted to live and shop in Oakland were it not for the necessity of the
twice-a-day ferry trip across the bay. I believe therefore in the high value to our city of
such a bridge, and recommend that this Council co-operate with our sister city in this

Tlie Elimination of Smoke Xuisance

For many years I have endeavored to get definite action abating smoke nuisances in
our otherwise beautiful and clear-atmosphered city. The chief offender in this regard is
the Pacific Gas and Electric Company plant at the foot of Market Street. Through much
communication with oflScials of this public utility I have sought to bring about reduc-
tion of smoke emanation from its stacks. Yet from time to time I receive complaints
from business men, professionals, home owners, and real estate operators of this city,
declaring that this nuisance is still foul and noisome, still spreads over the city in a
low lying pall that is detrimental at once to the city's beauty, health, comfort and

May Day at DeP'remery Playground, 1928 — Recreation and School Departments cooperating.


May Day Festival — Lakeside Park — Band stand at rig-ht.

Investigation has disclosed the fact that the smoke is the result of an economy scheme
on the part of the company in its attempt to dispose of the refuse by-product left after
the gas is taken from the crude oil used. This by-product, largely lampblack, is strongly
odorous of napthalene and semi-volatile fluids. It is produced to the amount of from 170
to 200 dry ton.S' daily — yet because it is filtered out with salt water and absorbs nearly
Its own weight in moisture, the total by-product amounts to anywhere from 340 to 400
tons of residue a day. This by-product is then burned in the gas plant's furnaces for the
generation of steam and to save the expense of a better grade of fuel.

The by-product is shoveled into the fire boxes in its wet condition. Thus vast clouds
of steam arise from the stacks, carrying a heavy volume of solid, soot-like, unburned
waste. The smoke issuing from the stacks is light in color, due to the whitneas of the
condensing steam — but when the steam precipitates from the main cloud the resultant
smoke is dark. Its bluish haze can be seen nearly every day lying over the business sec-
tion of the city, and over the residential sections in all parts. The hills are covered with
it, for the smoke misses nothing in the East Bay metropolitan district and carries with
it the offensive odor, the health-menacing gases and the befouling lampblack itself, all
of which fall upon this city and our citizens and their homes and office buildings. In the
past year the City of Oakland has had to spend $3000 to cleanse the City Hall itself of
this oily soot deposit, while many big business institutions, hotels, and others in the
downtown district likewise must often wash their buildings and their room curtains
because of it.

Previous to the emanation of this srmoke nuisance I was accustomed to show Oakland
visitors the wonderful view of our city and of our bay from the Skyline Boulevard — but
this excellent advertising ride I have had to discontinue as there is neither beauty, nor
commercial attractiveness, to a city or a harbor hidden by a pall of smoke.

During the last year my office has sought and obtained the Smoke Abating Ordinances
of twenty-five of the large American cities. Using these and deductions from his own in-
vestigation, City Engineer George N. Randle has been co-operating with me and has
drawn up a new ordinance. This I have submitted to the City Attorney for the purpose
of adding the necessary "teeth" and to ascertain its complete efficacy and legality. I
hope soon to place it before you for your affirmative action.
Cential Fire and Police Stations

For long it has been my belief that the Central Fire and Police Station now on the
ground floor of the City Hall should be removed to a location less congested by traffic.
Under present conditions at every alarm, police or fire, the warning sirens on the streets
in the heart of our downtown district practically stop business — 10,000 persons halt in
their tracks to watch the approaching fire engines or police patrols; traffic is held up,


and great hazard to pedestrians and automobiles created. I most strongly advocate re-
moving both Police and Fire Departments from the City Hall and the conversion of the
main floor into offices for the conduct of municipal business.
Lejjal Counsel for All Boards

Another innovation I advocate would be a deputy city attorney designated to attend
all board meetings. Legal advice would thus be immediately available (or such depart-
ments as Park, Playground, Library, Civil Service, City Planning, and others. Our ap-
pointed boards are high charactered, but with the presence of a City Attorney to advise
them in contractual matters the efficiency of their activities would be greatly increased
and would militate against board legal difficulties.
Lake Mei'ritt Kmbankiiieiit

I would also recommend that the Lake Merritt rock embankment along Harrison
Boulevard be continued down Lakeside Drive at least to Oak Street. This I believe the
Park Department is already working on, but I would advocate its early construction.
State Buikling for Oaklaml

I strongly advocate the construction of a California State Building in Oakland. This,
to be built and maintained from State funds, would cost the taxpayers of Oakland noth-
ing yet grant them an immediate service long needed and long this city's due. Such a
£-tructure would house such services as the local State Motor Vehicle Department, the
local officials of the State Labor Compensation Board, allow space for a State Exhibit
Room, and have rooms in which could be held meetings of the State Railroad Commis-
sion, Board of Equalization, and other State Commissions or Officials whose duties re-
quire local meetings and discussyion forums. Oakland affords splendid sites for such a
building, and present State business in this community fully warrants the expenditure
it would necessitate. I strongly advocate that this Council make a direct request to
State authorities for an appropriation for such a construction in the near future.
Resume of Recommendations:

In my brief recommendations for the new year would include:

1. Construction of first unit of Museum.

2. Extension of comprehensive lighting system for downtown area.

3. The lighting and boulevarding of West Fourteenth Street to the auto

4. The development of a high pressure salt water system (or fire protec-
tion in the business and industrial section of Oakland and (or the
cleansing of Lake Merritt and the latter's development for swimming.

5. Construction of down town comfort stations.

6. Relocation of Corporation Yard.

7. Purchase o( Durant Park.

S. Paving all new streets with plain concrete, eliminating all black tops

and patent movement.
9. Acquisition of another Municipal Recreation Camp for all year service

and located more closely to the city.

Loading mail and expi-ess at Oakland Airport


Acquisition of the remaining land of Bay Farm Island, for additional

harbor and industrial purposes.

Municipal recommendations for private development of permanent

automobile storage buildings in the downtown area.

Speedy adoption of a Major Highway and Traffic Plan.

Construction from public funds of a Union Passenger Terminal.

Charter amendments to include Park Budget; Revocation by Mayor

of appointments made by Mayor; One Council Meeting per week;

Budget Control Officer; enlargement of Mayor's Urgent Necessity Fund.

Adoption of the "City and County" plan of government.

Removable opera chairs for new floor of Municipal Auditorium arena.

State Building for Oakland.

Deputy City Attorney, part time, for State legislative work.

Remove car tracks from Twelfth Street Dam.

Limitation to 150 feet in heights of buildings.

Passage of bonds for comprehensive drainage and sewer system, arterial

openings of immediate vital need, and for major capital outlay on

parks, buildings, recreation centers, police and fire stations, etc.

Bond Issues

It is my fundamental belief that all public improvements should be paid for as they
are used — and in this use future generations of taxpayers will participate. It is only
just, therefore, that these future generations pay their share in original costs. I there-
fore recommend that in the near future a bond issue be brought before the public for the
purpose of constructing all vitally needed improvements. One is mandatory at all
events for completion of a comprehensive drainage and sewer system to replace the one
now in use and which, being originally constructed for a city of only 50.000 population,
is totally inadequate for the Half Million that soon will be Oakland's. Opening of
arterial highways under the broad plans developed by the City Planning Commission
should also be paid out of bond money, and the entire program of necessary improve-
ments can be met by the one issue.

Here, to safeguard the people's money, I emphatically urge that in such bond issue
all monies be appropriated to a definite and pre-detemiined use, and that no money
from sucli bond issue be put to any other use than that for which the taxpayers
specifically voted it. Too often in the past have the people voted sums that they were
told were to be used for a definite purpose only to see those same sums later deflected
to another and often unanticipated channel. The wording of any bond issue ordinance
should be such that the public clearly understand what the money is to be used for.
and such also as will make it mandatory upon the expending powers to use such money
only and specifically for such purpose.


Oakland today faces clearly and confidently a future bright with promise. Our
city is growing as never before, a statement in which Federal authorities concur in
their declaration that we have the fastest growing city in the country. Our healthful
climate, our unexcelled transportation and dockage facilities, our low death rate,
our rich and productive background, our most meritorious schools and recreational
facilities, all combine to invite and encourage the coming here of home seekers,
persons looking for business opportunity, and industries seeking manufacturing sites.
With the development of our harbor, our schools, our transportation systems, our



public places ot recreation and amusement, our airport; with the extension and widening
of our boulevards; with architectural supervision of our bildings and more compre-
hensive control of new subdivisions; with proper efficiency and beauty-making zoning
laws. Oakland's progress is assured.

Finally, with a tax rate cut in half by adoption of the "City and County" plan of local
government, our city will be supreme. The biggest natural advantages combined with
the smallest tax rate — these will make the name of Oakland ring with invitation through-
out America, and our destiny will be assured.

Very truly yours.


Mayor of the City of Oakland.




Including Alameda, Berkeley, Emeryville and Piedmont




For information not found in this department, see regular Alphabetical Section or
under proper heading in ClassiBed Business Directory.


All offices in City Hall — Washington bet 14th and

15th unless otherwise noted. Phone Lalteside 3600
Nominating Municipal Election — Third Tuesday in

April 1929 and on third Tuesday in April every

second year thereafter
General Municipal Election — Tliird Tuesday after

nominating municipal election
Council Meetings — Daily at 11 a m except Saturdays,

Sundays and legal holidays in Council Chambers
3d floor
Mayor and President of the Council — Hon John L

Davie rm 302
Commissioners — Hon J L Davie. W H Parker. C C

Young. E K Sturgis. Frank Colbourn. 3d floor
Commissioner of Public Affairs — Hon John L Davie

rm 302
Commissioner of Public Health and Safety — C C

Young rm 310
Commissioner of Public Works — Prank Colbourn

rm 323
Commissioner of Revenue and Finance — E K Sturgis

9th floor
Commissioner of Streets— W H Parker rm 802
Attorney — Preston Higgins rm 503
Auditor— H G Williams 10th floor '
Bacteriologist — 6th floor
Building Inspector — A S Holmes rm 403
Chemist — ^th floor

Chief of Fire Dept— W G Lutkey rm 204
Chief of Police Dept — D L Marshall 14th st entrance
Clerk— F C Merritt rm 306
Electrician — C E Hardy rm 509
Engiiieer — Geo N Randle 8th floor
Harbor Dept — Okld Bank Bldg
Health Officer — Dr. Chas R Pancher 6th floor
License Inspector — Fred B Peru rm 907
Market and Pood Inspector — rm 614
Plumbing Inspector — J E Francis rm 405
Port of Oakland— G B Hegardt mgr 424 Okld Bank

Poundmaster — R C Trotter — Pord cor Lancaster
Public School Building and Grounds Dept— W E

Whalin supt 337 17th
Purchasing Agent — John H Brill rm 410
Sanitary Inspector — 6th floor
Supt of Parks— Lee S Kerfoot rm 407
Supt of Playgrounds — R W Robertson rm 404
Supt of Schools— Willard G Givens 11th floor
Supt of Streets and Ex-offlcio City Engineer — Geo

N Randle rm 802
Treasurer — Sophus Nelson 9th floor
Wharfinger — w J Masterson foot of Washington

Boards. Etc
Board of Education — Geo W Hatch pres. F A

Campbell. Rose B Burckhalter. J J Allen jr. J F

Chandler. Eugene K Sturgis. Mrs. N Kramer, J W

Edgemond .sec. llth floor
Board of Inquiry (City Employees)
Board of Library Directors — W G Eggleston pres.

Mrs. Minna McGauley. Claud Gatch. Chas Fisher.

Mrs. Myrtle Fieberling, John B Kaiser sec., 14th

and Grove
Board of Park Directors — W R King pres, C I An-
derson, Roger Coit. L S Kerfoot supt. W S

Chandler sec rm 407
Board of Playground Directors — J P Maher pres. H

C Austin. Mrs Amy E Thurston. Jos N Steiner

Nellie Anton rm 315
Bureau of Permits and Licenses — Jas Carey hd elk

9 th floor
Bureau of Research and Guidance — Rlchd Rut-
ledge director, llth floor
Health Development Dept — Alvin Powell director,

Margt Wythe asst dir. O R Jungerman dentist.

Florence B Bussell supt nurses. 121 E llth
City Planning Commission — F E Reed pres. 3d floor
Civil Service Board — B W Hammond pres. H P Hu-

ber v-pres. T H Carney C C DeWolf sec. rm 316
Fire Prevention Bureau — Bat Chief F C Kispert in

charge, rm 507
East Bay Cities Rate Dept — R A Belinge chf eng.

rm 511. City Hall

Police Department
Chief of Police — D L Marshall
Captain of Inspectors — B A Wallman
Bailifis — H L Gilbert. Robt Forgie
Property Clerk — R F Ahern
Central Division Captain — J P Lynch
Eastern Division Captain — Thorvald Brown
Northern Division Captain — Chas H Bock
Traffic Dept— Lieut C L Hemphill

Police Courts
Court Officers — W B Searing. C T MacCurdy
Bond and Warrant Clerk — R R Hunter

Department 1
Judge — H L Bacon

Prosecuting Attorney — Fred L Donahue
Clerk— W H Fieberling
Bailiff— H L Gilbert
Reporter — E C VanCourt

Department 2
Judge— Edw J Tyrell

Prosecuting Attorney — T A Westphal jr
Clerk — Edwin Meese Jr
Bailiff— Robt Porgle
Reporter — Irving Magnes

Fire Department
Headquarters City Hall, Wm G Lutkey chief. Wm
H McGrath 1st asst chief


Engine Co No

Engine Co No

Engine Co No

Engine Co No

Engine Co No 5-

Engine Co No 6-

Engine Co No 7-

Engine Co No B — 51st and Telegr

B:nBine Co No 9 — 14th and Magnolia

Engine Co No 10 — 165 Santa Clara av

Engine Co No 12— Alice bet 8th and 9th

Engine Co No 13—1215 33d av

Engine Co No 14 — Champion and Pleasant

-City Hall

-480 6th

-1681 8th

-1235 E 14th

-Cor Market

-E 15th and 22d av

-59th and San Pablo


Engine Co No 15 — 25th nr Broadway

Nnglne Co No 16 — 3441 13th av

Engine Co No 17— Allendale and Abbey

Engine Co No 18 — 50th av and Bond

Engine Co No 19 — Birch ct and College av

Engine Co No 20 — 93d av and E 14th

Engine Co No 21 — Montgomery and John

Engine Co No 22 — 3330 Magnolia

Engine Co No 23—7201 Trenor

Engine Co No 24 — 6226 Moraga rd

Chemical Co No 1— City Hall

Truclc Co No 1 — 480 6th

Truck Co No 2— E 14th and 13th av

Truck Co No 3—1681 8th

Truck Co No 4 — 25th nr Broadway

Truclc Co No 5 — 56th and Dover

Truck Co No 6 — 50th and Bond

Truck Co No 7—1375 93d av

High Pressure Station— Oak and 15th

Municipal Piers
Albers Bros ft 7th
Clay St tt Clay
Dennison St ft Dennison
Fourteenth St W end 14th
Franklin St tt Franklin
Grove St ft Grove
Howard Terminal ft Market
Jefferson St ft Jefferson
Livingston St ft Livingston
Market St ft Market
Oil Docks ft 14th
Parr Terminal ft 7th
Quay Wall, bet Grove and Market
Warehouse W end 14th

Art Gallery — Municipal Auditorium
Auditorium — 12th at Fallon— 323 City Hall
Boat Houses — Oak n of 14th and Lakeside Park
Chabot Hall— Jefferson bet 10th and 11th
Chabot Observatory — Leona Heights
Corporation Yards — 9th and Fallon, 51st and Shat-

tuck av and 46th and Foothill blvd
Electrical Plant— 13th and Oak
Fire Alarm and Police Telephone Stations — 13th and

Free Library — J B Kaiser Librarian. 14th cor Grove
Jail— 12th floor City Hall
Municipal Band — 407 City Hall
Municipal Golf Links— End of Golf Links rd w of

Lake Chabot
Oakland Airport — ft Jones av
Pound — Ford cor Lancaster
Press Room— 403 City Hall
Public Museum— 1426 Oak and 274 19th
Woodyard— 282 8th
Zoo — Joaquin Miller rd

All ofQces in City Hall, Santa Clara av. cor Oak.

unless otherwise noted
Mayor — Frank Otis

Councilmen — Prank Otis, mayor and pres. Al La-
tham. E R Neiss. G H Noble. Wm R Calcutt. meet
1st and 3d Tuesdays each month
Manager — Clifton E Hickok
Attorney — Wm J Locke
Auditor and Assessor — F J CroU
Bacteriologist — Eugenia Herron
Building Inspector— Ernest H Rogers
Sanitary Inspector — E C Maillot
Electrician — Jos B Kahn s end of Park
Chief Fire Dept— W T Steinmetz
Chief of Police— W H Wahmuth
Clerk and Purch Agt— W E Varcoe
Constables — Chas J Deuser. 835 Taylor av. G A Daly.

1105 Pacific av
Engineer and Supt of Streets — Burnett Hamilton
Justice of the Peace — Elmer E Johnson. Water

Works bldg Park A
License Collector— L H Wahmuth
Police Judge — E J Silver
Poundmaster — Grant Hicks, ft of Grand
Superintendent of Schools — Wm G Paden
Treasurer and Tax Collector — L H Ader
Veterinary and Food Inspector — Tom Carpenter
Board of Education — J B Lanktree. pres. D E
Graves. Mrs Maybelle V Powell. Geo S Williams
A C Keane. Wm G Paden. sec
Board of Library Trustees— Dr H A Miller, pres.
Fredk Maurer. C W Griflin. M J White. Mrs
Agnes L Hauch, Mrs Marcella H Krauth. sec
Board of Public Utilities— lElec Light Dept I J B
Kahn. supt. A D Goldsworthv. sec. E H Baxter,
Hermann Krusi. C E Hickok,. 1414 Park
Department of Public Works — (Street Sewers and

Wharves) Burnett Hamilton, supt
Fire Department — W T Steinmetz. chief (See under

Fire Dept>
Health Department — Dr Arthur Hieronymous, health

Planning Commission — H C Haslett. chairman, W E

Varcoe. sec
Police Department — W H Wahmuth, chief
Recreation Department — E J Probst, supt

Social Service Board — Mrs B E Spunn. exec sec. 2226

Santa Clara av
Corporation Yard — ft of Grand

All offices in City Hall. Grove nw cor Allston way.

unless otherwise noted. Phone Berkeley 9210
Mayor — M B Driver
Manager — John N Edy

Council — M B Driver mayor, Walter Mork, T E
Caldecott. Mrs A C Moody, Mrs C L Hoyt, R S
French. F A Berg, E J Hardy, J J Rahill
Deputy Assessor — H L Hock
Attorney — E J Sinclair
Auditor — Mabel W Jensen
Bacteriologist and Chemist — Blanche Knight
Clerk— Emma M Hann
Electrician — Walter Brothers
Engineer and Supt of Streets— A J Eddy
Justice of the Peace — Oliver Youngs, Jr
Poundmaster — P J Rogers, 3d cor University
Sanitary Inspector — Geo Grimshaw
Superintendent of Parks — H A Tibbetts
Superintendent of Recreation — Granville Thomas
Superintendent of Schools — Acting, M C James
Treasurer and Tax Collector — Pauline Young
Advisory Board of Healtli — Robt Hector, P H Mc-

Nair. F L Kelly, Mrs Bernedette Lester, sec
Board of Education— Mrs L L Hector, Mrs V T
Bright, P L Stripp, A H Morgan Jr. M B Driver.
213i! Allston way
Bureau of Buildings and Inspections — Stanley Koch,
chief inspr. Walter Brothers, city elec. Geo Grim-
shaw. sanitary inspr
Bureau of Garbage Service — O L Larson in charge
Commission of Public Charities — Marjorie Carpen-
ter, sec
Department of Health — Frank L Kelly, health offi-
cer. E D Wallace, food inspr. Hester MacKay,
chief nurse. G K Cooke. D V S. milk inspr
Fire Department — Geo Hasgerty. chief
Engine No 1—2110 9th
Engine No 4—1450 Shattuck av

Planning Commission — Frank D Stringham. Sue J
Irwin. Edwin Landon. Vernon Smith. Mrs Aaron
Schloss. H R Phinney
Playground Commision — Annie Woodall. Mrs Fowler
Mallet. Jas T Preston. C P Naylor. Clarence W
Police Department — Aug Vollmer, chief
Pound — 2d nr University av
Corporation Yard — West and Allston way
Emergency Hospital — Berkeley General Hospital
Free Library — Acting librarian. Olive C Burroughs.

Shattuck av and Kittridge
Health Center — Lou Crandall, exec sec. 830 Univer-
sity av
Jail— City Hall

Municipal Wharf — Ft University av
Public Playgrounds — San Pablo, Mabel and Oregon
James Kennedy — 8th and Delaware
Live Oak — Shattuck av and Berryman
Codornices — Eunice and Euclid
Grove — bet Russell and Oregon
W H Christie, mayor, J T Doyle, P J Stoer. A J
Lacoste. E E Ryan, trustees, F P Poulter. treas-
urer, Wm A Siebe, clerk and assessor. R S Haw-
ley, engineer. J L Kennon. judge police court. J E
Wiley, fire chief. E J Carey, chief of police. T W
Firby, attorney. Jas H Seymour, depy tax and
license collector, and Dr Geo Rothgander. health
officer. Town Hall, se cor Park av and Hollis.
Phone Humboldt 120

City Hall. Vista and Highland av. Phone Pied 311
Council— Oliver Ellsworth, pres. L P Moore, revenue
and finance. Seymour Phelan. streets, light and
water. L G Wolfe, public health and safety. A C
Hibbard. parks, playgrounds and buildings
Clerk and Purch Agt — Weare C Little
Tax Collector — Alice T Corrigan
Attorney — G N Richardson
Engineer- E C Prather
Chief of Fire Dept — W E Culver
Chief of Police — F W Heere
Puilriinc Inspector — R H Barrett
Health Officer- H J Smith
Supt of Parks — Ferdinand Hein
Supt of Streets — C H Almy
Municipal Judge — Greene Majors



Court House and Hall of Records. Broadway, bet

4th and 5th. Phone Oakland 0847
Accountine Dept — Geo I Emerson, chf acct
Assessor — L J Kennedy, Court House
Auditor— E F Garrison, Hall of Records
Bee Inspector — Gary W Hartman, Claremont Manor
Buildings and Bridges — Fred C Peterson, supt
Civil Service Commission — E C Lyon. pres. L A

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