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1891=2. , ■ ^




R L. POLK & Cd.; "■


For Full List of rnblications, see opp. Page 527.

Ent-.Tod accor.ii.g to Act of Congress in the year ifOl. by R. L. Polk & Co., m the Omce of the
Librarian of Congres-S at WftshingtoD, D. C.

I f. c. ^ r 7

• ;. / '/r



nsLWAiKiii:;, V.J

10,000.000. I ^'ortlm-c8toru Branch
COOO.OOO. ) onicc, 41G .liiiivaiikeo
IV. S. CASOKE, State Agent. WALKEK BLCKSEI!, Gen-l Manaser.




.-'.evens' Point Broom Co (capital, s60,0U0),

James Reilly pres, O C "Whelocli sec.
Elevens' Poiiil JonriiaijMcGlachlin

^t Simons Froprs. lijee adv, p OGl.)
.-icvens' Point Liphting Co, James F Wiley

j.res, Emmons liurr treas.
Stevens' Point Lumber Co, Ores Smith

l-tevens' Point Water Co, W O Lamoreux


.''lieler Ferdinnnd, general store.

Sireckel Geoi£;e, propr Wisconsin House.

.siiimpf Jolin, Register of Deeds and
Abstracts of Title. Cciurt House.

."-5vayze Caleb, propr Wisconsin Pinery.

Syuon & Frost (Thomas II Synon, Daniel
E Frost), lawyers.

Tnck Oscar H, confectioner.

'nuiofson & Halverson (Andrew Tallofson,
llalver O Halverson), general store.

TboniRS John, grocer.

Tliompson Robert J, blaclismilh.

T:mm August, saloon.

Tyler John, saloon.

L'nllcd States Express Co, Charles "Wes-
ton agent.

Vaiiehn Andre O, pumps.

Voigt Theodore C, i^aloou.

Von Xcuper! dultt, Phj'sician.

Vosburgh (k Anthony (J K Yosburgh, J
V C Anthony), dry goods.

^Valton Wm, capitalist.

WHrsIiali John D, shoemaker.

^\ ccd Kicky, grocer.

\Veek John Lumber Co (capital, $50,000),
Nelson O Week pres, Andrew U Week

^^ tlch Thomas, general store.

Welch A- Kelly (James Welch, Peter Kel-
ly), saloon.

^Veller Rev R II (Episcopal)

JUrt George E, general store.

>» CKtoin Tcmplu of Slunor, Mc-

,_ GlucLlin & Simons Publra.

•1 tplon George, jeweler.

';.l>celock O Calvin, livery.

Yiieelock E B, saloon.

^\i| sucr Louis, sale stable.

*> i.liams Edwin A, county surveyor.

>>.i?cnnsin House, George Strcckel propr.
\i-consin Pinery, C Swayze propr.

'* illiara & Bresnahan (Caleb Witham, P
J Bresnahan), saloon.

;^ichr,w Henry, furniture.

-i^mmer Wm, saloon.

STEVEWSTOWN. A postofflce in
■^ J rosse county, 18 miles nortlieast of
^■^Uotse, the county seat, and 10 north-
_^"f .Midway, the nearest railroad .sta-

tion. La Crosse is the nearest hanking
point. Population, 75. Mail, daily. D.

N. Barclay, postmaster.

Knrelay D N, General Store.
Barclay James, Hour mill.
Brine Edward, lilacksmith.
Christianson Lyman, shoemaker.
Cox L B, creamery.
Ekron Aaron, creamery.
Erickson Edward, blacksmith.
Fuller H D, creamery.
jSTelson Daniel, shoemaker.
Roberts E, cheese factory.
Wild Jacob, blacksmith.
Wilson James, creamery.

STEWART. In Green county, 17
miles northeast of Jlouroe, the county scat
and nearest banking point, and 7 from
Blanchardville, its nearest railroad station.
Population, 80. Mail, daily. Andrew
Peterson, postmaster.

Carter John W, feed tuill.
Eidsmore Cheese Factory.
Hendrickson Henry, blacksmith.
Jacobson S, .shoemaker.
8'clcrsoa Aiulrt^w I*, General Store.
Postville Cheese Mnfg Co.
Tliompson Andrew, blacksmith.
Young &, Jacobson, general store.

STILES. A village located on the
Oconto river, and on the j\I. & N. and M.,
li, S. & W. Rys, in Oconto county, 10
miles Bouthv.-est of Oconto, the county seat
and nearest banking point. E.xp., Am.
Tel., W. U. Population, 500. H. S.
Eldred, postmaster.

Burnside "W H, hotel.
Curley Patrick, saloon.
Caldie Thomas, justice.
Devereu.-c Joscpli, horticulturist.
lul<li-c<! A &, Son, General Store and

Saw lilill.
Foss Otto J, photographer.
Friess J il, railroad, esp and tel agt.
Ilalsted & Co, meats. ,.

Hurley James, hotel.
.Icnkiiiii W C, Steamboat Agency.
Leccia Rev E C (Catholic).
Leigh John, flour mill. , ; • ,

McClasky Joseph, meats.
Mclver Jlrs John, hotel.
Mclver Robert, hotel.
Oshwnhlt Drll F, justice.
Sliedon Adam, constable.
Telford Robert, blacksmith. .
Van Vacliel IJcnry, shoemaker.

lUKIOIS [[ilTRiL e, P.,

to all POINTS in 111


Oudahy Brothers, i Pork and Beef Packers,

MiLW-ViiiEi;, lyjscoxsiN. \ AND PROViGION DEALERS.




%a STINNETT. A station on the est.
3 C p. yi & o. Ky, in AVa.sUburn count.v, Sj
^ 2 miles nortlieast of fcliiU Lake, tlie juilicial
^ (fl seat, and 5 ivest of Payward, the ueaiest
10 •" banlvicg point. Jlail, daily.

© 5

fe STINSON. On Wolf river, in Outa-

m gamic county, 29 miles northwest of Applc-

^3 ton, the county seat, S north of Sliiocton,

G3 the nearest railroad station, luul 10 from

tJ^ Seymour, the nearest bankine; point.

03 Stages daily to Sh.^.wauo and Shiocton.

•S; Population," 70. Mail, daily. 1{. W.

^^ Spaulding, postmaster.

S3 Allen A, hotel.
L^„ SpauUlin? K AV, General Store and

,_ Uoop.Mnfr.
_^ ^Thompson C S, blacksmith.

£S V STITZER. A village on the C. &
Cs3 N. "W. liy., in Grant county, S miles
IJU northeast of Lancaster, the county seat
CX3 and nearest banking point. Population,

J~- 150. Exp., Am. F. H. Schuppencr,

I^J postmaster.

qT* Belscamper 1? & Son, blacksmiths.

jji Bereeheger, Maner ifc Langridge, general

SZ4 store.

^? Fischer II L, blacksmith.

J*™ Gerhardl .Toliu, mason.

■ ii 'ijn Ishmael U, saloon.

fc_, Napp C C, justice.

^ Schuldt Kev F H (Ger Jlethodist).

. Q3 Sclitiiipciicr F I!, Notary, K R and
Borgp Kxp Agt.

<*""• Schuppener & Napp, hardware and farm

m impts.

■mJ SellickJohn, carpenter.

Ill Sherman T B, furn and lumber.

["^ Tanner Fred, hotel.

^^\ Vandenburg H, carpenter.

ZSZ STOCKBEIDGE. A postofflco in

^^^ Calumet co>mty, 8i miles northwest of

^" Chilton, the county seat, nearest railroad

^^ station and bunking point. Stages to

^»^ Chilton; fare, 50 cents. Population, 175.

^J" Mail, daily. II. O. Dudley, postmaster.

CSSk Beglinger J M, general store.

^2 Burlingame Mrs Anna, music teacher.

^^ Coiiley Jaiiics, Boots and Shoes.

^:^ Croak James, general store.

fcj^ Oosch Charles, cheese factory.

CQ Uawlcy Miss Belle, music teacher.

Hawley James, meats.

UUl Holt & Allen, meats.

3S Johnson G A, carp and justice.

t Johnson Matthew, general store.

Langdou Charles E, harness.
JIclIollandB, cheese factory.
Mclveuney George, physician.
McKeuney James F, hotel and farm

Maloy Joseph, carpenter.
Merrill John, physician.
Miller A D, drugs.
JlillfT D J, hardware.
Xfcdtsiim It J, Wagonmakcr.
Pingel Fred, blacksmith.
Reycr Charles, mason.
Skidmore C P, clicefe factory.
Stockbridge Band, B U Bourne leader.

STOCKHOLM. A post village on
theC., n. >.\; X. Ky and on the Mis.sissippi,
in Pepin county, -•'■!! miles of
Milwaukee, 2.0 southwest of Durand, the
county scat, and 3 north of Lake CMty, the
nearest baidsing point. Stages srmi-weekly
to Arkansaw. Population, ;;00. Exp.,
Am. Tel., W. U. John Larson, post-

Anderson Isaac, photographer.
Bellevue E. drugs.
Brown E H. oil inufr.
Biownlee Wm, hotel.
Dcdrick G L, railroad and exp agt.
Edwards Daniel, himber.
I.inr>i4>ii John, Stationer.
Larson M, commission.
Larson tt Swonsou, general store.
Linn Adolph, jewelry.
Linn Bros, feed mill.
Loefller W E G, hardware.
Lowater llarri.son, lawyer.
Merchants' Hotel. J K Peterson propr.
Peterson A F, farm impts and ju-flice.
Peterson J K, boots and shoes, and propr

Merchants' Hotel.
Peterson K A, general store.
Sandquist Paul, wneral store.
Slockholiti TrsKlinir As«o<'iatioii,

General Store and Farm Impts.
Stromberg & Co, blacksmiths.
Wheeler Mrs Kale, milliner.

STOCKTON. On the Wisconsin Cen-
tral iJne, in Portage county, 6 miles from
Stevens' Point, the judicial seal and nearest
banking point. Exp., N.P. Tel., "\V. !•'.
Population, 50. C. Lepinski, i>ostmaster.

Boyington & Co, lumber.

Breitonsteiii Anthony, produce.

Brcilcnstein Cliarles. R l{,cxp andtelagt.

Breitcnstein Richard, carpenter.

Flury Louis, feed mill.

Gibba Louis, grain and produce.

Cliicap & Gfaod Trunk Hf

The Favorite Route East




S of nil kinds, PUJIPS, BREWEfiY MAtlH-NEnv,




Hunter L, carpenter and mason.
|,epiii!>lii Charles, Urocer.
ToDer James, produce.

STODDARD. Ou t'le C. B. & N Ry,
and on Ibe Mississippi river, in Vernon
couuty, 25 miles nortliwcst of Viroqua,
'.he couDtj' seat, and 12 soiith of La Crosse,
liie nearest backing point. Exp., Am.
Tel., W. U. Population 120. 11. II.
Wliite, postmaster.

,\dam5 James, meats.
Ilcy neiiilioUI, General Store.
Blasliek & Hainsworlb, flour mill.
Dosa Uenry, carpenter.
Cranke Ferdinand, Iiotcl.
iluefner Paul, farm impts and warehouse.
Xfltwick H O, saw mill,
lionkoski Joseph, mason.
Thiele A, carpenter.
Truer V K, civil engineer.
^Vhite C P, lawyer and insurance.
AVliite Frank-, fruit grower.
White ES is. General Store, Real Estate
and Fancy Stock.

STOKES. A postomco in Door coun-
'y, 5 miles southwest of Sturgeon Uav, the
county seat and nearest shipping and
I'auklng point. Population, 25. ' JIail,
liaily. Charles Stokes, postmaster, gener-
al store, cheese factory and saloon.

STONE BANK. A village in Wau-
•it'slia county, 17 miles of Wau-
litsha, the county seat, 3 norlli of Kasho-
lah, the nearest railroad station, and 5
northeast of Ocouomowoc, the nearest
Unking point. Population, 200. Jlail,
uaily. Edward Drummond, postmaster.

payton A, justice.

''■»yton Win, farm impts.

Oi'iiiuitiuiul Kduiiid, General Store

niid Notary.
I'rummonil Rev W (Preslo terian).
K-ister W J, carpenter.
I'ulmcr Fred, carpenter,
''■inson J M, shoemaker and saloon,
jlf'lt James, wagonniaker.
I-."ze C G, shoemaker,
^.orrcnson J, blacksmith.
\iia Dyke A E, blacksmith.
*>.ardrobe J F, flour mill.
*>ickDrt Frederick, grocer.

STONEVILLE. Shawano county.


STOOPS. In Dunn county, 18 miles
southwest of Menomonie, the judicial
seat, and 10 from Durand, its banking and
shipping point. Mail, tri-weekly. ^Vm.
Stoops, postmaster.

STORY. A country postoQlce in Dane
county, 15 miles south of Madison, the ja-
dicial seat, and 3 from Basco, the nearest
shipping point. Mail, daily. O. S. Shep-
ard, postmaster.

Shepard & Algard, general store.

STOUGHTON. An incorporated city,
located on Cat Fish river and on theC.,M.&
Si. P. J!y, in Dane county, 10 miles south-
east of ^ladison, the judicial seat. Dating
its settlement from 1817, it has steadily
increased in wealth and importance and
now contains churches of the Baptist,
Catholic, Congregational, Lutheran, Me-
thodist Epi=ciipHl, Norwegian Lullicrau,
Norwegian .Methodi-.t and I'niversalist de-
ntimlnalions.good school-;, an opera liouse,
with a seating capacity of COO, 2 l)anks and
2 weekly newspapers, the Courier and the
Ildfj and Tobacco Tribune. The city has
a well equipped and ellicient fire depart-
ment, flour and feed mills, a plow factory,
carriage, wagon and sleigh factories, and
numerous large and well stocked special
and general stores, etc. Tobacco, live
stock, grain and the products of the fac-
tories compri'-e the shipments. Stages
daily to Cambridge: fare, 75 cents. Pop-
ulation. 3.000. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams,

John yi. llibbard, postm.aster.

Ainsworth George D, cigar mnfr.

Allberg, Swan & Company (Iliins J All-
berg, narry L Swan, O O Melaas),pubJr3
the Norman.

Alrae Edward, live stock, 2 miles n e.

Anderson & Forton (Andrew E Anderson,
Ole U ForlOD), hardware.

Arthur Bros (Charles J Arthur), general

Asbjortiison Joliii, Saloon and Res-

Atkinson "Wallace, city marshal.

Beattie Thomas, coal.

Becker George AV, grocer.

Belden Stephen, saloon.

Brcdeson Rev Adolph (Norwegian Luthe-

Bryant Henry, dairy.

Bunt VVm, barber.

Camp D.ivid D, jeweler.

Central House, E D King prop'r.

2 aiKl 14 Fuurlli St., Fond ilii, W\h

S r H g Tj Carriages, Hacks, 'Busses and Sleighs lor Sale'ciieap

ILLIliOIS CEliTlifil 1 1

to ail POINTS in


iMi mi





Chappie Port, carpenter.

CItuso Si«ljicy A, Livery, Sale and

Feed Stable; Good Rigs at lleasonable

Kates; Prompt Alteutiou Given to All


Chicaso Fair (MAJobn.son, C J Melaas,

C T Jobnson), general store.
Chidealer Jerome C, brewers' agent.
Chipton A H, pliysiclaa.
Chrestoffer Chris, saloon.
Christensen Chris, jeweler.

Clancey James M, lawyer.

Clark James P, mngr \V U Tel Co.
Cohn A & Co (Abraham and Leopold
Cohn). leaf tobacco.
— ^ Cronk Charles II, prin public school.

' Cros>je Charles S, editor aii<l propr Stough-

ton Hub and Tobacco Tribune.
Currier Georsc W, Justice of

Peace, Insurance, Pianos and Organs.
Dahl KevT II (Lutheran).
Dalmj'cr Henry, leaf tobacco.
-^ — Dane Coiinly JSniik (Capital, $00,-

, 000; Surplus .s20,000), O M Turner

Pres. O X Falk Cash.
Devoe Charles D, millwrifrht.
Doud Will M, inngr Lovejoy & Richards.
' Dow George, pres Stoughlon State Bank.
— -7 Dow Robe, cash Stoughton State P.ank.
Dow & Norsman Robe Oow, S S Nors-

man), insurance.
Duller Alfred A, plasterer.
Ellingson Carl, saloon.
Emerson Moses, cold storage.
Ephraim Herman, clothing.
Ericksou Andrew, furniture.
Erickson August, saloon.
Erlchson Edward, saloon.
Evans George, wagonniaker.
Falk Bros (Ole N and Frederick N). drugs.
Falk Olo N, cash Dane County Bank.
Fcrraann Wm A, photograiiher. •— •

Flyte Amos, l)lacksraitli.
Fox George H, physician.
Gerard Era II, lumlier.

' Giles H D, vice-pres Stoughton State

Grane Louis M. grocer.
Gunderson Osman. leaf tobacco.
Gunsalus Martin V, farm impts.
Hale Percy (.1. carpets.
Ham Henry A, meat market.
Hansen Chris A, grocer.
Hanson Hans T, general store.
Hauge John A, photograi^her.
Haven John B. general store.
Hnylock AVni R. baker.
Hcllirkson Ole, tailor.
Hemsing Ole 11, leaf tobacco.
Henrich John, marble cutter.

IIil>l>ar<l .Volin i»1, Postmaster.
Hill Frederick, carpenter.
Ilintze Charles M, cigar mnfr.
Hippenmeyer Charles, barber.
Iloverson Hans A, assessor.
Howe Christopher L, plow mnfr.
Unison Eloiise, John Walters Propr.
Hulson James S, leaf tobacco.
Hutson & Anderson (James S Hutsoa,

Wm II Anderson), clothing.
Jablinsky Julius, cigar mnfr.
Jensen Nils, boots and shoes.
Johns & Burnett (Jleshach Johns, George

M Burnett), furniture and undertakers"
Johnson Andrew L, grocer.
Johnson Bros (Julius and John D), meats.
Johnson (;harles T ifc Co (Charles T and

]Mrs O Johnson), dry goods.
Johnson Frederick, painter.
JColiit<>oii Jiolui €, Saloon and Restau-
rant; Meals at all Hours.
Johnson & Jlelaas (Martin A Johnson.

Christian J Melaas),merchant tailors and

leaf tobacco.
/Kasberg Karl A, prin Stoughton Academy
" and Business College.
King Eugene D, propr Central House and

Kitiilsen Levi & Co (Levi Kittilseu), leaf

Knudseii Miss Lizzie, laundry.
LaddMrsEJ, milliner.
Ladd Ludwig, vet surgeon.
L,cc O Chris, Leaf Tobacco.
Loriner*,^ Wright (Thomas Lormer,

Isaac y, Wright), Dealers in Farm Im-
plements, Wagons, Buggies and Sleighs,

Barb Wire, Etc.
Lovejoy & Richards (Allen P Lovejoy,

Jeremiah Richards), W M Doud mngr,

Lowry Wm J, lawyer, real est and ins.
Luse Louis K, city attorney.
L\ise & Wait (Louis K Luse, Benjamin E

Wait), lawyers and mngrs opera house.
Lusk Albert P, dentist.
Lyon Emerson, flour mill .
McComb&Olsen (liobert McComb, K G

Olsen), farm impts.
McNeil & McNeil (.Charles and Del), live

9IUII4U Mieliael C!, Meat JIarket and

Propr Skandinaviau Hotel.
Mauserth S S, pumps.
Melaas Ole O, druggist and jeweler.
Midgaard Knud L, well borer.
Miklielson Knut, general store.
Miller & Putnam (Henry Miller, Harry

Putnam), leaf tobacco.

Nalan Peter, plasterer. '

North Star Ironworks. ) rnparity.SOOlmnds-Knglneers.Jlacliinlsta, Founders, Iloilerinakern,
PABlSIl MANVFACTLltlN*; CO. Lnillwri!.-lit», San .Hill .Machinery, Mining Jlnclilnpry, Corliss and IIK-I'
Ashland, - - Wisconsin. ) Speed Kns-incs, BollerB, Toner Transiuittlug JIacliiuery, etc. Seep. «


it^l/rC^m ini ""iri'i'ir* Are indorsed aud refctiimen«l«il by the best Medical anthoritlea
'Hi- S"i1 i^-\ f'^^K and br the leading l>livsici,u.sofnll Schools of Jlclirin,.. Ther.
jiTitWlla ^H G lliU are JiO LETTU! UATliS anynliere than at JASL^VILLE, IMS.





Naset Jen3 J, carpenter.

Xclson Andrew, grocer.

Nocr Julius, physician.

Xormfin The, Allberg, Swan & Co publrs
and proprs.

Olecn Knud G, hardware.

OI«cn Wm T, Agen. Bunzl & Sons,
Leaf Tobacco.

Olscii & Almc (Wm T Olsen, Nels C
Alme), Proprs Kcvcre House.

Olson Gilbert, baker.

Olson Knud, harness.

Olson Niels F, blacksmith.

Olson Severt. gunsmith.

Omstedt Nels, physician.

Opera House, Luse & Wait mngrs.

Ovren August, carpenter.

Palmer Orville B, grocer.

Palmer Zepbauiah M,

Pargeter Wm G, dentist.
• Parish Charles K, ins and propr Courier.

Pederson Bros {.lens and Nick), meats.

Prentiss Daniel L, cigars and tobacco.

Prentiss & Swenson (Burt V Prentiss, An-
drew W Swenson), general store.

Ralph Rev (Universalist).

l{asmu.sseu Carl, boots and shoes.

Ucvcre SIoiiKC, Olsen ic Alme Proprs.

Kbodes Henry J, barber.

Itiley Miss Fannie, milliner.

Kinde Peter O, leaf tobacco.

Hoe OIc ¥i. Leaf Tobacco.

b'eaverson Hiss Josie, dressmaker.

Slieldrup Andrew F, drugs.

Shelter John W, blacksmith.

^UaiuliuaviHii IJolcl, M G Mandl

Bpanum Miss Christina K, milliner.

t5loughtou Academy and Business Insti-
tute, K A Kasberc prin.

f>toughton Courier, Charles E Parish propr.

Btonghton Hub and Tobacco Tribune,
Charles L Cross propr.

Btoughton Mill Co, W McCarthy pros,
C L Dearborn sec and Ireas.

StoiiKlilon Slate Bank (Capital
and Surplus, $50. 600), George Dow I'res,
H H Giles Vice-Pre.s, Bube Dow Cash.

Ptoughton Wagon Co The, J U. Palmer
pres, T CLund sec.

SwHii John M, Agent Sewing Ma-

TaniitTt Paul, Leaf Tobacco.

Tipple Oscar F, livery.
Tobacco Growers' Association, A J Subey
pres, G Edwards sec and treas, leaf
Torgeson Albert, meats.
Torgtsun Ole S, saloon.
Turner Frank A, agent C, M & St P By.

Tusler Herbert ^\, agent Adams Express.
Walters Joliii, Propr Hutson House.
Wingum Lars, carp and house mover.
Zwicker Henry, cigar mnfr.

STRASBURGH, A postoffice in
Langlade county, 8 miles southeast of
Anligo, the county seat and nearest bank-
ing point, and 4 from Elmhurst, the near-
est railroad station. JIail, semi weekly.
G. W. Barnes, postmaster and farmer.

STRATHROY. A discontiuued post-
oflice in Barron county. Send mail to

county, 13 miles nonliv>-est of Friendship.
the county scat, and CJ northeast of Nece-
dah, the "nearest railroad station. New
Lisbon is the nearest b inking point. Pop-
ulation, 50. Mail, daily.
Ficgel iV Son, General Store.
Kent Wm, painter.
Wyman C, blacksmith.

STRUM. Formerly known as Tilden
is in Trempealeau county, on the 8. Ste.
M.&S. W. Ry, 15 miles north of White-
ball, the judicial seal and banking point.
Population, 75. Mail, daily. O. O. Ny-
soleu, postmaster.
Berg Christopher, blarksmith.
C^U'isteu'tcn &. Dalil, General Store.
Holden J K, general store.
Kittlcson Ole, general store.
Sather Olah, carpenter.

STURGEON DAY. The judicial
seat of Door county, i5 a prosperous incor-
porated city on an inlet of the same name,
which, with a canal 3 miles in length con-
nects Green Bay with Lake Michigan,
thus shortening the passage from the south
into Green Bay, by 150 miles. It was set-
tled in 1800, is rapidly increasing in wealth
and importance, and now contains 4 saw
mills, li planing mills, a furniture factory,
a Hour mill, a brewery, a foundry and ma-
chine shop, an elevator, 2 banks, a well
equipped and efficient lire department,
churches and good schools. Two weekly
newspapers, the J 'mi- Counti/ Advu-ate and
the Hi-puUican are published, and are ably
edited and jirorrressive journals, enjoying
a large circulation in this and adjoining
counties. The Goodrich line of steamers
touch here tri-weekly, and the Hart Line

thicsp, mmki & Si Paul Ej, Itrellest and l!orihy/cs)

Wisconsin '!E]nm\ eiino co., , . ^'^^"^7^''"' ""l^- .

Omec A Factory, iSl Lako «... MI!. IVAUKKE, WIS. i.^lSSt IlllDrOVoU V0ll8tiai1 Ui'^OS,





ii'S^ to Green Bay and aU port= on Qicen Bay,
•™>« makes this port daily. Stages dnily lo
^"^ Green Bay, .Jaclisouport, Bailey's Hirbor
*»^ and Epg Uarbor, and tri-\veekly to Alina-
pee. Exp., Am. and U. S. Te)., W. U.
^^P Population, 2,200. J. Harris, postmaster.
^~j Advocate, Frank Long propr.
eSj^ Allen Gideon W, lawyer.
^^ Bank of Sturgeon tiny, Kcogh &
f=^^ Decker Proprs.
J=™°* BernUardt Wni, harness.
^g» Boalcr Edwin, li.sli.
■~27 Boktaad M B. confectioner.
■"^P Brada James, confectioner.
■^^-Brown Win O, prin high school.
QiS Burmingham & Bros( Edward and Eugene),

well borers.
^^ Chandler Albert H, dentist.
mr^^ Cocagne A, nursery.
■<^ C;«»clieiiis I?l:tlliias, General Store.
g^^-Cod}- Kichard P, district attorney.

Colignon House, .Joseph Coliguon propr.

Collard Louis, tailor.

fa"^ Cook IMi'hard L, physician. .
^^Z Cook & Vanderveen (.1 X Cook, A Van-
•^^ dervoen'l, saw mill.
C^^ Craudall Frederick D, contractor.
Crowell T J, propr Vendomc Hotel.
— "*S)ainkochler W L, co supt schools.

Qj Delloe Jo.ceph, boat builder.

Q3 Dehos Jacob, justice and shoemaker.
•"^^ IJoherty Jlichael, blarksiuith.

~3 Dreutzor O E & Y V, lawyers.

CV3 Erdmann Henry, mer tailor.

5* I'cUIiiiaiiii €uii>tiuitiiic, General
.^^ Store.

"^ Gillep[>ie Thomas, furniture.
^^"a» Glines Eugene iM, barber.
'^T' Graves John P, saloon.

Grenfcldt Jtev S (.Moravian).
, Haen B, meats.
jpg^ Hahn JIrs Barbara, propr Noilhwestcin
\^^ Hotel.

©Hahn Peter, cigar mnfr.
Halstead W'ni, harness.
Haney Bros (.John L and Michael Ci, farm
^^ irapts and sewing m:ichines.
Ei^ Harris & Son, publrs Itepublican.
^f\ Heilmann House, Adolph Heiluiann propr.
^3 Ifclm Christui)her, saloon.

Hendricks Josiah G, physician.

Higgins Allen, clerk of court.
^^ Hiidebrandt Bros, drugs.

Hunt Eugene, blacksmith.
'^°^ Ives W A & Sons (Wm A, Wallace L ancF
i bJ Frank A), foundry.
fc^« Janson H, ssdnon.
Sbb^ K!alenback A, fish.

C^ Keogh &, Decker, proprs Bank of Sturgeon
tefc^ Bay.

Kirchoff & Schriebcr (Paul Kirchoff, Ed-
ward Schrieber), well borers.

Knud.-on Martin, blacksmith.

La Plant Mrs Altha J, dressmaker.

La Plant .Mitcbeii P, barber.

Lnixti) I..O(iis A, Furniture Mnfr.

Laurie Bobert, .stone quarry.

Ijawrcnce A W & Co ( W Lawrence.
Leroy 2*1 Wa-?bburu), general store.

Lawrence M. meata.

Lawrence Wm B. dairy.

Lawrence AV F, stationer.

Lawrence & Nelson, proprs Merchants'
E-\chango ]5ank.

Leathem it Smith (John Leathern, Thomas
H Smith), lumber mnfrs.

Leonhnrdl Cbristoph, .'^aloon.

I..C(>iiIiiii'(lt JB, Meats.

Leonhardt Jacob, salnrin.

Long Frank, propr Advocate.

Lown Cbarle.'^ H, photoLjrapUer.

McDonald .Tohn, li^h.
•pdlcNalley Henry M, lawyer.

^Mainz George, saloon.

Mann \Vm H. carpenter.

JIaun Mrs J 11. grocer and restaurant.

Masse John, stoves and tinware.

Masse & Feucrstein. musical mdse.

Mci-oliiiiils* Uxoliaiiuc Bank,
Lawrence it Nelson Prnprs.

Mullen Frank, physician.

Noll Jacob, general store.

Northwestern Hotel, .Mrs B Hahn propr.

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