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Private Life of the Ancient Greeks.
Post Svo. 7x. 6d.

BELL.— Will O* Jthe Wisp : a Story.
By Mrs. Hugh Belu Illustrated by
E. L. Shute, Crown Svo. 3/. 6d.

Handbook of Crjrptogamic

Botany. By a. W. Bennett, M.A.
B.Sc F.L.S. and George R. Milne
Murray, F.L,. S. With 378 lUustrations.
Svo. its.

BENNETT.— ClinicBl Lectures
onVaricoseVeins of theLower

Extremities. By William H.Ben*
NETT, F.R.CS. With 3 Plates. Svo. 6s.

BENTLEY.—A Text-Book of
Organic Materia Medica. By

Robt.Bentley,F.L.S. 6a Illustrations.
Crown Svo. js. 6d.


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CONINGTON{/ohn)^yN<^\LS by.
The ^neid of V]x^. Trans-

Uted into EngHsh Vene. Crown 8vo. ts.

The Poems of VireiL Translated
into ^iglish Prose. Crown Svo. 6f •

The Life and Epistles of St

PauL By the Rev. W. J. Conybkam,
VLk. and the Very Key. J. S. HowsON,

LibnuTf Edition. 2 vols. 8vo. ai/.

Stodent'n Edition, i voL crown 8vo. 6f.

COOKE.— T2XAtL\& of Aoatomy.
Bj Thomas Cooks, F.R.C.S. Eng.
B.A. B.Sc M.D. Paris. Post 4to. 7/. dd.

COOZWGE.Swiss Travel and
Swiss Guide-Books. By w. a. b.

CooLiDGE, Fellow of Magdalen College,
Oxford. Crown 8vo. los, 6d*

CEEIGIfTONl—HistOTj of the
Papacy During the Reforma-
tion. By the Rev. M. Crbiohton,M. A.
8vo. Vols. I. and IL 1378-1464, 33^. ;
Vols. III. and IV. 1464-1518, 24s.

CROOKES.St\tct Methods in
Chemical Anal]rsis (chiefly inor-

ganic). By William Crookks, F.R.S.
V.P.C.S. With 37 lUustiations. 8vo. 24/.

CRUMP (^.)-Works by-

A Short Enquiry into the Form-
ation of Political Opinion,

from the Reien of the Great Families to
the Advent of Democracy. 8vo. ^s. dtU

An Investigation into the Causes
of the Great Fall in Prices

which took place coincidently with the
Demonetisation of Silver by Germany.
8vo. 6x.

CZ7ZZJ?K— Handbook of Prac-
tical Telegraphy. By R. s.

CuLLKY, M. Inst. C.E. 8vo. i6f.

CZ7^Z(9iV: — Russia in Central
Asia in 1889 and the Anglo-
Russian Question. Bv the Hon.
George N. Curzon, M.P. Svo. aix.

DA VIDSON{ W. Z.)— Works by.

The Logic of Definition Ex-
plained and Applied. Cr.8vo.6f.

Leading and Important English
Words Explained and Ex-
emplified. Fcp. 8va 3f. M

the Right Hon. Stratford Can-
ning : Viscount Stratford De

Recfclifie. By Stanley Lanb-Poolk.
With 3 Portraits, a vols. 8vo. 36*.

DE SALIS (il/rj.)— Works by.
Savouries k la Mode. Fqp. 8tq.

u. boards.

Entries k la Mode. Fcp. 8vo.

I/. 6d, boards.

Soups and Dressed Fish k la

Mode. Fcp. 8vo. IS. 6d. boards.

Oysters k la Mode. Fcp. Svo.

IX. 6d. boards.

Sweets and Supper Dishes k la

Mode. Fcp. 8vo. IS. 6d. boards.

Dressed Vegetables k la Mode.

Fcp. 8vo. IS. bd. boards.

Dressed Game and Poultry k

la Mode. Fcp. 8vo. u. ed. boards.

Puddings and Pastry k la Mode.

Fcp. 8vo. IX. 6d, boards.

Cakes and Confections k la

Mode. Fcp. 8vo. IS, 6d. boards.

Wrinkles and Notions for every

Household. Crown 8vo. 2s. 6d.

Tempting Dishes for Small

Incomes. Fcp. 8vo. u. 6d.

cracy in America. By Alexis db
TocQUEViLLB, Translated by Henry
Reeve, CB. 2 vds. crown 8vo. i6s.

DELAND (ifrf.)— Works by.
John Ward, Preacher : a Story.

Crown 8vo. Cabinet Edition, 6f. ; Popu*
lar E^tion, 2s. boards, 2x. (id. doth.

The Old Garden, and other Verses.
Fcp. 8?o. 5x.

Florida Days. With 12 Full-page

Plates (2 Etched and 4 in Colours), and
about 50 Illustrations in the Text, by
Louis K. Haelow. Svo. 2\s.

DICKINSON { W. JK)— Works by.

On Renal and Urinary Affec-
tions. With 12 Plates and 122 Wood-
cuts. 3 vols. Svo. £1. 4/. (id.

The Tongue as an Indicator of

Disease : being the Lumbeian Lectures,
delivered at the Royal College of
Physicians in March 1888. 8va 7^. (id.

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DOWELJL^tL History of Taxa-
tion and Taxes in England

from the Earliest Times to the Year 1885.
By Stephen Dowell. (4 vols. 8vo.)
Vols. I. and II. The Histo^of Taxation,
ai/. Vols. III. and IV. The History of
Taxes, ^\s.

DOYLE (/. ^.)-Works by.

The English in America: Vir-
einia, Maryland, and the
Carolinas. 8vo. i%s.

The English in America: The
Puritan Colonies. 2 toIs. 8vo.

JDOYLEiA. G7«tf«)— Works by,
Micah Clarke: his Statement as

made to bis three Grandchildren, Joseph,
Gervas, and Reuben, durin|^ the hard
Winter of 1734. With Frontispiece and
Vignette. Crown 8vo. 3^. dd.

The Captain of the Polestar;

and other Tales. Crown 8vo. 6s,

Dublin University Press Series

(The) : a Series of Works undertaken

by the Provost and Senior Fellows of

Trinity College, Dublin.
Abbott's (T. K.) Codex Rescriptus Dublin-

eosis of St Matthew. 4to. 21s.
m £van^eliorum Versio Ante*

hieronymianaex CodiceUsseriano (Dublin-

ensi). 2 vols, crown 8vo. 21s,
Allman*s (G. J.) Greek Geometry from

Thales to Euclid. 8vo. los, 6d.
Bumside (W. S.) and Panton's (A. W.)

Theory of Equatibns. 8va 12s. 6d,
Casey's (John) Sequel to Euclid's Elements.

Crown 8vo. 3f . 6(L
I Analytical Geometry of the

Conic Sections. Crown Svo. fs, 6d,
Davies' (J. F.) Eumenides of iCschylus.

With Metrical English Translation. 8vo.

Dublin Translations into Greek and Latin

Verse. Edited by R. Y. Tyrrell. Svo.

I2X. 6d,
Graves' (R. P.) life of Sur William

Hamilton. 3 vols. 151. each.
Griffin (R. W.) on Parabola, Ellipse, and

Hyperbola, Crown Svo. 6j,
Hobort's (W. K.) Medical Language oi St.

Luke. Svo. i6s,
LeiOie's (T« £. Clifie) Essays in Political

Economy. Svo. los. 6d,
Macalistcr's (A) Zoology and Morphology

of Vertebrata. Svo. ioj. 6d.
MacCullagh's (James) Mathematical and

other Tracts. Svo. 15/.

Dublin University Press Series

(The) — continued,

Maguire's (T.) Parmenides of Plato, Text
with Introduction, Analysis, &c.Svo. Js,6d,

Roberts' (R« A.) Examples in the Analytic
Geometry of Plane Curves. Fcp, Svo. 5^,

Souther's (R.) Correspondence with Caroline
Bowles. Edited by RDowden. Svo. 14J.

Stubbs' (J. W.) Hbtory of the University
of Dublin, from its Foundation to the End
of the Eighteenth Centuiy. Svo. 12s, 6d^

ThomhiU's (W. J.) The iEneid of Virgil,
freely translated into English Blank
Verse. Crown Sva 7/. 6d,

Tyrrell's (R. Y.) Cicero*s Correspondence.
Vols. L II. and III. Svo. each 12s,

The Achamians of Aristo-
phanes, translated into English Verse.
Crown Svo. 2s. 6d,

Webb's (T. E.) Goethe's Faust, Transla-
tion and Notes. Svo. 12s, 6d,

■ The Veil of Isis s a Series

of Essays on Idealism. Svo. lar. 6d,

^Ikins' (Q,) The Growth of the Homeric
Poems. Svo. 6x.

EARL.— Th^ Elements of Labo-
ratory Work. A Course of Natural
Science for Schools. By A. G. Earl.
Crown Svo. 4^. 6d,


Works by.
The Life and Times of Jesus
the Messiah.

Library Edition, 2 vols. Svo. 2\s,

Jesus the Messiah: being an

Abridged Edition of * The Life and Times
ofjesus the Messiah.' i vol. cr. Svo. ^s. 6d,

Propheqr and History in rela-
lation to the Messiah : the War-

burton Lectures, iSSo-iSS4. Sva 12s,

ELLICOTT (C. /., D.D. Bishop of
Gloucester and Bn'sto/y-V/orks

A Critical and Grammatical
Commentary on St Paul's
Epistles. Svo.

L Corinthians. i6j.
Gftlatians. Ss,6d.
Ephesians. Ss, 6d,
Pastoral Epistles. lor. 6d.
PhilippianSy Colossians, and Philemon.

lOf. 6d.
Thessalonians. 7/. 6d.

Historical Lectures on the Life
of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Svo. 12/.

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Catalogvb op Gknbral and ScissTiPic Books


8vo. is, each, sewed ; is, 6d, tmch, dotn.

Darwin* By Grant Allen.

Marlborough* By G. Saintsbury.

Shaftesbury {The First Earl). By
H. D. Traill.

Admiral Blake. By David Hannav.

Raleigh. By Edmund Gossf.

Steele. By Austin Dobson.

Ben Jonson. By J. A. Symonds.

Canning, By Frank H. Hilu

Claverhouse. By Mowbray Morris.

ERICHSEN {John Ertr)'^VJorks

The Science and Art of Surgery:

Being a Treatise on Surgical Injuries,
Diseases, and Operations. With 1,025
Illustrations. 2 vols. 8vo. 4&r.

On Concussion of the Spine,

Nervous Shocks, and other Obscure In-
juries of the Nervous System. Cc Svo.
lOf. 6i/.

EWALD (iy««nV^)— Works by.

The Antiquities of Israel. Trans-
lated from the German by H. S. Solly,
M.A. 8vo. I2J. ed.

The History of Israel. Trans-
lated from the German. 8 vols. Svo.
VoU. I. and II. 24^. Vols. III. and
IV. 2IJ. Vol. V. i8x. Vol. VI. i6j.
Vol. VII. 2\s, Vol. VIII. virith Index
to the Complete Work. i8x.

FARRAR, - 'LsLnguage and Lan-
guages. A Revised Edition of CAaf-
urS'On Language and Families of Speech,
By F. W. Farkar, D.D. Crown Svo. 6x.

-F/^TW:— Nation Making: a Story

of New Zealand Savageism and Civil-
isation. By J. C. Fjrth, Author of
•Luck' and * Our Kin across the Sea.'
Crown Svo. 6s,

FITZWYGRAM, — Horses and

Stables. By Major-General Sir F.
FiTZWYGRAM, Bart. With 19 pages of
Illustrations. Svo. 55.

FORBES,— K Course of Lectures

on Electricity, delivered before the
Society of Arts. By George Forbes.
With 17 Illustrations. Crown Svo. 5j.

FORD.^The Theory and Prac-
tice of Archery. BythehiteHoRACK
Ford. New Edition, thoroughly Revised
and Re- written by W. Butt, M. A. With
a Preface by C. J. Longman^ M.A.
F.S.A. Svo. 14s.

FOX,— The Early History of
Charles James Fox. By the

Right Hon. SirG. O. Trevelyan, Bart.
Library Edition, Svo. iSf.
Cabinet Edition, or. Svo. 6s,

FRANCIS,— A Book on Angling-;

or, Treatise on the Art of Fishing in every
branch; including full Illustrated List
of Salmon Flies. By Francis Francis.
Post Svo. Portrait and Plates, 151.

FREEMAN. — The Historical
Geography of Europe. By e. a.

Freeman. With 65 Maps. 2 vols. Svo»
31J. 6d,

FROUDE (JofAes ^.)— Works by.
The History of England, from

the Fall of Wolsey to the Defea; of the
Spanish Armada. 12 vols, crown Svo.

Short Studies on Great Sub-
jects. 4 vols, crown Svo. 24r.

Caesar : a Sketch. Crown 8vo. ^s. 6d,

The English in Ireland in the
Eighteenth Century. 3 vols.

crown Svo. iSx.

Oceana ; or, England and Her

Colonies. With9 illustrations. Cro\Tn
Svo. 2s, boards, 2x. 6d, cloth.

The English in the West Indies; \

or, the Bow of Ulysses. With 9
Illustrations. Crown Svo. 2s, boards, I
2s, 6d. cloth.

The Two Chiefs of Dunboy;

an Irish Romance of the Last Century.
Crown Svo. 6s,

Thomas Carlvlei a History of his

Life, 1795 to 1 035. 2 vols, crown Svo.
7^. I S34 to I SS 1 . 2 vols, crown Svo. p.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


the Diseases Classified^ the
Registrar-General as Tabes
Mesenterica. By w. t. gairdner,
M.D. LL.D. On the Pathology
of Phthisis Pulmonalis. By

Joseph Coats, M.D, With 28 JUustra-
ations. 8vo. I2J. 6</.

galloway!— Th^ Fundamen-
tal Principles of Chemistry

Practically Taught by a New Method. By
Robert Galloway. Cr. 8vo. 6j. 6<i

GANOT {Professor) -^"WotIls by.
Translated by E. Atkinson, Ph. D. F. C.S.

Elementary Treatise on Phy-
sics. With 5 Coloured Plates and 923
Woodcuts. Crown 8va ISj.

^ Natural Philosophy for General

' Readers, with 2 Plates. 518 Wood-

cuts, and an Appendix of Questions.
Crom^n 8vo. 7/. 6d,

GARDINER {Samuel Rawson)—
Works by.

History of England, from the

Accession of James I. to the Outbreak
of the Civil War, 1603-1642. 10 vols,
crown 8vo. price ds, each.

A History of the Great Civil
War, 1642-1649. (3 vols.) Vol. I.

1642-1644. With 24 Maps. 8vo. 2IJ.
Vol. II. 1 644-1647. Wilh2 1 Maps. 8VO.24J.

GARROD {Sir Alfred Baring)—
Works by.

A Treatise on Gout and Rheu-
matic Gout (Rheumatoid Arthritis).
With 6 Plates, comprising 21 Figures
(14 Coloured), and 27 Illustrations en-
graved on Wood. 8va 2ix.

The Essentials of Materia
MedicaandTherapeutics. New

Edition, revised and adapted to the New
Edition of the British Pharmacopoeia, by
Nestor Tirard, M. D. Cr. 8vo. 12/. 6d.

GIBSON.— H Text-Book of Ele-
mentaxv Biology. ByR.j.HARVEY

Gibson, M.A. With 192 Illustrations.
Fcp. 8vo. 6x,

GOETHE,— FaM^ A New Transla-
tion chiefly in Blank Verse ; with Intro-
duction and Notes. By jAMES Adey
Birds. Crown 8vo. dr.

Faust The Second Part. A New
Translation in Verse. By James Adey
Birds. Crown 8vo. 6j.

GRA Y. — Anatomy, Descriptive
and Surgical. By Henry Gray,
F.R.S. With 569 Woodcut Illustrations,
a large number of which are coloured.
RoyJ 8vo. 36J.

GREEN— TheVIorks of Thomas

Hill Green. EditedbyR.L. nettle,
ship (3 vols.) Vols. I. and II. —
Philosophical Works. 8vo. i6s. each.
VoL III.— Miscellanies. With Index to
the three Volumes and Memoir. 8vo. 2is,

The Witness of God and Faith :

Two Lay Sermons. By T. H. Green.
Fcp. 8vo. 2j.

GREFILLE,—A Journal of the
Reigns of King: George IV,
King William I V. and Queen

Victoria. By C. C. F. Greville.
Edited by H. Reeve. 8 vols. Cr.8vo.6x.ea.

G WILT— An Encyclopaedia of

Architecture. By Joseph Gwilt,
F.S.A. Illustrated with more than 1,700
Engravings on Wood. 8vo. 521. 6(L

HA G CARD. — Life and its

Author: an Essay in Verse. By Ella
Haggard. With a Memoir by H. Rider
Haggard, and Portrait. Fcp. 8vo. 3J.6i/.

HAGGARD {H. Rider)— Worlds

She. With 32 Illustrations by M
Greiffenhagen and C. H. M. Kerr.
Crown 8vo. 3J. 6d,

Allan Quatermain. With 31 Il-
lustrations by C. H. M. Kerr. Crown
8vo. 3x. td,

Maiwa's Revenge; or, the War

of the Little Hand. Crown 8vo 2s,
boards ; 2s, 6d, doth.

Colonel Quaritchy V.C. A Novel,

Crown 8vo. 3J. dd,

Cleopatra : being an Account of the
Fall and Vengeance of Harmachis, the
Royal Egyptian. With 29 Full-page
Illustrations by M. Greiffenhagen and
R. Caton Woodville. Crown 8vo. 6j.

Beatrice. A Novel Cr. 8vo. 6s.


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Catalogue op Gsnmral and Scisntipic. Boors

HARTE (^/r/)-Works by.
In the Carciuinez Woods. Fqp.

8vo. IX. boards ; u. (id, doth.

On the Frontier. i6mo. ix.
By Shore and Sedge. i6mo. \s,

HARTWIG (ZV.)— Works by.
The Sea and its LivingWonders.

With 12 Plates and 303 Woodcuts. 8vo.
lor. 6^.

The Tropical World. WithSPlates,

and 172 Woodcuts. 8vo. lox. 6^.

The Polar World. With 3 Maps,

8 Plates, and 85 Woodcuts. 8vo. iQr. td.

The Subterranean World. With

3 Maps and 80 Woodcuts, 8vo. lor. (id.

The Aerial World. With Map,

8 Plates, and 60 Woodcuts. 8vo. lOr. dd.

The following books are extracted from the
foregoing works by Dr. Hartwig : —

Heroes of the Arctic Regions.

With 19 lUustrations. Crown 8vo. 2f.


With 40 Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 2x.

Workers Under the Ground.

or, Mines and Mining. With 29 Illus-
trations. Crown 8vo, 2x.

Marvels Over Our Heads. With

29 Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 2J.

Marvels Under Our Feet With

22 Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 2j.

Dwellers in the Arctic Regions.

With 29 Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 3f. 6</.

Winged Life in the Tropics.

With 55 Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 2/. W

Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

With 30 Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 2j. dd.

Wild Animals of the Tropics.

With 66 Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 3^. dd.

Sea Monsters and Sea Birds.

With 75 Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 2f. 6</.

Denizens of the Deep. With

117 Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 2/. fyi,

HA SSALJL — The Inhalation
Treatment of Diseases of the
Organs of Respiration, hiduding
Consumption. By Arthur Hill
HASSAL^ M.D. With 19 lUustrations
of Apparatus. Crown 8va I2j, dd.

HAVELOCK.^VitmoKxs of Sir
Henry Havelock, K.C.B. By

John Clark Marshmaw. Cr.8yo.y.6</:

HEARN.—Tht Government of

Hngland ; its structure and iU De-
velopment By William Edward
Heark. Svo. ids.

HELAfHOLTZ{Pr(^.y-Wot\:s by.

On the Sensations of Tone as a
Physiological Basis for the
Theory of Music. Royal 8vo. 28J.

Popular Lectures on Scientific

Subjects. With 68 Woodcuts. 2 vols.
Crown 8vo. i$s. or separately, ^s. dd. each.

HENDERSON.— Th^ Story of

Music. ByW.J.HENDERSON.Cr^vo.6f.

JKE^^C^^Z.— Outlines of Astro-
nomy. By Sir J. F. W. Herschel,
Bart M.A. 8vo. I2x.

Hester's Venture : a Novel By

the Author of *The Atelier du Lys.'
Crown 8to. 2x. dd,

HIGGINSON. — The Afternoon

Landscape: Poems and Translations.
By Thomas Wentworth Higginson,
.Colonel U.S. Army. Fqp. 8to. 51.

£. A. Freeman, D.C.L. and Rev.
William Hunt, M.A. With Maps and
Plans. Crown 8to. 3^. dd. each.

Bristol- By W.Hunt.

Carlisle. By Mandell Creighton.

Cinque Ports. By Montagu

Colchester. By E. L. Cutts.
Exeter. By E. A. Freeman.
London. By W. E. Loftie.
Oxford. By C W. Boase.
Winchester. By G. W. Kitchin.

-ff/^zr.— Principles of General
Oreanic Chemistry. By Prof.

£. HjELT, of Helsingfors. Translated
from the German by J. Bishop Tingle,
Ph.D. Crown 8va &. dd,

HOLMES.— K System of Sui^^nr,

Theoretical and Practical, in Treatises by
various Authors. Edited by Timothy
Holmes, M.A. and J. W. Hulks,
F.R.S. 3 vols, royal 8vo. £^ ^,

HOPKINS,— Chxbsk the Consoler ;

a Book of Comfort for the Sick. By
Ellics Hopkins. Fcp. 8vo. 2^. dd.

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Jy(7»Y^^.—^^8its to Remarkable

PlaceSyOld Halb, Battle-Fields, Scenes
illustrative of Striking Passages in English
History and Poetry. By William
Howrrr. 80 lUostraUons. Cr. 8vo. 31. 6d.

HUDSON and (5(955^.— TheRoti-
fera, or * wheel Animalcules.' By C. T.
Hudson, LL.D. and P. H. Gosss,
F.R.S. With 30 Coloured and 4 Un-
coloured Plates. In 6 Parts. 4to. lar.M
each; Supplement, izr. td. Complete
in 2 vols, with Supplement, 4to. £^ 4/.

HULLAH(John)^VJotks by.
Course of Lectures on the His-
tory of Modem Music 8vo.

Course of Lectures on the Tran-
sition Period of Musical
History. 8vo. lOr. 6^

HUME. — The Philosophical
Works of David Hume. Edited

by T. H. Green and T. H. Grose.
4 vols. 8vo. 56X. Or separately, Essays,
2 vols. 28/. Treatise of Human Nature.
2 vols. 2&r.

HUJ^ZBJEJ^T.— France and Her

Republic: aRecordofThings Seen and
learned in the French Provinces during
the 'Centennial Year,' 1889. By Wm.
Henry Hurlbbrt^ Author of 'Ireland
under Coercion.' i vol. 8vo. i$s,

HUTCHINSON (Horace)— V/orks

Cricketing Saws and Stories.

With rectilinear Illustrations by the
Author. i6mo. is.

The Record of a Human SouL

Fcp. 8vo. 3J. 6d.

HUTH.—Tbe Marriage of Near

Kin, considered with respect to the Law
of Nations, the Result of Experience,
and the Teachings of Biology. By
Alfred H. Hutu. Royal 8vo. 2U.

In the Olden Time : a Tale of

the Peasant War in Germany. By Author
of ' Mademoiselle Mori' Cr. 8vo. 2s, M

INGELOW CA»«)— Works by.
Poetical Works. Vols. I. and 11.

Fcp. 8vo. I2J. VoL III. Fcp. 8vo. 5^,

Lyrical and Other Poems. Se-
lected from the Writii^ of Jean
Inoelow. Fcp. 8vo. 3^. €i. dothplain ;
y. cloth gilt

JAMES.— The LongWhite Moun-
tain \ or, a Journey in Manchuria, with
an Account of the History, Administra-
tion, and Religion of that Province. By
H.E. James. With Illustrations. 8vo.24r.

JAMESON (Mrs.)— Works by.
Legends of the Saints and Mar-
tyrs. With 19 Etchings and 187 Wood-
cuts. 2 vols. 8vo. 20X. n^/.

Legends of the Madonna, the

Vugin Mary as represented in Sacred
and Legendary Art. With 27 Etchings
and 165 Woodcuts. I vol. 8vo. lor. neL

Lefi:ends of the Monastic Orders.

With II Etchmgs and 88 Woodcuto.

I vol. 8vO. lOif. ft€/.

Histoiy of Our Lord, His Types

and Precursors. Completed by Lady
Eastlake, With 31 Etchmgs and 281
Woodcuts. 2 vols. 8vo. 20s, net.

JEFFERIES.-Fit\A and Hedge-
row: last Essays of Richard Jeffe-
RIES. Crown 8vo. 3^. td.

JESSOP {G. ^.)~Works by.

Judge Lynch: a Tale of the Cali-
fornia Vineyards. Crown 8vo. df.

Gerald Ffrench's Friends. Cr.

8vo. 6s, A collection of Irish-American
character stories.

JOHNSON — The Patentee's

Manual ; a Treatise on the Law ^nd
Practice of Letters Patent. By J. Johnson
and J. H. Johnson. 8vo. lor. 6d.

JOHNSTON— A General Dic-
tionary of Geography, Descrip-
tive, Physical, Statistical, and Historical ;
a complete Gazetteer of the World. By
Keith Johnston. Medium 8vo. 42s.

JORDAN {Wiiliam Leighton) —
Works by.
The Ocean : a Treatise on Ocean

Currents and Tides. 8vo. 2\s.

The New Principles of Natural

Philosophy. With zaplates. 8V0.21X.

The Winds : an Essay in Illustration
of the New Principles of Natural Philo«
sophy. Crown 8vo. 2x.

The Standard of Value. 8vo. 6/.

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Catalogue op Gsnbmal and SasxTiFic Books

JUKES {Andrew)-VIOT\iS by.
The New Man and the Eternal

Life. Crown 8vo. 6s,

The Types of Genesis. Crown

8vo. 7J. 6</.

The Second Death and the Res-
titution of All Things. Crown
8vo. 3J. td.

The Mystery of the Kingdom.

Crown 8va 2j. 6d.

The Names of God in Holy

Scripture; a Revelation of His Nature
and Relationships. Crown 8vo. 4^. 6d,

JUSTINIAN.— Th^ Institutes of

Justinian ; Latin Text, chiefly that of
[uschke, with English Introduction.
Translation, Notes, and Summary. By
Thomas C. Sandars, M.A. 8vo. i8j.

KALISCH{M. il/.)— Works by.

Bible Studies. Part I. The Pro-
phecies of Balaam. 8vo. IW. 6d, Part
II. TheBookofJonah* 8vo ios.6d.

Commentary on the Old Testa-
ment; with a New Translation. Vol. I.
Genesis, 8vo. i8j. or adapted for the
General Reader, 12s, Vol. II. Exodus,
iCf. or adapted for the General Reader,
I2s. Vol. III. Leviticus, Part I. 15J. or
adapted for the General Reader, %s.
Vol. IV. Leviticus, Part II. 15*. or
adapted for the General Reader, 8j.

Hebrew Grammar. With Exer-
cises. Part I. 8vo. lis. 6d. Key, 5^.
Part II. I2J. 6d,

KANT{Immanuel)'-Works by.

Critique of Practical Reason,
and other Works on the

Theory of Ethics. Translated
by T. K. Abbott, B.D. With Memoir.
8vo. t2s.6d.

Introduction to Logic, and his
Essay on the Mistaken Sub-
tilty of the Four Fieures.

Translated by T. K. Abbott. Notes by
S. T. Coleridge. Svo. 6s.

KENDALL (May)— Works by.
» From a Garrett Crown Svo. 6s.
Dreams to Sell; Poems. Fop.

8to. 6s.

*Such is Life* : a Novel. Crown

8vo. dr.

^/ZZ/CX— Handbook to MiU's

System of Logic. By the Rev. A.
H, KiLUCK, M.A. Crown Svo. y, 6(L

KOLBE,—h Short Text-Book of
Inorganic Chemistiy. By Dr.

Hermann Kolbe. With 66 XUustra-
tions. Crown Svo. ^s. 6d.

Z^Z>Z>.— Elements of Physiolo-
gical Psychology: By Gboror
T. Ladd. Svo. z\s.

LANG (Andrew)— Vlotks by.
Custom and Myth: Studiesof Early

Usage and Belief. With 15 Illustrations.
Crown Svo. 7^. 6d.

Books and Bookmen. With 2

, Coloured Plates and 17 Illustrations. Cr.
Svo. 6s. 6d.

Grass of Parnassus. A Volume

of Selected Verses, Fcp. Svo. 6s.

Letters on Literature. Crown

Sva 6s. 6d.

Old Friends : Essays in Epistolary

Parody, dr. 6d,

Ballads of Books. Edited by

Andrew Lang. Fcp. Svo. 6s.
The Blue Fairy Book. Edited by

Andrew Lang. With numerous Il-
lustrations by H. J. Ford and G. P.
Jacomb Hood. CroWn Svo. 6s.

The Red Fairy Book. Edited by

Andrew Lang. With numerous Illus-
trations by H. J. Ford and Lancelot
Speed. Crown 8vo. 6s,

LA VIGEJ^IE. — Cardinal Lavi-

?erie and the African Slave
rade. i vol Svo. i4r.

LECKV( W. E. ^)~^Works by.
History of England in the
Eighteenth Century. 8to.VoIs.

I. & II. I7oo-i76a 36X. Vols. IIL
& IV. 1760-17S4. Z6s. Vols. V. & VL
17S4-1793. 36J.

The History of European Morals
from Augustus to Charle-
magne. 2 vols, crown Svo. i6x.

History of the Rise and Influ-
ence of the Spirit of Ra-
tionalism in Europe, a vols.

crown Svo. l6s.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC



BX. 1887, A Ramble in
British Columbia. Bj j. a.

Lees and W. J. Clutterbuck. With
Map and 75 Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 6x.

LEWES.— i:\i^ History of Phflo-

SOphy, from Thales to Comte. By
George Henry Lewes. stoIs. 8vo. 32/.

Light throu^ the Crannies.—

Parables and Teadiings from the other
Side. First Series. Or. Svo. \s, swd. ;
1/. dd, cloth.

LIVEING (Roberty-^OT]s!^ by.

Handbook on Diseases of the
Skin. Fcp 8vo. 5j.

Notes on the Treatment of Skin
Diseases. iSmo. y.

LLO Fi?.— A Treatise on Magnet-

ism^ General and TerrestriaL By H.
Lloyd, D.D. D.C.L. 8vo. lof. M

LLOYD.— 1\Mt Science of Agri-
culture. By F. J. Lloyd. 8vo. I2j.

LONGMAN{Frederick PT.)— Works

Chess Openings. Fcp. 8vo. 2s. 6d,

Frederick the Great and the
Seven Years' War. Fcp. 8vo.

A New Pocket Dictionary of
the German and English

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