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„ 26 United Presbyterian Church, then numbering 310 scholars and 28
teachers, held its first annual meeting.

Daily delivery of Letters, Sundays excepted, at 7 a.m., 1-45 p.m.,
and 5 p.m.


Jan. 1 Torchlight Demonstration on Cronkeyshaw to protest against the
Reform Bill. 10,000 persons present ; a boy killed.

,, 8 Popular French Classes introduced by Dr. J. A. Emerton. John
Bright spoke at the inaugural meeting.

,, 25 Professor Goldwin Smith addressed a meeting of Messrs. Bright'*
hands to protest against attacks on John Bright's character;
an Address presented to Mr. Bright.

„ Rev. J. A. Lobley, M.A., appointed Incumbent of All Saints',


Feb. 14 Lectern in Littleborough Parish, which had given offence to the
Low Church Party, stolen. It was subsequently found secreted
in a field in Gale Road.

,, 22 Presentation to the Rev. E. C. Lewis of £300 and an Address in
recognition of his 28 years' ministry at St. Stephen's Church.

„ Commencement of a 13 weeks' Strike of 2,500 Woollen Weavers

at Milnrow for 5 per cent, advance ; result, a compromise.

Mar. 6 Rev. J. Kershaw, 50 years minister at Hope Street Chapel, was
presented with an Address, £362, gold watch and chain, &c.

„ Rev. S. Chapman appointed to West Street Chapel.

Apl. 20 Carved Alabaster Font presented to St. James's Church by Miss

May 2 Savage attack upon a Conservative Meeting in the Public Hall in
support of the Reform Bill ; serious stone throwing.

,, 3 Vale Milk, John Street, opened.

June 1 1,500 Liberals marched to the Railway Station en route for Stret-
ford, where a great Reform Demonstration was held.


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June Rev. A. H. Drysdale, M.A., appointed to the United Presby-
terian Church, then recently formed ; inducted 25th August.

July 21 Clover Street Sunday Schools opened.

„ Bagslate Manufacturing Company's dividend for seven successive

years averaged 14 per cent.
,, Rev. J. C. McCappin appointed to Providence Chapel.

Aug. 21 Festival of Church Choirs in the Parish, held in St. Chad's Church,
Archdeacon, afterwards Bishop Durnford, preached.

,, ,, 20,000 persons attended the Agricultural Show, at Greenhill.

„ 24 12,000 persons attended a Band Contest and Athletic Festival
promoted by the Agricultural Society.

„ Mr. Robert Jackson, Solicitor, succeeded Mr. J. Woods, Registrar

of the County Court.

„ Mr., now Aid. W. Baron, elected a Councillor for Wardleworth.

Sep. 12 Boundary Commission as to proposed extension of the borough, sat.

„ 28 Pioneers' Central Stores, Toad Lane, opened by Alderman John
Robinson ; Architect, Mr. , afterwards Alderman J. Cheetham,
J. P.; cost £13,400.

„ Fenian Scare. Police supplied with arms.

Oct. 6 St. Patrick's R.C. Church consecrated by Dr. Turner, Bishop of

Science and Art Classes formed at the Lyceum.

Cobden's portrait presented by townsmen to John Bright.

Sir Wilfred S. Lawson addressed a U.K. A. meeting in the Public

Norwich Street Mills, Messrs. J. Pilling & Sons, opened.

Rev. E. W. Gilbert, M. A. , appointed incumbent of Falinge.

Sir A. Ramsay, Bart., Mr. A. Egerton, M.P., and Mr. C. Turner,
M.P., were entertained at a Conservative Banquet, in Nor-
wich Street Mills.

„ 22 Theatre, "Prince of Wales," Manchester Road, opened with
"The Hunchback "—cost £6,500. In 1883, the name was
changed to " Theatre Royal." — See Fires.

„ 26 Mr. Jacob Bright elected M.P. for Manchester.

„ Considerable uneasiness was felt in the town owing to the Fenian

outbreak, Sergeant Brett having been shot, 18th November.

Special Constables sworn in.

„ River Wall fronting the Town Hall erected.

Dec. 14 " The Railway Station," by Frith, R.A., on view in the Lyceum.

„ ,, Fenian meeting in the Public Hall suppressed. Secret drilling at
Bamford discovered ; extra precautions taken at the gasworks.

„ 20 Remarkable Demonstration, display of feeling towards a young
butcher named Whittaker for selling beef at cheap prices. A
procession, in which several thousand persons joined, accom-
panied by two bands of music, marched round the town ; an
address presented to Whittaker.











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Dec. 23 Large meeting in the Theatre to congratulate Mr. Jacob Bright
on his return for Manchester. John Bright spoke.

Philharmonic Society formed ; reorganised 1889.

„ Rochdale Football Club, Sparth Bottoms, formed.

The Town was the only Borough having a circular boundary.


Jan. 5 Opening of a New Organ at Blackwater Street ChapeL *

,, 12, Sunday Services begun at Town Mill Brow School. They were
continued until the opening of St. Edmund's Church, 7th May,

,, Building Society boom ; about 20 societies in existence.

Feb. 27 Ploughing Matches were promoted by gentlemen in Thornham to
encourage the art. They became an annual fixture for many

Mar. 25 Mr. Alfred Jackson appointed Assistant-Overseer for Spotland.

„ Anti-Popery Riots took place during the month ; Public Hall and

St. John's R.C. Church attacked by supporters of Mackay,
Houston, and Murphy, and much damage done ; 30 Hussars
billeted in the town.

ApL 4 Miles Weatherill executed at Salford for the murder of the Rev.
A. J. Plow, formerly Curate of St. James's.

„ Industrial Card Manufacturing Company Ltd. formed. One of

the objects of the promoters was to divide all profits above 7J
per cent, equally between Capital and Labour. The concern
failed in 1874.

„ Paved Streets in the Borough numbered 116.

„ Rev. J. R. Richards, M. A., appointed Vicar of St. Peter's.

May 7 Castleton Liberal Burgess Association formed.

„ 9 Mr. Henry Kelsall and Mr. G. T. Kemp were presented with
Addresses by their Employees.

,, 17 Norden Church Scandal, when the removal of flowers from the
altar by a Churchwarden led to police court proceedings.

June 2 At the Annual Fife and Drum Band Contest, Belle Vue, in the
presence of 15,000 persons, the Bands of St. James's and Capt.
Schofield competed.

„ 6 Rochdale Spectator ceased to be published.

„ 27 Smith Street Public Baths opened ; Mr. J. Milligan, Superin-
tendent ; cost £9,600.

July 2 Cricket Ground, Milnrow Road, opened with a match between
Aboriginal Black Cricketers from Australia and XL of Roch-
dale ; ground abandoned September, 1877.

„ 8 Mr. J. P. Dickin unsuccessfully appealed against the Justices'
decision ordering the destruction of 3,804 copies of the " De-
pravity of the Priesthood."


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July 19 Captain J. Fenton, at Wimbledon, won the Albert Cup with the
highest possible score (7 bull's-eyes at 500 yards).

,, 26 Organ in Wesley Chapel, Castlemere, opened ; builder, Harrison
of this town.

„ Swimming Club formed ; Alderman Moore, President.

Aug. 8 Milnrow Parish Church Corner Stone laid for the fourth Church
on as many different sites within 500 years. Five years pre-
viously Mr. James Schofield, Milnrow, bequeathed £3,000
towards the building fund.

„ Free Protestant Association, outcome of the Anti-Popery Agita-

tion, formed.

„ 15 Milnrow Wesleyan Chapel Corner Stone laid to replace a chapel
built in 1847.

„ 28 Albert Hotel, Spotland Road, licensed.

„ 30 Facit Wesleyan Chapel opened.

„ The American Government presented to the Town Council &

beautifully bound volume containing a compilation of the
addresses to Mrs. Abraham Lincoln on the President's death.

„ Great drought extending over three months and causing the stop-

page of many mills and workshops, ended. Water obtained
from Messrs. Stotts' Dearnley Colliery had for several weeks
previously been doled out to householders from carts, and
supplies were also obtained from mill lodges.

„ Mr. J. Eccles, 30 years superintendent of the Fire Brigade, was

presented with an address in recognition of his services.

Sept. 1 Rev. J. Morgan, M. A. , licensed to the curacy of St. Chad's.

„ 3 Mr. H. Rofe was appointed Waterworks Manager.

Dearnley Wesleyan Chapel opened.

Castleton Bowling Club, Merefield, formed. Green opened 29th
May, 1869, Mr. R. Lawton, president.

12,489 casuals visited the Night Refuge during the year ended

this year.
Cab Stands at the following places were approved :— Yorkshire

Street, opposite Townhead House ; Cheetham Street, near St.

Mary's Church ; The Butts ; South end of Molesworth Street ;

and opposite the New Burial Ground.

Smithy Bridge Railway Station opened.

Ernest Jones in the Public Hall, denounced the Irish Church,
Alderman Willans presiding.

„ 13 Rt. Hon. F. Peel and Mr. Yates Thompson, Liberal candidates
for South-East Lancashire, addressed a large meeting in the
Public Hall.

„ 19 Milton Church Mission opened a preaching room opposite St.
James's Church, formerly occupied by Secularists.

„ 22 Dr. James Lawton appointed Public Vaccinator for the Borough.
„ 24 Bagslate British School erected by Messrs. J. Baron and J. Tatter-
sall, opened.












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Oct. 29 Hon. A. Egerton and Mr. J. Snowden Henry, Conservative can-
didates for South-East Lancashire, addressed a large meeting
in the Public Hall.

Nov. 9 Mr. George Mansell, on being elected Mayor, stipulated that
instead of giving Mayoral dinners, &c., during his term of
office, he should give £500 to charitable institutions. He
gave the sum to the Infirmary,

„ 16 Hustings opposite the Wellington Hotel erected for the last time.
10,000 persons estimated to have been present.

„ 17 First Parliamentary Election after the passing of Household
Suffrage. A female vote polled. Result declared from the
hustings. — See Elections.

Mr. Jacob Bright elected a M.P. for Manchester.

,, 24 Mr. Robert Schofield, Woollen Manufacturer, was presented with
a timepiece by inhabitants of Well-i'th'-lane for supplying
them with water during the drought.

,, 26 Hon. A. Egerton (C.) and Mr. J. Snowden Henry (C.) returned

for South-East Lancashire. Their expenses exceeded £8,200.

See Elections.
, , Disturbances at St. Chad's Church on account of alleged Ritualism,

which led to police court proceedings, the Vicar being fined

for technical assault.

„ John Bright re-elected M.P. for Birmingham.

, , Mr. W. Fen ton, Beaumonds (L. ), contested North-East Lancashire

and was defeated.

Dec. 3 Fagnani's Portrait of Bright and Cobden, which hangs in the
Mayor's Parlour, was presented to the town by Mr. T. B.
Potter, M.P.
,, 9 John Bright received by the Queen on becoming President of the
Board of Trade. He was sworn a Privy Councillor.

,, 14 Rochdale Conservative Co-operative Industrial Society formed.

.,, 15 Professor J. Stuart, afterwards M.P., lectured in the Pioneers'
Assembly Room on "Meteors."

„ 25 Wesley Sunday School, Peel Street, opened. It was unroofed
two days later whilst Mr. John Ash worth was preaching, 38
persons being injured. A fund in aid of the sufferers realised
£297 18s. OJd.

„ 26 At St. Mary's Church, Wardleworth, the Christmas Decorations
were torn down by some person unknown. The candlesticks on
the altar were carried away, and several vestments destroyed.

Boundary of the Parliamentary Borough extended.

Yorkshire Street Bridge, as existing, opened.

500 Dwelling-houses erected, or partially erected, during the year.

The Esplanade was opened.

Cowm Reservoir construction begun.

Literary Union formed. The Union published a MSS. Magazine.

The Board of Management for the Order of Druids was stationed
in the town for the second year.



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Jan. 4 Dearnley National Schools for Girls and Infants opened.

,, „ Clover Street Day School opened, Mr. J. Lofthouse, Master.

„ 12 Milton Congregational Schools Corner Stone laid by Mr. G. T.

,, 17 P. Moran, confined in the lock-ups, made his escape. Procuring a
disguise he visited several towns in Yorkshire. He was re-

„ 19 Professor J. £. T. Rogers began a Series of Lectures on Political
Economy in the Pioneers' Assembly Room.

„ 22 A Prisoner committed suicide by hanging in the lock-ups.

„ 25 Thomas Cooper began a Series of Lectures on Christianity in the
Public flail.

„ 30 A Deputation of Liberals attended the Funeral of Ernest Jones
at Ardwick Cemetery.

Feb. 10 Whitworth Ratepayers assembled in large numbers to urge the
lighting of the turnpike road to Shanter.

„ ,, Infirmary Scheme projected at a town's meeting, £3,550 being
promised by gentlemen present. Alderman Robinson's pro-
posal to set apart a ward for homoeopathists was warmly
discussed. Manifesto issued by the medical profession declin-
ing to support the project in any way if the proposal were

„ 19 Presentation of £20 to the Rev. R. N. Sharpe, M.A., to purchase
vestments to replace those stolen from St. Mary's Church.

„ Conservative Store, 62, Water Street, opened.

Mar. 15 Earthquake Shock felt throughout the town. Gas was ex-
tinguished and articles of furniture, &c, were shaken.

„ 25 1,467 Interments in the Cemetery for the year ended this day, an
excess of 282 over the previous year ; increase attributable to
hot weather and scarcity of water.

,, 31 Mr. Joseph Heap and Mr. T. Buckley appointed joint Justices'

„ Branch of the English Amnesty Committee to procure the release

of the Irish political prisoners formed ; Mr. J. T. Worth,

„ Clock placed in St. Martin's Church Tower, Castleton, by Mr. R.

Stott, Trub Smithy; diameter of dial 6 ft. 6 in.

April 4 Polly Green Chapel, Syke, opened.

„ 12 Milnrow Gas Company's Bill passed the Lords' Committee.

,, 13 Three days' poll for the Office of Assistant Overseer for Spotland
resulted as follows : — Jesse Wynn 2,630 votes, J. Hill 2,907
votes, Brierley 2,456 votes.

„ 22 Castlemere U.M.F.C. Organ, by Harrison of this town, opened. —
See Fires.


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April Congregational Schools, Victoria Street, Littieborough, opened.

„ Alderman Taylor's " Night Soil " system first adopted by pro-

perty owners.

,, Forty-one houses were known to the police as the resort of thieves.

,, Fifty-nine common lodging-houses existed.

May 1 Wesleyan Chapel, Bagslate, Corner Stone laid by Mr. William
Ormerod, on the site of a Chapel built 1810.

„ 3 Government Inquiry as to the means of remedying Rivers Pollu-
tion, held in the town.

„ 5 Mr. S. Stevens appointed Chief Constable.

„ 15 Congregational Chapel and Schools, Castleton, Memorial Stone

„ 25 Inaugural Meeting of the Young Men's Association of the
Liberation Society held.

,, 29 Castleton Bowling Green, Merefield, opened.

Walks in Canaan, by John Ashworth, published.

June 5 Mr. J. Sharrocks presented by the Newbold Friendly Society,
then numbering 15,000 members, with an address and a time-
piece, in appreciation of 20 years' services as president.

„ ,, Protestant Hall, Milkstone, Corner Stone laid by Mr. C. E.
Cawley, M.P. for Salford. Subsequently purchased by the
Secularists ; the building is now a Liberal Club.

„ 12 Large Procession of Conservatives to the railway station en route
for Pomona, where a great Irish Church Demonstration was

,, 14 Milnrow Ratepayers rejected a proposal to form a local board for
the district.

,, 19 Siamese Twins on view at the Public Hall. Chang died 15th
January, 1874 ; Eng died two days afterwards.

,, 20 Wardle Primitive Methodist Chapel opened ; 120 sittings.

„ „ Trinity United Presbyterian Church opened, Rev. A. H. Drysdale,
Pastor. In 1896 a spire was added by public subscription.

„ 23 Proposal to form a Local Board for Littieborough rejected.

„ 26 Altar at St. Paul's Church, Norden, stripped of its cross and
ornaments during the night by some person unknown.

July 8 The heraldic casque which surmounts the coat of arms on the
parapet of Yorkshire Street Bridge was struck down by some
person unknown.

,, 11 Rev. J. Freeston concluded his five years' labours at Clover Street

,, 15 Wesleyan Chapel, Milnrow, opened.

„ » Captain Fenton won the Albert Prize, value £100, at Wimbledon.

,, 18 Further disturbances at St. Chad's Church owing to alleged
Ritualism; police court proceedings.

,, 20 The price of bread was 7d. per quartern loaf.


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Aug. 7 St. Peter's Church, Newbold, Corner Stone laid by Mr. J. Shar-
rocks ; large procession of Churchmen and Friendly Societies.
During the night the stone was removed and several coins
thereunder were abstracted.

,, 20 Mr. Sothern, Actor, fulfilled an engagement at the Theatre.

,, 21 Milnrow Church consecrated, Mr. G. E. Street, architect.

„ 27 At Brewster Sessions the licenses of the George Inn, Lord Street ;
Old Weaver's Arms, Cheetham Street ; Hare and Hounds,
Clegg Hall ; Amen Corner ; and the Grey Mare, Whitworth
Road, were refused.

„ Royal Albert Insurance Company failed, seriously involving local

Sept. 9 Wholesale refusal of renewal of licenses at the adjourned Brewster

,, 11 Milton Congregational Schools opened ; the buildings cost £2,800.

„ 18 Lowerplace U.M.F.C. Day and Sunday Schools opened.

Tonic Sol-Fa Choral Union formed ; 30 members enrolled.

Oct. 10 St. Anselm's Roman Catholic Church, Whitworth, opened.

„ „ Molesworth Street New Connexion Chapel opened. Rev. T. Master-
man, Resident Minister. The building cost £4,000.

,, 16 Hamer Church bells, six in number, first rung.

,, 24 Rt. Hon. Lord Teynham preached two sermons at Milton Con-
gregational Church.

,, 25 St. Clement's National Schools, Meanwood, opened ; cost £1,600.

„ 30 Pioneers' opened Branch premises at Sudden.

Movement on foot to construct a Branch Railway to Norden.

Nov. 1 Lowerplace British School opened ; Mr. O. G. Abbott, Master.

„ 2 Mr. Lloyd Jones, the well-known Co-operator, lectured in the
Pioneers' Assembly Room.

„ 3 Equitable Paving and Sewering Association formed by dissatisfied
property owners.

„ 9 Mr. Edmund Hartley, Machinist, a native of Rochdale, elected
Mayor of Oldham.

„ 24 Madame Sainton-Dolby gave her final concert in the Public Hall.

„ 25 Mr. W. W. Schofieid, at a banquet at Leach's Summercastie
Works, was presented with plate, which cost £700, in recogni-
tion of his campaigu against Mr. Potter.

,, 28 Baptist Preaching Room & Sunday School, Henry Street, opened.

Dec. 7 Hon. E. Lyulph Stanley lectured in the Pioneers' Assembly Room
on " Landed Property."

„ 12 Holling worth School first used for Church Services.

„ 14 Mr. E. A. Leatham, M.P. for Huddersfield, lectured in the
Pioneers' Assembly Room on " Cromwell."

„ 15 Norden Working Men's Constitutional Association inaugurated
at Mr. Knight's Mill. The Hon. A. Egerton, M.P., and Mr.
E. K. Hornby present.

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50 ANNALS OP ROCHDALE. [1869-1870

Dec. 17 Milnrow Ratepayers decided to form a Local Board by 546 votes
to 466.

„ Mr. J. A. Bright presented to the Pioneers' Society 700 volumes

of books, forming Fieldhouse Library.

,, Bankruptcy Jurisdiction removed to the Oldham County Court.

,, A Beerhouse called " Live and Let Live," existed in Black water


Granite Setts first used in the Borough, a length being laid in
Smith Street, opposite the Commissioners' Rooms.

Three Telegraph Companies existed in the town.


Jan. 2 Disturbances at St. Chad's Church.

„ 5 Edwin Waugh gave readings from his works in the Public Hall.

„ 20 Mr. E. Miall, M.P. for the Borough from 1852 to 1857, addressed
a Liberation Meeting in the Public Hall.

„ 22 Norden Liberal Association inaugurated at Bamford School.

„ 26 Mr. John Molesworth, Solicitor, elected County Coroner on the
death of Mr. fferand Dearden. He held office till Dec, 1886.

,, 28 The City of Boston which sailed from Halifax and was never
heard of afterwards, carried on board a mechanic of this town
named John Taylor and his wife.

„ 29 Telegraphs passed into the hands of the Government. Down to
the opening of the new General Post Office, 1st November,
1875, messages were despatched from Old Market Chambers.

„ „ Protestant Hall, Milkstone Road, opened.

Feb. 14 Hoax played upon a townsman who having received a jury sum-
mons for the ensuing Assizes was assured that the summons
was merely a valentine. The judge, however, fined him £5
for absenting himself.

„ 24 St. Mary's, Balderstone, Church Institute, inaugurated.

„ The Volunteer Corps numbered 461. The capitation grant was


Conservative Store, Smallbridge, opened.

Bluepits Congregational Church opened.

Shore Church School opened for Divine Service.

Calderbrook Church consecrated, Rev. T. Carter, Vicar ; first
church consecrated by Dr. Fraser ; cost of building £3,000.

Lowerfold (J.M.F.C. opened.
Canadian Elms planted in the Esplanade.

Baptists took over the building now Central Hall, Water Street.
Mr. Z. Mellor and Aid. G. L. Ashworth gave evidence before the
Commons' Committee against the Oldham Water BiU.
















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May 7 Slopes, West of the Town Hall, opened to the public.

,, ,, St. Edmund's, Falinge, Church Corner Stone laid with Masonic
rites, by Mr. A. fi. Royds, founder.

•,, 16 Provident Co-operative Society formed by aggrieved members of
the Pioneers' Society on account of the fitter's dealings with
the Wholesale Society.

-,, 18 Observer buildings opened.

i, Public Libraries' Act adopted by town's meeting; Aid. Willans


?,, A Parliamentary Return of endowed charities in the borough

mentioned the following : — Grammar School, income £17 ;
Free School £110 17s. lOd ; Gartside £127 (£1 for sermon,
£126 for clothing); Grantham £3 4s. 7d.; John Kenion, in
consols £7,933 6s. 8d., income £238.

,, Pioneers' Central Newsroom opened.

-June 4 Liberal Newsroom at the junction of Oldham Road and Drake
Street opened

„ 7 Rev. W. N. Molesworth, M.A., presided over the Co-operative
Congress, Manchester.

; ,, 8 Provident Co-operative Society commenced business. First
week's turnover £19 ; number of members 36. Stores : 38,
Cheetham Street.

-,, 12 Mr. Edmund Mellor, Coptrod, for removing a Cross from the
altar at St. Clement's, cited to appear at York ; proceedings
stayed on Mr. Mellor paying costs.

„ 18 Facit Church Corner Stone laid by Mr. E. Whitworth ; site
given by Mr. J. H. Scholfield.

,, 23 Organ Recital at Merefield Organ Works on an instrument built
by Harrison, for St. James's Church, Morpeth, at a cost of
1,000 guineas.

,, 25 Castleton Cricket Ground, Sparth, opened.

-,, Post Office removed from South Parade to corner of Nelson Street

and Drake Street.

,, Capt. Fenton, at Wimbledon, won the Cambridge Cup, " the blue

ribbon of rifle shooting."

,, Drinking Fountain in the Cemetery, presented by Mr. Garner,


July 3 Wesleyan Chapel, Bagslate, opened.

,, 16 Railway Accident at Milkstone, about a dozen persons receiving
a severe shaking.

„ 18 Angling Match at Hollingworth Lake, promoted by the Walton
Anglers' Association ; 250 competitors.

-, , 31 Blackwater Street Unitarian Chapel opened after a disastrous fire.

„ Rev. S: Chapman concluded his ministry at West Street Chapel.

-,, Captain Fenton, at Wimbledon, won the Albert Cup a second

time, scoring the maximum marks at 200 yards and 800 yards.
At 600 yards he was one point under the maximum.

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Aug. 1 St. Alban's Church bells, eight in number, the gift of Col. Nield,
first rung.

,, 5 Government Inquiry at Marland Workhouse as to the death of
James Doran.

„ 16 Mrs. T. B. Willans was presented by Members of the Town
Council with a Silver Cradle on the birth of a son during her
husband's Mayoralty.

„ 18 Milnrow Local Board first met ; Mr. James Heap, Chairman.

„ Messrs. Macmillan &Co., Publishers, presented 100 volumes of

books to the proposed Public Library.

Sep. 1 The inhabitants of Sussex Street presented a Memorial to the
Town Council for permission to plant trees in that street ?
project abandoned.

„ 7 Franco-Prussian War Sick and Wounded Fund opened. £762 4s. 2d.

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