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Mrs. Sangster exhibits her splendid skill and excellent taste, and
succeeds in winning and holding her readers in these two books which
treat of the life of today.

"If ever there was an author whose personality shone through her
work, Mrs. Margaret E. Sangster is that author. Mrs. Sangster has
written a novel with a moral purpose. That was to be expected, but
it was also to be expected that the story would be free from
hysteria and intolerance, filled with gentle humor, sane common
sense and warm human sympathy, and saturated with cheerful
optimism. The book fulfills the expectation." - _The Lamp._


_Essays_ _Fiction_


INCENTIVES FOR LIFE. Personal and Public. 12mo, cloth, gilt top, $1.25

"Dr. Ludlow shows versatility and rare culture in this book of
essays. From the first page one is impressed with the beautifully
clear style, the brilliant thought which flashes through every
sentence, and the marvelous storehouse of illustration from which
the author draws. The vital importance of will power in the
formation of character, and the incentives which lie back of it as
motives to action, are set forth with vigor and power." - _Christian

DEBORAH. A Tale of the Times of Judas Maccabaeus. By the author of "The
Captain of the Janizaries." 12mo, cloth, illustrated, $1.50

"Deborah is a genuine Jewess, noble, brilliant, loving and
lovely." - _Congregationalist._

"Nothing in the class of fiction to which 'Deborah' belongs, the
class of which 'Ben Hur' and 'Captain of the Janizaries' are
familiar examples, exceeds the early chapters of this story in
vividness and rapidity of action. The book as a whole has vigor and
color." - _The Outlook._

[Illustration: DEBORAH. JAMES M. LUDLOW.]

_Tales of the West_ _Virile, true, tender_


THE SKY PILOT; A Tale of the Foothills.

12mo, cloth, illustrated Price, $1.25

"Ralph Connor's 'Black Rock' was good, but 'The Sky Pilot' is
better. The matter which he gives us is real life; virile, true,
tender, humorous, pathetic, spiritual, wholesome. His style, fresh,
crisp and terse, accords with the Western life, which he
understands. Henceforth the foothills of the Canadian Rockies will
probably be associated in many a mind with the name of 'Ralph
Connor.'" - _The Outlook._

THE MAN FROM GLENGARRY; A Tale of the Ottawa.

12mo, cloth Price, $ 1.50

"As straight as a pine, as sweet as a balsam, as sound as a white
oak." - _The Interview._

GLENGARRY SCHOOL DAYS; A Tale of the Indian Lands.

12mo, cloth Price, $1.25

In pathos it reaches the high level of "The Sky Pilot." In
atmosphere it is "The Man from Glengarry." In action it rivals
"Black Rock."

BLACK ROCK; A Tale of the Selkirks.

12mo, cloth Price, $1.25
12mo, cloth, cheaper edition .25

"'Ralph Connor' is some man's nom de plume. The world would insist
on knowing whose. He has gone into the Northwest Canadian mountains
and painted for us a picture of life in the mining camps of
surpassing merit. With perfect wholesomeness, with exquisite
delicacy, with entire fidelity, with truest pathos, with freshest
humor, he has delineated character, has analyzed motives and
emotions, and has portrayed life. Some of his characters deserve
immortality, so faithfully are they created." - _St. Louis

The world _has_ known and today Ralph Connor has been accorded the
signal honor of seeing his books, by virtue of their sterling
worth, attain a sale of over one and one-half million copies.

* * * * *

Transcriber's Notes and Corrections:

line 255 victorious [was "victorous"]
line 646 unabashedly [was "unbashedly"]
line 2035 hieland [was "heiland"]
line 3841 bye [as printed]
line 3991 bye [as printed]
line 5166 step [as printed]
line 5429 fragrance [was "fragance"]
line 7089 Britains [as printed]
line 7302 Thursday, [was "Thursday."]
line 7314 ailin'?' [was ailin'?]
line 8103 illustrated [was "illuserated"]

Inconsistent hyphenations of pre-historic/prehistoric, self-same/selfsame,
and to-day/today have been retained as printed. (All instances of "today"
with no hyphen were in the advertisements.)

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