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BR 515 .A57 1893 v. 6 c.2
Carroll, Henry K. 1848-1931
The religious forces of the
United States

(American C^xxxc^ giefot)^







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Copyright, 1895,
By The Christian Literature Company.



Bibliography xi

CHAP. I. — Introduction : The Historic Antecedents in the
Old World. — The Reformed Polity. — The Ulster Plantation. —
Agreement among the Churches. — The Reformed Discipline. — A
Covenanted Nation T

CHAP. II.— The Day of Small Things, 1629-1713.— " The New
England Way." — Presbyterians in Maryland. — The First Presby-
tery. — Harmony with New England 13

CHAP. III. — Growth and Dissension, 1713-41. — The Great Immi-
gration. — Church and School. — Subscription Established. — " Bar-
barism the Danger." — The Great Awakening. — The Division of
1 741 22

CHAP. IV. — From the Schism to the Reunion, 1741-58. — The
Education Problem. — Faults of the Awakening. — The Presbytery
of Hanover. — Covenanters and Seceders. — Rous or Watts? 34

CHAP. V. — Reunion and Growth, 1758-75. — The American Se-
ceders. — Dissensions in the Synod. — New Side Rigor. — The Need
of a Bishop. — A Joint Convention 45

CHAP. VI.— Independence AND Reorganization, 1776-89. — Pres-
byterian Patriotism. — Beyond the Alleghanies. — Covenanters and
Seceders Unite. — The New Constitution. — Laying Bonds on the
Future. — Presbyterian Example Followed 56

CHAP. VII. — Revival and Dissension, 1789-1810. — Presbyterian
Strength and Losses. — The "Associated Presbyteries." — The
Great Revival. — The Lesser Bodies. — Statistics of Growth 68

CHAP. VIII.— The Era of New Methods, 1810-30.— The New l^
West. — Theological Seminaries. — Hopkinsianism. — Individualism.
— Church Life. — A Hasty Union. — An Era of Growth 79

CHAP. IX.— The New Age.— Theocratic Ideals.— " The Beauty of

Holiness."—" The Spirit of All Ages." 95

CHAP. X. — Years of Strife, 1831-36. — Division among Covenant-
ers. — Albert Barnes's Sermon. — " Misadelphi^." — Mr. Barnes's




Second Trial.— The " Act and Testimony."— The Policy of Sepa-
ration I02

CHAP. XI.— The Division of 1837-38.— The Exscinding Acts. —
The New School Organize. — The Moderates. — Deliverances on
Slavery. — Boards, or Societies? — The Leaders in Debate 115

CHAP. XII. — From War to War, 1840-60. — Agitation and Work.
— Presbyterians and Slavery. — New-school Faithfulness. — Old-
school NeutraHty. — A New Atmosphere. — Eldership and Boards. —
Biblical Scholarship. — Church History. — Reunion of Seceders. —
Rigidity Relaxed 129

CHAP. XIII.— The War for the Union and Two Secessions,
1861-70. — The Assembly of 1861. — The Spring Resolutions. —
Religion and Politics. — The Confederate Church. — Reunion in the
South. — Revivals in the Armies. — The Border States. — "Running
the Churches." — The Assembly of 1865. — The Declaration and
Testimony. — Changes in the South 150

CHAP. XIV. — The Reunion of the Old and New School
Churches, 1869-70. — A Reunion Conference. — Bishops Mcllvaine
and Lee. — Answer to the Protest. — Dr. Stearns's Sermon. — Re-
union Consummated. — Reorganization. — Suspension of Mr. Stuart 172 ^ i

CHAP. XV.— Work and Growth, 1870-88.— Dr. McCosh and Sus- • ' ^
tentation. — Woman's Work in the Church. — The Color-line in the
Church. — Grant's Indian Policy. — Schools and Colleges. — Paro-
chi .1 Schools. — Missionary Advance. — Instrumental Music. — Chris-
tian Union. — The Historic Episcopate 187

CHAP. XVI. — Theological and Literary Life since 1870. — Dog-
matic Theology. — Biblical Scholarship. — Church Historians. — De-
votional Writers. — Hymnologists. — The Swing Trial. — Lesser
Heretics 209

CHAP. XVII. — The Congregational Life and Worship of the
Church. — Presbytery and Congregation. — The Eldership. — Poly-
pragmatic Pastors. — A Presbyterian Liturgy. — Innovations in Wor-
ship. — Loss and Gain in Spiritual Life. — Christian Nurture and
Work. — Church Discipline and Unity 226

CHAP. XVIII. — The Revision Controversy. — Scottish Relaxation.
— Friends and Foes of Revision. — Objections to Revision. — The
" Elastic Formula." — Presbyterian Losses. — Haifa Loaf, or None?
— The Vote on Revision. — National Confessions 243

CHAP. XIX. — The Briggs and Smith Trials. — Errancy and Iner-
rancy. — Dr. Briggs's Inaugural. — A Questionable Appeal. — A
Questionable Sentence. — Dr. Smith's Appeal. — Conservative Con-
cessions 261

CHAP. XX. — The Seminary Question, and other Matters. —
Status of the Seminaries. — Plan of Federation. — Political Dissent.
— Theocratic Reform. — Strife before Stagnation 274

CO.V7]EA'7'S. vii


CHAP. XXI. — Retrospect and Prospect, 1705-1895. — The Pres-
byterian Idea. — A Dual Church. — The Lessons of History. — The
Strength of Puritanism. — The Kirk's Discipline. — The Great Awak-
ening. — Faults and Merits. — A Mediating Church. — The Churchly
Age. — The Social Spirit. — Socialist Exaggerations. — The Begin-
nings of Schism. — The Perils and the PI ope of Union. — Unhistoric
Unionism. — A Trinitarian Church. — The Three Types 284

APPENDIX. — The National Covenant. — Solemn League and Covenant.
— Adopting Acts, 1647. — Adopting Acts, 1729. — Explanatory Act,
1736.— The Protestation, 1 741. — The Plan of Union, 1758.— The
Basis of Union, 1782. — The Adopting Act, 1788. — Declaration of
Principles, 1788. — The Plan of Union, 1801. — The Exscinding
Acts, 1837. — The Auburn Declaration, 1837. — Deliverances on
Slavery, 1 78 7-1853. — Basis of Union, 1858. — The Spring Reso-
lutions, 1861. — The Southern Address, 1861. — Basis of Reunion,
1869. — Concurrent Declarations, 1869. — The Charges and Sentence
in the case of Dr. Briggs. — Proposed Plan for Federation 317


Philadelphia, Pa.


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IV. The Colonial Period.

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V. From Independence to Division.

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their Sentiments concerning Religion and Ecclesiastical Order. New
York, 1796.


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Beard, Richard, Brief Biographical Sketches of Some of the Early Minis-
ters of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Nashville, 1867.

Beasley, Fr., A Brief Memoir of the Life and Writings of Dr. Samuel Stan-

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