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by two handsome portraits of Col. Ingersoll,— one as the soldier, taken in 1862,
as Colonel of the 11th Illinois Cavalry, and the other as the lawyer and orator in
1877. The leaves are fastened together by ribbons in the national colors. Every
patriot— every lover of liberty should possess this incomparable production.

Price, postpaid, $1 .OO.
LIFE* A Prose Poem by Col. Robert G. Ingersoll.

This world-famous Monograph is without its peer in literature. It is a gem
withour a flaw. .

The engraver's and printer's art have blended strength and beauty in their
work, faithfully producing the dual portrait, and entwining a wild rose border
about it and the text, making altogether an exquisite work of art, suitable for
elegant frame, for parlor, easel or mantel.

Printed and lithographed in color and signed in autograph fac-simile on
heavy card board, size 1% x 16 inches.

Sent by mail, carefully wrapped, on receipt of price, 50c.
"LO VE* f A Prose Poem by Col. Robert G. Ingersoll.

Printed upon heavy card paper, with a photograph of the author and his
grandchildren and a handsome bunch of flowers in colors. To the selection is
appended a fac-simile of the signature of Colonel Inoersoll, Liberals will
■?ant this picture for framing. It is the work of an artist at photograph and color
minting, and the effect is striking and beautiful. Size, 12 x 16. Price, 50 cts.


Generally called " IVIY RELIGION." Printed on heavy enameled
card, illustrated. A companion piece to LIKE. Price, 50 cts.

The Declaration of the Free

Col. Ingersoll's last Poem. Same size and style, illustrated. Price, 50c.

Every Liberal ought to have these four framed and hanging on his parlor
walls. They are magnificent expressions of Freethought, and will be silent mis-
sionaries, yet always teaching. They are printed in such a handsome manner as
to ornament any place.


In order that these wonderful gems from the master mind of the nineteenth
century mav find a place on the wails or tables of every patriotic, liberty-loving
American, I have concluded to make a cut-rate on the five prints, viz.;— Vision
of War— Love— Life— The Creed of Science— Declaration of the Free— so
as to come within the reach of all. They can be had for the paltry sum of $1.50,
express paid when sent to one address. Liberals desiring to get them by the
hundred, will be given a very low figure. These prices can be had only by ap-
plying direct to the publisher. Remember you are getting $3.00 worth for $1.50

Address, C. P. FARRELL, 117 East 21st St., N. Y. City.

A. Grand Book : as interesting and entertaining as any novet .


Intefviews on la Image

These Interviews were called out in answer to a series of
theological discourses by Mr. Talmage. Three of them were
originally given to a reporter of the daily press, but were after-
wards revised and enlarged and three others added. The three
newspaper reports being immediately pirated by so-called enter-
prising but unprincipled publishers, were put upon the market in
flimsy paper covers and heralded as the genuine " Ingersoll In-
terviews." It is sufficient to say that in no other shape than the
present complete volume are these " Interviews " to be had in
their accurate and authorized entirety.

As to the subject-matter it is essentially polemical, although
not bitterly so. The foolish as well as serious phases of theo-
logical ignorance and assumption are exposed to merited ridicule,
and the weapons of good-natured wit and sarcasm are employed
to laugh and shame religious superstition and arrogance out of
court. In the " Talmagian Catechism " especially, which sums
up the six interviews, are shafts of wit and satire as keen and
polished as ever sped from human brain. They go straight to the
mark, and remind one of Voltaire's pointed though not poisoned
"UTews aimed at the priestly pretensions of his day. In the
ot3«j*w- «"-d oqore serious statements and arguments, the facts and
ngures are splendidly marshalled and bear down with resistless
~yrm upon die theological foe, breaking his ranks and scattering
his forces like chaff before a gale.

There is not in literature another such book. It is a free-
bought library in itself, and especially timely just now when
bibles and creeds are being overhauled and "revision and divis-
ion are in the air." No collection of Mr. Ingersoll's books is
complete that does not include this in some respects his most
remarkable work.

A handsome 8°, 443 pages, gilt top, beveled edges, good paper,
bold type, $2.00. From same plates, plain cloth, $1.25. Paper,
50c. Sent post-paid upon receipt of price.

C P. FARRELL, Publisher, New York.


Col. Robert G. Ingersoll

All books marked with a star are mailable as
second-class matter.

*Abraham Lincoln. A Lecture. With Century portrait of the martyr
President 25 cents.

*AbOUt the Holy Bible. A Lecture 25cents.

A Few Reasons for Doubting the Inspiration of

the Bible. From manuscript notes found among Col. Ingersoll's papers.. ..10c.

A Thanksgiving Sermon. Book contains also a tribute to

HENRY WARD BEECHER. "I thank," says Ingersoll, " the heroes, the
apostles of reason, the disciples of truth, the soldiers of freedom— the heroes
who held high the holy torch and filled the world with light.' ' 25 cents.

ress before the New York Unitarian Club.

In "Ingersoll to the Clergy." 25 cents.

*feMaSpheiTiy. Argument in the Trial of C. B. Reynolds, at Morristown,
N.J Cloth, 50 cents; paper, 25 cents.

Bible Idolatry, (Tract) 3 cents.

Bible not a Mora! Guide, (Tract.) scents.

Brooklyn Divines (To the.) in "ingersoll to the clergy."..26c

Ot*eed Of Science. Printed on heavy enameled card; illustrated. L
companion piece to Life 50 cents.

^Christian Religion (The.) A Discussion between Col. Ingersoll
and Judge Jeremiah S. Black of Pennsylvania Cloth, 50 cents ; paper, 25 cte.

^Crimes Against Criminals. A Speech delivered before the
New York State Bar Association 16 cents.

Declaration of Independence and Vision of War.—

Centennial Oration, and the famous passage from Colonel Ingersoll's cpeech at
the Soldiers' Reunion, at Indianapolis in 1876, called ' ' A Vision of War.". ..10c.

Declaration Of the Free. Colonel Ingersoll's last poem. Onboard,
handsomely illustrated, size 12>4 x 16, (for mantel, wall or easel.) 50 cents.

* Devil (The.) A lecture, (1899.) "If the Devil should die, would God

make another? 1 ' 25 cents.

* ^SSayS and Criticisms. Contents: Why am I an Agnostic?

cJuxley and Agnosticism; Ernest Renan; Count Tolstoy and the Kreutzer
Honata Cloth, 50 cents ; paper, 25 cents.

* Foundations Of Faith. This lecture contains Colonel Ingersoll's

lamous " Creed of Science."..... 25 cents.

Freethought: Is it Destructive or Constructive?

A Symposium by Col. Robert G. Ingersoll and the other famous Freethinkers o
this country, England, and Canada. A most successful effort to analyze th
philosophy and tendency of Freethought 25 cent*

v^aith that Surely Wanes. This is coionei ingersoll's commen.

Mryon the Fast Day Proclamation of Governor Rollins of New Hampshire,
Which caused a wide discussion on the vanishing belief and influence of
Sbnstianity. (Trect.) «~» 4 -%pts

C. P. Farrell, Publisher, New York.

*Field-2ngerSOn DiSCUSSion. From the North American R*
view Cloth, 50 cents ; paper, 25 cents

Gods and other Lectures (The.) comprising the Gods, Hum

boldt, Thomas Paine, Individuality, Heretics and Heresies. 253 pages. Cloth,
$1.00; paper 50 cents,

Ghosts and other Lectures (The.) including the Ghosts,

Liberty of Man, Woman and Child; The Declaration of Independence, About
Farming in Illinois, Speech Nominating James G. Blaine for Presidency in
1876, the Grant Banquet, A Tribute to Rev. Alex. Clark, A Vision of War, and
a Tribute to Ebon C. Ingersoll. 252 pages. Cloth. $1.00 ; paper 50 cents.

God in the Constitution

Also in "Ingersoll to the Clergy." 25 cents.

Gold Speech- Delivered in the McKinley Campaign of 1896. Only a few
left .„.

* Great Ingersoll Controversy (The.) containing the Fa-

mous Christmas Sermon, by Col. R. G. Ingersoll, the indignant protests
thereby evoked from ministers of various denominations, and Colonel Iiiger-
soil's replies to the same 25 cents.

HOW tO Reform Mankind* An address delivered before the Mil-
itant Church, at the Columbia Theatre, Chicago, April 12, 1896, (with por-
trait.) 25 cents.

Hard Times and the Way Out. oniyafewieft iscents.

* IngerSOll as He IS. The truth about the Life, Works, and Character

ofCol. R. G. Ingersoll, with a refutation of the baseless and false calumnies,
libels, and slanders invented and circulated by the clergy of the United States
and elsewnere. The work covers the career of Colonel Ingersoll in War, Pol-
itics, and Private and Public Life. It disproves all the statements con-
tained in the slanders of his clerical vilifiers. The Third Edition is supplied
with an appendix of 46 pages containing a refutation and disproof of the cler-
ical and other falsehoods inspired by religious malice which have appeared
since the previous edition was printed; together with the testimony of his fellow
townsmen of Peoria and of his army comrades as to Colonel Ingersoll's charac-
ter as a citizen and his bearing as a soldier. This work, giving date of Colonei
Ingersoll's birth and death, with many incidents in his career, affords more
biographical matter than is elsewhere to be obtained. It is fully indexed, en-
abling the inquirer to turn at once to any subject or the name of any person
mentioned in either the body of the book or the appendix. Compiled with the
approval and assistance of the family of Colonel Ingersoll. 196 pages. Cloth,
50 cents ; paper 25 cents

Indianapolis Clergymen (To the.) in "ingersoll to the


*!ngersoll-Gladstone Controversy, wm. e. Gladstones

article and Colonel Ingersoll's Reply. From the North American Review.
Cloth, 50 cents; paper 25 cents.

IngerSOll Catechised. An interview, (Tract) ..Scents.

IngerSOll On McGlynn. An interview, (Tract) Scents.

IngerSOll SoUVenir SpOOn. Heavy sterling silver. Most artistic
spoon in the market, only $2.00. Orange spoons, $2.50; sugar spoons, $3 00;
gilt bowl 50cts. extra.

IngerSOll Paper Weights. Glass weight. 2x4 inches, containing
Photograph of Col. R. G. Ingersoll. Sent by mail or express prepaid for 50 cts.

* Interviews On Talmage. Being six interviews with the Famous

Orator on Six Sermons by the Rev. T. DeWitt lalmage of Brooklyn, to which is
added a Talmagian Catechism. 474 pages " paper, 50 cents.

* IngerSOll tO the Clergy. His Answers to their Questions and
. Criticisms. Replies to the Indianapolis and Brooklyn Ministers. Address be -

fore the Unitarian Club, Address on Thomas Paine, and a paper on God in the
Constitution 25 cents

Catalogue of Robert G. IngersoWs Works.

IngerSOll the Man. The Great Orator as he was known to those *&•
lived near to hirn. By Clarence S. Brown, Colonel Ingersoll's legal associate.
(Tract.) Scents.

*Is Suicide a Sin ? Colonel Ingersoll's Famous Letters and Replied
from eminent men, with "Great Suicides of History" and Schopenhauer's
Essay 25 cents.

Lay Sermon on the Labor Question scents.

* Liberty in Literature. Testimonial to Walt Whitman. An ad-

dress delivered in Philadelphia, Oct. 21, 1890, with portrait of Whitman.
Containing also Colonel Ingersoll's address at the Funeral of Walt Whitman,
March30, 1892 Cloth, 50 cents; paper, 25 cents.

* Liberty for Man, Woman and Child. Has a fine photo-

engraving of the Colonel and both his grandchildren, Eva and Robert ; also the

Limitations Of Toleration. A Discussion betweeen Col. R. G.
Ingersoll, the Hon. Frederick R. Coudert, and Ex-Gov. Stewart L. Woodford,
before the Nineteenth Century Club 10 cents.

Lectures in One Volume. Contents: The Gods; Humboldt; In-
dividuality ; Thomas Paine ; Heretics and Heresies ; The Ghosts ; The Liberty
of Man, Woman and Child; The Centennial Oration, or Declaration of Inde-
pendence, July 4, 1876. What I Know About Farming in Illinois ; Speech at
. Cincinnati in 1876, nominating James G. Blaine for the Presidency; The Past
"52 Rises Before Me, or a Vision of War, an extract from a Speech made at the
•£ Soldiers' and Sailors' Reunion at Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 21, 1876 ; A Tribute
^ to Ebon C. Ingersoll ; The Grant Banquet; Crimes Against Criminals ; Tribute
/"*< to the Rev. Alexander Clark ; Some Mistakes of Moses ; What Must we do to
^> be Saved ? Blasphemy, Argument in the trial of C. B. Reynolds ; Six Interviews
.. with Robert G. Ingersoll on Six Sermons by the Rev. T. DeWitt Talmage, D. D.,
;$ to which are added a Talmagian Catechism and four Prefaces. Containing a
^ fine steel engraving, with autograph fac-simile of the author. This volume has
had the greatest popularity, is beautifully bound in half morocco, mottled
edges, 1431 pages, good paper, large type. Octavo, half morocco, $5.00 ; cloth,
$3.50; sheep $5.00

Life. A Prose-Poem. This world-famous monograph is without its peer in
literature. It is a gem without a flaw The engraver's and printer's art have
blended strength and beauty in their work, faithfully producing the dual por-
trait, and entwining a wild-rose border about it and the text, making alto-
gether au exquisite work of art, suitable for elegant frame, for parlor, easel or
mantel. This elegant panel is printed and lithographed in color, and signed in
autograph fac-simile on heavy card board, size 12j^ x 16 inches. Price 50 cts.

Lithograph Of R. G. Ingersoll. 22x28 inches, heavy plate
paper. Life size head and bust ; tinted back ground 60 cents.

Look Backward and a Prophecy (A.) By r g. ingersoii.

Being the article he wrote for the Twentv-fifth Anniversary Number of the
Truth Seeker, (1898.) A most brilliant review of the religious changes of the
past quarter of a century. (Tract.) 3 cents.

Love. Colonel Ingersoll's beautiful words on Love. Printed on heavy enam-
eled jard, illustrated in colors and portraits, companion piece to Life, for fram-
ing; 50 cents.

*Myth and Miracle. A Lecture 25cents.

'""Mistakes Of MoseS (Some.) Contents: Some Mistakes ol
Moses. Free Schools, The Politicians, Man and Woman, The Pentateuch, Mon-
day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. He Made the Stars Also, Friday, Satur-
lay, Let us* Make Man, Sunday, The Necessity for a Good Memory, The
harden, the Fall, Dampness, Bacchus and Babel, Faith ir> Filth, The Hebrews,
The Plagues, The Flight, Confess and Avoid, T "spireci Slavery, Marriage,
War, Religious Liberty, Conclusion. 270 pages 25 cents.

Orthodoxy. One of Colonel Ingersoll's greatest lectures..... 10 cent*

Opening Speech to the Jury: in the suit of the b. & m. Te\

•> Co. t«. W. U. Tel Co., 1886 15 oents.

C. P. Far r ell, Publisher, New York.
Proceedings at Civil Rights Meeting in Washing-

ton, D. C. Being Speeches of Col. Robert G. Ingersol) and Frederick Douglass
protesting against the decision of the Supreme Court that the Civil Rights Act
is unconstitutional..... 1U cents.

Prose-PoemS and Selections. Revised and greatly enlarged.
A handsome quarto, containing over 400 pages. Full tree-calf, highest possible
finish. $9.00; full turkey morocco, gilt, exquisitely fine, $7.50; half morocco,
gilt edges, $5.00 ; half calf, mottled edges, library style, $4.50. In cloth, bev-
eled boards, gilt edges, containing steel engraving with autograph fac-simile
of the author ....$2.50

A Cheaper Edition from Same Plates, good paper, wide

margins, cloth $1.50

Patriotic Speeches: Reunion Address and Decora-

TioN Day Oration. His address delivered at Elmwood, 111., September 5,
1895, at the reunion of his old regiment, the Eleventh Illinois Cavalry — also his
famous Oration delivered on Decoration Day 1883, before the Grand Army of
the Republic, at the Academy of Music, New York. These two classics are
published in book form for the first time from revised manuscript, and are the
only authorized and correct reprints. It also contains a handsome half-tone
portrait of the Colonel and his little grandson, Robert G. Ingersoll-Brown.
Printed on good paper, large type, wide margins, in one volume. Cloth 50
cents. Paper 25 cents

Photographs Of CoL Robt. G. IngerSOll. Perfect in pose)
Happy in expression! Faultless in finish I These Pictures almost speak to
you audibly. You have-»only to imagine the musical, sympathetic voice, the
fme flashing eye, the glowing countenance, and the whole animated, pulsating
form, to see and hear the living man and orator before you. The panel size,
in full length portraiture, is particularly suited for framing, and is commended
to all the Colonel's admirers as the one eminently fitted for parlor, library or
drawing-room. Prices: Panel, 54 figure standing 18 x 24 in., §5.00. Panel, full
figure, sitting in chair, 18x24 in., $5.00. Imperial, 7^x13 in., $1.50. Cabinet,
4x6 in 50 cents.

The Latest Portraits of CoSonel Ingersoll, taken by

Hollinger, in March, 1897, are without doubt the most wonderful examples of
art-photography ever produced. On account of the great skill and infinite de-
tail required to work these examples up to this exquisite degree of perfection
they naturally are expensive. Every admirer of this great man who can afford
to should secure one of them. The large size % face or full profile, 24x30 in.,
$25.00. The small size % face or full profile, 11 x 14 in.... $5.00

*I\Ome Or Reason. Discussion between Cardinal Manning and Colonel
Ingersoll, to which are added the Articles discussing the Question " Is Divorce
Wrong? " by Cardinal Gibbons, Bishop Henry C. Potter, and Colonel Ingersoll.
Cloth 50 cents. Paper 25 cents.

^Superstition. A Lecture. (1899) 25 cents.

*ShakeSpeare. "An Intellectual ocean, whose waves touched all the
shores of thought." A lecture with likeness of Shakespeare from the Kessel-
stadt death mask. Cloth 50 cents. Paper. 25 cents.

*Some ReaSOnS Why. A Lecture. Contents: Some Reasons Why.
Duties to God. Inspiration. God's Experiment with the Jews. Civilized
Countries. A comparison of Books. The New Testament. Christ's Mission.
Eternal Pain 25 cents.

Stage and Pulpit. An interview with Colonel Ingersoll upon their
Comparative Merit. (Tract.) 3 cents.

The Oath Question. (Tract.) 3 cents.

The Truth. A Lecture 25 cents.

I ruth of History. Comments on the assertion by an evangelist that
Colonel Ingersol] had become a Christian, had admitted that Thomas Paiue
recanted, and that his own children had joined t ho church. (Tract.) i cents.

Catalogue of Robert G. IngersolVs Works,

TllOmaS Paine's Vindication. A Reply to the New York Ob "erz-
er' s attack upon the Author- Hero of the Revolution. A little pamphlet which
every admirer of Thomas Paine should have by him for reference.- 15 cents.

Tribute to His Brother, Ebon C. Sngersoll. intnepam-

phlet, "Liberty of Man, Woman and Child." 25 cents.

Tribute tO ROSCOe ConkHng. Printed by the State of New York,
on heavy plate paper, wide margins, fine steel engraving with autograph fac-
simile of Mr. Conkling. Bound in black cloth, giltsides ; now out of print and
very valuable 50 cents.

Voltaire. A Lecture. With Portrait of the great French Philosopher and
Poet. "Voltaire was the greatest man of his century, and did more to free th&
human race than any other of the sons of men" 26 cents.

Vision Of War C/W Magnificently illustrated with thirteen colored
lithograph plates, by H. A. Ogden. One of the finest bursts of oratory, one of
the subfimest pieces of word painting, one of the noblest prose-poems in all
of Ingersoll's works and in all literature, is this " Vision of War.' ' Thousands
have read it and been moved to tears or enthusiasm. There is nothing like it
in the world ; for effectiveness it has no mate. The power of this masterpiece
has been greatly augmented, perhaps doubled by the pictures which have
been made to illustrate it by Mr. H. A. Ogden and printed with the text of the
"Vision." The pictures are colored lithographs, printed upon heavy paper,
about ten by twelve inches in size. Of these plates there are thirteen, with two
additional leaves upon which the whole of the "Vision" is printed for con-
secutive reading. One page shows the author in uniform as colonel of the
Eleventh Illinois Cavalry in 18(32, and again in 1877, when he was at his prime.
The artist was chosen by Colonel Ingersoll's publisher for this task because of
his facilities for gaining access to the necessary material for the illustration of
war scenes, and because of his attainments in this special field. The picture*
were seen and approved by Colonel Ingersoll before his death. Next to the
beauty of the collection is its cheapness. The whole of the vision, with its
grand and pathetic passages, is effectively pictured by the artist. For a gift
nothing can surpass in beauty and appropriateness these illuminated plates.
The cost of all is not above the worth of each. Sent postpaid, complete $1.00

Why 1 Am an AgnOStiC. A Lecture 25cents.

*What Must We Do tO Be Saved ? A Lecture. Analyzes m

so-called gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and devotes a chapter.

each to the Catholics, Episcopalians, Methodists, Presbyterians, Evangelical

Alliance, and answers the question of the Christians as to what he proposes

*tead of Christianity, the religion of sword and flame 25 cents.

'Which Way. This lecture is a consideration of the difference between the
natural and supernatural with some reasons why the former is the better way
to go 25 cents.

What Is Religion ? Colonel Tngersoll's^last public address, delivered
at the meeting of Tne Free Religious Association in Boston on June 2, 1899..10 cts.

**"&?} Hooks are setit by express or mail prepaid* upon
receipt of prices named.

Colonel Ingeraoll's Noto to the Public

!J wish to notify the public that all books and pamphlets purporting to contain my lee-
cures, and not containing the imprint of Mr. O. P. Fabsbll as publisher, are spurious,
grossly inaccurate, filled with mistakes, horribly printed, and outrageously unjust to me.
The publishers of all such are simply literary thieves and pirates, and are obtaining money
from the public under false pretences. These wretches have published one leoture undi-r
four titles, and several others under two or three. I take this course to warn the pnblii-
that these publications are fraudulent , the only correct editions being those published by
Mr. O. P. Fabbell.

R. G Ingersoll.

New Photographs of

Col. Robt. G. Ingersoll.

Just Taken !




THESE Pictures almost speak to you audibly. You
have only to imagine the musical, sympathetic
voice, the fine flashing eye, the glowing countenance,
and the whole animated, pulsating form, to see and
hear the living man and orator before you.

All who want to see Col. Ingersoll as he is and
stands to-day, will get this photo. The panel size, in
full length portraiture, is particularly suited for framing,
and is commended to all the Colonel's admirers as the
one eminently fitted for parlor, library or drawing-room.


Panel, - 18 x 24 in. - $7-50

Imperial, - 7^ x 13 in. - - 3.00

Cabinet, - 4 x 6 in. - .50

Sent to any address, by mail or express, prepaid.

C. P. PARRELL, Publisher,

1 1 7 East 2 1 st St., New York.


% gbort ^istorj; of the Bible:

Being an account of the formation and development of the Canon, by


Price, Cloth, 75 cents. Paper, 50 cents. Postage paid.

This Book should be read by every Clergyman, Layman, Scholar and Liberal.

Everybody knows that the contents of the Bible were voted upon bv different
councils of the church ; that books were included in the early centuries which
are no longer regarded as a part of the sacred scriptures ; that many of the
books now in the Bible were tor centuries not a part of it ; and that bishops, and
synods, and councils labored long- to agree upon what books should be con-
sidered canonical and what should not be. But the general knowledge has been
indefinite. Few people are aware, for example, that the book of Revelation
was for 1500 years rejected by the Eastern branch of the Christian church, and
was voted into the Bible by that branch at a council held in Jerusalem in 1672.
The aim of Mr. Keeler's book is to go over this entire ground from the beginning
of the Christian era to the present time, and to furnish all the facts concerning
the formation and development of the Bible canon, giving briefly but succinctly

1 2 4

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