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justice, and that Great Britain had
learned in the wars of 1776 and 1812
to abandon the doctrine of the Ger-



man-bred George III of Hanover,
that " Might Makes Right," and that
Great Britain had at that time
changed her policy toward her own
colonies, having learned in Amer-

President Monroe, advised by
Great Britain of the conspiracy of the
houses of Hohenzollern and Haps-
burg to invade the liberties of North
and South America, sent his message
to Congress in December, 1823, in
which he announced the Monroe
Doctrine in the following words:



HAPPINESS; nor can any one believe that
our southern brethren, if left to themselves,
would adopt it of their own accord. It is
equally impossible, therefore, that we should



behold such interposition in any form with

"With the existing colonies or depend-
encies of any European power we have not
interfered and shall not interfere. But
with the Governments who have declared
their independence and maintained it, and
whose independence we have, on great con-
sideration and just principles, acknowl-
edged, we could not view any interposition
for the purpose of oppressing them or con-
trolling in any other manner their destiny
by any European power in any other light
than as the manifestation of an unfriendly
disposition toward the United States."

This action of Great Britain and
the United States checked the so-
called "Holy Alliance" and pre-
vented the covetous ambition of the
Hohenzollerns and Hapsburgs and
their un-"holy" associates from de-
stroying the democracies of the
Western Hemisphere.



The Governments of the "Holy
Alliance," pretending to represent
Christ on earth, absolutely ignored
the fundamentals of the doctrine of
Christ to love God and to love
their neighbor as themselves, to obey
the Commandments, not to lie, steal,
murder, covet. They violated all
of these laws. They permitted them
to be violated. Their courts became
corrupt with wickedness and intrigue
from the unavoidable evil conse-
quences which flow from the viola-
tion of the laws of morality and

The Romanoffs have come to their
merited reward.

The Bourbons came to their de-
served end.

The Hohenzollerns and the Haps-
burgs cannot last another year. It
is the law of cause and effect, and



the necessary consequence which

must ensue under the immutable laws

of God.

President Monroe declared:

"It is impossible that the Allied

Powers [Prussia and Austria] SHOULD


[of Autocracy] to any portion of
either Continent [of America] with-
out endangering our peace and hap-
piness" (as Democracies).

The Autocratic "system" has en-
dangered the peace and happiness of
all Europe and visited a frightful
penalty on the whole world.

The Hohenzollerns and Hapsburgs
were permitted by the enfeebled
German and Austrian people to
maintain the doctrine of "divine
right" in Prussia and Austria.

The Hohenzollerns and Hapsburgs
never did recognize the Monroe



Doctrine. They secretly denounced
it. They were back of the attempt
to establish a monarchy under Maxi-
milian in Mexico in 1866, which the
United States defeated.

William II attempted to establish
a footing in Venezuela, which the
United States prevented.

It was a Hohenzollern Admiral
(1898) who attempted to block Ad-
miral Dewey in Manila Bay, which
was prevented by Dewey with the
co-operation of a British admiral.

William II followed the wicked de-
signs of the "Holy Alliance" and
of the secret treaty of Verona. He
controlled the kindergartens, the
gymnasiums, the high schools, the
universities, the pulpits, the press,
the magazines, the instruction of the
people. He taught them the false
doctrine that "Might Makes Right."



The false doctrine that every energy
should be put into the development
of a highly organized army kept
in perfect fighting condition at all
times; that war could and should
be made profitable; that war was
beneficial to nations ; that wars could
be made with such vigor as to be
short as well as profitable; that the
German people were entitled to es-
tablish dominion over all of the
earth. He had the German people
taught to sing "Hymns of Hate"
and "Deutschland iiber Alles"; he
had the young men taught to fight
duels; he had his young officers of
the navy and the army drink to the
mysterious "Der Tag," "The Day,"
when Germany would draw its con-
quering sword and master the earth.
He had his military men steep
themselves in the literature of the



bloodiest practises of war, to harden
their hearts, and to believe that to
make war fearful was to make war
short and victorious. He had the
German people taught that terror-
ism was justified. In order to have
his soldiers disregard the prompt-
ings of conscience, he had them
taught that unless they made war
terrible they would themselves be
the victims of crucifixion and mur-
der by their enemies. He had the
commercial and financial captains
taught that the treasures of all of
the world would lie at their feet
when the German victorious armies
seized Paris in three weeks; then
captured Russia; then controlled
Europe; then mastered Great Bri-
tain and "levied tribute upon Amer-


He was convinced that "Might



Made Right." He argued from
cause and effect in the material
world and did not see the cause
and effect of the moral and spiritual
world that controls men. "Right
Makes Might" in the moral world,
and material might opposing itself
to spiritual right is ultimately hum-*
bled to the dust.

William II, pretending to respect
the ethical and moral law, had the
German people taught the doctrine
of the survival of the fittest, the sur-
vival of the strongest, without hav-
ing the wisdom to know that They
Are Fittest and Strongest Who Love
the Moral and Ethical Law, the law
of justice and humanity, and follow
it with courage.

By violating these laws and threat-
ening the peace of mankind he has
marshaled against the German people



twenty-two nations, including all of
the great nations of the earth, and
brought upon himself the destruc-
tion of his own dynasty, the physical
destruction of millions of the German
people, the moral degradation of
Germany. He has ignored the im-
mutable moral laws and is illus-
trating the evil consequences which
flow from violating the Ten Com-

William II formed the policy of
storing up gigantic supplies of muni-
tions of war.

He built up the railroads of Ger-
many to serve war purposes. He
built up gigantic factories for the
making of steel and powder and war
munitions. He diligently and vigor-
ously prepared for war, while he
continually announced through the
press that he was the great protector



of the peace of Europe. While he
continually represented himself as in
favor of peace, he was secretly pre-
paring for war, in imitation of Fred-
erick II, who practised the same
policy before he seized Silesia. When
William II was finally completely
ready for war, he called together
the military, industrial, and financial
captains of war at a meeting at Pots-
dam on July 5, 1914, to ascertain if
they were all ready.

His war lords were ready. His
financial lords requested two weeks
in which to sell their foreign se-
curities; and suddenly the New York
Stock Exchange reflected the sale of
hundreds of millions of German-held
stocks and bonds. The evidence of
the guilty Potsdam conference is now
thoroughly well established.

We now fcnow that this war had


been in preparation by William II
for many years.

The evidence is now overwhelm-
ingly complete that William II had
been deliberately planning this war
for the purpose of making his name
more illustrious than any Emperor
in the history of the world.

The crime of William II will go
down as the most dastardly in the
history of mankind, as having pro-
voked the slaughter of a larger num-
ber of human beings than any war
in history.

The invasion of Serbia is now
known to have been a mere pre-
tense and a means of starting the
war in such a way that France and
Russia could be struck by the Ger-
man armies unawares and at the
same time still make it possible to
pretend at home and abroad that




the German armies were directed
by William II as a means of protect-
ing Germany from the assault of her

William II ostentatiously declared
at the beginning of the war that
the sword was forced into his hands
a wilful falsehood, deliberately in-
vented as a means of protecting him-
self against the condemnation of the
moral elements of Germany and of
the neutral nations of the world.

It was not known at the beginning
of the war what is known now
that William II had been spending
hundreds of millions of dollars
(earned by the industry and labor
of the German people) for the pur-
pose of embroiling the nations of
the whole world and of preventing
them from interfering with William
II in pursuit of his ambition to



dominate Europe and to dominate
the world. Convincing evidence has
now been secured showing his con-
spiracy to stir up revolt in Ireland,
in India, in Egypt, in South Africa;
to stir up Mexico, the United States,
Japan, China, and everywhere sow
sedition, treason, revolution, and

It is now known that he was carry-
ing on a world-wide propaganda to
teach war and preparedness to the
German and Austrian people, while
other nations were taught unpre-
paredness and pacifism.

The Divine Ruler of the Universe
is not responsible for the European
war. The insane ambition of a man
of commonest clay named William
Hohenzollern, and the folly of the
German and Austrian people in per-
mitting and following such leader-



ship, and the ignorance and apathy
of the other great nations, are re-
sponsible for the war.

It is a costly lesson.

It is costly to the whole world.

It will teach the whole world the
laws of cause and effect, and that
the laws of cause and effect are the
laws of God, and that God does not
interfere with the law of gravity,
of morals, or of sound government,
either of which may be illustrated
by the folly of saint or sinner.

William II, the arch criminal of
all ages, had been permitted, by
the moral and ethical decadence of
the German people, to retain the
military powers of the army and
navy of the German people, which
he on all occasions paraded as "MY
army" and "MY navy," until the
recent defeats (October 8, 1918),



when he suddenly speaks to the
Germans of "YOUR army."

He had been permitted to retain,
with his captains and junkers, the
legislative powers of the people of
Germany, control over the execu-
tive powers of the people of Ger-
many, with the power to declare
war, and with no man and no set
of men strong enough to oppose
him. He had been left by the Ger-
man people in a position where he
could be controlled by his own vain
ambition and by the ambitions of
his military and naval war lords,
his junkers and covetous business
men; where he could guide the poli-
cies of Germany and of Austria;
where he could extend autocracy to
cover the Balkans, Bulgaria, Turkey;
where he could threaten the peace
of all mankind by his order of mobil-



ization and by his declaration of war
plunge Europe and the world in the
bloodiest conflict of all history.

With unspeakable folly and wick-
edness, he prepared "THE DAY."

"THE DAY" came.

THE NIGHT COMES also for William
and his co-conspirators.

It is the law of cause and effect,
the law of God.

The doctrine of William II that
"Might Makes Right" is the voice
of atheism;

It is a denial that there is a living

It is a denial that conscience is a
guide for men;

It is a denial that God speaks to
the hearts of men and tells them what
is right and what is wrong; it is a
denial of the primary doctrine of all
of the great religions that men are



spiritual, that they are the children
of God and taught by Him.

The battle of Armageddon is on
to determine whether or not God
reigns on earth, whether or not moral
and ethical laws shall stand on earth.
There can be but one answer. It is
the doom of William II and of the
Governments which deny the doc-
trines of justice, of liberty, of hu-
manity, of righteousness.

It is the end of Autocracy, the
triumph of Democracy.

It means the rebirth of the world.

It means a thousand years of

"When the war drum throbs no longer
And the battle-flags are furled,

In the parliament of man,
The federation of the world."

It means that the laws of God are
gloriously working, that men have



learned at last by terrible suffering
the evil consequences of immoral
conduct, of Prussianism, of Militar-
ism, of Ruling by Divine Right, of
the pernicious falsehood that might
makes right.

They ought to know now what to
expect from the Rule of the Few
without the Consent of the Governed.
They ought to know now that good
consequences cannot flow from un-
just, inhumane military government.

They ought to know now the vast
importance of recognizing the prin-
ciples of Justice, Liberty and Hu-
manity, and realize the importance
of providing the mechanism of gov-
ernment so that the Sovereignty of
the People shall be made always and
easily effective.

The laws of God have been glori-
ously vindicated and exemplified and
men have seen a wonderful demon-



stration of the evil consequences of
militarism and dynastic ambition, of
Ruling by Djivine Right without the
Consent of the Governed, of unlimited
power in the hands of the Few, and
that these evil consequences are not
local, but are world-wide.

The world at last has been taught
a terrible lesson by the laws of God.

Now, perhaps, the world will have
a world-wide League of Nations
based on Justice and Liberty, recog-
nizing at last the brotherhood of Man
and the Fatherhood of God.

Where is God?

Everywhere! with His glorious
and beautiful laws working to ever-
lasting perfection, teaching at last
by sorrow the weakest and most
foolish of His children.

Where is God?

Let the "Battle Hymn of the
Republic" answer



"Mine eye hath seen the glory of the coming

of the Lord:
He is trampling out the vintage where the

grapes of wrath are stored;
He hath loosed the fateful lightning of his
terrible swift sword:

His truth is marching on.

"I have seen him in the watch-fires of a

hundred circling camps:
They have builded him an altar in the

evening dews and damps;
I can read his righteous sentence by the
dim and flaring lamps,

His day is marching on.

"I have read a fiery gospel writ in rows of

burnished steel:
'As ye deal with my contemner, so with

you my grace shall deal';
Let the Hero, born of woman, crush the
serpent with his heel,

Since God is marching on.

[52] ,


! He has sounded forth the trumpet that

shall never call retreat;
He is sifting out the hearts of men before

his judgment seat:
Oh, be swift, my soul, to answer him!

be jubilant, my feet!

Our God is marching on.

'In the beauty of the lilies Christ was

born across the sea,
With a glory in his bosom that transfigures

you and me;

As he died to make men holy, let us die
to make men free,

While God is marching on."

October 10, 1918.



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