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maintain the maximum total weight points at 160.

In rating alternative sites, Federal agencies shall consider each of tlie criteria and assign points within tlie limits established
in the FPPA rule. Sites most suitable for protection under these criteria will receive the highest total scores, and sites least
suitable, the lowest scores.

Part VII: In computing the Total Site Assessment Points , where a State or local site assessment is used and the total
maximum number of points is other than 160, adjust the site assessment points to abase of 160. Example: if tlie Site
Assessment maximum is 200 points; and alternative Site A is rated 180 points:

Total Points assigned to Site A = 180x 160 = 144 points for Site A
Maximum points possible 200


FEB ^ im

• i^i ■ ■


Montana Historical Society

225 North Roberrs * P.O. Box 201201 * Helena, MT 59620-1201
* (406) 444-2694 * FAX (406) 444-2696 **


February 14, 2002




PO BOX 201001


RE: STPS 430-1(5)1 Canyon Ferry Road Control No. 4480

Dear Jon,

Our records show that site 24LC1062 was left unresolved on a consultation with the
BOR, and not as you say in your letter. Since the BOR may own the irrigation system
components, it is important that we hear from them before w^e comment on the other
irrigation properties listed in this report. We concur with your findings of eligibility on
sites 24LC1688, 24LC1689, and 24LC1690 in that they are determined to be not eUgible
to the register.

If you have any questions or concerns about the points presented, please call me at (406)
444-0388. ^


Jpsef J Warhank
leview & Compliance Officer

File: MDT/2002

'. !■,

,■* -.,

r-'-'r ■


. y State Historic Preservation Office * i4io8*Ave * eo. box 201202 *Hdcna.MT 59620-1202

* (406)444-7715 * FAX (406) 444-6575




Mm:-^ -


United States Department of the Interior

Great Plains Region

-. Montana Area Office

':^^ P.O. Box 30137

^-u! Billings. Montana 59107-0137




Dr. Mark Baumler
State Historic Preservation Officer
Montana Historical Society
PO Box 201202 - :.".

HelenaMT 59620-1202

*WY 10 20K

Subject: Notification of Consultation - Canyon Ferry Road Highway Project STPS

430-1(5)1, Lewis and Clark County, Montana MTAO Project No. HV-02-029

Dear Mark:

The Montana Area Office (MTAO) of the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) has been
consulted in regards to the proposed Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) Project
titled: Canyon Ferry Road Highway Project STPS 430-1(5)1, Lewis and Clark County, Montana.

I have reviewed the report titled: A Cultural Resource Inventory (Rossillon, 2001) and have
found it adequate in its review of cultural resources. This report was provided your office by Jon
Axline, Historian of the MDT Environmental Services section. In his cover letter to your office
dated January 28, 2002, he states: "...RTI recorded eight irrigation ditches within the APE
(24LC1691-1698). The ditches are covered under the terms of the MDT's irrigation ditch
programmatic agreement and no determinations of eligibility for National Register purposes are

The above statement is in error. Various portions of the Helena Valley Irrigation Unit
(24L1C 1 062) are impacted. This includes the main canal and latends. As stated on page 23 of
the above-mentioned report, these features are portions of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation's
(BOR) Helena Valley Unit. As you are aware. Reclamation features are not covered by the
MDT programmatic agreement as the BOR is not a signatory. Determinations of eligibility for
National Register purposes are therefore required.

A Centurv of Water for the West



■■;: C'.:

upon review of the documentation found in A Cultural Resource Inventory (Rossillon, 2001) we
feel that the proposed Canyon Ferry Road Highway Project STPS 430-1(5)1 does not alter any
of the characteristics of the Helena Valley Irrigation Unit is such a way as to diminish the
qualifying characteristics that would make it eligible for the National Register. We feel that a
finding of No historic properties affected would be appropriate.

We are providing a copy of this letter to Jon Axline, MDT so that he may consult with your
office in regards to this project.

If you have any questions, please contact me at (406) 247-7329 or by e-mail at


William B. Vincent
Area Archaeologist

cc: Jon Axline, Historian

Environmental Services Unit
Montana Department of Transportation
PO Box 201001
Helena MT 59620-1001

. ;,*■ ■'

.\;'- ,.tf.i?:fe


United States Department of the Interior


J i^ULl*' i^ElN

MAY 1 3 2002

Great Plains Region

Montana Area Office
P.O. Box 30137

: l-^1''R'^XS^II^".i l3l Billings, Montana 59107-0137


■ MT-227



Jon Axline, Historian

Environmental Services Unit
■- MontanaDepartment of Transportation
^ PC Box 201001
,' Helena MT 59620-1001 ■ . ■

Subject: Copy of Letter to SHPO on Canyon Ferry Road Highway Project STPS 430-1(5)1

Dear Jon;

Enclosed is a copy of a letter I sent to the SHPO in regards to the above-mentioned project. As
you know. Bureau of Reclamation Systems are not covered by the programmatic agreement
(PA). Since the Helena Valley Irrigation Unit (24LC 1 062) is impacted, a determination of
eligibility or a finding of no historic properly affected is required.

The enclosed letter states that the Montana Area Office feels that the proposed project will not
impact 24LC 1 062 in such a way as to make it ineligible for the National Register. We
recommend that you request a finding of No historic properties affected from the SHPO.
When you receive concurrence from his office, please send us a copy.

Please keep in mind as the project progresses to have MDT continue to coordinate the project
with Mike Petronis (engineering) and Sue Stiles (realty). They may be reached at
(406) 247-7312, and (406) 247-7316, respectively.



William B. Vincent
Area Archaeologist


! ■£',■.

A Century of Water for the West



United States Department of the Interior

Great Plains Region

^ "^r^-iOE'lT^^ ?E!D Montana Area Office

P.O. Box 30137
DEC 1 9 2002 Billings. Montana 59107-0137

...,...-.. . - ^^^ DECEMBER U ^OCZ


Jon Axline, Historian

Environmental Services

Montana Department of Transportation

2701 Prospect Avenue

P.O. Box 201001

Helena, MT 59620-1001

Subject: Canyon Ferry Road Addendum, STPS 430-1(5)1, Control No. 4480

Dear Mr. Axline:

Thank you for the copy of the addendum to the cultural resource report for the above listed
project in Lewis and Clark Coimty.

We agree with the recommendation in the report that the Helena Valley Irrigation Unit
(24LC1062) is not eligible for the National Register because of its recent construction. A copy
of the Determination of Effect when received will be appreciated.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 406-247-7329 or by e-mail at
[email protected] g p.usbr. gov.


William B. Vincent
Area Archaeologist

A Century of Water for the West



Montana Historical Society

225 North Roberrs * P.O. Box 201201 * Helena, MT 59620-1201
* (406) 444-2694 * FAX (406) 444-2696 +*

Januaxy3,2003 RECEIVED

JAN 6 2003



PO BOX 201001

HELENA MONTANA 59620 1001 .

RE: STPS 430-1(5)1 Canyon Ferry Road (Addendum) Control No. 4480
Dear Jon,

We can concur that the Charles Mann Farmstead (24LC1762) is not eUgible for the
Register. We are a little unclear as to what you want on the Helena Valley Irrigation
Unit (24LC1062). After reviewing the letter from Bill Vincent dated 10 May 2002, we
would concur that due to the design of the project you will not affect it, but since we
have no additional information on the site, it will remain unresolved as to eUgibihty.

If you have any questions about any points that I have made, you may call me at (406)


osef J/Warhank
Review & Comphance Officer

file: MDT/2003


ii ■- : . .

^. Y State Historic Preservation Office *

J * (406)444-7715 * FAX (406) 444-6575 ' ■ " V

1410 8* Ave + EO. B<w 201202 * Helena. MT 59620-1202

Canyon Ferry Road; STPS 430-1 (5) 1

Environmental Assessment

Appendix C: Public Involvement

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NFL lineman dies . Tetanus rationing

dies afTersu/l-ermg from heal stroke I IB ^J^ naionlng in Lewis and Clark Couniy I SA

Thursday, August 2, 300i ■ HELENA, MONTANA > Vol 57, No, 244 p Fiftv Cents

Driver beware

Canyon Ferry Road becoming known for its bad wrecks

BTOUtlHYMh FAflirr

\Vhsa MonEanfl Highway

jpondE 10 B ri'reck on Cunyan
:rrj' RuiiJ, he gnTa his Keelh
•d hop^s for (h* bear

Unfariiinindly, during The
mraer TT-nr-th^ (:^[>tdall>', no
riQiinr af wishful chinking con
flse The fact ihflE the wrecks
ing rliBE BireEch uf rQFLil Esrir

Helena likely wjII uivojve
iarie^ — and AonieElmes,
{eliTJea. he added.
-''Tnal's wJifli wt tvpecc
]en we Jktffld our there in the
jnmyr month 9," Tooley a aid.

recent rarth of injury AculdeiiL^

an thtj dflcandery highway
Including e ffitBl wreck, Tooiey
explained [hfll he wduldn'c
charactErize the papular route
10 Canyon Ferry LbVs as a dan-
gerous road.

"J don't rhink the ruiti itaelf
[$ dangf^oui," he aald. "[I's
Ju^T rh^T all [he facraru rhar
cause craahes are wpy up on
thai road a[ EhLs umeof yeai."

During [he winter momha,
thE volume of irafficon
Canyoi] Ferry Road is down
and motoristB appear Co cake
factors $uch aa rood condition
ijerioualy, Tuolty said

-'.L^ .y-ti^i^,^^^ .,,-ui.i^?**-


4 — jsm :



HILENl ' ^ fasimLEIli' """S

Canyon Ferry Road Injury Accidents

|DT: Road in good shape, but could use some improvements

ey UPOLrNM MiiFt

TearlTHi^ up Canyoji Ferry Road
d Infiiallbg a four-iane highway
Lliplacu wuuld prMbably bean
ireuie meB&Lire to flddresa u per-
fred danger an the popular roule
" nyon Ferry Lake.

"]V& a faidy decent ruad rjghl
now if people drive a', a reasonable
speed and pay n[itnl ion," oceord-
ing tu Jason Giard, distnct tingl-
nKftr with the Maniana Deptirlmenl
of Transportation.

However, a liitSe Improvement
wouldn't hurl, he added.

In fact, road crawa an

immeratid in s Sl.75 million projoci
that will reton&lmci and ruali^n
Canyon Ferry Read near \\5 inter-
atittion with York Road,

The milc-Jong pnjjeci removes
the curve* that Giard aaltt have
cEflimed the lives of aboui HI pei?-
pie In ihepaat 10 yearSn widens the
road to accomcnudaie two 12-roDl

driving lancji and replfl(^e!i a

IX^DT employees aniicipate the
project will be completed and open
[omoiorists Ihia fall

OFiiciflta also uiCend to align
York RoQd to znoet Canyon Ferry

Mart VlOt. pose fOA

IPC expects approval for sale to Northwestern

Suspended do
alleged to be
treating patiei

Shodair denies cl
of former emplov


Assacr'ah'^ Pre ss Wmer

HELENA — A psychialrisi "-hu lai
Iicen!ji? fjver fllJegfluons he uiec] drug
h/pnosls io convince a paliem the Id
scores of people in salanic rlTuela, ha
involved m ireaiing patients ot a chil
hospila] here, Bomt former empJeyn

They ■old The Asiocialed Pies* Ih
Bennett Braun hud ilirecr parienc am
recrommtindLsd diagnoses and rreatnli
panicipBied in iherapy sessions v,tA
whan he firsi came co work al Sbndfi
drcn's Haspilal ^

A hospital o^ecui I ^'e denies ^ V
hiir ihe claims prooipTed an m^ulfyt
■zalb in [he sisEe Depanmenl of MM
and Human Scrs [cm s'^=";>i

~1] ihese acLu^iions nv BcfWgiig
\'i![y .aincerneJ," saad Gail Gi^
dire.: tor, "(Ihildrcq servc.1 as i
Yer> ti'LiiiicrabJe aEkJ d^'re i
ciai profectktiL''

Tbe tonair sutiets aid I
rimii'a l i^iiii iiii mnf ihmi h ^i nri


■V kc k^ brquciu dMisoa KiOuik
" '~ H]ri BiM Ci t fl j Hfx
iwB (bt ko^iiil «e4 ipv
M«ptl«l npon* •■ Ai^
M< n^HMi them tamnd p«riBEi

"•^r irimmniil. liii I li Wbi

nBdW- taria* jmn mul 'iiiiiiii r i r

Hardee's worker
accused of $34,g
embezzling sclie


IR Salf Hi

Linn MnnTHnp Pnu/pr'MiTnrV H


i-__I, ^_J


T^uheleoa residentii
csttrpa tti liiegedif n
S34.KU trnn UArdM-*«nr ■ I ,

LgHu mm! Otti fnmtt pi imi imiiii
charge] If ilxa br acEBinMCT ^t^
Oocald iMf Fn^BH. Zr.a^^k^^
Burke, ;2.ibusBek

Juslux of Uie Peki A'il£r Jeadl K
for ihe pur ii tto.uCQ ifuea

According in coun docuiueatf. Fr*e
*AE dnipluyed as an Anisiat^i mMna^Ki
fast food reslaorani while Rurkeiifli
employed as a shifi leader.

Investigaiors belie I'elnaE, under Ihi
linn of Freeman and Uurke, employee?
me the drive-Ilirtiuth windui^at [he bi
foUov^ed mappi'Qpriaie operaiinn pruc.
IhaT allowed Freeman and Burke w pi*
profiLs from [he huslnoas ai a rale luat
time!, exceeded SI 00 a night

According lo wirnesses, Ihcp^nreoc
Uljeil their suhordinalej to cucimivenl
ay safeguards a^alnsi ihefi b>' mtmia
them ro refrain from puncliiDK Jrdcni
The [IHvE'ThroLjgh iriio tlu auev'h
By passing ordcniotlg^^M^g
Intleadof by i - - -

1y> ..L4 » ■

Paga IDA • [liuisCay, Augun Z. Z0U1


MDT: Consultant has
been hired for work

contlnuid frchm 1A

Rood fit E 9Q'^esTes on^le, or a
'T" tnlersecllfln in^ieafT af the

WJthtna few years, Giaid
Rflid, The city plans ta cxiend
Yurk Rntil further wesl, allow-

mp Traffic

AISD on the drnwiug board
al MDT is ^ plan to extend
road im]3rDvemerLtG on ID
miles of Canyon Ferri' from
whoftd lim (Current prujeci ler-
mmate^ To Ihe inlerr^ection of
^anyUD Ftrcy and Spokane
2resk roads.

According IQ Glaril, a ton-
jiiltani has been hired to fJeiib
jkJt the details of I be project
jEtiraatcd to cost between S7
jiillluii and $a mtlllan and eo
jegin in 2004.

"We're really just getting
itarLtid," ht said. ^WhtrK we
'5 wjj[h It 15 kmd of up ta the
sndownera and the county

Recunslraciion af Ihe rami
mH include rebuilding I be
existing roadbed id make it
vjder, ineiuding shoulders and
urn lane;^. New pavE^mmil will
)e laid, sbfirp cutveb will be
dicnioaied And aieep bUI^ will
le reduced lo a lesser erade
Giiifd said engineers have
101 made any determtnalion
ibout how tQ beat address the
nlerseclioiL of Canyon Ferry
,nd Spokane Craek. roads —
urchcr invest iearion may
liow tha[ It ni^eds lo be com-
ijelely recnnfiguredr

A recent traffic count indi-
aied thai the road logs aboui
1^50 tripe per day.

In addition, a ICt-year onaly-
15 of wrecks along the roQie
idicQtes [haE, in some areas,
he jiccidenl rate Exceeds The
talewLde average for tb«
ural secondary system while
nesavcrilyul' the wrecks is
libb [ban Ihe klaTewide aver-
ges Those Blatisllcs flip-flop
n other areas cf ibe road.

MDT officials explain that
leiDBloriry of accidents along
'anyon Ferry Road occur at
iteriections — accjdenl sla-
ves are bolstered by other

'*^Vs occurring at seemingly
■"cationa along the

AugustjOn average."^

j£ Halaas's third-
wettest month. Only

Waj^and JiiriBarQ

vretter< C^er ^he pas\


rainfall h'as averaged

1,l6lnqhes,flno tne

fTionth has b rough!

as much as 4,23



While most people agree
that Canyon Ferry Road aeeds

improvtimenls, Giard admits
tbal the fnmi Ihose lake
depends heavily on how ihe
public reecls to the proposal.
Ht added ibcL Ibe ongoing
consrrucuon project near the
York and Canyon Ferry inler-
^eclion ^^as, logislically, sim-
ple — il involved a straigbl
shot acrossaficid.

The proposed prujeCT, how-
ever, won'] prove lo be prob-
lem free,

"This is going to be a difri-
CLih project," Citrd gald. "This
IS a differenl project knbuild
because of the close proximily
nf people on sides on sotTie por-
tions of the ruad."

Accorduig to Giard, il will
he neKi to impossible for MDT
lo makotheprupo^ii^d improve-
ments to [ht road \sil|ioLiL hav-
ing to purchase right of way
from area residents — a move
Ibai wonld exiend MDT right-
of-way into e listing yardsj In
some cases.

The department also is
exploring an opilon of pucrin^
in curbs and (jtiTEera filoni por-
tions of the road to cul down
on the amouni of right of way
necessary for the projecl, he

A series of pvibhcmeeilngs
will be scheduled todiscuES
the iniphcations of the project
end 10 t^kc pabHc comment
regarding the plan. Construc-
tion likely would be conducted
tn cwo phases,

"We're preny open right
now where wc wanJ to go with
it," Giard said. "Tae public
could SEiy, 'Leaveit liheitia.'
Bui I thjnlc they'll telE lib the
same thing ii Ehey did with the
current project — "Build it
once and make it right.' "

Lewis and Clark County
CominiSBLOner Mike Murray
said MOOT ha? ibe commis-
sion 'a full gupporl.

"Since the county lacked the
rond dollars, this is probably
the only way this road will
evec be rebuitl," be Baid, 'The
state is doing the couniy a
great service by improving
Canyon Ferry Koad."


Higti:iOa°in 1966
Low: 4-0° in 1937


98% lull



rered thicnderuTnrnis developed dc
during ihe fiflernoon.

£sr]y in [he day, ihundcniormd
gusty wind atretehed eaass Nebri
lions of lawa end Sputh Daitcits aci|

By afieriiMn, the Ibe of atnrniy|
noriheasrward, enLending from
acroBS the northern half of Wlsooh|
Upper PeninsulB.

Mure thiin en Lnch of rain wes rt
Minn.; Eau Claire and Bice Lake,

The rakn was expected 10 move
Qf l^linoia and Indiana during ihe

Wednesday's temperfltures aruu
ranged from a morning low of 30 a
Park. Wyo,. lo a midday reading of

Lottery Numbers

!a.r„ivjj-.- '■. ■ :; - ■■■:f ■:.■.«»«
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Wild Card 7 -a -IS- 18-30, King of E


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Shodair: 'I am positive that it didn

conllJiued fmni U

Braun's duties were much dif-
ferent when he first arrived
aboutayear ago,

"We kepi hoing loLd he's
nol a doctor and ^I'ouldn'l be
u^ing bi!^ name as a doctor,
bul then we find him ailing
eJiaclly in a therapeutic man-
ner," she £aid, "He had direct
therapeutic contact and ran
Iherapy gri^up^ "

Rii;.te[[ Clark, a former
child-care worker in the chJI-
dren'e unii, said Braun save
Etaff direct ion on handling
disruptive pa hen I a when a
ataff paychiatriHt wasn't

"That ptil him in a position
of respunsLbiLiry for direct
patieni care," he said, "There
wdd a lotof p&tlenl contact In
that poBiliofir He had occa-
sions 10 talK with patiems,"

Anccber former employee
in the children's uniln who
spoke on condition of
anonymity, said Braun had
closed- door ie&sions with

"He mterviewed patienls to

determine what was going on
nith [ham and how tbcir day
was going;' be Mid, "He
ahoiild never have been
allowed on ihe nnh "

Jack Casey, hospital
administrator, said Braun has
never had peraonaL contact
with pahenta or played a role
in diagnosis or treatment in
any of the Ihree pn^ltLons be
has held at Shodair.

"There's no way he was
dobg any type of Ireotmem,"
Casey said. "I am positive
[hat didn'l occur. Dor physi-
cians wouldn'i hBve stood for
it. They would have been in
here jusi screaming."

Casey said claims other-
wise are lies by unhappy for-
mer omployeus

"Anytime you're deahng
wiih employees and they
become diigruniled, ihcy
make allsort^of allegatLon^,"
he said.

Howard Bdnton, Braun 'a
atrorneyj declined lo com-
ment, saying only that the for-
mer employees "are not reli-

Braun's profeGBiDnal pi'ob-

lE-mi arose from hii ireai-
menfof a womar and her tkto
young children o%er a ^uv
year pmod beRirning in
19S6 The dispute centered
around ErcpinienE oE nmhiplc-
personality disorders usui^
repressed memory therapy.

Braun, 59, was liued tty the
woman, who weis diagnosed as
having multiple personality
disorder. Shi? claimed Bruun
used dnii;s and hypnosis lo
convince her she had 30t> per-
sonalitleii, atu meailoaf made
of human flesh and was a
high priestess in a satanic

The lawsuit eventuaUy was
settled for SIC. 7 million, bul

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