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the patriots in Boston, 216 ; Boston spared by, 248 ;
impatience of, to get away from Boston, 250 ; proc
lamations issued by, 251 ; uncertainty of the move
ments of, 272 ; arrives in the bay of New York, 301 ;
awaits the arrival of Admiral Howe, 302 ; assistance
from tories expected by. 306 ; superiority of the
forces of, 315 ; plan of attack on Long island, 324 ;

his movements after the battle of Long island, 329 ;
unwilling to believe that the Americans had left
the island, 336 ; inactivity within his lines rein
forcements from England desired by, 360 ; moves
towards Throgg s Point and New llochelle, 372 ;
alarmed at the defeat of the Hessians at Trenton,
427 ; his movements in the spring of 1777, 453 ; his
plan for the campaign of 1777, 461 ; his designs un
known to Washington, 462 ; his movements near
Brunswick, 478, 479 ; real object of the movements
of, 478 ; retreats from Brunswick to Amboy and
Staten island, 480 ; perplexing movements of, 502 ;
his arrival in the Chesapeake, 529 ; lands on the
banks of the Elk river, 530 ; before the battle of
the Brandywine, 531 ; encampment of, at German-
town, 580 ; indolence of, in Philadelphia, 606 ; com
mand of the army resigned by, 607 ; the Mischianza
got up in honor of, 607-612 ; careful of the lives
and comfort of his men; 629.

Howe, Earl Edward, death of, at Ticonderoga, 104.

Howe, Gen. Robert, expedition of, against tories in
Florida, 686 ; defeat of, near Savannah tried by a
court-martial and acquitted, 687 ; superseded by
Gen. Lincoln, 689 ; mutiny at Pompton suppressed
by, 824.

Hudson river, measures taken by the Clintons for the
defense of, 308 ; British vessels-of-war sail up, 371 ;
Washington s efforts to obstruct, 372 ; forts on,
feebly garrisoned at the time of Sir H. Clinton s
advance, 548.

Huger, Gen., surprised at Mark s Corner, 725; junction
of, with Greene and Morgan, at Guilford court
house, 831 ; at Hobkirk s hill, 856.

Huger, Maj.B., and twelve men, killed by mistake, 692.

Huinber river, vessels destroyed in, by Paul Jones, 704.


INDIANS, in the camp of Braddock, 65 ; cruelty of, to
English prisoners, 83 ; visitors at the camp at
Cambridge, 220; humanity of Burgoyne s directions
to, 486 ; Burgoyne unable to restrain, 510.

Isis and Caesar, French and English ships, battle
between, in 1778, 662.

Isle aux Noix, Montgomery and Schuyler at, 197.


JACKSON, Col. M. , attempt on Montressor s island, un
dertaken by, 356.

Jameson, Col., his disposition of Major Andre and his
papers unwilling to believe Arnold guilty of
treason, 774.

James river, ravages of Arnold on, 820 ; Lafayette
and Wayne deceived by Cornwallis at, 850.

Jasper, Sergeant, courage displayed by, at Fort Sulli
van, 295 ; mortally wounded at the siege of Savan
nah, 717.

Jefferson, Thomas, efforts of, to save Richmond from




the British under Arnold narrow escape of, from
Arnold. 820 : reward offered by, for the capture of
Arnold, 821 ; escape from Tarleton s dragoons, 848.

John s island, Sir H. Clinton lands his troops on Pre
vost sends reinforcements to, 722 ; attempt to dis
lodge the British from, 894.

Johnson, Col., attacked by Wayne at Stony Point, 099.

Johnson, Col., William, biographical notice of, 87 ;
Baron Dieskau defeated by, at Lake George, 89.

Johnson, Sir John, operations of General Schuyler to
counteract the plans of, 236 ; Highlanders of, dis
armed by Schuyler, 237 ; trick played upon, and St.
Leger, by Indians, 528.

Johnstone, Gov. , his language relative to the battle
of Bunker s hill, 178 ; British commissioner, 629.

Jones, John Paul, biographical notice of, 6GG ; squad
ron placed under the command of, by the French
government, 702 ; cruise of, before meeting with
the Serapis and Countess of Scarborough, 702-704 ;
account of his capture of the Serapis, 705-710 ;
language ascribed to, on receiving the sword of
Capt. Pearson (note), 710.

Jonquiere, failure of, to recapture Louisburg, 31 ; fleet
of, defeated and captured off Cape Finisterre, 32.

Jumonville, death of, 38 ; claimed to have been assas
sinated, 38, 44, 4G ; a spy as well as an embassador,
39 ; remains of, buried by Do Villiers, 45.


KIVGSBRIDGE, intrenchmcnts thrown up at, by Mifflin,
297 ; headquarters of Washington at, 341 ; secret
expedition against, proposed by Washington, 477.

King s mountain, account of the battle of, 795-801 ;
monument erected at the scene of the battle of, 801 ;
plans of Cornwaliis changed by the battle of, 802.

Kirkwood, Capt., at the battle of Eutaw Springs, 884.

Kittanning, destroyed by a force under Armstrong, 96.

Knowlton, Capt. , battery erected by, at Breed s hill,
170 ; mortally wounded at the battle of Harlem, 354.

Knox, Col. and Gen., arrival of, with artillery, at
Cambridge, 243 ; celebrates the anniversary of the
French alliance, 683 ; at the siege of Yorktown, 911.

Knox, Lieut., forlorn hope led by, at Stony Point. 700.

Knyphausen, Gen., reinforces Sir W. Howe with
Hessians, 375 ; sent by Howe to take possession of
Kingsbridge, 384 ; at the investment of Fort Wash
ington, 387 ; at the battle of the Brandywine, 532,
534 : incursion into New Jersey ordered by, 720 ;
New York left to the care of, by Sir H. Clinton, 721 ;
incursion of, into New Jersey, 747 ; movements of,
in New Jersey, 748-750 ; reinforced by Clinton, 749.

Kosciusko, Thaddeus, impression produced upon
Washington by, 471 ; biographical notice of com
mended by Franklin to Washington, 472 ; fortifi
cation of Mount Independence intrusted to, 486 ;
works at West Point put under the supervision of,
701 ; Greene s engineer at the siege of Ninety Six,

865 ; in command of light-troops near Charleston
subsequent career of, (note), 894.


LAFAYETTE, Marquis de, first meeting of Washing
ton with biographical notice of, 504 ; arrives at
Charleston his description of Charleston, 506 ;
appointed major-general his anxiety for com
mand, 507 ; his appearance, 508 ; wounded at the
battle of the Brandywine, 534; in charge of the Mora
vians impatience of, for action narrow escape of,
from British dragoons, 594 ; skirmish of, with
Hessians commended by Washington appointed
to the command of Stephen s division, 595 ; attempt
to make an instrument of, in an expedition against
Canada, 618 ; returns to Washington, at Valley
Forge, 619 ; retreats from Barren Hill, 624 ; dis
satisfied with Lee s extreme caution, 637 ; with
Washington, on the night after the battle of Mou-
mouth. 630 ; in the expedition against Rhode island,
660 ; scheme of, to invade Canada, 679 ; returns to
France, G80 ; his reception in France appointed to
the command of the dragoons of the king s guard,
681 ; returns to America in 1780, 751 ; his reception
by Congress, 752 ; equips his corps at his own
expense, 755 ; Cornwaliis unable to force him to
action, 847 ; junction of, with Wayne and Steuben,
849 ; retires up James river to Green springs, 850;
his plans to prevent the escape of Cornwaliis by
land, 896 ; refuses to attack Cornwaliis before the
arrival of Washington and Rochambeau, 907.

Lake Champlain, movements of Arnold on, 193 ;
British fleet on naval engagement on, 367.

Lake George, encampment of Col. William Johnson
on the banks of, described by Bancroft named by
Col. Johnson, 88.

Lamb, Capt., ice battery of, destroyed at Quebec, 210 ;
part of his jaw-bone shot away at Quebec, 212 ;
wounded during Tryon s retreat from Danbury,
468 ; at the siege of Yorktown. 911.

Laurens, Col. John, envoy to France, 902, 903 ; Major
Campbell made prisoner by, at Yorktown, 914;
death of succeeded by Kosciusko, 894.

Laurens, Henry, exchanged for General Burgoyne, 925.

Lauzun, accompanies Itochambeati to America, 753.

Learned, Col. and Gen,, Washington and Howe agree
to spare Boston, through the agency of, 248 ; ap
pointed brigadier-general, 452 ; with Gates at Still-
water, 537.

Lechmere s Point, attack upon British soldiers at, 223 ;
fortifications erected on, by Washington, 226.

Ledyard, Col., killed by Major Bromfield, at Fort
Griswold, after its surrender, 906.

Lee, Gen. Charles, at Prospect hill , 189; biograph
ical notice of called "Boiling Water" by tho
Mohawks under Burgoyne in Portugal made a
brigadier general personal appearance of, 229 ;




impiety of, 230 ; operations of, against the New York
tories, 235, 23G; ordered to take command of the army
in Canada sent to the South Washington s opin
ion of the capacity of, 258 ; letter of, to Washington,
259 ; at the defense of Charleston Fort Sullivan
strengthened by, 290 ; remarkable general orders of,
290, 291 ; Charleston pronounced defenseless by, 296 ;
return of, from the South, 372 ; commands a divis
ion at Kingsbridge reputation of, much increased
by his success in the South letter of, respecting
the probable movement of Howe, 373 ; recommends
a change of position of the army opposed to hold
ing Fort Washington, 374 ; anecdote of, at White
Plains high opinion held by Washington of the
military talents of, 377 ; in command at Newcastle,

385 ; efforts of, to induce his militiamen to remain,

386 ; mortification of, at the loss of Fort Washing
ton, 392 ; urged by Washington to come to his aid
in New Jersey, 395 ; reasons given by, for remain
ing at Newcastle, 396 ; letters written to, by Gen.
Reed and others, 397 ; motives of, in disobeying the
orders of Washington letter of, to Reed, read by
Washington, 399 ; letter of, from Peekskill, ad
dressed to Washington efforts of, to get two of
Heath s regiments, 401 ; Hudson river crossed by,
402 ; his purpose of acting independently, 403 ; his
continued neglect of the summons of Washington
Col. Hampton sent to, by Washington, for informa
tion impudence of the reply of success of, in
recruiting in New Jersey, 406 ; unwillingness of, to
leave Chatham regiments intercepted by, 407 ; ac
count of the capture of, 410 ; designs of, at the
time of his capture letter of, to Gates capture of,
supposed to have been made by collusion, 412 ; cap
ture of, calmly spoken of by Washington, 413 ;
a prisoner in New York, 443 ; requests that dele
gates be sent to him from Congress, to receive a
communication -non-compliance of Congress with
his reqiiest Washington s sympathy for, 449 ;
treatment of, while a prisoner exchanged for the
British general Prescott, 618 ; opinions of, unfav
orable to a general attack on Sir H Clinton, 632 ;
resigns his command to Lafayette anxiety of, to
resume his command, 633 ; ordered to form a junc
tion with Lafayette at Englishtown, 634 ; ordered
to attack Clinton s rear contradictory intelligence
brought to, respecting Clinton s movements, 635 ;
line formed by, on the plains of Monmouth mes
sage sent by, to Washington, 636 ; confusion in the
orders of movement of Washington in support of
intelligence of the retreat of, given to Washing
ton, 637 ; a traitor, according to the belief of many
Washington warned against, on the eve of the
battle of Monmouth language of Washington to,
638 ; subsequent conduct of. on the field of Mon
mouth, 039 ; court-martial assembled at Brunswick
to try, 642 ; letters written by to Washington, 642,


643 ; skilful defense made by, 643 ; sentenced by
the court-martial duel fought by, with Col.
Laurens hostility of, to W. H. Drayton, of South
Carolina, 644 ; malevolence of, towards Washing
ton, 644, 645 ; summarily dismissed from the army
his eccentric mode of life in Virginia death of,
645 ; will left by strange conduct of, at Valley
Forge, 646 ; conduct of, at Monmouth, justified by
some treason of, proved, (note) Washington s
conduct towards, not influenced by personal feel
ings, 647 ; ranked with the traitors Church and
Arnold, 648.

Lee, Capt. and Gen., services of, as a cavalry officer
biographical notice of, 530 ; skirmish of, at Derby,
622 ; his surprise of Paul us Hook, 711 ; medal
awarded to, 712 ; bridge at Springfield defended by,
750 ; deception practiced by, upon Col. Pyle, 834 ;
at the siege of Ninety-Six, 866 ; attempts to set fire to
the fort at, 867 ; prisoners taken by, from Rawdon s
cavalry, 872 ; at the battle of Eutaw Springs, 886.

Leitch, Major, death of, at the battle of Harlem, 354.

Leith, descent upon, proposed by Paul Jones, 704.

Leslie, Capt. , defeated near Norfolk, by Virginia rifle
men, 240 ; death of, at the battle of Princeton, 436.

Leslie, Gen., arrives at Charleston, with reinforce
ments for Cornwallis, 814 ; British under, confined
to the neighborhood of Charleston, 894 ; prepares
to evacuate Charleston, 895.

Lexington, battle of minute men fired upon at, 143 ;
killed and wounded at the battle of, 149 ; effect in
England of the news of the battle of, 157 ; relief
from England for the sufferers by the battle of, 217.

Lincoln, Gen. Ben., appointed major-general, 452;
driven out of Boundbrook by Cornwallis, 464 ; joins
Gates with New Hampshire militia, 546 ; Gen. R.
Howe superseded by, in the Soutli biographical
notice of, 689; loss sustained by, at Brier creek,
690 ; attack of, on John s island, 694 ; his siege of
Savannah, 7L4; his defense of Charleston, against
Sir H. Clinton, 723 ; attacked by the British on
Harlem river expedition of, against Delancey s
corps, at Morrisania, 898 ; opens the first parallel
at the siege of Yorktown, 912 ; appointed to con
duct the surrender of Yorktown, 919.

Little Egg Harbor, expedition against, by Capt.
Ferguson shipping and buildings burned at, 675.

Little Meadows, arrival of Braddock at, 70.

Livingston, Col., with Gates at Stillwater, 537.

Livingston, Gov., letter of Washington to, anticlpA
ting an attack by Howe on Fort Washington, 383 ;
assistance requested from, by Washington, 394,
404 ; improved organization of the New Jersey
militia suggested to, by Washington, 451.

Long island, intrcnchments thrown up on, 297 ; Gen.
Greene in command of the American troops on, 319;
Greene s account of the tories in, 320 ; landing on,
of the troops of Gen. Howe language of Washing-




ton to the troops sent to, 322 ; Howe s plan of at
tack on, 324 ; battle of, 325 ; American officers out-
generalled at tlie battle of, 327 ; comparative losses
at, 329; arrival at, of the battallions of Shee, Magaw,
and Glover, 330 ; retreat of the American army
from, 333 ; Howe s ignorance of the American re
treat from, 335 ; American army demoralized by the
defeat in, 338 ; abundance of tories in, 360.

Loudoun, earl of, sent to America as general -in-chief,
93 ; arrives at Albany, 94 ; expedition of, against
Louisburg, 98 ; superseded by Gen Amherst, 100.

Louisburg, fortifications of, 6 ; plan for the capture
of, 7 ; arrival of the fleet at, 16 ; coup do main
upon, abandoned, 18 ; sufferings at the siege of
summoned to surrender, 19 ; plans for a general
attack on, 22, 26 ; information given by a deserter
from, 24 ; general attack upon, 27 ; surrender of,
to Pepperell -ammunition and stores found in, 28 ;
deception practised on French ships at effect in
London of the news of the capture of, 29 ; influence
of the capture of, 30 ; expedition for the recapture
of failure of the expedition against, 31 ; ceded to
France by the treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, 32 ; Am-
herst s expedition against, 100, 102 ; unconditional
surrender of, 103.

Lovell, Gen., in command of Massachusetts militia
men, sent against McLean, at Penobscot bay, 713.

Luzerne, M. de la, refuses to loan money to Arnold,
760 ; interview of Washington with, at Fishkill, 776.

, Jane, story of the murder of, 510 ; attempt

of Burgoyne to punish the murderer of, 511 ; Bur-

goyne charged with procuring the murder of, 525.
Macdonald, Capt. , at the siege of Louisburg, 25.
Macdonald, Donald, at the heights of Abraham, 127.
M Donald, Donald, royal standard unfurled by, in

North Carolina, in 1776, 241 ; defeat of, at Moore s-

crcek bridge, 242.
M Dougall, Gen., succeeds Heath in command at

Peekskill, 462 ; ruse practised upon, by Gen. Howe,

463 ; substituted for Putnam in the command of

West Point, 696.

M Leod, Col., death of, at Moore s creek bridge, 242.
Macpherson, Allan, escapes Indian torture, 106.
Magaw, Col. , in command at Fort Washington, 385 ;

his reply to Howe s summons to surrender, 388 ;

compelled to surrender Fort Washington, 392.
Mahan, Capt. , British position at Monk s Corner taken

by, 891.
Maitland, Col., at the siege of Savannah, 715 ; death

of, a few days after the raising of the siege, 718.
Malmedy, M., Washington annoyed by the complaints

of, 470 ; at the battle of Eutaw Springs, 884.
Manchester, Va. , stores and tobacco destroyed at, 845.
Manly, Capt., commander of one of the schooners

fitted out by Washington, 220 ; British brig Nancy

taken by, 223 ; continued successes of, 224.

Manning, Lieut., Simms s account of his capture of
Major Barry at Eutaw Springs, 890.

Marion, Gen. Francis, biographical notice of, 732 ;
miserable equipments of his men, 738 ; exploits of,
in South Carolina, 794; title of "Swamp Fox"
given to privations endured by men under, 812 ;
failure of his attack on the British at Georgetown,
on Winyaw bay anecdote of a British officer in
vited to dine with camp formed by, on Snow s
island, 813 ; operations of, in South Carolina attack
upon, by Cols. Watson and Doyle, 852 ; his brigade
dissatisfied with Sumter s partiality, 878 ; on the
Santee, 879 ; at the battle of Eutaw Springs, 884.

Marjoribanks, Major, at Eutaw Springs, 885.

Martha s Vineyard, the inhabitants of, levied on, 065.

Martin, Gov. of North Carolina, proceedings of, 241.

Maryland, backwardness of, in affording aid to Brad-
dock, 59 ; brigades from, at the battle of Camden,
742 ; troops from, at Guilford courthouse, 840.

Massachusetts, aid from, to the expedition against
Louisburg, 8 ; first in resistance to British tyranny,
137 ; expedition from, to Penobscot bay, 712.

Mathew, Gen., at the investment of Fort Wasa-
ington, 387 ; ravages of, in Virginia, in 1779, 695.

Mawhood, Col., collision of, with Gen. Hugh Mercer, 433.

Maxwell, Gen., at the battle of the Brandywine, 532 ;
mutiny on the part of the officers of, prevented, 082.

Megantic, Lake, arrival of Arnold at, 205.

Meigs, Col. , stores destroyed by, at Sag Harbor, 475.

Mercer, Gen. Hugh, at Amboy, on the approach of
Sir W. Howe, 302 ; ordered to occupy Forts Con
stitution and Lee, 339 ; collision of, with Col. Maw-
hood, 433 ; his riflemen overcome by the British,
434 ; left for dead on the field of battle, 435, 436
biographical notice of, 436.

Mercier, the constructor of Fort Duquesne, 40.

Messerve, Col., makes cannon -si edges at Louisburg, 18.

Middlebrook, American camp shifted to, from Morris-
town, 478 ; strength of the American position at, 479.

Mifflin, Gen. T., biographical notice of, 297 ; at Kings-
bridge and Fort Washington, 302 ; takes reinforce
ments to Brooklyn, 331 ; at the retreat from Long
island, 332 ; retreats from the lines, through mis
take, 334 ; sent to make known to Congress the
straits of the American army, 394 ; appointed
major-general, 452.

Miles, Col., on the eve of the battle of Long island, 324.

Militia, opinions as to the inefficiency of, 338, 339 ;
bad conduct of, at W T hite Plains, 378 ; order of
Washington to encourage, 879 ; their dread of cav
alry, 380; unreliability of, 428; Virginia, throw down
their loaded arms at the battle of Camden, 742.

Mininsink settlement, ravaged by Brant, in 1779, 679.

MiscManza, got up in honor of Sir W. Howe, in Phila
delphia, 607-612; language of Paine respecting, 612.

Mohawks, expedition against,under Gen. Sullivan, 677.




Monakatuca, made prisoner by French and Indians,
71 ; his son killed by mistake, by Braddock s men, 74,

Monckton, Gen. Kobert, in Wolfe s expedition against
Quebec, 109 ; Point Levi, taken by, 114 ; death of,
at the battle of Monmouth, 640.

Moncrieff, (engineer) at the defense of Savannah, 716.

Money, continental, great depreciation of, 604.

Monk s Corner, Gen. Huger and Col. Washington
surprised at, by Tarleton, 725 ; escape of the British
under Col. Coates, from Sumter at, 875.

Monmouth, position of the British before the battle
of, 634 ; battle of, 635-640 ; fatal effects of the
excessive heat at the battle of killed and wounded
at, 641.

Monongahela, fords of, passed by Braddock, 75 ; de
feat of Braddock at the, 76 ; losses at the, 83.

Monroe, Col. James, at the battle of Trenton, 421.

Montcalm, Marquis de, biographical notice of, 94 ;
operations of, against Oswego, 95 ; expedition of,
against Fort William Henry, 99 ; vexation of, at
the loss of Point Levi, 115 ; thwarted by Vaudreuil,
124 ; letter of, to M. de Mole, 125 ; unwilling to
believe the English had attained the plains of
Abraham, 127 ; disposition of his forces when at
tacking Wolfe, 128 ; his conduct on the field of
battle, 129, 130 ; mortal wound received by, 130 ;
language of, on the approach of death, 131.

Montgomery, Gen. Richard ; in command of Ticonde-
roga biographical notice of, 197 ; operations of,
against St. Johns on the Sorel, 198 ; entrance of,
into Montreal surrender of St. Johns to, 201 ; want
of discipline among the troops of j unction of, with
Arnold, at Point aux Trembles, 208 ; operations of,
before Quebec, 209 ; resolves to attack Quebec, 210 ;
death of, 211 ; remains of, honorably buried, 213.

Montgomery, Major, shot dead in the storming of
Fort Griswold, New London, 906.

Montgomery and Congress, American frigates, burned
on the Hudson, 553.

Montmorenci, attempt of Wolfe to cross the river
near the falls of, 116,

Montreal, invested by Gen. Amherst, in 1760, 134 ;
entrance of Montgomery into, in 1775, 201.

Montressor s island, attack upon the British on,
planned by Gen. Heath, 356 ; unfortunate result of
the attempt upon, 358.

Moore, Gen., operations of, in North Carolina, 241.

Moore s-creek bridge, Col. McDonald defeated at, 242.

Morepang, death of, in defense of Louisburg, 17.

Morgan, Charley, a spy in the camp of Cornwallis,
846 ; returns with deserters to Lafayette s camp, 847.

Morgan, Gen. Daniel, arrival of, in the camp of Brad-
dock anecdote respecting. 67 ; accompanies Arnold
against Quebec, 198 ; batteries taken by, at Quebec
made prisoner with his command, 212 ; with
Gates at Stillwater, 537 ; defeat of his corps at
Beniis heights, 540 ; Gen. Fraser shot by the rifle

men of, 557 ; retires towards Broad river Tarleton
sent against, 814 ; ground chosen by, at the Cow-
pens, 815 ; addresses his troops, 816 ; gold medal
presented to, 818 ; pursuit of, after the battle of the
Cowpens, 819 ; encumbered with prisoners and bag
gage, 826 ; saved by the swelling of the Catawba,
827 ; retires from the army, 832,

Morris, Capt. , killed at the siege of Charleston, 294.

Morris, Roger, house of, occupied by Washington, 350

Morris, Major, at the battle of Bemis heights, 540.

Morris, Robert, money raised by, for the army
treasury, 427 ; patriotic financial operations of, 825;
money borrowed of Rochambeau by, 900.

Morristown, winter-quarters of Washington at, 438 ;
the troops at, inoculated, 457 ; description of the
camp at, 473 ; desertions from the camp at social
enjoyment in the camp at sources of anxiety for
Washington at, 474 ; camp shifted from, to Middle-
brook, 478 ; camp at, moved to Pompton Plains,
497 ; sufferings of the army in winter-quarters at,
719 ; inefficiency of the army at, 720 ; mutiny of
regiments at sufferings of the army at, 821.

Motte, Mrs., patriotism of, in South Carolina, 862.

Moultrie, Col. William, fort erected by, on Sullivan s
island, 289 ; honors to, for his defense of Fort
Sullivan, 295, 296 ; British driven out of Port Royal
by, 689 ; departure of the British from Charleston,
in 1782, witnessed by, 895.

Mount Bigelow, ascent of, by Major Bigelow, 203.

Mount Defiance, commanding Ticonderoga, fortifica
tion of, urged by John Trumbull, 488.

Mount Hope, taken possession of, by the British, 490.

Mount Independence, fortified under Kosciusko, 486.

Mount Vernon, hospitalities to the poor at, 225 ; levy
on the estate of, made by a British cruiser on the
Potomac, 745 ; Washington visits, on his way
towards Yorktown, 903.

Mowatt, Lieut., bombards and burns Falmouth, 215.

Mugford, account of his capture of the British ship
Hope, 280 ; death of, defending his ship, 281.

Muhlenberg, appointed brigadier-general, 452 ; hospi
talities of, 683.

Munro, Col., surrenders Fort William Henry to Mont-
calm, 99.

Murray, Gen., defeat of, near Quebec, by De Levi, 133.

Murray, Mrs. Robert, Putnam s escape owing to, 352.

Musgrove s mill, British under Col. Innis defeated

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