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Robinson, George E. Palmer Block, Oconomonoc, Wis.

Robinson, George H 301 Reed St., Moberly, Mo.

Robinson, Miss Hal lie Ahibel Geneseo, 111.

Robinson, Henry H Rockford, 111.

Robinson, Henry P Guilford, Conn.

Robinson, Herbert Jester 374 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Robinson, Increase Plymouth, Mass.

Robinson, Miss Isabella Howe 177 Adams, St., Dorchester, Mass.

Robinson, Dr. James Arthur 8 Portland St., Morrisville, Vt.

Robinson, Dr. J.Franklin 15 Pickering Bldg., Manchester, N. H.

Robinson, James Lawrence 17 Haverhill St., Brockton, Mass.

Robinson. John Cheney Jamaica, Vt.

Robinson, Joseph M 13 Charles St., Portland, Me.

Robinson, Lewis W Martinsburg, W. Va.


Robinson, Miss Myitie E Mt. Vernon, Me. ^

Robinson. Nathaniel Emmons Parke Ave., Brightwood, ^. C.tU.

Robinson, Nathan Winthrop 242 Savin Hill, Dorchester, Mass.

Robinson, Neil Charleston, W. Va.

Robinson, Mrs. N ina Beals Waterbury, Vt.

Robinson, Noah Otis 88 Cross St., Somerville, Mass.

Robinson, Philip Eugene 194 Clinton St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Robinson, Dr. R. F Eagan, So. Dak.

Robinson, Reuben T 54 Fairfield St,, North Cambridge, Mass.

Robinson, Miss Sarah 2904 Morgan St., St. Louis, Mo.

Robinson, Theo. Winthrop 4840 Ellis Ave., Chicago, 111.

Robinson, Walter Augustin 34 Jason St., Arlington, Mass.

Robinson, Walter Billings 17 Beacon St., Natick, Mass.

Robinson, Walter Bruce P. O. Bldg., Elmira, N. Y.

Robinson, William 9 St. James Ave., Boston, Mass.

Robinson, William A Nashua, N. H.

Robinson, W. H Eastern Township Bank, Granby, P. O., Canada

Robinson, William Morse 300 Adams St., Dorchester, Mass.

Rose, Miss Aline M Westbury Station, Long Island, N. Y.

Shippee, Mrs. Elizabeth E. R 24 Spring St., Pawtucket, R. I.

Shippee. Harold Robinson 24 Spring St., Pawtucket, R. I.

Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth R 93 Church St., No. Adams, Mass.

Starrett, Mrs. Ethelinda Robinson 315 Castro .St., San Francisco, Cal.

-Stearns, Mrs. Urania Robinson. .63 Grover Ave., Winthrop Highlands, Mass.

Studley, Mrs. Mary Z 283 Lamartine St., Jamaica Plains, Mass.

Tingley, Raymon M Herrick Centre, Pa.

Wales, Mrs. Abijah (Alice M.) 61 County St., Attleboro, Mass.

Wardner, Mrs. Fannie Lewis 33 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, N. Y.


Who have changed their addresses since the meeting of the Association at
Gloucester, Mass., in 1902.

Austin, C. Downer 141 Broadway, New York, N. Y.

Briggs, Mrs. Martha A. Robinson Bo.\ 856, Providence, R. I.

Bronson, Mrs. E. P Chicago. 111.

Butler, Mrs. Ellen Robinson Attleboro, Mass., R.F.D.

Cogswell, Mrs. Wm 7 Pleasant St., Medford, Mass.

Gordon, Mrs. Lillian S. R Leland Hotel, Emporia, Kas.

Hubbard, Mrs. Chas. D Wyncote, Pa.

Kirk, Mrs. J. F 94 State St., New Bedford, Mass.

Little, Mrs. G. Elliotte 46 West loth St., New York, N. Y.

MacLachlan, Mrs. Harriett R 23 1 Icnry St., Binghamton, N. Y.

Penniman, George W Brockton. Mass.

Pierce, Mrs. H. F Oronoque, Norton Co., Kas.

Porr, Mrs. Janttte H Corinna, Me., Route i.

Potter, Miss Emma 70? Madison St., Syracuse, N. Y.

Robinson, Prof. Benj. L 3 Clement Circle, Cambridge, Mass.

Robinson, Dr. J. Blake 75 Wilbert St., Portsmouth, N. H.

Robinson, Rev. Joseph H 47 Barker Terrace, White Plains, N. Y.


Robinson, Charles Edson (Life Member). . 123 Richmond St., Plainfield, N. J.
Robinson, Charles Kendall (Life Member)

374 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Robinson Miss Myra S 24 Spring St., Pavvtucket, R. I.

Sanford, Mrs. Carleton F. (Marie D. Robinson)

35 Harrison St., Taunton, Mass.
Storms, Mrs. Lucretia R 119 Mill St., New Bedford, Mass.


Atherton, Mrs. Sarah Robinson (Honorary Member). . . .Peru, Huron Co., O.

Dean, James H., Esq. (Vice-President) Taunton, Mass.

Dorrs, Miss Amanda Cazenovia, N, Y.

Fuller, Mrs. Mar\' R Cambridgeport, Mass.

Norton, Mrs. Mary J Woods Hole, Mass.

Robinson, Adrian G Hanford, Cat.

Robinson, Capt. Charles A Germantown, Pa.

Robinson, Capt. Charles T. (Vice-President) Tauton, Mass.

Robinson, Franklin, Esq. (Vice-President) Portland, Me.

Robinson, George A West Mansfield, Mass.

Robinson, Samuel Stillman Pontiac, Mich.


; ^

It is earnestly desired, by the officers of this Association, that every
member will contribute towards a special fund, set apart for the purpose of
research in the records of England for Robinson ancestry. The fund will be
spent judiciously with the belief that valualjle information may be disclosed
greatly to the advantage of all the members.

With few exceptions the line connecting the early Robinson emigrants to
America with the mother country, is in absolute obscurity ; even the birth
place and parentage of that most noted man who stands in history as one of
the founders of this great nation, the Rev. John Robinson of Leyden, is
utterly unknown. Why not then make a record for The Robinson Family
Genealogical and Historical Association that will be worthy of record, and
make clear what is locked up beyond the sea, which all are so anxious to
know ?

Contributions may be sent to the Secretary, Miss A. A. Robirison, North
Raynham, Mass.

The Secretary also has for sale a few copies, left over, of the Robinson
Coal of .Arms in colors, suitalile for framing. Price, $1.00 each.




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