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two articular, oval, concave surfates,.s,eparated
by a process, called Spine of the tibia, which are
articulated with the condyles of the Os femoris.
2. An inferior or tarsal ^extremity, having an
articular surface beneath, which joins the
astragalus ; within, a triangular jeminence, which
forms the malleolus internus ; and, on the out-
side, a triangular surface, which articulates with
the fibula. 3. The body or shaft of the tibia
has three faces, separated by three angles, the
anterior of which is the most prominent, and
is called the spine or crista of the tibia or tibial
spine. It is the shin. The tibia is articulated
with the femur, fibula, and astragalus. It is
developed by three pointy of ossification, one
for the body, and one for each extremity.
Tibia Mimima, Fibula. J

TIBI^US, Tibial.

TIB'IAL, Tibia'liS) Tibi^uS) (F.) Tibial,
Jambier. That which relates to the tibia or to
the leg.

Tibial Aponeueo'sis, (F.) Aponivrose Jfzm-
biere, surrounds the muscles of the leg. It is
continuous, above, with the femoralaponeurosis,
and arises, also, from the head of the fibula, and
from several fibrous expansions which detach
themselves from the tendons of the triceps, sar-
torius, gracilis, and seiiiitendinosus. Thence it
descends around the leg, attaching itself to the
whole extent of the anterior and inner edges of
the tibia. It sends, below, an expansion, which
passes before the tendo Achillis, and is continu-
ous with the anterior annular ligament of the
tarsus. Itis attached, also, to the sheath of the
peronei muscles.

Tibial AbTeeies are two in number. 1.
The Tibia'lis Anli'ca, which arises from the
popliteal artery, before its bifurcation; passes
immediately through the opening in the upper
part of the interosseous ligament, and reaches
the anterior part of the leg; when it turns down-
wards, and descends, obliquely, between the
extensor communis digitorum pedis and the ti-
bialis anticus, anterior to the interosseous liga-
ment ; glides under the anterior annular ligament
of the tarsus,and takes the name Horsalis tarsi.
Amongst the numerous branches, given off by
the tibialis antica, may be distinguished — the
Tibialis recur'rens, A. malleola'ris interna, and

A, matleolaris externa. 2, The Tibialis posti'ea,
arises from the bifurcation of the popliteal ar-
tery; and, slightly tortuous, descends between
the two planes of the posterior muscles of the
leg; until it arrives under the arch of the caJ-
caneum, where it divides into two branches^
the Flantar arteries.

Tibial Neeves are two in number. 1. The
anterior tibial^ nervC) Fretibio-susplantaire,
(Ch.) One of the two branches ifa whirih the
external popliteal terrninates. It accompanies
the arteria tibialis antica. .2. The posterior ti-
bial nerve, Bfanche tibiaVe du nerf fimoro-pop-
litee, (Ch.) is the internal popliteal.

Tibial Veins, Anteeiok AND PosTEEioE,' have
the same arrangement as the arteries which
they accompany.

TIBIA'LIS ANTI'CUS, Cate'nxmus'culus,
(F.) Tibio-sui-mitatarsien, Tibio-sustarsien,
{Ch.y Jambier antirieur. A muscle situate at
the anterior part of the leg. Above, it has the
shape of a'triangular prism; bfelow, it is slender
and tendinous. It is attached, above,' to the an-
terior part of the external' tuberosity of the ti-
bia ; to the- superior half of the outer surface of
that bone; and to the anterior surface of the in-
terosseous ligament. Below, its tendon termi-
nates at the base of the first cunei|form bone,
and at . the posterior extremity of the first me-
tatarsal bone. This muscle bends the foot on
the leg, and directs its point inwards, at the
same time that it raises its inner edge. It can,
also, bend the leg on the foot, and prevent it
from falling backwards in standing.
Tibialis Ge^cilis, Plantar muscle.
Tibialis PosTi'cus, (F.) Tibio-tarsien, Tibio-
sous-tarsien, (Ch.) Javibier ppsterieur. This
muscle is situate at the posterior and deep part
of the leg. It is thicker above than below ; and
is attached, above, to the posterior surface of the
fibula; to the posterior surface of the tibia, and
to the interosseous ligament. Its tendon ter-
minates, below, at ^the tuberosity on the inferior
extremity of the os scaphoides. This muscle
extends the foot on the leg;' at the same time
raising its inner edge. It, likewise, extends
the leg on the foot.

TIBIO-CALCANIEN, Soleus-*. Phalnn-
gettien. Flexor longus digitorum pedis profun-
dus perforans — *. Sous-tarsien, Tibialis posticus
— t. Sus-Tndiatarsien, Tibialis anticus — t, Sus-
tarsien. Tibialis anticus.,

TIB'IO-TARSAL, TiM.o-tar'setts,(J,) TiUo-
tarsienne. What relates to the tibia and tarsus.
Tibio-Taesal Aetichla'tion is the articu-
lation' of the foot vvith the leg. It is formed by
the tibia and the astragalus; and is strengthened
by lateral, and by anterior and'.posterior liga-

TIBIO-TARSIEN, Tibialis posticus.
TIC, Twitching,' A local arid habitual con-
vulsive motion of certain musclesj and, espe-
cially, of some of those of the face. It is, some-
times, called in France Tic convulsif ou Tic
non doiiloureux, to distinguish it from Tie dou-
loureux or neuralgia faciei, and has been
termed a partial chorea or form of chronic cho-
rea, Spasmus facia'lis, Chore'u fa'ciei.

TIC BOJILEUREUX, Neuralgia, facial— t.
non douloureux, see Tic.

TICKLE WEED, Veratrum viride.
TICKLING, (F.) ChatoHillement. This
word, sometimes, means the action of tickling




- (titilla'tio ;) at others, the sensation produced
hy this action (pruri'ius .) A vivid sensation,
which commonly causes laughter, and a state
of general spasjn that may be dangerous if too
long protracted. There are some parts, of the
body, where we are easier tickled th?ua_ others;
for example, the sole of the feet, and the hypo-
chondriac legions.

TICKWEED, Hedeoma.

TIERCE, see Tertian.

TIGE PiTUTT^7JS£, InfundibulUm of the
brain — t. Sus-spheno'idale, Infundibulum of the
brain. .

TIGILLUM, Crucible. ,


TIGRETIER, see Mania, dancing.

TIGULA, Saccharum.

TIKIMiVrA, Cacoucia coccinea.

saline chalybeate at West Tilbury, in Essex,
England. It is not much frequented.

TILlA, T. EuTopce'a, J'hU'yra. The Lime
tree or hinden tree, 'Sasswood, 'WJdtewood,
Spoonwood, (F.) Tilhul. Family, Tiliaceas.
The flovvers have, been supposed to possess ano-
dyne and antispasmodic virtues.



TILMA, Linteum.

TILMOS, Evulsion.

TILMUS, Carphologia.

TIMAC. The name of an East India root,
but of wha^ vegetable is not clear. It is said
to possess diuretic properties; and hence has
been given in dropsies.

TIMIDUS, Kectus inferior oculi.

.TfN, (D.3 Ten. Stannum, Cassiieros,
Catiit'eros, Stangos, Ju'piter, Stii'pia, Laos,
Flumbitm album seu candidum, Flumhum can-
didum, (F.) &tain. A solid metal; of a pecu-
liar odour when rubbed; insipid; colour whi-
tish; s. g. 7.391; giving a peculiar tinkling
sound when struck. It is used, in medicine,'
only as a mechanical anthelmintic. Dose, 3J
of the Fulvis Stanni or Granular tin, in mo-
lasses. This is made by melting tin in an iron
vessel over the fire, and, while it is cooling,
stirring until it is reduced to a powder, which
is passed through a sieve. — Ph. U. S.

TiiJ, BuTTEK OF, Tin, muriate of — t.^ Chlo-
ruret of. Tin, muriate of— t. Deutohydrochlo-
rate of, T; muriate of.

Tin-Foil, Stcmnum folia'tum, Stanni'olum,
is used for plugging carious teeth, &c.

Tin-Glass, Bismuth.

Tin, GiANULAE, see Tin^t. Muriate of, su-
peiroxygenated, T. muriate of.

Tin, M0KIATK OF, Butter of Tin, Fuming
liquor of Liba'vius, Mii'rias Stanni, Milrias
Opcyd'uli Stanni, Cklor'uret of Tin, Deu'to-hy-
dro-chlorate of Tin, S iiperoxygena'ted Muriate
of Tin. This is formeo of Tin, one part; eon-^
r^entrated muriatic Acid, three parts. To be
crystallized by the aid of heat. A violent ca-
thartic. Dose, gr. ij or iij.

Tin, Sulphueet of, Aurum musiyum.

TINASMIIS, Tenesmus.

TINCTU'RA, from tingere, tindum, 'to dye.'
Tincture, Essen'tia, (F.) Tdnture, Alcooht, £1-
ajkol. The terra tincture is generally restricted
to spirituous solutions of vegetable, animal, and

some saline substances. It corresponds, there-
fore, with the word Quinies'sence', in one of its
old significations; and with the Jllajola'tum of
the Codex of Paris. It is not unusual, however,
to speak of apteous tincture, etha-eol tincture,
&c. Tinctures are made either with pure al-
cohol or proof spirit. The former are precipi-
tated by water : and, therefore, are seldom used
internally; the Matter are conyiion additions to
infusions, decoctions, &c. They ought not, of
course, to be united with any vehicle which
can decompose them, or separate any thing from
them in a palpable form ; unless such decompp- desiredby the prescriber. In making
tinctures, the ingredients should be reduced to
a coarse powder ; and the maceration be made
in close vessels, exposed to a heat of about 80°,
and frequently shaken. When completed, they
must be filtered, and put away for use in close
bottles. When the .process'of displacement is
employed, great care must be taken, so that the
substances treated may be, as far as possible,
exhausted of their soluble prinfiiples, and a per-
fectly clear tincture be obtained. To' those
who are not familiar with the process, the plan
of maceration is preferable. — Ph. XT. S,

TiNOTUKA Absin'tijii CoMPOs'iTA, Campound
Tincture 'of wormwood, Essett'tia absin'thii
composita Seu amara, (Absinth., artem. pontic,
caryophiai^ss, sacch. ^ij, alcohol. Oss. Mace- ,
rate for fifteen days. Ph. P.) Tonic, stomachic,
vermifuge, and carminative. Dose, f. ^i] to f.

TiNCT0EA AcAciJE Catechu, T. catechu-^t.
Acetatis ferri cum alcohole, see T. ferri acetatis
— t. Acidi sulphurici, Sulphuricum aciduip aro-

T I N c T.UEA Aconi'ti, Tincturc of Aconite,.
(Acbnit. giv, alcohol, 'dilut. Oij. Macerate for
14 days', express, and filter through paper. Ph.,
TJ. S.) It may also be made by displacement.
Ph. U. S.

TiNCTURA ,^the'eea Camphoea'ta, Solu'tio
cam*phorx 3cthe'rea, Liguor nervinus Bangii,
Spiritus sulphzi^rico - esthereus cam^phora'tus^
Naphtha vitrioli camphora'ta. iCamiphor, p. i.
JEther sulphuric, p. ii.) Stimulant in atonic
diseases, arthritic cardialgia and spasm. Dose,
20 to 30 drops in white wine.'

TiNCTUKA jEthehea Feeei, Alcohol (seu
Tinctura) sulphurico-sethereus ferri — t. Alco-
holica chinas composita, T. cinchonas compo-
sita— ^t. Alcoholica corticum aurantiorum Whyt-
tii, Tinctura 'cinchonae amara — t. Alexipharma-
ca Huxhami, Tinctura cinchonae composita.

TiNCTUEA Al'oes, T. Al'ocs Socitori'na, Es-
sen/tia Aloes, Al'cohol cum. Aloe perfolia'ta,
Tinctttre of Aloes. (^Aloes, gj, exi. glycyrrh.
,^iij, aqux Oiss,. alcohol. Oss. Macerate for 14
days, and filter. Ph. U. S.) Properties, those
of aloes. Dose, f. ,^ss to f. giss.

TiNCTUEA Aloes JETjiE'ii'EA,-^the'real Tinc-
ture of Aloes, Tinctura aloes vit7-iola^ta. (Aloes
Socot., Myrrh, aa .^i§s, croci §i, sp. cetheris
sulph. Oj. Digestthe myrrh in the ether for 4
days; then add the aloes and saffVon. Ph. E.)
Stimulant and cathartic. Dose, f. ^j to f. gij. ^

TiNCTUEA Aloes Compos'ita, Elixir Pro-
prieta'tis, E. aperiti'vum, E. Alohs, Tinctura
Aloes cum Mijrrha, T. Aloes et, Myrrhs, (Ph.
U.S.) T. Aloes et Myrrhce crocata, Elixir of
long life. Compound Tincture of Aloes, (F.)
Elixir de longue vie, Baume de vie de Lelievre,




(Aloes, inpulv., glij, croci, Jj, Tinct. Myrrha,
Oij.) Macerate for 14 days, and filter. Pur-
gative and stomachic. Dose, f. gj to f. gij.

Radcliffe's Elixir is formed of Aloes Socptr.
gvj, cort, cinnam., rod. zedoar, aa 3SS, rad. rhei
,5j, coccinell. gss, syrup. rhamni^i}, sp. tenuior.
Oj, aquss puree f. gv.

TiNOTCRA Aloes et Myeehs, T. aloes com-
pogita — t. Aloes et myrrhae crocata, T. A.
composita — t. Aloes vitriolata, T. A. aethe-
rea — t. Amara, T. gentians composita — t.
Amomf repentis, T. cardamomi — t. Amomi
zingiberis, T. zingiberis.

TiNCTUEA AsqusTv'B.m, Tincture of Angiis-
tura. {Cort. cuspaf. in puly. crass, redact. ,^ij,
■9p. vin. ten. Oij. Digest. Ph. D.) Dose, f. gj
tof.gij. - '

TiNCTUEA Antiodontal'gica, TootAfficAe Tinc-
ture, {Tannin, ^j, MM-stich, gr. v, aiher. gij.
M.) To be applied on Cotton wool, to the
tooth previously dried.

TiKgruEA Aeistoloohij: Serpentaeije, T.
serpentariae— t. Aroma:ica,'T. cinnamomi com-
posita — t. Aroinatica ammoniata, Spiritus am-
monias aromaticus.

TiNCTUEA Asaf<e'tid7e, T. Fcr'ult^ Asafmti"
dtB. Tincture of Asafatida, T, fatida, T. asaf(E-
tidae, {Asafcetid. ^iv, sp. rect. Oij. Macerate
for fourteen days and filter.) Dose, g"- xv to

i'- 3i-

TiNCTUEA AsAFtETiDiE Ammoniata, Spiritus
Ammoniae ftetidus.

TiNCTUEA Aurak'tii, T. Cor'ticis Aurantii,
Tincture of Orange Peel. {Aurant. cort. recent.
^iij, sp. rect. Oij. Digest for'14 days.) Sto-
machic. Used as an adjunct to stomachic
.draughts. Dose, f. gss to gij .

TiNCTUEA AuEEA, Alcohol scu tinctura sul-
pharico-aethereus ferri.

Tinctura Belladon'n^e, Tincture of Bella-
donna. {Belladonna, ^iv, alcohol, dilute Oij.
Macerate for 14 days; express, and filter through
paper. Ph. XT. S.) It may, also, be prepared
by displacement. Ph. U. S.

TiNCTUEA Bei^zo'ini Cow?6&'irtL, Compound
Tincture of 'Benzoin, T. Benzoes composita,
Ba^samum Cathol'icum, B. Per'sicum, Balsa-
mum trauTTLaficum., "Elixir traumaticum,Friar's
Balsam, Vervain's Balsam, Wade's^ Drops,
Jesuit's drops. Commander's Balsam, Wound
Balsam, Balsam for cuts. {Benzoin. , ^i'l],
styrac. purif-. ,^ij, tolut. gj, alaes, in pulv. _^ss,
alcohol. Oij. Macerate for 14 days and filter.)
Stimulant. Used chiefly to -wounds and ulcers.

The basis of Turlington's Balsam of Life is
the Compound Tincture of Benzoin. The fol-
lowing form is recommended by a committee
of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: —
Alcohol. Oviij, Benzoin, gxij, Styrac. liquid,
giv, Aloes Socotrin.'^i, Balsam Peruvian. _^ij,
Myrrhcc, §j, Rad. Angelic. ,^ss, Balsam Tolut.,
Ext. Glycyrrh.a^ ,^iv. Digest for ten days,
and strain.

The Essence of Coltsfoot consists of equal
parts of the Compound Tinctitre of Benzoin and
Balsam of Tolu, to which is added double the
quantity of Rectified Spirit of Wine. It is sold
as a pectoral.

TinctVea CALUM'sa:, T. Columb<E, T. Co-
lombo, Tincture of Columbo, Columbo Bitters,
(Calumb. rad. cont. ,^iv, alcohol, dilut, Oij.
Macerate for 14 days ; express, and filter. Ph.

U. S.) Dose, f. gss to giv. It may, also, be
made by displacement.

TiNCTUEA Camphors, Spiritus camphors.

TiNCTUEA Cam'phoe^ Compos'ita, T. Opii
Camphora'ta, Compoimd Tincture of Camphor,
Camphorated Tincture of Opiunt, Elixir Pare-
gor'icum, Paregor'ic Elixir. ' { Opii, in ,pulv.
Acid Benzoic, ,'d^. g j, bl. anisi, f . gj , Tnellis despu-
mat. ^ij-, Camphor, ^ijj alcohol, dilut, Oij.
Macerate for 14 days,,,and filter through paper.
Ph. U. S.) One fluidounee contains nearly gr.
ij of opium. Anodyne. Dose, f. gj to f. giij.

Squire's- Elixir, an empirical carminative
preparation, is. thus made, according to one for-
mula. {OpU '^v, 'camphor, ^j, coccinell. ^j,
foiuicul. dulc.^i], tinct. serpent. Oj, sp, anisi.
cong. ij, aquce Oij, auri musivi, ^vj.)

Tinctura Canthar'idiSj T. C. Vesicato'ria,
T. XjytttB, T. Meloes vesicato'rii, Tinctur-e of
Blistering Fly, 33. of Spanish Fly, (F.) Teinture
rubeflante. {Cantharid. cont. ^i^,alcoh.oL.dihU.
Oijl, Macerate for 14 daysj express^ and filter.
It may, also, be prepared by displacement;
Ph. U, S.) Stimulant and diuretic, bnt not
often used internally. Externally, Stimulant,
Dose, gtt. X. ,

Mattheio's Injection, a once celebrated "nos-
trum for listula in ano, consisted wholly of a
dilute Tincture of Cantharidss,

Tinctura Cxp'sici, Tincture of Capsicum.
{Capsic.'S,^. alcohol, dil,. Oij., Macerate for 14
days, and filter. Ph. XJ, S.) It ttiay/also, be
prepared by displacement. Stimulant'. Dose,
f. gss to gj.

Tinctura Caedamo'mi, T. arrio'ijfi repen'tis,
Tincture of Car' damoms . {Cardam. cont. ^iv,
alcohol, dilut. Oij. Macerate for 14 days, strain,
and filter. Ph. U. S.) I,t may,'^also, be made
by displacement. Use, the same as the seeds.
Dose, f. gj to f. giv.,

Solomon's Balm of Gil'ead, an empirical pre-
paration, seems to be an aromatic tincture, — of
which Cardamoms form a leading ingredient, —
made with brandy. Some affirm that it con-
tains cq,ntharides .

TiNCTUEA Cardamomi Compos'ita, ComjioKnf^
Tincture of-Card'amo7ns, Stomach Tincture,
Tinctura Stomach'ica. {Cdrd. sem,, carui stm.,
cocci, aa gij, cinnam. cort. cont. , giv. uvar.
passar. demptis acinis, .^iv, spirit, ten: Oij.
Ph. L.) Stomachic and carminative. Dose f.
gij to f. giv.

Tinctura Caeminati'va Syl'vii, Alcoola'-
tum Carminati'vum Sylvii, Carminative Elixir
of Sylvius. {Rad. angelic. 4 p., rad. impera-
tor., galavgj, ^a 6 p., fol. rosmarin., majoran.,
rutm, basilic, aa 48 p., haccar. later, nobxl. 19 p.
sem. angelic, ligust. levist., anis aa 16 p.,
zingib., nuc. moicAut. aa 6 p., cinnam. 12 p.,
caryoph., cort. limon. aa 4 p. Add alcohol
1500p. Macerate and distil, 1000, p. Ph. P.) A
warm stomachic, carminative, &c. Dose, gss
to f. §ss. "■'

Tinctura Cascaeii/l;e, T. Croto'ni^ Eleu-
the'ricB, Al'cohol cum Croto'ne CascariUa, TXve-
ture of CascariUa. {Cascarilt. cort. cont. §iv.
*;>. ten. Oij. Ph. L.) Dose, f. gj to f. giv.

Tinctura Casto'rei, T. Castorei Ros'sici.
Essen'tiaCastorei, Al'cohol castoria'tum,T. Cas-
torei Canaden'sis, Tincture of Castor. {Castor
cont. _^ij, ahohol. Oij. Macerate for 7 days,
express, and filter.) Tonic and antispasmodic.
Dose, gtt. XX to f. gij, or ihore.




TxNOTURA Castoeei CoMPos'iTA, Compound
Tincture of Castor. {Caat.^i,g. as^faUd.^ss.
alcohol- atnnioniat.O'^. Fh.E.) Antispasmoaic,
Dose,' f. gj to f. 3iv. Called, also, Elisrii- fw'ti-
drnn, Tinctura castorei fmtida se\i foetida ammo-

Tinctura Cat'eohw, Tinctura Ja'pon'ica, T.
Mimo'sse Catechu, T. Aca'ciae QatecA;*, Tincture
of Catechu. (Cdlech.'^^ii], cinriam. contusf. ,^ij,
alcohol, dilut. Oij. Macerate for 1.4dajs, ex-
press and filter. Ph. U.' S.) Astringent.
l3osp, f. 3j tof. gij. ' ,

The Concentrated Solution of Charcoal, sold
for cleaning the teeth, seems to be little more
than the tincture of catechu.

TiNCTUKA Cicvis., T. c'onii maculati.

Tinctura CiNOHo'Na:,T. Cor'ticis Periivia'ni
SiTnplex, T, Curt. Feruvia'ni, Tincture of Cincho-
na, Tincture 'of Bari:. {Cinchon. cont, ^vi,
alcohol, dilut, Oij. Macerate for 14 day«, ex-
press, and filter thrbugh paper. Ph. U.S.)
It may, also, be made by displacement. Dose^
fi ^i to giy or more.

Tinctura 'Cinoho'n;e' Ama'ra., Elixir anti'
hy'pot^hondri'acutn, E. rob'orans Whyftii, E.
Whyttii,Essen'tiaCor'ticis Peruvia'ni Cornposi-
ta, Tinetu! ra.alcohol'ica eorticwm aurantio'rum
Whyttii, T, Kin&i'Tice ama'ra, Elixir stomaeh'-
icus spirituo'sus. {Cinch, p. viij. Gentian.
Mad., Cart. Aurant. p. iij. Alcohol (.900) 96
p. Digest.) Dose, one or two teaspoonfuls.

TiMCTtiRA CiNCBONJE Ammonia'ta, T, Cor'-
ticis Peruvia'ni voldt'ilis, Aw/moniated Tincture
of Bark, Volatile Tinctur^ of Bark. {Cinchon.
landfol. cort. cOnt. ^iv; sp. ammon. aromat.
Oij. Ph.rh.) In dyspepsia, combined with
acidity and languor.

Tinctura Cinchona ^the'rea Compos'jta,
T. KinrB KitKZ mthc'rea compos'ita, Eliodr'ium.
Antisep'ticum J)octo'ris ChausSier, Chaussier's
Antisep'tic Eli.xir. (Cinchon. oj/icin. gij, ccks-
carill. -^ss, dinn'am, giij, croci gss, saccfi,. alt.
gxxxviij. Put thes^ bruised iMo a mattress,
and add vin. alb. Hispa7iic,..Ye\ vin. muscat., al-
cohol, aa, Oj . Ma'cerate for two days, and add
sulphuric ether f..7,is^,. PA..F.) Tonic, Stimu-
lant, and antiseptic. Dose, f. gss to f. gj.

Tinctura Cinchona Compos'ita, Compound
Tl^icture of Cinchona or Ba^'k, Huxham's Tinc-
ture of Bark, T. Cor'ticis Peruvia'ni Compo-
sita, T.,fedrif'uga,Docto'ris Muxhd'mi, Essen'-
tia Chines, E. Cor'ticis Peruvia'ni Alexiphar!-
maca Suxhami, Essen'tia antisep'tica PLux-
hami, Tinctu'ra Alexiphar'maca Huxhami,
Tinctu'ra AlcohoVica Chinm Compos'ita. ■•{Cin-
chon. com. ^^ij, aurant. cort. cgnt. .^is^, 'ser-
pent, tont. giij, croci, santal. aa ^j,'alcohol. di-
luti^i. §xx. ]Vfaeerate for 14 days, express, and
filter. Ph. U. S.) It may, alsOj be made by
displacement., l^ore grateful than the simple
tincture. Dose, f. gj to f. giij.

Tinctura C^Nnamo'mi, Tincture of Cinna-
mon, Essen'tiq, CinTiamoTni, T. Lauri Cirina-
momi, {Cinnam. cont. Jiij, alcohol, dilut. Oij.
Macerate for 14 days, express, and filter. Ph.
XT. S.) It may, also, be prepared by displace-
ment. Stomachic. Dose, f. gj to f. gij.

Tinctura Cinnamo'mi Compos'ita,, Cora-
pound Tincture of Cinnamon, Tinctu'ra Aro-
jnalUca, Essen'tia Aromatica, Alcooi cum Aro-
mat'ihus Cortipos'itus, Eau de Bonferme ou
d^Armagnac, { Cinnam. cont. ^^j, cardam. cont.
§ss, zingib. cont. giij, alcohols dilut. Oij. Ma-

cerate for 14 days, eotpress, and filter. I'/i.
U. S.) It may, also, be prepared by displace-
ment. Use, satne as the last. Dose, f. gj to

Tinctura de CochlIsA'riis, Alcoola'tum de
Cothlea'riis, A. antiscorbu'tioum. {Fol. coch-
lear, recent. ySOO p., rad. arm'oracige, 230 p.,
qtlcohol. (22° to 32° B6.) 3000 p., distil off 2000
p. Ph.r.) Antiscorbutic. 'Dose,f.3ijto,^j.

Tinctura Col'chici, T. C. Sem'inis,{Ph.
v. S.), Tincture of Colchi'eum Seed. {Colchip.
sem. copt. giv, alcohol, dilut. Oij. Macerate
for 14 days, express, ancj filter. Ph. U.S.) • It
may, al^o, be prepared by displacement^ Dose,
ten to sixty drops. ' , ^

TtnoturA CoLCHifei Sejiinis, T.' colchici — t.
ColombEE, T. Calumbte.

TiNCTtTRA CoNid, T. C. Macula'ti, T.dcu'-
tce. Tincture of Hemlock. /{Cotiii fol. ^'iv, al-
cohol, dil. Oij'. Macerate for 14 days, exjjress,
and filter. Ph. U. S.) It may also be made
by displacement. Use; — the same a:s that of
the leaves. • i

Tinctura C6nii,Ma9Ulati, T. conii^-t. Con-
, volvuli Jalapae, T. jalapii — t. Corti'cis aurantii,
'T. -aurantii— t. Corticis Peruviani;' composita,
T. cinchonse eOmp. — t. Corticis Peruviani sim-
plex, T. cinchonEB^t. Corticis Peruviani vola-
tili^, T. cinchonee'ainmoniata. j

Tinctura Croci Sati'vji, T. Croci, Tine-,
ture of ' Saffron. {Croci Angl. ,coht.' gj, alco-
hol, dilut. '^xx. Ph.E.y Slightlystomachic(?).
Dose, f. gj- tof. giij. ,

Tinctura de Crooo Compos'ita, Elixir'inm
de GarUs, Alcoolattim de Croco Compos'itum,
Corn-pound Tincture of Saffron, Elixir of Ga-
rtis. {Aloes Socotr. 320 p., myrrh. 64 p., croci.
33 p.,^cinnamr., nuc. gAoschat.y'caryoph. aa, 1{)
p., ,alcohol. 1000 p. ag. flor. aurant. 5000 p.
Digest for two daysj distil 4000 p,, and add
si/rup-afcapillaire, 5000 p. Ph. P.) Aroma-
tic, cordial, stomachic. It is also called Elixir
.cordia'le et stomach'ieum, and E,. anticol'icum
croea'tum. ,

Tinctura Crotonis ELEUTHEEliE, T. casca-

Tinctura OubeB'/E, T^inctureof Cubebs. '{Cu-
beb. cont. giv, alcohol, dilut. ,Oij. Macerate
for 14 days, express, and filter. Ph. U. S.)
It may, also, be, prepared by displacement.
Dose, one or two fliiidrachftis.

' Tinctura Digita'hs, Tincture of Digitalis,
T. D-igit(ilis purpu'rese. {Digital. ,^iv, spirit,
ten. O'l]. Macerate for 14 days, express, and
filter.) It may, also, be prepared by displace-
ment. Use^ same as that of the leaves. Dose,
g"- X.

Tinctura FEBRiriiGA Doctoris Huxhami,
T. cinchonae composita.

^ Tinctura FeRri Aceta'tis, Tincture of Ace-
tate of Iron. {Potass, acetat.^i], snlph. ferri
^i, sp. rectif. Oij.' Rub the acetate., and sul-
phate into a soft .mass. Dry and ,rub With tba
spirit. Digest for 7 days, and pour off. . Ph.
D.) Tonic and astringent. Dose, g"- xx to
f. gj. The Dublin college directs a Tinctura
Acetatis Ferri cum A/'coho'le, which difiers fron?
the' other, in having half the quantity, only, of
the Acetate of Potass.

Tinctura Ferri Ammonia'ta, Tincture of
Ammonidted Iron, T. Ferri Ammoniaca'lis, T.
Florum 'martia'lium, T. Martis Mynsich'ti.
{Ferri ammon, §iv, sp. ten. Oj. Ph, L.) Use-r-




same as that of the ammoniated iron. Dose, f.
gsstof. gij. •

TiNOTUKA Feeri ChloridIj Ti ferri muriatiB.

TiNCTUEA Ferri Muria'tis, T. Ferrichlo'-
ridi, (Ph. U. S.), T. Fern sesqui-chlo' ridi, lA-
qubr Ferri muria'tis. Tincture of Muridte'of
Iron, T. Murtis in Spiritu Salis, T. M. cum Spi-
ritu Salis', T. Ferri Muria'ti, Tinctuve of Steel,

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