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gestive. I. Natural Heritage ; II. On Degeneration in Man ; ILL
On Moral and Criminal Epidemics; IV. Body; V. Mind; VL
Illusions and Hallucinations ; the demon of Socrates ; the amulet
of Pascal ; VIL On Somnambulism ; VIIL Revery and Abstrac-
tion. This book addresses a much larger class of readers than
that to which it is specially addressed and while the author's
views may not be universally accepted, his discussion of them is
scholarly and always interesting. s.

Palaeontology of the Geological Survey of New York, by James HalL YoL lY,
Part 1. 428 pp. 4to, with 69 plates. Albany, N. Y. 1870.

Handbook of Zoolotry, with examples from Canadian species, recent and fossiL
By J. W. Dawson. Part L — ^Invertebrata, with 275 illustrations. 224 pp., 12mo.
Montreal. 1870.

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Description of Mexican Ants noticed in the Amer. Nat. April, 1868; E. Nortcm, —

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alt Water; A, S. Packard^ Jr. — p. 61, Synopsis of tiie Polyps ajid Corals of the
North Pacific Exploring Expedition ; A. E. VerriJL

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the Lingual Dentition of Mollnsca, No. 1 ; W. O. Binney, T. BlaruL^p. 29S, Notes
on species of the family Corbiculads, T. iVff?ie. — ^p. 301, Reyiew of the Pish of
Cuba belonging to the genus Trisotropis. with an Introductory Note by J. C. Bre-
voort; K Poey. — ^p. 309, Note on the Hemaphroditism of Pish; F. Poey, — p. 310,
Lepidopterological Miscellanios, No. 2; C. T. Robinson,

Procbbdinos Acad. Nat. Sol, Philadelphia, Noe. 2, 3, 1869. — ^p. 83, Remarks
on the Blastoidea, with Descriptions of New Species; F. B. Metk^ A. H. Worfhen, —
p. 93, Review of the species of the Plethodontids and Desmognathid® ; K D.
Cope. — p. 119, Further Notes on Microscopic Crystals in some Gfems; /. Lea, — p.
121, Sexual Law in the Conifers; T^-MeeKan. — p. 124, Descriptions of six new spe-
cies of Fresh Water Shells; / Lea. — p. 125, Notice of some obscurely known spe-
cies of American Birds; R. Ridgway. — ^p. 137, Descriptions of new Carboniferous
Fossils f^om the Western States.— p. 173, Auroral Display of April 15, 1869; J.
Ennia. — ^p. 176, On the production of Bractea in Larix; T. Meehan. — p. 180, On
Yariation in the genus .^Egiothus; E. Cowea. — ^p. 189, Law of Development in the
flowers of Ambrosia artemisiiefolia; T. Meehan. — ^Biological and Miorosoopical
Dbpabtment. — p. 5, Sections of Hard Tissues and other substances for the Micro-
scope ; G. Johnson — ^p. 1 1, Machine for grinding sections of hard sobstanoea for
Microscopic purpose.^. — ^p. 15, Desmids from Saoo Pond, N. Hampshire ; ff. C. Wood.

Prooeedinos Boston Soc. Nat. Hist., YoL XIIL — ^p. 196, On tiie Parallel
Ridges of Glacial Drift in Eastern Mass.. with some remarks on the Glacial Period,
N. S. Shaier.—^. 206, Description of Nest of White Ant; F. MuUer^ H. Hagen.-^
p. 206, Genital Annature of Butterflies; S. H. Scudder.-^p. 209, Notes on Diato-
maoeffi ; A. M. Ednoairda. — ^p. 221. Description of the Larra and Chrysalis of Plpflio
Rutulus; S. H. Scudder.-^p. 222, The Phosphate Beds of South Carolina; N. S.
Shaler. — ^p. 236, Euleptorhamphus longirostris on the Coast of Mass. ; F. W. Putnam.
—p. 240, Revision of the Classification of the MoUusoa of Masa ; W. R DaXL

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


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Digitized by VjOOQ IC



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etc., noticed, 274.
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from gas, see GAa

see further PHoroMBTRia
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Meteors, see Shsokng Stan.
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MOne-Edwarday J&pjormBy 275.
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Kwrf^8y noticed, 119.

Asbestos, in Mass., 271; Atekstite,
401; Colutnbium minerals, 402 ; Co-
rundiiminMass., 272; Bulytite.401;
Gibb8ite,402; HaUoyaite, 402 ; Leu-

• Omitted In Index to left rohune.
Ifecnettte In the mien of Pennilmrr, In reply to


dte, 335; Mica, 401; Mica alter-
ed at Pelham, 272; Pencatite, 402;
Predazzite, 402: Samarskite, 402;
Selagite, (a rock), 401; Tantalum
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Clark 69.

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Roecoe'e, 389.
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Storms, telegraph to announce, 282.
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Loew. 368.
Sulphuric add of gasteropods, 420.
Sun, edipse of, 134.

Temperatures of flame. 339.
Thallium, ethyl compounds of^ 389.
Theory of existence, noticed, 286.
Tin, separating from arsenic, etc., 48.
Traill's Treatise on Quartz and Opal, 403.
Droost, heat of combination of boron and
silicon with dilorine and oxygen, 386.

Vegetable, see Botavt.
Venus, transit of, 436.
VerriU, A. E., Edunoderms and Corala
ftxMn Gulf of California, 93.

sea-urchin of N. England, 101.

deep-sea faunie fixHn recent dredge
ings, 129.

shells of Gulf of Califomia, 217.

new Corals, 370.

zoological notices, 129, 273, 276, 423.
Volcanic crater of Maui, 43.
Vdcano of Kilaaea, eta, Cbon, 269.

Water of lake Leman, cdor of; Eayee^ 186.

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facture, 366.

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Mts., 398.

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Winda motion of dome at Washington
by, 384.

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on flame temperatures, 339.

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new oorals, VerriH, 370,
Pennatula F&mily, by Richiardi, 426.
sea-urdiin of N. England, VerriU, 101.
Bhellsof Gulf of California, F<rria;si7.
see farther, FoasiLa

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Professors B.SILLIMAN and JAMES D. DANA,


Pbofebsobs ASA GRAY, and WOLCOTT aiBBS,

Pbofkssobs H. a. NEWTON, S. W. JOHNSON,




Nos. 148, 149, 150.




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Digitized by VjOOQIC




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Digitized by VjOOQ IC



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