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World, 1614-17.

Schouten, W. C. , and Jacques !e Maire.
Remarkable Voyage round the World by
a New Passage into the South Seas,

Quiros, Don Pedro F. de. Voyage for
the Discovery of the Southern Conti-
nental Islands, about 1600.

Hermite, Jacques le. Voyage of the Nassau
Fleet round the Globe, 1623-26.

Cowley, Capt. Voyage round the World,

Dampier, Capt. William. First Voyage
round the World, collected from his own
Account, 1683-91.

Voyage to New Holland and New

Guiney, from his own Account, 1699-

Funnell, William. Voyage round the
World, 1703-6.

Rogers, Capt. Woodes, and Capt. S.
Courtney. Voyage round the World,

Clipperton, Capt. John. Voyage round
the World, 1719-22.

Shelvocke, Capt. George. Voyage round
the World, 1719-22.

Betagh, Capt. Observations on the Coun-
try of Peru and its Inhabitants during his
Captivity, 1720.

Roggewein, Comm. Account of his Ex-
pedition, with three Ships, for the Dis-
covery of Southern Lands, 1721-33.

Pelsart, Capt. Francis. Voyage and Ship-
wreck of, on the Coast of New Hol-
land, and his succeeding Adventures,

Tasman, Capt. Abel Janscn. Voyage for
the Discovery of Southern Countries,

Anson, Comm. Account of the Expedi-
tion of, round the World, 1 740-44.

The Discovery, Settlement, and Com-
merce of the East Indies : —
The History of India in the Earliest Ages.

Harris, Vol. i \ci\~continued.

The History of this Commerce in the
hands of the Idumeans, Israelites, Ty-
rians, &c. , with some Account of its

Of the Indian Commerce under the Per-
sian Empire.

An Exact Account of Alexander's Con-
quest of the Persian Empire, and more
particularly of his Indian Expedition, and
the Consequences he intended to have
drawn from thence.

Nearchus. Voyage from the Mouth of the
River Indus up the Persian Gulph, for
the Discovery of the Coasts and their

The History of the Seleucidse, Kings of
of Syria, who were the immediate pos-
sessors of Alexander's Indian Conquests.

The History of the Greek Empire in
Egypt, under the Ptolemies ; the Estab-
lishment of the Indian Commerce at
Alexandria, and the Consequences of
that establishment, to the Reduction of
Egypt into a Province by the Romans.

The History of the Indian Trade, as car-
ried on through Egypt by the Red Sea,
under the Romans, the Manner of its
Establishment, the Profits drawn there-
from, and the Discoveries made in con-
sequence of this Commerce.

An Account of the Affairs of Egypt, and
of the Commerce carried on by the
Romans through that country to the East,
till the Seat of the Empire was trans-
ferred from Rome to Constantinople.

An Account of the Religion, Government,
Laws, Customs, and Manners of the
Indians, as they are recorded in the
Works of ancient Authors.

The Learning, Discipline, Office, Manner
of Living, and Privileges of the Brach-
mans, including an Account of their
peculiar Doctrines in Theology.

Of the Land Animals in the East Indies,
as described by antient Authors, com-
pared with modern Authors.

An Account of the most remarkable Fish
and Fowl in the East Indies, as described
by ancient and modern Authors.

Volume i \b\

An Account of the Descriptions left us by
the Ancients of the Eastern and Northern
Parts of the Indies, the notions they had
of their Riches, with Enquiry into the
Reasons which hindered the extending
their Discoveries on that side.

History of the Rise, Progress, and De-
cline of the Constantinopolitan Em-
pire, together with the Commerce of its
Subjects in the East ; also a brief Detail
of the Rise of the Arabian Empire, the



Harris, Vol. i [^] — continued.

Recovery of the Indian Commerce in
Egypt, and the Reviving the Trade of

An Account of the several Passages to
the Indies, both by Sea and Land, that
have been Attempted, Discovered, or
Practised by the Antients.

An Account of the Travels of Two Ma-
hommedans through India and China
in the Ninth Century. Translated from
the Arabic by ihe Abbe Renaudot.

Benjamin, Rabbi, the son of Jonas of
Tudela. Travels through Europe, Asia,
and Africa, from Spain to China, 1160-
1173. From the Latin of Montanus.

Rubruquis, William de. The remarkable
Travels of, in the East, particularly into
Tartary and China, 1253.

Marco Polo. The curious and remark-
able Voyages and Travels of, in the
middle of the Xlllth century ; through
a great part of Asia, all the Dominions
of the Tartars, and home by sea through
the Islands of the East Indies.

History of the Empire of the Great Mo-
gul, from its foundation by Timur-Bec,
or Tamerlane, to the present time.

History of the Rise and Progress of the
Portuguese Empire in the East Indies;
their Discoveries set forth in their natural
Order ; the form of their Government in
those parts explained ; the causes of the
Declension of their Power examined ;
and the present Posture of their Affairs
in this part of the World truly stated.

Pirard de Laval, Francis. Voyage to the
East Indies ; his Shijiwreck amongst the
Maldives, and his copious Account of
that Archipelago, 1601-11.

Beaulieu, Comm. Augustin de. Expedi-
tion to the East Indies, containing a
curious Description of the Sea-Coasts and
Commerce, as also curious Observations
on the Manners of the People, and the
means of establishing Colonies among
them, 1619-22.

Mandelsloe, John Albert de. Remarks
and Observations made in his Passage
from the Kingdom of Persia through
several Countries of the Indies, 1638.

The remaining Voyages through the

Indies, including his Descriptions of
Countries, Historical Remarks upon
several Nations, and his Observations on
the Commerce of the Portuguese, English,
and Dutch at that time, 1639.

Tavernier, J. B. Account of the Com-
modities, Manufactures, and the Produce
of the several Countries of the East

An Account of the different Routes

to all the great Cities and chief Marts
in the Indies.

Harris, Vol. i 11)1— continued.

Tavernier, J. B. Remarks and Obser-
vations in his Travels through the Indies,
together with his Account of the Dutch
Settlement, and of his Voyage on board a
Dutch Ship from Batavia to Europe.

Cunningham, James. Observations and
Remarks made during his Residence
on the Island of Chusan, on the Coast of
China, 1 701.

Adams, William. Account of the Ad-
ventures of, who resided many years in
the Empire of Japan, 1609-31.

An Historical Account of the Intercourse
between the Inhabitants of Great Brit-
ain and the People in the East Indies,
containing likewise a Compleat History
of the East India Company from its
Erection under Queen Elizabeth, and
of the several Alterations that have been
made therein.

History of the Rise, Progress, and Estab-
lishment of the Dutch East India Com-

History of the French East India Com-
merce from its first Original, together
with a clear and concise Account of the
several Alterations it has undergone, and
a full and plain Description of its pre-
sent Circumstances at Home and Abroad,

History of the Rise, Progress, and Sup-
pression of the Imperial Company of
the Indies, established at Ostend by
the Emperor Charles V.

History of the Danish Commerce to the
East Indies, their Establishments there,
the Decay of the Old Company, and
the Motives which induced them to set
up a New One.

History of the Swedish East India Com-

Volume 2 \a\
The Discovery, Settlement, and Com-
merce of the West Indies : —

Of the Importance of the new-discovered
Continent of America, the nature of the
Discovery, the felicities attending it, the
advantages derived from thence to the
Art of Navigation, &c.

Columbus Chr. First Voyage, in which
he Discovered the Lucayan Islands,
and afterwards Cuba and Hispaniola,
which opened a Passage from Europe to
America, with his return to Spain,

Second Voyage, to the West Indies,

including an Account of all the Dis-
coveries made in that Voyage, 1493-96.

Third Voyage, to the West Indies,

in which he first saw the Continent
of America, 1498-1500.

Fourth Voyage : his Discoveries on

the Continent, and of the Islands in
America, 1502-5.



Harris, Vol. 2 [a] — continued.

Cortes, Hernan. The History of the
several Discoveries, Settlements and
Conquests made by the Spaniards, in
the West Indies, after the Death of
Chr. Columbus.

Expedition for the Reduction of

New Spain, 1 5 18.

The Progress of this Expedition from
the Time of the Spaniards embarking
for New Spain, to the first Message
sent by Cortes to Motezuma, Emperor
of Mexico, 1 5 19.

The Continuation of the Expedition, his
Alliances with several Indian Nations,
his success in quelling various Seditions
in his own Army, and his preparations
for his March to Mexico by burning
his whole Fleet, 1519.

The History of the War of Tlascala,
from its breaking out to Cortes's con-
cluding a Peace with that Republic ;
and his taking them into the Con-
federacy against the Indian Emperor
Montezuma, 1519.

The March of the Spaniards to Mexico,
the Reception given to Cortes by
Montezuma, his Imprisonment and
other Transactions to the Time of his
ordering the Spaniards to quit his
Dominions, 1519.

The History of Cortes's Expedition
continued to the Death of Montezuma,
and the Spaniards being forced to
abandon the City of Mexico, 1 520.

The Conclusion of Hernan Cortes's Ex-
pedition, including the History of the
remaining part of the War, to the
Reduction of the City and Empire of
Mexico, 1520-21.

The Discoveries made by the Spaniards in
the Province called Golden Castile ;
their first knowledge of the South Sea,
and their Establishment of Panama, by
which a Passage was opened to the
Discovery and Conquest of the Empire
of Peru, 1513-26.

Pizarro, Francis. The History of the
Discovery and Conquest of the Em-
pire of Peru, 1524, together with
the Discovery of Chili, and the Con-
quest of that Country, I535-

History of the Discovery, Settlement,
and Cultivation of Brazil by the Portu-
guese ; the Conquest of the greatest
part of that Country by the Dutch ;
the Recovery thereof by the Portu-
guese, and the vast advantages that
have accrued to them from this noble
Colony, 1 500- 1 709.

The Discoveries and Settlements made
by the English, in different parts of
America, from the Reign of Henry VII.
to the Close of the Reign of Queen
Elizabeth, 1495- 1603.

Harris, Vol. 2 [a] — coniintied.

The History of the Discoveries, Settle-
ments, and other Transactions of the
English Nation in America, from the
Accession of James I. to the Restora-
tion, 1603-60.

An Historical Account of the British
Settlements in America, from the Re-
storation of Charles II. to the Revolu-
tion, 1660-88.

The History of the British Colonies in
America, from the Revolution to the
Death of George I.

The History of the Rise, Progress, and
Present State of the Colony of Georgia,

History of the Discoveries, Settlements,
and Conquests of the French in
America, 1523-1713.

The Discoveries, Conquests, Settlements,
and Present State of the Dutch Colonies
in America, with an Account of the
Danish Settlement, 1642- 17 14.

Discoveries towards the North and
through viost of the Countries of
Europe : —

History of the Countries lying round
the North Pole, their Climate, Soil,
and Produce : Greenland, Spitzbergen,
Mayen Island, Nova Zembla, Yedzo,
&c., 1585-1746.

Philosophical Motives for seeking a
Passage into the South Seas, by the
North- West, examined and explained,
together with the History of the At-
tempts made with that view, for the
space of 1 30 years.

James, Capt. Thomas. Voyage for the
Discovery of a Passage into the South
Seas, by the North-West, his winter-
ing in Charlton Island, and return to
England, 1631-33.

Middleton, Capt. Chr. Attempts made
for the Discovery of a Passage into the
South Seas, from Hudson's Bay, with
Orginal Papers by Dobbs, 1725-42.

Account of the Grounds upon which a
North-East Passage into the Sea of
Japon has been sought for ; the At-
tempts of the English and Dutch on
that side.

A Voyage to the North, containing an
Account of the Sea Coasts and Mines
of Norway, the Danish, Swedish, and
Muscovite Laplands ; Borandia, Siberia,
Samojedia, Zembla, and Iceland, with
some curious Remarks on the Nor-
wegians, Laplanders, Russians, Poles,
Circassians, Cossacks, and other
Nations ; extracted from the Journal
of a Gentleman employed , by the
North-Sea Company at Copenhagen,
and from the Memoirs of a French



Harris, Vol. 2 [a] — continued.

An Impartial Account of the Kingdom
of Sweden, with respect to its Climate,
Soil, and Produce, &c. , collected from
the Writings of an English Minister
residing there.

Molesworth and others. The Present
State of the Dominions of the Crown
of Denmark, and of its Subjects, in
respect to their Manners, Customs, &c.

Connor, Bernard. A Comprehensive
Account of the Kingdom of Poland,
the Situation, &c.

Beauplan, Mr. A Short Account of the
Ukrain, and of its Inhabitants the

Volume 2 [b'].

Misson, Maximilian. Travels through
part of Holland, the Spanish Low
Countries, Germany, Tyrol, and the
Bishoprick of Trent, on his way to
Italy, 1687-88.

Travels through a great part of

Italy, with Observations on the
Manners, Customs, &c., of the In-

Arrival at Rome, to his Departure

out of Italy.

Burnet, Bishop Gilbert. Travels through
Switzerland, part of Italy, some Pro-
vinces of Germany, and the Low
Countries, 1685-86.

Ray, John. Travels through the Low
Countries and Germany, towards Italy,

Travels through the Dominions of

the State of Venice, Lombardy, Tus-
cany, the Kingdom of Naples, the
Islands of Sicily and Malta, the
Ecclesiastical State, the Bishoprick of
Trent, the Country of the Grisons,
Switzerland, &c.

Willoughby, Francis. Travels through
Spain, 1664.

Travels through Portugal and Spain,
with a distinct Description of the
Principal Cities in both Kingdoms,
particularly Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto,
and Braga, Madrid, Valentia, Alicant,
&c. , by an English Gentleman, 1693.

Skippon, Sir Philip, and John Ray.
Travels through the best part of the
Kingdom of France, 1664.

Northleigh, John. Travels through
France, 1702.

Browne, Edward. Voyage from England
to Holland, with a Journey from thence,
by Land, through the Electorates of
Cologne, Treves, and Mentz, the
Lower and Upper Palatinate, Bavaria,
and Austria to Vienna ; from thence
through Moravia, Bohemia and Saxony
to Hamburgh, 1668.

Harris, Vol. 2 [i] — continued.
Browne, Edward. Description of the
Noble Kingdom of Hungary, inter-
spersed with a Variety of Geographical,
Historical, Physical, &c.. Remarks.

Travels through Hungary into

Thessaly ; a Description of the City of
Larissa, &c.

Journey from Vienna to Venice by

Land, with an Account of the Quick-
silver Mines inFriuli, including Ob-
servations in his Passages through
Styria, Carinthia, and Carniola.

Thevenot, John. Voyages and Travels
from Italy to Constantinople, 1655.

Account of the Customs and

Manners of the Turks, &c. ; also an
Account of the Christians and Jews
inhabiting Countries that are Subject
to the Grand Signior.

— — Account of ' several of the most
remarkable Cities in Asia, of various
Islands in the Archipelago, intermixed
with Accounts from Wheeler and
Lebrun, 1656.

Maundrell, Henry. Journey from Aleppo
to Jerusalem, 1696.

Chardin, Sir John. Travels by way of
the Black Sea, through the Countries
of Circassia, Mingrelia, the Country of
the Abcas, Georgia, Armenia, and
Media, into Persia Proper, 1672.

Description of the Great Empire of
Persia ; its Situation, Extent, Distri-
bution into Provinces, &c., collected
from the Writings of Herbert, Chardin,
Tavernier, Thevenot, Le Brun, and

View of the Persian History, from the
earliest Accounts down to the Present
Time, collected from Oriental Writers,
and from Greek and Latin Historians.

Ysbrants Ides, E. Travels from Mus-
covy through Great Ustiga, Siriana,
Permia, Siberia, Daour, &c., to the
Frontiers of China; through the
Countries of the Mongul Tartars, lying
between the Russian and Chinese
Empires, the Passage through the
Famous Wall, and from thence to the
City of Peking, the Capital of China ;
with an Account of Peking, and Return
from China by Land, 1692-95.

Description of Siljeria.

Kao, Dionysius. A Geographical De-
scription of the Extensive Empire of
China, and of the Sixteen Provinces
into which it is divided.

An Authentick Account of what-
ever is most remarkable in regard to
persons or things throughout the
whole Empire of China, with a De-

■ scription of Japan, Corea, Formosa,.
Tunkin, and Laos, &c.



Harris, Vol. 2 [d] — continued.

Description of the Country, History of
the Inhabitants, and Account of the
present state of the Kingdom of Corea.

Account of Part of the North-east
Frontier of the Russian Empire, com-
monly called the Country of Kams-
chatka or Kamschatska.

Behring, Capt. Voyages for Discovery
towards the East, 1725-26.

Retrospective View of this whole Collec-
tion, in which its particular Advantages
are explained, and an Account given
of the Uses to which the Contents may
be applied.

, , Hawkesworth, John. An Account of

)^ the Voyages undertaken by the Order

1, , . of His Present Majesty for making Dis-

- - ' .. coveries in the Southern Hemisphere,

and successively performed by Comm.

Byron, Capt. Wallis, Capt. Carteret,

and Capt. Cook, in the " Dolphin," the

"Swallow," and the "Endeavour."

Drawn up from the Journals which were

kept by the several Commanders, and

from the Papers of Joseph Banks, Esq.

3 vols. Maps and plates. 4° 1773

Volume i.

Byron, Comm. Voyage from the Downs
to Rio de Janeiro, Port Desire,
Patagonia, up the Streight of Magellan
to Port Famine and back to Falkland's
Islands, Cape Monday, Islands of
Disappointment, King George's Is-
lands, Islands of Saypan, Tinian,
Aguigan, and Timoan, Batavia, Cape
of Good Hope to England ; with De-
scriptions of the various Islands,

Wallis, Capt. Voyage to the Coast of
Patagonia, Otaheite, Tinian, Batavia,
and the Cape of Good Hope, with
Tables of Latitudes and Longitudes
West of London, 1766-68.

Carteret, Capt. Voyage from Plymouth
to Madeira, from thence through the
Streight of Magellan to Masafuero,
Queen Charlotte's Islands, Egmont
Island, Nova Britannia, Mindanao,
Celebes, to Batavia, round the Cape
of Good Hope to England, with a
Table of the Variation of the Compass,

Volumes 2 and 3.
Cook, Capt. Voyage round the World,

Kerr, Robert. A General History and

Qjv Collection of Voyages and Travels,

Tj . arranged in Systematic Order ; forming

\^\\ a complete History of the Origin and

^ ^^ Progress of Navigation, Discovery.Jand

Kerr— continued.
Commerce, by Sea and Land, from the
earliest ages to the present time. 18 vols.
Maps and charts. 8°

Edinburgh, 181 1-24

Volume i.
Voyages and Travels of Discovery,
from the Era of King Alfred, in the
Ninth Century, to the Era of Don
Henry, Prince of Portugal, at the
commencement of the Fifteenth Cen-
tury : —
Discoveries in the Time of Alfred.
Discovery of Iceland by the Norwegians,

in the ninth century.
Ohthere, Voyages of, to the White Sea

and the Baltic, in the ninth century.
Forster, J. R. Remarks on the Situation

of Sciringes-heal and Hjethum.
Wulfstein. Voyage in the Baltic, as

related to King Alfred.
Sighelm. Voyage to India, in the reign

of Alfred.
Erigena, John. Travels to Athens, in

the ninth century.
Alfred, King. Geography of the Known

Leucanier, And. Travels to Jerusalem,

in the eleventh century.
Swanus. Voyage to Jerusalem, 1052.
Voyage of three Ambassadors from Eng-
land to Constantinople, about 1056.
Alured. Pilgrimage to Jerusalem, 1058.
Ingulphus. Pilgrimage to Jerusalem,

Original Discovery of Greenland by the

Icelanders, in the ninth century.
Early Discovery of Winland, or America,

by the Icelanders, 100 1.
Travels of two Mahometans into India

and China, in the ninth century.
Benjamin, Rabbi. Travels from Spain

to China, in the twelfth century.
Travels of an Englishman in Tartary,

Sketch of the Revolutions in Tartary.
Carpini, John de Piano. Travels in

Tartary, 1246.
Rubruquis, W. de. Travels in Tartary,

about 1253.
Haitho, Prince of Armenia. Travels in

Tartary, 1254.
Marco Polo. Travels into China and the

East, from 1260 to 1295.
Oderic of Portenau. Travels into China

and the East, 1318.
Mandeville, Sir John. Travels into the

East, 1322.
Pegoletti. Itinerary between Azof and

China, 1355.
Zeno, Nicolo and Antonio. Voyages,



Kerr, Vol. i — continued.

Schildtberger, John. Travels into Tar-

tary, 1394.
Travels of the Ambassadors of Mirza

Shah Rokh, King of Persia, from

Herat to Khanbalek, in Kathay, 1419.
Quirini, Pietro. Voyage and Travels

into Norway, 143 1.
Barbaro, Josaphat. Travels from Venice

to Tanna, now called Asof, 1436.

Volume 2.
Accoimt of various early Pilgrimages

from England to the Holy Land,

between 1097 and 1 107.
Discovery of Madeira.
Account of the Discovery and Conquest

of the Canary Islands.

General Voyages and Travels, chiefly
of Discovery, from 1^12 to 1760 : —

Galvano, Ant. Summary of the Dis-
coveries of the World, from their first
original to 1 555.

Contarini, Ambrose. Journey from the
Republic of Venice to Uzun-Hassan,
King of Persia, 1473-76.

Voyages of Discovery by the Portuguese
along the Western Coast of Africa,
during the Life, and under the direction
of Don Henry.

Cada Mosto and Pedro de Cintra.
Original Journals of the Voyages of,
to the Coast of Africa, 1455-56.

Portuguese Discoveries along the Coast
of Africa, from the Death of Don Henry
in 1463, to the Discovery of the Cape
of Good Hope, i486.

Castaneda, Hernan Lopez de. History
of the Discovery and Conquest of
India by the Portuguese, 1497-1505.

Letters from Lisbon in the beginning of
the Sixteenth Century, respecting the
recent Discovery of the Route by Sea
to India, and the Indian Trade.

Volume 3.
History of the Discovery of America,
and of some of the early CoTiquests
in the New World: —

Columbus, Christopher. History of the
Discovery of America, by Ferdinand


by Antonio de Herrera.

Vespucius Americus. Voyages to the
New World.

Summary of the Discoveries and Settle-
ments of the Spaniards in the West
Indies, from the Death of Columbus to
the Expedition of Hernando Cortes
against Mexico.

Diaz del Castillo, Capt. Bernal. History
of the Discovery and Conquest of
Mexico, written in 1568.

Kerr — continued.

Volume 4.

Diaz del Castello. History of the Dis-
covery and Conquest of Mexico, con-

Zarate, Augustino. History of the Dis-
covery and Conquest of Peru, by
Francisco Pizarro.

Early History of Peru, after the

Death of F. Pizarro, to the Defeat of
Gonzalo Pizarro, and the re-estab-
lishment of tranquility in the Country.

Volume 5.

Zarate, A. Early History of Peru, con-

De la Vega, Garcilasso. Early History
of Peru, from the restoration of
tranquility by Gasca in 1549, to the
Death of the Inca Tupac Amaru.

History of the Discovery and Conquest
of Chili.

Discovery of Florida, and Account of the
several ineffectual Attempts to Conquer
and Settle that Country by the
Spaniards, under Juan Ponce de Leon,
Panfilo de Narvaez, Cabeza de Vaca,
and Ferdinand de Soto, from Herrera's
History of America.

Volume 6.

Early English Voyages of Discovery to
America : —

Cabot, Sebastian. Discovery of New-
foundland, 1479-
Butrigarius, G. Discourse respecting

the Discoveries in America by S.

Thome, Robert. Brief Notice of the

Discovery of Newfoundland.
Pert, Sir Thomas, and S. Cabot.

Voyage to Brazil, St Domingo, and

Porto Rico, about 1516.
Tison, T. Brief Note of a Voyage to

the West Indies, before 1526.
Cartier, Jacques. Voyages from St
Maloes to Newfoundland, Canada,
Hochelaga, Saguenay, and New France,

Continuation of the Discoveries and
Conquests of the Portuguese in the
East ; together with some Account
of the Voyages of other European
Nations to India : —

Discoveries, &c., of the Portuguese,

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