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the History of the Discovery ol Neptune.
8* Washington, 1850

The Transatlantic Longitude, as

Determined by the Coast Survey Ex-
pedition of 1866 : a Report to the
Superintendent of the U.S. Coast Survey.
4° Washington, 1869

Gould, Charles. Report upon the Subject
of Gold in the Colony of Van Diemen's
Land, referred to in the last Report of
the Governor of Tasmania, 1862. Map.
Folio* 1864

An Introduction to the Birds of

Australia. 8° 1848

Gould, — , and — Dowie. Instruction for
making Gaspe, and Mitis and Rimouski,
in the River St Lawrence. 8° 1832

Gouldsbury, V. S. Correspondence re-
lating to the Recent Expedition to the
Upper Gambia, under the Administrator
V. S. Gouldsbury. Maps. Folio* 1881
Gourbillon, — . See Phillips [3], Vol. 4 :

Appendix I.
Gourdault. J. La France Pittoresque.
Illustrations. 4° Paris, 1893

Gourdin, H. See Rhodes, A. de.
Gourgues, Dominicus. See Gottfried ;
Hakluyt, Vol. 3 ; Ternaux- Compans,
Vol. 20 : Appendix I .
Gourdon, W. See Furchas, Vol. 3, Book

3 : Appendix i.
Gourraigne, L. G. See Bouillet.
Gouy, E. See France, B, b : Appendix 2.

" Governor Ready," Ship. See Wilson,
T. B.

Gowan, Lieut.-Col. W. E. The Trans-
caspian Railway, its Meaning and its
Future. Translated and Condensed from
the Russian of I. Y. Vatslik. (From the
J. United Service I. of India, Vol. 18,
No. 75. Simla, 1889.) 4* 1889

See Kuropatkin, A. N.

Gowen, J. R. Hints on Emigration to
the New Settlement on the Swan and
Canning Rivers, on the West Coast of
Australia. Map and plate. 8* 1829

GoTwing, Lionel F. Five Thousand Miles
in a Sledge, a Mid-Winter Journey
across Siberia. Map and illustrations.
8° 1889

Goyer, Pierre de. See Nieuhoff; also
AUgemeine Historie, Vol. 5 : Appen-
dix I.

Graaf, — de. See Burney, Vol. 4 : Ap-
pendix I.

Graaf, N. See AUgemeine Historie, Vol.
10 : Appendix i.

Graah, W. A. Undersogelses-Reise til
Ostkysten af Grondland, efter Kongelig
Befaling udfdrt i Aarene 1828-31. Plates.
4° Copenhagen, 1832

Narrative of an Expedition to the East

Coast of Greenland, sent by Order of the
King of Denmark, in Search of the Lost
Colonies. Translated from the Danish
by G. Gordon M'Dougall, for the Royal
GeographicalSocietyof London. .Mr;*. 8°


Graberg daHemso, CountJ. G. Annali
di Geografia e di Statistica. 2 vols.
Maps. 8°, Genoa, 1802

LeconsElementaires deCosmographie,

de Geographic, et de Statislique. 12°

Genoa, 181 3

Scandinavie vengee de I'accusation

d'avoir produit les Peuples barbares qui
detruisirent I'Empire de Rome. 8°

Lyons, 1822

Notice Biographique, par L. J. E. G.

18* Florence, 183 1

Das Sultana't Mogh'rib-ul-Aksa, oder

Kaiserreich Marokko ; in Bezug auf
Landes- Volks- und Staats-Kunde besch-
rieben. 8° Stuttgart, 1833

Specchio Geografico e Statistico dell'

Impero di Marocco. Plates. 8°

Genoa, 1S34

Degli ultimi Progressi della Geografia.

8* Milan, 1839

Nota concernenta la Carta Nautica del

Genovese Becario, fatta nell' anno 1435.
Map. 16° Florence, N.D.

See Rafn.

Grabham, Michael C. The Climate and
Resources of Madeira as regarding chiefly
the necessities of Consumption and the
Welfare of Invalids. Map. and plate.
8° 1870

1 90


Grablovitz, Giulio. Sulle osservazione
mareografiche in Ilalia e specialmente
su quelle fatti ad Ischia. 8* Genoa, 1893

Graga, Francisco Calheiros da. Memoire
sur I'origine et la cause de rechauffement
des eaux du Gulf Stream. Traduction
par Desire Mouren. Small 8*

Rio de Janeiro, 1875

Memoria sobre a Determina9ao das

Linhas Magneticas do Brazil. 8*

liio de Janeiro, 1882

Estudos sobre a Barra de I aguna,

Maryo de 1882. 2nd edition. 8*

Rio de Janeiro, 1883

Grad, A. Charles. I.'Australie Interieure :
Explorations et Voyages a travers le
Continent Australien, 1860-62. Map.
8° Paris, 1864

Grad, C. Resultats Scientifiques des Ex-
plorations de rOcean Glacial a I'Est de
Spitzbergen en 1871. Map. 8*

Paris, 1873

Graf, Prof. J. H. Die kartographischen
Bestrebungen Johann Rudolf Meyers
von Aarau, und andere zeitgenossische
Versuche einer Vermessung der Schweiz.
8* Berne, 1883

Einige bernische Pioniere der Alpen-

kunde aus dem XVI. bis XVIII. Jahr-
hundert. 8* Berne, 1891

Notice sur la plus ancienne carte

connue du Pays de Neuchatel. Map.
8* NeucMtel, 1892

Beitrage zur Topographic und Geo-
graphic der Schweiz. 8* Berne, 1893

Die Karte von Gyger und Haller aus

dem Jahre 1620. 8* Berne, 1893

Die Einfiihrung der Stundenzonenzeit

und ihre Bedeutung fiir Handel, Verkehr
und das biirgerliche Leben Schweiz.
8* N.D.

Sec Switzerland, A (Bibl. Nat.

Suisse) : Ajjpendix 2.

Graham, Alexander, and H. S. Ashbee.
Travels in Tunisia ; with a Glossary, a
Map, a Bibliography, and fifty illustra-
tions. Large 8° 1887

Graham, C. C. Additional Inscriptions
from the Hauran and the Eastern Desert
of Syria. Edited, with a Preface and
Notes, by John Hogg. 8* 1859

Graham, Major D. C. Statistical Re-
port on the Principality of KolhaiJoor ;
to which are appended Extracts from
brief Notes relative to Kolhapoor and
its independent Jageerdars, by Major G.
Malcolm ; together with copies of the
Treaties, &c., entered into between the
Hon. East India Company and the
Kolhapoor State, between 1766 and
1829. Edited by R. Hughes Thomas.
Maps, plates, facsimiles, and tables.
[From the India Records, No. 8.] 8°

Bombay, 1854

Graham, Major D. C. Historical Sketch
of the Bheel Tribes inhabiting the Pro-
vince of Khandesh ; accompanied by an
Outline down to 1843, with continuation
from 1843 'o 1855, by Capt. J. Rose.
Compiled and edited by R. H. Thomas.
Map. [From the India Records, No. 26.]
8° Bombay, 1856

Glimpses of Abyssinia ; or, Extracts

from Letters written while on a Mission
from the Government of India to the
King of Abyssinia in the years 1841,
1842, and 1843. Edited by his sister
Anna, Lady Erskine. 12° 1867

Graham, Lieut.-Col. J. D. Observations
of the Magnetic Dip, at several posi-
tions, chiefly on the South-Western, the
North-Eastern, and Northern Frontiers
of the United States, and of the Magnetic
Declination at two positions on the River
Sabine, made in 1840, 1842-45. 4*

Philadelphia, 1846

Report on the Harbours of Lake

Michigan. 8° IVashington, 1857

Report on the Harbours, &c. , in

Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michi-
gan. 8° Washington, 1857
A Lunar Tidal Wave in Lake Michi-
gan Demonstrated. Plates. 8*

I'^hiladelphia, i860

Report on the Improvement of the

Harbours of Lakes Michigan, St Clair,
Erie, Ontario, and Champlain, i860.
8° Washington, i860

Reports in Relation to the Intersection

of the Boundary Lines of the States of
Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware,
being a portion of Mason and Dixon's
Line. Map. 8° Washington, i860

See Peirce, B.

Graham, Maria. Journal of a Voyage to
Brazil, and Residence there, during jiart
of the years 1821, '22, '23. Plates. 4°


Journal of a Residence in Chile during

1822, and a Voyage from Chile to Brazil

in 1823. Plates. 4° 1824

Graham, Lieut. S. L. See United States,

E, a (No. 86) : Appendix 2.
Graham, William. The Jordan and the
Rhine, or the East and the West : being
the Result of Five Years Residence in
Syria, and Five Years Residence in Ger-
many. 8° 1854
Graham, William. See Phillips [3], Vol.

3 : Appendix i.
Graham, W. W. Up the Himalayas:
Mountaineering on the Indian Alps.
[Three Papers from Good Words.] Illus-
trations, 8* " N.D.
Gramaye, J, B. Republica Namurcensis
Hannonise et Lutsenburgensis. 18°

Amsterdam, 1634
See Purchas, Vol. 2 : Appendix i.



Grambcheffsky, Colonel. See Grom-

Grammont, Lucien de. Onze Mois de
Sous-Prefecture en Basse-Cochinchine,
contenant en outre une Notice sur la
langue Cochinchinoise, des Phrases
usuelles Franyaises-Annamites, &c. Map.
8° , NapoUon- Vendie, 1863

Grand, Emile. Defense et Occupation de
la Colonie d' Alger. Map. 8°

Toulon, 1837

Grandidier, Alfred. Histoire Physique,
Naturelle, et Politique de Madagascar.
Vol. I — Geographic Physique et Astro-
nomique. Atlas, i'" partie. 8*= fasci-
cule. 4° Paris, 1878

Histoire de la Geographic de Mada-
gascar. (Deuxieine tirage, revu et aug-
mente en 1892.) Map. 4° Paris, i%%<,

Granel, Joaquin. Discursos pronunciados
en el Senado Argentino en la discussion
del Proyecto para fijar la Capital de la
Nacion. 8* Buenos Ayres, 1867

Granger, — . A Journey through Egypt.
Translated by J. R. Forster. 8° 1773

Granmont, — . See Burney, Vol. 4 : Ap-
pendix I.

Grant, Charles, Viscount de Vaux. The
Historyof Mauritius, or the Isle of France,
and the Neighbouring Islands, from their
First Discovery to 'the Present Time,
composed principally from the Papers
and Memoirs of Baron Grant, &c. Maps.
4° I 801

Grant, C. The Gazetteer of the Central
Provinces of India. 2nd edition. Map.
8° Na^pur, 1870

Grant, C. Mitchell. The Gold Mines of
Oriental Siberia. 8* [1870]

Grant, Charles Scovell. West African
Hygiene, or Hints on the Preservation of
Health and the Treatment of Tropical
Diseases, more especially on the West
Coast of Africa. 2nd edition. 12° 1884

Grant, Lieut. -Col. C. W. Indian Irri-
gation : being a short Description of
the System of Artificial Irrigation and
Canal Navigation in India. 8* 1854

See India, C, Geological Papers :

Appendix 2.

Grant, J. See Eyries, Vol. 4: Appendix i.

Grant, Col. James Augustus. A Walk
across Africa, or Domestic Scenes from
my Nile Journal. 8° 1864

An African Explorer : the late Colonel

J. A. Grant, C.B. (From BlackwooiCs
Magazine, April 1892.) 8* 1892

See NichoUs, K. ; Nardi; Speke;


Grant, Robert. See Johnston, A. K.

Granville, A. B. St Petersburg : Travels
to and from that Capital, through
Flanders, &c. 2 vols. Maps and plates.
8° 1828

Gras, A. le. Miinuel de la Navigation

dans la Mer .Vdriatique, d'apres Marieni,

Beautemps-Beaupre,&c. ,etlesdocuments

les plus recents. A/ap and plates. 8°

Paris, 1855

Sailing Directions for the Dardanelles,

the Sea of Marmora, and the Bosphorus.
8° 1855

Routier de I'Australie : Instructions

pour Naviguer, sur la Cote Sud et Est,
detroit de Torres et Mer de Corail.
Traduit et annote d'apres les travaux
hydrographiques les plus recents. 2 vols.
Map. 8° Paris, 1855-61

Phares des Mers du Globe, d'ajDres les

Documents Franjais et Etrangers. 8°

Paris, 1856

Supplement au Livre des Phares.

Etat general des Phares allumes ou
modifies depuis la Publication du Livre
des Phares. Corrige 1857. 8°

Paris, 1857

Renseignements Hydrographiques sur

les lies Formose et Lou-Tchou, la Coree,
la Mer du Japon, les lies du Japon (Ports
d'Hakodadi, Nangasaki, Simoda et Yedo),
et la Mer d'Okhotsk. 8° Paris, 1859

Phares de la Mer du Nord (Belgique,

Holland, Hanovre, Danemark, Norvege),
la Mer Baltique (Prusse, Russie, Suede),
et la Mer Blanche. Corrig& 1859, '61,
'62, '64, '69. 8° Palis, 1859-69

Routier de la Baie de Fundy et de la

Nouvelle-Ecosse. Paris, 1861

Phares des C6tes des lies Britanniques.

Corriges 1861, '62, '63. 8° Paris, 1861-63

Phares des Cotes Orientales de

I'Amerique du Sud. 1861-64. 8°

Paris, 1861-64

Phares des Cotes Occidentales

d'Afrique et des iles eparses de I'Ocean
Atlantique. Corriges 1862-63.

Paris, 1862-63

Phares de la Mer des Antilles et du

Golfe du Mexique. Corriges 1862-69.
8° Paris, 1862-69

Phares des Mers des Indes et de Chine,

de I'Australie, Terre de Van-Diemen, et

Nouvelle-Zelande. Corriges 1862-63. 8°

Paris, 1862-63

Phares de la Mer Mediterranee, de la

Mer Noire, et d^ la Mer d'Azof (Espagne,
France, Italie, Etatsdel'Eglise,Autriche,
Grece, Turquie, et Russie). Corriges
1862-63. 8° Paris, 1862-63

Phares des Cotes Nord et Ouest de

France, et des C6tes Ouest d'Espagne et
de Portugal. Corriges 1862-69. 8°

Paris, 1862-69

Phares des Cotes Orientales de

I'Amerique Anglaise et des i^tats-Unis,
1862-64. 8° Paris, 1862-64

— Routier de la Cote Sud et Sud-est
d'Afrique. De I'lle Robben a Natal. 8°
Paris, 1863



Gras, A. le. Instructions Nautiques sur la
Mer Baltique et le Golfe de Finlande.
2™ edition. Tom. i. Plates. 8°

Paris, 1864

Routier des Cotes N. O. , Quest, et

Slid d'Espagne. Plates. 8° Paris, 1869

Considerations generales sur la Mer

Mediterran^e. Resume des Vents,
Courants, et Routes de cette Mer. Choix
d'Extraits de documents nautiques
empruntes a dififerents auteurs. 8°

Paris, 1866

Description des Cotes du Royaume de

Portugal, &c. Maps. 8° Paris, 1869

See Spratt, J. A. B. ; also France,

B, h : Appendix 2.

Grassi, Guido. See Issel.

Graty, Colonel Alfred M. du. Memoire
sur les Productions Minerales de la Con-
federation Argentine. 8° Paris, 1855

La Republique du Paraguay. Maps

and plates. 8° Brussels, 1862

Gravier, G. Creations d'Observatoires
Circumpolaires. 8* Paris, 1877

Les Normands sur la Route des Indes.

Square 8* Rouen, 1880

Etude sur une Carte inconnue, la

premiere dressee par Louis Joliet en 1674.
8* Paris, 1880

See Soleillet.

Gray, A. The Maldive Islands ; with a
Vocabulary taken from Francois Pyrard
de Laval, 1602-7. 8* 1878

Gray, David. Report on New Whaling
Grounds in the Southern Seas. 8*

Peterhead, 1 89 1

Gray, G. R. List of the Specimens of Birds
in the Collection of the British Museum.
Part 5, Gallina;. 12° 1867

See "Erebus."

Gray, John Edward. List of the Speci-
mens of Lepidopterous Insects in the
Collection of the British Museum. 12°


— . — Catalogue of Shield Reptiles in the
Collection of the British Museum. Part i.
Testudinata (Tortoises). Plates. 4° 1855

Synopsis of the Species of Starfish in

the British Museum. Plates. 4° 1866

See ' ' Erebus. "

Gray, J. Errol. Diary of a Journey to the
Bor Khamti country, and sources of the
Irrawaddy, made by Mr J. Errol Gray,
season 1892-93, from Assam. Folio*

Gray, Robert. The Birds of the West of

Scotland. Published for the Brit. Asso.

Meeting, 1876. 12° Glasgow, 1876

Gray, Roderick. Tongariro, the Sacred

Mountain of the Maori. 12* [1892?]
Gray, T. See Spence.

Gray, Major W., and Surgeon Dochard.

Travels in Western Africa in 1818-21,
from the River Gambia, through Woolli,
Bondoo, Galam, &c., to the River Niger.
Maps and plates. 8° 1829

Gray, Mrs. Fourteen Months in Canton.
Small 8° i88q

Grazilhier, J. See Astley, Vol. 3 ; Allge-
meine Historic (J. Barbot), Vol. 4 :
Appendix i.

Greathed, W. H. Report on the Com-
munication between Calcutta and Dacca.
[From the India Records, No. 19.] 8°
Calcutta, 1856

Greaves, John. See Churchill, Vol. 2 ;
Ray; Thevenot, Vol. I : Appendix i.

Greely, General Adolphus W. Three
Years of Arctic Service : an Account of
the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition of
1881-84, and the attainment of the
Farthest North. 2 vols. Portrait, maps,
and illustrations. Large 8° 1886

International Polar Expedition. Re-
port on the Proceedings of the United
States Expedition to Lady Franklin Bay,
Grinnell Land. :i vols. Maps and
illustrations. 4° Washington, 1888

Will Dr Nansen succeed ? (From

The Forum, August 1891.) 8* 1891

See United States, H, b : Appen-
dix 2.

Greely Relief Expedition. Report of
Board of Officers to consider an Expedi-
tion for the Relief of Lieut. Greely and
Party. 8° Washington, 1884

Green, A. H. On the Natural History
and Hunting of the Beaver on the Pacific
Slope of the Rocky Mountains. With
Notes by R. Brown. 8* 1870

R. Russell, J. R. Dakyns, J. C.

Ward, C. Fox Strangways, W. H.
Dalton, and T. V. Holmes. The
Geology of the Yorkshire Coalfield.
[Mem. Geol. Survey, England and
Wales.] Frontispiece aiul plans. 8° 1878

Green, A. O. A Practical Arabic Grammar.
Part I. 2nd edition. 12° Oxford, 1887

Green, B. R. Numismatic Atlas of Ancient
History, containing a Selection of 360
Grecian Coins of Kings, disposed in
Chronological Order, from the Earliest
Period to the Beginning of the Fourth
Century ; from the Works ofHavercamp,
Pellerin, Duane, Visconti, Combe,
Mionnet, &c. 21 Plates. Folio 1829

Green, Commander F. M. An Account
of the Progress in Geography in the
year 1884. 8* Washington, 1885

See United States, E, a (Nos. 63 and

65) : Appendix 2.

Green, Major H. W. R. Report on the
Affairs of Khelat, from 1857 to i860.
Map. [From the India Records, No. 34. ]
8" Calcutta, 186 1



Green, J. Remarks in Support of the New
Chart of North and South America. 4°


Green, J. R. A Short History of the
EngUsh People. Maps and tables. Small
8° 187s

and Mrs Green. A Short Geo-
graphy of the British Islands. Maps.
12° 1884

Green, William. Picture of the New
World in Miniature, in which the various
Empires, Kingdoms, States, principal
Islands, Colonies, and Discoveries of
Europe, Asia, and America, are alpha-
betically arranged, &c. 12° N.D.

A Description of Sixty Studies from

Nature, a Guide to the Beauties of the
North of England. 12° 1810

Green, William Spotswood. The High
Alps of New Zealand, or a Trip to
the Glaciers of the Antipodes, with an
Ascent of Mount Cook. Frontispiece,
maps, and sectiotts. Small 8° 1883

Among the Selkirk Glaciers : being

the Account of a Rough Survey in the
Rocky Mountain Regions of British
Columbia. Map and illustrations.
Crown 8° 1890

Green, W. L. Notice of Prof. Jas. D.
Dana's " Characteristics of Volcanoes."
8* Honolulu, 1890

Greene, F. V. The Russian Army, and
its Campaigns in Turkey in 1877-78.
2nd edition, and Atlas. 8° i88o

Greenhovy, Robert. History and Present
Condition of Tripoli, with some Accounts
of the other Barbary States. 8*

Richmotid, Va., 1835

Memoir, Historical and Political, on

the North-West Coast of America and
the adjacent Territories. Map. 8°

Washington, 1840

The History of Oregon and Cali-
fornia, and the other Territories of the
N.-W. Coast of America ; accompanied by
a Geographical View and Map of those
Countries. 8° Boston, Mass., 1844

Greenough, George Bellas. Memoir of
a Geological Map of England, to which is
added an Alphabetical I jst of the Hills
arranged according to Counties. 8* 1840

Greenough, W. W. See Krapf, J. L.

Greenwood, Thomas. A Tour in the
States and Canada : Out and Home in
Six Weeks. Illustrations. Small 8° 1883

Gregorieff, V. V. See Grigorief.

Gregorovius, F. Corsica, in its Picture-
sque, Social, and Historical Aspects.
Translated by R. Martineau. 12° 1855

Gregory, F. See Mueller, F. von.

Gregory, F. A. A. Zeemans Gids voor
de Vaarwaters van Java, naar en door
den Molukschen Archipel en Terug.
Uitgegeven door Jacob Swart. 4°

Amsterdam, 1853

Gregory, Francis T. Journal of the
N.-W. Australian Exploring Expedition,
April to November 186 1. 8° 1862

Gregory, Col. J. F. See Sheridan.

Gregory, Richard A. Elementary Phy-
siography : being a Description of the
Laws and Wonders of Nature. New
edition. Illustrations. Small 8° 1893

Grehan, A. Le Royaume de Siam. 2nd
edition. Plates. 8° Paris, 1868

The same. 3rd edition. Map and

plates. 8° Paris, 1869

Greig, William. Hochelaga Depicta ; or
the Plistory and Present State of the
Island and City of Montreal. Maps and
plates. 12° Montreal, 1839

Greive, Rev. W. T. See Galton, F.,
Vacation Tourists.

Grelot, G. Relation Nouvelle d'un

Voyage de Constantinople. Plates. 4°

Paris, 1680

Grenfell, General Sir F. See Budge.

Grenfell, Rev. George. 'See Bentley.

Grenville, Sir R. See Astley, Vol. i ;
Hakluyt, Vol. 2 ; Kerr, Vol. 7 : Ap-
pendix I.

Greswell, Rev. W. P. Our South African
Empire. 2 vols. Map. 8° 1885

History of the Dominion of Canada.

Under the auspices of the Royal Colonial
Institute. Maps. Small 8° Oxford, 1890

Geography of the Dominion of Canada

and Newfoundland. Under the auspices
of the Royal Colonial Institute. Maps,
Crown 8° Oxford, 189 1

Geography of Africa south of the

Zambesi, with Notes on the Industries,
Wealth, and Social Progress of the States
and Peoples. Maps. Crown 8°

Oxford, 1892

Outlines of British Colonisation ; with

an Introduction by Lord Brassey. Crown
8° 1893

Greuben, Otho F. van der. See Gott-
fried : Appendix i.

GreviUe, R. K. See Murray, Hugh.

Grewingk, Dr C. Beitrag zur Kennt-
niss der orographischen und geognos-
tischen Beschaffenheit der Nord-West-
Kuste Amerikas, mit den anliegenden
Inseln. Maps and plates. 8°

St Peterslmrg, 1850

Ueber Eisschiebungen am Wbrzjarw-

See in Livl^nd. Plate. 8* Dorpat, 1869

Grey, Edward. See Hakluyt Soc. Publ.,
Vols. 84, 85 : Appendix I.

Grey, E. H. A Narrative of the Cruise
of the yacht " Maria " among the Feroe
Islands in the Summer of 1854. Map
andplates. 4° 1855

Grey, Sir George. Vocabulary of the
Dialects of South-Western Australia.
18° 1S40



Grey, Sir George. Journals of Two Ex-
peditions of Discovery in North West and
Western Aiistraliaduring 1 837-39, describ-
ing many newly discovered, important,
and fertile Districts, with Observations on
the Moral and Physical Condition of the
Aboriginal Inhabitants, &c. 2 vols.
Maps and plates. 8° 1841

Poems, Traditions, and Chaunts of

the Maories. [In the Maori Language.]
8° Wellington, 1853

Polynesian Mythology, and Ancient

Traditional History of the New Zealand
Race, as furnished by their Priests and
Chiefs. Plates. 8° 1855

Grey, H. The Classics for the Million :
being an Epitome, in English, of the
Works of the principal Greek and Latin
Authors. 2nd edition. 12° 1881

Griado, Matias Alonso. La Republica
del Paraguay. Map. Large 8*

Asuncion, 1888

Gribble, J. D. B. A Manual of the
District of Cuddapah in the Presidency
of Madras. Maps, and map in cover.
8° Madras, 1875

Grieben, A. H. Uruguay ; ist dieses
Land fiir WoUproduction und Stam-
mschaferein fiir deutsche Rechnung, und
deutschen Auswanderern zu empfehlen ?
8* Berlin, 1864

Uruguay ; Viehzucht und Ackerbau

auf den Estancien, wie sie betrieben
werden, und wie sie betrieben werden
konnen. 8* Berlin, 1864

Grieben, Theobald. Zuverl'assiger Weg-
weiser im Harz und dessen Umgegend.
Map. 12° Berlin, 1857

Grieben's Reise-Bibliothek. No. 38.

Die Bohmischen Kurorte Franzensbad,
Marienbad, Carlsbad, Teplitz. Mit
Beriicksichtigung von Eger und Elster
. . . Zweite Auflage. Maps and cuts.
16° Berlin, 186 1

Grieg, James A. See Norway, A : Ap-
pendix 2.

Grierson, George A. An Introduction
to the Maithill Language of North Bihar,
containing a Grammar, Chrestomathy,
and Vocabulary. Part I. Grammar ;
Part 2. Chrestomathy and Vocabulary.
[Extra Numbers to Journal of the Asiatic
Society, Bengal : Part i for 1880, and
Part I for 1882.] 8° Calcutta, 1881-82

The Modern Vernacular Literature

of Hindustan. [Special Number of
Journal of Asiatic Society of Bengal :
Part I for 1888.] Plates. 8°

Calcutta, 1889

Grierson, Capt. J. M. See United
Kingdom, G, War Office Publications :
Appendix 2.

Griesbach, Carl Ludolf. Die Erdbeben
in den Jahren 1867 und 1868. 8*

Vienna, 1869

Griesbach, Carl Ludolf. On the Geology

of Natal in South Africa. Map and plate.
8* 1871

Grieve, James. ^eeKrasheninnikov, S. P.

Griffin, Appleton P. C. Discovery of
the Mississippi: Bil^liographical Account.
Part 2. Secondary Authorities. Map.
8° \New York, 1883]

Griffin, G. W. New South Wales, her
Commerce and Resources. 8°

Sydney, 1888

Griffin, James. A Plain and Popular
System of Practical Navigation and Nau-
tical Astronomy, comprising Methods for
Ascertaining the Latitude by Meridian,
Single and Double Altitudes, the Longi-
tude by Chronometer and Lunar Observa-
tions, and the Variation of the Compass
by Amplitudes and Azimuths ; including
a Journey from London to Madeira, a
Set of requisite Tables, and an Appendix.
Revised and considerably enlarged by
W. TurnbuU. Map and plates. 8° 1854

Griffin, James. Flags, National and
Mercantile. Plates. 8° Portsmouth, 1S83

Griffin, L. H. The Rajas of the Punjab :
being the History of the Principal States
in the Punjab and iheir Political Rela-
tions with the British Government.
Large 8° Lahore, 1870

The Punjab Chiefs : Historical and

Biographical Notices of the Principal
Families in the Territories under the
Punjab Government. Large 8°

Lahore, 1865

The Burman and his Creed. (From

The Fortnightly Review.^ 8* 1890

Griffini, D. M. Delia Vita di Monsignor

Gio. Maria Percoto .... Missionario

ne' Regni di Ava e di Pegu. Plate. 4°

Udine, 1 781

Griffis, W. E. The Mikado's Empire.
Map and plates. 8° Ne^u York, 1876

Corea, the Hermit Nation. Map

and illustrations. 8° 1882

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